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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  March 25, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> r your fellow officers half about their continued. to do his continued rest assured people and our memories as we go out there continue to do the job that we love to do i'm sure he love to the. >> mark: by the johnson 14 year veteran of the san jose police department shot and killed on the right. the photo of the officer on the left cell phone video capturing the should out. the kill officer johnson gun down last night all responding to report a suicidal man mutt and baumgartner. suspect in the
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case 57 else got the animal san jose found dead. 330 this morning on about any of the department of this deadly shooting where it happened. team coverage in san jose this morningstar. with kron 4 will trend near the scene where the cop killer was found dead this morning. >> reporter: 12 hours were all this went down all very much the crime scene you conceive officers still here and not letting anyone of police officers investigators into the apartment complex. on center and willis and no cars as you can see it also allowed to go through this location. let's go to show you the new video from this morning about an hour 15 minutes ago this was the somber procession of police officers after 14 year veteran michael johnson's body was finely falling remove from the scene there waiting for the coroner's office to arrive more
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importantly to upgrade the this is still down and i do know the suspect confirmed dead and 23 morning were allowed: workable ago and and then remove him of course it insulates their very sad at a chance to talk to a lot of people home at the time on 658 children out playing here is one man talking was grandkids while there were there heard a big bang. so to officers and the
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unit. to miss for officer confirmed the suspect found motionless the haunted balcony. >> reporter: left wings five 7¢ a part sticking to feel of what went down at around 320 in the morning. in fact they were using flash bangs route the night for what reason at that time the decided enough was enough. they moved in and spoke to a neighbor of the suspect. she lives three doors down and says the never had a problem with them and the quiet guy we do know that he lived with his wife working it more information on the suspect. >> mark: like powell at the
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scene of the shooting by query hearings morning. >> reporter: any law enforcement agency very close and that you can feel the pain their feeling earlier this morning police chief larry and san jose the police department representative spoke with media. in the past few hours we learn more about officer shot to death and line of duty and michael johnson and here is his picture place tell us that he's a 14 year veteran of the department. the training officer very experienced. among l.a.'s four officers responding to the distress call last night shot and killed. officer johnson told did not have any kids but was married. wife and family fellow officers have also been notified of what happened. the tough job for officials of san jose police. will do so for quite some time with morning. as will many of us in the
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department's our hearts and prayers go out with the family of michael a brother. video posted instagram frantic moment after the shooting took place. police say they will work with officer johnson's family to make funeral arrangements. as it turns out police chief tells us that officer johnson city academy class says jeffrey fontana. those less san jose police officer: >> : duty. back in 2001. >> mark: stay with us as we continue this and and wrote this book page share condolences for the fallen officer. on our website cellphone video from kron for your nearby. as a shootout with police took place. >> george: quickly update the traffic impact because the incident an ongoing investigation here is the
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breaking news story san jose. the area affected in south san jose center which runs north and south. is which runs off of it here. this is where the closure is in place right here. if you need to go nonself for example up to tell the road the major arterial here/you can use it and o'clock when lucretia seventh 10th. or old miner their number of options for folks in the area. this is likely to impact only residents of. the of tracking hot spots here 80 southbound a total. manager clear this accident over the road shoulder. as anticipated the drive time through this commute continues to climb from to 38 the 237. drive time increased by nine minutes up to 45 mess for a trip time for. >> george: tracking 92 ride december tell bridge while
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the vehicle accident on the approach to the bridge and you would think calves often happens an accident starts to meter the traffic on the bridge but that has to happen this morning. mostly slowing go in sometimes stop and go with the drive time pushing up for 25 minutes. the bay bridge solidly backed up in the macarthur miss. no breaks here today and could triple in a bridge and 101 rights softbound as problem for a. i tracking any delays here as you had it in from marin county. update that marin drive time coming up in our next report. >> james: that the bridge approach camelot watching the sunrise and making happening as we speak so will see those first rays clear an east bay hills and then also start to get a woman on. it will release jump up this afternoon more so tomorrow still looking to be the hottest day of the week. of course seeing right now temperature was looking pretty good upper '40's will
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50s at the moment to. and tracker day par-4 castanets the vote right now these conditions in time lunch hour woman up to the mid upper fifties. and then certainly join a law such at that point and a slight breeze out there nothing of a whistle yesterday us up pretty good. 5:00 tonight will come off of the daytime highs the upper 70's. by 5:00 p.m. going home 07 news at that point for your drive against a sunny conditions of the close out their nothing major. we're expecting jennifer leather today we broke it down there for you temperatures are right now authorities love 50s will probably spent the next zero hours to see these to the trees begin to turn the corner had a port on to thermometers and watching that back in 15 minutes was a complete check of the weather more about what the east south they can expect and that sunday on the bay of pigs and adult as well. >> darya: will continue with
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the latest on the investigation into the jetliner that crashed the french alps and tell you who was on the plant when it went down in a fresh on that this morning searches in vallejo looking for all woman reported missing kidnapped and held for ransom. live report on their efforts this morning
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>>darya: this cop killer in san jose was discovered dead this morning when police showed up shop for fired and he was hit their time to figure out if it's a police bullet who killed him here is with the neighbor had to say. >>: he is enough work for while we both had back problems and i know that he used to work in the internal work for a while he complained of what his back.
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>>mark: residents near the same ministries in the area were closed to the early morning hours when most of them have reopened. >>darya: the other bracket knew the we're following is out of the vallejo were the woman who was reported kidnapped and being held for ransom is still missing this morning jackie is live on their island in the level of where the search continues for this woman.
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>>jackie sissel: still a lot of questions in this case and we do expect to see such as come back out here to the scene on their island and back to this house to concede someone came out and left the candle and flowers out in front of this house with the incident took place still a lot of mystery involved in apparent kidnapping in ransom 30 year-old denise all started on monday afternoon when the person who lived in this house called police along 2:00 p.m. saying earlier in the day 1012 hours earlier she had been forcibly taken from the home since then there have been such a rescue from the various cowering the island also the waters surrounding the island a little in fact they thought at one point they had something in the waters and is said about 75
7:20 am
search and rescue crews were scouring the entire island looking for any clues to the whereabouts of her. >>jackie sissel: it was reported at 2:00 and apparently happened earlier the person who reported said that he was here on the incident took place according to police he is not a person of interest at this point during the investigation the investigation include the department of justice the fbi vallejo police departments a lot of county sheriff we had of a guest today from the vallejo police department were were given almost no information there or at the very close, by giving much in the wake of the till is rotted thought this was a kidnapping and why and what evidence they have arrest of being involved in why the big question is why does sex along for reporting started to actually call the police on this case there are so many
7:21 am
questions to have gone on answered we are expecting something from the vallejo police at some point if and when we do we will pass pass >>darya: less get a look at the weather. >>james: you could see the sun finally up over the east bay hills as we look off to the east that stunned the visit was our oneness of before too much longer went to sea temperatures climb to the upper 60s and eventually mid to upper seventies. >>james: enteral the course on alissa's 44 little more then 46 opened a 49 concord 52 currently was san francisco a degree warmer at 53 that picture right now let's take a look at how tempters will evolve over the course of the day by the clock to see to the to the backed up to the low 50s tear mid-60s by lunchtime that is the noon hour
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and then look at that between 2 and 4:00 p.m. temperatures in the range of 7 to 1 to 74 to that less water to 6:00 p.m. tonight. >>james: that is the window of warm weather between 4 and 6:00 p.m. from 2 to 6:00 p.m. were we're going to see the warmer temperatures and oakland what will be right around 74 degrees 76 and san jose and santa clara valley in 76 to 78 degree range and 78 in the napa valley. that will be the day will will likely break a few days' time high records.
