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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 8, 2015 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: back to the work week and that the hot temperatures less get the latest on the forecast. >>anny hong: it is already feeling pretty mild out there for parts of the they will get december to just a second at the golden gate bridge a little foggy out there where some areas of clouds and fog may live for the colts would take a look at the bay bridge completely different clear skies this morning and temperatures are going to be really fast the war up here was the oakland they plan for today to the sea temperatures at 57 degrees
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already in the lore '70s on the sunny skies we are talking a lot '80s already for lunchtime we have a heat advisory for the entire bay area taking it at 1:00 p.m. is a for the entire bay area for the exception of san francisco is continues its 8:00 p.m. tonight right now temperatures in the mid-50s in san francisco 62 in san was at concord checkout livermore already at 68 degrees. rebecca: we have a live shot right now just a couple of our
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struggling through a toll plaza will be a seven minute drive getting into san francisco there is a high wind advisory along depends on the steering wheel in the good old boy was about 92 this should be wrapped up by the 5:00 hour. . >>james: a disappointing defeat for the warriors they lose 95 to
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93 in overtime to lead brown and the cleveland cavaliers. -- lebron james but then lebron james and settle for a three- pointer he takes it down the lane tried to do a little mad as owner of an nicely put in there and that took the wind out regulations put into overtime he pushes it ahead to the towns of what they put it over with a tie the series at one game. >>: it happens to everybody
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mama >>reporter: there is the and i watch it and it would sue blue drinks the can i get anything
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better than this this one went to the cavaliers. >>james: the coverage of the warriors continue on line you can watch your catch up on the game highlights and share the fan photos as well as available knobs of the bay area had line to amend the critical condition after being shot and had it happen in richmond about 130 early sunday morning on 20 of street near across the boulevard police said
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the man shot his 27 years old and checking to see if more information is available this morning also one man is behind bars accused of shooting another man in oakland and cabbages that the 3:00 sunday afternoon the victim on his way to his car when the suspect shot him the man drove herself to the hospital and then in stable condition this morning that said the suspect may have shot himself he is also in stable condition toronto 3 sunday morning this pickup truck went off the road on a manual parkway disturbing video service
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in our texas this morning police said, a mechanic are facing a backlash have and also pointed his gun at our teenagers and a pool party they knew from our partnership with cnn explain some in the committee said incident was an excuse will action by our control police officer. >>reporter: was start as nothing more than graduation party now has been indicated the man in the police department they're responding to a disturbance call of some ec yelling and cursing at teenagers to get to the ground or leave the 14 year- old girl did not leave the officer pusher to the ground teenager girl could be heard saying she wanted a mother when
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he saw led him to place him on a miniature a leave pending investigation many say it would as well as the most about the video to see a plot the done surely at the tech in the porting your to the ground he was overzealous he trip during the video this it also appears the officer was targeting just african-american teenagers. >>james: the police department there is not releasing infamous as to whether or not all set to begin at any previous complaints on his record but a more instrumental as a story comes out will share with you right
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here meanwhile hundreds of bikers from texas are supporting those still locked up after last month did the shooting night would that seem more injured in that shooting with a torn. pizza restaurant in waco that arrest the hundred and 77 people does of whom are now out on a reduced bond those at the weekend rotted said the amount our excess of an unconstitutional. >>: what are you willing to give up? >>james: there are no reports of violence as sunday's rally outside the courthouse will continue to follow the lead of the story as a continue to develop top athletes from around the world competed in the third
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annual from alcatraz to the thousand people left in the senses of bay area for the big race to concede the they're swimming or re itasca one-half mile swim they ran another 8 mi. for the streets in san francisco here is what the two winners, told us about the competition. >>: i think this race is considered to be one of the classics is a privilege i jumped off the bike and.
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>>james: by only two seconds look at that a full finished coming up broadway's biggest award show arrives at radio city music hall who poke away a walk away with a prize. >>anny hong: get ready for some major he visibility down to 1 mi. for half moon bay, some coastal fog and drizzle i will let you know what areas to see 100 degrees is afternoon when we continue after the break.
