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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> pam: tonight, police in the east bay are holding three suspects. who turned a warehouse into a growing field. and their illegal crop was worth more than 15-million diollars. at a time when medical marijuana is common. and cannibus is legal in some states.the huge pot bust in hayward is unprecedented. we get the story from kron- four's phillipe djegal. live from police headquarters. phillipe. >> philippe: were talking about a setup that has been and operating for over a year in generated a fortune >> : we are guessing about $50
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million >> philippe: police say it exceeds what they found. >> : said his about 90 days to salad and if the been operating for years you demand-math. >> philippe: did been charged for easily cultivating marijuana and selling at-it. >> : and had a living quarters for the people doing the illegal activity. >> philippe: they say the
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marijuana i did make it to neighborhoods and possibly schools. at this time the plants are going to be discarded. >> pam: are asking for the public's help. in identifying this person.
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investigators say, he used an elderly woman's identity to obtain a credit card in her name. purchases were made at multiple locations in san jose. including home depot. a shell gas station. and d-d's discounts. the purchases were all made late last year. police have made an arrest in the novato arson case. which left damaged four chevy volts earlier this week. police say, john allen bixler was arrested late this morning near rowland boulevard and vintage way in novato. surveillance video from a nearby business. showed a man grab something. then walk to the novato chevrolet dealership, before flames appeared. police have not said what led them to bixler. a two-year-old girl is in stable condition tonight. after being bitten by a rattlesnake. it happened last evening. as the girl was playing in her family backyard in bay point. she was then airlifted to oakland children's hospital. neighbors say, snakes are commonly seen in this part of bay point. parents at delta view elementary school. which is located right across the street from the bitten girl's house. are concerned that rattlesnakes threaten their children. >> : it's dangerous for kids especially.none of the students have been
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>> pam: kron-4 talked to a snake wrangler. who has been catching rattlesnakes in the bay area for 3o- years. len ramirez says, there are some basic things you should do around your house to be safe. because these rattlers come out in the warmer, drier weather.. ramirez says, you need to know what is lurking in your yard. >> : may sure if crawlspaces are probably still same with doors>>-"they go out to play" >> pam: the big rattlesnake mr. ramirez was the way. was found near solar panels at someone's house. ramirez reminds us that we live in rattlesnake country. particularly in the wilderness and hillsides of contra costa county. today the bay area experienced some june rainfall. the wet weather caused people to bring out their raincoats and umbrellas. and although the rain was very much was not a drought buster. in the northbay. the rain started to fall early in the
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morning. and although the rain was a welcome was a reminder of the state's new water regulations amid the ongoing drought. libby pischel with the marin municipal water district says that the recent rainfall in marin brought about an 8th of an inch.not enough to make a dent in our drought. but the rain itself is important because it triggers some new state regulations. >> : according to the regulations people are prohibited from watering while restraining. >> pam: it's it's important to check first to see if your plans really need the water before watering. >> reporter: unfortunate ran
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only lasted a day. a trace of rain ease of concord. your fourth day forecast coming next. >> pam: in the cleveland cavaliers lead the series. tomorrow game for will commence at the quick and loans every now.
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>> pam: the cost of cleaning up last month's devastating oil spill near santa barbara. is now up to 62- million- dollars. the company which owns the ruptured pipeline that led to the spill. says, the cost is running about three - million dollars a day. and right now there is no estimate of how long the cleanup will take. three- quarters of the cleanup. is done. along one- hundred miles of affected coastline. last month, more than 100- thousand gallons of oil poured into the ocean. stilll ahead on kron-four. the american travel habit of larger
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carry-on bags. may be coming to an end. a live report from sfo. and. a baby comes into the world with the help of a san francisco firefighter. >> gary: we have information about the golden warriors. >> reporter: and year weather forecast is coming up next stay tuned for inside edition with deborah norville. see it, after the news.
