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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  June 23, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>james: inclose this house fire the investigation of how the fighting bull elk have started this morning this and one person to the hospital. >>mark: the liberal caucus before 1230 is involved in flames. >>will tran: the restoration crew of going inside the good part of your the home owner is that most of the damage is contained to the crotch area the rest of the home of smoke and water damage can be south as a write-in video the fire started about six and half hours ago a home owner actually in his car
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was batters with a fire started he was working on his car and there was a hole in his gas tank he emptied the gas tank while he was trying to welded and according to my sources even worse than leaving gasoline and the reason why is once you remove the gas you're living on a little bit left inside of that causes paper was started well and that caused an explosion he was injured he was taken to hospital it was a woman also inside of it she saw the fire and she rushed out with two of her pets and she was not injured. >>will tran: a little bit of damage but not too bad no fatalities behind this incredible fire the people are still shaking their heads over the call the fire did not take a very long to figure it out after they talk to the cabin he was in the hospital non-life threatening injury is there still some hot spots to have to worry about as the restored this defied a partner arrived as
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well they're monitoring the situation just in case there's any flareups that will happen to drop the ban and believe and not. >>will tran: it is something i learned this morning that the fire was not intentional. >>james: thank you very much for the update >>mark: a huge wildfire burning south of lake toweled growing to 15,000 a. air tankers and helicopters are hoping conscious of firefighters battled the washington fire that is called >>j.r. stone: of very smoky morning here and mark clean bill of the fire is directly behind me from to the 3 mi. it really cannot see much of anything because of all of the smoke this
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is what looks like a guest today from this exact same vantage point you can see the flames shooting into the air and some of the black smoke going up into the air we're talking about a fire that is now about 15,000 a. 24 hours ago this was a fire that was around 9,000 a. one of the reasons why build living in the mark will area are so concerned all of them keeping a close eye on this fire. >>: a little disturbing begun our trailers and motorcycles and everything was all down. and grandchild's >>j.r. stone: as to the conditions right now there is no breeze and winds with a sudden we get news when it comes to firefighters among 500 of them out here fighting this fire. >>mark: the firefighters and the
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central coast to stop the spread of this fire reminiscent of more recent and the convict 1,800 a. that have burned in the park hill fire with a time developed a percent to home and mobile homes are bees and in all buildings and seven vehicles have been destroyed if investigators said it was started by for vehicles' exhaust pipes that ignited ryegrass there was in the next few days mopping up. >>michelle apon: temperatures on the mild side right now into the mid to upper 50s however is a little bit cooler on the close with mid-40s and afforded across parts of the north bank much time temperatures quickly hit a plan omits seven in during the lunch hour quickly eating up to the mid '80s by the afternoon for bay locations of the '60s during the lunch hour heating up to low to mid '70's like p.m. it was the number: with mid to upper 60s letter on to say here
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is the bright sunshine have been talking about travel and and not commit direction. rebecca: the allies along and will be bumper-to-bumper up the incline of the island and across the upper deck into the city the drive times by the minister of finance sfo keep that in mind if you're moving to a crash in san jose to car northbound 85 right before 87 that have the right wing tied up in the tech chp is
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on the scene then try to move that a lot 85 has increased just 22 minutes from 1 01 up to the 280 split moving over to the livermore valley community has been a grind all morning long as 37 minutes. >>mark: the new presidio park all lanes to the bridge the closed overnight impression for the opening of and the presidio parkway the lanes on highway 101 southbound 1 to 3 this morning the crew show the overhead signs the stock attractive of normal life on monday and tuesday night it will begin line closes again tonight around 10:00 p.m. and traffic will be deported in the area are now on the close as we get ready for the major closure that is coming up to open up and a presidio parkland.