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>>james: they have been forced
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to evacuate the area about 50 mi. west of the park they're back home this morning and please allow fire started sunday afternoon and burned on 24 a. a last check it was the talk to contain that now look into what started the blaze at the now hurricane had not been downgraded to tropical storm is still bringing in plenty of rain at emergency leaders have put out look to alert and have issued maritime morning's >>anny hong: they are on summer break go to the movies had to
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pull and stay cool to live look as to pull this one in which he declares clyde check out the set was a day planner to specify the lunchtime by 10 this morning 74 we are talking located under a northwestern breeds five dozen miles our our check out a little more 68 degrees right now it will be heating up 65 the pleasant and antioch 57 oakland 53 in san francisco and lower 60s in apple for some of the
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warmer spots and that was attempted by 10:00 getting into the '80s was of a comparable more and will gradually warmed up the lunch time is going to be hot look at the red sea already '90s at lunch at four places around the in the community by 2:00 p.m. will have lasting the part of a wet would indicate triple digit heat. >>anny hong: the coast also warm up quite nicely the heat advisory is in affect the entire bay area of it will still be warm everywhere and it is not going to be hot the heat last
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just goes to that tomorrow will call back down and saw a strong the sea breeze and also tropical clouds coming from. rebecca: it will be a seven minute drive from the tall getting into san francisco we're looking at a problem free ride so far less take a look at the brand new class actually in all but it came to us from the east about 80 right before you get to the cannon street and commit direction kilocycle three vehicles on the right-hand shoulder let's check the east bay travel time at a loss of green on the roadway west about 80 from hercules into berkeley we're looking at 12 minutes by a from the out to my to dublin we're looking at a 24 minute
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drive and also san leandro as you head down to milpitas out about a 80 just 21 minutes. >>james: will have the gunman dead and the arabs also recovering this morning after a shootout over the weekend there were chasing after armed men near the river and watsonville the suspects opened fire hitting one of the odd to in the stomach the gunman was killed when police returned fire investigators said the suspect had encounters with police a glass of some law shooting happened back in 2011 not to national news. the teenager version of bonnie and clyde and now they've been stopped at a six day crime spree spanning three states the 1615 your team small aisle will part saturday when a child car across the ohio river their lead economic and
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turned around as they arrested they're involved in at least two big steps the still ammunition for our robbery and injuring a police officer luckily they made the right decision. >>james: they're being held in a juvenile detention facility the crime spree included to the death of a 21 year-old nigerian students and savannah georgia jail on new year's day at all but ruled homicide autopsy showed a student had cuts and other injuries of his body.
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>>reporter: the county coroner said but for trommel killed 21 year-old the matter of death friends and family frustrated by the county sheriff and what they call his lack of transparency about his death in the college student died while in police custody what happened to him on new year's day is not entirely clear signors surveillance tape he and his your friend struggled during what his family says it was a medical episode he is bipolar his girlfriends this was a bruise and her nose bleeding police say he fought them to he
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becomes come back during the booking process according to police report and and his three deputies included a female sergeant who called suffered a concussion and a broken nose he's also been hired by the ad by family to help them find justice. >>: 1 people as a down to know that if they deny it transparency if this is what to continue to happen i want the family of the map you to know what happened, which is at transparency we ask for openness nine deputies with the county sheriff of us have been fired in connection with his death so far none of them have been formally charged with the case for reportedly go before a grand jury later on this month.
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>>james: coming up new pictures of the real baby princess charlotte and her big brother to have that coming up next here is a live look outside were looking up to the east bay awfully warm and antioch would check out how hot it will be this afternoon at 100 the expected high today at 3:00 that is why we have a heated rising for fact we will have full details on that with the check of the forecast coming up at the bottom of the hour.
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h ' . >>reporter: that and i started
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that the rain home she is the claim if you become sick from home in the king and i were the nice big winners green hair do not care san andreas is sending aftershocks to no. 2 finisher >>james: that have been gushing of these new pictures of
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princess charlotte being held by her big brother the full release of the weekend by the palace there were taken aback a princess aurora is fourth in line for the british from she was born may 2nd sphere in london still had we're monitoring the condition of the woman who was seriously injured by applying that during and red sox today and what her friends are doing today to help her while she recovers they're convicted murderers on the run how-to and may manage to escape a maximum-security prison without getting noticed four hours of the san francisco camera along the embarcadero this excellent executive in the city could be pushing it agreed in san francisco will have more on the forecast coming of
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>>james: since 4:00 a.m. we have a disappointing defeat for the warriors they lost 95 to 93 in overtime to the cleveland cavaliers last night it was a very emotional game the entire way through klay thompson headed the corner and the fourth quarter that lebron james and a three-pointer it was in over time that it pushed ahead, but they turned it over and the cavaliers tied the series they move too quickly when the next game tomorrow night sea is the officers tried to figure out what caused the deadly accident interstate 80 in fairfield three people were killed early yesterday morning in the pickup one of the road on a manual parkway the off ramp and foot over to a 31 year-old woman and
