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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  June 1, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>mark: sliding in some do bloom. >>james: this is in the camera to go to with illustrate the drizzle and light rain coming down at axa has led up and a live shot i've been watching the cars come through about half of them have the weapons on slow the other to not have more on a dark and the preference hot water before you turn on the right person is not have a consistent ride is a light sprinkle like shower and counter
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that throughout the whole ride. most of the drizzly activity is happening more of the bay bridge--golden gate bridge >>james: we saw some light drizzle falling at the bay bridge approach camera which to consider traffic coming of they in terms of whether this will will be dealt with mostly cloudy conditions for san francisco for the north and for the coast as a breakdown the rest of today's forecast by the noontide with the sun break of that will more likely happen and by the bay in by the close of the crowd inside temperatures barely budge at all between current hours the temperature to be in the upper 60s as we did for three in the afternoon warmer to below seven is to most of the in the communities will deepen the upper fifties to low 60s a lot
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of the fifties at the moment 57 for san francisco oakland and for san jose slightly warmer and caught a 59 their 58 out of the more i will be back in 50 minutes to complete forecast stick around for that law was the latest weather and a tie with the mobile application. >>robyn winst: were getting through the morning to me without any major problems that is always good news but if you have to drive into san francisco you be sitting in the back up on a to 580 and was bound 80 it is one to be slow all the way across out toward free maastricht to five minutes from the foot of the maze to downtown san francisco south for a 20 sitting in traffic on the
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sky when on 101 in respect of the 280 there's routine maintenance work lower deck of the bay bridge to have to lay is blocked off and if one should lower deck it will be fine but the approach is pretty backed up because the maintenance work. >>darya: statewide mandatory governor brown improve emergency job regulations last month and me to cut water usage by 2 to 5% or else >>will tran: or else could find they've been trying to do that they've talked to a really good talk with they never really did it pfft the yacht belonging shaving their toll the water district they're right fines and it did not happen but not according to the state it will happen and will happen more
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frequently such you get the idea and the reason why a change is because not every city use the same water 7 cisco that even have many places they're asking to allow for those people in the east bay in general they're being asked to cut back 20% if not the east bay mud will tack on $48 to your billing cycle and it continues to do that that number could go up even higher they're really serious about this they're saying if anyone is called water on the lawn between nine in the morning and
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6:00 p.m. you can still do it every other day after 6:00 p.m. a lot a few of our response and some places that got some plans to launch have turned brown but i can tell you start today the state would allow the use the word of voluntary we're still try to get reaction from people this is a committee that except the the big lead and other communities will see what they have to say about 11% higher than across the state as far as water usage restriction
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>>will tran: a lot of people are doing this you cannot be surprised your neighbor turns un as well. . >>mark: they stop at midnight including the agency's controversial from data collection program such we
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cannot allow this and the rule of them to be so proud upon that we live in an arbitrary government to world with a collect any thing >>darya: figures to be all spread out and know they will put them in one spot to did you ask you know what information is being given away in what you can do about it is a simpler approach and it is to redesign the my account of this
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>>mark: a misbranding violations dating back four years the meat is very called in their original voluntary call to 1,000 lbs. and was distributed to the seven locations also states without proper usda inspection he is facing overcharges said the body was flown more than 90 mi. away from her home turf days after the six rode girl was found dead outside of sacramento the boyfriend has been arrested. >>reporter: he was taking care
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of the daughter when she went missing thursday morning if he is now in jail accused of murder the six year-old charm remains were found in a brush fire in our rural areas of the uncounted accorded a try to piece together whether she was killed there or and sacramento the reported her missing the day she was found he told detectives he a good ticket care for at his home when he suffered a seizure of the 25 your claims will he will call hours later she was caught new evidence resulted in his arrest late friday night if he is being held without bail and scheduled for to appear in court on tuesday he has a rap sheet with the rest dating back to about 10 including burglary and possession of math he remains cooperatives the change of
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events in the discovery of new evidence that has produced the suspicion. >>reporter: they're working to find out exactly when and where and how they're killed the tech those are not releasing the mug shot say that if they're looking for witnesses who may have seen him. >>darya: the pipeline did not have an automatic shut off valve such as a result of an
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unattended about closure with high pressure to cause more problems a section of the russian pipeline is been tested by a third-party lapped the the company will not say where that is happening if of to what 1,000 gal. of oil was released when the pipe burst on may 19th killing some wildlife. >>mark: they are still fighting over how to split his the state will tell you what they cannot agree on our.
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>>reporter: as soon as a shelter receive a reverse 91 message warning of potential flooding she called in a washington think of moving cages
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and taken all $80 from the lifetime shelter the water is not expected to drop very fast even if it is going down but a very very slowly from the information that we have depended on how the water is spreading around we expect the water to be at a level where it will impact rush-hour traffic in the morning. >>reporter: driver is ignoring the barricades which is why exxon officers have been assigned to patrol the area of the war just because not a drop of rain fell sunday does not mean the flooding risk is gone. our respect to a tape of last and the volunteers these dolls
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were logged have to say. >>michelle apon: out sledding is still a major concern look at the amazing video of livestock bid rescued it was another big texas on sunday here is another cattle just waiting for responders and you could also see there being diverted to an area with less water in the risk for the weather is possible for west texas. >>mark: his office the hurricane season in the atlantic and to tell me they will alter six hurricanes are expected to form the base of the season it does every year and a recall for prepared this noting that one bad storm makes for bad season overall site to predicting 611 named storms may law isis has now been removed from the list of hurricane names.
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>>james: we have some foggy drizzly cloudy conditions here primarily in the north a resting if filter out this is a live look the golden gate bridge cameras shoulders when it is like for the 101 southbound ride into san francisco from here i love to jump over to what the creek is a very different picture yes it is cloudy we have some more sunshine filtering through it is dry if you're in the east bay valley and the commute is going to take it for the peninsula you could expect us by the tide the judge will be collected on the windshield you have to run the wipers was or twice be prepared break umbrella if you're ride however texas to the san mateo bridge there is cloudy but dried no reward for the mid peninsula speaking of which we have the sfo can't show was the cause of the airport and i will tell you as a result we have delayed 43
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minutes allowed for incoming flights because of the low visibility no problem of loss and jose right now just sfo we have some drizzle some light rainfall is pretty much the blind is north of the bay bridge ride around here dropped where six of the light shower activity the east of a valid the south of the lower peninsula not say much of it all ' is right now bay area wide by 3 this afternoon before cash to the south bank calls as a victory in san jose low seventies to the silicon valley montagu's sunnyvale curtailed all coming in across 71 to 73 degrees low seven is expected in the he's been out of 07 for the napa valley with of the six is for the rest of the north bank san francisco dollars tulsa to open by of if 64 but for most a
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cloudy conditions with overcast conditions in the chest was a light rain and drizzle. >>james: will keep the mile run for the rest of the work we got a lot of movement with the temperatures until friday to saturday sphere that is the fourth-listed over to the traffic center. >>robyn winst: shut the back of after they bridge toll plaza and not getting any better if you have the driver into san francisco you will be sitting in this back appear strictest of the 880 of a crossing on to all connectors brought 8024 west about 580 with 580 also stop and go all the way across loud out toward fremont the drive times up to 30 minutes from the foot of the maze to downtown san francisco 50 minutes to the airport shift those of a car pool lanes of your car pulling yourself a lot time you have to
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sit in the back of the san mateo bridge is creeping along 92 west of the slalom start from the 880 connector of the south about limits in the slow from san leandro hey were connected with 92 if you have to use the san mateo bridge just know it will be packed all the way across to foster city but out to rubble one connector the golden gate bridge is the easy ride so far in those directions in and out of san francisco is packed in starts in san leandro from the 230 a connect it will be stop and go from hayward to union city to free my it is good through milpitas. >>robyn winst: 38 minutes from 238 tie with 237 was to get off the san mateo bridge stopping the traffic above directions north and south into and out of san mateo terrell were from the
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pit of lower deck because the big backed up into san francisco and had to lay is blocked off the back of off 2101 it will be sought from the 280 split ticket in order to bay very quiet so far if it will be offered on his work led to san rafael with a live shot of the golden gate will be a smooth ride across the span. >>mark: computer is worth to $1,000 in the mystery lady still does not know it. >>phillipe djegal: they claim to bay area are very popular show like any other day at the start of april customer this time an
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elderly lady parker is u v like this one in front of the milpitas were house to drop off some recyclables, she said know my husband just passed away i just want to clean the grosz she left and then victor said the boxes down and would hold about the two weeks the recycle guy with toolboxes taking inventory when he saw something to look exactly like this it looked fake because the computer should be metal or plastic mat out of did want you can imagine his surprise i said what? are you kidding
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>>phillipe djegal: a private collector made it all from the new farm treasure how much do you want? $200,000 he said of past see tomorrow if both sides completed the transaction that it was to share his joy in the companies will by splitting the profit with the woman who started all he hoped she sees this and come forward made while he's had his fund was since.