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you steve? hi steve. i'm natural. say something. why aren't you guys saying anything? introducing new simply raised chicken with no antibiotics. from foster farms. simply better. >> pam: millions of fliers may soon want to buy new. smaller. carry-on bags. global airlines are recommending new standard guidelines. and tonight, the news is leaving some airline travelers a bit uncomfortable and confused. we're live at one of the country's busiest airports.s-f- o. kron-four's jeff bush has more on how you may have to change your travel habits. >> jeff: carry on bags come in all different shapes and sizes and, different airlines have different standards for their carry on sizes.which caused the internatinal air transportation association to suggest a
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standard carry on limit for all carriers around the world. it's a tall order and, depending on who you ask, is a good ideaor a bad idea. >> : as long as they're not breaching the cap every flight, i don't see why they need to change it. but, if they are having a lot of abusers, i don't see why they can't change it. >> : that just sounds like a hassle to me. i would stay with the size it is now. it's perfect so you can travel and take it with you even if it's a week long travel, yeah. >> jeff:the proposed changes are pretty miniscule. currently, the average, maximum size for carry on luggage is 22"x14"x9"the association is suggesting a new restriction of 21.5"x13.5"x7.5"about a half inch off each side and about an inch and a half deep. >> : this should bring a degree
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of standardization to the industry and make it easier for everybody concerned. >> jeff:the association is also working with manufacturers of luggage to get them to adopt the new standards as well. i'm jeff bush, live at sfo kron four news. >> reporter: and san francisco police are looking into a serial robbery ring. take a look of all the firearms they obtained. 22 are assault weapons. the also
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found a bomb kid. the atf is investigating the ms dissipations. >> reporter: to occur suicides and to reduce access to the tracks. they're looking to put out hierophants-hierophants-. >> reporter: and san francisco
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firefighter help deliver a baby. >> reporter: light rain fell friday-through the day. the warm water phenomenon. >> reporter: mostly cloudy conditions. high fifties for the east bay shore lines. here's
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what to expect tomorrow morning. we will have falk-fog. we have a high pressure system, and . as a progress through the day the fog disappears but cloud stay in the peninsula. we have a chance of
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getting warfarin-warmer. for the most part will at how temperatures. >> pam: >> gary: has the sports and a highlights coming up next. p. ready. ready. steady. sfx: engines revving. go! ♪♪ it's more than a movie.
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>> gary: giants in flushing.
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queens taking on the mets. joe panik. from nearby yonkers just north of the bronx top 1st panik solo home run off matt harvey his people love it!!!. 1-0 giants top 6th/ 4-2 mets buster posey takes harvey into the right-field-corner panik and angel pagan score 4-4 tie top 6th/ 4-4 tie brandon belt deep and over the "this bud's for you" sign a 2- run home run lots of giants fans a citi field 6-4 giants 5- run 6th for the giants final: 8-5 giants harvey: 6 ip, 9 hits, 7 runs 3 home runs royals at twins minnesota's torii hunter called out on strikes he argues and gets ejected he then proceeds to take off the shin guard and throw it onto
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the field then the glove then the wristband then after starting to walk away takes off his jersey and throws that onto the field the poor bat boy has to retreive the gear. the royals beat the twins 7-2 as torii hunter goes "yard sale" despite lebron's heroics the tlk of the finals after last night. mathew dellavedova is becoming a cult hero in cleveland not only did he score 20 points last night. but was all over the floor word is he dove for loose balls 6 times in game 3 which is supposedly an nba finals record this is what dellavedova was asked by the great lowell cohn today
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stanley cup playofs. game 4 in chicago. the blackhawks down 2-1 to the lighting hoping to tie the series 2nd period/ 1-0 blackhawks the lightning's alex killorn scores on the wrister to tie the game 1-1 3rd period/ 1-1 tie the blackhawks brandon saad with the backhander right throught he wickets of lighting goalie. 2-1 blackhawks final: 2-1 blackhawks in tampa bay 1st time the first 4 games have been decided by one goal since the usa men's soccer team scored a big win over mighty germany 87th minute 1-1 tie bobby wood scores for the second time in six days on this shot from 23 yards out to give the united states its first victory even in germany lifting the americans to a 2-1 in an exhibition game today. the 22-year-old from hawaii
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entered in the 74th minute scored in the 90th minute friday to give americans a 4-3 win over the netherlands in amsterdam their first win ever against the dutch >> pam: that's it for the kron 4 news at and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow morning!
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here it is, the pool at the center of the controversy dividing the nation and why the cop's lawyer says he lost it. >> he never intended to mistreat anyone. and -- >> the embattled mom suspected of having an affair with an escaped con. >> her son comes to her defense. >> she had a panic attack because she was supposed to help them and didn't. and a lot of speculation. plus, what's that in your hand, mr. president? is he smoking again? then, their house destroyed. >> this is what's left of my home. >> house under siege, by a police s.w.a.t. team. it looks like a war zone.


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