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29 road man were killed in that accident another man was hospitalized with major injuries the weather that of course will be a big story today as the one of the exxon for the work week a live look of sfo camera at he advisory in effect for most of the day to that and more detailed look and expect and how hot with a look forward to getting. >>anny hong: you would definitely feel the heat if you're out in the inland spots it on the coast it will be pretty nice lohr seven is go live outside so with the cameras look like if you're at the golden gate this is what looks like a little bit of that fog and drizzle out for the coast this morning and cloud if your inland and oakland san jose you are looking at clinton for the crowded conditions set out san francisco to that wanted warming up quite nicely by 10:00
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already 74 will race afternoon high of 76 degrees pretty much the entire bay area a little more this out the bad and also part of the unarmed a cold and apple but not for san francisco and not for the coast this is basically started at once a p.m. get ready for some very uncomfortable heat right now in san francisco 55 oakland 57 san jose in the lower 60s and good morning to you and the more your at 68 degrees of mild start for you lower 50s and santa rosa of the future has allowed us to the
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judge will be quick to rise brought the morning hours you will see 7 is already even some '80s at 8:00 this morning by time we're talking '80s and '90s and the cause warming up as well getting out of the '60s by lunchtime a lot of nine is potentially for the 1 locations and then our temperatures will top out close to 100 for some locations to '90s all around the bay area and then by 6:00 tonight the ride home tonight is going to be a hot one for a lot of locations here is how the hybrid down today ride around 3:00 p.m. is what we will see these tides 99 in livermore pleasanton 94 in concord we're talking '80s and oakland 87 and apple would seven is in downtown san francisco. >>anny hong: 07 is in half moon what i come back will take a look at the storm tracker 4 7
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day around the bay forecast to let you know how it could potentially impact the bay area this week. rebecca: if you are about to head out of the house and make a way into work this seven minutes from the tall into san francisco second the golden gate bridge is a bit foggy on the stand reduce his speech but it is definitely not affecting traffic as far and how busy there is no accidents to report from sausalito down to the south end of the span you're looking at 8 minute drive time it is just a couple of cars you could see it heading to the toll plaza and eastbound checking
4:34 am
problem free from hayward and to foster city looking at some east bay overnight or should be wrapping up about a minute about 880 for my street of the 23rd avenue. rebecca:: no problems to report coming up we would check your travel parian >>james: u.s. marshals are there adorning the search for two convicted killers to escape from a maximum security prison over the weekend we have the mother size of those to no one noticed that there recall until hours later when the guards realize there are missing from the cell that was on saturday morning will report pleased catching a wide net in their search for these two.
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>>andrew spencer: police do not know if that's still together whether they had help from outside the correction facility or they had access to a vehicle after their escape we notified the partners in canada suddenly every law enforcement agency in the northeast could be out of state but they still could be the u.s. marshals service is a federal or rest warrant the to men with me the federal government can added resources to the man hunt 6 he was sentenced to live without the possibility of parole after he was convicted of first-degree murder in the killing of a deputy in 2002 official said the to men use power tools to cut through the steel walls and crawled out of the adjacent cells they're leaving the yellow
4:36 am
sticky note on the way out reading have a nice-and emerge from the manhole and a nearby neighborhood if the government announced a $100,000 reward for information leading to the capture police said they received were the 150 leaves they're leaving no stone unturned when it tried to put the two murders back in prison. >>james: a woman that was seriously injured by a broken back by fraud and a baseball game in the red sox she is in serious condition in hospital this morning if she was hit in the head by oakland a's if they say she was lucid after having surgery on friday but faces a long recovery and angry crowd of
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several major hit pop concert by police and up from tear gas to control the mob of plus iraqi to claim victory in the fight against ices the lettuce military operation push militants out of that country. ♪ music ♪
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time for the tech report with gabe slate >>gabe slate: if you use kron-4- dot-com or global application is amazing way to look raise money for your kid's school that just received over $5,000 from the act school of this is incredible as it went slack in
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have them to bring it close to donate the also donated the lost and found item that never got claimed hundreds of garments came from that alone this and all those clothes and misled them getting paid cash for donated clothes like any public school that desperate that want to put this money to use >>james: bridge yourself be
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prepared for us will have details for us at the minute.
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>>james: people and i look and of the damage after a nasty storm swept through those storms knocked down trees and traffic lights and the town this was saturday night with this video was taken the winds were so strong and broke windows at a local car dealership the winds shattered windows and storm start to break up on sunday and have not moved to which i will. >>anny hong: there is look at the national picture where you can see we're having the chance for some severe weather going throughout the planes to the north east they could really bring flooding and damaging
4:45 am
winds and the primary threat the nl also toppled a place like indianapolis springfield kansas city st. louis and also parts of new york looking at the chance for some more severe weather today if you have trouble plans you may want to be on the lookout for cancellation or delay is a so-called hot what happened in the bay area live look at the bay bridge this morning the clear sky starting off on monday morning if you have a little bit apache fog and drizzle for the coast for the is the west aren't clear is already mild for some locations if and where one of past today by noon time of plenty of sunshine of the '70s and inland to located to the bay was of the upper 90s and one by 3:00 p.m. close to 100 degrees if the have he advisory kicking in at 1:00 p.m. today at 4 pretty much the entire bay area 07 is for ocean beach 76 for downtown san francisco.