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>>darya: he is happy about everything will they're introducing its new proposal for a futuristic headquartered expansion would be a big push more what is cooler apple or who will--google it >>darya: is on the site that they lease from the city ratner complex it would have us all a water treatment plant >>mark: the windows 10 is coming out next month microsoft is
7:24 am
encouraging customers to reserve a copy of the system starting today it will be freed during the first year if you're upgrading >>darya: the disney survey says customers don't want to pay more what if we did a tiered stand the time more popular titles like christmas you pay more if summer but everyone has to go during the summer know what's that. sean the family of
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robert williams is back in san francisco where they're trying to figure of how to split his estate that matches would go and three children are divided over how much cash she should receive a that met with the mediator and settle most of the differences over the purse of fact of the act a comedian if the cannot figure out how much of should receive of our lifetime if they have not reached a settlement. >>stanley roberts: coming up a drive to the back rows of the bread would reveal some interesting things back i will show you what i found in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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here is stanley roberts who found some:people behaving badly >>stanley roberts: one might expect to see it the battle or even the plastic bag or to swing in the way and sad but true but a whole bed room set guess you're looking at the chance to you're sitting out on deer valley road and a head board along with the shares among other things the only thing missing is the masters a
7:28 am
few miles ahead is a mattress all of the things like a coffee maker box for this box of endurance-the shoes they have complained that the stretch of road to the antioch border is littered with items really dug in their correct the keyword is littered you'll find more the usual trash the could always tell there was a problem is seaside's like the two leading if you're caught out their plan on going to jail what you see the normal stuff like bales of hay and use tractor you also see this plastic bags with unknown trash inside except this bag has been left open the throttle liquids are leaking out there is because is the problem or the bay with the blood got its a little of nowhere and trashing the landscape and is no different on deer valley road. >>stanley roberts: of the size
7:29 am
bed had sideshows of your tube. >>mark: the legislation said to be introduced today to curb sugary drink consumption and san francisco will have more on the apple computer discovery will show you more ahead.
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>>james: our camera so must the klaus the missed the drizzle as a lot better looking than it was a half hour ago with the entire land to cover an rain drops in
7:31 am
stock car after car with windshield wipers going at a pretty good clip to looks pretty good the wipers are not really being used because it is beginning to back off just a little bit here is a of a camera in the san francisco area of the bay bridge people walking rob black jackets laurel umbrella as the moisture to the dense fog coming out every now and then but at the moment we're doing ok in san francisco and allow were looking for most cloud a condition bay area wide. >>james: mid-60's at that point
7:32 am
by 4:00 this afternoon and keep all the cool and breezy side temperatures by the bay and along the coast >>robyn winst: it is passed through hey where all the wealth to the 92 connector and creeping along the spatter out to foster city and 101 it takes 27 minutes with the average drive tied with a will grow when connected in san the sale this is the ride on was about to see for the one my
7:33 am
incident right before the tunnel that is clear but the back upstarts' and walnut creek from the 68024 split the lafayette into orenda track of the tunnel and by the time is to open side is to be back to a limit unless you're heading into san francisco to the backed up. >>darya: if the trial is set to begin against the south bay school district to see whether the leaders there are liable for former teacher sexual abuse it was two years ago when he was found guilty of blindfolding and then molested five of his former students if the families of four of those victims alleged disregard a clear warning signs that if this report the school district has denied such.
7:34 am
>>darya: new legislation has been expected to introduce today a required so that adds to have water labels that worry should redress the trade to obesity into decay it would ban so but of public property and prohibit city funds for being used to buy solar the beverage association fight legislation >>mark: made his attention known last november if you're interested in running you have a to do line to file proper paperwork the election is november 3rd >>darya: the facebook headquarters a menlo park are upset over the company's real name policy facebook will
7:35 am
acquire its users to create accounts using their real names would protest was about to sign up with the name they used in real life facebook came under pressure last year for deleted account to use fake names the company apologize to the issue said it was changing his policy but they say the have that change the policy discussed at 11:00 this morning. >>mark: he is the eldest son of the vice-president joe biden not forbid a public servant and suffered health problems for years with the attorney general that they attribute for him for the senate floor yesterday and would like to express my consent condolences to the entire buy and family and their moment of such deep and profound loss.
7:36 am
>>: was a loving father of two and a devoted partner to the woman he loved the sooner arrangement are pending. >>mark: after secretary state john kerry broke his leg in a bike crash of the weekend the secretary flight to boston for treatment they had planned to travel to paris to push negotiations past the june 30th deadline >>darya: the new $4 million fire station remains and the after questions about whether the building is accessible to people with disabilities they're
7:37 am
looking at the kitchen the dining room and the bathroom and all they've identified 43 potential deficiencies the fire chief believes the some of the the tech the flaws of foolish but they involve work areas and other features that all the firefighters will use. >>mark: a very wet a liftoff of this puts the water to talk back to his natural ram the lake could start dropping again soon because of the drought is the first time the water has been so i since dropping below the rim level last october the lake could hover is 6000 to lead to 33 ft. that led us to stay afloat despite the drought and landed water cut in some places they're busy they have been in years as always in may from the recession and has cast a said on pools across some of the
7:38 am
restriction of filling in briefly to the polls if the contractors are fighting a uses less water the lawn. >>mark: about the resurgence the creator of the popular go good about giving away half of his fortune will explain the head.
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>>robyn winst: i want to show you the heavy traffic on highway 92 is still packed from the nimitz freeway all the way across the span it is called a foster city and hayward if you have to use 92 at all extra 1520 minutes for your love drive times. >>michelle apon: trendy all lied a farmer for popular your complete is the latest money to help refugees. tesla.
7:42 am
>>james: will track the weather around the bay here is where temperatures are right now widespread amid the upper 50s off to a warm start will have the full four cascarilla
7:43 am
7:44 am
time for the world according to gary presented by hershey >>darya: it is tough being a famous athlete >>gary: it is tough being anybody. at >>darya: you do a mistake--and every one is on your back. >>gary: if you watch the game listen the guy has and having a great change that was the game right there. to >>darya: to make it worse was
7:45 am
would he did not get the ball and did he did the support around >>gary: listen in that room someone from the mistake like they never played themselves. >>darya: is pretty much all the fans they will call like it is and how about all the fans will be crazy because steph curry in the family were there >>gary: you would have thought that was the whole game. >>darya: they put them on the kids cab all my god. >>gary: klay thompson with today's gain--with to the a's game >>darya: they went and purposely said but they wanted to sit out with every one of which was so awesome >>gary: like he came by himself.