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>>george: good morning it not much to look forward to and the commute south the freeways are really getting the congested. not looking at any major incidents caught in the drive times down to the toll plaza even with the crash they're still just 29 men is not a bad time at all you're ride to the bay bridge was bomb solidly backed up into the macarthur maze 26 minutes there trip times from the san mateo bridge is also running about 22 to 24
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minutes today and if you're heading at the golden gate bridge of problem free ride southbound though it is a little congested there from anchorage to the toll plaza. >>george: if you're heading to the richmond bridge the backed up on five a westbound began at the rich and parkway. we would take a quick break and we will be right back with major bracket new stay with us.
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>>mark: the death of a san jose police officer people on social media talking about the of the to who was shot and killed in the video posted shaw and the police cars racing toward the shooting scene is seen to be an armored truck rust was sirens flashing one person said they heard the gunshot but it was a car accident and then realizing all the side been shot was is all the different law- enforcement officials moving into the area of san jose mayor san the cartel is issuing a statement on the officer the statement reads in part " to this is san jose's darkest day my heart and prayers of a grieving city go out to the family of the sand was a police officer fatally shot every also living there home run of bass in uniform prepare for the worst but leaves the spas and family will praise for her or his safe return they serve the community and with distinction person i and we all the families our deepest that. >>darya: will continue to cover
7:28 am
the breaking news all morning long it possible to our facebook page and share condolences for the fall officer and on our web site we have the self on video from kron 4 who was nearby and witnessed the shooting of the watch and in its entirety.
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>>darya: we have complete coverage this morning of the deadly officer shooting that happened in san jose will is at the scene with the latest developments. >>will tran: it is still very much a crime scene 12 hours after officers responded to the scene after being told there was an intoxicated man that they had to deal with we just saw all
7:31 am
mobile command unit leave this area so that could be an indicator that things are starting to wind down just a little bit with the outcome of officers to secure the investigators go through the area but show you the video that was going on all night this action started at around 650 last night the officers came out there without warning the 57 year-old suspects got them according to investigators opened fire on the officers 14 year veteran michael johnson was shot and killed at the scene they quickly evacuated everyone in the apartment complex and say the threat of the night they use less bang grenades several times around bridge was in the times parian >>will tran: that move and an estimate confirm they guess he was pronounced dead a motionless on the balcony they're not sure if they died because and officer gunbattle could we do know the officers returned fire or there was a
7:32 am
self-inflicted wound we got a chance to talk to his neighbors she lived several doors down here is what she had to say about the 57 year-old man. >>: yes you would never suspect someone you have the to past and say hello to now and then but a little shocked that one of your neighbors is engaged with something like this. i would have anticipated this. >>will tran: she also says that he lived with his wife very lovely couple that with talk every now and then along 545 in the morning were fit what 11 hour after michael johnson arrived at the scene the coroner's office they removed
7:33 am
his body and the remaining officers were waiting for this of lot of them could have left along 330 because the change of shift happened at 1:00 but because of the breaking news they stayed on the same the to the left or right afterward but they stated at to 2 1/2 hours second the in the procession after his body was removed from the scene we will get more reaction from neighbors and give you more video at the same including the flash bang grenades. >>mark: the cell phone video we have of the shooter was san jose police yesterday evening the video was taken right after officer johnson was hit because the officers behind their patrol cars returning fire at the suspect continuing the covers mike pelton live what some of the police with more on all the subtle was killed. mike pelton: that he was very
7:34 am
emotional and shaken up as he addressed the media early this war ended talk about the difficult process have to notify been tired the department of one of the officers michael johnson were shot and killed in a line of duty last night this in the past few hours that it was a total of the officer here is his name is michael johnson he's a 14 year veteran of the department in the training officers so clearly his very experience he was among the least four officers to respond to the distress call last night when he was shot and killed officer johnson we're told the not have children but was married his wife and family and fellow officers have all been notified of what happened in the press conference this morning they told as many of the officers were trying in a grieving in this is a very difficult time for the department at this point they stressed the investigation is under way they do not have a motive for the shooting with it will work to figure that out and trying revulsed of officer michael johnson and to come back out here in marks early this morning the rep is that of san
7:35 am
jose police and he describes officer he was full of life and very much loved his job. >>darya: we have the police dispatch article from the time of the shooting in san jose listen to that. >>: we have an officer down. when multiple shots being fired when a vehicle to block off the south side center southbound center and a fire and ambulance to stand by. we do have medical staging a 54104.
7:36 am
>>darya: will concede to cover this nose and all the angles we also have all the information on our web site will have the bill of the shooting but you have seen more on the tapes to listen to and away for you to go through our paces trichinosis officer who was killed. >>james: given the sun my shot here of the bay bridge clear skies overhead temperatures a little cool in spots but it is not that bad here is a breakdown of the day to day we have the storm track four beginning with the current hour as the top what the morning whether will look for timber just a warm-up to the of the six dissenters '70s and by 3:00 and 4:00 this afternoon will be in the middle of the
7:37 am
seven is at this point pushing closer to the 80 degree mark a return to run on average from 410 degrees over what we saw yesterday is a quick overview of what we can expect over the course of the day-to-day city of the 40 to low 50s and a copper 4954 richmond 49 (52 degrees currently in san jose i will be back in 15 minutes with a complete look at the forecast your seven they're on the rate outlooks as to allow for the >>george: on interstate 80, the east shore freeway accident just reported on west 80 at paulo near canal valley road saw in the west to bomb ride is abated the drive time for your hercules' a berkeley the drive times the two men's was about
7:38 am
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>>darya >>reporter: they express condolences of fallen out of sir michael johnson this it was impressed our brothers and sisters from san jose p hall for quick and safe resolution more account ease their office same reports of an officer there was shot in san jose of the information to and a prayer service san jose police department and family in mountain view police department treated out the resistance to the scent was repeating please save our parts and players-- tires are with you. --prioress
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>>james: duomo zero experienced today as the tech a live look here at the golden gate bridge.
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it was pretty cool. >>gary: we cannot talk about that 39 years the last time we won the pacific division is not like the last mothers so they have been cruising so is not like they called themselves off guard last night. >>darya: the write-off is now going into the second have but it was harder it should have been in that game. >>gary: i think is almost reached the point if they do not win the championship people are going to go what happened? >>darya: there are amazing and no one is close to steph currie but it's cool to see demi look
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from oakland to the ruler starters he did not have a chance against the warriors last night. one of the shoes he signed in a to a fan the san is selling for two or the $50 and wrote to the wrong way and i thought he was annoyed that he was cell collectible. the figure given someone something special and a turnaround solid. >>darya: first foul was like a
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cat it was a sick kid who you're signing of back for an he's sold for couple grand but you're giving away the issues you have to be there . >>gary: the argument is that have issues but you're also making it for the kids even have a high the dollar appears user not cool. >>darya: 100 is a basic price had never was charged in turning the tables on the woman who accused them of rapid first place.
