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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 9, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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it's just tragic for the animals. that cement spill in an east bay creek taking a deadly toll on wildlife. the latest on a story we broke here on kron four. >>reporter:whoosh >>reporter:on the ground in illinois.a huge funnel cloud west of chicago. just one of the tornadoes reported in the midwest tonight. whoosh >>reporter:san francisco international airport is at the top of an embarassing list. >>reporter:we will tell you what it is. and what airport officials are doing about it >>reporter:whoosh >>reporter:too busy with his cell phone to notice the officer ten feet away. >>reporter:definitely saw him texting >>reporter:distracted drivers behaving badly in a full hour of your choice for prime time news. >>catherine heenan:what a mess. >>catherine heenan:the big cement spill into a creek. is hurting wildlife. and will keep crews busy for weeks. >>catherine heenan:good evening i'm catherine heenan. >>catherine heenan:kron 4 was the first to bring you this story. >>catherine heenan:kron 4's charles clifford broke the story last night at 8. >>catherine heenan:he's live in oakland again for us tonight with an update on the progress made. and what still must be
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done. >>catherine heenan:charles? wildlife has certainly been affected by the spill. >>reporter: we also learned to clean up is underway which is it always takes three days would last until next week probably until the end of business on monday we also learned some new details about how the spill happened in the first place. >>reporter: clinical continue shoveling and vacuuming seamen all along half mile stretch of broadway brass and glance at the creek. 106 to the yards of seamen stood to the creek to let the original estimate of one house and 20 cubic yards. >>reporter: the same spread fartheras you can see, it's covered in >>reporter: >>reporte
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>>reporter: also on thursday east bay mud said they now have a pipeline inspector assume that the valve on a pipeline was closed when in fact it was still open the inspector told the subcontractor for copper into the pipe is an ongoing effort to close off that pipeline mistakes like this happen.
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>>catherine heenan: you're looking at asparagus' covered someone who live near the creek you can see the little bird is covered in the cement residents say they are sickened by what happened. >>reporter: is just tragic considering the fact that this is when it ruled. >>catherine heenan:: to clean it there could be many more in fact there were found dead dead perry >>reporter: this is the collapse
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image 970 ft. down the pike that valve was not supposed to be open on were to start it was that thought it was close the was actually open the making of location just today is a more complicated situation
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>>catherine heenan: the bay area airport has a major problems on their hand according to the ap study sfo reported the highest number of printer breaches of any airports in the country over the past 10 years. since 2004, it's happened 37 times. >>catherine heenan:an airport spokesman says that only two of those incidents were classified as having access to a plane. >>catherine heenan:he also suggested that the number is so high because s-f-o counts 'all' exterior breaches. >>: i'll say we share the most information on perimeter issues in the airport called premier incident or breach we view as a violation of our access control and the investigation was sister regardless of how inadvertent or intentional it was will still included. >>catherine heenan:since 2004 sfo's 15 mile perimeter has been comprised 37 times. that's an average of 3-4 times a year. >>catherine heenan:but airport spokesman doug yakel suggested
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their number may be higher than other airports because the data they released covers all exterior breaches. >>reporter: that ate security breaches going back 10 years five and the past year alone work is already underway. this number.marilyn hartman.the >>reporter: a first look at damage from a deadly tornado in illinois that about 70 mi. west of chicago and is one other person is missing missouri and
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ohio has also >>catherine heenan: are striking for four days and said that upset about the fact they do not have a new contract bill university officials say that they're expected to continue to provide the medical care during the strike. the honor of the santa cruz party bus has been
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found guilty this after a woman fell there was more than a dozen people she and another woman got into a fight on the bus. >>catherine heenan: release the- camera video of what happened just before the fatal shooting of the unarmed black man in south carolina.
