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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>michelle apon: if you're going to at at tear car brand umbrella and especially by maybe even to the dublin that the changes are santa would whether look it up a storm track trade advocacy were the yellow and green is that that is where we are seeing some moderate and like to bring a flock a closer look and some of the areas it is where you can see across the peninsula if you're heading
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into committee downtown san francisco mayor not seen any showers if you're traveling on any of the roadways and 101280 maybe even across wanted to pacifica. >>michelle apon: this entire system continue to track slowly off the two northwest and direction it will be parts of downtown but again the stretches of the north of berlin game we're looking at some light to moderate price touching off into the eastern shoreline will also have some moderate rainfall across the dublin interchange and pleasant into dublin if you are traveling in any of those areas a mixture you bring the umbrella if you cannot watch in the next 30 minutes enough to get to download the free mobile applications to listen to what we're on to talking about and what to expect the rain and we will see a lineup this afternoon track in the forecast into the weekend will have all the details coming up.
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rebecca: is definitely slow this morning followed a hot spot of the santa cruz mountains north down 17 we have almost a vehicle injury accident it looks like they're still squeezing through the left lane there because the right line still shut down by fire crews the traffic is backed up to some of the role they're still looking at a 25 minute commute from some of up to lost bottles let's check the livermore valley commit liked coming off of the altamont it looks like 43 minutes now that this increase as the couple of minutes on the westbound 80 drive getting into dublin and to change as a continue south on 6 and again from dublin into fremont south about 8230 a down to 237 and from berkeley to
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westbound 80 getting from the toll traffic is backed up to the macarthur maze is one to be a slow ride into san francisco to san mateo bridge is just what whether definitely spoke as on the steering well as civic away across the span coming up next i will update you on the top spot in the santa cruz mountain. >>james: now to restore happening right now breaking news this morning we have fire crews at the scene of a fire at washington high school in fremont the fire has been put out but yoli aceves is there to explain what happened shows the damage. >>yoli aceves: you're staring at the science building this is what the fire happened inside one of the hallways were the to the cause and that is what the fire started the chain of video of the damage you concede that the utility closet is pretty charred the school is very
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relieved that the damage has just restricted to that cause the, there was a little bit of smoke and water damage to some of the nearby classrooms but not whole lot that bird was the cause and effect the call came in about 32 to 3 this morning and said it was an alarm system company that called and that is when they send a lot of smoke cleared able to pull out the fire pretty quickly when a call for backup, investigators on the same basically they knew this was an accidental fire does not seem that it was very intent to help with the do not know is to what actually started the fire. >>yoli aceves: was that of chemical or the agent after started the fire their time to investigate that talk to the janitor and some of the other staff try to find out what basically was inside of the closet and what type of material was in their in the meantime
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this building is close down this is the last week of finals for washington high school on fortunate for the kids >>darya: bidding the warriors 96 to 91 in cleveland it was in a cleveland but only game 3 of the nba finals.
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>>: have the talent to do what we at home on the road no excuse why for three-quarters we were playing hard and we ran into it with their and our results to show for it you cannot get any spark. >>james: in court tomorrow night.