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>>gary: that was a rough year for everyone mcdonald and did close retiring what is the problem. >>darya: if you talk about give something to root for they're really pushing capper neck the lettuce non ferrous and showed him the shot of town and how he was training in shame and the like he was holding engine car parts, his restaurant on the agenda commercial is a visa commercial and this is cousins all they wrestled several players. and they show the wide
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to be capped with the thought was cute. >>darya: if levantine he gets to catherine make a surprise news that he did not go for the year you're going to bite someone what i think is is to go for the year--air--steeear >>darya: very cute. there's time to focus on the warriors have steph curry if the niners need
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at like positive focus. >>gary: percent killing at the car by helped coach the live event be standoffish with the media and he overdid it to be a little more charming this year that is my guess he's leaving detained and he's doing everything that he never did college you can't be and jerk but you have to build a warmer because it is in a college athletics working with the student athletes you complained of with the pros think of the + out their best education. >>darya: visibility even has a gps >>gary: no >>gary: worm you go when they
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really have no idea. >>darya: you want to spring training with gays and you have no trouble finding the park. he said the gps and said go to spring training and a texan to the old plans how did he get lost when frankly he was with the cubs and used to be a whole crop? >>gary: the gps was not setup for other new facility. that put him on he's late and he does horribly he gabled nine hits in eight runs and 1.2 innings. once he went to the wrong place he should have kept going. that has
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>>mark: some of the police of a shot and killed use another please follow to association releasing a statement on the fatal shooting of officer michael johnson the men and women who make up the san jose police saw the association are given the loss of one our brothers please also michael johnson the 40 year veteran who was murdered last night will respond to 91 call are thought to impress the boss officer johnson's family and friends he was tragically shut down from of his life protecting and serving the residents of san jose state
7:56 am
with us will continue coverage of the sun was a police officer shot and killed and live coverage to walk the morning you could go to the facebook page and share the condolences for the family will bring you an exclusive interview with the niece of the shooter. >>james: we will start off with this quick look at the satellite view where you see clear conditions here over much of northern california high pressure keeping the storm track what to the north this is what it will be for the rest of the week as we're looking for temperatures really starting to jump over the next 48 hours through we're expecting in this this afternoon look for mid to upper seventies in the east bay and in the south bank center is a coming in is 76 and 74 for oakland 775 antioch and 75 to 78 degrees san francisco's downtown coming in at 69 hear the storm track four tomorrow will be the big one for us with temperatures getting interactive territory mid to upper 80s and and by the
7:57 am
bay and 07 is out of the coast that this thursday temperatures then began to slide slightly as the into the weekend by saturday and sunday i and that is the forecast if you're heading up to tile there was a quick look at your ski report >>george: islam about a walnut creek heading into san ramon valley of the taxes on interstate 680, stop the bomb is a live look from our camera at the intersection here for the southbound truck look at the maps you see the location of the accidents at livorno road have impact on the drive times southbound now 23 minutes
7:58 am
through the san ramon valley and in early recurring accident appeared high with 37 on 101, is backed up that ride is well the drive time currently 34 minutes from highway 47 down to the toll plaza.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>>darya: the man who shut until the san jose police of the to. >>mark: michael johnson was killed in a shootout with recovering this breaking news on my take a look as the interview with the shooter's niece. >>darya: what can you tell us about scott? >>: i want to say first of forgive our condolences to the fall of the search our family is very sorry for this lost cost my
8:01 am
uncle mental illness is a huge thing these days and unfortunately it he was suffering from a mental illness and even though it does not make a better but it helps explain the situation mental illness is a huge thing this man in his right mind was a good man support of his family races daughters and work hard the mental illness that the best of him and his family did call to get some help with the officers arrived as when he did and we are sorry lostsorry >>mark: novick past incidents involving all before this? >>: nothing in this nature not like this. >>darya: your family call the police to the there are concerned about him acting erratically and that he had a gun would and happening did you hear how this all played out?
8:02 am
>>: initially he had the gun at my 80 county countaunt.... he was shot in the gunfire a died on the balcony along by himself he paid his ultimate price for doing what he did >>mark: if you want to watch the entire interview will have broad web site at kron >>darya: he was found dead on the balcony will has been alive all morning long. >>will tran: if they live outside the apartment complex they're allowed to get into their cars and leave this area
8:03 am
you can see you're so civilians walking by i can't leave the apartment complex is still considered a crime scene is in more than 12 hours the mobile and sitting unit is still at this location we do not know how long different to be here but we do know that 545 this morning this video that we shot is michael johnson's body was removed from the scene this is about 11 hours to remove the body and a very somber procession. johnson. a 14 year veteran of >>will tran: icahn today at around 320 the officers decided to move and. >>will tran: as you can hear
8:04 am
those are a series of flash bang grenades and a minute or two later after that police officer came over to me and he told me personally in his been confirmed that the suspect 57 year-old scott them was foundthe suspect in this case. 57-year- old scott dunham of san jose. was found dead just before 3-30 this morning on a balcony at the apartment complex where this deadly shooting happened. >>mark:kron 4's mike pelton is also at the scene of this deadly police shooting. mike, what are you hearing this morning? mike pelton: which is on inside offer their condolences to the san jose police department and early this morning they say this is the department actually grid in the morning loss of officer michael johnson shot and killed last night here suspected he was a 14 year veteran of the san jose police department this
8:05 am
morning police chief of just the media and discuss the difficult process of notifying family that one of the fellow officers was killed and a line of duty pickup notify all the to johnson's family including his wife. >>: his family has been notified he did have a wife and she has been notified we're making every attempt to go ahead and she was not in the area at the time were making arrangements to make sure that she is aware of the situation the department has reached out and doing everything we can to get her here as soon as possible. mike pelton: he was full of life and loved his job is to the 12th
8:06 am
time the san jose police officer has been killed in the department's history and he says of that as it so happens all the to michael johnson and sam academy class as jeffrey fontana the last san jose police officer killed in a line of duty. if >>mark:and stay with kron 4 as we continue to cover this breaking >>mark:you can go to our facebook page and share your condolences for the fallen officer. >>mark:and on our website, we have cell phone video from a kron 4 viewer who was nearby and witnessed the shooting. and stay with kron 4 as we >>james:a cool morning with clear skies followed by a sunny afternoon with warmer temperatures. >>james:daytime highs across the coast and parts of the peninsula will heat to the mid to upper 60s. >>james:across the bay daytime highs will heat to the lower to mid 70s. inland locales will have warm daytime highs in the mid to upper 70s. >>james:winds will not be a breezy during the afternoon. the warming trend continues with record heat possible on thursday and friday.
