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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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04 to stock and a collapse in berkeley from the scene this morning we're learning more details about the victim of this morning. >>jackie sissel: matter the fourth floor balcony they gave web ascending 13 people coming down some 40 ft. 5 those people died eight of them were sent to local hospital with bearing degrees of injuries included life-threatening injuries in this may have been a 21st birthday party turns tragic the
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rectified a problem received a call at the 44 about bombing and the 2000 block of kitsch's had collapsed to and involvement build down for those victims had died at the scene of a fifth was transported to a local hospital and pronounced dead there were being told that the eight other victims in this were transported to multiple hospitals including evening and from other hospitals mirror the area here and oakland and berkeley the have a life- threatening injuries and some of them are serious injuries also the question is what happened the investigation continues and we had a chance to talk to the berkeley public information officer she describes with investigation is up to right at this moment. >>: they're still processing a
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photograph everything them and all of the structures and the pieces of the investigation so those of in the bonds have been taken into consideration and determine exactly what about the collapse. >>jackie sissel: this appears to be a 21st birth the party you can save some of the student's from the people there were standing outside after the collapse of the building it appears that at least some of the victims were irish citizens according to some of the people there live and the apartment building several of these students were from ireland here on j one working visas we're continuing to try and figure out exactly who they were in the investigation will be a multi agency investigation according to the berkeley police department the fire department have structural engineers out here and figure are exactly why
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i'm this balcony gave way i can also tell you the alameda county sheriff's department has just arrived on the same obviously that is the corner part of this and also be involved in the investigation the big question obviously how many people were up on the balcony obviously it up they believe that a least 13 people were up there and they say no one was home in the third floor with about to collapse onto. >>jackie sissel: of these victims on the balcony it appears when a carafe is in on one investigation will try to develop as much information as a can on it and will begin more information on it will pass along. >>darya: again in the infamous all the time of the new toy we just found out from the irish government that they believe that all of the victims who died in this opera collapse were irish.
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>>james: the golden gate bridge regressive as today's moms and identical pictures with the called low enough to cut off the top there and the satire of of the span it will bid is one to take a while for that to happen temperatures in the mid-50s. why san francisco opens san jose on the 5455 range and it is potentially l and i will have the full forecast, and just 15 minutes. >>robin winston: missiles
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traffic stretches all the way into the maze and spilling over to 580 and adjustable up to the fifth 24 split was to give over to the and fined after that is the right ride come out of the man is approaching the pace watching over to the golden gate bridge you're ride here is a small number of directions of problem 4101 as rebecca went into one of san francisco chipping the ride to the san mateo bridge data is the committee direction--commit direction >>darya: person played his heart out so did mr. jain tv and play guitar like anything but a whole
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series of the have not been enough so far the warriors have not won a title since 1975 and the cavaliers have not everyone wants of their gunman for one am hoping to win tonight on the home court but we have will the home court in cleveland and we'll live report all morning long and hoping to stop emmitt --stop them >>: the oakland police department ever also will be on the street in working you will see a lot of officers and department as well as a law enforcement agencies the san francisco police say there but also increasing staffing levels throughout the city to address any problems that could happen immediately with complete coverage will have a live report
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from will and he is live in cleveland this morning leading up to tonight's game. >>darya: he was last seen on tuesday at the mountain view warmer where he works he also works at another restaurant and he chooses drivers and part- time pyjamas as its focal 39 he said he was heading up to watch a game fish are the to counsel connex and flora they're in shock over the sudden disappearance they have agreed
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to work on thursday and like-he is very reliable for he did not show and he did not call to that of white police consider him at risk. >>mark: still ahead of north carolina beachgoers are getting back in the water even after to shark attacks on sunday what one california life guard unit the door to prevent a similar attack here brush fire fighters are still battling aliveness corp. while fire burning in northern california.