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>>mark: the bridge would not be closed they will still be rubble to use the bridge to get into san francisco and all but only from highway one the drive a loving act to avoid the area of possible the list the job of the program able to use the new presidio parkway what does the construction since 2009. >>james: the subject on the map will climb to the top of a construction crane in san jose they refuse to come down for 14 hours there were able to safely bring come back to the ground they important to the ground with a brittle broke the news just in the morning--burrito. >>james: he was a restive without incident now facing charges of. of >>mark: they're investigating a hit and run from over the weekend when they hit two
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pedestrians just before 4:00 on sunday to hit a 58 year-old woman standard industry nickel they love and work while running from that accident the driver had a 58 year-old man in a crosswalk. >>james: the mirror had just been restored the following to similar acts of vandalism last week it is located on the wall also of the galleria de la raza in san francisco's mission district install new finance, of the match vandalism and they say the actual capture this vandalism police a looking at
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those tapes right now looking for schools. >>mark: and of bay from the international storm we've been following a car for six park ridge earthquake hitting off an island south of tokyo no one was injured and there are quick but some islands were shaken strongly this it was hardly felt in tokyo. >>mark: 2 people and injured their toenails touchdown here and several other locations across michigan and fat. the view from western michigan a severe weather damage and for homes knocking down does of trees and power lines and pour the michigan near the capital of lansing their workers a from the tunnel there yesterday and
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confront the metal hit port and five people had been wrested from buildings. >>james: the have been linked to the santa or will spill it was found on may 27th, manhattan beach the finding as i for the first confirmation that are found on beaches in los angeles county did in fact it dump the toolbar hundred thousand gallons of crude oil and santa barbara coast that of mid-19th. >>mark: it is registered at a crash yesterday morning and was paz's national fourth bonus on board lawyer says is one of several on buses for neural
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>>james: san jose is that the vote on whether to allow them and other russian companies to make pickles at the airport will show you how the championships. park championships
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>>michelle apon: it will start to see some sunshine later on today estimate went out the door plan on mid-50s across the bay and inland locations along the calls with mid-40s across the north bay opera for a study of your morning the temperature the warm up with before in one location by the lunch hour mid- 70s into the afternoon it will be warm with the mid '80s installer for the coast from mid '60s we have sunshine prevent for much of the afternoon of their the sunshine were talking about along with the low clouds as of right now but most of this clouds and haze will start to move out and was thought to see more sunshine across the entire bay area tempers of the into the 50s across much of the region
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livermore 58 santa rosa not at 51 degrees if you're crossing east prussia won by 3:00 to the warm and intimate six across richmond berkeley alameda oakland stanley and the 71 by 3:00 p.m.. >>michelle apon: looking off to the peninsula if you're heading into the city plan on mid-60s a little bit warmer than yesterday and i want to be a little bit warmer across the eastern side of the peninsula of the daytime highs sitting of the to mid-70s is once nickel on the called low to mid 60's by 3:00 p.m. the rest of the bay area come at 84 the north bay and east of a valid location temperatures will quickly one of the to the upper seventies for the south bend and quickly eat up as one to be out on thursday across in one location.
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rebecca: we're still hot spots from so far this morning but it is busy at the bay bridge toll plaza pretty normal for this hour on westbound 92 it will be just a couple of minutes earlier than normal of the golden gate bridge that has been perfect really all morning long as just an easy drive into san francisco
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about five minutes exactly a model trustee and to the dublin and to change if you're making your way on southbound 68023 minutes up and over the sun no grade and into fremont i will check the south bay and peninsula commute. coming commute >>mark: happened today san jose city council member will decide whether a russian company lifted over and pick up passengers and san jose mineta there are recommending that the city permit russian company to pick up the airport passengers some are a result of cost of in the airport but there are not allowed to pick up without a permanent. >>mark: bill become the second
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major bay area airports to legalize the right track companies and as a fall the most critical lot of controversy when cab driver said it was unfair to them the san francisco airports commission decided to require ride share the rest of their profit $2 more in fees to the airport to restructure the traditional cab drivers. >>james: they would testify for today in one day after a scathing report when the country for the morning and back 50 warnings given to this one don't produce infection on hold-- inspection >>james: this resulted in the largest ever all recall about 34 men incarcerated recalled of the faulty air bags in as the report is accused of putting profits ahead of safety. >>reporter: where'll give the
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staff was not heard he's been dr. many airbag explosion for several years powerful blast turning in flavors like this into a jagged metal projectile workers say the force of one of the explosions were so powerful attacks in south they have seen for ambac explosions and a lesser role years with air bags made by toccata of the japanese companies supplied 20% of pet of the world air bags for 11 global