8:07 am
>>james: modified p.m. the drive home will drop it down to low seventies and to appoint and '60s by the bay conditions are set to be even hotter tomorrow and i will talk more brought the coming up in the fortunes of the forecast in 15 minutes. we're still seem its afforded in places like santa rosa 47 livermore 49 with other parts of the bay warming nicely we have 56 currently in antioch enough to get new but anytime with the kron 4 mobile application industry for apple and enjoy devices and the last few weeks we have a new dedicated web application--android device >>george: the ride on interstate 880, and the southbound direction of to a very bad start with the early morning accident, the drive times talk about 42 minutes and early
8:08 am
recurring accident here southbound and the border road a factor for ride of the san mateo bridge really jammed up this morning and so is the approach for the backup begins right at the nimitz freeway in fact is even slow on jackson was born on 92 over 31 minute drive times here for the san mateo bridge and for the bay bridge in the westbound ride through a solidly backed up into the maid's and 30 + minutes for your trip time headed out of the maze into downtown san francisco >>darya: the search continues this morning for vallejo woman who we told you was reported kidnapped and held for ransom of will have the latest on what they're doing now and the jetliner crash in the french alps they investigation into what happened go on right now
8:09 am
dignitaries are there as well and it turns out americans on board will be back in just a couple minutes.
8:10 am
♪ cass psent a fi fraancereakroug ♪ e wod's rst dy wash th fgran relse prls. toucyourkin relse frrancup t12 hrs. new ressove reve for unfgettle fgran up t12 hrs.
8:11 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i wear my clothes like this ♪ ♪ because i can, ♪ ♪ i wear my hair like this because i can, ♪ ♪ i walk around like this because i can, ♪ ♪ and i do my thing like this cause it's who i am ♪ ♪ and i do my thing. ♪ maxx your thing... at t.j.maxx! brands that help you express yourself at prices that look good on you! keep your standards high and your spending low. maxx life! at t.j.maxx. >>mark:an update now on the german wings plane crash in the french alps. >>mark:the germanwings c-e-o says two americans were on board the plane, as well as 72 german citizens, and 35 spanish citizens. >>mark:it could be days before search crews reach the wreckage of germanwings flight 9-5-2-5.
8:12 am
>>mark:what is left of the plane is just bits of debris in an area described as remote and difficult to get to. >>mark:the plane was on its way from barcelona to dusseldorf when it slammed into the french alps yesterday. >>mark:all 150 souls on board are feared dead. crews already found a cockpit voice recorder. >>mark:it was damaged, but investigators hope it could provide some clues. friends of those students who were onboard the plane, mourn at their school. >>mark:the company mourns for all those lost. >>:"everyone at lufthanza and germanwings is currently deeply shocked and saddened by these events." >>mark:aviation experts say they're baffled by the crash. wondering what happened in the cockpit that caused the sudden change from a cruise to a descent, and why no distress call was sent. >>james: checking up the forecast is the tech live look at the golden gate bridge beautiful weather warm temperatures hot temperatures
8:13 am
tomorrow for the to austria had.
8:14 am
8:15 am
>>mark:continuing to follow breaking news out of san jose. where a police officer was shot and killed, and the shooter has been found dead. >>mark:if you're just joining us let's bring you up to speed.
8:16 am
>>mark:the shooter. who was previously identified as 57- year-old scott dunham of san jose. was found dead on his balcony just before 3:30 this morning. >>mark:the officer who was shot and killed was identified as michael johnson, a 14-year veteran of the police department. >>mark:san jose police first responded to a report of a man armed with a gun threatening to kill himself in the 26-hundred block of senter road around 6:50 last night. >>mark:when officers arrived dunham shot at them. officer johnson was hit and pronounced dead at the scene. >>mark:officers fired back at dunham. >>mark:police don't know if he was killed from their gunfire. or if he took his own life. >>mark:and early this morning the san jose police officer's association released this >>mark:it says is in part. >>mark:the men and women who make up the san jose police officers' association are grieving the loss of one of our brothers, police officer michael johnson a 14-year veteran, who was murdered last night while responding to a 911 call. >>mark:our thoughts and prayers go out to officer johnson's family and friends, who was tragically struck down in the prime of his life protecting and serving the residents of san jose. >>mark:with all the police
8:17 am
activity. some residents who live near the scene are still unable to get in or out of their homes this morning. >>mark:police cruisers had the intersection of senter and tully shut down. >>mark:a line of cars formed on tully road. while others filled up nearby parking lots waiting for the okay from police to return to their homes. >>mark:unfortunately for these residents. many of the businesses weren't helping out. >>mark:again-- the streets around the scene rare still closed this morning-- no word on when they will be reopened. >>darya:the other breaking news we're following this morning is out of vallejo-- police say a woman was kidnapped for ransom. >>darya:kron 4's jackie sissel is live on mare island in vallejo-- where solano county sherrif's are already searching the area again. jackie? >>jackie sissel: so many questions and not many answers from the atlanta police department outside of the home you can see the flowers and candles on a 5 on the block of kirkland this is where 30 euro
8:18 am
denise she was kidnapped and forcibly taken from home on monday of what happened what took so long for the reporting party to call someone had been forcibly taken from the home it happened several hours earlier since then the had been scouring not only the island but the waters surrounding the island looking for 30 your denise kaftans this is a lesson involves mr. that once when it
8:19 am
came back to the house and collected more evidence so what happened? we do not know that held press conference and play their cards very close did not tell us much of the web information the person who reported live that the house said she was here when the abduction took place and he is not a person of interest right now i did take a drive around the island into cannot command post at the nastiness and rescuers back on the island this morning we're waiting to hear back from either the department of justice the fbi who was involved in this investigation or the vallejo police the parcel for we have not heard a thing from them this morning. >>darya: she does want to be a big story is well >>james: this is the live look
8:20 am
outside the bay bridge approached him showing as the blue skies over the east bay hills temperature still cool and santa rosa have not seen the numbers change but at least in the upper '40's the law also 49 we're seeing oakland and 51 that was said 52 over the next 30 minutes to continue " in this is nice to clear out their temperatures for the most part in the low 40's by noontime things in one of nicely sunny conditions outside with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s to them by about 5:00 tonight as it backs of the upper seventies will bring those temperatures back down to the low seventies for you're ride home. >>james: nice warm afternoon with most of clear skies and and and is a balance a wide your on- site repair kit was relatively
8:21 am
clear it will could keep them away as we headed to this afternoon and into tomorrow as well. with warmer temperatures. >>james: with downtown san francisco coming in at sixth denied. -6-9 >>james: consist of new records for daytime high temperatures friday slightly cooler a we expect a bitter court down as we headed since saturday and sunday dropping down to the mid to upper 70's that is the forecast a 21. >>george: we're tracking hot spots and a late want to begin in march and we cleared the accident the 37 now there is an accident southbound at central san rafael that the offer is left the back of miller to highway 37 the drive times southbound 32 minutes has to
8:22 am
come out of novato from highway 37 given to the toll plaza west are we're still backed up into the macarthur maze of 26 to 30 minutes the drive time here and a 2428 minute drive time for the west about 92 ride. >>george: still backed up all the way along highway 92 from the toll plaza back to the nimitz freeway was a quick break and be back with more when the kron 4 morning news continues get a load of jack's loaded breakfast sandwich. what's on it? what's not on it? it's like a big ol' breakfast buffet right in your hand.
