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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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ouncer: ...ends sunday. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ now at 11, 1 person killed, 6 others injured in a multicar pileup. chp telling us at least 8 cars involved in that accident. among the 6 others injured, 1 person has major injuries. in oakland, a large crowd gath toard celebrate the -- gathered to celebrate the life of shanille pierce. she was gunned down in front of her home. she was killed by a stray bullet while shielding her children during a shootout. >> this is something i never
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expected to ever experience. take a moment and think about what you're doing before you do it. >> it was a celebration of life with dance and song. the police department are investigateing. 19-year-old anthony sims was charged with pierce's murder, and more arrests could be coming. today is the last day of searching sierra lamar. sierra's parents say while the weekly searches will drop, they'll keep looking for their daughter's body, just not every week. the search coordinator says although they haven't found sierra, some good news have come from it. >> we found that there's great
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people out there. >> the man accused of killing see rare is still waiting -- sierra is still waiting to stand trial. 2 men are recovering after being stabbed in a santa clara parking lot. there were reports of people arguing at a safeway store. tonight, family members of a man fatally shot by napa police remembered him with a memorial walk. it started at the home of jamie jiminez and ended where he was shot. >> we want to show he was not a bad man, that was he was so kind-hearted. he would give his shirt to anybody. he's with us right now. >> police say an officer shot
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jiminez after he sped past officers on a motorcycle. they were about to serve a search warrant for drugs and firearms at his house. police say he reached for a handgun. in a search of his house, police recovered drugs, a handgun, and a substantial amount of money in cash. a dead crow tested positive for west nile virus. the drought is contribute together spread of the virus, because mosquitoes and birds have fewer sphots gather, so they're more likely -- fewer spots to gather, so they're
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more likely to contract the virus by coming into contact with each other. will this weather persist? >> it will be cooler tomorrow, because we'll have a sea breeze and some clouds. thigh these numbers are just maizing. consider that we're in the middle of march. average temperatures are in the mid 60s this time of year. today, mid 80s, all the way up to 85 degrees in hayward. 9 in san jose. there were even e some 90s and a whole handful of records. also gilroy high of 89, breaking the record of 87. 89 in oakland as well. it is still warm outside. it is a spectacular evening with some clouds out there and warm temperatures still in the upper 60s, san jose checking in
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right now at 72 degrees. these temperatures right now at 11:00 are warmer than the average highs for this time of the year. for tomorrow, it will get cooler. those cool temperatures are upper 70s and low 80s. san jose forecast high tomorrow of 82. we will see some additional cooling. vicki? >> you can get additional weather on our kron 4 mobile app. although it's not st. patrick's day today, san francisco still celebrated. >> happy st. patrick's day! >> this is the largest event held here on the west coast. the director of the event has stuck with it for 40 years. >> i just feel it's growing and
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growing. it's good to honor our country, honor our heritage, i love it. >> over 100,000 people came out in green to watch the parade pass them by. everybody was full of irish spirit. coming up, how state officials could be ramping up water restrictions. and a group of americans being monitored for ebola. and a dramatic new video of police as they race to rescue a baby trapped in a car for hours.
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those involved in thes recan you of the utah baby crapped in a car crash that
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killed her mother are calling it a miracle she survived. here's some of a video that was shot during the rescue. >> come on. >> where was she? >> underwater. >> old mcdonald had a farm. e-i-e-i-o. >> this is baby lily with her dad in the hospital. a remarkable story of survival after she was pulled from a car in the grand forks river. bay area police officers are under investigation after text messages with racial slurs are uncovered. >> while we're basking in the sunshine with temperatures in the 80s a few hundred miles to the north, this system will
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affect us tomorrow. we'll have details up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can.
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sprain police are investigating 4 officers in connection with racial slur text messages. they came to light in the court during the trial of former sfpd officer peter forks rmager --
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peter furmager. san francisco police say they've reassigned the officers. in the midst of california's education treatmentout drat, state officials are meeting to talk about enforcing restrictions. some are reluck tapt to enforce restrictions on water wasters, but some are about to change that. this is in light of -- are reluctant to enforce restrictions on water wasters, but that's about to change. this is in light of a forecast from a nasa scientist saying california has a year of water left. in addition to the hot temperatures we had, and it was
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hot in some places, in addition to the heat, also this humidity from the tropical high clouds coming up from hawaii and point in the tropical pacific. it will be another warm day for tomorrow, but even cooler than e we had today. this system to the north -- doorer than we had today. this system north will increase clouds a bit and bring the chance for light showers or sprinkles. that's the extent of what we'll see impact-wise. these are the mid to high level
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clouds that will help to keep overnight temperature a little milder. sunshine mixed in with these high, thin clouds. those will persist for much of the day. and then watch what happens for the afternoon. here's that green way to the north. that will be coming down, and then this whole thing comes amart. there is an outside chance for late tomorrow evening that there could be a few isolated sprinkles for sonoma county. but the big impact will be the clouds and cooler temperatures. san francisco will be cooler.