7:46 am
>>darya: finally he answered the question how we stopped steph curry the same way you can stop me you can't. the first time you said what is the grumpy about >>gary: he is telling the truth >>darya: he is looking good as far as the latest the code says that to all the assessments >>gary: if he was still feeling pain to go out there for 3 1/2 hours that would have been good
7:47 am
the doctors also will suggest unless he was feeling better ask into 3 04 they're looking good. >>darya: that went to when they would have 22 wins and a mother which would have been the most of the giants in 61 years they still finished our they're happy with the 21 and died but it would have been the most wins in 61 years. >>gary: that would have been the wedding for may it would have been >>darya: the first time that had 21 wins the could not make it
7:48 am
to 22. >>darya: talking about the stance of how bad a great tide i wanted to use the athletes pain the johnny mandel is like i understand your the public eye and the fans are all around it you want to cite all what about with you do not and it is harassing harassing in the job is up through what about the guy. >>gary: yet yet--yes yes he has to really watch it. >>darya: fans can be jerky you cannot let that get to you and of course the first question is was he drinking and they said no but i am going to your at the fourth season first of all this to stay away from the stars with they were allowed the 18 year- old kid for two hours giving autographs give me a picture he touched and finally he said
7:49 am
backlog that he chapter what about in his direction. >>gary: 50 did not want to bother than stay home if you're not in the mood was decidedly fall was sometimes enough to like it did you have to stay home if you're lucky enough to have a job where people know you needed a lot of money and then you go outside yet to be decent to people but i could see both sides within you have to stay home and know about you ask >>darya: these guys get the bat had lied and they have fans or hecklers he was at the four seasons that he was even applaud area and of off area and for like two hours finally he realized it by getting an
7:50 am
autograph if he's like good enough never starting in the nfl john is a yield of two hours or the kid was leaving less well. >>darya: that athletes never going to look good that really is something you have the way everything is a lesson would you rather be me sitting here being harassed for this 18 year-old would hours to kill this huge room his side would be if i sign this kid have decided everyone else's such. >>darya: all you need to do is fight on persevere just like a little piccolo player that was
7:51 am
crying and her team lost and she kept seoul during all know you can buy a bubblehead of her kicks the does everything another probable is available sit the team was our third route and the tears about hilarious hope you like it. >>darya: while i am a planner >>gary: thank you in advance >>darya: it will be on his desk that bob and i will order it.
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>>james: let's talk about the weather this morning we begin with a live look from the bay bridge and a water droplet of land missed and drizzle and parts of the bay most of the areas affected have been basically at the bay bridge no. we have the clouds of there this morning and delays as a result for the treatment delays for arriving flights focus and was a
7:55 am
justified and usual the sec to look as simple as a from the back rear mild so have not seen much movement most of the bay area in the midst of the fifties right now here's a quick look at where temperatures will be this afternoon eventually will what an up and when that is where the sun side and low '70's for the east bay valleys it will stay in the upper fifties to low 60s the potential shower activity was picked for the lot back all day long and keep that in the forecast for today mon. tuesday where looking at pettifog start but things will go part beclouded by the afternoon temperatures will still the mild side things do
7:56 am
change as it is a friday that is the way the weather would develop drop the week. >>robyn winst: for loss of slow traffic but no major trouble spots and that is a good idea if you can bet if you have to pay cash or south track you back to 880 of a crossing took to minutes from the maze of downtown san francisco in the stock to go all the way across the span into downtown it will
7:57 am
be smooth all this band but once again be careful out there if you're driving it will be slippery just make sure you're driving at reduced speed of less the 50 mistletoe plaza. >>robyn winst: those in the traveler city's streets of boys' softball mission crews are investigating a fatal crash near the sullivan underpass that the
7:58 am
stress of south about. >>darya: at 757 will be back with more reliable. >>darya: do not go away
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mandatory water restrictions in the state. why cities are being asked to cut back even more and why it's not to same from city to city. . and why the tenants failed to extend the patriot act. and why won't the fog go away? >> away?
8:01 am
kron 4 news at 8:00 starts now. >> all right. you start. >> why? why? why? [laughter] let's get more on the forecast. >> is it summer yet? are we there yet? no. it is june. it is a cloudy drizzling gray day. we are golden gate lens. a lot of water on the deck. sprinkles coming down aim throughout the north bay. -- all throughout the north bay. it includes the golden gate bridge. this is the view a lot of folks are waking up to. we are not seeing it everywhere. the clouds are here but no rain. we are getting off to a dry
8:02 am
start. it is for the south bay and lower half of the peninsula. here is how the weather will break down. the early morning hours still seeing the cloudy foggy start. temperatures in the mid-to upper 50s. you can see the coast on the bay. numbers don't shift a lot especially out by the bay side. it is 58 around the noon hour. you'll notice it more inland. that's where we'll see more sunshine. we'll be in the low 70s for most of our inland east bay and north bay communities. the showers are expected to linger in the north bay today at least heavy drizzle anyway. the napa valley getting up into the low 7 0s. most of the wine country will be in the upper 60s this afternoon. mid-to upper 50s. we'll be back in 15 minutes.
8:03 am
we'll talk about the extended outlook coming up. >> it has been a slow commute all morning. so far it's not getting any better. no crashes or stalls here. maybe you want to hop on bart or car pool. look at the car pool lanes on the far left or far right hand sides. you're backed up and it spills over to 24 westbound. the usual stop and go conditions for the 8:00 hour. yes, it's packed all the way across into san francisco. it is just as bad leave san francisco. it is just as bad all the way over to the sky way. it picks up. we are getting word of a new problem at the ocean avenue exit. it is a injury crash. if you have to use 280 you're crawling out all the way over to the 101 connector. it is as you work your way out of san francisco. i'll keep an eye and let you
8:04 am
flow -- let you know if they have things clear. >> if governor said that the emergency drought regulations require that we cut our water use by 25%. we are there live this morning. it's one of the cities that faced the toughest restrictions. hi. >> reporter: in this city it is 36%. it is higher than the state requirement of 25%. it is what it is. the reason why they use more water than other cities so they have more room and so called fat to shed. joining me now is annica. she is on her way to dropping off her child at the school. she almost believes you guys are being targeted. >> it can be done. >> what do you plan to do to make it happen. >> okay.
