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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  June 10, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>michelle apon: it as a good little storm system that will continue to move off into the west was see a few more showers until about mid morning isolated shower chances this afternoon but as of right now the storm track record are picking up on all those dull spot to that is the moderate rainfall the light rainfall occurring as of this morning will show you what it looks like across the peninsula to concede looking at 1 01 to stock of san francisco to moderate rainfall from early gains watching all or to pacifica the
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ease with shoreline perhaps more and fosters an odd way to the nasdaq continues all the way back to 580 light rain to the dublin and to change if you're traveling across 680 or more about or southbound from danville to san ramon a quick look at the north today we have some light showers still permit in that area of all this will offer to the south and southwest. >>michelle apon: we have not releasing any changes for the past several mornings however into tomorrow morning whereupon to have a slightly cool morning to 60 degrees in san francisco oakland will across san jose mid-60's also have them across parts of the east bay valley looking at the unarmed a mid to upper 50s as of right now is in immaculate out the door rather umbrella you needed until about lunchtime by the afternoon you may needed but we're only thinking about an isolated shower on the storm most of the
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area will start to see mostly cloudy skies turned into partly cloudy skies. >>michelle apon: mid '80s will be the daytime high across the coals will be the coolest was the mid to upper 60s by this afternoon the bay will have run average as a low to mid 70's and we're talking more about what to expect with your storm tracker 4 were looking at the weekend forecast is all coming up at 715 do not forget to download the free mobile applications for apple and android. >>robin winston: remember the rows are slack so you should be driving at reduced speed let's check in on a very busy bay bridge toll plaza ride into san
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francisco you're backed up into the maze 580 that is spilling over to 24 about 17 minutes not from the foot of the maze to downtown san francisco no major crashes or stalls on the bridge that is always good news it will be packed all the way up toward treasure island if you're gone beyond the 0.32 minutes from sfo on a major hot spots out there but coming up will check the track map and have drive times for you to commit to a stop and the east bay in just a little bit. >>james: now on to the chase for the nba championship is proven to be an uphill battle now for golden state the cavaliers leading the final two games to one that won last night's game 3 and is another big one for lebron james and they're looking at another four points steph curry tried to put up his all but he was not enough the final score 96 to 91 we're down but not out. >>darya: was game 3 we're
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looking forward to gain for talking to fans who made the trip as well as a tough game to watch especially is a lot of by cleveland fan one sure. >>will tran: it was pretty easy and funding they travel but had it wasn't an arena full of them so there were in the yellow t- shirt surrounded by that more room and mustard gas what if i never see those words called in again i am too happy here was what we do know the warriors will be practicing a little bit later on today they may want to get into back to tie the reason why the shots are not falling a lot of people said the war is fans in the cavaliers all going to be on one thing they had overlooked but they could not sink all sides until the fourth quarter if you want to use the phrase all and they better be all in all four quarters i got a chance to track down some warriors fans right after they
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left the game, obviously not happy especially after what one cavaliers fans did to warrior santa in out. screaming... >>will tran: their two games away and more than 50 years as soon as the game is over they could barely contain their excitement the warriors fans still feel good about the team but not looking to diffuse the to the past that so-called cavaliers fans started a fight during the interview i told the cleveland police to jump on and saying why the one to make our city look bad making income over moments later apologized with the warriors fan and his friends were not bothered so much by him
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but how the warriors played so poorly it wasn't a fun night to be awarded to and let's admit that but at least the mayor heading back to bay area do not have to hear this laptop not diskette he actually lives in ohio i guess if you when you have to root id and one. they're on the verge of blowing the warriors out with the team for back and i could have pulled off a miracle but even some of the loudest cavaliers fans admitted they got a little bit nervous. in the fourth nervous >>: he taught you never know what happened. >>will tran: i could take up the warriors will be too happy to return to cook and loans of rain
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up the reason why is because we know that there is a game five for sure the with the cavaliers are playing now i have every opportunity to close out the war is an oakland game 6 will be here and this and we expect all that's of workers. tensor or if. >>will tran: so many people give
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credit to cleveland fans they saw what happened that came over and a drawer all us he does not represent cleveland. " to the next time and to the warriors and we can rub it in their faces. that we faces--that we won >>darya: will check in with him throughout the morning and of course the other fans are not going to be a game for but we will be there will love to see your warriors transparent with a hat and everyone with their shirts you concerned as your pictures >>james: we have fire crews on the scene of a fire at washington high school in fremont the fire has been put out but yoli aceves arrived early this morning and she said the course of the building was in fact damage
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>>yoli aceves: the fire crews just left the same and i also had to leave the campus because they are getting ready for students and parents to come and off the children because they will be attending school will be open and just down the driveway is the science building and that is where the fire started the chain is a video i had gotten of the utility closet this is where the fire started the charter pretty badly and it really is one of those situations where it is a good thing they had an alarm system in place because that made all the difference in the world that they're able to just have damage in that utility closet and it did not spread the alarm system went off and the call with and around 320 this morning the fire department did send out one engine to scope out there able to go into the school saw a lot of smoke and able to call back
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about four other instance. >>yoli aceves: no damage to the rest of the building with a science building is going to be closed down for the rest of the day to some of the nearby classroom to the closet bigot some smoke and also a little bit of water the have to do a little bit of cleanup and not any severe damage to the classrooms this is the last of five of the washington high school bass still going to have their finals and faculty have is posted ride on the door on the signs build some of the doors to have been posted where you would go on campus to take your finals if you're on a to have a final and the size build look on the door and it would tell you where to go so you can take the final and official school in the meantime the fire investigators are on the scene and they do know this was an accidental fire did not think it was done on purpose what they're trying to figure out of what was the excellent
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was a dud action because the fire. >>anny hong: that investigation is still going on. >>darya: the ntsb has included an engineer driving an amtrak train when it derailed was not using his self fog at the time the safety board said there knobs the from rutgers the not indicate in the cost texaco data usage occurred and what he was operating the train that derailed we know the train was speeding we do not know why a people were killed and about 200 more injured in that may 12th derailment. >>james: santa clara county board of supervisors now have the resolution authorizes some cities to adopt urban agriculture incentives bid was zone designed to promote small- scale agriculture and small skill areas thinking if the tax
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rate for participating the board's action will make it possible for cities to start developing a program to take advantage of the law of the countess to have authorized the program to the wise to say this could help fight against obesity and diabetes and also good for. the for >>darya: fremont senator once water wasters to face major fines as the drought continues how much he is proposing to tax them next and the hunt continued for those two inmates that escaped from the maximum- security prison where researchers think they may be nom.
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>>michelle apon: we are tracking some light rain across much of the bay area with a smaller pockets of some kind of moving through this all tracking offer to the western direction it as a closer look at some of these areas to start travelling from more recounted a be heading into san francisco we have some light rain across much of the peninsula to moderate rainfall around this city and continues on to be moderate from, down to south san francisco to san ramon stretch all the way into the airport this morning and then we have some light rain that will continue to move its way on shore and system more rainfall across part of the peninsula if you're traveling across an amateur from alameda down to the san lorenzo we have some
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moderate rainfall also looking at 580 still lybrand the pockets are little bit heavier just sort of cast a ballot some likely stretch all the way to the dublin and to change and the castro valley if you're traveling westbound gb looking as a light rain fall into walnut creek and some pockets of some have your mind if you're heading in from lafayette into orenda we have to moderate rainfall into piedmont into pockets of some like to drizzle as of right now across the bay bridge keep in mind we make a way out the door because you will be dealing with some more rainfall and that will continue on a to the middle part of the morning and will be seeing a slight chance this afternoon as of right now to the jews are starting off on the slightly warm side once again we have 60 degree temperatures into san francisco mid-60's across the east of a valium. >>michelle apon: low 60s across morning mid-60's across the north bank of percent
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is looking at the rest of your planned forecast for today rabbit umbrella you'll probably need until about 2:00 the temperatures will start the war up four at one location to the mid '80s by 4:00 for the bay floor 7 is a pure crossed the coast temperatures will pick along much time and then fall into the mid '60s by this afternoon will talk about the storm tracker 4 7 day around the bay forecast a continue to draw out a little on this afternoon and maybe even see a little bit of sunshine this afternoon the temperature is warming up into the weekend the hottest day is looking like friday across the in locations and continue on with the heat into the weekend with slightly cooler temperatures into early next week if you're heading out the door and when to listen to the new stochastic listen to lead with the mobile application industry from the apple store and android.