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8:25 am
>>mark:a lot of people on social media talking about the officer that was shot. this is video posted to instagram showing the police cars racing towards the scene. >>mark:at one point, what appeared to be an armored truck rushed by with sirens flashing. one person says he heard the gun shot and at first thought it was a car accident, but then realized that an officer had been shot once he saw all the different law enforcement officials in the area >>darya:and san jose mayor sam liccardo has issued a statement on the death of the officer saying: this is san jose's darkest day. >>darya:my heart-- and the prayers of a grieving city-- go out to the family of the san jose police officer fatally shot. every officer leaving their home wearing a badge and uniform prepares for the worst but leaves a spouse and family who
8:26 am
prays for her or his safe return. >>darya:the officer served our community with distinction, courage, and honor, and we owe their family our deepest debt. >>darya:and stay with kron 4 as we continue to cover this breaking news all morning. you can go to our facebook page and share your condolences for the fallen officer. >>darya:and on our website, we have cell phone video from a kron 4 viewer who was nearby and witnessed the shooting. >>darya:we have complete coverage on this deadly officer shooting (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
8:27 am
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8:28 am
>>mark: this morning. kron 4's will tran has been at the scene.
8:29 am
will, what's the latest? thanks will. >>reporter: the san jose police headquarters said that michael johnson was full of life and loved his job as a san jose police officer and his death is clearly a loss to the entire bay area law enforcement community take a look at what we saw just within the past 45 minutes we saw a share of deputies and also try campbell santa clara in mountain view police among others arrive with flowers in san jose police headquarters to offer their condolences. >>reporter: he was training officer there were with recruit he was married employees and his wife and family have been notified the department represent as briefly spoke with us this morning to talk about the difficulty in notifying other officers and appoint a commission of of two crime was they found out what happened was as close a very sad day for the san jose police department to
8:30 am
come up about half an hour you his some of those comments from chief larry as the bell this morning. we'll check back with you throughout the morning. we'll check back with you throughout the morning. >>will tran: i can tell you that this scene is the agenda was still shut down as it crosses the area there was the apartment complex right behind me those who live outside of the apartment complex in the other homes were able to get into their cars and leave the scene but as far as an apartment complex that is still considered a crime scene so much processing that still needs to be done with the sea the and mobile command you rent out there as well will try to talk to all of this is a few minutes ago to ask them how much longer there will be about to be here because of the situation where their own died in a line of duty
8:31 am
they do not even bother to respond to any of our questions they kept going and you could sing right there occult civilians as well people are being allowed to move freely this is as close to the have been throughout the morning is because while this is going on obviously people near the apartment complex at the party conference were told to evacuate because they're fearful the suspect was still in the place with a gun still i can tell you that he was confirmed dead at around 323 in the morning shot at least one time they do not know yet if he died from a self- inflicted wound or if it was a bullet from the officer because we do know there was a gunbattle after he opened fire on the officers without warning. >>will tran: this was on going there were making sure that people are not close to the scene to even get in their way this is center here and this is offshoot of capitol expressway
8:32 am
as a couple in the section down that is a major thoroughfare could also still need to do with the need to do look at the backed up down there test cars are making you turned they're not letting anyone through the same here and decide she--side street there. >>will tran: be and how much longer the scene will be here? he said i am not sure there's your answer will be on loan from today also we have learned that so many people are stopping by the san jose police department dropping of flowers and condolences as well i will let you know was going on the first moment i get more information on this. >>darya: we have all the things we have learned on our web site at kron 4 >>james: tech a live look here at the walnut creek shawmut is pretty nice conditions for the san ramon valley is a little
8:33 am
hazy out there just a little bit of moisture getting as the haze and the morning sunlight filters but the shubert opera quickly you're looking at sunny skies after analyst a quick look at we're expecting as the breakdown temperatures right now we're looking at santa rosa and kron 47 degrees livermore 4951 in oakland and san francisco in a 55 in san jose at 53 degree speaking of san jose let me give you a quick glimpse of the web will be like in san jose today.
8:34 am
8:35 am
8:36 am
facebook annual tech show will we hear from >>gabe slate: who is there and we will talk about with her about the big announcement today. ♪
8:37 am
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8:39 am
>>: we have multiple shots being fired we need a lot of the southbound 7 the north brownson
8:40 am
a block of we do have medical staging here is the san jose police officer who was killed. >>darya: michael johnson a 14 year veteran he was the 12th san jose police officer killed in the line of duty in the department's 166 year history it was a field training officer. >>reporter: 15 to express condolences of from officer michael johnson here is what they're saying san mateo police department hose heavy heart for the san jose police department brothers and sisters for a fallen hero since he san francisco morning with our
8:41 am
brothers and sisters of san jose p your and our part and prayers written police chief says terrific news coming out of san jose as we learn all the officers were shot are thought to occur is go out to them it will to facebook pages share your condolences and what was to continue to fall this breaking news story all morning long and a big on the web site at kron
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>>james: 74 from oakland 69 san francisco and in an up a 75 to 78 degrees here is just wrong track four as a second look at the extended out look tomorrow still want to be the bright spot both in terms of the sunshine and temperatures look at at 86 degrees on average and led to the various sets a new daytime high records for that date 82 by the bay 72 out the cost will be nice and warm on thursday and still warm as headed to the weekend temperatures will come down just a little bit. >>james: we have no snow.
8:46 am
>>george: traffic has been backed up and the recent accident at love on a road the ride is all still slow and to san ramon fatefully the drive times has been holding fairly steady flow to us with tremendous but that is about 8 minutes more than the trip time should take you and tracking you're ride to the back into the macarthur maze 28 minute drive times
8:47 am
>>george: is still heavy and you come out of richmond with the backed up reaching to the richmond park way interchange on 580 westbound.
8:48 am
>>darya: several residents at the apartment complex has to be evacuated and investigators say it is possible that scott the animal was killed by police but it was dead for several hours before they're able to move in and find his body on the balcony. >>mark: new application call meerkat anyone with a smart fun do something similar rich will
8:49 am
explain today's tip for. >>reporter: a hot new application taking over the timeline is called meerkat is michel broadcast live video and experienced the thrill of a live interactive audience. meerkat is the house application streamy on line in the cave of know where overnight it is live streaming in this instance and that is now the state of the internet is an apple at best data out as a side present will blow up in popularity the secret to success is partly due to how to the advantage of twitter automatically connecting to users with their followers will live again notification to two- man people want an immediate and necessarily care of the policy is perfect apple is simple to use and one touchdown or broadcasting live videos i am attuning and i recently uses the stream from san francisco and apple events to see a real time
8:50 am
the u.s. and chat with them what they say the display on screen and real time the whole idea is live streaming in bills or interact immediately is amazing to live streaming back in 2007 to do that i needed a wireless car to the idea behind it might not be nil but better technology fast and elan and instant available audience before compelling a combination. because of and in your lives and and and and people are watching it's fascinating i'm really >>reporter: come in a competitor to twitter just bought a company called periscope that does something very similar will have to keep our eyes on that as well you can
8:51 am
download meerkat also web site and we will see you on their i'm rich the merrill. >>darya: we expect them to texas this is morning and deliver the key to address this the first time he will talk about with a plan to do with the virtual reality had set a major with the startup for the company bought my kid is dying for that one is going to come offer regular people? >>gabe slate: is a big week for facebook is like there apple show or as hot as a it is today and tomorrow and each morning that would give a stage keynote and we're talking about everyone is really interested in the oculus talk which is planning on talking about tomorrow at his
8:52 am
keynote in the big question is why he spends $2 billion for this version of reality headset maker the key to such a media involves virtual reality in your living room or wherever you're hanging out the promise had said in you into your facebook time line and the new sit on an virtue environment you interact in is really impressive way and right now is a ridiculous and futuristic but there are going for something along those lines and that is more today at 10:00 a.m. you within of them how the company is doing facebook and to gramm and probably unveiled a couple of new features >>gabe slate: the dedicated from application you can get called for free of a wife i from calling to your facebook friends. how messenger is a
8:53 am
dedicated facebook messaging at the something we expect to date. if people listed in that was the new feature and facebook letting you revisit the past is call on this day feature is pretty call it a look back at these in a shared for one year ago or two years ago that my focus on that a little bit but we're very interested to see what they're doing out will be giving you information on this event it will try to get a live feed actually to soar on the web site will keep you updated.