8:05 am
we weren't here last year. i do believe 36% was compared to 2013. so for us it's just creating new habits. >> the lawn here is so important. i would imagine the bulk of the water, you don't mind that your lawn turns brown? >> if we are lucky and things change we can spend more water again but so far it has to go. >> reporter: theoretically you cut back 30% and you still have to cut back and you would be fined. >> we would have to try it and see how it goes. i think we can. >> reporter: thank you. i know you're busy. in other cities like san francisco they are being asked to cut back only 8%. the reason why is because they don't use as much water. there's not a lawn to worry about. east bay is asking people to
8:06 am
cut back 20%. it is different in city to city. if you want to know how much your city is being asked and you have to switch every provider go to their web site and they will let you know. this man says it won't be a problem for him because he was trying to cut back even before the state told us a couple of weeks ago. some are okay with it and others think it is ridiculous at 36%. >> it is funny because i thought that looks pretty lush, that property behind you. >> reporter: he said he cut back but according to the state we are not cutting back enough. in general we are all cutting back 8% but he may cut back 20%. let's see what he has to say there a couple of months from now when he is sitting at 25 or 30% and he gets a fine. let's face it. do you want lawn shaming which
8:07 am
seeping to be the new phenomenon? >> you stick out and you should feel guilty. you have a bright green lawn. it is the lawn shame that works. and several of the domestic surveillance program haves stopped including the phone data collection program after provisions of the patriot act. the senate agreed to debate the freedom act. the nsa started shutting down several of the surveillance programs. it extends some of the less controversial. the senate is expected to pass the freedom act but it could take a few more days. a search for a missing girl is now a homicide investigation and the man who reported her missing is facing murder charges. rivera was taking care of his
8:08 am
girlfriend's daughter when he reported her missing on thursday morning. now, her body was later found in a brush fire in a rural area of glenn county. the boyfriend, rivera, told detectives he was taking care of the girl at his home and he suffered a seizure. he is set to appear in court tomorrow. the mother is not consider add suspect. a tornado touched down in indiana, tossed cars on top of each other. we'll show you video coming up. plus this handbag sets a new record. we'll tell you how much it costs coming up. still a heavy drizzle and fog around the bay this
8:09 am
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♪ (music throughout) ♪ sfx: (smash) sfx: (roar) ♪♪♪ sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars) welcome back. no problems on the span. it starts after the toll plaza. it will be creeping all the way
8:12 am
across. average drive time from 22 minutes towards the 101. >> keeping an eye on the weather around the bay. widespread with low 60s inland. it is a wet one for some. we'll explore that in more detail coming up.
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in houston they have seen $45 million worth of damage and recovery crews will be using drones. they want to bring people peace and closures. also they will be using the drones to collect data. at least 31 people have been killed in the storms that started in texas and oklahoma over memorial day weekend. confirm's tornado did touch down. it tossed two cars on top of each other in indiana and damaged two homes. it was likely on the ground
8:16 am
only two minutes. it should be a pretty quiet one. only three to six hurricanes are expected to form. no repairedness. it only takes one storm to make for a bad season. they are predicting 6 to 11 named storms. isis has been removed from the list of hurricane names. we'll see the chance of scattered showers remain most of the day. the rest of the bay area. places have seen any moisture. i think you'll be under the gun pretty much all day long right along the coastline. here is a quick look in the east bay where the picture is
8:17 am
slightly different. if you're waking up thinking everything is fine i'll get on my way be ready for the mist and drizzle. you'll bring maybe a hood, something to cover up with at times. as you approach the bay bridge we have water droplets on the bay bridge. the sprinkling on the windshield. if you're commute takes you down towards the san mateo you're low enough you won't see any of that drizzle coming down at the moment. the airport, no drizzle reported but low clouds. just want today let you know. temperatures mild. upper 50s to low 60s. 58 to 59 degrees currently in oakland and san jose. as of this afternoon we'll see the warm up in the east bay and south bay will have the best shot of seeing sunshine. we'll be have highs in the low
8:18 am
70s. in the north bay perhaps maybe the napa valley. we'll keep with the cloud cover and the chance of drizzle and occasional sprinkle throughout the day. chance to have drizzle and 64 in oakland. in the south bay you're looking at mostly low 70s. here is your three day outlook. we talk about the rain. tomorrow drizzle is gone. fairly dry forecast for tuesday and wednesday however temperatures don't budge much. we'll keep it unseasonably cool. maybe by the end of the week we'll see a nice little warm up. i'll show you that probably a half hour from now. stay tuned for that. now onto traffic we have robin looking there this morning. what do you see? >> i see the traffic is improving. there's a back up there but your drive time is decreasing. look at the cash lanes. it's backed up so that's a sign that traffic is spinning out a bit for now. it can get slower as we
8:19 am
progress through the morning. it is spinning out a little bit. if you have car pool you're okay. it is still backed up towards the 880 overcrossing. your drive time dropped down to 16 minutes. it is going back between 16 and 18 minutes to get into downtown san francisco. this is exactly what we expect for the 8:00 hour. you're creeping along. it will be backing up on the bridge now. there's a lot of heavy traffic. it is those connector ramps. they are backing up and getting into and out of san mateo. it puts more pressure and still heavy all the way across the span. checking back in on the richmond bridge we have a back up here. it stretches not quite to richmond parkway but all the way up through the toll plaza. it will be a cool ride backed
8:20 am
up onto your approach. crews still investigating a fatal crash. not causing a huge delay but it is closed to investigate a spinout. a car ran off the road into a tree. it resulted in a fatality. this is 101 into and out of san mateo. it is also a pretty slow ride through san francisco. it is through the split onto the sky way and picks up onto the lower deck. look at this. we have a crash backing you up. of course more heavy traffic waiting for you at the 101 connector. flow into san francisco and out of san francisco. more than 680 people are in isolation after they had
8:21 am
contact with people with the deadly virus. three more people in south korea tested positive for the middle east earn respiratory sin come. that is total of 17 infected. 682 people are now isolated. the virus has been mostly limited to medical staff who treated the first patient as well as family medical members. may was the most violent month in baltimore. 43 people were killed in baltimore last month bringing the total number of people to 116. this time last year baltimore didn't even have triple digit homicides. at the same time the number of arrests in baltimore has fallen. it is following the april dead of freddie gray. and time right now is 8:21. trending online a handbag setting a new record.
8:22 am
one style lover bought the back for $222,000. it is setted with 18-carat white gold and hardware. it beat the previous record of $203,000 in 2011. >> thank you. after the break we'll make it easier for users to understand their privacy policies an controls, the new features the company is rolling out today. it is a heavy drizzle we are seeing. wet roadways here and drizzle coming down still at the richmond bridge.
8:23 am
♪ ♪ ♪ it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
8:24 am
8:25 am
happening daybreak buying new features to privacy control. it is easier to find and navigate and know how to block things. they want users to feel more comfortable about the information they do or don't give away. the approach is called my account hub you can undergo a check up that will break down which services are gathers user information. up to know google's privacy
8:26 am
control were spread out across all different parts of web site. the new proposed nfl stadium is one step close tore reality. demolition crews discussed how they would make way for the stadium. plans call for a 260-acre area to be turned into a residential development. the owner is part of this group planning to build the 80,000 seat stadium on the site. the rams haven't said whether they plan to move back to los angeles though. neither team said whether they plan to relocate. more vehicles added to the air bag recalls. general motors adding 330,000 chevrolet pickup trucks. model years 2007 and 08. it stems from the air bag
8:27 am
inflaters where they can break and shoot shrapnel. they say six people have died from this and more than 100 injured. the dealers will replace the inflaters at no cost to you. and windows 10 is coming out next month. it is coming to 100 countries in july. they are urging consumers to reserve their copy to be sure they will be able to install the software. it is free the you're upgrading a new or windows 7 or 8.1 device. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news we'll hear from jackie who just finished up talking to police about what lead up to the crash. and a live look at the golden gate bridge. there is rain in marin county. we'll tell you how long that will last coming up.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
good morning. the drizzle has been coming down in the north bay. we have been seeing it in parts of oakland and richmond. this is sort of drizzle activity. expect it to continue throughout most of the day. we'll enjoy dry and cloudy and cool conditions. we are dealing with upper 50s and low 60s right now. it is off to a real mild start. mostly cloudy around the bay. temperatures warming inland to the mid-60s. we'll get a degree or two in the coast but we'll keep it mild there because of the clouds. winds will pick up. temperatures will warm up to about the low 70s by the bay and by the coast temperatures in the mid-50 toss mid-60s at
8:31 am
best. temperatures off to a warm start. it is 61 in con saturday and your full forecast coming up in 15 minutes. let's head to the traffic center. >> heavy traffic here. not a hot spot. no crashes our stalls on the man. it goes all the way up and loosens up and will be stop and go for those of you continuing over here. coming up morgan hill this is an overturned crash. the vehicle that flipped over is actually off to the shoulder. nothing blocked here. it's not a major trouble spot so there's a lot of stop and go conditions there leaving from tenant up to the scene.