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with >>robin winston: i cannot tell you how often i am driving around the bay area is writing people are speeding with no headlights and wipers they do for get so this is a friendly reminder i will check the ride into san francisco is packed with the crash on the bridge the westbound after treasure island as a minor but is adding to the west about assault on the lights on and will be sitting in traffic come out of the made all the way up to the scene of the crash after treasure island and picks up a long the suspension span the drive time has pumped up to two to five minutes now from the maze into downtown san francisco to to go to the san mateo bridge the rosa what watchers' speed of 22 minutes right now from the nimitz freeway in hayward making the connection with 1 01 in the slow north and south headed into and out of the san the tail parts to why it is along the bridge for
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the westbound commit to the peninsula was a over to the golden gate bridge the camera is not working no major trouble spot for 80 if you have to make this trip was about is stop and go out pinole but as normal all went through richmond albany out toward berkeley the average lifetime 39 minutes as you work it was bought out of hercules to berkeley to commit headed through the sow that was with over to that and the write-down of about 101 the stop and go on a downtown san jose all the way into my to view the stress of the heavy traffic the drive times average 32 minutes from capitol expressway to montague expressway here is the ride from the north to the onslaught 1013 pact is usual for a brush around 37 does come at of the volatile and often on toward central center fell after that will be a great ride through morgan city sausalito across the golden gate 31 minutes from 37 to the pope was in san francisco.
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>>james: the committee's tax source walruses buy it as much as three of the percent the proposed legislation that authorized the war department to crack down on excessive use by taxing water bills the legislation still this report from the slick legislators than two-thirds of voters have to pass it is comes as regulators or the city is less water is about as much as 36% coverage tear down opposing of supply and for big water wasters some. >>darya: the water bill is wanted oppenheim they approved $1.8 billion budget to the next two years a temporary 25% drop surcharge the permanent rate increase are mostly for infrastructure placement the drought surcharge were mostly recoup the cost of buying nearly 60,000 acre-feet of additional
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water supply during the drought in many other committees in the bay area they're asking a customer to continue to try to conserve and distraught the san francisco puc says the water storage is that 53 percent capacity they're being kept in and near full right now it is only a 13% is to compare to other state utilities they're in good shape within the customer to continue looking for ways to save an additional 10%. >>james: nicotine to cope with the job is live along a 80 in, oakland has noticed unusual green. >>charles clifford: along
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southbound days '80s is this lush green chip of an alleged assault is soaking wet a curious sight consider it to a few feet away is a couch and sign reminding people to limit their outdoor irrigation because of the drought the thought it seems has not been here very long as it received from these are images of the century of lamb was brown the drive last october of this past january they received landscaping the median and now looks like this the spokesperson was unavailable to comment for this story to the afternoon but he did provide an explanation according to caltrans aggressive planning here as part of a storm water treatment effort is to clear the rain water washing up 880 roadway contain the oil and pollutants. >>charles clifford: it well for us what the police before the water reaches the san francisco back to visit their obligation under a permit from the regional water called a control board to install this type of storm water treatment system finally they said the ground is wet here because the have the water in
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the solder with or slammed the water from the nearby waste water treatment plant oakland once the rules of the new grass have taken hold the woodstock era getting altogether and the grass should be able t on its own and you. >>darya: to convicted murderers who escaped from new york prison may have already gone out of the country hundreds of members of kron 4 to continue to look for the two-man they're looking at the prison employees and any possible connection to this escape. >>andrew spencer: a man for a third five-year supplies made is at the fifth cracks of facilities said that and make two exactly where they're going there's so many tunnels and all of the added all the catwalk and is a big made a solution may with investigation says that joyce a prison employee plan to
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pick up the convicted killers after they escaped the attack is a minor last-minute her son said none of that is true defended her to nbc news she is not the tub for some their risk her life for other people's lives and that these guys the state prison come he's cunning dangers and manipulative he can make friends easily he's a master manipulator and this is a 48 year-old man that knows the prison system and that knows the street but he is a very cunning and dangerous individual this saw two men walking along grow during the storm the car came close and the men took off running at data check points or
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senses tear. >>darya: 12 apart was odd and restaurants to the customers about sodium their meeting today to talk about the move that would add the salt shaker like a symbol on the menu on the side of the have more than the recommended daily limit of sodium. >>stanley roberts: some people go to great pains to get them on camera despite the fact this issue was already set the stage for the opening act taxing away people behaving that the is next and
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>>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: some people go through great pain to keep them from being on camera despite the fact is issues are raised interstate to the opening act taxing away--textiling.
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>>stanley roberts: at first they pleaded ignorance and have all the facts presented list just say she fess up the hand feedlot as to let people know better but this seems like it's becoming a game i called the cell phones think this will summarize on their phone until they see a cop in this case is also of the marin office of the california highway patrol is driver claims she was trying to connect to falter blue to talk and must be the new air connect feature sister hired to officer said the violence occurs the is the game of hide and seek some time the jar when sometimes the chp wince the gyre lost the game of hide and seek this driver is
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phone in hand and not a clue of the search is sitting right next to her she is on for quite a while until. >>stanley roberts: she had a conversation on the side of highway 1 01, she realized something else is only a poor fit to have a conversation we're sitting right next to you and i was recording you on your from--phone she had to utter these famous words of >>: i got caught behaving badly >>stanley roberts: the most interesting part of everyone except to drive the clamps on
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top of medical condition to avoid a ticket time wondering if this is a new trend in marin county stanley roberts kron 4 >>darya: the grocery bill could be going up wife at prices are spiking renown.
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>>michelle apon: and your travel or semiskilled bridget to look all the cars backing up is west is to continue to mimic the way west, it continues to drag your continued westbound over across the high-rise plan on a very
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would start to the more enjoyable to talk about will a slab of the storm tracker 4 radar the secrecy of green and yellow spots on the map the green means light rain and we have some yellow spots was made to moderate rainfall looking at the peninsula we mainly have some light rain at you like a way out the door where the umbrella maybe even pull the hair back because we are going to continue to still see some light rain that will continue on into the middle part of the morning if you're traveling maybe across the east bay the shoreline and can even see that we have plenty of yellow and that will continue on and move off to the west it will continue to make his way to the peninsula this morning you're going to see some rain that will continue to move through and your travel to the dublin as a chance of light showers the moderate rain his offer to the north across 680 in san ramon will be in the
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interests of the toll plaza and we're also looking at the north bank will have some light rain right now stretching from what i could to settle a fell to isolated pockets just north of sausalito. >>michelle apon: to talk about was expected for today and will continue on with a mild star once again this morning the to the to the into the 50s and 60s to thought it was one incident is warm again today with iran could make a film that cooler as a ticket with out the door plan on to the to to continue to stay into the fifties will start to see this our chances and diminish with mid '80s for inland locations with part because the skies across the bay most cloudy wed afternoon low '70's and across the coast temperatures will have to pick from the lunch hour and then fall all afternoon and will also be talking about 01 up with at iceland is our chance this after no drying out warming up for the
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next few days and talk about how we want to get out of the storm track in 74 carries and 755 the the to get if you are stepping out and getting off to work or getting in the morning errands and you want to listen to the news as dawn global application to keep you updated on the weather news and traffic. >>robin winston: make sure you add on action 30 minutes or an hour to that normal drive time which is told of the roads are what so be careful and use extra caution a little bit of good news for a trip into san francisco across from the bay bridge clear from the west found a treasure island one less thing you have to worry about the still packed was in the crashes are the way but is about 30 minutes from the maze and the downtown san francisco where watching a crash in the east bay is a walnut creek injuries
7:34 am
recorded more cyclists is down one line blocked it is backed up on to 242 that a solid from highway 4 and you have to deal with more commit traffic from concord and highway 4 to the 68024 split that is about 20 minutes if you going beyond that point heading into alamo and is finally picking up and then the your ok to san ramon is another 22 minutes of the bay area bridges coming up in just a minute. >>james: 02 you're you're from the pits were they point area is recovering at a hospital from a snake she was a bit before 8:00 last night on real verde in and lifted the children hospital in oakland. >>jackie sissel: the scare
7:35 am
situation and a very unusual situation when you cannot see very often especially at into northern california and never seen a case of a rattlesnake by a panel in california i did sit down southern california but it is very unusual and a scary situation for the two year-old who is in such as hospital right now the last we heard she is in stable condition here is the video from yesterday the contra costa county fire district says they receive the call at around 8:00 last night in the bay. pittsburgh area that up to your head by a rattlesnake the more importantly it that acted almost immediately the first on the dock there and assess the situation to the time they needed to get her to the hospital and facile because they
7:36 am
got her on the helicopter and flown to children's hospital and to the less than half an hour or its officials to get her here. >>jackie sissel: as of last night at 11:00 p.m. she was listed in stable condition which is great news as far as a snake we had a chance to talk to the contra costa county fire officials who was there last night he says given the summer conditions and the drought conditions these conditions are ripe for snakes and the one people to definitely be on a lookout. >>: we live in an area where of against nature all the time as the storm and then they start to come out we want to insure to clear the weasel into our house or fire engine and is well for those animals especially snakes. >>jackie sissel: obviously given the little girls aged 2 years old there was a huge amount of concern for safety as a said the last we had heard from the
7:37 am
supervisor here at children's hospital the good news she is in stable condition of the ticket of the at some point lead on this morning and we will pass along. >>darya: this week the east of they saw power knocked out to thousands of people because of a swirl now southern california has one of does because the power was knocked out their incendiary to hutches' of people because of a brush fire that was sparked when a hawk carrying a snake hit a power line he was not the only thing that burned the snake was also electrocuted all the people had lost--4 a. and made a mess tonnage of people had no power but i say we
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went because we had one swirl and it was 40,000 customers had no power. these are the things that and take all really quickly what we got on to this before the wind started coming and when the when it comes and it starts whistling through this area. pretty area >>james: this move on whenever the story this one to pick the nor wallace a prices are spiking because of a mass of bird flew out break the supermarket in some areas the price has tripled according to the department of agriculture to the regional wholesale prices are three to 23¢ higher per dozen the normal the united egg producers group says more than
7:39 am
35 million has have died because of the stew of brick and causing farmers 12% of the national flock the supplier as the gross was a star running a promotion that as in some restaurants to increase may prices and start limiting breakfast service hours. >>darya: take a peek at the big board is about an hour so after the bell rang this morning you can see the dow is up 170.1700935 woo back in a couple of minutes....