8:54 am
8:55 am
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>>mark:breaking news this morning. >>mark:kron four has an exclusive interview with a relative of the man who shot and killed *this* san jose police officer yesterday evening. >>mark:officer michael johnson was killed in a shootout with scott dunham. we've been covering this breaking news all morning long. take a listen to the interview that is **only on kron 4. >>: we are very sorry for this loss the mental illness is a huge thing these days and unfortunately michael was suffering from a mental illness. and even though it does not make it better but it helps explain the situation a mental illness is a huge thing this man in his right mind was a good match for the office family raised his daughters he worked harder it's sad that mental illness that the best of him and his family did
9:01 am
call to get to have helped when they arrived he if he did when he did when are starting lost. >>mark: of a pass incidences' >>: nothing in this nature not like this nafta is a strain >>darya: family call the police because you were concerned acting erratically and he had a gun within the happening did you hear how this all out? >>: initial late michael have the gun at my hunting when she ran out of the house issue talking to the daughter and the offer applies to show off when it came on the balcony in this happen as far as i'm concerned officer shot back for and called him he was shot in the gunfire and died on the balcony by himself he paid the ultimate price for doing what he did. >>darya: able to pay bills and a
9:02 am
prize is a sad situation and that is the interviewif you want to watch the entire interview. it's in our website at kron-4 dot com. this morning we learned that dunham was found dead just before 3-30 on a balcony at the apartment complex where this deadly shooting happened. >>mark:the scene is still active this morning. and roads are still closed in the area. >>darya:we have team coverage in san >>darya:first let's go to kron 4's will tran who is at the scene. will, what's the latest? and continuing our team >>will tran: the street are speeding away because it appears they're allowed to return to their homes we believe they might the apartment members and the reason why we sought the car spun out of the same time but adjutancy a mobile command unit they're here processing and still very far from over pleas of some and not even saying how soon the wrap this up we do know that around 545 this morning i was to show you this video a very somber touching video
9:03 am
police officers could have left the area at around 330 after it was confirmed as the suspect had died at the same taxi off the clock at around 1:00 but because the breaking news of course the was there to watch the whole situation unfold the purposeless stayed until 5451 to michael johnson's body was removed from the same that went off into a procession michael johnson was in a van are in the middle of the procession police officers have their lights on and also found out that many officers from around the bay area as well as civilians are headed to the san jose police department that are there to drop off flowers and condolences and respect of michael johnson the 14 year veteran they work together on the same shift as recently as six months ago. >>will tran: he was a very good guy in their heart broken for his fellow comrades. >>mark:kron 4's mike pelton is
9:04 am
also at the scene of this deadly police shooting. mike, what are you hearing this morning? mike nelson: i just spoke with the friend of michael johnson he was a martial arts but full of life and very kind of the kind of persons that you ever meet the law for some officers from across the bay area have been coming here you can clearly see michael johnson had an impact all across the bay area share of deputies and officers from campbell santa clara mountain view police arrived with flowers here in san jose police offer their condolences to another police officer michael johnson was shot and killed last night is on a to the stress called upon to jostle the 40 year veteran of the apartment he was a training officer and work with recruits he was mayor and police to his wife and family have been notified a very somber chief larry as to the scope of the media and and said they're working with office of johnson's family to help them to this very
9:05 am
difficult time. >>: out to think our community for understanding and being able to adapt to the evacuation of understanding the gravity of the situation. it outside agencies for the assistance to support not only in spirit but and personnel that were here tonight to help was get through this incident and will continue to get to this incident the day is coming. >>reporter: this month to slow time of san jose police officer has been killed in the department's history he also confirm that of michael johnson was in the same academy class as jeffrey bonn town he was the last san jose police officer killed in a line of duty that was back into town one coming up a 930 you hear from all sparser johnson's friends about the
9:06 am
impact that he had on the committee. >>mark: you and go to our facebook pageand stay with kron 4 as we continue to cover this breaking news all morning. you can go to our facebook page and share your condolences for the fallen officer. >>mark:and on our website, we have cell phone video from a kron 4 viewer who was nearby and witnessed the shooting. >>reporter: it is 9 08 on wednesday morning we have lots of sunshine out there we will continue on to sunny skies and to the afternoon was the one of the temperatures if you're one to the outside of my will to grab some appliances lookout clear the skies are the sun has completely risen looking off into the east at the bay bridge we will continue with this warming trend of because the high pressure is in place as one of december to just a little bit more to mid to upper 50 san francisco 58, mid to upper fifties as well across the county. >>reporter: across the north a
9:07 am
men's upper fifties looking at your day planner like i mentioned before to the judge will continue to stay into the mid to upper 50s will warm quickly from here into the lunch hour temperatures are going to be comfortable and nice it would not be as wendy along the coast 63 degrees and then by the bay 65 looking inland temperatures for been nearly the 70 degree mark we drive home plan on warmer temperatures across the bay and close to the judge will continue to stay into the mid '60s. >>reporter: will talk about even warmer temperatures possible records letter this week it will come up with your storm track 47 a forecast. >>george: as will continue to track hot spots around the bay right now the drive on a 80, and south bay freeway where things are particularly slow of that in the convict to score to 38 down to 237 still a 41 minute drive time and tracking you're ride to
9:08 am
the south bay looked at how much red is still showing up on the freeway here for 101 280 and 85 stretcher northbound 101, drive times into the montagu still a to 7 minutes and even the northbound interstate 280, is still nearly 20 that is not the worst committee never seen the still slower than you would like to be at this late hour tracking you're ride to the bay bridge we're still in the 20 + minutes drive time was slow conditions all the way through the macarthur maze in the san mateo bridge ride high with 92 is still a hot spot again the drive times still 24 minutes hayward headed over to send sale the time is now 9 07 on the kron 4 morning news will take a quick break and we will be right back.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>darya: >>darya:police are looking for a woman who was kidnapped for ransom from a home in vallejo. where they're looking this morning. >>darya:an update now on the german wings plane crash in the french alps.