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>>will tran: he went after the nays he has a reputation will see what happens with that i do not wish the guy that of course but we will see if he is going to play was the feeling out there this morning? >>will tran: i can tell you a
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they are still confident that is almost as if your in a fight and get punched in the phase i have not gotten off the bandwagon i am still drive and securely seat belt in place but now we know it is going to be a bumpy ride the warriors had better hope the return here in game 6 it will be against the with the cavaliers are playing now and especially lebron james they could close out in game 5 in oakland i was right here i caught the warriors fans the moment they left the arena, obviously not smiling not happy is very reactions of them losing in game 3. >>will tran: was not a fun night that poor guy could not even stay around for a second
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question i wanted to hear this a lot talk anywhere by the cavaliers fans that had been down in the senate before and will also win three straight against memphis the warriors fans are hoping history repeats itself but let's face it memphis did not have the brown james-- lebron james >>will tran: this young warriors fan could not howe on a plane to come to bay area for support to that now the two games away from a title so far the best players were to the best game when they make him mad
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he seemed to go to another level. >>will tran: yes on a level we need a ticket to another level so the warriors fans or thinking about coming to the game tomorrow because the team's major support we do know that the team will have a shield around a little bit later on today and hopefully they will catch fire for all four quarters. >>darya: we will be right back send them to us at breaking news @
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e sexy is the has downgraded this new injury accidents to a small sigh vehicles involved in the sector right land is still shut down traffic backed up to some of you will see about a 25 minute drive times as you like it went up to los gatos is slow out of concord as to make your way toward the company area from
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>>james: as the general continues the senator bob rakowski of three my propose
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legislation yesterday that authorized local water park to crack down on excessive use but tax and water bills this and support of two-thirds of voters will have to pass it this comes as the or the cities to/for use as much as 36% the average year brown is proposing to thousand dollar fine for the biggest water wasters.. >>michelle apon: may be an attempt to order an inch as the system continues to move through but we start to dry out and then it looks like it's going to be dry the the next seven days here is a live slab with some pockets across the mid peninsula also cause parts of the east valley in the dublin to change also to let showers across the label of parts of the north to i a close look in some of the areas we did see some showers across downtown san francisco and a dislike for out to the south you have to
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moderate rainfall that would continue to state as far south as pacifica and continues along highway one maybe even to have more than will look as more rainfall just north of sfo and as of right now just a few sprinkles of some light rain as the system continues to move on or. >>michelle apon: parts of the east bay looking at oakland and emeryville the area approach to the bay bridge in very light sprinkles as of right now looking at the east bay the nimitz freeway in the east with shoreline we did see a little bit of light rain and that will continue to push offshore right behind you can see a big map of rain that will continue to track off to the west we are leaving the dublin to shave some light rain if you're traveling westbound what to be seen some ran all the way to castro valley is stretches as far south from the dublin and to change to
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pleasanton but as just as for the north of your headed north or south bound across 680 the showers will continue to make his way out of the area we could see some isolated showers by this afternoon will show you what would have the storm tracker 474 past we have a temper to slowly warming up into the mid to upper 80s this afternoon lows amid seven is across the back. >>michelle apon: would start to dry and warm up into a weekend it looks like it will be the hottest day on friday no rain chances after today do not forget your contract for past or even correct conditions like the rain you see right now with our free mobile application downloaded for apple and android and. rebecca: were looking at the hot spot in the santa cruz mountain
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expect a lot of slow traffic because of the early months of a vehicle crash status still have the right lane shut down this is not on 70 ride at idlewild and is one to be about a 25 minute drive if you make away from some of up to lost coddles and highway 85 this morning the livermore valley is still slow out of the altamont 49 minutes it is definitely increase was about 580 getting to the dublin interchange as you make your way into fremont is going to be 26 minutes going south on 680 from dublin getting to the so low grade of this is the bay bridge toll plaza that you will see a traffic backed up into the macarthur maze 880 of a crossing also pretty stack is on to deal was imminent drive times as you make away from berkeley to get into the tall and into downtown san francisco. rebecca: definitely be careful
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as you make your way across the span with both hands on the steering wheel heading over to foster city our absence of the drive times coming of. >>darya: know this morning a petition to recall the mayor offered some missouri has fallen flat to the border ballistic missile says the group from the was support did not submit enough valid signatures the group was the mayors should be removed because of the to the prom report the from the city and is the record system discriminate against african- americans on a consistent basis the report was released after the violent protests that happen over the death of michael brown he is a black teenager who was shot by a white police officer. >>james: civilian oversight committee said the los angeles police officer violated department policy when he wrongly approach and stop a two to five you're black man last year which led to his fatal close range shooting was at a spa is commercialism as ruling late last night that found a
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fellow of the shooting to be unjustified they found that the officer was unjustified and shooting of the unarmed mentally ill man but his partner was found to justify nonetheless his mother now was the attorneys said, action against officers. >>darya: in the area news there is one more bill before san francisco to become the first city to put warnings on ads for soda and other sugary drinks of water supplies approve three new ordinances yesterday at one requires a health warning on all adds on san francisco billboard's walls and even buses and taxicabs they banned ads on city property and then the third since the city money cannot be used for the warning labels sold the company will have to do it will be a lot tougher to buy tobacco if your young person in the south bank the board of
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supervisors passed ordinance to raise aid to purchase the backed out it goes from 18 to 21 it goes into effect next year started on january 1st last week the similar law was a + by california lawmakers and the state senate passed the bill now goes to the assembling. >>james: still had a young girl coming across a set of teeth belonged to a large shark that ever lived where she from the?