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>>mark: it is conducting a today a black line in burma this commentary about 50 mi. east of san jose decorating this perimeter of a plot of land that will be used for fire turning clashes only about 5 a. of corn to be burned this week is happening a judge of the greenwich, part of mount hamilton road this is set to go on from a 10 to clean
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>>mark: adeptly about and the collapse in berkeley five people are dead and this apartment building and about a collapse in just before 1 this morning on capt. street a people have been hospitalized with injuries the balcony on the 44 40 ft. above the crown been arrested and tried to figure out how many people were active on the balcony when it collapsed will have live reports, and about 15 and for the irish minister prime minister said the five killed were all irish students on work visas. >>james: today's wanted just as
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fine of not a little bit better because of women are not doing much will santa rosa a just a quarter mile visibility things off the dance on the fault front in that part of the north bank and some express the fall campaign issue for ian here is the forecast for the peninsula 52 san francisco today the
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peninsula coastline was the in the upper 50s all belong on the bayside it will exit woman of the salmon's sale with 70 the rest of the bay area will be nice and warm and in the to these low eighties to mid '80s expected there would up the seven so it is for both the south bay in the north than your bass and the outlook temperatures on a to climb when victor friday will will all have operated and low 90s and and and and saturday in tucson and the five will jump to the mid-90s and we have a toast the weekend ahead >>robin winston: as a lot of slow traffic in the east bay in heading into san francisco we have to use the bay bridge this morning so you have to sit in the back of the lights on and at the man of la 537 this morning
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from north bay and heading into san francisco even an opposite direction leaving san francisco heading into another that a great commitment to 1 minutes from highway 37 from the volatility beverage toll plaza of an image that is getting slow if you have to head south this morning on 80 will be stop and go from 238 to hey were heading into union city after that is a great ride for fremont and milpitas 30 minutes and from to 30 and about four to 37 come from the alta mondavi stop and go ride that is what we expect to start in tracy of 2 05 off and on through livermore and a little pockets of the dublin it to change with the major trouble spot so far from the five it was to inject a ride on highway 4
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active a construction zone was about to antioch and often on you're looking at 23 minutes from the antioch getting out for concord and does a predicament. >>darya: tonight the warriors need to win this one to take home the nba final trophy and be the champions and hear the team the left open yesterday and for cleveland to take on the cavaliers again in game 6 mystical with the pilots after game 5 the big 104 to 91 we beat them and because the more than proper one will talk to gary about albany to do to win and that is continuing question as to whether even if they lose dish to be the mvp would care
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this bill as a when the last time of the war is one was 1975 and the cavaliers have never won. >>michelle apon: they're getting back in water even though a 13 yarborough's been so badly near oak island appear as a loss part of a left arm and her heliborne hour 20 minutes later and just 2 mi. away a sharp drop off the left arm of the 16 year-old boy and both boy and girl are and give good condition this morning but that it is just one sharp that was involved in the attack there also seem on the afternoon swimming near the shoreline and south florida. >>mark: they're taken to the skies was to sharpie thomas said the new approaches already seeing results five large new
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drawn for the support level of a chilling look at the just how many grain rice sharks and now feet from the shoreline hisses for the past month he's been flown to john regularly is a matter of minutes lifeguards since the the 5 1/6 foot right up close and real time without bond in the water down a quarter of this video of a juvenile great white in with high water service side luckily enough swimmers were in water if these
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locals are not taken any chances and until this seaside the sharpening more aggressive they will remain open to the public but signs like this will stay up to say shark cited enter at your own risk. >>darya: happening today a white house fence jumper is going to be sentenced investigators say that he had a knife when he made it all the way to the east room of the white house last september under a plea deal his already pleaded guilty to two federal counts in u.s. district court u.s. tons office is recommending a nearly two-year sentence for him the will announce a sentence at 7:00 this morning our time. >>mark: the vice president-elect
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to the remarks that energy invested some in washington passed away late last month after a battle with brain cancer kills on a 46 years old the billionaire real estate mogul and rotted tv star donald trump is expected to reveal the content for the two of six different and to raise today in speaking at an event at trump tower and the your is also to the to list the summary of his assets the full support to finance a release as far as likely entry into the racial republican presidential nomination and a village of canada to announce if he does still ahead of bay area airport is adding new nonstop flights to beijing find out where you can fly from and keeping our and weather and traffic.
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>>darya: may introduce a new nonstop route to the beijing capital international airport in china the service through the airline to the first ever to provide direct flight connecting the san jose area up to china the new route to a critical 52 new jobs and fun of the initial bring in about a hundred and $5 million each year it will with
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five round-trip flights per week and passengers will fly on a to 13230 seat boeing 787 during businesses of the port of oakland ahead as busy as month and four years last month it was the part month in a row where the port had increase in volume compared to past years imports increased substantially but exports were down because of strong u.s. dollar has made american exports more expensive about to collapse killing five sending eight more to the hospital with serious injuries can berkeley will tell you have become a of a live report. for over 60,000 california foster children, it's a challenge to replace clothes that are too small or worn out.