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2 secret service agents are accuse of driving under the influence. congress wants the facts on what happens next. michelle kazinski has more. >> this story broke as 2 possibly intoxicated secret service agents crashing into a crime scene. the secret service director was kept in the dark for 5 days. but now law enforcement sources are casting doubts about what happened. they did say the agents did drive into the area where a suspicious pack annual and bomb
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threat was being investigated. but these sources say the agent was going, "literally 1 mile an hour, nudging a plastic barrel- type barrier out of the way." they rolled down their window, showed their badges for 25 second, were waved through the next checkpoint, and drove on. now they're also questioning the allegations that they were drunk. they are saying that story is seriously in question, that they know of no one who corroborates it. there is still the possibility that the agents did drink while at the party. this former agent says there seems to be a lot that should not have happened. >> they obviously were driving recklessly. if you or i went through some police tape and then nudged
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some other obstacle and then it turned out we had been drinking, we would have been arrested. you don't need to crash into the white house to have an improper incident. 10 americans are returning to america to be monitored for the ebola virus. they'll be treated at 3 possible hospitals. they'll be housed next to the university of nebraska hospital in ohm map. one of the most powerful cyclones to ever make landfall is responsible for killing at least 8 people. schoan pam surrounded the
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island of vanuatu, which is northeast of australia, which torrential rain for hours. the storm has moved past those islands but is packing quite a punch. one emergency official says it look like a bomb hit the capital. the storm is weakening as it moves towards new zealand and auckland. it's not expected to make landfall again before dissipating. you can find all sorts of items in a walmart, but here's one you might be surprised about. how about a meth lab? >> march madness is here. and who won and who lost with the 49ers? and we go 1 on 1 with joe panik. it's what you need after the news.
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this just in. up to 7 people taken to the hospital after a bus carrying children caught on fire. it happened on highway 630 at about 8 this evening. the bus' wheel well caught op fire, but the children were able to get off the bus. we continue to monitor this situation and bring you the latest at 7 a.m. a meth lab was found inside
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a walmart in indiana. a man carried a backpack with a portable meth lab into a bathroom. is shoppers say despite the incident, they will continue shopping as normal. >> you have to shop. you have to buy groceries and things. they have it all taped off. yeah, i feel safe. >> police say it's become more and more common for meth dealers to cook in public places than risk explosions and contaminations in their own homes. police say the bigger problem in the area is that abandoned homes are being used. the cia's hiring chief is
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telling employees abouts dos and don'ts for social media. he says don't like the cia, but do have a social media presence. don't talk about how did you. avoid searching the web for ways to beat the cia screening process, and once you do join the agency, don't tag or friend your coworkers online. sound advice. today is national pi day. not pie as in the food, but the mathematical pi. it starts at as 3.145, which matches15 -- it starts out as 3.1415, or today's date. so far, it's been calculated to 12 trillion decimal places. pi day started at san san san
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francisco's ex -- at san francisco's exploratorium. they celebrate each year with a pie. >> so it's an excuse to have pie. >> i know you had some. temperature is reaching almost 90 degrees today. what is wrong with the weather? >> this whole winter, it's been very cold in the east, a loft records in february, and it's been -- a lot of records in february for lows, and it's been the opposite in the west. it won't be the summertime 90
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degree temperatures. question will have some high clouds across the skies tomorrow. that's from a plume of moisture coming in from hawaii. 82 degrees for san jose. upper 70s to low 80s in the inland valleys. looking ahead to the 7 day forecast, not too much in the way of change. we will have some wet weather next weekend. >> i hope spring's eternal. stay connected with kron 4 news
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>> the expelled frat brothers say they are sorry. and dr. phil's advice to all college students. >> if this isn't who you are, don't behave this way. >> then, sherri shepherd. face to face with the woman who was her surrogate. and, she has done it again. first, she took down congressman anthony weiner. now, her new sexting scandal with a politician. then,. >> nobody tells the whole truth. >> could this tv show put one of america's most notorious


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