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>>robin winston: i am tracking of very slow san mateo bridge to build the roads are but traffic is crawling to look at this ride headed to the peninsula of a lot of heavy traffic on the nimitz freeway in both directions approaching the 92 director when you get all the bridge it was creeping all the way across out to the peninsula connecting highway 101 and more so traffic the north and south 101, hitting into a lot of san mateo 35 minutes to cross the bay from hayward to one connector i will have a complete traffic check come up in just a little bit. >>james: now to the story that made her cry earlier this morning this was a service dog a great story have the and in the service doctor himself in front of the school bus to protect his blind on a there is a dog and
7:43 am
the thing that drove golden retriever he was crossing the street with his owner she is blind to the school bus driver did not see them that is when he jumped into action he to himself between the honor and the bus there were both injured he had to be taken to the that she was sick of the hospital they're inseparable olwen for paramedics to arrive here is what all had to say. >>: i thank him and i thank god that i have them and that he survive to and that i love him. >>darya: when she says i love from this is the third service dog what she is on the block this one out easily me something a little bit more special they're so devoted and so well
7:44 am
trained in their amazing. >>michelle apon: we're working the to a live look at storm tracker 4 radar we are tracking the rain and about a warm up into the weekend will have all those details coming up and 10 minutes.
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>>dan kerman time for the world according to gary,presented by hershey >>: i think they all just fighting hard and we have to match their intensity in debt is affected the starting gains we have left an imprint on the game ended the first quarter's and of you cannot rely on your come back abilities every game to win a series like this. >>darya: i mean he really did come back he came to walk up in the fourth quarter but it was too late >>gary: that is a lot of heart
7:47 am
and all those things but to all within warrior fans i just hope that it carries over to the next game >>darya: him walking up and the team realizing that every possession is the last possession but in the end of the 20 points back at the work and i've been told until one point was a heartbreaker he was great you cannot rely on this comebacks. >>gary: when you fall behind like that you work so hard and then sometimes it is run out of steam just to get over the hump. >>darya: is best in your up again superman and then the guy at pull no one knew how to zorobabel for this >>gary: they tell you they know who he was >>darya: that thought he was amazing they saw his jersey but it he goes from the nobody low
7:48 am
was paid a guy on the floor by the way at $815,000. let me tell you i look at highlights every loose ball he is diving and then the way he does his defense with david green i did not like that >>gary: that is just it when people do not like that but if you watch the game closely believe may give dree mom grain and them that their hold of pushing people to that stuff about this smallest guy on the floor is dirty and all of that you know he is not on the team as it does not play hard like. >>darya: he barely made it to any team he was undrafted he won a hundred thousand dollars guaranteed so they came through with that a did a payoff yes he is taking nothing and driving a mazda.
7:49 am
>>gary: that is pretty cute he may be the only guy starting in the nba finals driving a mazda >>darya: the only one who had won three in the morning when away in the stretch an ambulance with cramps. >>gary: boy you are on this >>darya: i didnt know if there were reports the warriors fans are happy but the dehydration he'll come right back >>gary: at what some and i keep thinking this you could put him on the war is would he be as effective or is is just he's on the mr. james team at one concentrates on him and it pays to do his stuff >>darya: it is true is interesting you hear that mr. james puts us on a drum players and very close to the toes with the need to do and then they do it. >>gary: it was armed from the cold in the culture better do it to.
7:50 am
>>darya: he is running everything no question when you are in cleveland we have will out there and a few warriors fan you're surrounded by the cavaliers then has to be horrible deed see what the warriors owner to let the bed >>gary: go ahead >>darya: he started a plan and gave all of the force of our employees and there they are checked it out there on the plane they stayed at a hotel room and they all went in style to the game it is a great idea. >>darya: notice he did not act to read, because she would not shut up about lebron james he told his family members you moves like a said next to her budget started rooting for cleveland so he moved again >>darya: this week we think it is something else i'd do not travel fancy
7:51 am
>>gary: it is something about no-frills airline that turns you off >>darya: the disk is i want to save all but i will not pay to check the back and find out that airline industry is making a big move and they're about to do their talking about a they will shrink the size of the back we want to standardize carry-on back for the east of passengers but they're going to shrink by come bulfinch's >>gary: all doing is taking your word for it but this seems like the airlines are doing everything they can to have people to say forget and not traveling >>darya: it makes me so mad they are miami and me about this and it was standardize everything and make everything and a large person. >>darya: i'd like to wait for the bag and i do not like to pack
7:52 am
>>gary: it was $25 a day would ever was about the u the principle was say nonetheless a couple of times we traveled in the family >>darya: you just conclude that that is it. >>gary: if you're going for more than it did to you would need a stuffed. >>gary: just take the bus >>darya: with what are really good way to go >>gary: the last couple of and is difficult to see a pretty good night for sports the warriors could not pull it off >>darya: wait until you see what happens more and cleveland will see you >>gary:ok.
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>>michelle apon: will now attracting some ran across the bay area the sec a closer look where the rain is falling right now across parts of the north back and across the peninsula and is the bad. >>michelle apon: will continue on with iran until the middle part of the morning and then we will start to see and isolette is our chance this afternoon with most a cloud to partly cloudy skies and warm and land ultimate seven is across the bay
7:56 am
are persistent low '70's at the coast would dry out and warm up into tomorrow the house as they looked to be to our for the next seven days it does continue to stick around to the weekend it will start to court got into early next week to come always track to forecast in the ring you see right now with a free web application support apple and android. >>robin winston: for those of you heading out pack your patience traffic is slow the roads are what make sure you fill up the gas tank because it is bad out there checking the ride into san francisco your recovering from a motorcycle crashed it is not a hot spot but it added to the backed up about 30 minutes from the maze getting into downtown is just creeping from all the connectors all the way out toward treasure island the san mateo bridge is one to be a tough commute come from the east bay to the peninsula about 25 to 30 minutes from hey were headed out toward when 01 it is
7:57 am
a pretty tough in both directions and to out of san mateo to to over to the map the motorcycle crashed while the creek is wrapping up the sock on 680, i move it off to the shoulder that is a good news if you're coming from this direction sought six a sop to 42 was for our pets bird is all crawling all the way into the scene is states have it out while the creek as she worked the way into alamo. >>robin winston: it is creeping all the way into dublin for six minutes from baltimore to dublin check in the south bay ride no major problems for 280 the to have to make the trip out of san jose into cupertino just under 30 minutes from the 1 01 split into 85 split that is a pretty slow commit on the peninsula i told you about this the west 92 this is what is ready for you crawl on both sides from the airport and let's say holly heading to san carlos the average drive times headed
7:58 am
north to 27 minutes from power to berlin game.