8:32 am
after the it finally picks up. >> reporter: traffic could be a major issue for anybody that uses seat belt mission boulevard. they continue to investigate a one car fatal accident. accord to go police they say at around 3:45 a honda da was traveling southbound on mission boulevard and left the roadway and struck a tree. witnesses heard it, called police and the fire. when they got out here they found a 61-year-old male victim inside of the car. the car was to so mangled they that had to get the victim out of the vehicle. they had planned on life flighting him to the hospital but determined he should get to a hospital as quickly as possible. they took him by ground. once at the hospital that victim was pronounced dead. there's on unknown reason why
8:33 am
he left the roadway. police are saying that southbound mission boulevard could be closed until at least 11:00 or 12:00 later this morning. jackie, kron 4 news. seeing whether leaders are liable for a former teacher's sexual abuse. two years ago craig chandler was accuse of blindfolding and molesting five students in san jose. now the families of four of those victims allege that former top school administrators disregarded signs and reports of bizarre abuse involving chandler. the school district denied prior reports. new legislation is expected
8:34 am
to be reintroduced today. think would have warning labels saying sugary drinks could lead to tooth decay and diabetes. the american beverage association industry group plans to fight the legislation. the mayor can panning to file for re -- planning to file for reelection today. today will be a formal filing process. if you're interested in running for mayor yourself you have until june 9th to file the proper paperwork for the november 3rd election. big news that we are following this morning. joseph beau biden died on saturday after battling brain cancer. the eldest son of vice president joe biden was known for being a servant. beau biden was known to many as
8:35 am
a dedicated public servant, a loving father of two. he was just 46 years old. funeral arrangements are pending. nuclear associations could be sidelined after john kerry broke his leg near geneva. the 71-year-old hit a curb with his bike breaking his upper leg. kerry is the lead american negotiator on curbing the nuclear ambitions. they may push it past the deadline. a $4 million fire station remains empty because of questions about whether the building is accessible. city inspectors looks for the kitchen, dining room and bathrooms. it is in handicap accessibility. the fire chief believes some of these defects are foolish
8:36 am
because they involve work areas that only the firefighters would use. the sad news out of san francisco, a 32-year-old polar bear has died. he was born in 1982 and raised by the staff there. she was one of the oldest polar bears in the u.s. before she died on friday. a zoo staff as she got older over the years as arthritis began to effect our ability. it is the diligent care she received from zoo staff. some lucky pets have a flu home this morning. more than 100 bay area animal shelters offered free pet adoptions over the weekend. it covers the adoption fees and that's how they can do it. this was the scene at the adoption event that they had outside the spca. those that walked up with new pups and took them home, they say they are helping pet that
8:37 am
is have a rough life. >> she had a tumor and she is still having surgery on her stomach. she already had a tumor removed right there. >> oh. oh. look at all of those pets. they are all finding new homes. they had a can want adoption i vent too. that was held at the cat cafe in san jose. warren buffet is offer to go have lunch with the highest bidder on obey. the bidder goes up to $525,000 this morning. offers will be taken friday night. last year offers came in at 2.1 million. buffet will have raised more than $20 million. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a san francisco couple quitting their city jobs to do something a lot of people
8:38 am
have dreamed up. we'll tell you what that is coming up. the tiny camera that goes everywhere so you never miss a moment. it's gadgets to know coming up in the tech report. >> you're missing all the of the moments taking videos constantly. >> if you miss a moment you can watch it later. >> right? exactly.
8:39 am
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8:41 am
it would react to a congestion pricing. they would work all year. there could be cheaper tickets for no it is like everything you go to these days. look, when the cavs play the warriors it will cost more. >> yeah. adjust in pricing. >> let's take a look at the bay bridge. >> if you have to use westbound 80 this morning you'll be sitting in traffic. 17 minutes from the foot heading into downtown. 43 minutes to the airport.
8:42 am
it is slow all the way across to the central freeway. i'll have a complete traffic check coming up for you in just a bit.
8:43 am
8:44 am
waterproof camera plus the device that gives your iphone a boost. >> summer is a great time to travel and all of these will make a great addition to your carry on bags. you make the memories, they will help you remember them. this has fantastic video quality and it's simple to use. pick it up, hold longer for video. everything is capture until wide angle. a sensor and the grip automatically turns the sensor on. >> reporter: use your smart phone as a realtime view finder
8:45 am
and transfer your pictures. it even goes under water. $200. so does this e drive atc. it floats plus it's pressure, shock and dustproof. $230 great if you travel. speaking of travel, this computer will make you the envy. it is one of the best looking laptops on the market starting at $800. >> the screen stretches from side to side. it is made out of gorilla glass. this web cam is kind of at an awkward angle. it is a beast with battery life. >> this is a spare charge their sits on ton of your iphone. the back up battery also gets charge so you have an extra
8:46 am
boost. be sure you don't leave your charger behind like i almost did in a hotel room, $40. this camera is always a blast. all you to do is pick it up. if you want to learn more go to the web site. i'm rich, that's your tech report. more on california's drought. the pool contractors as homeowner emerge for the recession. a water agencies looking into restrictions on filling or refilling swimming pools but swimming pool contractors are fighting back. they say studies show an average swimming pool use about the same as drought power landscaping. and a wet may as there were storms in the sierra. the lake could soon start to
8:47 am
drop because of the drought. it's the first time since october. they also say the lake could hover for a few weeks and likely go down through the summer and early fall. the rim is at 6233 feet. >> not everybody is as dry as we are here. >> well, the north bay is awfully wet this morning. big tanker ship coming through right now. >> and it looks like the clouds are like this all day? yeah, this will be your forecast all day dodd. after that things look great. for today we are dealing with this weather. it is an improvement. we have been showing you this shot and we have been covered with rain droplets and folks are making their way southbound. it looks fairly mild out there. we are actually seeing breaks in the clouds.
8:48 am
you can see some blue. this is near wall threat creek. some of the valleys will see warmer temperatures this afternoon. here at the bay bridge of course we have clouds running up against the east bay bridge. we look out to the lower peninsula. it is cloudy but the sky is beginning to brighten up a little bit. we are beginning to see clouds lift just a touch. it is not enough to warrant any lifting right now. right now running a little more than 40 minutes. san jose and oakland doing justifiable no question there. here is where temperatures are. you can see slow to warm up. the sun is having a tough time getting through the clouds. in the east bay and south bay it will happen. town about 73 to 75 in the south bay. san francisco downtown and most of the north bay will be covered in cloud cover. as a result look for upper of
8:49 am
0s to maybe a low 70 in the north bay. 64 will be your daytime high. here is your extended outlook. we'll keep temperatures relatively even. that's below where we should be for this time of year. it will feel like inland highs up to the upper 70s and low 8 0s. that's the weather. now to the traffic. >> thank you. traffic ton san mateo bridge. i showed you a live shot. it was creeping along. you can see speeds are picking up. you're okay coming from the hayward side. it will be congested but only 18 minutes. i think it's a pretty good drive time heading towards 101. we have had no major trouble spots. that's always great news. a lot of stop and go traffic. if you have to use 580 it will
8:50 am
be stop and go all the way towards the dublin interchange there. your average drive time is 37 minutes. if you're heading to fremont keep in mind crews investigating a fatal crash. it is on city street. southbound mission is closed under the sullivan overcrossing. a driver ran off the road into a tree. morgan hill there's an overturned crash. it is not a hot spot. it is all off to the shoulder. it will be slow all the way up working your way through morgan hill. not bad on north 85. north 101 into mountain view. it is all very normal. if you have -- here is your drive time, 25 minutes from north 101 from capital expressway. one more slow down for you. this is waiting for you on the peninsula if you're coming off the bridge for you.