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' reading in this morning the dog dog and the travers falling 107 point yesterday concerns that it will not be reached with degrees in order to continue their bail out the were rigorous could default on their debt the dollars abundance of the incident and futures are down another 35 this morning more now on the bridge in new started over a falling five people are dead and released it injured after about a collapse in berkeley it happens before 1:00 this morning this apartment building on a pitcher you to the fourth store a document to cover completely disappeared for napa below. >>jackie sissel: it appears it was a 21st birthday party event turned tragic obviously you concede that data about the we are talking about you could see
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were injured away from wall sending at least 13 people plummeting down four stories as you said killing 54 were pronounced dead at the same offense was files bed of the local hospital and other laws and to local hospitals with what's been described as major to life-threatening injuries here is a video from early this morning according to the berkeley police department this at around 1240 this morning there received a call and a 2000 block of kittredge and when i got out headed discovered all the victims had come tumbling down from the fourth floor bopping it appears that there's a party, on a 21st birthday party and in the some of those victims of not all of them are irish. irish >>jackie sissel: thoughtlessly the investigation continues, the people were out about the rain will cause about and to give away seven of victims down to the street below with had a chance to talk to work with with the former early this morning
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have of the investigation continues to look answers. >>: at this point it is foolish to say as defensive behind me there processing everything and photographic and looking exactly and all of the different structure and the pieces the investigation sobel often done on a to have to take into account the trying >>jackie sissel: the investigation will include multiple agencies the berkeley police department fired from a were told that structural engineer from the city and perhaps even the county will be out here the continue to look fresh answers on this as the new
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information on this investigation will pass along. >>mark: will live the identity of the victim from the average government and they believe the statement this morning but put up a statement saying it imparts a number of young irish citizens have lost their lives and his heart goes out for the families and loved ones of the deceased in those seven injured in this appalling accident will have a full statement on our website >>james: now to traffic and weather as the tech a live look
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outside the shop at the golden gate bridge giving us a good idea what it is liked by the bay and along the coast with the scout the and at times fog it because it obscured the view of the bridges of the fed is not where sing everywhere in fact as with cameras and head out to the east bay view ca, creek beds and sunshine kills rats and roaches are renown ultimate '50s now we have heavier traffic on the braves picked up the incline our way out for treasure island the drive time has bumped up to 20 minutes now from the maze the downtown but no clashes are stalled on the branch
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>>robin winston: it is sold on the 58680 split the dublin to change to the five minutes from dublin to fremont after sheridan will be a great ride continue with the fremont and the milpitas the democratic for the south about commute. >>darya: 633 today is the day of the warriors could take home the nba championship it is just one more game the warriors need to win and is game 6 tonight in cleveland. >>will tran: they will be here and it will be a shoreline and they will go back to their rooms and rest up and a half to come back and dropped a hammer and then bring back the first championship to go the state in 40 years they will not be alone and in showing the video of the shot is a few moments ago i wanted to leave the warriors will have fans in attendance
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became very vividly and the reason lies atop all morning with a problem back as a focus what there but problems in the midwest as well that actually came in about 545 local time in the bay area hockey there is one back at the golden state warriors they should love that he is there. >>: i was there in 2010 and 2012 a could make a to the other 14 will we get a repeat to get a chance to come here for the close of the warriors the action
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had to fly over the pittsburgh and try to drive over self we got our own direct and landed and rental they believe in these words.
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>>will tran: it is still a lot to be one of those gains at the arena will share your spirit on the air and on our website send them to us at breaking news @
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>>mark: customers have the couple were uses 30 percent from what they used in 2013 people also been at the water the lawn to today's weak this an effort to meet the state mandate a water conservation guidelines. >>james: a fortune of the weather coming up in the meantime there was a glimpse at the data are forecast for opens the northern mid-50s should warm up for 3:00 into the upper 60s to maybe even 70 degrees this is some time this afternoon will have the bay area wide forecast in a moment.