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>> darya: it's real or and where we live michelle be the judge of that. >> michelle: the biggest farm remnants of the blanc got
8:01 am
mandela low bringing us some rain. potential for on the isolated thunderstorms afternoon. most of their in parts of the peninsula trenton close to the peninsula. parts of the spade lead ran across the north bay south. they not getting anything as of right now. and we continue to my answer that as we get closer into the afternoon. as of right now it may be driving across the bay bridge with pockets of some is the yellow that moderate rainfall searches always from san francisco reports of delays city traveling 11 southbound and the south san francisco is light from south san francisco and berlin game this will continue to move often the westerly direction and looking at the east bay at moderate rainfall stitching of life from to 38 minutes freeway's 580 it stretches all the way back to 680 so if you're traveling northbound southbound 580. travel across the east bay shoreline plan on to moderate rainfall to continue. looking at the dublin interchangeably
8:02 am
rainfall searches all right back and deliver more this morning and you can see that right back there even to tracy that continues to be moderate light as you continue westbound. i get the north bay some light rain in continue all layup until whitaker and senate fell. what to expect four to a temperature was the of some 56 is the start of the morning. another warm and humid start to today. the continue on with these temperatures into about the lunch hour in. finland upper 70's wreck around 80 quickly warming up in the mid '80s. with see a stray showers or thunderstorms chance this afternoon partly cloudy skies and inland locations. costs of a mostly lower 70's and we carry an isolated showers and thunderstorms chance most of the bay across. the coast temperatures will peak gruntal and shower and fall throughout the entire. entire if you'll check the forecast or track the rain and daughter are free kron 4 mobile application it's from
8:03 am
my tunes application store or from googolplex. if you're heading out the door heading out for some parents listen to newscaster it live with this free mobile application. check the forecast and traffic news all morning long. forget robyn have a quick look at traffic this morning. >> reporter: the because it major problems or hot spots as the shelves just told you there as our wet definitely slowing down traffic. but in to san francisco very slow approach to the bay bridge toll plaza not bad on the bridge. just coming from the open side with a crash was bound that's long gone in. a connector backed up and also backed a maze of 588 solace 24 westbound 80 crawling out of the mill. pack all the way up the incline after that you do see little of an improvement for the ride in san francisco 30 minutes for the maze heading downtown no major trouble spots for the nimitz freeway of this was your
8:04 am
commute you'd be sitting in traffic heading south from to 38 coming out of the samarinda area through hayward been city fremont. it is keeping all the way out toward mission boulevard. finally picks up here is your drive time from 238 sydney and jetted to 37 milpitas. it is just under our so be prepared " for it headlights' wipers me get out there reduce your speed. \ >> reporter: pitches for marin showing us the wet roads. but some live pictures jackie live out their edge of the hospital open. >> james: sweat out there as people got their wish of lepers:. keep them coming and e- mail them to us. or decompose and for this book twitter pages as well we find them keep sharing them as part of our comprehensive coverage of today's rain. >> darya: ntsb concluded that amtrak train derailed was not using his cell phone. safety
8:05 am
board says their analysis of the phone records does not indicate any test text messages data usage that occurred while brandon botched and was operating the train that derailed. this deepens the mystery as to what happened in that accident. we do know the train was speeding but do not know why it ran off the tracks killing eight people and injuring 200. school >> mark: is still on after fire at washington high school in fremont. the fire is out and. >> reporter: let's just get to the video right away. to show what happened 323 in the morning where fire department got the alarm system here. the set out in june to check it out they saw smoke and able to get into the school right away and get back
8:06 am
up. they were able to contain this fire to custodial closet utility closet. that was very lucky for the school it could have been way worse. in the science building all of the class's seem to be ok. damages in the closet " we still had a shot down and sell it redirect basically were those will be taking on the door and has a posting of where they get to go on the campus for files. that will still happen in that building a shutdown. no one got hurt on this they do now that this is an accidental fire. at this plan this theaters are trying to find out what was it that actually started the fire and what was the seller and the investigation is still going on >> james: 2 for the update this morning. >> darya: years came close but could not pull it off 20 points
8:07 am
behind at game 3 last night in cleveland then came within one point but the caps took home that went. unfortunately a loss by about 5.96 to 91. such courage put up 27 it wasn't enough here's what curry had to say after the game when asked about the team's performance. "of the challenged to do it we would hope on the road no excuse why three-quarters of a think you're playing hard and into which but no results to show for it you can't get any"any "organ of the win backing for every back to two" >> james: raise returns for game 5 sunday between now and then let's hope things try go up.
8:08 am
with estoppel braun and bullet did go but those to batman robin. sometimes you root for the bay area people and since the oil to st. mary's people and morocco will not let them anymore will trend is and cleveland's. hard-pressed to find a fan in the bay area. they're surrounded by cabstands how was watching the warriors came under the circumstances. the fact >> reporter: of delhi after the game the summit calve pence a enough machine then dillydally this the l.a. we will find out what happens at he crept up the tape and the hospital by ambulance for cramps hopefully and as far as lawyers tend to be will play for before it's a must win a game they do
8:09 am
not leave here with the victory of course last night best case scenario they will be back here for game six hopefully the series will continue right now await abroad is playing have every opportunity to close out the series in game 5 in oakland got a chance to talk the warriors fans right after the game wasn't really hard to spot one they were wearing blue or yellow they had long faces. it was a >> reporter: a fun night for warriors during the game especially after the game as they're walking out of the arena surrounded by cabstands that let them know which team now had in the series. >> reporter: poured back and ceram for our second question of letting me here this guy talking by town of cabstands wears down and those for order and the three straight against memphis
8:10 am
the fans are hoping his repeats itself let's face it meant this did not have looked ron james. "the played terribly watched a film that will come back at one point as the 20 points difference the sycamores and can't update area for support has loyalty for one night was not rewarded. even now just two games away from a title so far the best player vs. the best team best player upon james is winning that battle >> reporter: going to another
8:11 am
level lessors these to do what they will have to rattle latertoday will go on to better the close of a video hall familiar ring jumpers because it was running a little bit earlier in game four. >> darya: we have to ceausescu to another level it was on the fourth quarter to figure the guy for tomorrow night as think the lawyers will be will point out will be right back
8:12 am
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>> reporter: this low all around the will to a quick check of the bay bridge road in san francisco law. lights on the minor crash cleared traffic has not recovered. a patch from the maze to downtown a 30 minute trip looking much better on the span. the approach coming from oakland is not getting better. complete traffic check shortly after. the after ♪ ♪ ♪ it took tim morehouse years to master the perfect lunge. but only one attempt to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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>> darya: storm passing to the bay area we notice every time you put the satellite it's just sitting there. >> michelle: moving slowly the reins of a missing on a completely the north bay getting a little bit of the range most of it stay across the east bay and it keeps going over the same area quake continues over the same region over and over again to lakeshores occurring as to make your way across westbound check this still have it continue to operate across the san mateo bridge to the mind when you make your at the doria continue to see a little bit of rainfall over 92 a close look at some areas across the bay like showers touching all the way from the tip of the peninsula and the daly city parts of
8:18 am
downtown by rainfall pockets of north of the brisbane letter in traveling south on a one from south san francisco in december no warmer light rain starting all the way to the airport birling game and the san mateo make with 92 and and you still see a little bit of rain fall cooking back off the east looking at the east bay shoreline at the minutes you can see there's plenty of rain that still has occurred this will also continue west on we will see some more across the peninsula in ottawa was just yet and you will see this trend continued to stay heavy concealed be loretta the east of. sovereign fall right behind it. but in past east bay shoreline at panel richmond to some light rain stretching all the way down to berkeley and light showers to occur on the bay bridge as of right now walking back to the dublin interchange even will not take a light rain changing from 6 8 lbs. danville's san ramon of
8:19 am
pocket of heavy rain. off to the west that yellow you see there is continuing to track to the east bay shoreline. the prepared area is not letting up and we still see rain as far back as tracy. it is moving from west east to west was won. keep the nine great will continue until about lunchtime and isolated showers chance this afternoon. temptress are mild and the upper 50s to the mid-60s this morning. and lbo warm start crabby umbrella first in the white dress in layers and then be in mind as temperatures quickly warmed up in the lower 80s by the lunch hour inland locations the mid-80s and coming up at 845 is storm trackers 70 forecast and continue on a summer temperatures and a week and let you know what have temperatures you can say that he ought to check it with your free kron 4 mobile location great devices to listen to a forecast or even traffic speed of traffic
8:20 am
here is from. >> reporter: whether it will slow traffic and are the bay area are not a major hot spots but all are frustrating spots about to hit the road and is coming across the san mateo bridge right pinsetter the screen that is traffic squeezing over to the peninsula the major crashes for a 81 a one right in between there 92 will take 30 minutes to give from hayward and san mateo and is not picking up yet the headlights and vipers did not forget it is what roads out their picture your driving and reduce speed is taking it to your destination safely over what craig motorcycle crash six is 80 out of the way this is another bad right back to a on a 242 that's over a highway for highway 4 is a mass coming out of an sec pittsburgh a point trying to make that connection in the concord. you drive time 40 minutes. >> reporter: is a tough lot
8:21 am
ride its freeway no trouble spots heading from san leandro and the downtown oakland and a solid from 238 all the way over to the 980 connect your and your radisson francisco heading toward downtown or toward the big bridge toward total one that is solid from the airport sfo how to eight joining with one a one and then when you get there early impact all it over to the central freeway split the major crashes adding to that it's. pretty bad out there make sure to leave early >> james: ices released disturbing new propaganda videos showing young boys trade as child soldiers at a military training camp take a look a video you see here marching in formation also trained on how to use guns and other portions show on how to be trained in combat a. not the first time the terror group boasted about recruiting what they call cobb's in the video comes a year after i sysop's there are iraq and took control of muzzle the nation's third largest city.