8:51 am
south 101 will be packed into san mateo. the 92 in the eastbound direction is the counter commute it is heavy out of san mateo bridge. >> thank you. the warriors back in the finals and the giants for the top spot any division. we had it all on sports night live. >> the last time i watched i was a little kid. it is so exciting. i am really looking forward to this one. >> this is will clay thompson be ready by thursday? here is the latest from the head coach. >> there is sort of nba and league protocol. >> is he an all star right now?
8:52 am
>> he has done everything without him. they would have as many wins as right now. >> this is kind of hot lately. they won six out of their last nine games. >> it is as much as i had. it is all in good fun. we are coming over here and not redeem him as well. it is special. a lot of those guys enjoy watching them. >> brandon crawford, he doesn't make those. >> he doesn't make errors. it is something brandon doesn't do. they don't write them off. >> and that crowd will not let him quit. >> check it out every sunday at 9:00 p.m. right after the news. and time right now is 8:52. trending online a trip of a lifetime. a local couple is ditching their jobs to set sail for two
8:53 am
years. they will hop on their 43-foot long sailboat this october. they will leave at a san francisco bay tech company. they spent $140,000 on a boat. 38,000 for other expenses and they will have a budget of $3000 per month. the couple is also teaming up and will deliver water filters along the way. >> thank you. happening today the state assembly and senate are voting to make june 1st disneyland day. this is after the 60 anniversary diamond celebration. it would honor the memory of walt disney. mickey mouse will be there as they vote on the proclamation. hard to vote it down with mickey there. >> yeah. and a successful weekend
8:54 am
for the bottle rock weekend. sold out crowds enjoyed the headliners. there were local chefs and wine maker offering a wide variety of food and drink. >> it has been amazing. i don't expect all of the venues to come out with food. everything has been great as far as being organized. this is awesome. >> have you been there before? >> yeah. this is the first year. >> why is this better? >> way more organized. it seems less chaotic. the first year everyone was kind of all over the place and parking was really hard. >> nice. police say there were 12 arrests that were made but for the most part everything went smoothly. we'll be right back. taking a live look outside as we have been following it.
8:55 am
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8:57 am
those days. supporters may have built the world's biggest monopoly board game. let's check it out. this is 3700 square feet. the records still need to be verified. the previous record was 2500 square feet. the planning process for this 61-foot by 61-foot board took weeks of measuring. >> see the houses and hotels in the background? >> yeah. look at this. >> yeah. he is a real dog in a real car. >> it's a great idea. about 2000 people participate in a life sized game. >> yeah. san andreaa was able to shake its way to the top of the charts. it brought in about $53.2 million over the weekend. it is his big movie debut. pitch perfect still strong, 15
8:58 am
million in ticket sales. disney east tomorrowland earned 13 million. aloha made 6 million bucks. and wait until you find out how much it costs to raise an everything child today. we'll have the numbers with rob black and mandatory state wide water restrictions. and a story this morning, a very heavy drizzle in parts of the bay.
8:59 am
9:00 am
9:01 am
>>michelle apon: as of right now we've only seen the order of an inch in him and rainfall across the north bay and of course the law of the bay from the southern tip of the golden gate bridge and also seemed default has a need to break it will mainly state across the north back into about 11:00 a.m. to keep for the east bay to start to see the clouds break the law bed at temperatures will be on the slightly warmer side for those areas if you're traveling to san francisco across the peninsula mid-50s to continue on the right now 60 degrees the rain chances will diminish as to the early afternoon. the will reach 50
9:02 am
degrees by 3:00 is a into lower 60s when the drive on how the could be breezy at times. >>robin winston: it's been slow off a lot to the morning without any major problems if you're paying cash a slight improvement in the cash transfer the far right hand side is a good idea to go headed carpool those hostages who right on through without the delay was a decent time out of have fast- track are come from the 880 of the crossing you'll be sitting in traffic but that is normal to the matter cloud our the drive times at 19 in this set the shrine the foot of the maze to downtown san francisco if you're going beyond auto san francisco
9:03 am
or skyways a lot of heavy traffic will hassle commit track and we expect that 15 minutes from the nimitz freeway it is improved and hear the golden gate would never had a major problem getting into and out of san francisco that southbound traffic heading into san francisco we have four lanes to up to get through high with 37 and a lot to offer an odd if you head central center fell. --san rafael >>robin winston: if you have to get to the bay bridge this
9:04 am
morning will be sitting in traffic in the wake in two out of san francisco. >>mark: celestial b&w from the dealership on howard street the pitcher was said to us and looks like police said they made an arrest south. >>darya: that's crazy happen today statewide mandatory water restrictions >>will tran: this community
9:05 am
being asked to cut back 36% not just here at hillsborough morgan hill and they can't afford to do a good analogy would be if you'reeady they can lose 36 percent if they do not they will be fined that data have before long they do not have a backlog and percent according to the state is a lot to ask for san francisco nonetheless was all being asked to pick to end the earlier we talked to one resident she said 36 percent is very doable it wouldn't take bass to six hours it is okay for her lawyer to turn green with the turns brown from grain was also the residences is
9:06 am
unreasonable it's ridiculous what should the 25% was ok they all said they will try their very best is different from city to city. >>will tran: find out from them the state said a guest who had to last year to voluntarily reduce your water usage but as a whole would cut back the a% considering how severe this job is the governor says that is not enough a least 22 to 5%. several >>mark: of the have the
9:07 am
senate who did agree to the freedom act yesterday by the time they passed a key procedural both had already started shutting down several of the surveillance programs the usa feedback extend some of the less controversial provisions for overhauling the nsa install data collection program. >>: we cannot allow this the rule to be sold trod upon that we live better arbitrary government to work with a collect anything they want. anytime want wanted >>mark: they're expected has the freedom at the could take a few more days. >>darya: is a homicide investigation is the man who reported her missing if is facing murder charges he was taken care of his girlfriend's daughter we see here the six year-old that he reported her missing thursday morning later her remains were found in a
9:08 am
brush fire in a rural area of glenn county they told detectives he was taking care of the child what he was at his all he suffered a seizure that his city will cut hours later and she was called he's been held in jail cowbell sinful or parents tomorrow. >>mark: lenticular step forward would tell you what happened over the weekend the pull of republican presidential candidacy is getting a little bigger will to usually the race.
9:09 am
whoa, is ia luhbox t a llown ba rrrr..a turabeau. you' makg meelt.shl we mini bybels 10 turachee and a ole t ofun. mi babel.snk a ttleigge
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>darya: that was the announcement live this morning the south carolina senate made it official panel said he is running for the republican presidential nomination this morning in the small town of south carolina where he grew up he told supporters is ready to be president he was 10 bowser more u.s. troops and a lot to stabilize the role these is falling apart. >>mark: the standards were adopted for levels last according to the sacramental the put several wells and davis
9:12 am
overall limit for the car's engine built by men measures the university is treating water from wells at the site we will be right back.