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>>reporter:just released dash cam video shows the moments leading up to the shooting death of walter scott on saturday. but it does not show the actual shooting. >>reporter:officer michael slager follows the mercedes into a store parking lot. the officer is then seen approaching scott's car. >>reporter:they speak, and then slager returns to his patrol car. >>reporter:scott was allegedly pulled over for having a broken taillight. >>reporter:the 50-year-old gets out of his car, briefly, and officer slager tells him to stay in the car. >>reporter:scott then gets out
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of the car, again, and runs away, out of the camera's view. >>reporter:the officer chases scott. >>reporter:meanwhile, in cell phone video shot by a witness slager is seen shooting at scott eight times as he runs away. >>reporter:that witness is now speaking out about his now infamous video. >>reporter:faydin santana already has a >>reporter:it is filled with messages thanking him for coming forward. >>reporter:the video of police officer michael slager shooting walter scott in the back convinced prosecutors to charge slager with murder. santana told n=b=c news he was talking on his phone, when he saw the two men struggling. >>:"they were down on the floor. they were down on the floor before i started recording." >>reporter:he turned on the camera when he heard the officer use a taser. >>:"you could hear the sound of the >>reporter:"he had been tased at that point? >>:"yeah, yeah." >>reporter:".and you heard the sound?" >>:"yeah, i would hear it make the sound before i started recording, and i believe he just trying to get away of the taser." >>reporter:santana's video does not support slager's version radioed in at the time. >>:"dispatch. shots fired. subject is down. he grabbed my taser."
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>>reporter:instead it shows the officer returning to the scene of their original struggle. stooping to pick something up. then returning to scott's body and dropping it there. >>reporter:today santana admitted. one of his first impulses was to erase the video and forget the whole thing. >>:he thought it might put his own life in danger. >>reporter:but on sunday, the day after the shooting, he decided to contact scott's family. >>reporter:by tuesday, the video was in the new york times. >>reporter:slager was under arrest. >>reporter:santana says he is glad the officer will face justice. >>:"you pay for your decisions in this life, you know. and like i said, mr. scott didn't deserve this." >>reporter:early this morning santana posted a message on his facebook tribute page. saying he quote "never imagined that this will turn with so much love. >>catherine heenan:regulators have hit p-g and-e with a record penalty for its role in the san bruno pipeline explosion. >>catherine heenan:the september 20-10 explosion killed 8 people and destroyed dozens of homes. >>catherine heenan:now p-g and-e has been fined 1-point-6 billion dollars for unsafe operation of its gas transmission system. >>catherine heenan:one victim of the explosion lost her husband, her son and her mother-in-law. >>catherine heenan:she says the penalty has brought little closure.
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>>pam moore >>:i don't have confidence in pg&e. i don't have confidence in the cpuc. i mean they didn't have all the answers today; they don't. and they've been acting very inappropriately in the last five years, almost five years. it's disgusting the way they've been acting. with indifference; which disturbs me. >>catherine heenan:p-g-and-e is reviewing the ruling.but does not plan to appeal at this time. >>catherine heenan:coming up: >>catherine heenan:a woman wakes from a coma.only to find out. she's had a baby. >>catherine heenan:also -- the san jose woman who called police as an intruder crept closer to where she was hiding. she says officers were too slow to respond. >>catherine heenan:we take her concerns straight to the police department. >>catherine heenan:and - the potentially dangerous hummus being recalled tonight. >>reporter: we have a chilly start would talk about in just a bit.
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>>catherine heenan:the f-d-a has announced a recall for a popular hummus brand.because of potential listeria contamination. >>catherine heenan:the 'sabra' dipping company is recalling 30- thousand cases of its "classic hummus". >>catherine heenan:listeria can cause serious and even fatal infections in children and elderly. others may suffer nausea.high fever and headaches. >>catherine heenan:anyone with the hummus is being advised to throw it away or return it. so far.there have been no reports of people getting sick. >>catherine heenan:not 'all' sabra hummus needs to be thrown out. some are perfectly fine. >>catherine heenan:we've got details on specific flavors and packages -- on kron 4 dot com. a big recall for one of the most popular hummus makers in the country. >>reporter:a pregnant tennessee woman wakes up from a coma to find she had her baby three months ago.
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>>reporter:20-year-old sharista giles was unconscious when she gave birth to a boy.nicknamed "baby l". >>reporter:these pictures are courtesy from our sister station in sweetwater.tennessee. >>reporter:according to her family. giles is now to open her eyes and slightly squeeze the hands of her family members. >>reporter:giles was five months pregnant when she was involved in the accident that put her in a coma. >>reporter:she was on her way home from a nashville concert in december when her mom says the driver of her car fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a concrete barrier. >>reporter:doctors were forced to deliver "baby l" prematurely in january.first weighing less than two pounds. >>reporter:now he weights six pounds.four ounces and is improving at a local intensive care unit. >>reporter:the lead is. mom wakes up from coma to find she's had her baby >>reporter: rejected, temperatures 50 if the san francisco san jose 60, the 61¢
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parles which were above seasonal a chilly start for the morning by afternoon them >>: is still a little bit cooler than unnaturally is with a very nice weekend on tap. light breeze at that cell and render
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high-pressure that is built in write their initial chance of rain sonoma county likely location of and that will be dry pretty much all drop the week. >>reporter: as it passes for no. but after that temperatures will be one again. >>catherine heenan: in connection with a stray bullet that of local musician come up later in the show up when year-
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old still the show at the masters of tiger woods embarrassed himself. the giants go it all coming up later in the show.
