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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  March 17, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> reporter: warning and >>:darya frozen. >> reporter: is a much better ride yesterday today that was yesterday. things
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will be heating up today also for thursday. but taking a live look outside sfo camera shows conditions at the airport. visibility is not a ground level. a stake a quick look at how this is gonna develop over the course of the day. during the current our 7:00 we're looking at mainly mid- 50s around the bay area with the cloud lingering around. and the '60s around lunchtime. otherwise we're looking at nice temperatures about 5:00 tonight for your right tone the temperatures will be backing off from the daytime highs but will still be in the all the upper 60s lower '70's. the gabbana max out rose 73 degrees from up
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most of the bay area. i'm gonna be back in 15 minutes to talk more about this afternoon what we can expect for this nice warmup by mid- week. >> reporter: will attract in hot spots right now starting into the macarthur maes were an accident has been a port right here on interstate 580. as gonna be affecting the right coming in from 580 and also from 24. were starting to back out of back up there now with this accident being reported. on a 80 out of san leandro donna mel pita that drive is now down to it is always knocked at 40 minutes. asked 880. in our earlier
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occurring problem left some debris in the lanes on 680 south bound. that's why we're backed up from the corner coming out of livermore. we also mocked the dublin drive is now 43 minutes. 880 has been and will continue to be the best approach to the bit bridge. we still jammed up on the approaches the speeds are up slightly better than other days this week. we're still looking at an 19 to 22 minute drive time. >> reporter: a big story the were filing right now and shocking announcement from off forty-niner that just finished his rookie season. second years flight second year linebacker chris borland is quitting. will find out more why the 24
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your role is walking away from the game. >> reporter: chris borland said his dream was to play in the nfl. but his ultimate dream was the live along healthy life. moody's said friday he walt banks but i'm gonna walk away from the my contract. he was the ultimate star filly is a patrick willis last season. chris borland should of been a star for years to come. he made that nfl rookie team he just decided he wants to live a healthy life. he was fearful of brain injuries. and most importantly to doctors in his decision to walk away and 24 was very simple for him. he cited many nfl players that has brain disease and many that committed suicide because of their brain disease. he says
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that he's gonna go back to school. he has a degree but he's gonna go back to school and get another degree. but we will never see him at levi stadium again or in a uniform again. he says the dream of living a healthy life is of made the decision to walk away more easier for him. he has the support of many nfl players. so far the affair of other nfl players walking away to doing the same bet st. on people are saying is still their choice. >> reporter: this announcement certainly brings up a wider discussion about the game football itself. but as far as is related to the forty-niners the forty-niners and taking a really big hit now. patrick willis retired frank
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gore is no longer berries in indianapolis. quarterback chris culliver her is a plane in washington playing in washington. >> reporter: that nfl community is reacting the forty-niners we did this last night. the general manager says we will always what we expected we certainly expect expected his decision and we understand why he made his decision. chase thomas said on shot this year about the news but i totally understand his reason for retirement. i have much respect for him. pleasure plainview chris borland and we're praying for you. the
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dust on a glut chris borland does plan on going back the scope. skol school... . >> reporter: the board was at a sprawling commune yesterday because of an accident. >> reporter: things the looking much better 24 hours after the fact. he's down 24 right but you head into the caldecott tunnel is back open this morning after being closed for fire that happened early yesterday morning. here's video that shows where the fight when the fire broke out at 630 and the far right before of the caldecott tunnel. this is video from the oakland
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fire department. it is see the fire burning inside the tunnel. it all happen when two cars collided with one car caught fire and the title was filled with smoke. there were about two dozen cars inside the tunnel at the time of the accident. everyone had to get out of their cars and be evacuated from the tunnel itself. it took hours for the tunnel to reopen. here's video from earlier this morning. you concede what looks like now. at 1130 yesterday morning when they reopen the tunnel they had it open for the evening commute and then they closed it again last night around 1030 to do more work inside the tunnel. the cal train workers as it was small damage inside a small pot hole insight on the roadway and some of their equipment had been dating
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from the roof. some had to go back inside their and make sure was ready to go for the morning commute. you could see the traffic is currently moving normal. yesterday looked things are back to normal this morning police said look at what >> reporter: the dry weather continues california's dry weather is only getting worse. and glad to know why water restrictions may be put in place them. and and out of control passenger aboard a plane had an emergency last may and they had to make an emergency landing.
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piecesdied in richark ocolate. diover brookside cruny clters. >> reporter: the state water resources control board will vote on whether to renew and expand its limits on water use amid the drought. the proposal wouldn't need californians can't water their lawns what they cannot be ordered that water their lawns more than twice a week. and restaurants cannot serve water unless the customer ex. the board already barred californians from washing down driveways or cleaning cars with hoses that do not have shut off
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nozzles. regulations also called for the local water department's report on how they are enforcing the rules. >> reporter: up next on kron 4 news if you haven't out your taxes yet listen up. the irs says that there are about a billion reasons why he should get your return end. and a mega church pastor who asked his followers for private jet will need more room lot more than money to make his biggest dreams come true. ♪ cass psent a fi fraancereakroug ♪ e wod's rst dy wash th fgran relse prls.
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check out my breakfast! eggs... sausage... ham... bacon... cheese... and sourdough bread. uh, mine's easier. get a load of jack's loaded breakfast sandwich. what's on it? what's not on it? it's like a big ol' breakfast buffet right in your hand. >> reporter: coming up of 715 is a quick check of the first forecast. on our
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embarcadero camera showing as the bay bridge. you know that building the ferry building to see the flag blowing up top a little bit we do have a slight breeze blowing in the air. it will intensify in the afternoon hours. will seasons decent sunbreaks this afternoon because of those clouds were little milder than we were in a temperatures. in a 54 for san francisco and oakland. 54 in concord and livermore. we have colder weather all around 47 degrees in fact throughout santa rosa. in the next 30 minutes looks with a partly come disguised to continue. the temper the clouds guys will continue in the temperature was stay in the '50s. we have to temperatures later on this
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afternoon warming up to the '60s. also see the winds pick up in the temperatures will warm up to the low '70's. >> reporter: here's where the temperatures will be elsewhere you talk about the south bay atop a similar compound conditions in the east bay and the 70 degree temperature 7070 degree range. long term years the storm tracker. i pressure for a middle the week will clear up the skies tomorrow and the temperature would jump up a couple of degrees. and one eyes will be up until low 80s carry the m1 high seas will get up into the late '80s. inland highs... >> reporter: tracking some
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hot spots gems like the right on interstate 280 and to south bruno as an accident as a motorcycle crash and that's why it's backed up all the with the highway one. the action and the macarthur mays did not turn out to be anything major cut traffic is not unduly backed up but it is flowing on the phone. we're still jamming to the corridor on the 880 south bound back from to 38 down to 237 the drive time is now 40 minutes. is going all we down to mission warrant for the right down from 80 south. 880... in the south bay and to san jose 17 is backed up all the way to
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scott screak scotts valley rather because of an accident and laurel kurds. at an the guadalupe parkway is already starting to get fairly heavy. the bay bridge west brown is back up into the macarthur made. mace >> reporter: when the problem free at the golden gate bridge no delays south bound or northbound. and the right into richmond backed up at 580 westbound. >> reporter: renters across the nation are being hit hard with rising rents and stagnant wages. and the bay area is no exception. new york seattle, and san jose topped the list of cities with the biggest rent increases. in new york, the rand has increased by 50 percent over the past five years. but household bank,
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has only risen 8% in the same time frame. in seattle rent is up 32% while income is only up 15%. and in san jose grant is up 26% and is up by just 8% denver, st. louis and portland also saw big rent increases. >> reporter: some 1 million americans are missing out on more than $1 billion by not filing for taxes. potential 2011 filers have one more month to claim their money which the irs estimates totals a little more than $1 billion in unclaimed benefits. experts say the money is likely all to lower income earners such as student and part-time workers. people have three years to file a tax return for a refund before the money goes to the u.s. treasury. >> reporter: the search for victims of december's
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aircraft asia crash is winding down. indonesia says today is the last day that will have the search teams looking for more bodies and wreckage. families of the many victims to still have not been found plan to meet with air asia officials. they're expected asked the airline to continue the search using their own funds. water and 62 people on board the plane were killed when a crash when it crashed into the java sea. >> reporter: passengers on united airlines flight attack the young man to the tackle the young men to the ground after he strategy high g hyde iraq to hijack the aircraft and it was caught on camera. the plane was on its way to denver but had to return to dallas washington after the disturbance on board was reported. shocking video is posted on line showing the
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young man being pen to the floor by several passengers while apologizing and shouting in fear as police approached him and he said he will be removed from the plane. the passengers taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation. >> reporter: all woman was arrested on up over the weekend for smoking on an airplane you can see in this video it happened on a flight from nicaragua to miami. the one-sided to take a small break inside the plane when she was caught he blamed the person sitting next art. put passenger said the woman was told police would be waiting for her when she landed she then went into a tirade for two hours. the woman has been identified as karen allen a professor at penn state university. >> reporter: a popular evangelical and angelica is
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a crumpled dollar posted a very video warning people to foot the bill for $65 million private jet. >> reporter: the project g 650 as in gulfstream 50. but it seems his current jet built in 1984 is showing its age and an trouble and a flight to australia. in recently and his wife and children were taken off the plane in london. >>: is not like people over and something goes wrong >> reporter: it did not take long for the story of the deep aziz's jest diseases jet takeoff jesus jet... parishioners mary
7:24 am
jones says she takes the bus to church says she would happily give to cresyl dollars jet ride. creflo dollar... he asked for his parishioners to give 10 percent to the church. >>: we have an the past identify 30 of the top ministries and 30 of the worst ministries and crafts for $0 ministry falls in the worst category. >> reporter: i call daniel jennings he's a big seller of private jets. this is an entry-level that this is not even a mid-level jet. the gulfstream 360 is the longest distance second
7:25 am
fastest private jet in the world. in order to get one he may need more the money may also need divine intervention. the wait for it is a four years and they're only for yules ones for sale and the entire world. in order for them to buy use what how much would bay low '70's.