4:46 am
>>anny hong: for the south led temperatures are hitting us 89 santa clara lower 94 friends and milpitas a los gatos you're looking at 99 to 100 degrees get ready for the intense heat of the heat wave or heat pump will last just for today led the out toward monterey and san deal wednesday you can see cooler if the little one once again by the end of the week friday killed a quick check of a commute. rebecca: is getting a little bit busier on the road this morning a lot more cars heading into the toll plaza was about 80 looking at the bay bridge toll plaza but still not affecting your travel
4:47 am
time still a seven minute drive from the maze as you make your way across the span and to downtown san francisco we did just a word of a big rig stalled on the nimitz this is northbound and oakland it will be rubble for the fifth avenue the right lane is blocked to you do have a big break in the far right lane checking the travel time of the up coming out of the altamont pass and to the dublin and to say it's 27 minutes it is just a couple of minutes more than what the normal drive time should be protected to solve the drive times to 80 it looks like from the high of 101 is the 40 minute commute that is a good news there and also on 85 0101 up to the 280 split you're looking at 17 minutes come the next i would do a full bridge check. >>james: we have chaos and a pop
4:48 am
concert at the madeleine's if it began with chris brown and kendrick lamar and ended with the police and riot gear armed would bass concertgoers they're pushing and shoving to get into the summer jam concert at the state about this so that a that was hosted by aerostation official said people were trying to into illegally some witnesses that that is more frustrated by a security screen several arrests were made in hot 97 set on twitter they will be offered for those whose tickets were not stand. >>james: tough fight against ices the iraqi military claiming the tech victory as a battle of the instruments to take over key parts of the country but severable travel small part of the resistance remain hist.
4:49 am
the good news it seems to show the pro-government militia and the buildings around gruesome to some degree they clearly killed very openly they are that high and no. but the security forces is clear that a grateful for the
4:50 am
difference still the refinery and isis it would describe to us and the complex technical finery is simply to around today it is going to make that very possible and they and given the date use the good news is limited because the round when the pro-government forces. >>james: the fight against isis is one of the big issues at the agenda of the g-7 summit will lead expected to ask the president for more quick bed
4:51 am
that he says is needed to come that i since but officials said the president not likely to announce any new assistance he will be busy trying to convince them not to waver on sanctions against russia. . >>james: the also expected to adjust their efforts to stop the spread of ebola new this morning and we have a sixth person now dead from middle east was a lesson drum this happened in south korea the total number of those infected by the virus now stands at 87 at all great ramp up last month and is the largest one outside of the middle east nearly two out of schools have closed more than 2000 people are isolated in their homes or state facilities after having contracted will come into
4:52 am
contact with those affected would immerse happening today he is picking up the company's annual worldwide developer's conference by introducing a new music service it could be major competition for the stream services like pandora and spot a five there is word about the latest with apple this morning and we have apple announcing he is on its way to joining the music streaming revolution east the mobile payments system and i will pay we have lot coming up with that were going to take a quick break will be back with more coming up including the latest with the weather we have
4:53 am
a hot afternoon back with more on that coming up.
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>>james: it is a 12th triple crown winner and the first one to seven years to arrive sunday in the law of the kentucky his home was went to the crown races if he was treated like a rock star buy hondas of fans celebrated his historic achievement. the three-year-old has more racing in his future but for now on the winner is getting some well-deserved rest do not mess with this most the
4:56 am
post signs around alaskas national park warning to stay away take a look at this and its people have been hurt in most attack near a campground one of those victims were seriously injured she protecting to newborn calves she may be especially aggressive according to park rangers the injuries to in the more people than bears every year in the last of it will take a break.
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unrsta theange ur n grachilface ta to ur dtor armast aut y andour faly gting whoingcougvaccatiotoda
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: shorts and t-shirt
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weather today in fact it will be really warming up for places out in the east bay community where talk and triple digit heat potentially for some locations will look into those and as a second a live look at the bay bridge and looked at oakland emeryville you have clear skies started off your monday morning here is a look at san francisco de planner for today a nice day in the city one of the 74 by 10:00 this morning it will be a fast one of the mid-70's by lunchtime 76 is the high this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. for the evening as you're heading back home it will be a warm water but plenty of sunshine do not forget the sunglass the checkout bohai fairfield antioch all on for 100 degrees today 99 in livermore 95 in pleasanton 94 in concord 83 in oakland were talking of our '80s and san jose and even the
5:01 am
coast but the allure 71 to help your kids call off if you do not have a pull to go to it will be comfortable in the lower '70s and '80s seven and a high and not what i will let you know how long a similar to last a four block of brandy in some rain to the burial rebecca: you're looking at just the seven a minute drive times so far into downtown checking the golden gate bridge chp issue of fog advisory be careful if you're headed out in on the roadway to work this morning sought about 1018 ministers also littered down to the south end of the span richmond san rafael bridge checking in problem free
