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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> vicki : now at 11 a community stunned over the brutal murder of a woman. she was found dead in her apartment. the first murder in a decade in albany and our founding--finding more details about the case. >> reporter :police are releasing more information concerning the murder. it happen right behind here at this apartment. neighbors are absolutely stunned as it is, albany's first homicide since 2004. all of this of was the cat
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causing serious concerns are born here. the dental student was found shot--shot once in the head and her apartment. it is sheer in richmond where police got their first break after a neighbor called then something strange in her garbage can. my son brought in some bag found in the garbage can and there was. a person was. he thought was really nice, and there was an idea inside. at that point this woman who did not want us to use her name immediately called police >>:they went and looked at the purse and there was some red on the >> reporter :the police are leaving no stone unturned for this investigation including
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possible on-line encounters. >>:they're really just examining what was going on in her life, book and relationships he had with people. >>:i hate to be associate with such a thing. i'm worried about who was outside my house. i feel like there's a connection maybe between the neighborhood in the people here. and i'm very apprehensive. >> reporter :so far police have not released a motive for this case. please show there were no signs of forced entry into the. woman's the i can also tell you the police department has come to a system investigation reporting live in albany >> vicki : firefighters can consider themselves lucky there were not in their truck. after an early morning collision a car crashed into a vehicle as
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the firefighters responding to another incident. they lit a flare to eliminate the car-- illuminate the car. the driver had major injuries and was airlifted to a medical center. fire officials said the truck will be taken out of use every day thousands enjoyed golden gate national park, but that may change as the parties to. one group is fighting hard to fix this. >> reporter :this is the national parks service and general management plan. this document governs all of this is used. there are thousands of people were unhappy about the changes that this potentially could lead to. most of these places are governed by the national park service's, but these general management plans change these
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from high used to low or moderate use levels. this may mean restricted access to those who use them >>:they're talking about restrictions them have gone on fires of the beach and horseback riding, their talks to restrict dog walking. we don't know will change but that's why we're seeing people get active now. >> reporter :they're gathering together to lobby for those changes, she's helping the loss can be rescinded, or at least changed. she's she has over a thousand people signatures >>:they should allow thoughts on both sides and my daughter wants to bring the dog out here and that won't change. >>:there have to be rules they want people to be free and not be restricted >> vicki : residence in the east bay are fighting to keep their
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fire station in the neighborhood. to keep it from shutting down. officials say the station will be eliminated, just relocated. the new station will be seven tenths of a mile down the road. says this change will improve the fire district. >>:the station was built in 1952 it's kind of outlasted its usefulness as a fire station. it is one designed for two people, as you can see as the fire engines have gotten bigger over the years. >> vicki : is approved the new station would be at porter, so the fire department district will share the cost. should also improve response times. will present this at community meetings a man suspected for the shooting of two officers is under arrest
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tonight as the protests were wandering--winding down. he is being charged with two counts of first-degree assault. >> reporter :officials say he fired the shots that hit two police officers in ferguson missouri. then on sunday he was in custody >>:essentially charged him with his firing shots at someone other than the police. but he struck the police officers. >> reporter :investigators found show casings which matched the gun in his home. >>:looked up the police to this point was information provided to them by members of the community. and i can't stress how or did his and how it valuable it has been. >> reporter :he says he was shooting at somebody else, not police
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>>:the investigation is still ongoing. >> reporter :this bishop said he spoke to roberts and ask them who he was was >>:i asked him to describe reshooting at, and he said he could not remember it when to be hard to rebuild the trust in the community. >> vicki : he is being held on $30,000 cash bail. the two wounded officers are still recovering the subject of an hbo show is now behind bars. the influence he may have had and the disappearance of a woman. also they're trying to bring attention to the littering problem in bay area part. as a man being called a hero
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>> vicki : this could distance from arizona on world filled trip when the wheels of the bus caught fire. luckily an off-duty sheriff's was driving by. the sit around 40 teams were on board. >>:he began assisting the kids getting off the bus as you can see their rear tires were engulfed. we go on the bus and made sure all of the kids made it safely off the bus >> vicki : and a total six to dance and a few teachers were transported to medical facilities. they were all treated for smoke inhalation.