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>> reporter: will come back 730 is the time or focused on the weather. >> reporter: which is seen here at the embarcadero cameras which you been seen for most of the day. some clouds hanging around. will see some sunshine this afternoon. of the course of the day this is what we can expect. our current hour looking for few clouds out there gonna get more sunny as we head into the afternoon. temperature wise looking at a lot of mid-50s all around the bay area right now. in the afternoon gonna get some nice sunbreaks that will bring her to purchase up into the '60s. in the evening will come off of our daytime highs but will still be in the upper 60s low '70's. look for the 72 today in general. right now are
7:32 am
temperatures currently are thick mid-50s for the east bay area. 55 for san jose oakland is 54 san francisco is 51 and be back in 15 minutes with the complete forecasts. we have a potential for rain this coming weekend. >> reporter: well before they start testing patrick's day rebeling we'll have to get bassam hot spots. with each your feed right right westbound interstate 880 is now 26 minutes. from hercules to berkeley. in the san ramon for bally ride is down to 26 minutes there and death from walnut creek down the dublin. 880 south bound and northbound are open and slow. between fremont and
7:33 am
hayward. hayward south bay freeway is still plenty slow the right 101 is down to 44 minutes. from highway 85 up to 237. traffic is still backed up all into scotts valley. does have the around the 92 interchange 4101 for both directions. and a motorcycle crash on southbound to a.d. at avalon has the traffic backed up into daly city. 280... >> reporter: bay bridge ride was brown is not is backed up satellite to the maze this morning is not backed up. but the san mateo bridge is just crawling along.
7:34 am
drivers over 22 minutes. >> reporter: new information about a deadly shooting this morning in yount ville. according to the center rosa press democrat robert doll shot his former business investor in the vineyard over looking highway 29 the city fled into a wooded area where he shot and killed himself. an attorney there represents dolls since then the was a long dispute go he claimed all of had defrauded him out of a million dollars. have to shot and killed people and napa had going to lock down as they if look for the shooter finding him dead in his car from a self- inflicted gunshot wound.
7:35 am
>> reporter: another big story out of nassau just an hour to up to the first incident got a call from a manager here at this apartment complex they had seen to residents and weeks. when they knocked on the door they found the bodies of a man and a woman. the victims' names have not been released it was of 55 year- old woman and a 65 year-old man. >> reporter: happening today san francisco public defender jeff a dashing will discuss the next apps in the case involving sf pd officers accused of sending racist and homophobic test. the messages were sent between a former ousted officer and four others who are still on the force. this all came to light in the court filings concerning
7:36 am
that in for a firm and you're case. a former san francisco cop who went to jail but now seeks to appeal his conviction and is requesting bail in the process. dr. amos brown with the naacp is outraged that the messages. >>: and in justice to one is in in is an insult to all. >> reporter: san francisco district attorney of george gascoigne issued a statement yesterday calling the message is shocking and disturbing and he says he will seek termination. >> reporter: and had mayor ed lee also issued statements as says the content of these tax messages displays a by is that is incompatible with the values of our city and incompatible with the ability to perform sward duties as a police officer
7:37 am
if these statements are attributable to any san francisco police officer i joined chief crop of greg and seeking nothing less than termination. >> reporter: new developments in the ray mcdonald sexual assault case the former forty-niner is the when the woman accusing him of rape. mcdonald attorney filed a defamation lawsuit today in santa clara county. police said the woman who we are not naming says she blacked out after drinking at macdonald's home back in december. she went to police after waking up naked in his bed the next morning. a mcdonald's lawyer say surveillance video will prove the two had consensual sex and is tied up back in december. the forty-niners cut macdonald shortly after the woman's allegations. >> reporter: 3 more people are behind bars in connection with the shooting death of an east bay mother. 30 year-old chyemil pierce
7:38 am
was shot a week ago while trying to protect her young children from a gun battle in front of curr home in oakland. yester day police arrested shelton the devils and jerry hartman on suspicion of murder. a mess right was also arrested on suspicion of being unsuccessfully to murder however prosecutors say they will not be filing charges against our police say it was a community involvement and help them make the rest. >>: developments are still coming forward to the investigators. >> reporter: police last week arrested 19 year-old anthony sense in his hospital bed where he was recovering from gunshot wounds sustained in the shoot out. is the unclear what role the three men may have played in that shooting. >> reporter: happening today millionaire real- estate heir robert byrd is expected in a louisiana courtroom today. he faces
7:39 am
weapons and drug charges. these charges are in addition to the murder charges facing california. durst was charged monday with first-degree murder and the death of writer susan berman who was shot in the head in her beverly hills home. an hbo documentary has now become a key evidence in the case where durst was a recorded mumbling killed them all of course prosecutors have not decided to seek death in the murder case of susan bermansusan >> reporter: runners across the nation are being hit hard with rising rents and stagnant wages wages and the bay area is no exception. new york, seattle, and san jose topped the list of cities with the biggest rent increases. in seattle the rent is up 32% while the income is only up 15%. and san jose the rent is up 26%
7:40 am
and up by just and income is about a percent. denver's st. louis and portman also saw big rent increases. >> reporter: next coming up in the kron 4 new some tiny pups are headed across the country to find new homes will show you how they're getting there and just how crazy it will the ncaa tournament get? at least one school was checking on the eligibility of seth curry. we will dig deeper and gary is world.