5:02 am
was about 580 your boy to have an easy commute getting over to the north that your san mateo bridge dry we're still have a high wind advisory this extra careful this morning across the bridge where trekking in the drive time for yet eased back to you coming out of the alta mott into dublin and to change 26 minutes so far anderson out and commit looks break on any highway patrol what the tech to 3710168280 looking good so far this morning i will keep an eye on the bridge advisory and bring to more east bay drive times when i am back. >>darya: a disappointment for the warriors and now is tied at one of peace lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers beat the warriors and over time by two points 95 to 93 the warriors
5:03 am
ahead to cleveland to sit on the cavaliers. >>: it happens to everybody the shot did not go and sometimes it and double your way he will bounce back mechanically i did not know a better explanation for would not have our river-- rhythm. >>darya: game 3 and 4 were all waiting for tomorrow at 6:00 that will be game 3 the state over for the rest of the game on thursday and then they come back
5:04 am
to oakland for five and that is alternating. . >>jackie sissel: $19.600 fans and thousands more across the bay area are still somewhat optimistic it was built last night and watch party in redwood city the sea fans face it is the fourth time in the entire season including the playoffs as the warriors lost the game at oracle it was not last night that he said amid a dramatic come back in the final minutes
5:05 am
of regulation and only to lose in overtime to tie the series at one but they said the series is tied at one still along with to go how dramatic and how usual isn't that the first two games of and in ibm finals will go to overtime was the fourth time this ever happened enjoy it everybody with the chance of
5:06 am
coming back to oakland one way or another. >>james: you mention something about you at the arena last night please explain either you got some strings we do not know about where the kids to have the old college because his went to college fund. >>jackie sissel: i hate to give away my secrets of how acid that and has to do with a press pass some. >>james: our coverage of the war is continue online you can catch up on a dam highlights and share your fan photos as well it is in water great pictures all avail at our website >>darya: u.s. marshal now
5:07 am
joining in the search for two convicted killers to escape from a maximum-security prison of the weekend no one noticed there were gonna until hours later when the guards realized that the inmates were missing. >>andrew spencer: they could literally be in it where they do not know at convicted murderers are still together or whether they had help from outside of the correctional facility, or they had access to a vehicle after their escape we notified our partners in canada and the reports of injury or the northern border every law for some agency in the northeast they could be out of state but they still could be here and and more than set up checkpoints all over the area the u.s. marshals service issued four arrest warrants for the to men was with the federal government cannot at its resources to the manhunt richard matter was of a sense of 25 years to life for kidnapping
5:08 am
a man and beating to death in 1997 david swenson to live without the possibility of parole after he was convict of first-degree murder in the killing of a deputy in 2002 official said the two main use power tools to cut through the steel walls across all of the adjacent cell that apparently saw a cat walk with a yellow sticky on the way out reading have a nice day the governor announced a $100,000 reward for information leading to the capture police said they received when a 150 leaves them leaving no alternative is out of the two murders back to prison. >>james: that now back home this morning after being evacuated because a wild fire that battling the blaze and mayor + account about 50 mi. west of the park to bird and his 24 a. at
5:09 am
this point is about 35 percent contained an unknown number of residents were evacuated but there are back home this morning for this is like figure will call the fire in the first place no injuries have been reported yet. >>darya: to reduce the threat of wildfires and disease some of the proposals are rendering positive feedback from the president obama administration or vetoed the trees have died in california forest because of the drought more than 32 million a. of trees have been damaged by pine beetles and rocky mountains altogether of the 40 percent of the national for system needs treatment were getting a better idea this morning of how much oil had been cleaned and cleared out from the spill along the santa barbara coast last month crusade 44% of
5:10 am
the 96 mi. the california coastline spoiled by the spill that now have only trace amounts of all remaining on that your interest in this state of the are moderate to tech martin lipton alert operators. >>james: that announcing a new page in the mood music service that will launch sometime this summer made the people listen to that streaming servers like pandora and spot a fly in this apple had been given to launch its own service the fight
5:11 am
against prizes of one of the big issues on the agenda president obama is meeting with the prime minister today and the expected to he needs to come that i since. >>darya: he is not likely to announce what kind of its european we did not to waver on senses against russia. >>darya: leaders of african nations are expected to address their efforts to stop the spread of ebola as well. >>james: the families of five nepalese who were killed and the u.s. military helicopter crashed during an helicopter relief are seeking, assistant u.s. government he was carrying thai villagers in addition to six
5:12 am
u.s. marines and two nepalese soldiers or killed in that crash it was deployed after magnet to 7.8 earthquake did not all that and was lifted the helicopter crash on the 12th is hours after that magnitude 7.3 quake hit that day. >>james: of fancy injured by flying bats apart from the a's plan will have an update on their condition this morning are rough landing for passengers on the united flight in new york will tell you what happened controversy after all the support is gone on our teenagers and taxes will explain what happened and why is all went down the way it did.