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>>gabe slate: i was 8.3 brings a lot changed to devices 300 new e mode these series has been improved apple macs have been improved before we get into the stuff some users randy of they have a problem with the touch id sensor. on a red apple support
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pages different apple forms and message boards people have complained about their touch id sensor having problems of the run the 8.3 a bay. >>gabe slate:it works to unlock the phone but it does not work to authorize purchases in the itunes and app store. >>gabe slate:users who are having this problem can still enter their 4-digit password pin to make purchases so it's more of an inconvieneince than a major issue. >>gabe slate:i tested this problem on an iphone after running the 8.3 update and it did not happen for me. >>gabe slate:i was able to use the touch id just fine >>gabe slate:so it seems to be only affecting some users. >>gabe slate:no word from apple yet on this in my experience there is always a few bugs with a big new update like this. they will likely send out a fix within a week or so >>gabe slate:ios 8 point three brings 300 new emojies to creatively communicate with. >>gabe slate:the emoji keyboard is now redesigned way bigger to make >>gabe slate:most notobly they have added >>gabe slate:there are now different skin tones to choose from. >>gabe slate:here's an example if you hold the bride emoticon other options for skin tone pop
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up to choose. >>gabe slate:and with the family icons there are more options including representation for same sex couples. two women or two men with their children. >>gabe slate:8 point 3 brings improvements to siri. she will speak faster and more clearly. >>gabe slate:a more lifelike siri says certain words much more naturally, as if they were recorded by an actual person. >>gabe slate:and this is a cool new feature instead of holding down the home button to bring up siri. you can just say "hey siri" to your phone and she pops up. >>gabe slate: siri hey siri >>gabe slate:there are dozens of improvments, fixes, and new features that this update will bring to your iphone or ipad. >>gabe slate:there some is some great new stuff for the apple maps app >>gabe slate:for a closer look at everything thing this update brings log onto kron 4 dot com and look for my tech page. >>gabe slate:gabe slate kron 4 news. >>catherine heenan:still ahead: a major street shut-down. so crews can build an underground tunnel >>catherine heenan:and bad news for singer taylor swift. >>catherine heenan:what she's revealed online. >>stanley roberts:coming up >>stanley roberts:i definitely see him texting >>stanley roberts:san mateo county's answer ti distracted drivers awareness >>stanley roberts:i'll show who got caught in the next edition of people behaving
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>>catherine heenan:breaking news: >>catherine heenan:a huge tornado tears through central illinois. >>catherine heenan:new information on the damage. >>catherine heenan:and actress sandra bullock's 9-1-1 call. as she reports that a stalker had broken >>catherine heenan:into her mansion. >>catherine heenan:also - we push police for answers after a san jose woman says police didn't come fast enough to save her from an intruder in 'her' home.
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>>reporter: not a whole lot of changes in store but the system is moving forward we will touch on that coming right up.
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>>catherine heenan:tonight: >>catherine heenan:the hunt for the person who killed a berkeley musician. >>catherine heenan:police have just released surveillance pictures which they >>catherine heenan:kron 4's scott rates is live in oakland. >>catherine heenan:scott? >>reporter:police say it was a senseless killing, an innocent musician unfortunately in the way of a violent shootout, but now there might be a break in the case. >>reporter:here are the newly released surveillance pictures taken outside the golden bar the night of the shooting show two persons if interest the man and woman seen here are the two police would like to have a word with
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>>reporter:this after the shooting death 26-year-old emilio nevarez back on saturday night. investigators say nevarez was packing up his gear when he was shot and killed. police nevarez was an incent victim and that his murder was senseless and now they are trying to track down anyone with information police also releasing a picture of what they say is the suspects car. you can see it here this silver mercedes. >>reporter:we spoke to police; they talked about why these two are persons of interest. >>:"investigators believe these two were with the suspect and the night club" >>reporter:we checked, the reward been increased to $25- thousand-dollars for information leading to an arrest
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>>reporter: we first heard about the top of the show storm damage and is become deadly this tornado right here it was an illinois ohio i will the person with an home shooting this video and many of the images courtesy of our partnership with cnn. one person has died tonight- searching for leads one of the person to lie in ferndale taxes
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due to damage in the brain is very tense situation right now in several midwestern states and is one tornado and an extensive damage something for injured at least one death and when you see the track the trend like that on the side of the just imagine the power pack of by the tornado. the damage like that is extensive will painted all the brindle's. >>: here is stanley roberts to counsel people behaving badly. >>stanley roberts:you are about to see why they call it being a distracted driver >>:ah this guy texting right here, >>stanley roberts:sitting right next to a south san francisco police corporal pinell is a man texting away >>stanley roberts:you can make this stuff up even if you tried the interesting part the driver in the first car was the one about to get pulled over.