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>> reporter: welcome back to the kron 4 morning news a quick track of traffic the hot spot following this morning is the e sure freeway right interstate 880 west bound with a drive time is now 33 minutes from hercules to berkeley. that's about 10 minutes hired and what it should be. so far incident free. you can get updated on any time on traffic with the kron 4 mobile application. when you can't watch kron 4 is a
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great way to keep updated. >> reporter: in bay area news and 743 take a look at these cute pups there on the buyback ease right now burgeoned america is following its flying them back from san francisco to new york. for adoption. officials say the overpopulation of to what was in california has force was called animal shelters to ask these calls for help. this is the sixth time the airline has partnered with san francisco animal care and control and the eight as p c a to fly docks to york. their first operation was in 2010. officials said the overpopulation issue was only escalated as only escalated since then. >> reporter: coming up election know how hot is gonna get all the next couple of days.
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>> reporter: and and and talk to gary about the surprising news that a lot of people are still trying to digest this morning about forty-niner chris borland retiring. he only started eight games as the rockies rookie last season he's 24 years old and he says is not worst health concerns or the head trauma concerns.
7:48 am
>> gary: you know my very out waiting here to the state's retired the and that's fantastic. if he stays retired >> reporter: to enjoy immediately asked and was up is there some ulterior motive. >> gary: he was not in the position to hold anybody up here yet he only played one year and the reason he got on the field is because patrick willis was injured. i do not think is any tricks. >> reporter: he's worried about it walking quip as the thinking of maybe i should quit while i'm ahead. >> gary: all i can tell you is that is a rough sport if you don't want to hit somebody does wake up in the morning you don't run into a wall that it are you right
7:49 am
off. basketball and golf 10 is baseball you play catch with your kids for the rest of your life but when you're apps football you're done you don't is go out laugh and tackle somebody. >> reporter: is interesting in january that he tweet it something from the astros businesses. up to one and 50 lb. player running at 50 mi. per hour has more kinetic energy of than a bullet fired from an ak-47. bought borden was 511 about 250 lbs.. and he says he's gonna go back to college and maybe go into management. the main thing is that is not worth it helps wise law was and
7:50 am
not worth it to be a forty- niner at this time. >> gary: once again i cannot tell you what's inside his head but those of very precious spots the bien and the nfl. and if your some superstar with multiple options and you just try and try but this time you want to go elsewhere but this guy displayed one year. >> reporter: he's not making a lot of money either so i'm thinking maybe if you dangle more money in front of him what that change his decision. >> gary: in that couple of big houses big cars used >> reporter: i notice that your stop you dug-in have to keep doing it you have that lifestyle set up. >> reporter: and 24 plaiting college it was a different ball of wax. is is these
7:51 am
guys the big in babies they cannot do something else. >> gary: what he was doing very well and people are saying where did this guy come from but if the kids start a new life for itself and doesn't have any financial pressures of a family this is the time for him to do it. this is one of those deals where someone is talking about his health for get the forty-niners. >> reporter: to see this latest thing mitt romney has decided he's gonna get into the ring with the vendor holyfield. i don't care what the charity is out as the 60 year-old guy face off. good talking about dumb. his idea to be unconscious or is gonna hit me. >> gary: named to guys would get in the ring and do something together you would
7:52 am
never think evander holyfield or mitt romney. >> reporter: if i was is what they're what i would tell them there's no way you are going to do that. >> gary: where are they fighting? >> reporter: is gonna be in the salt lake city in may. says somebody like capernick wakes up since says this football thing is not for me anymore. we know we can play baseball a many basketball. check out this form on instagram. he's spending he's don king spending and dunking still not that. spi nning...
7:53 am
>> gary: when you have the best record in the nba last night nothing. >> gary: >> reporter: lost a small lawns of >> gary: at lac has the best record in the east. but this time of year all these guys are ready for the playoffs. >> reporter: an today everybody is ready for the n.c.a.a. tournament. college davison will be facing off against the iowa hawkeyes. i was tweeting just make sure thus not eligible eligible right >> gary: that shows how big curry is when no one can
7:54 am
name one player on davison but she nobody played there seven years ago. my kids get a big kick out of meeting him saturday we went to the game. it was terrific and the kids there is nobody like camp. there's nobody like him and got my twitter to see the pictures.
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>> reporter: a popular bay area as is sought is giving you a way to customize shoes the way you want. that's coming up next.
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>> reporter: the caldecott tunnel is back up and running at this car fire.
8:00 am
and investigators looking into a suspicious death and now up. two people were found dead in an apartment and were tracking the weather and a head of a head of the first day of spring. 8am >> reporter: spring rolls and on friday. mr. fell's but it is closer. with better really rough monday. >> reporter: we are still attracting hot spots at the richmond bridge. temperatures slow responding to the early morning sunshine. with ashley's thing a good shot out there the golden gate bridge. the clouds and then it out a little bit you can make out some blue before little bit longer you gonna see the
8:01 am
temperatures respond. by this afternoon were gunnar enjoy it much warmer weather. >> reporter: no shocker using that outside of window right now bound by noontime at lunch and looking at lotus mid-60s and more sunshine the winds could pick up a bit. by this evening at 5:00 p.m. when you're heading off from work to temperatures will still be up and it curr upper 60s low '70's. . among talk more about the warm weather in store in just a minute. i'll leave you with this quick look at how temperatures are right now. you can always get weather update any time with their kron 4 mobile application is free if you have a roared or apple device. android apple
8:02 am
it will work on both. >> reporter: is very slow this morning to the ride from richmond. interstate 580 is the hot spot for sure which has a back up the reaches all the way back to harbor. is not unusual we have been incident free here but we do have an unusual back up for the westbound bridge ride and for your trip to the san ramon ride and 680 in the southbound direction as to move past made straight the backup began as as you began in the san ramon valley is already 46 at this minute drive time. in their trip to the south bay san jose freeways are really slow 47 minutes 101 in northbound direction in the 85 right northbound.
