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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 18, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> grant: now at eight a hit-and-run accident on interstate 800 all young for this woman tells us about pulling three injured children from iraq. and the east bay, a pair of housebreakers busted in the act. you can watch as police momento down the burglars. and my kron 4 story of a coach that up with sharing is little league field with gun-toting gangsters. direct tv call themselves the cheap alternative to cable null not actually. details on the federal government's plan to recover money for consumers and doctors say they are single or more kids in the glasses the reason behind a big surge in myopic as a full hour of your choice of prime time news. >> pam: tonight 83 children were badly injured after a man caused the crash in berkeley and then ran away.
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only a kron 4 tonight kron 4 scott rates spoke to a woman who helped pull the children to safety. his live in children's hospital in oakland with the young victims are being treated. >> reporter: the stabbing treated here at the hospital and one moment took action and your own hands when she saw the crash. it was a nasty mess afternoon crash near was gone i 80. the tax saying carmen the key attics seen. velazquez jumped into action as people with the coming of taking video. >>: will try and get a small seven year-old child on the back of the car that is bleeding perry and with no
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get this child out of the cards of a bill worst tragedy. so i jumped inside the car and pull the seven you're all out of this is either five or seven years all i get to our mother and shortly after that the pair met the pair met derive >> reporter: according to the cac pay the card calls the call the crash rear ended the person that caused the crash jumped out of the vehicle and started on the and red hot oncoming traffic. the passenger in that cop was not as lucky as he was he was the year in the same thing treated for injuries. >> reporter: that passenger was taken to highland hospital. but three children were injured are luckily expected to be ok. they're
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just being monitored here children's hospital and should be released them. i just checked with the chp they said the driver did get away with that actively looking for that person and is too early to tell and drugs or alcohol was a factor in the accident. scott rates kron 4 news >> grant: an update now on a breaking news we brought to a 6:00 the to kayakers off the marin coast in the treacherous rocky area and deliberate we just found out what i acker has been rack of rescue with hyperthermia hyperthermia but the other hijacker has been found dead. calls came in stating that debt they had hit rocks around to a 30 this afternoon. just north of point reyes nearby day debate. you can see the blue kite act was found there on
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the beach multiple helicopt helicopters were in the area searching for them all to run the water surging and people were also on my of land trying to find them. we do not know the identity of the one copy actor that did pass away. and we do learn anything new with this breaking story we will bring you the updated information. >> pam: a mother and her five year-old daughter were crossing a busy intersection today have at a shopping after shopping at the san francisco mall. when they weren't yet while they work in the crosswalk. the elderly woman driver remain on the scene as emergency crews arrived. maureen kelly explains. >> reporter: here you can see the mother and her daughter was the bully to be five years all being traded by the paramedics on the
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same. police say the pair were in the crosswalk when they were struck by the driver going southbound on 20th avenue towards the mall just after noon perry at that have conflicting witness statements but at least one witness said the girl was hit by suv and run completely all over mean that tigers missed her while the mother glanced off of the site of the rap for. the mother and daughter will loaded in to the ambulance along with a shopping bag suffering only minor injuries. the driver a woman and her 80 stay on the scene and she was also treated by paramedics after complaining of chest pains but in the end was not transported. there is no indication the drugs or at all were a factor in the collision. police are investigating how fast she was going that plan to examine the answer balance of the take from that area
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the all too free with the mall said they are surprised to see a serious accident happened near beer after being questioned the drive was allowed to get back into the behind the wheel. police say they need to collect more evidence before deciding whether she will be cited for failing to yield to pedestrians and a crosswalk or face other charges. >> pam: the san francisco archdiocese is apologizing to day for using an overhead sprinkler system to determine what was people from sleeping outside st. mary's cathedral kron 4 dan kerman has more. >> dan kerman: the san francisco archdiocese's the issuing of may me i can't amid couple far installing overhead sprinklers and for alcoves on either side of st. mary's cathedral. the