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>darya: dogcart taken from a bmw dealership on howard street in san francisco and the schedule right through the front window.
9:15 am
>>terisa estacio: he drove an m series bmw brought about a hundred and $50,000 out of the storefront here some mastodon a lot of was able to take off he did however crash about a mile away over by a bar over our union street but before that take a look at test before the suspect the baltic to the front door and he tried to take another bmw and he tried to take into the backed of the building here unfortunately he got stuck in the back of the building and that the police said he scrambled through the dealership and grab the other car and then went through the front the suspect is in custody we didn't know much about him right now but certainly a lot of questions
9:16 am
ride now set to talk to the all of the bmw dealership here at the locally all family all business he says that he was speechless and in shock about the entire situation. >>darya: i'm looking at the pictures of going howell what to? the address see how he mated over >>terisa estacio: it is pretty big adjutancy he just went flying the question as it did you want to go flying to the front of the back of the car through the store for budget to see all the glass you concede that he went through a meter not the down to the ground and then took off from their adequacy he did have this get marks but to lead the remarkable aspect is the car then stuck in the back
9:17 am
of the dealership is still stuck in the back of the dealership it was a once beautiful bmw like five series gorgeous now is all smashed up the sources said some time to get that out. hist. goliath >>darya: thank you to recent >>michelle apon: we have some upper fifties to low 60s will continue to stay that way across the coast however if you're an it will not be as warm as last week was slightly above four should be for the time of the year you have more sunshine in that area however if you're crossed the coast or rest of the bay is a chess for isolated showers and continue to lead into the lunch hour the flights are delayed at average 44
9:18 am
minutes keep in mind if you're picking up the airport nothing all ran as of san write down but the slight chance for a few isolated showers across parts of the north bay and along the coastline lead on into the early afternoon to the rest of the bay plan on a continuing to men by the less hours looking at the next three days a drop the shower is possible into the afternoon looking at the forecast for tomorrow morning fog and keep that mine is purely a little bit earlier warming up into the mid '70s for ellen locations by wednesday it will be another court date across the bay with mid 60s across the deck and some of its upper seventies across a location the temperatures will continue to warm up will let you know how much warmer we're going to get heading into the weekend and the potential for a few isolated showers. >>mark: watching today's winners and losers.
9:19 am
>>rob black: 7% of the economy does well also lead people were hired to the spending is littered under restraint side we ge big savings and gaslit will pay off credit-card debt and other debt issue which is a good thing the bad thing is is not going ship to the economy before hold onto their cash with the job numbers continued to improve with to see wage inflation and that is when the consumer will start building a little bit more in the economy when they get a paycheck that is a little bit bigger than that in seven gas savings that has a really hectic, we like to have been paid of that is ok. >>mark: rate hikes and they've been artificially low we're here and were more people calling for interest rates to start to rise in the u.s... >>rob black: he's won the nobel
9:20 am
prize two years ago for figuring out how to look at assets in the future the stock market is an asset he became a family called for the irrational manner may years ago as the stock market was overpriced and was stock market and how to market overpriced the city for seven systems and space the california are to be altered to avoid about 06 years ago it is up 50% in six years that is too much i could afford today like i could then slid a little anxiety and security mix it with the cheap money the federal reserve has basically created a loss of wealth of the stock market by keeping rates low. >>mark: staggering numbers this morning about how much it costs to raise a child without the cost of college. >>rob black: this is national average not bay area your getting numbers like i will when of people they need to know
9:21 am
that you need to save for retirement or home to tell the child is to was a 40,000 moslems a taint that does not include another half million dollars for college the core remained out to college child care about 44,000 sold 39,000 clothing 33 health- care 20,000 have helped and that your paycheck and america is to have is tied to how much you pay is more like 18 percent more children = less cost basically give a kid he was a total colors a half-million dollar decision. it has >>mark: entire little financial sense. >>mark: we have a question i work for ups should i buy the stock? >>rob black: the problem is not
9:22 am
uses your work your have benefits the people like me and marked consider after the said the socks found to percent so far this year it is hired they missed christmas two years and the package is a little bit over invested this year christmas was a very slow for ups all story short the benefits of adding new technology figure it out the boat prices should equal or better stock and about a year from now. >>mark: if you have requested posted on the facebook page and will try to answer a year--here we will be right back my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids.
9:23 am
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>>mark: did propose new nfl stadium for california and texas another step to bring closer to reality to make way for the
9:26 am
stadium on the side of the racetrack st. louis rams owner is part of the group in nearby carson as boatswain deal in oakland are fighting to keep the teams. >>darya: more vehicles are being added to toccata airbag recall gm sees did have a duty pickup to the recall the model years are the 07 and 08 the recall still some issue with an airbag inflator were the convict in should shrapnel if you're in the vehicle of the national highway administration said six people have died from this issue in more than a hundred have been injured dealers replace the inflated at no cost to the customer.
9:27 am
>>mark: more efforts to curb consumption and a sugary drinks and san francisco will stay with the the proposal or friends love was a politician more the loss of mr. biden how to remember the vice president's late son. many wnklereamcome wi highope buhope. doest wo on inkl. inicly pven neutgena rap wrile rair with t fasst rinolormu avaible, wor on ne les d ev deewrines. yoll s youer lkingkin inust e we. st hopg foresus, and art einghem. rad wrkle pair. ...a forark ots rad to repr.
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>>michelle apon: we're waking up to some cloudy skies across most of the bank if you're a person of the east bay where talk about the east bay valley a little bit of sun, >>michelle apon: for parts of
9:30 am
the peninsula but the growth rate will stay mostly cloudy here is what looks like for the next 12 hours we have clouds are starting to break apart east they will have more sunshine during the lunch hour may be a stray shower fifth off it is going to be always coincide keep that in mind when you make your way out the door of valves by 9:00 with of to let a little bit of clear skies across parts of the delta of the clause to start to move back in for the peninsula log to fog south some there may be a chance of rain will let you know when to expected at 945. >>robin winston: ledger problems out there the bay bridge approach west about very often called for san francisco the lesser on some of the castle is you're fighting for our call
9:31 am
this morning will write down the middle come from a 80 in the maze it is still packed to to lead this is backed up now is drive times increase in 21 minutes from the maze to downtown san francisco 44 minutes getting out for sfo to the golden gate bridge we have a slew traffic in both directions into out of san francisco come from the north that is a little sluggish it picks of after that point to the golden gate bridge you will run into heavy traffic was up about presidio park quick as you merge into richardson out toward arena. >>robin winston: still lots of stopping the traffic to the rolls are still wet on watchers speed if you're driving over to
9:32 am
the traffic map no major problems for a lot of commit traffic from the west about two to four if it clears a local inside the slow track of what it for you in the days off as the marshall 24 to 580 data traffic leading up to the bay bridge was about 80 that will be stop and go from a lot of follow-through richmond about 21 minutes from average drive time from renault heading to doubt the san francisco. >>darya: two years ago now the family of for the victims say the former top school administrators this regard to clear warning size and expense
9:33 am
reports of abuse to revolving around him that denied prior knowledge of his misconduct. >>darya: new legislation as san francisco is trying to curb consumption of sugary drinks one plan requires so the school buses billboards to have warning labels saying sugary drinks contribute to obesity diabetes in tooth decay and other measures could ban soda altogether and prohibit city funds they plan to fight the legislation. >>mark: he made his intent is not known last november will be the filing process people interested in running for mayor he died on saturday of brain cancer he was the eldest son of
9:34 am
vice president joe biden and known for being a public servant is suffered health problems for years but still continue serving as the attorneys general he was known to many as a dedicated public servants the father of two and died a devoted husband at just 46 years old the sure arrangements are pending. >>mark: centers they john kerry broke his leg and a bicycle crash over the weekend the lead american negotiator on curbing nuclear ambitions the injury may push negotiations past the june 30th deadline >>darya: the foreman dollar fire station remains empty for they're looking at the kitchen
9:35 am
the dining room and the bathroom and identified 43 potential deficiencies the center fire chiefs are full of good in all four areas of the features. >>mark: a 32 you're colorbearer died of old age born at the zoo in 1982 and raised by the staff shall live her lap and spent the sea by eight years of one of the oldest old bears in the datasets before she died on friday that to care for days and she got older over the years as arthritis began to affect mobility the various services attributed to longevity and quality of life to the diligent care should receive for the zoo staff the recovery continues in texas this morning at the superstores and flooding will have the lead in the kind of effort is to say whether they will get this week say goodbye to so famous paris low blocks wide the city is taking these
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
>>robin winston: heading into san francisco traffic is so slot between 22 and 28 minutes from the foot of the maze the lessor all of this state are still backed up with a study to see an improvement in the cash level is low all the way across the upper deck heading out toward the central freeway and the son kamal is improving but still quite slow it is less than 30 minutes from the main sitting at the downtown our have a complete and final traffic check coming up. >>darya: the lovelock in paris as soon to court to be no more have been attaching locks with sentiments of messages at the bridge for years some even
9:40 am
through the keys into the river said but officials said the loss of causing portion of the bridges finsen to crumble and all that weight pickpocket's a hang about the source of their the bridge to shut down for one week starting today to what the city removes about 700,000 blocks protective glass panels are going to put on to you cannot put any more locks customer's concern that prices to change the survey as annual pass holders of iraq to a tier pricing system with the most expensive tickets that will work all year round including the times like christmas and summer a cheaper seasons and has will be for non peak times only the downplaying the question about ticket pricing their same difficulty serving customers.