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why investors not talk, and this man under arrest, police investigate if he was involved in a murder of the bay area woman >> reporter :are showing some wet weather in the system heading to the bay area tomorrow coming up
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>> vicki : real-estate air is back in jail with connection to the 2000 death of a former resident of san francisco. he's called jinx. , about. , he was previously accused with not only this- by his wife, and former roommates. they believed he knows what happened to his wife. the series deals with possibility that susan berman was killed because she knew the fate of his wife. his client will fight the charges as soon as possible. the series finale is current in we tonight. >> reporter :with a much cooler temperatures and i. today we're well warmer than that by about 10 degrees in the '70s on the
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bay. '80s for the south bay. it is also in livermore valley. 67 sedans and francisco. yesterday was 84 degrees. down 17 to greece from yesterday to today. it was the warmest ever in san jose for the month of march. definitely all warm to hot day. things are cooling down to tomorrow because we have a weather system arriving. this thing is just completely becoming unglued as it rolls around the. north the to look for some high clouds tonight from that system. fairly cloudy for tonight there's just not lot of rain fall this is a loop of the past six hours. if you watched that to peel see some yellows at first, and it just kinda fizzles
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out and by the time the strangest of the north bay and around santa rosa it's just going to be a few sprinkles. but notice a lot of clouds here. rwanda's seed those clouds for much of the day tomorrow and even into tuesday morning. these are the high clouds tonight and to the morning. there is the range in green there it is there and you tie at 6:00 a.m.. a religious fizzles out the we could see a few more sprinkles in afternoon. occasional glimpses of the sun. cooler in the south bay with mid-70s, low to mid 70's in land. and here's the storm tracker for seven day forecast. say again for tuesday wednesday and thursday, and another trend with mid-70s by the bay. friday
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the first day of spring will feature an increasing clouds from are week with them system. a better chance for showers on sunday >> vicki : people using social made highway litter problem. tweeting and instagramming making it look like a dump. the park's folks are not happy for having to clean up after this mess. the man under hunt after two offices shot someone opened fire on them. the officers were apparently in plain clothes at the time of the shooting ended return fire. please set up barriers around the area to search for the gunman. the person has not been found. a rookie police officers want
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connection with a deadly shooting. officer henry is the purchase of interest--person of interest in a bar shooting. the officer failed to report for duty, the next duty and they believe he knows they're looking for him here's a letter 47 rebel consider sent to an ironic and leader-- republicans sent to an iranian leader keep your nose at of nuclear negotiations with i raniran the unrest is growing in brazil over a million people came out
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in sao paulo today to protest the government. those million people are calling for the president to be impeached. they demonstrate a more than 60 cities. the economy is in rough shape. the demonstration is caught up in a huge scandal involving oil contracts. the approval rating is 23% this is all happening just a few months after the president won-- reelection. and we have the sports straight ahead. next a driver box away from a scary crash.
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>> reporter :march madness is back. no local teams got in. all of these teams are on the outside looking in. the kentucky wildcats of the favorites to win it all. willy throws it down. kentucky wins the tournament. 34-0 they did not cut the nets down because there is unfinished business for the wild cat. they're the top four seeds.
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in the south it's the familiar duke blue devils. there be a new champion this year. larry brown they were taking on the dfending national chanponship. they would need to have won the game to get in but they didn't. you seee him getting ejected there. its the 6th time the defending tournament-- m team has missed the tournament. everybody is turning out to him- kentucky-1 in the tournament. she picked her team by laying a big kiss on him. but looks like
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he's lying a big smooch on her. it's kind of creeping me out. we have our cayenne bracket kron 4 news bracket. the 02 k and web site-- 02 he was back scored 11 points and then it got a little rough. there was not barnes' the little rough on james. takes him down he would have the last laugh. we all know the ndp is going to beat steph curry if he stays healthy. houston wins a squeaker 100-98 a horrible crash in hot rod
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raising today. as you went airborne. his car comes crashing down into the barricade. a parachute, flows out. his car goes up into the air it 280 mi. an hour, dixon walked away unscathed from this accident. fact he did not go to the hospital. emergency officials of the track check him out and released him in florida. while in eye-popping crash a, but nobody injured. barry zito in cactus league they beat arizona five to zero.. gary and dari are hosting it. it's all this friday night at 9. you are not going to want to miss it.
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>> vicki : i was in scottsdale catching some cactus league baseball. it was like 80 degrees. >>:you know it's trouble when we are warmer than arizona >> vicki : and in boston as breaking record with six snow >>:this is a seesaw effect where it's very cold in the east and very warm in the west. in the meantime we're looking at a lot of clouds for tomorrow, there's a storm coming up from the tropics are lot of clouds. but really no rain. it's all been to the. north of the the could be a few sprinkles north of santa rosa, but otherwise clouds and some bricks of sunshine. temperatures in the 70's and 60's. it will be a little cooler than we had yesterday by about 5 to 10 degrees. 74 san jose for monday. >> vicki : that's everything
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four k and today for kron 4 news good night everybody.
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(announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. the "weekend insider" with perspective on this week's top trending stories. >> not on our campus. >> protests love the university of oklahoma and one of the expelled students speaks out. >> and that's just part of our good week -- >> bad week. >> the way she's tackled things. >> including charles and camilla's princess di scandal survival. >> and the blurred lines verdict aftermath. >> and then we're inside the inner turmoil at nbc news the new expose revealing how deep their troubles go from the "today" show to "the nightly news." al pachino reliving his most active role. >> who is the


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