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5:16 am
winds and also the lightening up the the way it is the storm build into a powerful category four hurricane on saturday but then an lost lake and a close than on the baja california peninsula >>darya: we are here in the weather center tracking making landfall as some point here and even impact us. >>anny hong: is going to probably lose but it will bring plenty of rain and all soap the baja peninsula and a second look as it looked it is going to probably impact places potentially around us where talking maybe 04 san benito and monterey county coast by potentially tomorrow and also wednesday it will also solicit some tropical cloud lanka and little the government will keep our eye on it right now the main front will system i slid as ours and thunderstorms primarily on
5:17 am
wednesday a live look at the golden gate bridge is cloudy for places along the coast and also here at the golden gate can you get a little more san jose where a witness to clear skies this morning there was a look at the forecast for today for 7:00 this morning until some time with the exception of the coast. >>anny hong: patchy drizzle temperatures and will be starting not generally in the '60s and for the bay of our fifties in the coast to around 54 degrees but by lunch time the fast warming '90s and land located in the bay shoreline already seven for the coast by 4:00 p.m. to for the peking to ride around upper 90s for the house locations included little more at antioch we're talking 84 for the bay shoreline or seven is for the coast to get ready for the heat temper just victory in san francisco 64 antioch little more or down to 66 degrees at 68 in the last hour
5:18 am
of the '50s and san the sale 60 since then was that adds the to cash for shows us the what will happen with rusting '70s and '80s for the inland communities by 10:00 '80s also and maybe some 90 is definitely by lunchtime including with a more potentially concord and even the cause was see a lot of low seventies today here is a look at 2:00 p.m. with the sea the purple that is where you see some of the hottest rating to triple digit heat 10101 protest delayed not hot enough to challenge record to get what it looks like by the evening commute temperatures are going to be still plenty more for that ride home this evening. >>anny hong: in the slack is 83 in oakland 85 a castro valley mid '80s in fremont the far east you go antioch brand were all looking at a hundred degrees at least 99 and level one and five in pleasanton danville getting around 9395 also in walnut creek
5:19 am
definitely cool weather go to the close to call off four or two movies and have some ice cream is a check of the three day forecast here is a short- lived heat as you call it tomorrow we have the sea breeze back in place on wednesday the cooling continues and we also are tracking of flight chance for some showers do to block a primarily and san benito and monterey county more details on your sop a forecast in the peninsula coming up a little bit later. rebecca: 7 minutes from macarthur maze and to downtown san francisco the travel advisory for cst has issued for the golden gate bridge be extra careful this morning is a heavy fog advisory across the span
5:20 am
south 101 looking great coming from sausalito heading to the south and of the span the san mateo bridge are looking at a travel advisory there as well a lot of high when the chp again an issue for the riser in the westbound is about commute but still no problems to report no accidents or spots it will be about an amendment drive as you make your way from hayward from the peninsula this morning bought out to my past and to look a little bit heavier read 31 minutes coming out of tracy was about 580 from the out to my pass up to the dublin and to change as you make your way it into work and looks good if you're traveling on a southbound 680 from dublin getting into fremont that is looking only 20 minutes so far more is a travel time and bridge check coming up in my next report.
5:21 am
>>darya: the woman and hospital with serious injuries hit by a flying back at fenway park you may see the video of this happening on friday night during the a's game there is the pitch did that breaks goes flying and a woman is in the head by the oakland a's player into into her seat between home plate at third base if she is 44 years old a mother and she was boosted after surgery on friday at she faced a long recovery our friends started to go find it pays to local hospital bills it is a good piece of news that she is doing better and that she is lucent >>james: officials on the part of the country responded to a video showing also drawn his gun on a group of armed teenagers who was on a to a disturbance call at a community pool and mckinney is on friday their reports they refuse to leave and
5:22 am
began fighting the video shows and also slamming the young girl to the ground also pointed his gun for other teams of formal investigation has been started and the officer involved as the place on a miniature of leave pending the outcome of the investigation. >>james: it is unknown of the office and the bill had any previous complaints filed against him. >>darya: that are saying their final goodbyes today the victims' bodies will be cremated and then brought back to their home town for burial edge video of a massive crane to of like a ship that capsize only 14 people survive the more than 400
5:23 am
people sick or on a board when the ship overturned a week ago today there are a people still listed as missing. i still had the first triple crown winner in 37 years we will have details on what is next for american ferro chaos at a concert in new jersey law of the is had to use tear gas to control the crowd.
5:24 am
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5:26 am
>>james: >>darya: were looking at a hundred and for right now everyone is pretty warmer upper 50s lead to get to the triple crown champion american pharaoh had a hero's welcome as the: the church hill for the celebration here is video of a beautiful animal the 12th triple crown winner and the first we had since 37 years ago been a long time >>james: that is his home between to the crown races the american ferret out tree like a rock star images of people showed up that are taking pictures as the for autographs
5:27 am
but personal pictures with a beautiful creature for now the winner is getting some rest and a lot of work and he did it well will take a quick break we back in just a couple of minutes when we do return lettuce on a store which is the heat hitting the bay area of were taking a look at similar to how long they would get this afternoon the san francisco, some of us the view along the embarcadero 56 right now in the city by the bay woman to 77 in san francisco this afternoon.