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manufacturers. >>: were one of these issues dealt with the first time it is a fair question u.s. lawmakers asking why toccata downplayed the danger and fail to act sooner it's been extremely complex issue the engineer knew about airbag problems a decade ago problems the now believe smaller recall failed to fix the problem is a growing crisis for the 82 you're all parts company which proudly displays the but others found arise tokyo headquarters the continues rejecting repeated in to your request no one from toccata ever made the 3 hour trip from tokyo to check amount to scrap yard despite his years a reporting
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error back problems to, says it is the automaker responsibility of course he says if there's an accident and its airbag deployed normally people can get hurt a danger he and his workers say they face every day wondering when the next airbag will explode will rippling. >>mark: about were distributor is issuing a voluntary recall over a coli concern of the not abolish the 73 colleges of an abundance of caution in there's no indication of the water is contaminated and the reports of anyone being sick with operator of the spring the supply of water fell to report evidence of equal like the swords as a production that it will test the
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water and the company has several plants in california but those plans are not involved in the recall. >>james: it turns out they're not went to the parade or to the rally the three men aren't the condition but their names and ages have not been released the shooting occurred outside the boundaries of the secured rally aside the fact about the cells of local businesses have skyrocketed after the doubles one in the championship,. >>emily turner: they all have something to celebrate and they had money in their pocket according to the business owners they say they spent an you do not have to look far to see the remnants of five its festivities in downtown oakland and separate
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the business owners and their own victory celebrated cells wise were above about 25% will normally do it of the busiest day we've seen in a long time the sandwich shop was bursting at the scene he estimates been made at least 2000 sandwiches and it was the same store for the rest of the bloc managers say the lines of out the door and tableful and upon what have launched felt it three times better. than they better have >>: it was crazy we headed for howls--we had a full halfhouse. >>emily turner: the city estimates almost 1 million people made it down to the route to watch the workers to bring in the wind for these business owners they say that is another reason to celebrate it was beautiful oakley came together to celebrate a beautiful even an
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official level of needed the wind and we cannot uncelebrated in was wonderful the estimates will not be in for another three months according to the city it takes three months to get self fact information as soon as they get it judging by with the businesses down here say it is sure to be good and oakland. >>mark: some work on technology for the people see through big breaks in a way you can see any obstacles to traffic otherwise delicate to off-guard you will not see the high-tech on the street anytime soon the project still in the early prototype phase >>stanley roberts: coming upper i
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am out with the napa chp looking for speeders and will show you who wasp caught in an who wasppb.
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nor the coast, mid-60s with plenty of sun. now we have plenty of sun now. looking at walnut creek, where you'll definitely ily need sunglasses where you are in that area. temperatures are in the upper 50s for concord. 59 degrees across the east bay shoreline. mid to upper 50s, the same for the south bay. low to mid-50s. north bay low to mid-50s as well. coming up at 7:55, i'll have a look at your weekend forecast. it's coming up in about 25 minutes. now here's rebecca with your morning drive. your morning drive definitely at a crawl.
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if you are crossing the san mateo span this morning westbound, that's on the right- hand side of your screen. traffic is about 22 minutes. it's -- rather, your drive is going to be 22 minutes coming out of heyward. if you make your way to the west end of the span, getting into foster city this morning, very slow there. now moving to a crash in san jose. there's been a couple of problems actually. this one now just came to us northbound 280 right at highway 87. the connector ramp is actually blocked. it's 2 cars that are involved. chp is headed to the scene as well as a couple of tow trucks, and your drive time along 280 from 101 out to 85 now 28 minutes. so that is definitely increased as we have progressed through the morning. an earlier crash in san jose on northbound 85 right at highway 87 has cleared. that has been moved to the right-hand shoulder. you might still see slow traffic, though, and your drive time along 85, 24 minutes from 101 up to the
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280 split. when i come back, i'll have some east bay drive times for you. jane? thank you. new to our breaking news overnight. one person is the hospital after a major house fire broke out in valeo. that fire started before 12:30 this morning. you can see how big the flames got. the home engulfed in fire. two people were inside at the time. there was a man working in the garage, and that's where firefighters believe the fire started. the garage and a car were destroyed. the flames also spread to a nearby home, but no one was injured there, and that man was the garage was taken to the hospital, where will's being treated for his injuries. and an update on the -- left four people without a place to live over the weekend. fire fighters say it was hot coles that were still smoldering that seemed to have caused the fire. it started sunday morning along charleston road. a firefighter suffered second- degree burps, but returned to work after being treated on the scene no one else was injured. the initial investigation found the respondent did