8:03 am
>> reporter: new information from big story for bodies found in now up. police are investigating as deadly student shooting in the vineyard and refining new information about the deadly shooting. this helicopter partnerships with abc seven news is the murder-suicide. mrs. robert doll who shot his former business assistant. he fled into a wooded area and napa valley and police were looking for him where he shot and killed himself. an attorney that represents das said the two met yesterday to talk about long dispute all the wind wind winery. he accused them of cheating them out of a million dollars. >> reporter: officers
8:04 am
knocked on the door to see if someone was inside because will be reports came in the day had not stayed there residents for two weeks. we found out that it is a 55 year-old woman and a 65 year-old man their identities have not been released but their deaths are under investigation. >> reporter: a caldecott tunnel has 3 open and is now running again they set it down over night again because of a car fire. but it has reopened. >> reporter: the morning >>:darya met the caldecott tunnel on the west side the to see the traffic is heavy air. eastbound 24 having into that war was shut down yesterday where the car fired that happen over 24 hours ago. here is video from inside the tunnel yesterday morning around 630 a.m.. this is dramatic video
8:05 am
such shot by the oakland fire department. you could see the fire and the car burning inside the tunnel. it all started shortly before 630 a.m. yesterday morning when two cars collided. one car burst into flame still in the entire tunnel was smoke. that left dozens and dozens of cars in the tunnel all the drivers had to get out of their cars and evacuate. no one was hurt. but upon tunnel was shut down for about 11 hours. here's video that we shot around 5:00 this morning the tunnel has reopened now but they had decided down again last night around 10:30 p.m.. they added shutdown till about 4 a.m. this morning. there's still work that
8:06 am
needs to be done. there was a lot it's a lot of sweat a lot some equipment and fell off the ceiling. so they had to shut down to redo some of the maintenance. i'm not your live and right now traffic is been unusually light out your right now. the really good news is no was hurt in that incident. >> reporter: of the stores for fall right now is not a police looking for two men that robin carjack this a man in the same city and added to 15 yesterday afternoon at 711 stores. they said police did to men approached the man was pumping gas and then showed the man and the and stole his wallet is keys and took off with his car. police found that car with about 5:00 this morning with a key still in the ignition they do have evidence they do
8:07 am
have evidence of on this thing. >> reporter: chyemil pierce was shot a week ago try to protect children from gunshots in oakland in front of our home. two people were arrested on suspicion of murder and a woman was also arrested as of an excessively but prosecutors said that they're not charging her. police say was community involvement and help them with the rest. >>: neighbors and people coming forward we still have a very open and active case. developments are still coming for to the investigators. it >> reporter: police last week arrested and 19 year- old anthony sam's in his hospital bed where he was recovering from a gunshot wound during that she got is unclear what his role was in that shooting. >> reporter: us police
8:08 am
officers of being a mom charged with a series of racist and homophobic a tax third text messaging. >> reporter: and then out of control passenger forces a plane to turn around and make an emergency landing and will show you the video on what happened coming up next next
8:09 am
8:10 am
>> reporter: welcome back to
8:11 am
the kron 4 in kron 4 morning news currently is 8:10 a.m.. right here with this ride on the interstate 580 leading up to the richmond bridge is usually slow from harbor. we beat increase following to the toll plaza but were pup problem for free across the span >> reporter: passengers on united airlines for right tackle the man to the ground after each strategy high g high and threaten the hijacked the aircraft in dhaka on camera. the flight was on its way to denver but had to return to dallas washington after the disturbance on board was reported. shocking video was posted online showing the young men being painted the floor by several passengers while apologizing and shouting in fear as police
8:12 am
approached him and said he will be removed from the plane. the passengers taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation. >> reporter: sunshine is coming down and to san ramon valley will take a look at the forecasts coming out (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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>> reporter: which the two bay area weather and traffic. are the spring
8:15 am
about gonna will we see a few more today. >> reporter: they're pretty much out of your left with and what are the clouds. this is the gray bridge from embarcadero is this see the flag there is flowing the breeze is out there. this is the kind of weather that we can expect as we work our way to the day today. the temperature currently is in the '50s. 55 and san jose 52 and. a still: the north bay. upper floors up 44 navato upper 40's. we can expect cloudy conditions next the the next few hours while waiting for the sun to break through. that'll happen closer to new. will have mild weather for lunchtime the temperatures will rise to
8:16 am
the men '60s. mid-60s. temperatures in the south bay will it be and the low 70's this afternoon. 72 for san jose 73 for sunnyvale. 71 for the valleys. san francisco was a mile was 67 on tap for the financial district. conditions have temperatures will be warming over the next 72 hours. will looks like will be in the low eighties for thursday. what attracts our temperatures slightly upset with this system to the north. it may give the north bay shot at a few sprinkles. and a substantial chance could come sunday into
8:17 am
monday and i got my eye on that update with that later. >> reporter: trekking hot spots this morning possums image 880 south bound to san leandro down the mel pita 49 minutes for that dry time. good highway to 37 westbound is much heavier than usual this morning back all away from 880 all the way on to 880 and that's why the southbound 880 ride is so sad abbey. one no one is at a 40 minute drive time not right now. 101... highway 17 has never really recovered from the much earlier recurring accident. the heavier traffic is remaining all the way from scotts valley. an accident and
8:18 am
south bound popular 1 01 is backed up to sfo. there was a motorcycle at accident that left avalon backed up from daly city and 280 south bound. was still coming out ran with a back up on highway 37. tracking the right to the bay bridge is 27 minutes. with the back up into the maze. san mateo bridges jammed. and the dumbarton bridge is not an alternate. the zippers conditions are getting a gusty. this back to normal for the interstate 580 right is no longer backed up is to slow from castro to the toll plaza. >> reporter: happening today
8:19 am
the state water resources control board will vote on whether to renew or expand its limits on water use amid the drought. the proposal would meet california's cannot water their lawns more than twice a week and restaurants cannot serve water unless the customer asks. the board already barred californians from washing down driveways or cleaning cars with hoses that do not have shut off nozzles. the regulations also call for local water department to report on how they are enforcing the rules. >> reporter: an update on the professor was arrested over the weekend for smoking on an airplane. the association's sociology professor at penn state university now faces disorderly conduct charges. police said the 52 year-old karen how men started a grant about u.s. venezuela result relations about halfway through the american airlines flight on saturday. the passenger cop
8:20 am
read on video. she was also seen lighting a cigarette and blaming it on another passenger. she was questioned and arrested on disorderly conduct and breach of peace charges. she felt compelled to speak after spending a week doing research in nicaragua. >> reporter: another big story of were falling this morning all eyes are on the san francisco police department after racist and homophobic text messages among officers surfaced in court documents. the messages were sent between a former hostage officer and four others were still on the force. >> reporter: total haul more in your gate and yes we >>: is the same all negative stuff that i heard in
8:21 am
mississippi when i was born. these are the comments from naacp. >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee issued a statement read in part the content of these text messages displays a bias that is incompatible with the values of our city and incompatible with the ability to perform sward duties as a police officer. it the statements are attributable to any san francisco police officer i joined police chief greg surge in seeking nothing less than termination. >>: the gay community in this town needs to unite with the black community and show that they understand that and in justice to one is is an injury to all. >> reporter: since san
8:22 am
francisco mayor ed lee support put >>end: up up of a statement. >> reporter: exploding propane tanks fuelling a fire and milwaukee. luckily no workers were nearby when the tanks started exploding at the metal processing plant yesterday. a man is later employees add tried to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher. the tanks were used to fuel the company's forklifts. the cause of the blast is still under investigation and the explosions could be heard more than 2 mi. away. >> reporter: apple could be getting into the cable business and will explain cupping up. coming up tterswe p22, tha's .
8:23 am
8:24 am
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ookse cholate w haa crunch.brkside cruny clters - crpy multi-gins and sweefruiflaved piecesdied in richark ocolate. diover brookside cruny clters. >> reporter: welcome back to kron 4 morning news the kelp bed delta wrote chapter of penn state has been suspended as police investigate allegations of a secret facebook pays where there posting new women this thing passed out. it also turned over printouts from the page on the computer thumb drive as also attached
8:26 am
a hazing and drug deals. >> reporter: and could apple been looking to get into the streaming cable-tv business. the wall street journal reports apple wants to lodge a string cable services all. according to the report the company is talking with major channel owners to make this a reality. the service would cost between 30 and $40 a month and which is less than a typical cable subscription. >> reporter: betty white is getting ready to receive another award. the 93 row receive the lifetime achievement award at this year's daytime emmys. and the officials are honoring what betty white as an american institution and a female tv pioneer. she was already won five emmy awards
8:27 am
and she's been nominated 21 times in a career spanning more than six decades. the daytime emmys are coming up on april 26th. >> reporter: as still a head now one of the only guys left over the to take patrick willis the spot is out. will tran of live from the bistate about how fans are reacting to the latest forty-niners chris borland hanging up his jersey. plus the former forty-niners ray mcdonald is now suing all man who is accusing a more right the evidence his lawyers will say it will help its case.
8:28 am
female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
8:29 am
>> reporter: thanks to weaken up to kron 4 morning news will come to some clouds but it looks like things are clearing. >> reporter: this is the walnut creek camera and
8:30 am
knows a little cloud of there's some spots but were looking for nice sunny conditions in the east bay right now about 10:00 will start to see widespread sunshine. take a look at the current conditions outside was still seeing some areas a patchy fog. the temperatures are currently in the mid-50s. it will low- lying clouds are causing some haziness there. but they will clear by 11:00 noon or noon time. the temperatures were rising to the 60 degree area. in the afternoon will be in the upper 60s and low '70's. it to be warm where you are everybody will be warm later on this weekend and talk more about that on the effect will check this coming up in 15 minutes. >> reporter: temperatures right now lot of mid-50s but the temperatures will be
8:31 am
warming up rapidly says coming >> reporter: retract paint the hot spots here and east bay area on highway for the westbound direction and railroad highway 4 was a car the jammed up the right late now we're slowing with an accident was bound backing up the ride into bits per. on concord to 42 and 680 in the southbound direction an extremely heavy ride will headed west the high 24 your trip out caldecott tunnel is 24 minutes. this is a new pattern that we been observing this slow heavy north and south bound into walnut creek's. it was a changeable message signed a was causing the problems.