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>>stanley roberts:with grant money from the office of traffic safety this is the fourth deployment of san mateo county saturation traffic enforcement program also known as step >>: hey how you doing who are you text messaging can i see you license and regstration and proof of insurance >>stanley roberts:since there is a statewide campaign to bring awareness to distracted drivers officers from various agencies converged on daly city and surrounding cities looking for distracted drivers >>stanley roberts:sot: did you not see us sitting right next to you on gellertah yea i didn notice anything you why you didn t notice us no idea beduse you were distracted >>stanley roberts:we never have to leave the intersection of gellert and hickey to find violators like this driver in the white bmw playing phone twister >>stanley roberts:thats when the right hand in holding the cell phone on the left ear, now what's about to happen next show that phone twister can make navigating an auto safely
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>>:pull up past the driveway, now normally that a rather easy task if both hands were free but instead the car goes in reverse >>:put you car in driver and pull up past the driveway >>stanley roberts:but the driver stays in reverse and then starts rolling backwards even more >>:put your car in drive and pull up past the driverway >>stanley roberts:then finally the corporal get to have a chat with the driver >>:you can't it up to use it holding it up to your ear like that >>stanley roberts:this next driver its hard to see but she also has a phone firmly attached to her ear. who she was taking to created a double wammy . in cost that is >>:who were you talking to my lawyer, your lawyer >>stanley roberts:the base fine for the first violation is only 20 dollars, however once you tack on all the other fees it jumps to 162 . >>stanley roberts:in total 89 cited were for distracted driving there were seatbest violations and >>stanley roberts:he went from here all the way over to there almost causing an accident
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>>stanley roberts:general highway mopery >>stanley roberts:in daly city stanley roberts kron 4 news >>reporter: you all know that last between in gary and pose is going to be close to traffic in both directions starting tonight at midnight just before midnight sunday. the tour is being recommended larkin frankland and called tree. >>catherine heenan: knocking him off an overpass to his death. we are taking a look at the morning
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lows was too pretty low you might see will check the rest of the week coming up.
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>>: whether he worked for you he was an amazing man a distraught daughter speaks about her father who was killed by a hit and run driver while he was riding his motorcycle home from work on april 2nd the area footage courtesy of the helicopter partnership with abc seven news shows in the accident with a ticket for your resident the motorcycle against the barrier the fourth to the impact sent him flying over the barrier and off to the ground dozens of feet below sea its the investigators have very few these shows and the case over to someone may have some information they could leave them to the suspect. >>: provide any information at all possible weekend continue with this investigation and hopefully provide was close of
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the family grew stricken family was at the press conference if anyone knows anything as a hit- and-run investigation only a few clues are available white and silver as you'd be in deep back a sustained some damage on april 2nd in redwood city. >>reporter: the golden gate bridge where we have some low clouds like fog not a thick blanket the stress and even we have wind speeds that are starting to fall off but its been a bit breezy san francisco for miles an hour a miles an hour and a bottle down for redwood city forgive france
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tomorrow we are looking for chilly start again will warm up again in the afternoon with high temperatures in fact possibly a few degrees if you're like today starting early tomorrow morning a little bit chilly drafts and the fifties by the coast low '40's and some of the inland areas could below 40 degrees but not by much by 9:00 we are responding to warm. we could look for a nice afternoon tie 6 is low 70's there after afternoon highs we had 51 for san francisco 61 december fell 62 in richmond looking for redwood city and 64 will be your
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high temperatures and hayward you know as a chance of rain in the next work week there is a system coming toward us but the high pressure will stay there impressed that sister well to our north. >>reporter: let's see if we get any measurable rainfall it will be in north bay for the rest of the remaining drive and seasonable temperatures for the most part high sixties to low seventies. >>catherine heenan: next please respond to a woman's complaint that they did not arrive fast enough to help her get the intruder out of her house and scores of 21 euro dominating the first-round in the giants played an extra inning in san diego of the sport's next.