5:28 am
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now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extend release technology helps prevent the ur to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time that's why i choose nicoderm c >>james: let's turn their attention to whether beginning
5:30 am
at the forecast hot weather will be the big store where been following today a been a long time since we seem to the to this type we hope everyone is ready for. >>anny hong: hopefully you got the air-conditioner credit to go all live look at sfo this morning of beautiful shot in a beautiful start today no delays of the arriving flight san francisco de planner looks like this in the mid fifties fast the warming by to already in the '70s by lunchtime will hit 75 degrees it will feel warm and the city and for the evening ride home of you're getting off work it will be our really pleasant evening to have an outside a quick check of the east bank high today at 3:00 p.m. 83 in oakland san leandro 84 local and alameda to the upper seven is a very comfortable for you warming it up in fremont 85 degrees on the
5:31 am
sunny conditions are warmer spot check it out how at antioch 101 01 in redwood 99 in livermore 95 and presence at nineties of all the creek in concord also learned to martinez and arantxa to get ready for the heat to the good news is you what do not more details on the next chance for some showers as well coming up a little bit later. rebecca: it is getting a little bit busy out there the bay bridge toll plaza looking at a lot of cars getting into the castle and a 80 come over crossing looking good but again leave about 10 minute drive times getting into downtown san francisco so far the metering lights remain off this morning i am sure they will return on surely but that some good news 10 minutes into san francisco westbound 80 checking the east bay drive simon-pure heading out of the tracey area of across the out to my past and the
5:32 am
livermore and to dublin to get into the into change a quick 32 minute commute it looks like things are getting a little bit heavier out there for your feedback drive times. >>james: new this morning a man is recovering from minor injuries after his car when about 50 ft. down the slope into a creek bed and on call for the contra costa county this is the first call came in just before a last night it happened and a 13th of a block of marsh creek road a fire dispatcher said the drive was the get himself out of the car was able to ride to the hospital and ambulance. >>darya: a man in critical condition after being shot in the head yes it was around 130 and sunday morning on 20 of st. or at the man who shot is a 27 year-old that is all we know right now we're working to get more information on that. >>darya: a man behind are accused of shooting another man
5:33 am
and oakland here is a video pick of our helicopter partnership with abc seven news over the seen this happen at 3:00 yesterday afternoon their pattern and 30 avenue police said that the victim was on his way to his car when he was shot to the man drove myself to the hospital he is the condition of a said the suspect have also shot himself he is in stable condition happened to that the navy will possibly go to war the navy cross to was killed a lot of the years of appeals from his family that he recognize with the medal of honor the family it will accept of the nation's second-highest award a capital to just north of san diego. >>james: a princeton nominated him for the medal of honor nation highest award for military terrorism to the to the palmer ruled that he was not content with his body smothered a grenade in 20047 marine lives
5:34 am
they're poised to spend five is a million dollars for county jail construction this year on top of the $2 billion that was spent for new jails of the last eight years a state board should delay when central to the policy makers time to hunt is a maze of dollars into programs intended to invest the reduce crime to keep people out of jail. >>darya: a government is dead and the pleas of the recovering this morning after the shootout that happen over the weekend saturday night five offices were chasing an armed man in the par reverent and watsonville the suspect open fire hitting an officer on the stomach with a bullet the gunman was killed when police fired back the suspect has had as an account of what the cops and also is expected to survive the last of some of shooting and watsonville happened back in 2011 new
5:35 am
jersey state police are blocking the gates outside of like a pop concert or four to use tear gas on the crowd people tried to get inside and throwing bottles at the office as a second look at the main way state police said a crowd of people some who did not even have tickets will try to force their way into the show with a sold-out summer jam concert at met life stadium in happened last night and a lot of the concertgoers got upset when the kids will close a block off if the arm as they please a vehicle began blasting impressing loud noise to try and break up the crowd and employes later used teargas. >>james: they said american airlines like to call for the dallas-fort worth for a nonstop flight to hawaii shortly after takeoff three of the 64 the stop working the flight landed at lax
5:36 am
around noon the may them fix the problem and continue on from lou about one-half hours later it was carried to the two passengers and 10 crew members aboard and they need all those bathroom's a rough landing for passengers on united airlines express flight take a look at this to skidded off the runway and buffalo and niagara international airport late last night passed a said the place up the cellar times and let them off into the grass the chance to senses that is slid into a safety area of the to the passengers to looked up 69 passengers and four crew were aboard that flight when the crash landing happen no one knows. >>james: it was on his way from d.c. to buffalo >>darya: the old as some of
5:37 am
breast vice-president joe biden has the lead to arrest here is video of the former delaware records last week in 46 years old president obama remembered him as a man who care most about others. >>: he was a public servant a notebook in his back pocket all times to could write down the probably everyone he knew and go back to office and don't think we always hear for you and always will be my word as a guide and. >>darya: he served as captain and harming the army chief of staff of general raymond or seattle recognizes military service by posthumously awarded him. >>james: out and join the warriors game last night who ran into and what they had to say
5:38 am
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>>darya: combative officers after the rest lassie acquisition sea assault the have sister in teenage nephew and document double just released an and the report about this that happened at the home last year that described her as the primary aggressor she initially faced to the to men and domestic violence accounts the charges were dismissed earlier this year so pleaded not guilty to cheddars up as a victim in the interview she did after the dismissal of a case now is all come to light in the report to your case. >>darya: she was escorted off the jet flight in london floor with a call and destructive behavior according to the bbc the for when you're had just
5:41 am
arrived at on an easy jet flight of turkey denied has confirmed their involved easy jets and the european discount airline is known for the affairs and the services were attracted some hot temperatures heat advisory closed to affect the walnut creek going for high of 95 a 2:00 p.m. today and cooling down into nine is a 4:00 p.m. this evening.