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be soft. be strong. >>darya: it has not taken effect a national the administration is saying as a guest today the boundaries of the sanctuary have now more than doubled so they go from west of the databases and accountants to just north of point arena and then if the signal county they say this will protect the region's more rain in coastal habitat in the biological resources and the special ecological features as well. >>james: will have to amazing pictures to share cute this morning a south carolina girl found a set of teeth that belong to a mass of three historic sharp persius from the first two/trotter on nerve growth more beach she found another one the
6:27 am
side to say belong to a matt look dark a large shark that ever lived amass a shark fell beneath the surface noise of years ago to fly these often aren't covered by storms or dress in our normal beach erosion as a to do to see she was to hold onto. >>darya: they were appointed show you the guy who did it leads one to find this man in connection with some fires and novato will show you into it will they're looking for.
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>>james: as we have talked of a run in the opening bell on the right-hand side of this grant did not to get rob black to be with us this morning talking about winners and losers. >>michelle apon: walking up to some land across the bay area much needed about four or and for today most of the across the mid peninsula and parts of the
6:31 am
east bay to my showers across the north they will take a closer look and some of these areas if you're heading and and it is serious plan on some ride to continue over the next event as of right now stressing its a daly city into parts of early and stretching all the way west to possible come will have another block right behind it will continue to track off to the west and southwest and we have another area of with the dublin and to change in track offer to the east rather west and were looking for san leandro with plenty of rain fall as of right now stretching all the to the nimitz freeway. >>michelle apon: we're not done as of right now close look at david city you consider we have plenty of rain fall and will continue to move on through to like this if you're traveling across and mattel starting to slow down a little bit more and
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you want to launch your selfless and then download the free mobile application. rebecca: we are tracking some slow traffic through the santa cruz mountains because of a hot spot this is not about 17 are at idlewild drive and we have amounted vehicle accident still blocking brought land it looks like it is backed up now on to old santa cruz highway a very slow looking at an 35 to 40 minute drive times as a mecca with the highway 85 in los gatos speaking of highway 85 and in 20 minutes to get you up to the cupertino area another stoppage drive time 14 minutes that some good news ... all one
6:33 am
of your ticket from capitol expressway up to montague expressway you're looking at a 24 minute drive side of the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up the traffic now into the macarthur maze you're going to see away time of about 10 minutes and getting away on westbound a from berkeley and the downtown will see a up to two to five minutes commit the san mateo bridge is what on the road where bird after reducing the speed no accidents or stalls to report it will be an easy ride into the peninsula i will be back with the east bay to return. >>james: happening now to your from pittsburg they point area is recovering from rattlesnake bite at happen to the 4:00 last night on a real bird that the taba was an elected to georgia hospital of oakland that is where jackie is standing by this morning with the latest on her condition. >>jackie sissel: the last debate
6:34 am
we have in the literature is in stable condition but obviously of very scary situation one the to do not hear very often begets a two year-old little girl bitten by rattlesnake in the pits are a bay. area here is the video from last night, according to the contra costa county fire district they say at around 8:00 last night a little girl was in a yard and was beaten by rattlesnake almost immediately 911 was called back actually captured the snake put it in the jar was the paramedics got a determined it was fast acting on their part they got here within about an half an hour of the buy it last week checked it was in stable condition according to lenders and supervisors here at children's hospital at about 11:00 last night which was great news. >>jackie sissel: the capture this that we did have a chance
6:35 am
to talk to contra costa county fire officials last night and they put out the warning that in these dry drought conditions this may become more of an issue for people and they become more prevalent once again the good news issue was in stable condition last we heard of it acquired last night where open to get an update on her condition obviously kron 4 very scary situation like i said one the to do not hear recall to dent in northern california >>darya: novato police are releasing some surveillance video they want you to see if