8:32 am
backed up into the macarthur made chesnutt are back up this morning. if you go from 88 he'll have a much faster drive time than the 24 minutes on highway 24. there and to the san mateo bridge is still a rough ride. >> reporter: the niners won on the defense as the defense is going to buy. of the or linebacker chris borland saying he's quitting football after one season at in the fifth nfl. will tran as live in santa clara with more about how the fans a feeling about this decision. >> reporter: a lot of people are wondering if other players will follow suit. so far this morning no one has
8:33 am
filed. but he is eating lots of support from other nfl players. he says he's not coming back as a player as a fan yes but not as a player he is walking away at age 24 this is chris borland. he talks to doctors is no signs of concussions or brain disease so far and east but he is fully aware of what a long career could do. he has talked to several all of nfl players that have committed suicide. as 108 tackles and a few interceptions the niners now will be going into the drab looking for a couple of linebackers and even trading to pre place patrick willis and chris borland. it was on the couple's superstar's on. when i talked a lot of
8:34 am
france's morning it was surprised. >>: i was definitely surprised since he just guarded his career. but more power to a m to be able to do what i couldn't do it. man most people that position could walk away from the same man money light that >>: that was his choice and more power to i'm not surprised at all. >> reporter: i can tell you people bought up the money issue the rookies early players did not make as big of a salary as the autumn this season veterans perry he made a lot of money. he leaves about $2 million on the table if you talk to chris borland and says " $2 million for the next couple years of his contract is not worth it. he researched it.
8:35 am
the niners as saying this is unexpected and came out of the blue and it says that chris borland spent a lot of time thinking about this and we do wish him well. >> reporter: a man that had a hundred aids that tackles and alternates arts patrick willis was retiring and he was supposed to fill issues. so bowe or is taken his talents to indianapolis. culver is going to washington and those adjust some of the prominent positions that the forty- niners have to fill this off-season. there's also a statement released by jeff miller miller with respect chris borland this decision. play any sport is a personal decision by any mess measure football has not been safer.
8:36 am
for tackling techniques and all levels of football better equipment and medical care for players. >> reporter: with this announcement were hearing plenty of fan reaction from social media. sandie says good luck young man your health as much more important than any tackles. i was upset last night in hoping for 2015. likely says as a mom of a graduating in see football player i give the major props for his decision and i wish and the best. john pierce says chris portions decision has the potential to change the game for better regarding head injuries. . >> reporter: new developments would ray mcdonald and the sexual assault case. the forty-
8:37 am
niner is suing the woman who accused of rape. his attorneys filed a defamation lawsuit today in santa clara county. police said the one we are not naming said she blacked out after drinking at ray mcdonald own back in december. she went to police after breaking up naked in his bed the next morning. but mcdonald's lawyer says surveillance video will probe of the two had consensual sex and that his hot tub back in december. the forty-niners cut rates macdonald shortly after the woman's allegations. the santa clara county district attorney has not yet decided whether to file criminal charges. >> reporter: will tell you why and east bay family is fighting for this heard in our mind kron 4 story. >> reporter: there will be in no way for women to shop for shoes bill be able to
8:38 am
customize it was coming up in the tech report. jack hea attk di't co wita waing. day,is dtor s hion a yer piriregin to hp rece t riskf anher e.ifou'vhad hearattabeure talto yr doorbere yr ben anspir gime
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> reporter: welcome back to kron 4 morning news at 8:40 a.m. with continuing to track the hot spots. and is to 80 is low for daly city up to the 280-1 01 interchange. south on lanes
8:41 am
are blocked and that's why is backed up along the sky way. northbound is a visual hazard and that's why the delays on 280 and the bayshore freeway. you get traffic updates anytime on our free mobile apps. as a great way to keep kron 4 with you when you cannot watch. >> reporter: and now my kron 4 story content gold neighborhood is trying to keep got boats out. adults of been a staple for the community for about 26 years but now the city building department was the goal is gone. neighbors are doing what ever they can to keep the herd at home. >>: i'm hoping that they will stay here and to protect up. pacheco...
8:42 am
>> reporter: the gold cup to be off the property by the 26 of this month because there evicting victims of the city's rezoning rules. but the neighbors have started a petition to keep the gold in the community and they now have a facebook page called save the put tape go boats. we check out the story after viewers reached out to us. you have a story idea you like us to check into and to our web site the kron-4-dot-com and check on that my kron 4 storage tech. >> reporter: we have a beautiful shot from are barking deer camera in san francisco. embarcadero camera.
8:43 am
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maxx home. keep your standards high and your spending low. maxx what matters most to you. maxx life! at t.j.maxx. >> reporter: and we are back taking a live look outside the to talk about the weather. but a good shot from the bay bridge. we still have some clout coverage of the bay area. water and letting cameras are showing some sunshine. eventually we will see more sunshine to rob the bay but it'll take a little bit longer. will have some nice warm temperatures the the result. temperatures are currently in the '50s for most of the bay area 55 in pleasanton and livermore 55 in san jose 52 in san francisco. we have been 48 in santa rosa. as gonna be a
8:46 am
little bit longer for santa rosa to get up in the '50s but hopefully it will not take too much longer. >> reporter: 1 show in the temperatures because oakland is pretty much of a good representative of what everybody is gonna experience. will warm up to the low 60s by noontime and around 2:00 to 6:00 we gonna be have been enjoying a nice los 70 degree weather. bell of to be what would expect an oakland all throughout the east bay area. will look for the '70s and the north bay as well. 74 and napa up. so the average will be around 72 degrees in the area. san francisco will be a little bit cooler and 67. polls mostly partly cloudy mostly sunny afternoon. by thursday high pressures gonna bring
8:47 am
our temperatures up to the 80 degree mark. local auto slightly as we see this system coming in from california from the north friday and saturday. there's a slight chance of precipitation. widespread light rain from sunday into monday. we might even get some fresh the water that for the sierras which would be nice. >> reporter: were looking for basic steps that are not really impressive they've gone down and enter to since we did the last update about 43 empty is at the summit. 40 in. >> reporter: on this and punters day with been tracking quite a few hot spots faithfully none of them have been so bad that it destroys the wide. jammed up by the pittsburg over to
8:48 am
bay point with this new accident westbound highway 4 and bailey rode and look how slow we are getting out of concord 68242 south bound as a slocum new a slow commute from concord. as 680-242. in san francisco there was an accident southbound on 101 and hospital curve is still time up the traffic in all directions. as part of the reason why we're still backed up on 280 northbound coming up from daly city to san francisco. the bay bridge is backed up into the maze but is not hard back up. the 880 approach and that east 80 approach are
8:49 am
still good. the san mateo bridge was still bogged down here and there is also wind advisory it added to the commute. your trip from marin county this is where we since the peak traffic flow but it doesn't appear to be floated off the southbound 101 ride it was a hot spot earlier. it is backed up a bit the toll plaza but is not bad up back the caspers street now on 580 westbound. >> reporter: more than 60 million people have health insurance now this year almost nine out of every 10 people has health insurance and that's the biggest improvement in four decades. minority groups made the biggest jump in the number of insured. the rate of latinos without health insurance fell more than 12 percent since the fall of 2013 but the uninsured rate among latinos remains the
8:50 am
highest. the number of uninsured african americans dropped by nearly half. meantime republicans are still raising questions about the legality of affordable care act. the supreme court is expected to rule on the latest challenge to the law does not summerlaw >> reporter: some 1 million americans are missing out on more the $1 billion for not filing taxes. potential 2011 filers have more than one month to claim their money which the irs estimates totals a little more than $1 billion in unclaimed benefits. the money is likely all to lower income earners such as students and part-time workers. people have three years to file a tax return for refund before the money goes back to the u.s. treasury. >> reporter: a popular fashion retailer in the east in the area in the bay area is one of just five in the country with a high-tech
8:51 am
shopping experience. attack border gabe slate shows us the new design on design your own shoes studio. >> reporter: everything is on the table completely customizable what ever you can imagine you can create heels straps colors. >>: have a huge range of styles and shapes plus the size from 2 1/2 to 15 so we can cater for the smaller and larger issues sizes. it means the people who have someone heart defined shoes no longer have that problem the sizes range from 2 to 15. you could design it the way you want the style you want the color you want. is will use different friendly and they take you to the step-by-step. we also have amazing shoes dollars that
8:52 am
is that down with you one on one to help you create that perfect shoe for yourself. >> reporter: after customer designs issue the order right there on the spot and is delivered to their home within four weeks. but consider as be built from scratch of four week wait is not bad. the average around $200 or less depending on which to make a start at $130. these jews of been a big hit in australia they're trying it out in america. time will tell if this will continue. gabe slate kron 4 news >> reporter: an is coca-cola a sensible snack cold astride the of under way of advertising by using fitness and nutrition experts. they are paying people to write about colts health benefits appearing on nutrition blobs and other health size. the
8:53 am
experts are promoting a many can of coke which is better for you than a 2 l bottle. this comes as coke and other so the companies are targeted as one of the reasons there is a global obesity problems. " responded by saying in part every big brand works with loggers and has paid talent. >> reporter: i think people drink a can of coke and the comet as a snack and also they're adding that to their meat meals so caffeine and sugar. >> reporter: every bring back and works with blockers and paid talents. >> reporter: like the snickers people this isn't the big upset of the pack with bayonets really. the nets peanuts...