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properly throw away some hot coles from the previous night, sparking that fire. valeo police identified the man who was shot and killed early yesterday morning. we first broke the story on the morning news. police are now saying 22-year- old josh what maurice was killed in a shooting after one in the morning near indiana street and zoa boulevard. officers found him on the curb, took him to the hospital where he later died. police investigating the shooting as a homicide. they are looking for the person or people responsible. . meanwhile, an suv crashes in a bay area pizza parlor, causing a gas leak inside that restaurant. it happened yesterday morning
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at new york haven. that's on north texas street in fairfield. . the driver of the suv identified only as a 51-year-old fairfield resident. he had been taken to the hospital for his injuries cause of the crash, why he ended up in there in the first place, they're still looking into it. a man suspected of exposing himself to a woman in a parking lot has now been arrested. police just now releasing picture of the suspect identified as 21-year-old nathan perrine of redwood city. police say -- sitting in her car, made several comments to her, then expose himself, then drove away, but was located several hours later, taken into custody. new close now in the cold case murder in the east bay. hokam police hoping new information will lead to whoever killed ayana domingez. >> reporter: oakland police
7:35 am
say they have new information and a sketch of the suspect they say killed 18-year-old ayana dominge z. . they say he was drive being vehicle at the time of her murder. get a good look. police say her murderer was driving a fords cape, year 2013 or 2014. doming,z was sitting in her car with her boyfriend when the suspect fired multiple rounds at the car. police say that they don't believe either domingez or her boyfriend ever did anything that would make someone want to kill them, and her murder might have been a case of mistaken identity, or a random shooting. police say they need the public's help in catching her killer. it auto's matter of public safety. a killer is on the loose, and opd wants to catch him
7:36 am
so he doesn't do it again. police say that a new push to solve cold cases is getting results, but more information is needed. >> prior to our call for help, we didn't have this information. investigators were able to -- you know, they had a theory, able to turn it into a story, and hopefully with this information, that's enough for us to push it over the edge. >> reporter: police say the break in this cold case came because community members came forward to help put the sketch together. they're hoping more people will recognize the man in this sketch and help them arrest him. in oakland, kron news. new this morning, home rental prices continue to rise across the nation, and the rising rents aren't coming from big cities, like san francisco or new york, but jackson, mississippi, and portland, maine. prices nationwide climbed a little over 4% in may compared to a year ago. prices in the jackson, mississippi, area going for close to $$1j200 a month.
7:37 am
rental prices in maine shot up 18%. rents can't to rise in denver, san francisco, san jose, but not as quickly as they are in smaller cities. if you're looking at rental prices, thinking why can't somebody just give me a house, today is your lucky day. this house you see on your screen can be yours for free. the only catch is you have to move it from where it stands now. oakland children's hospital there owns the property. they own the buildings around there on 5nd and martin luther king way, and they want to build on it. now they're letting you have it for free, and they're even throwing 20 grand in the pot. if you're interested, contact them. that house could be yours. the governor of south carolina wants the confederate flag taken down from the state capital building in the walk of the charleston church massacre. what's substantial doubting in the way of that happening coming up. >> tom brady appealing his
7:38 am
suspension in new york. we'll talk to gary radnich, and ask what brady's chances are of getting his suspension overturned.
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k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d
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k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d k-d. we are waking up to some sunshine. here's what it looks like the bay bridge. just a few low-level clouds. high-pressure continues to build in. we have some lower 50s across the coast and parts of the north bank, and the location mid to upper 50s out of right now. temperatures will warm up in the location during the lunch hour mid 70s by that time about five to 6 degrees cooler. warmer spots, mid 80s for inland locations. the bay will be lower 70s. here the highs, around 3:00 upper 70s to 80 degrees, temperatures will continue to climb into tomorrow. low to mid 90s tomorrow and the next few couple hot days from thursday, friday and not as hot for saturday and the weekend will be lower 90. coming up at eight, we will talk about what to expect across the east bay and shoreline. the morning drive at the
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bay bridge is going to be a slow one, very busy westbound 80 traffic backed up into macarthur maine about 20 minute drivetime going into downtown san francisco. the crash after the toll plaza, on the right lane, the cement truck and pickup truck involved, the bridge toll crew are on the way to clear that. it will slow down your right more once you pass the cash laying. san mateo bridge crawling about -- in a word in foster city, about 25 minute drivetime. definitely leave a little extra time this morning if you're headed to the door into works. drivetime over to the peninsula 10122 minutes from palo alto to burlingame. that is increased since we last checked. the north bay drive out of no bottle 25 minutes from highway