8:22 am
>> darya: thomas and the 500 troops to a irak focusing on training erech troops also used for security air support to provide medical help but terry considering sending as many as a thousand more troops but late last night of house official says they're prepared to do close to 500 out decision is expected near future. >> james: a police officer resigned after his response to a full party fight caught on video
8:23 am
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on two of our most popular plans. search >> james: continues for the two prison escapees that escape from maximum of present and they may appeared the escape the country david and richard matthews power tools the correction facility over the weekend. hundreds of officers the meprobamates. on the countryside nearby after residents there reported seeing a couple of men walking along erode during a storm that before. for details emerging as investigators look at the prison employees themselves to a source familiar with investigation one employee joyce mitchell plan to pick up the convicted killers after the escape it changed her mind at the last minute. >> darya: texas police officer
8:26 am
slammed a 14 year-old girl to a crowd pulled a gun at a pool party near dallas turned in his badge. eric resigned after achieve called his conduct out of control cnn paulina has details. >> reporter: the actions seen on video are indefensible. corporal see on that merrillville week in the 40 year-old mckinney wrote later is putting his knee in the cross back now resigned the police chief says it's too soon to say whether he'll face charges. "season training and practice to not support his actions he came into the call out of control"as the video shows with was out of control during the incident. protests continue over the shocking incident >> reporter: symptoms of a pool
8:27 am
party say the police officers' actions were definitely racially motivated. "like to their black american there the he think will the selling like it's the local police union said that teens and adults were trespassing at the privately owned pool there were reports of vandalism and fighting in the area when officers responded to the attorney need not responded to the request for comments. >> james: care in the bay area since francisco mayor antley paid for by cameras in the city jails this despite $6.6 million to fund police spy cameras in the past two years this comes in the wake of an investigation revealed cards stage fights in in county jail so with no money coming in from the mayor's budget share says that $50,000 in discretionary funds from his
8:28 am
department will have be used to pay for the pilot program about outfit 30 garza by cameras. >> darya: on the morning news we first told you about the arson in nevada a car dealership yesterday. now we know who set the fire and at least receive a pitcher who is that man of your back. >> reporter: tyrol little girl inside children's hospital here in oakland recovering from a rattlesnake bite. awfully hot happen and how she's doing coming up.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> darya: storm share fired up now today with summer. >> reporter: in the same spot still seem same rain the peninsula's southern tip of brutality also parts of the east bay getting some rent closer look at some areas in see parts of the space of getting pummeled with moderate rainfall and that will continue to track off to the west as of right now upper fifties bored mid-60's across much of the region. mild start today temperatures on the cooler
8:31 am
side into the afternoon plenty of the umbrella you might be the umbrella for a good part of the morning shower chances continue on till 11 or 12:00 into the lunch hour by the early afternoon we will carry isolated showers or thunderstorms chance with skies same was a cloudy terrine polyclitus does special across the east bay locations to the shares warmup in the mid- 80s,. cross and then the patient sees a valley and south bay of the bay locations lower '70's around here for clock and across the coast temperatures will be warmer during lunch hour and then a fall in the early cloud cover will continue to dominate the bay area. 45 type in what your storm trackers 74 cast and potentially sees more temperatures all details coming up. if your check your forecast about the step out and listen
8:32 am
to our newscast we will continue to give you up-to-date information on the radar letting you know where the rain as an completely free from i tend applications start to will play. >> james: continue coverage and shared char's spawning teresa as in iran where people they're doing their best to stay dry. >> reporter: north bay this morning it is certainly our rainy outside it's been raining for probably about an hour-and- a-half out here not just a light mist effectual rains signaled here and you can see these substrates is considering going down the gutter certainly seems like they're going slow because frankly there's a lot of rain on the ground and i try the allocable people and say were dashing about asking them if they had umbrellas' one woman says that not have an umbrella
8:33 am
others said truckling on so not on this particular day for this moment because fairly steady bettis a lot of people dashing about trying to get into their cars as picking up some brochures on this wednesday morning-about so they don't get soaked/ rose >> reporter: deficit is about their the rainy weather is leading to elevated dry times around the bay area religious commune and barely moving lights are on a banner like crash after the tunnel of getting word of a westbound 80 near century dutch acreage is heading up the scene had not made yet will i have this back up in this after cisco 30 minutes from the maze backed up to and through the maze 580 from 24 was down 80 coming out of canola not getting any better and ferrite calling from the north bay, a lot of heavy traffic soph level one leading
8:34 am
about right around 37 because all let toward and then after that picks up a good ride for the call in the bridge of a good track time normally about 2125 minutes and from about san francisco a 45 minute trip early the belly a normal drive time when you get out there reduce the speed for is our what take the heat. >> james: year-old girl from the bay area recovering after being bitten by rattlesnake class might happen right around 8:00 as the airlift heard a children's hospital in oakland where jackie it joins us this morning keeping of data on the stories of the morning broadcast. >> reporter: i am here at children's hospital oakland a two-year low growth still inside recovery after she was bitten and by that little snake last night and then that hundred
8:35 am
cultigens hospital did not call get lots up to 11:00 last set according to news in the set new prices to rise a little girl was in stable condition obviously it is scary situation all unfolded last in the pittsburgh a point area around 8:00, because the fire district responded to call up a snake bite in that area and they got there that's when it discovered its year-old liberal had been bitten by a rattlesnake in a field near her home in the news is that they're able to capture the rattlesnake put in a jar and set aside and they tended to grow responded acting quickly of the upmost importance it political the hospital as quickly as possible they decided airlifter here to oakland children's hospital according to a report they said they got hurt and a half an hour which is good news in and started shooting her immediately as i said still
8:36 am
condition as of 11:00 last night but contra costa fire official on scene last night says the summer months of drought conditions out there right conditions for snakes "but in stature all the time as assessed warm-up those animals are to come out. we want to insure that we get away from the house and before the fight in the specially since and the coming not" "spit >> reporter: scary situation for that and her parents. i've been here for 16 years here in the bay area reporting. never seen a rattlesnake fight cases when the six years more prevalent or down select california's. unusual scary but the play has a good outcome right now. but now she's in good condition will
8:37 am
begin update only do will ask. the care >> james: fall as a going hiking the summer. >> darya: accused of abetting a three year-old in milpitas has been arraigned in video from the courtroom. kidnapping hadn't happened last credit 23 year- old funds adding and took a boy from a library in the jobless and a children's section of the library and was spotted an hour later by a bus driver who pleased prosecutors from a figure on motive for this if convicted he faces up to 11 years in prison right now supported thousand dollars. >> james: 0 place setting a helping someone organize them straight you the it this dasa morning here in the news cameras in the nearby house capture this cahill walking around has a flashlight was walking on
8:38 am
principal export my mother wore specs the car lights the call the fire analysts later the see the car exploded catch fire pretty incredible video all happen epilogue% 100 block of redwood boulevard by the ton the firefighters gathered the calls of the flames and take a good look at this image from surveillance video i think he mccall "on a no-hitter" >> darya: no-hitter for the san francisco giant in the iraqi so first of his career as the first of the major-league baseball season he's 27 years old and they beat the mass is relevant.