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charge says the sprinklers were installed two years ago to determine lomas people from sleeping there. >> dan kerman: but after the media reports that hamas people were still sleeping there and getting doused with water on and i debases the charge as remove the sprinklers. >> dan kerman: auxiliary bishop william just as as people and the charge including himself sprinklers were there and what they were there for but never bother to question if this was the right thing to do. >> dan kerman: hall was advocates say that this is another example of dehumanizing homeless people and those in the neighborhood of grain. >> dan kerman: the charge said the that will look at this as a teaching moment
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determined to determine how this all got started why it was not monitored and why no one came forward until now in san francisco de carmen kron 4 news >> pam: miller affirmation tonight about the driver and yesterday's wild high-speed chase that raced through four bay area counties. kron 4 bochy live coverage as the pursuit unfolded yesterday. the driver is now identified as 24 year-old ramon bernal of davis. he was not seriously hurt remains at stanford medical hospital under mandatory 72 our evaluation. it is expected to be booked of felony charges on friday. this video from a helicopter partnership with abc seven no and show the state's eighth inning and the dramatic crash along interstate 280 on the peninsula. >> pam: today is the speech
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showed kron 4 the special device called pikes strip which was used as flat as suspects vehicle tires appeared to slow and down and least call them to stop. police say it is a very effective tool and it and terminating a pursuit and in this case to the suspect i ears were successfully flat even though we continue to continue on 34 mi. and with the back wheels intact evangeline vehicle lawson axle crashed and rolled along the center divider on northbound 280 in a loss altos hills. >> grant: we do know that the driver is stopped and went on of they're cooperating with authorities there was a fatal accident in hayward on highway 880 we will continue to follow the developments. >> pam: the nba's two best
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teams are facing off right now in oakland jr stone is that has lost that oracle raider. the warriors closed box stands a pretty excited about this one. >> jr stone: that is rocking and rolling inside oracle rain on perry at the fans and been in and out all day long you might as well call it seth curry mania. >>: i does lucky to meet aziz pretty dead >>: a suit's a lot of free throws in the dumps the suits a lot of free throws and ducks >>: he's the role of the three and a really good three-point shooter
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>>: must find it must give tickets the be on the floor tonight it's like a midweek tail gate >>: my boss doesn't know about this. >>: if they lose today than the shirts of going in the garbage. >> jr stone: new talk warriors the bay area cop warriors. the bay area talks warning warriors >>: after waiting 2030 years were in their >> jr stone: at last check
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the warriors are in top 30 to the score of 26. certainly as an exciting one that you in the studio >> pam: also coming up to california teenagers gone missing one of them from san francisco we will tell you what as police wondering. whether millionaire suspect until rubber ducks was involved. ophthalmologists becoming more concerned about nearsightedness and children. what parents can do to better insure their children will not need glasses. and east bay little leaguer caught in the crossfire of gain gunshots. while leaving a baseball game the push to make the area safer for children to play. >> pam: gary radnich will have almost our latest on
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original program baseball by the bay so such a deal behind for its friday night at 9:00 p.m. right after kron 4 news at eight
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(announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. >> pam: 1 bay area neighborhood is fighting back is gang violence crews close to their parks. the richmond little leaves it is looking to locals and parents to support. >>: we played it will play games and davis park and some one of our managers was leaving after the game and drove right into a shoe are it was it was not the party was in the neighborhood butcher not supposed to shoot around kids bullets did not have names on them. the children were in the car and narrowly escaping a nightmare. >> reporter: from little
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eagle the games to nichols part and the top to the police and the city council about making it safer for pull for the children to play. richmond is so much better for baseball. >>: the both of us a door in little league and baseball to keep the children out of trouble. and we know what the parents to abandon the leagues because of of of something like this happening. >> reporter: he's not only calling on local municipalities to be more ville and the delays but his parents as well. the number >>: wanted thing to and no one thing for us to deal with is not losing the children to the streets. banks safe and and and not so large that shoot somebody for just stepping on your shoe.