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this is the bay area's news station area kron4 news -- starts now with breaking news. (dot) breaking news we have been following for you all morning long lost his house fire winners with officials and they hope said that is fire sent one person to the hospital. >> that home engulfed in flames. and james fletcher, we have will trend standing by with the latest detail. >> the cause of the fire has everyone shaking their heads, restoration crews and the fire department will be here throughout the day the crew will be boarding up the home, it has the red tag, and there
8:01 am
monitoring hotspots, it starts around -- it started around 12:30 a.m. overnight, according to my sources the man was inside the garage and he had a hole in his cars gas tank and emptied the gas tank with the gasoline, but believe it or not that made it even worse because papers were still inside once he started welding that caused an explosion and he's in the hospital with second-degree burn. his wife was home at the time and she rushed out with pets. no one died from this. but the cause of the fire according to my sources, they have heard it all. they can't believe what happened. the neighbor joins me now, angela garcia, you were home at the time. >> describe what you saw. >> i woke up because because i heard yelling for her to get out of the house. i heard yelling. i set up in my bed and the
8:02 am
flames were coming through the garage door and they were huge. the cover the whole garage door. and it was burning very quickly and rapidly. my husband ran out and started watering the grass and the house and the car in front of our house. the heat was really intense. >> diddy it explosion? >> you can hear explosion, several actually. you heard like the popping of you know the chemicals in there and burning. you could hear explosion going on for a little bit. >> at -- did you see the man and his injuries? >> by the time i ran out the ambulance was here in the fire trucks were here. pulling up and trying to get set up. it covered, you couldn't see everything because there was about four or five fire trucks here last night so you couldn't see that. he was gone already. >> the prior department said most of the damage was contained in the garage,
8:03 am
neighboring homes that got burned a little bit at the back of the homes, water damage, they can salvage that and believe it or not even though the fire according to my sources just ridiculous, they say home insurance will cover it because it was not intentional. >> back to you. we will keep tabs of that story. a wildfire burning in lake tahoe, growing to 15,000 acres, here's a video of the scene with tankers and helicopters. called the washington fire. markleeville, people are standing by. >> very smoky morning here in markleeville, you can see those with the firefighting crews that had been set up around the towns. somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 firefighters fighting this fire. you can't really see much this morning because of all the smoke
8:04 am
. this is what it looked like yesterday. you can see the flames and you can see the black smoke pouring up into the sky. write about 15,000 acres that have already burned, 24 hours ago, we were talking about 9000 acres. the numbers have gone higher than that is the concern for so many of these people. you can see them out here at yesterday, keeping a very close eye. we are in the neighborhood of two to 3 miles. the fire is two to 3 miles from the city of markleeville which is the city of about 200 people. they have packed most of their things. they haven't been evacuated at this point. if the fire gets closer, that could happen. one of the reasons why everyone is taking precautions in the area. jr stone, kron4 news. firefighters in the central coast have stopped the spread
8:05 am
of a fire earning in santa margarita. 1800 acres burned in the park hill fire. the upshot is the fire is 80% contained. they made great progress there and you they could not save some of the structures that did burn. we have two homes, four mobile homes, two rvs and 10 outbuildings along with seven vehicles destroyed. you can see what remains of those. the fire was started from either vehicles exhaust pipe, it lit some of the grass, they will spend days mopping up and putting out hot spot. we are tracking the latest on the earthquake in japan that happened earlier this morning. a 6.3 magnitude earthquake that was 152 miles away from the key she might japan. 152 miles south of tokyo. it happened last night at 9:00. we will see if we can get more pictures of damage. we will continue to follow all
8:06 am
morning long. we have temperatures right now and mid- and upper 60s across the bay area except along the coast temperatures are in the low 50s. warmer spots inland, they will heat up by mid 70s by the lunch hour mid 80s later this afternoon. it will quickly warm-up -- it's upper 60s 60s and breezy just along the coast after 20 miles per hour this afternoon we have mostly sunny skies and a few high clouds out there plenty of sunshine, little bit of these clouds surrounding airport and temperatures in the 50s across much of the region except for more warm spots in concord and livermore 60s right now son say lower 60s, oakland 58 degrees, san francisco 54. we will talk about your weekend forecast and how hot it will
8:07 am
get. mobley so far this morning feet of hotspots. let's take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is improving. as far as the backup, 880 over crossing and about 15 minutes getting into downtown it there was an accident past the toll plaza and the couple right leads but told crews should have that cleared. over to the highway, dry 1029 minutes from antioch to concord, if you're headed in the westbound the increased by a couple minutes, last check and getting to the dublin interchange, 47 minute drivetime through the river -- livermore valley westbound 580. i will have a bridge check coming up next. the golden gate bridge will be closed overnight. a small closure in preparation
8:08 am
for the big closer to open a new procedural parkway. lanes 101 southbound highway one in the area were close from one to 3:00 a.m. in the morning, to get the overhead signs installed. traffic normally very light monday and tuesday night. crews already closing lanes at nine last night and saying around 10 tonight they will close the lanes for a few hours. traffic will be detoured around the closer. coming up, severe weather hitting the midwest in this picture of the tornado one of the examples. we will have more video will funnel clouds and storm damage coming up. after the break -- breakaway the us is blaming china for government security breach.