8:39 am
so follow and which was terrific the take on game to begin today. >> reporter: a plate of the changes coming send your i phone +, apple's new music service puts could save the family money. when yip the world what conditions from the bay area at camera at sfo falling rain droplets on the ratlines will check in just a bit were wages and caught on camera car started after the break
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8:43 am
and that's the thing even if the other a guy gets out of the car his card to not get out of your car. regular traffic at " the only return alive look at of your commute heading into and out of walnut creek 6:00 a.m. to 24 split on the right-hand side of the screen southbound traffic calling out of concord and alamo one of many slow spots on accompli traffic check after the break
8:44 am
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8:46 am
>> james: with that second public it practically jump over the hundred mark of the good side not to the 8269 the cost of $18 a mark here we are an extremely high territory of the dow see clauses that later on this afternoon and keeping an eye on the for you and then in business as apple now revealing new features coming soon to their devices in today's tech report from the company's annual conference in san francisco. >> reporter: will allow developers conference this week and seven francisco earlier on monday heading up there to check out the keynote 08, at what's coming next four the desktops. apple >> reporter: annual gathering of its software developers people the make the applications we used. all begins a keynote and then it note from apple explain new features the cutters can take advantage of.
8:47 am
apple does inspiration from california next person on their desktop operating system will be called out capitan. you saw a device is getting even smarter by predicting what you want to do next actual cause intelligence for instance you plug in your headphones year music application will pop up series will go 3 e-mail suggesting coming caller names. i had getting multitasking windows samsung and it's the things have had for a while but like to like it right along make sure they put up their improvement to the application on your apple watch now run without your phone as expected
8:48 am
apple also launch a music service great deal especially for families up to six accounts for $15 a month. but zikr i tim blair was awarded to more attractive in place for $10 a month like spot checks at all times this service relies on human patient not automation the first time and injured application those low-power mode freer i found basically three more hours of battery life when really only have one hour left all less and i was nine will be available as free downloads litter the small
8:49 am
seven >> darya: inches of rain in lessened bars and on the national highways hit hard block roads guy and trees and came down to people were injured in those stores that is a lot of rain or getting a little better right now help bail out the drought though issa supplies water to serve as a skill many other communities asking customers to conserve during our drought and tirpitz's co plc said its water storage is that 53 percent. in crystal springs reservoir is being kept at or near full agency of the key topic called a water bank but right now only 30% m compared other state utilities and pretty good shape but still need
8:50 am
customers to look for ways to save additional 10%. >> james: going jal agricultural economic problems here is another twist to the story coming to light. bringing about high-risk for rabies and how., whether his wall while analysts and for water uncluttered closer to neighborhoods a. pager for both pets and people some detail how officials advising you to get your pets of vaccinated if they haven't already. >> darya: was at one go out when it's wet out it's enough rain. >> michelle: for the morning hours by the afternoon to austrasia our some chance it continues to go over the same area as of right now looking at
8:51 am
san francisco county and parts of the east bay dealing with rain they've been dealing with all morning of its lease areas some of the the northern part of the peninsula downtown santa francisco searching all the way to daly city some light rainfall however a pocket of some heavier rainfall stretching all the way in the south san francisco office to the east of that you can see that banned rhetoric here that will continue to check off to the west are still not out of the reign of terror across from severance his coat at the east bay we do the so have re continuing or the nimitz freeway, continues over on and we have more moderate rainfall off to the east of that will also continue to check often to the west injection that continues to for the oakland for all as far back as it danville right now the 680 so getting some light rainfall all laid the san ramon dublin interchange right now off to the east bay heading west from livermore
8:52 am
even tracey of moderate rainfall across 580 m looking at the north. some like shards from nevada down the sausalito and the rain is not going anywhere bring continuing to move off to the last. start the season mostly cloudy skies a polyclitus dies by this afternoon. temperature is right now into the '60s and a few isolated upper 50s in nevada a trick to 9 degrees. daly city 57 and were talking a lot the rest of the storm tracker for forecast. dry up warm inimical them for the week and. analytical or come early next week. and then for the forecast for a kron 4 mobile application it's a perfect device for a day like this. you can listen to our newscast and tracking radar. again if you're going to continue to see rain had said on kron-4-dot-com now ms. >> reporter: cost less
8:53 am
because of a wet road and the rain it's falling everybody down. where to scratch is in the bay bridge both a very minor. a tour on backup stretches all the way through the maze. a only save time carpooling this morning as carpool lanes traffic moving in very well. everyone else is slowing and traffic 25 minutes from the maze downtown san francisco. both trapped traffic is bad crashes that top of and never improve. those of you heading to san mateo bridge 92 the. this is another hentoff writes nimitz all sides heading up that 92 connector when you get on the bridge it will be slow always across the accord will 1101 is packed in both directions and to and out of san francisco. christoph k. ride through the san jose. barth found 101 at brokaw on the left- hand side of the screen traffic and wrote are wet. to a l.a. over the 11 connector. double
8:54 am
your normal drive time when the. get out there and don't forget headlights and wipers. >> darya: soon going to be harder to buy tobacco if you are younger in the south bay. board of supervisors passed an ordinance raises the age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21. and that goes into effect january 1st of the coming year. last week similar law was being pushed by california lawmakers state senate passed now that has to assembly. >> james: more so before the first city for warnings that ask for some other sugary drinks board of supervisors approved zero ordnances is today one requires health warnings on all at the san francisco billboard walls and cabs and buses and another at on city property a third is a city money cannot be used for those warning labels. >> james: open water or hand
8:55 am
sanitizer. research >> darya: shares in new zealand decided to find out adding sandpit sanitizer dispenser to classrooms did not make a difference in having fewer sick calls. but the 70 schools half of the class is used up other is used as an sanitizers both groups giving hygiene a semaphore study began after 20 weeks the groups virtually the same. in the the chiapas same cdc still says hand washing is always better but when you can wash your hands hand sanitizer is fine. coming >> james: up we have another check of the forecasts and a bit like to look outside a wet morning all around the bay no major widespread heavy rain and but has been persistent and hasn't really entered a whole lot outside of san francisco and some portions of the east bay more in the forecast coming. snait.
8:56 am
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8:57 am
life's super scary sounds. and sneaking in without moving the bed. cavaliers game three nba finals now it's two to one. game 44 >> reporter: some deal the tigert from great pains the goal of the camera despite she is already assisting with the opening act textile way.
8:58 am
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>>michelle apon: we're looking at parts of 560 and you can even see san leandro the moderate rainfall also return there as a
9:01 am
moderate rainfall stretching all the way from 680 down to danville to san ramon looking at the more back to tracy and back into the north to bay some light showers are occurring on or talk about what else is happening these temperatures off to the mild side once again of the fifties to mid 60's it will continue to work out from there for the in the location that will warm up into the mid '80s with partly cloudy skies by the afternoon. >>michelle apon: we're talking about austrasia hour for the cars bailor 7 is for the rest of the backed the the figure could always track to forecast and the radar with the mobile application is as free from the application store for apple and android. >>yoli aceves: this rain even though it is a little bit of rain has caused quite a bit of
9:02 am
problems we're at 9:00 hour and look is really that the already on the dumbarton bridge and that is because there has been coupled accidents caused by slippery at half rose on the south bay in the peninsula that is causing even a that appear on the bridge there is a little spark going right now but the road is still very which and because it has not rained for a long time you can slip there's parts when you consider the tech a little too fast just a reminder slow down with artists in the evidence this morning of several the accidents and this is why we have such a bad back apart now at 9:00 hour. >>robin winston: she's absolutely right no major trouble spots out there and the judge loss of power but that is all cat food to yet no major trouble spots the bay bridge
9:03 am
cameras back this is the ride into san francisco no crashes or stalls with a wet weather is slowing everyone down to a lesser on the backed up into the maze your only will the well if you plan on our call this morning. >>robin winston: two crashes on the bridge the drive times has bumped up to 37 minutes from the maze to downtown san francisco it would take about an hour and five minutes to get over to the airport sfo the sec barred as a consideration. >>darya: know this morning of fire is under investigation at an east bay high school early this morning the fire broke out and the janitors from and is spread to a classroom at washington high school in fremont we do know that school is in session today is finals week at a high school so we did none of us want to disrupt anybody test taking it is now an
9:04 am
uphill battle for the golden state warriors because the cleveland cavaliers lead in the finals 221 after last night when the warriors tried to come back but it was a little too late even though steph curry really caught fire and the fourth quarter were he scored 17 of his 27 points on the fourth quarter. >>darya: the cavaliers were able to keep it up and the 96 to 91 was the final score well on is talking to warriors fans in cleveland. >>will tran: it was not a fun night for warriors during the game and especially after the game as we were walking out of the are macarena surrounded by cavalier fans who let them know which team is now ahead in this series that poor guy could not even stay around for a second
9:05 am
question not wanting to hear the smack talk anymore by the cavaliers and the warriors had been downed the series before and would also win three straight against memphis the warriors fans are hoping history repeats itself but let's face memphis did not have lebron james. >>: thought they played terribly did you find that it was going to be of bought out at one point was 20. down with their 2007 we believe. >>will tran: this young fan cannot talk on the plane to go back to bay area for support his loyalty, for one night was not rewarded always clear the two games away from the title so far the best player vs. the best team the best player lebron james is winning that battle.