8:54 am
>> reporter: now how in the bay area sports golden state warriors secure a playoff spot and then beat the los angeles lakers at oracle last night won all eight- 105. the warriors still their postseason berth during a timeout late in the second quarter when they found oklahoma city lost to dallas. the video boards have above have court display clenched and the fans inside the sold out renegade the home team a standing ovation as the first time the franchise that made the playoffs in three consecutive seasons cents in 1975 through 1977 this black brothers clay thomas and scored 26 points as seth curry had 19 points
8:55 am
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>> reporter: take a look here at the embarcadero from our studios here waiting for the sun and out details on the warm-up is coming ahead.
8:59 am
ookse cholate w haa crunch.brkside cruny clters - crpy multi-gins and sweefruiflaved piecesdied in richark ocolate. diover brookside cruny clters.
9:00 am
>> reporter: what was a light inside the caldecott tunnel when the fire broke out i'll show you the dramatic video and a live report. >> reporter: 4 bodies discovered and and napa counties within a matter of hours. >> reporter: it were
9:01 am
tracking the weather >> reporter: good morning and for joining us on st. patrick's day. >> reporter: redundancies' sunshine and warmer temperatures this afternoon and a warmer temperatures will continue to stick around. as a live look at the golden gate bridge from high clouds are out there but to the gonna see the blue sky try to peek through. we're gonna continue with this trend for the next couple of hours. looking at the bay bridge is just a little bit of cloud cover again sunshine will be later and will there be of a double be an increased when in the area. the temperatures will be on the milder set aside right now we're in the '50s and the south bay area daly city as
9:02 am
on the cooler side in the flow upper 40's. the temperatures will continue to warm up as we get later in the day. the winds are coming out of the north bay at 13 mi. per hour. the wind speed will be 25 mi. per hour later on. with some pretty heavy dust. dust gusts... will have mild conditions and the winds will pick up for much of the peninsular around 5:00 will have warming up into the loading mid '60s around a clothesline and parts of the peninsula will be mid to upper 60s but it will be breezy as to commute home yet to be prepared for the high winds. they could be a problem on the roads. >> reporter: winds are
9:03 am
problem to this morning to one of the bridges and i will show you that in a moment the first was take a look at what happened here on highway 41 and the hot spots that were tracking. this is the accident a pointhighway 4... highway 680 south train coming out of the san ramon valley especially west is a slow ride on 24 them as a 28 minute ride. and as earlier recurring problems in san francisco south balm and hospital curr the left and back up from daly city back up from brisbane for the 101 ride hitting in to san francisco. sluggish traffic up the upper back. the bay
9:04 am
bridge was brown back up in the middle lane does reach into the macarthur made. and the 80 approached to the east from the e sure would be to to the toll plaza more quickly. here's our when the area the san mateo bridge. the shows talked about the winds picking up. they do have a when it buys three for over an hour for a high 92. >> reporter: we have no affirmation on our top story this morning for bodies discovered and napa county this morning within a matter of hours. as the police were investigating the deadly shooting. a murder-suicide in the vineyard. two bodies were found inside an apartment where learning new affirmation about a deadly shooting this morning the of our helicopter partnership with abc seven news according to settle rosa press democrat inventor
9:05 am
robert doll shot his former business and investor in my end of vineyard overlooking highway 29 the report says doll then fled into the wooded area between napa and sonoma valleys where he shot themselves. an attorney who represents doll says the two met yesterday morning adults winery to talk about a loan dispute on the man was reportedly suing dock landing the all the defrauded him out of more than a million dollars. >> reporter: and during that investigation deputies got a call from the manager of the river glen apartments and now up. they told police they had not seen to residents for about a week. when officers knocked on the door to see if anyone was inside they found the bodies of a man and a woman. the victims' names have not been released and we have learned from police that was a 55 year-old woman and a 66
9:06 am
year-old man because of their death remained under investigation. >> reporter: and in a day to the breaking news recover for your kron 4 news yesterday the caldecott tunnel is now we open. crew shouted down again over night after the car inside and east bound for small the morning commute. >> reporter: will have dramatic video of what it looked like when that fire broke out. this is video shot by the oakland fire department he had held a camera on a you can see that car is burning inside the tunnel and how dark and smoky it is this all happened as 630 a.m. yesterday morning at the height of the morning commute. on the far eastern side of the east side tunnel. one of the cars burst into flames and had smoke billowing out of the
9:07 am
tunnel also stranding dozens of motorists were inside the tunnel. eventually those motorists had to be evacuated out of the tunnel. luckily no was hurt during this incident. it delayed on the morning commute by hours. >> reporter: here's video that was shot about 5:00 this morning after the tunnel reopened. that 1030 last night-we went back again after the evening commute and did more work and set it down it was reopened at 4 a.m. this morning. is it was a pot hold inside the roadway and some of their equipment was falling from the ceiling. so they would back him was less traffic less impact of commuters. would that dramatic video. nobody was hurt when this incident.