9:12 am
new this morning. >>darya:the germanwings c-e-o says two americans were on board the plane, as well as 72 german citizens, and 35 spanish citizens. >>darya:the leaders of germany france and spain are gathering near the crash site to pay homage to the >>darya:french president francois hollande and german chancellor angela merkel arrived on a helicopter on a mountain meadow whipped by strong winds. >>darya:spanish prime minister mariano rajoy also joined them at the >>darya:germanwings has had to cancel a few flights since the crash because some crews declared themselves unfit to fly after >>mark:this is the set used for the "star wars" films. depicting the desert planet of tatooine. >>mark:it's named after a nearby city in the tunisian desert. >>mark:george lucas filmed iconic scenes from the original "star wars" here, and he returned for later movies in the series. >>mark:tunisian authorities say the region has seen increasing activity among isis terrorirsts and supporters, since it's close to the libyan border. >>reporter:the warming trend continues with the potential for record high temperatures. i will let you know how hot it will get, coming up with your stormtracker-four seven-day forecast
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>darya:continuing our breaking news coverage this morning. >>darya:a cop killer in san jose is now dead. >>darya:this is a picture of the shooting suspect. >>darya:he is identified as 57- year-old scott dunham. >>darya:police fired back at dunham but we do not know if he was hit by officers, or if he took his own life.
9:16 am
>>darya:kron 4 crews spoke with a neighbor who knows dunham. >>darya:this is what he had to say. >>:"i don't know, he's been off of work for a while, and same as myself. we both had back problems, and i know that he used to work for deanza. and so he had been off work for a while, dealing with his back and medical issues and stuff." >>mark:with all the police activity. residents near the scene have been unable to leave their homes. and others unable to get to their homes. >>mark:police cruisers had the intersection of senter and tully shut down. >>mark:a line of cars formed on tully road. while others filled up nearby parking lots waiting for the okay from police to return to their homes. >>mark:the streets around the scene remained closed well in to this morning. >>george: we are tracking the latest year for the ride from the bay let's start with the trip through concert cost the
9:17 am
walnut creek the san ramon valley in height with 24--contra costa. >>george: not too bad this morning 16 minute drive times were incidents free their free trip out to and through the caldecott tunnel and a trip to the san ramon valley is in crude as well 20 one-minute southbound on much better ride today at this hour and even a couple hours ago after an early recovery accident at the bridges the bay bridge however is still completely backed up into and through the macarthur maze you're ride to the san mateo bridge no improvement yet if we are still damp the upcoming through hayward on 92 westbound on the back up even reaching from time to time across interstate 880, on a to jackson. >>george: will test the peak year for the southbound ride is an easy commute and you're ride to the richmond bridge west about 580 still backed up enough that it is slow coming over from
9:18 am
before castro on 580, westbound out of richmond. >>reporter: tie right now is 917 on the wednesday morning clear skies but bright and blue you need sunglass for today if you will be traveling westbound. it will be very bright and you need to turn down the baez's in your car as well and with the clear skies the we are going to experience it will warm the temperatures to average of high pressure in place across the area which is one to keep us dry in a storm system will continue to track off to the north like the storm and seattle and will continue on with dry conditions will to weaken the warmer temperatures will mainly stay for thursday and friday right now these a were timber to stand pretty mild for 9:00 this morning san francisco 59 degrees open san jose mid to upper 50s concord to the mid-50s livermore and santa rosa on a slightly milder side.
9:19 am
>>reporter: the drop was because the east they will continue on with these mild temperatures and to mid-50s we will quickly one of and to the mid to upper 60s with most dishonest guys who have a few high clouds this afternoon and then later into the afternoon daytime highs in the east bank will quickly one of the to the mid-70s timber to us will go down with a couple of degrees and a low to mid 70's a warm afternoon brought the entire day not just in the east bay and also in the south bay. >>reporter: the by the afternoon mid-70s will be the daytime high patina to stay that way until dinnertime the centers will start to fall to match up the '60s the perfect outgrow whether with those temperatures and to the mid to upper 60s the rest of your storm track four
9:20 am
the one is that looks to be tomorrow for inland areas 86 will be some daytime highs across the bay area and that continue on into friday. rob black: the boston market t g i f weight watchers all the frozen foods oscar meyer meet in coffee catch-up jell-o the avidities crystal like kool-aid to remind people they bought
9:21 am
high as it took a crash a few years as a private company merging with a public company. it is up 47% that is a huge number that have a branch of over five and a million dollars of eight brands. in my opinion americans are starting to ship the tapes from process that is the frozen foods and things are more fresh this deal is all about who bought hinds and the whole company is all about cost efficiency getting the brands more international there are very domestic it is a good deal probably not if you're 20 and 30 years old will be getting this food for many years to come. >>mark: macy's are at the breakwater.
9:22 am
rob black: they're blaming net 64 crores lower sale. their buying of things they're buying electronics like a watch it is struggling to get younger audience apparel is not as important i sent cover of people on the 35 the house of very definite dedication like rock stars they spend a lot of money and entertainment they do not spend a lot of money on things like clothes their spending on the car's electronic to home- improvement macy's is desperately trying to up their wedding registry because that gets to your people and and give the customers.
9:23 am
>>mark: inches rates and mortgage rates will go up or go back down? we're and the the line for low-cost mortgages? rob black: the new mortgage refinancing not expected to happen and increased application for the foreseeable future we're at the low end of rates for the year which is a good thing. the 30-year job. it's cheaper to get a jumbo loan five years 15 years down to 3.2% in the five-year will announce the 5.7.
9:24 am
>>mark: he is asking is nike's stock going up? rob black: yes in my opinion they dominate 85 you'll man worm on july pitcher--orange the nike shirked. the problem but nike is the competitors for under armor out like that stock as well. . >>mark: thank you for the question if you have a question posted on the facebook page and we will answer here we will be right back.
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>>darya:a lot of people on social media talking about the officer that was shot and killed in san jose. >>darya:this is video posted to instagram showing the police cars racing towards the scene. >>darya:at one point, what appeared to be an armored truck rushed by with sirens flashing. >>darya:one person says he heard the gun shot and at first thought it was a car accident, but then realized that an officer had been shot once he saw all the different law enforcement officials in the area.
9:29 am
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>>will tran: joining me now is the lotus we have been running his reaction off an arm this morning and he told us that you with your grandkids last night for is awfully axa how has it been wedded to go after. >>: after i was evacuator we went down to the san jose police department to give a statement of what what had occurred and what we saw and then after that i was able to love go to my daughter's house and spend a night there because they were not want to lead us back in the unit last night and then they told us to come back this morning but when i got back this morning they still said it was going to be a couple more hours or so before they allow us to come your >>will tran: lacks a comedown and what did you hear and see? >>: i heard a bang and i looked at my grandkids and ask them i
9:35 am
said this sound like good fire- gunfire-my granddaughter told me was so i grabbed them and told them to get down on the floor and take cover at that time i went to the front window to look out and when i looked out the window i saw two officers there with their guns drawn and looking at the unit next door to many so i immediately got out the window and got out of the floor myself. >>will tran: agency in the chaos of the officer down? >>: i did not see the officer down all i know is that there were two officers there with guns and the one of them had a high-powered rifle and one had some type of hand scope and >>: i've talked to him since going back and forth to the mailbox i would see him as you
9:36 am
go out and get our mail and i knew that he had been off work because he had had a back problem have enough work with myself with my back problem that we would run past each other at the mailbox and was a high houri billing? in different things like that he's always been a nice person--how are you doing >>: i am very surprised and heartbroken and you never expect things to happen like this right next door to not only are my heart broken for scott before the officer that went down his part of san jose police
9:37 am
department and we just love and cherish life. and it's heartbreaking. >>will tran: has and a very long night police officers do not hold them to a but they could be out of here as soon as known. >>mark: mike has been gathering information at the san jose police department and have more on the opposite who was killed. >>reporter: at this book with a friend opposite michael johnson described as someone who was very nice and full of life in the impact yet on this community in san jose have been very evident especially here in san jose police headquarters take a look over the past few hours an officer from campbell santa clara and mountain view police9 of others offer their condolences.