9:06 am
>>darya: the unfortunately had 40 points averaging 41 points in the first three games for more than anybody else in the nba history the first three games of the finals with the warriors can do it of all you know we have the better team that is to your return for souls in those pictures of you with the warriors tried. send them to us at breaking news @ a big effort is underway as they it protect businesses and nonprofit san francisco the supervisor is proposing a ballot measure that will offer financial incentives for land or to are willing to grant long- term leases historic preservation will then register qualifying businesses and nonprofit that are 30 years old or older as historic assets a budget and legislative analyst's report shows 4000 small businesses close last year in
9:07 am
san francisco that compares to 693 businesses that shut down 20 years ago the time now is 9 06 and coming up emergency crews are at the scene of a bus crashed among the nation's busiest tunnels will take you there and show you what is happening next a mystery deepens into the connection of last month's trained rubble outside of philadelphia because now we know that the driver was not doing right before the accident.
9:08 am
what'sapped tonackg?how d itecom abnt-mdedl eati onefterhe nt? we are areamchee tha stl beeves in saving r fo. thlaugng c. inve snaing.
9:09 am
9:10 am
>>robin winston: here is a live look at the commute across the san mateo bridge on the right- hand side of the screen that is westbound traffic heading to the peninsula still packed no improvement yet to read from hayward adding up to 11 connect in san mateo. >>darya: ntsb has concluded the engine they're driving the amtrak train that derailed outside of philadelphia was not using his self from the safety board said their analysis of phone records indicates that there were no calls text messages or data usage on the phone while he was operating the train to stick to the mystery of what caused the accident we do
9:11 am
know the train was speeding before it occurred but we do not know why eight people were killed and 200 injured in that may 12th derailment.
9:12 am
9:13 am
>>darya: a double live look at the storm had been brought the bay area right now on the left
9:14 am
to consider what all the lenses focus of sfo and on the right of gray but not really actively what look in the clock the pavement to try to drive out at the approach to the bay bridge. >>michelle apon: we're going to see a few more scattered charles leading up into the lunch hour and then we will start to see a mostly cloudy to part of a cloudy skies with just a straight chance for an afternoon shower as of right now most of the activities paint to parts of the east of back and parts of the peninsula and parts of the unarmed but the south the bank is still dry a closer look of the peninsula to south of downtown san francisco stretching all the into daly city and to south san francisco and right behind it just off to the east. >>michelle apon: will have another band was continues to track off into the west looking at the east bay we have to like showers expected all the way from berkeley to oakland the nimitz freeway still did was to my sow was moderate showers are now in san leandro and we have
9:15 am
more shower that will continue all the way back into the east valley looking at 680 all the way from concord and walnut creek a dry patch if you're traveling to walk a cricket to danville's. >>michelle apon: san ramon to dublin immoderate enter rainfall he will continue our way back to tracy this morning looking at the north bank a few light showers will starting to fizzle on out but it did not surprise if you do see a string shower and on this afternoon as of right now the to to turn to the '60s, a few isolated and '50's, that many states across the north bay and across the coast the mid-60s across the east bay valley also part of the sock back another mile and muggy start to start of the morning as to make a way out the door or at the umbrella the warmer spots will mainly state and across the east of a battle in the south that temperatures will continue to warm up into the mid '80s bay locations low seventies across lunch time and
9:16 am
then it will cool down to the early afternoon. >>michelle apon: upper '70's and looking at the storm tracker 4 7 day around the bay forecast we start to dry out and then starts to warm up for thursday into friday looks to be the hottest of the next seven days. >>robin winston: there is another trouble spot in the east by a hot spot because it is backing up traffic is crawling through the same and backed up to northland and this is the
9:17 am
commit 5 is active both east and west so add on action 30 minutes or so for the normal drive times as given telling you roche are wet and that is added to the traffic and make things much lower than normal if your car pull this morning that is the idea for the future traffic never recovers using the san mateo bridge this morning but that the ride for the west about side of the right hand side of the screen this is a pretty good to you you have to do so traffic
9:18 am
stop 101 come from the north of the usual stop and go conditions heading toward san will fail when you get up to the golden gate it will be a nice ride >>darya: aquino's does the kron 4 police and bird what are responding to a bomb threat at heritage high-school it just happened. >>darya: it is an evacuated monitoring the situation as soon as we can on the air and on. on web sites >>darya: a state lawmaker is proposing to let the committee's tax the worst water racers by as much as 300% as the drought continues and about why can't speak out fremont for frozen legislation it will authorize local water department to crack down on excessive use by taxing water bills the legislation still need support from republicans to pass the state legislature two-thirds of voters will have to pass it as well that ordered cities to test the water use by much as 36% they're
9:19 am
proposing a $10,000 fine for big water wasters if you live in the east bay you're going to start singing your water bill go up on july 1st east bay mud board directors approved $1.8 billion budget for the next few years and a call from a percent permanent water rate increase and a temporary 25% drop surcharge. >>darya: happening now at least 80 people are injured and a bus accident the bus or rare grin that another bus and a lincoln tunnel and the rustic look this is video just into our newsroom and you consider the total here and the emergency crews in the front of each board you can see the crash happened around 930 eastern time to investigators say a public transit bus hit the back of a private company bus is
9:20 am
a live shot taking different angles to show you what is go on we did not no word on injuries but this tunnel links new jersey with manhattan york and there are major delays as to can imagine because of this crash 42 million vehicles travel through that tunnel and lincoln tunnels each year this is a big problem for commuters and drivers in new york city and new jersey. >>darya: the two convicted murderers who got caught renew your present math already got out of the country hundreds of members of law-enforcement are looking for the inmates still more details are emerging to by investigators as they look and maybe prison employees was somehow involved in the escape and andrew has the latest. >>andrew spencer: the inmates somehow knew exactly where they're going there's so many
9:21 am
tunnels all the attics and all the catwalk's it is a bit amazed a socially with investigation says joyce mitchell of prison please plan to pick up the convicted killers after they escaped the she changed her mind at the last minute person said none of that is true defended her to nbc news to is up the tab for some the war risk her life or other people's lives took let these guys scare from prison they call him cunning and dangers and manipulative he can make friends easily he's a master manipulator this is a 48 year- old man that knows a prison system that knows the streets and the street smarts that is a very cunning and dangerous individual on tuesday to let the door is about 35 mi. southeast of the prison to rose borough york there's some said they saw two men walking along road during the storm the car came
9:22 am
close in the men took off running heavily armed and worm body armor up for disco with the current--varian they found nothing of increasing concern of the possibility the to men when rock into canada of this border across and i 87 to quebec is still insecure the other places that are not this marks one spot along the border between the u.s. and canada as you can see there are no checkpoints or fences here. >>darya: coming up why you might not be able to carry on that bag that you have all to the next five it may be the wrong side unsettling jessica live look now at walnut creek and it looks like there is no backup and everybody is moving in that direction at the speed limit looks like the sun is trying to come out we will be right back.