9:08 am
>> reporter: and still had a massive fire breaks out in an industrial plant and several pro plane tanks explode in milwaukee will take you there and show you video. >> reporter: plus a united air flights of was forced to turn around because of a passenger ranting would give the details
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
>> reporter: still tracking hot spots hear the traffic center slow ride from highway 84 near the dumbarton bridge westbound would concede intreat increase traffic on the san mateo bridge and also the 880 ride from 238 down to 237 is still 40 minute drive. the traffic any time with the kron 4 mobile app a free download for free for apple or and you're devices. it is still say up to date with news weather and traffic. >> reporter: happening today the state water resources board will vote on whether
9:12 am
to renew or expand its limited use of water cause of the drought. the proposal would meet california's cannot water their lawns more than twice a week and its restaurants cannot serve water unless a customer acts the board already barred californians from washing down driveways are cleaning cars with those hoses that do not have shut off nozzles. the regulations also called for local water department's report on how they are enforcing the rules.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> reporter: 914 right now let's go to george and sit there and the hot spots. >> reporter: we are indeed still tracking hot spot with avenue accident on one a want northbound and san jose. is coming up from highway 85 to join the ride on 101 passing to 80 this until then had better reasonably good ride for why we 101280 is much better than normal. the overall drop time is better than usual. tracking your ride on a d e sure freeway westbound is no longer a hot spot is still congested. and the bay branch will looking at a pretty light and easy ride. but there is the report of
9:16 am
a stalled near your buena island and that could really change things. we're actually catching a break the drive time and dropped 18 minutes. decan of chiang and assault car turned out to be a serious problem. san mateo bridge and highway 92 were not tracking any improvement here right now the drive time is still up to 90 minutes. the golden gate bridge has been a problem free one all morning long and the trip to the richmond bridge was heavily backed up earlier it's just little bit sluggish now to the toll plaza. over to the weather center now >> reporter: time right now is 9:16 a.m.. we have sunshine out there and a few high clouds the starting to
9:17 am
move out and will see quite a bit of sunshine this afternoon. the san mateo bridge looking off to the west to see a few clouds in this area will see clouds and son and then will have nothing but sunshine this afternoon. live a few showers overnight at quickly fizzled out and now we're left with a decrease in clouds. will see sunshine later on today. as a system of broke through we have some breezy conditions behind it. hayward is at 57. pleasanton and said 55. and here the winds right now for much of the area from cocker 9 mi. per hour and half moon bay 12 mi. per hour. was a breezy conditions today cocker the winds are moving and 9 mi.
9:18 am
per hour concord. ladies tackles a more hair spray for this afternoon. plan for a party cloudless skies. by the lunch hour the winds will pick up and warm temperatures into the low to mid '70's. as a warm-up and to the mid-60s during the lunch hour. will be sunshine and weekends. afternoon highs across the bay area will be mid-60's the low '70's warmer than we were yesterday. >> reporter: will continue to warm up all want as they looks to be thursday. much of the bay area does have its chance for rain sunday and monday. >> reporter: watching today's winners losers
9:19 am
today with robert black >> reporter: the biggest day of the year for dennis is the day after st. patrick's day because there's a spike in people getting into bar fights. more than half the a's as plan of celebrating pad sympatric stay with a glass of beer. up about $4.6 billion is literally a heat away the obvious but a big spike in drunken-driving one d u why is gonna cost about $10,000.10 person will die every 46 minutes today because of drunk drivers. 82 percent of where people wear green today 37 million will go to a bar or restaurant
9:20 am
this is a good day for you to be a bar or restaurant owner because your profits will skyrocket. >> reporter: court cutters were talking about cutting the cable out of your house apple is gonna do it and the release with the wall street journal today is gonna have a deal with cbs fox espn and sx is well channels and we want the only one that i really missing is nbc is owned by comcast universal. said the price will be between 30 and 40 bucks and will be compared to net flicks. so be much less expensive than normal cable. this will help apple drive their services apple really
9:21 am
doesn't have to make money on services spot a fight killer this is gonna be big for apple because what we want to do with our i parts in computers. the watching content on you to become once since the beginning. >> reporter: apple is improving apple tea they >> reporter: this and the announcement from hbo ago those sales now is that the content is king and apple will be serving it >> reporter: begin a paycheck to pay into social security a lot of americans believe that they're not gonna get their social security checks >> reporter: social security is looked of of run out and 2034. plus the baby boomers
9:22 am
the living launders also security is gonna be a very big problem with public gonna happen is there but the charges more for social security taxes and maybe they'll put cap on at a hundred 80,000. so wealthy people that have good incomes who pay more into social security. but the bad news out expected cut in business benefits and that is not a positive thing. so we're talking about $20,000 a year and in come for social security and that's not really much when you think about the medical expenses and planning your future. >> reporter: matt is axing should he buy bank stocks. >> reporter: bank stocks for good and '80s and '90s. but now is a good time to buy regional banks it is the big banks are buying the
9:23 am
regional bank also now is the time to buy into the big banks. i would consider having some financial in your portfolio. >> reporter: 51 x rob a question posed on his face book page and we will be right back.
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9:26 am
>> reporter: passengers on united airlines fight tackled a man to the ground. the flight was on his way to denver but had the turnaround and had to return to dulles washington after a disturbance on board was reported. the shopping video was posted online showing the young man being panned to the floor by several passengers while apologizing and shouting and fair as police approached him and said he would be removed from the plane. the passengers taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation it was shouting g hyde the high
9:27 am
end ready to hijack aircraft. >> reporter: not take a look this exploding propane tanks fuelled at a fire in the industrial plant in milwaukee luckily no workers were nearby when the tanks started exploding at the metal processing plant yesterday a man is earlier employees had tried to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher. >> reporter: the tanks were used to fuel the company's fork lifts. the cause of the blast is still under investigation and explosions could be heard more than 2 mi. away. >> reporter: the san francisco police department is under investigation after racist and homophobic text messages among officers surface what top officials have to say about it. >> reporter: the san francisco forty-niners will be shopping for an a
9:28 am
linebacker after one of the newest members calls it the end of his career. >> reporter: will assure you that embarcaderos call the very windy out there a way of the when it buys right now.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> reporter: st. patrick's day time right now is 930 a.m. have some sunshine out there looking off to the west with a few lower-level clouds ferry it would thus the windy conditions for this afternoon. we do have a bit of a bridge right now at the embarcadero. the palm trees are moving this a little bit but it will increase during the day. were left with sunshine and
9:31 am
some when the conditions. severance this was 54 degrees san francisco is now 54 degrees. the bottle is 55 degrees daly city is at 50 degrees. navato is at 55 degrees. all clans and when speeds are 9 mi. per hour. and oakland. the winds will continue to increase from the west 10 to 25 mi. an hour. and could cost up to 35 mi. an hour so be careful of your out this afternoon. couldgusty winds for the
9:32 am
afternoon... >> reporter: as we continue to monitor some hot hot spots steered the bay ridge ride is backing up again after being completely cleared out the the macarthur maze. there had been a report of a stall recently and that's why we saw the back up pushed backward into interstate 5800 so that for contending with right now so it is slow going from westbound 24. for this right to the san mateo bridge we haven't seen much here in the way of improvement is been jammed up since the 6:00 hour and is been a when an advisory in place for two hours for the westbound 92 ride coming out of the east bay. and your trip to the corridor 880 south bound is still heavy from to 38 down to 237. it was some recent
9:33 am
problems here at the 237880 and change. coming up from 880 on one on one northbound >> reporter: were still saw another forty-niner announces his retirement of this once sending shock waves across the football landscape the second year linebacker chris borland says he is quitting football will tran is live in santa clara this morning with what the 24 euro is walking away from the game. >> reporter: 2 superstar linebackers have called it a career chris borland he was all right the last year get a bright career 108 tackles which is a fraction of the season he led this the team in season tackles. he talked
9:34 am
to doctors and the doctors told and that if you keep playing concussions are thing is that these days he says he does not have been signs of that. he says he figures is an existing designs that would be too late. his says after one season multimillion-dollar contract is calling it quits. >>: i'm sure that the front office was planning on having him around a long time so that's definitely gonna shake up their strategy to >> reporter: were you surprised some will walk away from the nfl >>: yes because the nfl is the nfl is a very prestigious company. and i think it took a lot of guts to do that.