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>> reporter: which really does also taking some other players to the city council tonight to vote in favor of a fan of fun for debt to help with youth programs. >> pam: and we checked into the last tory after view was reached out to us. if you have a storage to like us to check that out our kron-4- dot-com and click on the my kron 4 story tap. >> reporter: tomorrow will be the last full day of winter will be topping off and the low 80s. we're looking clerical and, temperatures much like this morning into the middle and upper '40's. i would notice a quick warm-up tomorrow. the cool down will porters from the north and the west and it may bring sprinkles light late friday night into saturday. 59 in san jose men
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to 16th mid-60s and cocker it cocker concord >> reporter: spot this system peeled away to the east and they'll be some low clouds around the coastline but i do not think any fault will form. and fog will form. will have heat in the latter part of the day and will have temperatures well above normal error actually feel like early may. it will actually feel like early may. >> reporter: most of us will be looking at the mid to
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upper '40's. and in the afternoon hours reduction about the '70s. it and east bay with unsurpassed the east of the 80 degree mark in livermore. 1693 in the city and 66 an ocean beach. thursday friday a cold front approaches. come saturday a few sprinkles of north's the second storms this storm system is more significant with rank coming monday >> pam: know i had tonight and neighborhood alert about prowlers today and east bay to the more caught in the act. >> gary: warriors and that warriors in the latter are going get going at right now and oracle arena. the first
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all fried food concessions than in baseball history wouldn't talk about that later in this broadcast. >> reporter: the ftc is said the popular service provider is misleading customers that's next on crime. kindkron....
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>> reporter: the federal trade commission has filed lawsuits in federal court against the red team the because they have misled customers into paying more than they should. >>: 1995 a month is only good for a year and then the next year ago the 25 to $45 per month you have to look really hard in the and it and the fine print it tells
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you that. >> reporter: and if you cancel before that two year contract expires you will pay a fee of up to $480. time and his team at the ftc says it is time for direct tv to be more direct with their customers. >>: they do not tell you that you have to cancel the because if you don't cancel you get hit with a $50 charge after that. and we want direct tv to start adequately disclosing this information on its print ads tv commercials and website. >> reporter: in a statement e-mail to was directv said that the ftc's decision is flat out wrong and they will vigorously defend themselves carry it for as long as it takes they said they go above and beyond to ensure that every new customer receives all the
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information they need multiple times to make informed decisions. gabe slate kron 4 news >> pam: get your stockbroker deliver right to view what we know about the company's new service and next metal and them machen she's millions of boxes recall. hot seller of the boxes you may have need to be thrown out.
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>> pam: kraft has announced a major recall of its macaroni and cheese products. kraft officials
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say some of their seven and a quarter iceboxes of mac and she's may contain small pieces of metal. roughly two and 42,000 cases are included in the recall. and the boxes and attitudes by date of september 18th through october 11th. the company devises that she should return the product where you bought it and get a refund there are no reports of illnesses or injuries related to the recall. >> pam: police investigating a suspected serial killer robert durst connection to two missing california teens. alarming numbers of children are becoming nearsighted due to a condition that carried the high risk of blindness but is also quite preventable. how parents can reduce their child's wrists and next of victory for community policing l. local city or law-enforcement can
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really use the help. 7
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>> grant: with an update on the breaking news about to earlier in the show the kayaker was found dead. the survivor is providing some perspective on what actually happened. the lodge from michiko with south beach that's where it ran into trouble. that's where the disease kayaker was far is nearby database. is very treacherous out there. at this is near but day-to-day. bodega bay.. the serial images are curtises of our partnership with abc seven news. the survivor was treated and released of a and initially it was reported he had hyperthermia but that is not the case.
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bills like the best are not tied together they cannot come off the day the person that was found dead did not have a life vest on when he was found dead on the rocks >> pam: an alert neighbor in antioch receiving high praise from police and the public of social media tonight for helping full well all home burglary and leading to the arrest of two suspects. kron 4 as phillippe djegal shows the take down. >> reporter: in in his soon after had to start to help his girlfriend and tear on the cell phone video you could make out in an appellee's officer's position behind this truck. just look on wednesday morning is sought to young men pass by of scoters and in the same men 10 minutes later had amassed in empty
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bexley call police what is gut girlfriend was filming the response. the burglars broke through the back door when they were away and actors are snatching some electronics close and alcohol legacy to their surprise an officer was waiting outside to take out suspects down. >> reporter: stop any happily see about this incident he says over the phone this is the exact type of positive community involvement doubly to reducing crime rate a year in antioch he says if you see something reported as it happened and in this case it happened with the arrest of two right in that. >> stanley roberts: when you think of detroit cars almost instantly come to mind except this is detroit avenue and this city of cocker where of your e-mail