9:23 am
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>>darya: the airline should reach new heights this year but did not count on the warfare's the air travel and spectacle of $30 billion and profits this year a record high how nice for them the reason is the were fuel cost and more efficient use by more efficient than must be jamming more seats in making you as uncomfortable as possible that might have to deal with higher airport charges and taxes the global airline organization which is ahead of all the airlines group of the industry group that are meeting
9:27 am
right now in miami in proposing that they have a standard size for all carry-on right now at various that standard size would be smaller it would be smaller by and have an answer all the way around than 2 in. on the thickness of how did you put the support of mecca back a beer and traveled to alaska airlines has it would be a lot smaller because alaska lets you have 2417 by 10 with their talk about for being standard is 21 and have and is like 13 and half by seven and have your carry-on probably better than this because the u.s. allies in general ala you to be about 1/2 inch bigamist if it cannot fit the stuff you have to check the back and pay for that the love of the industry are talking about this because they want to make it easier for passengers to understand rules and have a standard.
9:28 am
>>darya: it one more overhead room to there's never enough overhead a major sore giants rookie chris what this meant for the team that made baseball history.
9:29 am
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9:30 am
on two of our most popular plans. >>darya: welcome back we want to check out the weather and track on this wednesday morning. >>michelle apon: the showers are starting to diminish will want to show it looks like on the storm tracker 4 radar as of right now a close look to some of the areas this morning a close look in some of these areas they do have some light showers across the peninsula
9:31 am
starting to come to and heading to the supply you could start to say no showers as of right now but even with the off to the east we do have a lot of light rain that will continue to track of the to the west could start to diminish as a continues to move westward looking at the east today shoreline's we still have to the pocket of light rain across the nimitz freeway in. >>michelle apon: looking at berkeley and 80 to still see a few light showers to car in far off to the east in the san ramon valley across 680 from concord down to danville san ramon you still have a pocket of some moderate rainfall and just north of that from the dublin to change in north of 580 still have some moderate coming up in a 45 will talk about what to expect this afternoon + a big
9:32 am
one of the to the weekend although details are coming up at 945 you can always check the forecast and redder with a free web application download is free from the application store for apple and android. >>robin winston: is in the east bay the all-time mark eased about 580 in groton line involving several cars and as a great with double trailers is on our land off the road down the embankment ended about four toy trucks to help retrieve this rate is back on the road stalactites of locked into carter's our returns for off to the hospital they're working to get this big breakout of the wide is a cop to commit direction heading over to the
9:33 am
peninsula west about 84 is packed from the beginning all the way of the to the end you're ride to to six minutes from fremont adding as a menlo park. >>darya: happen not to your girl from pits bird bay. is recovering this marks from rattlesnake bites it happened at o'clock last night on real verde the to she had been elected to children hospital in oakland jackie is there like this one with an update. >>jackie sissel: i am here at children's hospital in oakland to your letter is recovering and sap to be airlifted here after she was bitten by a rattlesnake last night here is video from last night is that the pits bird they point area according to the contra costa county fire
9:34 am
department they say they received a call at our and o'clock last night that out there discovered that a two year-old had been backed by rattlesnake the racks and able to capture the rattlesnake in the meantime the first responders decided quickly that of the record need to get to a local hospital as quickly as possible that decided to use a helicopter and airlift are here to children's hospital as a with 7:00 last night owls last time rather update from children's hospital they said the lira was in stable condition which is good news we've had multiple inquiries into children's hospital tries to get a bit this morning so far we have not had a response from them are this is a developing story where try to get an update as quickly and accurately as weekend will put these on the web are obviously a scary situation from the the door and for her parents is another indication that summer
9:35 am
is here it is dry out a loss of sex and the area. >>darya: and other bay area new students at san rafael high school are mourning the death of a junior in school who was killed what out taking are run the 17 year-old girl was walking on the sidewalk a point to a pager road and sam fell upon 7:00 last tuesday there is a tree that had fallen along the sidewalk so she went out to the road to get around the part of the tree and she was hit by a minivan she was taken off life- support the hospital after doctors consulted with her parents the driver of the minivan did stop and he was given to private test and passed a sobriety test. >>darya: 27 year-old rookie for
9:36 am
the giants are rookie pitcher and he throws a no-hitter and they finished the game with 11 strikeouts he only allowed three base runners all three after getting hit by a pitch of the giants such as a second team in baseball to have a pen shall throw a no-hitter in four consecutive seasons. >>: is thus to creep in there you try not to do more than you want to the the giants are just
9:37 am
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>>robin winston: the crews are dealing with a crash involving a big rig would double trailers that ran off a road down the embankment the press already
9:41 am
been transferred off to the hospital there are working to retrieve a bare head several toy trucks this account to commit the direction which is east about four very slow. >>darya: which treat sleep without the drugs help patients and to sleep 20 minutes fast and improve sufficiency by almost 10% one of the worst thing is you can do it cannot sleep and stay in bed just get up and leave the room if you have not all to sleep within 20 minutes
9:42 am
they say a word on and in other ways like with your attitude and maybe getting out of bed and try again later the time now is 941 will be back with more and a few minutes to take a live look is to continue to track the storm that moves through the bay area and try to move out adjutancy here in is so plain press guys out there.
9:43 am
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9:45 am
>>darya: police responding to a bomb threat at herod to tie school and we have a live shot of that from a helicopter partnership with abc seven news adjutancy over the same result of this about the our will have
9:46 am
more information as soon as it did it right here on the air and our website >>michelle apon: looking at the east to play some light rain still coming on the nimitz from alameda to san leandro will have my rain stretching all the way from danville into san ramon all the way to dublin and to change and will have more light rain stretching for walnut creek to talk to stretch all the way to martinez even the nation as of
9:47 am
right now the temperatures into the upper 50s to the mid 60s across much of the bank 65 and presence in 66 of san jose open 62 recess francisco 60 as of right now the to the to on to a fully warmed up for some areas across the coach by the early afternoon they will fall just a lot more to the mid-60s the bay also one of the los them is by the lunch hour mostly cloudy skies to the to will continue to warm up into low to mid '70's the mid '80s will be the daytime eye across much of the reason the clutch at 3:00 santa rosa and 76774 open 71 by the afternoon as we get closer to tomorrow and the weekend is
9:48 am
going to be hot on friday still staying pretty one for inland locations from low to mid 90's. >>robin winston: remember will reduce your speed take it easy enough to get the headlines and what does he should be using extra costs and this is the owner hot spot and to the east but that happened early this morning the trees did not issue a traffic alert as a hours later to have several toy trucks
9:49 am
planning to retrieve a big rig would bear it travelers. >>robin winston: it is still crawling out tracy from 2 05 to the out to my some elevated drive times from the north they saw the one on one out of the boston into santa rosa the gold index bridge was a nice ride at this only nice commit out there.
9:50 am
>>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: some people go through great pain to keep the gun on camera good afternoon your textile your phone at first she did eggers the hand tree lies on the books long one of the people know better what seemed like is becoming a game for some people
9:51 am
i called the cell phone sncc is one summer's on their phone until they see a cop in this cases officers south of the marin office of the california highway patrol is driver claims to try to connect to alter blue suit it must be the new air connect feature since the higher petrol also conceded violence of personally is always a game of hide and seek some time the jar when sometimes the chp when this i've lost the game of hide and seek what is driver from and hand and not a clue officer is sitting right next to her she is on for quite awhile until sinn, sits on the side of highway 101 this year realize something else the only thing
9:52 am
apart whatever conversation. >>stanley roberts: that's the whole thing about the strike is driver she had to utter these famous words i got caught up and that quebec and the people on the phone and recounting the most interesting part everyone except to drivers claim some type of medical condition to avoid a ticket i'm wondering if this a new trend in marin county stanley roberts kron 4 news. >>darya: 90 to your mother follows through with a 60 your promise to her daughter but it took so long that is next a live look at the approach the backed up on the crawl at the bay bridge will we back with more
9:53 am
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9:56 am
>>darya: here is a look at the big stores where from this morning the rain as the tech alive but at storm tracker 4 and also even though we're getting so what what we're still in the man of the drought in fremont a senator is proposing a plan that authorized local water department to tap water wasters by as much as 300% the water bills of this means the republicans will pass the state legislation and then voters would have could be ok as well the golden state warriors have a chance to even it up again tomorrow night against the cleveland cavaliers right now is two to one lebron james carried his team to victory last night despite steph curry efforts and the fourth quarter to win that game the warriors lost to the cavaliers and the score was 96 to 91 again will have our lives
9:57 am
on not to mar matt stand at 6:00 the cleveland and in the series returns or call in oakland for game 5 on sunday and his personal story of texas after more than 60 years of taking care of her 92 you're mario clinton adopted her 76 or daughter mary and here is video of them she knew that she was from an older cousin and edge her father had died, because sicked not respect she said she would not dr. until her mother passed away so this year she made it official mother and daughter now official does it for this morning.
9:58 am
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