6:36 am
you know the man who set a number of cars on fire at a chevrolet lot and novato the sec a look at this video we first told about the car's been set on fire yesterday we showed you the flames and the bird on cars and less to give the guy who did it this is a nearby home that has a valence camera rolling that is how the activity of pick up a piece of cloth and sister caught on fire casually it put on the ground and then takes off the parts as far you can see here one of them exploded into flames this is in the chevy lot in the seventh 100 block of redwood boulevard by the sun the firefighters got their several cars already on fire. >>james: a ford is looking for to prison and mental skills, new york maximum-security prison there were of those convicted killers may have fled the country to use power tools to break battle the four parts of the silly over the weekend on
6:37 am
to the officers scoured the countryside at the present for sale called low man walking on and roll during a storm a solution may with the investigation says the prison employee plant to pick up the convicted killers are the days tick then changed the mind their the investigation continues this morning your grocery bill could be going of white egg prices are spiking renown.
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>>james: the egg prices are spiking because of a massive bird flew out break the to the markets in some areas the prices tripled the department of agriculture regional wholesale prices are three to 23¢ higher per dozen and in normally are
6:41 am
more than 35 million hands have died in the flu outbreak and that is costing farmers grow to 12 percent of the normal flight the supplies that asking grocers to start running and promotions and some restaurants are being encouraged to increase menu prices and when it brought the service hours where tracking wall street to check a quick look at where the numbers are right now we have the dog looking pretty good about hundred and a pointer right now at 17,00872. they gained nearly 19 on the days of our we're tracking the markets and wall street had lied for you and let you know what areas are seeing some rainwear talk about the we can forecast all the details coming up after the break.
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>>james: to the absence of a disappointing results of yesterday's game live and and person their role build most locals to highs and lows they'd consider all the good ones holding their breath and the disappointment it was a hard
6:45 am
fight to keep " the cavalier is beth of soft it was also banned reacted credited the next game absolutely the one fan cracks me up the next and tomorrow night and coming up at the top of the 7:00 hour if will have a live report in cleveland this morning and could cost as much as $2.1 billion to fight fires across the country this fighter's skills and some are facing the risk of catastrophic fires because along the west coast because of the drug.
6:46 am
>>darya: they say the drop in climate change are increasing wild fire dangers to have a participation the dangers when to go on up or july 9th through september 5th as we continue to be dry and even with today's saw sprinkle something we have not had when i saw in and goes on the fire season. >>michelle apon: not the typical pattern where it is the northwest to southeast this is moving in from the remnants of lanka alone up look this will continue to move off in the western direction of a close look to some of the areas looking at downtown san francisco stress on all boy was some light rain and we have more rain will off to the mid peninsula stretching all the way down to pacifica pressing the
6:47 am
july spot in south san francisco right behind you see the block of yellow that will continue to track offer to the west and south will not want to see some more rent for your area public the next victim of the imminence looking at the eastman shoreline the damage free regular but more rain and the sea to head off or down south to san lorenzo also some ran across 580 from san leandro to castro valley if your continuing westbound from the dublin and to change it from continuing what about your quantity to see more rain as it is closer to castro valley it
6:48 am
will continue to move all the to the northwest for this morning a live look at san mateo bridge maybe if your travel across this air not want to see the rain let up for the next few hours if you're heading of forgiveness of extra time this of actress is on the road will continue to see some light rain that will continue to move its way through west now we're looking at sfo also build a summer and when she will probably look like even though we cannot see the airport right now you'll be dealt with some rain fall that will continue on planning your day it will continue to walk into the mid '80s for the seven locations in south relocations.