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>>reporter: carlos situation near los angeles san pedro this is where a car plunged into our harbour and two children are right now in grave condition they had to be rescued from the vehicle that is to adopt you see are wheeled away their and the vehicle as well there were swimming rescue was got there they do not know the situation which led to the car plunging into about 30 ft. of water but again to children in grave condition there were not breathing they did not have pulses when they were able to
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get down to it that vehicle. >>catherine heenan: my kron 4 story we brought you last night about a terrifying break into san jose woman's home it happened early tuesday morning it was caught on surveillance video she had the door locked and the alarm system but the stranger got in by pushing on the sliding glass door that woman quickly called police but she said they showed up too late. >>: there was a man standing outside my bedroom window on the other side of the wall where i was sleeping she broke news about the break into was on wednesday a break in that happened earlier this week in the middle of the night when she was at home by herself one that was all caught on for cameras.
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the bad guy was able to for speed through the windows then break in through the door and go to two bedrooms and finally he attempted to get into heidi's home all while she was on the phone with dispatch. >>: they said there was an officer write down the street but you have to wait for the partner because the have to come into. it clarified that thursday and defended the response time. as you well know warrant officers being ambushed obviously it has suffered a fatal injury a couple of weeks ago officer said there responded within five minutes under the set a goal of six minutes that does not count the two minutes before they were dispatched several times again
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imminent danger of some vehicles out there are working with neighbors to try to get a better description of the suspect police tell me they have been released for burglary cases in the south san jose area in the past two months. >>reporter: for most of the night. >>reporter:a's pitcher kendall graveman was light's out this spring.
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>>reporter: this is the play of the year careermuch different story in his big league debut tonight. >>reporter: he dropped the crawford pop fly and three batters later crawford scores will be the winning run fired up in the dugout as for the entire giants team. one nothing in 12 innings 7 giants that combined on that shut out. much different
8:49 pm
story in a big league debut bit of the one line and 15 cactus leaks 3 in the first inning alone to nine vs taxes and then in the second the two run homer of graven five nothing. >>reporter: the 31 job 3 in the third in a run the spring 18.90. last night to doubles for the guy. i just want to give it my best
8:50 pm
shot. >>reporter: helos was first home run in 19 months september of 2013 was the last one on the all-time list is just five back of will be made six to three. >>reporter: last night in milwaukee brewers chris davis into a wall a leaping text they
8:51 pm
lost 54 dominated the opening rounds the national which was of course this outside of atlanta when of the laws beautiful picturesque courses in the world is just one bogey tighter this is a shot of the that he was one of the 739 shots back he is your favorite 1 under for map or back
8:52 pm
on 18 that is one of the course record. >>catherine heenan:an allegedly obsessed man goes after sandra bullock in her mansion. >>catherine heenan:we have the 9-1-1 call.
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>>catherine heenan:taylor swift announced today her mother has cancer >>catherine heenan:in a letter posted on tumbler.swift shared the news that her 57-year-old mother.andrea finlay had been diagnosed >>catherine heenan: she is urging of the people to be screened for cancer. >>catherine heenan:a los angeles judge ruled today that a man
8:56 pm
arrested inside sandra bullock's home should stand trial on stalking and weapons charges. >>catherine heenan:prosecutors presented evidence against joshua corbett.including a recording of bullock's panicked 911 calls. 911 call >>catherine heenan:corbett was arrested with a black notebook with a two-page letter to bullock.and magazine photos of her. >>catherine heenan:in the note he called bullock his wife.professed his love.and said he wanted to have sex with her. >>reporter: also ohio i will missouri all suffering severe weather forecasts say the system is now headed to the east coast.
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>>catherine heenan: thank you for joining us every one we hope to see you at 11.
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(whispers) lisbon. lisbon! does it bite? he could've killed me. shh. (police radio chatter) (man) cbi? yes, sir. lisbon. jane. mullery. what took you so long? sheriff, i understand this is a tough situation for you. tough situation? this is deputy nelson capel.


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