9:41 am
>>darya: speaking of is that the state assembly and the senate are going to make today disneyland day june 1st is comfortable with after launch of the 16th anniversary celebration mickey will be in sacramento today and the state in the assembly will vote on the proclamation and there'll be a big bloom a son of the capital.
9:42 am
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sfx: engines revving. listen up. ready. ready. steady. sfx: engines revving. go! ♪♪ it's more than a movie. it's now a ride. fast and furious. supercharged.
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ride it at universal studios hollywood. >>darya: it will the sun shine and drive that would give the chance for river to receive emergency management of going to be working and a cleanup that a lot to do and recover crude the
9:45 am
country using drones looking for bodies to walk away in the flood water. >>mark: they're about 90 m.p.h. and damage to homes not down numerous trees on the ground for less than the men and no one was injured does not officially a hurricane season started today will probably would seek to many this year thanks to al dale as does every year they call prepared and is in politics one storm to assure the bad season the sizes are predicting between six and 11 named storms the meantime isis has now been removed from the list of hurricane names.
9:46 am
>>michelle apon: web what does all the big more about the storm system bring well off to south we have hurricane andre this will continue to stay well off to the south that are there and we are dealing with that level little bit of low cloud cover pettifog drizzle and a lot of mess with the range as was the across the north bay letter on this afternoon we have some sun and some warmer temperatures as of right now the temperatures are on the warmer side we have mid-60's out there a lot of the '60s along the coast it will be one of those cool days in storm through pointed across the south back meddlesome its seven is nowhere near the mid of the '70s san jose 73 more to the
9:47 am
hill 73 by the afternoon another warm spot will be the east valley and a handful of upper 60s and low were 75 to isolate a percent across the board would at 3:00 with the to kids from school to be across the peninsula and the east bay shoreline. >>michelle apon: heating up into the mid '60s the same for the coast along the beach more clouds and sunshine during the afternoon the best chance for some rain was set across the drop in that will all live last until the lunch hour the just a stray chancellor on this afternoon the continue on with the low normal daytime high for the remainder of the week but by site was up to one back up plan of the seventh for locations will continue to keep our eyes on them as of right now it will be cooler and most applauded for the rest of the workweek. >>robin winston: it is still
9:48 am
backed up the less retired from ride around 530 this morning will be sitting in traffic all the way of to pay its stop and go out to a fremont street some of the castle as in the far left and the far right hand side against you are still backed up if you are planning to take the san mateo bridge a very nice improvement for your commute coming from the east bay heading over to the peninsula at one point was creeping along the south of traffic into san francisco's will all morning ledger's troubles what you get a little slowing a south from the city apart when the richmond san rafael bridge bridge still
9:49 am
slowed just commit traffic on the west about 580 percent the pay date ride around richmond parkway always up to the toll plaza the fremont police department just updated to closure on southbound mission boulevard the area will be blocked off until noon that is the earliest estimate a time for clearing the cause and a huge traffic jam and not impact your commit on 680 or 886. >>robin winston: from 380 to south san francisco to the sky way of the over it will be a very slow ride for those of you try to get over to the east bank.
9:50 am
>>darya: 60 of the people and software are in isolation after it came into contact with people infected with the deadly merge virus today announced three more people in south korea tested positive for middle east and respiratory syndrome regular total amount to 17 in the country with murders of 682 people had close contact with those cases have been isolated it had been mostly limited medical staff treated the first patient as low as family members. . >>mark: 43 people were killed in the city last month for rent and the total homicide for this year's 206 saves by this time last year the homicide had not hit triple digit sphene.
9:51 am
>>darya: take a look into video he pleaded not guilty to off of destruction of the investigation and making false statements about his calculations about how fast the oil was flowing from the weather did what arise an oil rig exploded and april 2010 killed 11 people interviewed ms. of gallons of oil for the gulf of mexico. >>mark: the company wants users to see the more culpable for information the giveaway the simple approach features a redesigned my count of they can find all of the key privacy controls allowed to go check out that will break down which services are gathering user information the privacy controls were spread across different parts of the web site. >>darya: it is that time of the year to try and have lunch with a billionaire businessman he is
9:52 am
also to have laws with the highest bidder on ebay and a gauze for san francisco glide violation it is five under the $25,000 offer the still being taken to a friday night the winning bid was $2.1 million this year's auction matches last year it will raise more the to see million dollars for glide.
9:53 am
whoa, is ia luhbox t a llown ba rrrr..a turabeau.
9:54 am
you' makg meelt.shl we mini bybels 10 turachee and a ole t ofun. mi babel.snk a ttleigge
9:55 am
>>darya: it was sold out every day you can see all the crowds and jaw in the headliners to the dog was they're keeping the
9:56 am
crowd into san all week in long that had winemakers also of variety of food and drinks. way more organized the first-year everyone was all over the place and packing parking was really hard. >>darya: that tell us there were 12 or rest made before the most part everything went smoothly. >>mark: they build the world's largest monopoly board is over 3700 square feet it would need to be verified to certify their surpassed the previous record of 25 and the square feet the planning process for the 61 by
9:57 am
61 footboard took weeks of measuring about 2000 people came out to participate in a life- size game. >>darya: san andreas was a big movie of the weekend we already tested it was fun on the big screen to start at $53.2 million a helicopter made it out and this movie is still got a stronger made $50 million business more land came in third place in the romantic comedy did i get a lot of press and only made to million-dollar is. >>mark: thank you for joining us a lot of drizzle out this morning state of did it with the kron 4 global application our web site are
9:58 am
facebook and twitter and our mobile application. >>darya: see you tomorrow very empowering. check out the new hardware. with the fastest internet available, of our most popular plans.
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