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>>darya: 5 people have lost their lives and eight others are seriously hurt after about and it collapsed and an apartment building and berkeley we have learned that the irish government says that all those who were killed or irish students their iras citizens this is a live look at irish consulate in san francisco because the government is talking to the families of those who were killed and there are still irises and four injured as well because there are so far for this happen the government is trying to keep them in the
6:46 am
form the balcony was on the fourth floor of the apartment complex and it was rough 40 ft. up when it looked like there were about 13 young people on that out and celebrating the birth of a party when it gave way and there you can see a just come back down onto the about to blow it and all zero of the young people landed on the street in the have to be attended to with multiple ambulance will have a live report all the details of will on the next 15 minutes. >>michelle apon: the tropical storm approaches the texas gulf " this is video of the coast guard crews preparing for the storm is expected to become landfall this morning from south of corpus christi the galveston taxes emergency crews have already started a voluntary evacuation and areas the school edition from gavel to give the suburbs of
6:47 am
cancel class today and to show you what it looks like as of right not on satellite and radar you concede it is completely turning off bring a plan of reims thunderstorms across the coals expected to a landfall across the next few hours and was could be up to 55. it will track off to the tennessee valley tracking also to the great lakes into the ohio valley and it will continue to move off to the northeast part of the united states by the weekend as of right now the morning will offer to the calls will often to the houston area you can see the green on the map as of right now those are flash
6:48 am
flood watches some of those areas 60 isolated up to 12 in. on average in were between four to 10 in. of rainfall. >>james: infancy where it is an situated right now is considered a hurricane's bill which is barely 7 5 mi. an hour sustained when witches of 1 mi. above the crest of a category one strike and that is where does the expected to stay that strong as it continues to work as we optimal direction it will drop straight and tons of low pressure system by the time we reached friday and about 11:00 or so because it was called the project it passes the half of that storm and take their this narrative and the run up against the coastline of mexico man was
6:49 am
back in the mirror will follow- up our own weather and this fall the after to start at the golden gate bridge as you look off in the direction of the north bank will have bins fall along the portion of 1 01 and the north bay will have heavy fog out and a half moon bay in the coffin which will have more visibility otherwise it is hazy advance with the the lead down to six mild temperatures against bill my 53¢ vs. the 55 and oakland received and opened 48 degrees and santa rosa and novato and you have the do point when the temperatures are coming together we are checking
6:50 am
temperatures saturday sunday will be hot on the bay with feminize with the mid-90s back to the moves. >>robin winston: half laysan definitely crowder we're looking at a backup continues to grope stretching into the maze about halfway to the 24 split of the west about 80 and pockets, and hercules you're always save some time if your car pulling this morning and one of soliciting and traffic approaching the take it is not bad on the preferred approach is definitely slowing switching over to the center of respect on the nimitz from 238 of which could lead to connected
6:51 am
a ticket to the bridge when you get there will be crowded all the way across heading out for the high-rise switching over to the golden gate to get right here for the volume this a trouble-free, and insofar over to the maps and still packed on 580 west the drive times as above the 40 minutes not from the optima heading out toward >>robin winston: south 680 will be slow coming out of dublin heading towards an all hear the drive time for your travel out of the south bay division of time for was about 80 come out
6:52 am
of hercules to berkeley and picked up to 18 minutes. >>mark: friends and family are gathering to, an american who was killed while fighting the islamic state group and stereo and which will be held to different and 60 road and huts in massachusetts tilbury to maga and a private ceremony there believe to be the first u.s. citizen to die fighting along force of the current crisis the have been no military training. >>darya: a long time, and wanted this question from a house panel investigating the deadly 2012 a crack in been gauze and libya sydney will testify in a closed session about frequency milicent about libya when hillary clinton and secretary of state to come
6:53 am
days after hillary clinton will formally kicked off a presidential campaign. >>mark: it will take the witness answer and capital murder trial he saw him five times in 2012 and was scratched and vote for anxiety and depression they're trying to prove that he was not insane when he fatally shot 12 people and injured dozens of others in the movie. we will be right back with more.
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>>mark: their long jump competition to develop a positive trend for people and
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cargo was called hyper loop and. if the shuttle passengers from san francisco to los angeles in just 30 minutes the american way to develop the concept since its first unveiled this type of look in 2013 announced bass is the will build 01 malta's track near the headquarters of popcorn this, engineering teams in university you have to enter in the competition before september 15th. >>darya: more details on our breaking coverage of the deadly bath and a collapse that happened while you were sleeping in berkeley here live look at the same you conceive about the nfl down from a fourth floor onto a cart for happening every honest to the street below five people are dead.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: 05 people are dead and eight others injured after the balcony collapse overnight in berkeley this video from immediately after the first 911 call. >>darya: apple early this morning for people died at the same and one died at the hospital. >>mark: the call came in about 1245 this morning about the man had collapsed and you see the balcony and fell over here from the for for some breaking it of people being treated in hospital with cricket injuries--critical. >>jackie sissel: the continue the investigation will we're being told now this may have been


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