9:35 am
>> reporter: is not an ibm brett farr decision he's not gonna wobble back-and-forth borland says he was the level long held the life. he'll be back get levi stadium as a fan not a player. they released a statement yesterday saying is unexpected but it appears the chris spend a lot of time thinking about this and we respect his decision. we tried to reach out to chris borland today he is not in the bay area today presumably he's somewhere else starting his new life. >> reporter: back to the walls of the forty-niners were borland leaving the team who was in gonna replace patrick willis who retired frank gore is now in indianapolis. chris culliver err is gone on to washington dance good is going to jacksonville. these
9:36 am
judges some of the prominent position is that the forty- niners have to fill in the off-season. >> reporter: jeff died see is gonna talk about this next steps in the case of the police officers san francisco police officers accused of sending racist and homophobic text messages the messages were sent between a former boston officer and four others were still on the force. this all came to light in court filings concerning the informant your case. a former san francisco cop went to jail and now seeks to appeal his conviction and is requesting bail in the process doctor a ms. brown with the naacp is outraged at the messages. >>: the looks the asian community in the homosexual community should line up
9:37 am
with the black community stating that this is an and the justice to all. >> reporter: on the san francisco district attorney jason and gas and answer the statement yesterday calling the message is shocking and disturbing and he says he will seek termination. and mayor ed lee also issued a statement which reads the content of these tax messages displays a bias and that is incompatible with the values of our city and incompatible with the ability to perform sworn duties as police officers if these statements are attributable to any san francisco police officer i joined the chief and seeking nothing less the termination. >> reporter:
9:38 am
mt. hood was left off the list. so was the oregon coast, the columbia river gorge and the painted hills. smith rock and the wallowas are all missing. whoever named the seven wonders never set foot in oregon because even crater lake was left off their list. so we see your wonders world and raise you seven of our own. the seven wonders of oregon. see one, or better yet see them all.
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what's hapned snaing? hodid bece sentindey eating o aft theext,aftethe xt? so pdictle a sounsasfyi? what aut plingp a air,a stl, a bebag,nd aualltastg r fo. we a a camy eesehatstilbelies in t beay of kni, inhe eganswip of a . . spe. coue, at dsn'tean you n't nk uor sop u up enjoy ery ngle soi-tay bi. the laugng c. inve snaing.
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>> reporter: you watch and
9:41 am
the kron 4 morning news's 9:40 a.m. we're still backed up the san mateo bridge and the westbound 92 ride. and looks like my been getting ready to break up a little bit. the drive time was up 19 to 22 minutes is now down to 18 minutes. but it is really tricky watching the back of a can jump back on you pretty quickly. there's still wind advisory in effect for the san mateo bridge remember a stay updated with the weather and traffic on our mobile application. >> reporter: the empire medal battle over single serve coffee pots is heating up. correct green mountain says it it now controls about third of retail sales in the u.s. coffee market. keurig.... the
9:42 am
environmentalists and competitors are criticizing current four is tossed to recycle plastic pot. siding's that's that the company created enough of the plot last year to circle the earth more than 10 times mean time a coffee maker and lincoln california says he develop a single serb pockets made out of corn and corn and soy. he says current users can buy clip on device that allows the hack their coffee machines to except recyclable cops. keurig...
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> reporter: time right now is 9:45 a.m. saw an isolated showers move through overnight and clouds this morning but the clouds are moving out. we have a few high call the the this morning in appendices sound sunshine as the high pressures continues to build then. continues only difference for today is one
9:46 am
have increasing winds. it looked at the embarcadero the palm trees are swaying sold those winds will increase and later on the afternoon. the law winds will increase from west from 10 to 25 mi. per hour so be careful when you're outside. half moon bay winds from the west and 10 mi. per hour. the peninsula will be the breeze is at times east bay was the winds between five and 15 mi. per hour. the same for them north bay. navato 55 hayward 57. and this temperatures of gonna continue to warmup across much of the area. lunch hour will be 62 degrees in oakland. this is still above average for this time of year pair.
9:47 am
>> reporter: the temperatures of gonna be and to amend the upper fifth days later on the 66. >> reporter: will see a lot of sunshine and the temperatures will continue to warm up into the load mid-70s later on today. right now temperatures will continue to warm up to the warming trend will continue into thursday mid '70s for the bay by friday it starts to cool band down and the storm system approaches friday and saturday with his the isolated sours for the north bay area. >> reporter: as we continue to monitor a really slow ride for the dumbarton bridge here in the westbound
9:48 am
direction would have not had any major incidents all we do have lingering slow traffic from the toll plaza. and continuing to the bayfront expressway your ride into east palo alto. back up breaches' almost to the macarthur mace heading to the east shore freeway more than so than the bay bridge. back to normal drive * to be over 15 minutes headed over a word from san mateo. the reconfiguring the span earlier and earlier adding the third lane in the northbound direction the taking away from the southbound lane where it is no longer lend needed. and your trip to the richmond
9:49 am
bridge and was delayed earlier but now some light and easy ride. >> reporter: my kron 4 story of a check 0 neighborhood is try to prevent a group of gulps a gl 80 as from being forced out. goats... the neighbors and taking on city hall to save their for legged friends. the gross have been a staple of the community for 26 years. but now the city building department was the ghost out and neighbors are doing whatever they can do to keep the herd at home. goats....pacheco goats... click hold button
9:50 am
for kron-4-dot-com and click on the my kron 4 story task. >> reporter: a millionaire charged with murder. for more than three decades police across the country have suspected robber dirt's of killing his wife, his friend and his neighbor. today the eccentric real- estate heir is expected in a louisiana court room. he faces felony charges in two states and if convicted of murder he could face the death penalty. >> reporter: in 1982 his first wife vanished police and family is suspected gm and but nobody was found and he was never charged the case went call for 20 years when investigators decided to take another look. they want to talk to this woman's susan berman and before they could talk to her about her she was killed and
9:51 am
prosecutors now say that durst debt it he murdered her. around the same time the search new york. a year later he admitted to killing and dismembering his neighbor moore's black and then the jury acquitted him because he claimed self- defense. >>: this concept is the truth >> reporter: now during the taping of the hbo show the might ketches mr. derr saying this words these words but the his this sounds like a come up a confession. sounds like a
9:52 am
confession. >> reporter: baseball by the bay as we followed the training could be hosted by gary radnich and >>:darya falls on after the friday night kron 4 news 8. >> reporter: coming up on the kron 4 morning news are gonna have an update on the big stories the we been following here on the morning news and don't go away is that a live look on the st. patrick's day. how cold is it will live in dublin. it was st. patrick's day thereof getting ready for the parade out there and they're all dressed in green will what we will be right back.
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>> reporter: the bookstores would fall in the morning for bodies were stacked discovered and napa county. a murder insert suicide was a and a vineyard tour the bodies were found an apartment. rubber dolls shot his former business investor. he fled to a wooded area where he killed himself. the men who was shot and killed was reportedly suing him for million dollars. >> reporter: san francisco public defender will be talking about the case where san francisco police officers were senate races and homophobic text messages to other officers. it is evolving and ousted officer and four other officers that are currently on the force. >> reporter: and another big blow to the defense of the forty-niners with the announcement that chris borland is renounce is announced as a retirement at
9:57 am
the age of 24 he is retiring because of the long-term affects of head trauma. he was supposed to replace patrick willis. he displayed one season after being drafted out of wisconsin and the is now announced his retirement at 24. >> reporter: betty white is not retiring at age 93. she's getting a lifetime achievement award at the daytime emmys. she's being honored as zero female tv pioneer. she is 21 nominations in her career and five awards. nancy is fabulous. >> reporter: we got a warm- up coming on the way breeze the we gonna be in the upper 70's tomorrow near 80 on thursday and a local or on the weekend. we should get the rain back next monday. will be back tomorrow morning and hope you join us at 4:00 a.m..
9:58 am
>> reporter: they connect with us at any time on our mobile apps are kron-4-dot- com.
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>> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." he gunned down american sniper chris kyle and chad littlefield. >> something snapped. >> dr. phil: what did you say to yourself when you realized your boy murdered two people? >> announcer: in an exclusive interview. >> i told him to get out of the truck. >> it was a heart-stopping moment. >> announcer: his family reveals dramatic new details. >> have you ever watched a scary movie and the villain's eyes turned black? it was in real life and scared the hell out of me. >> dr. phil: there's a side of this story that hasn't been told. >> it was about vampires and werewolfs. >> it hurt me so deeply that my child did this. >> dr. phil: did the jury get this right?


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