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sent sent me. the problem there and has been rather heated discussion on the community block named clay court dealing with cost are between sunshine dry and pine creek way that's been brought this been sitting too long. many of the cards listed for sale which and listing all for sale is not by itself badly it at was what happens after it said all was calm. what problem is the driver looking at cars are double parking instead of parking and walking elton see the ottawa which could create an answer. but the actual beating back the card is how long the cars are parked, in most of all cities pal of the maxes 72 hours or three days. that means that you see a car park for 2 or log on and try to reach out to the altar before calling the city reported abandoned. there are some telltale signs that a car is been sitting for
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too long. if you see cobwebs and will well that to be your first clue of the bright what appears ross did that also be of an indication. many cities have a hard bennett ordinances prohibiting selling cars on public streets on the history there are at least eight cars in one block span but the best part is there are fall numbers so you can a lot the honor that they had been poured for too long. if you sell your car but it be considered of up considered of the neighborhood remember to move your got everything we saturday to hours and not just 3 ft. most organisms require you tomorrow city block that is why laws and ordinances are created because the people of deal is a good thing stanley roberts kron 4 news >> pam: the hour surveillance images showing a female suspect whole
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allegedly used a stun gun there is is a real estate tycoon was arrested in new orleans and is being brought back to los angeles to face murder charges and the death of his friend. the police said they never found a connection to durst. and that case >> pam: 6 members of had a facebook page that showed new car passed out women. penn state's president call that very offensive the kind of behavior that get students expelled the university is working with police this think a lot of vendors and the victims can states has suspended the cap up delta well fraternity.
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>> pam: what you think of the idea of requiring every eligible american to vote. president obama makes it and they move forward with it. the president floating the idea of making a matador to vote in the united states. president obama said countries such as australia already have mandatory voting and if everyone voted in america it will completely change the political map. the president also wants the u.s. to consider a current constitutional amendment to decrease the role of money in elections. >> pam: in no and that it is merely an academic. more and more children suffering from mild p.m., or nearsightedness and what parents can do to lessen their kids' chances. is actually pretty simple plenty of pictures of the northern lights being posted from the spill was storm our chances of thing does else
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later tonight. and pass its monza and be able to use pot an actual bill is under consideration in our face book pages exploding with comments on this one and you can join men. joining and
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>> pam: nice new option coming for fans of starbucks. you may still be able to get your favorite drink delivered to your home or office. starbucks announced today to pilot test for this plan. what seattle which will let customers order and pay for delivery through the starbucks at and another at the empire state building in new york city will involve a star books worker bringing ordered beverages to customers' offices. the tests will happen this year and may eventually lead to wider launch. >> grant: this is an hour
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talking about this is a u2 video where a dog got into his owners-. the text in blue is sponsoring a measure that will allow animal owners to get marijuana for their pet it the veterinarian certified animal have the elements that might be alleviated by the draw. he's concerned as some animals might have adverse reactions but you do not know until you try ease said some veterinarians who have given catechist the sick and die past say it has relieve their symptoms although the substance has not been proven as a painkiller for animals. the law says the laws better bet in their hand odd duck kramer told the associated press in 2013 that pot the help ease its siberian huskies pain during her final weeks after she had surgery to remove tumors
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kramer said caddis held his dog. gain weight and less of an extra six weeks before she was euthanize. we have more on this of our kron 4 on web page. >> reporter: tonight mostly starlit sky is this a few 50s and the upper calls and the coast line. tomorrow we should be getting a degree mark and by friday as gonna be a drastic drop in the temperatures currently the temperatures are mostly in the upper 50s. the satellite and radar images is bringing us clear skies we gonna keep things nice and dry and clear over head. this system to the south and hayes is continuing to appeal way and
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northern radiance will be actually more pronounced as a coal france raises this approaches the from the north and west. it the temperatures will be starting off into the mid to upper '40's as we get away from the coast line and the low 50s. and then by lunchtime most of us will be in the '60s and and and will start to be in the '70s. this heat will actually peak on thursday. spring starts off at 3 4:45 p.m.. talking but attended grade drop in the north bay area. saturday afternoon were looking dry quiet sunny and as gonna be the case through sunday afternoon a secondary kent system will be arriving late sunday and monday and were looking at a light spread in measurable rain. >> pam: a geomagnetic storm
8:43 pm
lights up the sky and will share some amazing images from the shell. but first nearsightedness is exceptionally high among children what children can of what parents can do to help the children fight it. will let get on the warriors and tonight and will tell you president obama selected to win the tournament.