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we are back now, we have what could be tense moments this week the between us and chinese officials in washington, they are there to meet for talks on improving trust and cooperation. this comes as the us is blaming china for government security breach that could impact at least 18 million current former and prospective federal employees. that's more than four times the number that have been publicly acknowledge. the new estimate is revealed by james call me and i closed-door briefing to senator. waking up to low clouds out there and temperatures into the 50s, later today, temperatures will warm up to mid 60s in san francisco mid 70s in the insula
8:12 am
and it gets hotter this week, i have the details coming up after the break.
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who need to get a lot done at home. and now you can go even faster. we've just increased the speeds on two of our most popular plans. . we've got a lot of cleanup underway in illinois, and michigan after a major storm system so for the area overnight, you can see a funnel cloud that was forming in illinois city on the top you you can see storm damage and sterling illinois and
8:15 am
at right shows the damage that was done by possible tornado in millington, michigan. high winds damaged not only property but uprooted trees and that is what we saw in lee county illinois and one person in the camping resort hospitalized along with four others tweeted that the scene because of damage done when the trees came falling down. at least two injuries were recorded in quarrels city, they confirmed a tornado that touched down and michigan firefighter at least four homes were damage and doesn't trees and power lines were not bound creating estimate of whether far across the -- -- >> michelle is here with us watching that for a. we are waking up partly of these guys and see sunshine later. we will talk about what is happening in northeast, we will continue to track off to the northeast you can see eight hours ago i will put this into motion, stretching all the way from maine to new york parts of
8:16 am
cap, pennsylvania, and a few bits of rain may be -- be some thunderstorms across parts of all ohio. the system will move out and there's a threat for severe weather large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornado may be possible across the northeast. we have temperatures in the upper 50s right now and warm-up to the lower 60s by 10:00. lunch hour mid 60s for the east bay shoreline wins will be light not as breezy as yesterday. lower 70s by the afternoon for this time of year in oakland. upper 60s when you make it home for dinner time. east bay we have plenty of sunshine from one create camera. that sunshine. in the airport low clouds and sunshine. trying to make its way in, sunshine for much of the day apertures in the warm side. we have upper 50s across san francisco and oakland san jose 61 concord lower 60s including
8:17 am
areas of livermore's, some the rosa warmed up to mid to upper 40s, 256 degrees. if you want warmer weather had to the south bay, temperatures will warm up to the upper 70s to 80 degrees, santa clara 81, campbell and evergreen. morgan hill 84 by this afternoon mid 80s continue for areas of east bay valley warm over there and east bay will be in the cooler side in the upper 60s to low 70s. if you are in san francisco mid 50s will be that daytime high breezy at times across the coast and gusts up to 20 miles per hour this afternoon. keep that in mind when you weigh your back home. is a plan for once they plan on low to mid 90s -- 90s for inland location and debate will warm up to upper 70s to 80s. it will stay on the cool side mid to upper 60s. by thursday and friday we
8:18 am
could see some triple digit and upper 90s for inland location and for the bay upper 70s 80s, and 90s in the inland locations for the weekend. good morning, looks like it's much better morning. the backup is improving, it is past 880 over crossing westbound right it'll be 1515 minutes into downtown san francisco, 35 minutes if you're headed to sfo this morning. san mateo bridge really at a standstill, and this westbound side, on the right-hand of the screen. we are looking at 25 minute drivetime to get -- get you over to the peninsula. we have an accident past that span. on south 101 past highway 92. the left lane is blocked three cars are involved in the
8:19 am
drivetime 22 minutes. for the northbound direction from palo alto to burlingame. that is slow on both sides of the freeway so far this morning. 280 commute, 24 minutes from highway 92 to highway 85. big news oscar-winning composer james horner has died in a plane crash in southern california. we have pictures of what's left in the single-engine plane that was registered -- is crashed in the loss progress national forest. a lawyer for corner saying the plane is one of several that was owned by the 61-year-old composer. he won two oscars for his work in the film titanic. he was nominated for academy awards 10 times and wrote the music for several lock buster films including braveheart, apollo 13 in the amazing spiderman. a man who cofounded spanish-