9:38 am
>>reporter: he was shot and killed last night responding to a distress call he was a 40 year veteran of the apartment and he was a training officer who off to work with recruits he was married employees and his wife and family have been notified this morning spoke with a friend of all this is down to who said they partook in march are seven at a training school copper said the digital and dislodge academy in south san jose he's been there more of a decade and have the time he says of the johnson's death is a big loss to the community. >>: the biggest are you could imagine and very sad that he is gone kids really want to be missed the what the community and for his friends and family are permissible to the family of a tremendous loss the with all experienced. >>reporter: speaking with that man his name is frank santiago
9:39 am
which optimal about how he found out what happened he said last night his new his friend was working when he heard that an officer had passed away he sentiment text message and would he deny it a response back on this morning that is when he knew it was his friend he died in a line of duty out as a he was upset for lost in the impact officer had not been fog along the law enforcement of his family and friends the deterred. >>reporter: we will talk about all the warm temperatures and the storm track before coming up at 945. >>george: a quick look at the ride on interstate 685 of wall muckrake a second accident for the morning this time install valley road is why it is still saw the kron 4 morning news will be right back. the columbia river gorge and the painted hills. smith rock and the wallowas are all missing. whoever named the seven wonders never set foot in oregon
9:40 am
because even crater lake was left off their list. so we see your wonders world and raise you seven of our own. the seven wonders of oregon. see one, or better yet see them all.
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9:43 am
>>mark: the tech to coming in the san jose officer michael johnson, a married man of 14 year veteran of the force the government is dead his family is telling us that he suffered from mental illness will have the latest details and be right back to the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>>darya: the lettuce on the investigation what happened in the shootout you can go to our facebook page and share your thoughts and condolences to the
9:47 am
fall officer also on our web site at kron video that witnesses capture the moment after the officer was killed as well as the exclusive interview with the shooter and this family. >>mark: woman was kidnapped for ransom jackets live on mare island in vallejo. >>jackie sissel: good morning i'm back out here on the five on the block of kirkland avenue in glen ellen and all is quiet out here is still a lot of questions and not a lot of answers coming from the vallejo police department we're expecting to seeing the police officer right now we're expecting to see certain that out today so far we have not seen it started on monday when 30 year-old denise haskins was taken from this home and is being held for ransom. >>jackie sissel: according to
9:48 am
the vallejo police department the bizarre twist to this case they say that on monday at around 2:00 p.m. the 30 your man reported the incident that happened he said that it happened several hours earlier in the day. >>jackie sissel: the question begs why wait so long? to call yesterday 75 searchers from across the bay area stendhal not only on the island but in the water surrounding by mendicancy here is the video at one point yesterday to detect something in the water and divers into the water that team--came up negative. >>jackie sissel: they looked for any clues that would lead them to the 30 year-old reported that some of the kidnapping i can tell you that the doj the department of justice is about this investigation so far we have not heard much from the
9:49 am
vallejo police department other than they may have a press briefing at around 3:00 this afternoon to update us on the case so far it has in a very quiet there are still lots and lots of questions. >>darya: live here in the weather center with michele tech a look at the high temperatures we're waiting for. >>reporter: get ready for a big warm up record temperatures are possible and friday those records were talking more than 80 out of very warm weather is expected here is a beautiful shot looking at the golden gate bridge this the type of weather will probably need some sunglasses the sunglass whether all day because we all want to continue on the sun shine all after no was comfortable temperatures into the upper 50s to lower 60s across the peninsula we have 60 degree for san francisco low sixties for
9:50 am
sunnyvale hayward 59 degrees across the north the mid to upper fifties. >>reporter: continuing on with lower 60s will quickly warmed up from their intimate to upper 60s perfect weather all afternoon in the lead on this afternoon the daytime high will continue to warm up into the mid '70s for the south bay in the east bank and will continue on with the lower to mid 7 is along with the breezy when from the northwest across the region and you'll want to because the plan to the it will be milder into the upper 60s to ride around the '70s when want to continue on with a big warming trend into thursday and friday precipitant record heat for sunday. lower '80s to the bay along with comfortable weather for the close slightly milder than most of the area and that will continue on into early next week lets do a quick check of your snow bomb that forecast 3597 in squaw valley
9:51 am
>>george: a was doing some shushing in booming what you're doing 101 south maugham letter in the commit we're tracking an accident at luebke's valley road and should not be a 25 to 6 minute drive times and still of of of 30 minutes for your trip from novato highway 37 down to the toll plaza of the golden gate bridge and we're just getting word of an accident here in lafayette in pleasant hill road westbound on highway 24 this could be a big surprise that my in the tying up the ride. >>george: come out of walnut creek in heading west for the caldecott tunnel the last look at the risk for you this hour the bay bridge the backed up into the macarthur maze for the
9:52 am
commuters coming out of the east bay into san francisco for your ride to the san mateo across the san mateo bridge things are clearing out no longer tracking in the latest for a trip on 101 the golden gate bridge the southbound ride it has ease considerably no delays not as we are well past the peak. >>george: the trip to richmond bridge for westbound interstate 580, along the backed up at the toll plaza where all the back of the written on 580, was down. for >>mark: coming up will have more on the san jose police also was shot and killed last night after a break.
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9:55 am
>>darya: the bracken as we have been following san jose police are mourning the loss of an officer that was killed when he responded to reports of what man who had a gun when he showed up at the suspect opened fire killing officer michael johnson a 14 year veteran of the of >>darya: so at 330 we learn the
9:56 am
gunmen had been killed as well that i know of a with officer shot or of a self-inflicted. he was dead on the balcony of his apartment. >>mark: also happening today facebook and you will today f8 tech show. >>mark: today's key no will be exciting because for the first time that would talk about with a plan to do with the birch or reality headset maker oculus rest. did not say why. >>darya: because it is awesome. >>darya: in their world >>mark: is announcements are expected of that us on how many uses there are and facebook and ig tech reporter >>gabe slate:
9:57 am
live tweezing from this event. >>darya: techno look at the seven day around the bay forecast. the sea the temperatures are spiking tomorrow 86 for your summer is broken on thursday and friday really hot days >>mark: they with us to to have a web application and download information it could be a possible development in the the legal case of a woman who may have been kidnapped for ransom look for a bit of a store or kron facebook and twitter fees and the kron 4 mobile application see tomorrow. -- see you tomorrow kron 4 news outro music....
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