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>> pam: researchers are warning we are on the verge of the epidemic. children are losing their ability to see far away. kron 4 as >> vickie liviakis: is here to explain why it is happening and that there's any way to keep your child's vision intact. >> reporter: with talking about one in four people right here in the right in the u.s. but the the really scary news is that kids are suffering the same fate at an alarming rate. and the scientists are warning we can no longer turn a blind eye to the problem. >> reporter: is your child having trouble seeing be got our nose? dr. wendy lamb of uc-berkeley school of optometry not only sees more and more children with my happy my house my copy of my house might be a or
8:46 pm
nearsightedness but they are younger to. by changing some ways the eyeball is getting longer and the light cannot reach the back. so it is blurry. here is a chart that shows what happens with my happy at or near sighted this. that carries the risk of blindness at some estimates predict one-third of the world's population will be myopic in the next decade. what can a parent do? it is recommended that children under the age of six get at least 10 hours a week out doors to help prevent myopia even sunshine is good prevention. >> reporter: is also something called orthokeratology. it is the contact lance that helps the
8:47 pm
children wear at night to help reshape the eye. but willie the possible solution is get children out the computer log and more outdoor time in more sunshine >> vickie liviakis: kron 4 news. >> gary: the warriors the door and again tonight without clay thompson. that lack odds are down 1259 to the score of 47 perry at the score is 59 to the score of 47. the 68 held lane home this year a jordan's a three-pointer dayton was trailing most of the gang 56 to 55 perry at. that should
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not be hosting a playoff game this was actually was an old as the play in game the winner of this game will play providence. this is a last time as the same stephen platt numbed the as this year they lost to robert morris at 81 to the score 77. robert morris mots on to play duke. most want to play duke >> grant: it would drastically reduced in >> gary: as another reason why it's about a crime for dock to say ncaa tournament in fill out your bracket his boat to kron-4-dot-com. pat and i have had debates in
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the was of the nine hdl last night hbo >> pam: that they put their money as some kind escrow fund that can get once they graduate. >> gary: i played under years ago at u.n.l.v. and audubon guys could get it. agassi plus average and ramify batted phi beta kappa of un elevate. michigan gets is my son was one of bias' grazing u.n.l.v.. the tournament is fun in people and play around. coat the boat to the kron-4-dot-com ncaa bracket you register and fell out and see what seems to pick. philip out
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weathers' republican livent democrats look i don't want the my president of the united states filling out a bracket. president of brown is one of the orders of them apex kentucky over villanova in the chevy instant game. >> gary: the forty-niner said it won't touch him dallas said he's done a good $48,000,013.1 million one-year contract play last year for carolina the reason nobody wanted to even touch him read the police reports on his domestic by lance a young woman and who then said its june refused to testify on the domestic violence see has left the carolina area but she received a nice settlement
8:51 pm
from harding and he's a great football player you knew somebody was going beside him. >> gary: a lot of sports going on friday night but this is gonna be a fun show the >>:darya as gonna put on the panda had symbolizing that set the ball is no longer here. pablo sandoval is no longer here. isn't all fried food concession stand at a because state fair to attribute to spend fame as items for ride and the state fair of texas for ride marshmallows flyer for ride f r i e d. chicken fried corn on the cop high thai
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corn crop corn >> pam: where schering tons of pictures of the northern light with this solar storm. we are sharing tons of pictures of the northern lights the of the solar storm.
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>> pam: take all look at this a pair of strong solar storms creator rare opportunity for millions of people around the world to see though aurora borealis perry at the natural light display at amateur photographers flocking to a social media to share their photos. we have some of them here. the color is dawning. >> grant: is so much stronger than scientists expected a was honest scale
8:56 pm
of 4 on trot up as no. 4 on a scale of 5. feet they said this was the strongest storm that hit the earth is since 2013. since the level 5 is storm blasted the earth. check out this video this is a picture of the aurora borealis taken a fall from the international space station by abbott and astronauts. quite a sight. >> pam: a set of a weathered the nascent >> reporter: does a few sprigs of those we get into the north bay. saturday into sudden looking dry the next the next round should come late sunday night at could be widespread rain and it could be actually measurable. wednesday would gonna have a nice little warming trend >> pam: will be back tonight
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at 11:00 what the what the newsletters sports. stay in touch with our at our kron- 4-dot-com.
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