5:42 am
5:43 am
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>>darya: we are following the gold as the warriors this morning and talking about last night's game there is carlos santana and his wife that will form the national anthem
5:45 am
>>james: on to the weather and who is wanted to talk about this this afternoon. >>anny hong: of our '90s low 100 today it will be heating up tapping fast as well live of sfo this id mindedness take it
5:46 am
this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. the entire bay area as fed head by the yellow orange color this is except said francisco and close to content to talk to as wickiup and stepped out the door is mild for more 66 had talked of 65 and antioch a local and oakland said it agreed close is and was and you want to call off go to the coast. in this city and also happening before high of 73 this afternoon and a little bit of fog and some drizzle but we will see some more sunshine by the afternoon hours low is expected
5:47 am
for senate sale 84 paulo also heading for the stopped feeding up to 89 in san jose in '92 and allman and malate carries a look at the highs 94 in concord mid- 90s of pleasanton and for our friends and then build and what a great. >>anny hong: this is the short lived he away with all the heat the temperature is will court of smart tracking some tropical clouds from block of tomorrow and a slight chance was our professionally tomorrow night and into wednesday sit. rebecca: me realize have now been turned on it looks like the drive time getting into san francisco increase just a couple
5:48 am
of minutes about 12 minutes getting from the macarthur maze into downtown san francisco it is backed up just past the 880 over crossing moving over to the golden gate bridge them and thought it wise re the has been issued as been in effect all morning long so far that is still in effect according to the chp be really careful this morning at jamaica way across the span salt 101 looks like seven minutes from the north than getting into san francisco also like over at the richmond san rafael bridge said mickey the way to the toll plaza is once again easy ride west on 580 into san were felt looking over the altamont and looks like the drive times a pristine white couple of minutes looking at 36 minutes so far coming out tracy on westbound 580 backing your weight to the dublin and to change the the little bit extra time they're also on the nimitz
5:49 am
freeway we're looking at about 27 minutes of it rather from to 38 down to 237 coming up next i will have some south of the travel time for my next report. >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: could only mean one thing let's all make you turns and back in the city of hercules and had to be out today that the only way i can explain everything i saw the start with this driver waiting at the light reading text messages surely follow but this school bus that needed to pick up students but had a difficult time because inconsiderate drivers had blocked the bus entrance the bus six and sets and sit some traffic get stuck
5:50 am
in the intersection because the driver is blocking the bus made in the difficult for the bus to get through yet another self on violator all and people ignoring the no stopping sign this driver stopped ride next to no stopping sign but the biggest problem is the illegal u-turn i'm told hercules please write tickets the problem goes away for a while for one school breaks for the summer despite the truck i thought was going to do the right thing so i did i stop recording this i realize he was in fact observing out today as well but are they get to these people often say the science is not enough but in this case there are two signs one right next to the signal there is a line to all this it is time for summer break slums of really it activity which the next week now have to figure out who's getting away all of these drivers licenses and hercules stanley robert kron 4 news
5:51 am
>>james: right now we have biked across texas to support for those who are still behind bars at the last month that it should also a popular restaurant nine people were killed and 80 others injured in that shootout hundreds of items gathered for all 41 rally in waco yesterday to show support there is a hundred and 77 people dozens of whom are not on reduced bond with the majority are still behind bars ago $2 million in some cases the d.a.'s defending those i am announcing of the to the to make sure all goes to parties are held accountable but they said the amount are excessive in the airline is unconstitutional some.
5:52 am
>>james: is sparked fears of reprisal against police and more violence between rival gangs so far none has panned out. >>darya: the total number of the defective by the buyer stands at 87 the outbreak web up last month and is the largest one outside the middle east nearly $2 and schools to close more than 2000 people are and isolation in their homes or a state run facility after having had contact with the infected patients. >>james: was it a quick break before we go was to be a quick of that was members alike right now 53 in san francisco 56 lead out to the east and the more december to spread aware of going to see a very hot temperature this afternoon what talking to the digital parts of the they it wasteland where we come back.
5:53 am
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>>darya: to the tony award as the co-host as a christian channel left of past winners the got the night started singing songs to help them bring the statute home there there are the best musical revival with to the king and i and other big winner pick up her first, provide her role as when elizabeth in the audience but to this caribbean cavaliers players to chapter 3
5:56 am
opal 23 million if it is because entourage felt to compete. >>james: coming up and the next hour the fireball highway in michigan over the weekend look at that how that happened the war is now have lost but a fan went home happy anyway after winning a brand new bmw.
5:57 am
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onlyt suay.
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>>james: i have one more week before my kids are out of school so today is definitely sure to and t-shirt definitely passed an act to eyes and a lunch box. >>anny hong: we have generally sunny skies starting off on the monday morning here is a look if you're planning forecast for today temperatures are starting out generally in the sixties and fifties this morning coastal clouds and some pettifog and drizzle out for the cause would everywhere else generally clear conditions lunchtime already low 90s go 7 is for the post until the to speak in the upper 90s


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