6:49 am
rebecca: the drive is improving a little bit as far as the hot spot is concerned in santa cruz mountain the accident has cleared about 17 and iowa however the backup has not cleared up in the tech traffic is backed up to the ground waycross at this point expect about a 40 minute drive times as you make it went to los gatos and the highway 85 this morning checking another slow spot this is all thought out to my and headed to the dublin and to change 47 minutes on westbound 580 as to continue the east bay drive his south bronx and from dublin to free my 28 minutes there we are seeing what looks like hercules to berkeley and the the 30 minutes on westbound
6:50 am
80 as you make a way toward the bay bridge toll plaza of it is going to be pretty backed up into the macarthur maze at this point in the stock a 20 minute drive times from asking avenue in berkeley as to make a way across the span into downtown san mateo bridge is busy as well going westbound from 880 out to foster city to the sun to commit time is about 18 minutes, and to end. >>james: back to the news happening right now students at san rafael high school are mourning the death of a high- school junior who was killed while on the run the 17 year- old was jogging on the sidewalk of points san pedro and senator phil last tuesday when she went into the road to get around the tree that had fallen that is why she was hit by a minivan she was rushed to hospital, did not go well her parents decided to take her off life-support the tire
6:51 am
of the minivan stopped in was insobriety test which he passed the former house speaker has pleaded not guilty to charges and a federal hush money case he ministers court appearance is a these are sketches. >>darya: he waved a reading the indictment of the snc agreed to pay $3.5 million to keep someone from revealing the secret about past misconduct them a set of they want to ask the judge in the case to accuse themselves the records showed he donated to the congress campaigned in 2002 and 2004 the have been too small to the side of the judge the board received a high-speed report is given a $700 million contract to consulting firms persons brought. their prove the seven year deal with the seven your bass company is said to have approved one to wonder million
6:52 am
dollars and pass consulting fees for the company the board relies too much on outside contractors the $60 billion trade with canada lost angeles to san francisco construction is slated to start this summer the state board will vote on the final document that allows counties to apply for construction and for local jails 60 different advocacy groups are criticizing the when the five larger million dollars will be distributed this account is to use the money to replace the jealous of addingfor rehab program like a lawmakers intended missile the when having enough money to operate the gel's once they are open. >>darya: coming up the new footage is out showing familiar air heart before she took off on her last journey will show you the video after the break taken a live look as far as the weather goes sixth kind of cloudy and a grant or talk about little bit of rain around the
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>>james: new film footage have been really showing up melia earhart to there she is in her preparation of for the final trip around the world was she went missing on this footage from 1937 and believe to be of the airport in burbank she bought her personal photographer to the airport to document the journeys beginning to tire making the final preparation the brother made this threat have been a home movie that has not been seen until now is so start as she prepared for the final trip posing for photographs right there by the tail section of the plane and altman climbing into the cockpit and walking on the tarmac she disappeared on july 2nd during the trip she was
6:57 am
over in the pacific. >>darya: fire crews are investigating a fire broke out and high-school in the east bank and yoli aceves is live at the same shoe have the latest in a there was world the rising star in the nba finals that nobody outside murata little before best the shrinking size of your carry-on bag and of course the voice mail you want to go with altogether when his company is scrapping this award wednesday across the bay area is to live look at storm tracker 4 radar as it can see we are having some scattered showers let now. we will be right back
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>michelle apon: it as a good little storm system that will continue to move off into the west was see a few more showers until about mid morning isolated shower chances this afternoon but as of right now the storm track record are picking up on all those dull spot to that is the moderate rainfall the light rainfall occurring as of this morning will show you what it looks like across the peninsula to concede looking at 1 01 to stock of san francisco to moderate rainfall from


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