8:20 am
language broadcasting powerhouse he when the vision is dead. then 8 million new what -- we a new of a let died last week of a stroke. a former nfl kicker return to broadcast and to boost his income. he later bought stakes in the spanish-language tv stations that -- that would become the national at univision network. he founded to investment firms and had ownership in pro soccer teams, he was 77-years-old. new york city set to hire nearly 1300 new police officers as part of the multibillion- dollar budget deal. >> the agreement is expected to be approved by the full city council this week. some of the officers will be part of the new neighborhood -based police strategy, while the others are assigned to counterterrorism team patrolling high risk areas. the new officers will join the current force which at this point stands at 35,000 uniformed officer. three people shot during the war your celebration and oakland were not linked to the
8:21 am
parade or the rally. that three men in stable condition this morning and their names and ages still being withheld and friday shootings occurred outside the boundaries of the secured rally site. five blocks from the championship celebration, no arrest had been made and investigators are piecing together why it happened. the warriors victory parade rally made for great economic boost for oakland. sales skyrocketed after the they won the championship. we spoke with store owners what it meant for their business sense. i've that thousands, almost a million people here last friday, they had something to celebrate and they had money they had according to the business owners, they spent it. you don't have to look far to see the remnants of friday festivities in downtown oakland. business owners had their own victory. we were above 25% what we normally do. the busiest day we have seen in a long time. eat it was bursting at the
8:22 am
scenes, he estimates a -- they may to thousand say which is. it was the same story for the rest of the blocks, lines were out the door tables were full. at the 12 bar lunch sales did three times better than they ever have. it was crazy. we had a full house. and the lunches usually don't overflow. and i think everybody in the block were able to -- it's too early to tell how big the economic impact was from the parade. the city estimates almost 1 million people made it down to the wrong route to watch the warriors ring in their win. for the business owners, they say that is another reason to celebrate, it was beautiful, oakland came together to celebrate really beautiful event. i feel like we needed the win and we have been would them the
8:23 am
whole time i came up to celebrate and he was wonderful. the official estimates won't be in for another three months. it takes three months to get sales tax information and as soon as they get it, judging by what the business say, it is sure to be good. new technology being tested to make it safer to drive around big rigs you be will show you how it works. via new i've via new i've
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
8:26 am
. home rental prices continue to rise across the us, the highest rents are not in san francisco or new york. you have to look to smaller communities like jackson, mississippi, in portland -- portland, maine to see where rents have gone through the roof. zillow says pies nationwide climbed over 4% in may compared to a year ago. houses for rent in the jackson, mississippi, area, going for $1200 that's 23% increase over last year. rental prices in portland, maine have shot up 18%. if you don't want to pay those, or high the mortgage prices or anything get this house for free. this is in the east bay the only catch is you have to move it yourself. on 52 52nd and martin luther king, jr. way it is owned by children's hospital which you see, they want to build on this land and expand. they have to get rid of the house first. they are all praying offering
8:27 am
it to you, to help you with moving costs, let them know few wanted to get on and get it out. samsung working on this technology to let people see through big rigs. safety truck prototype months a wireless camera and live streams the video. you see the back wall of the truck one for video screens if you are stuck behind a large truck you can have a real-time view of what's going on in front of that truck and you can see it in the obstacle of traffic that mike hatch off guard. you will not see high-tech rigs on the street anytime soon, as a project -- the project is still in the early prototype phase . will tell you what to standing in the way of south carolina's governor removing the confederate flag from the state capital building. i had. have to 14 hour standoff will tell you what police had to do to make this man come down from apple cream in the south bay. >> we have doing some fog out
8:28 am
there in the morning, we will have more on the warm-up coming up ahead. you used to sleep like a champ. then boom... what happened? stress, fun, bad habits kids, now what? let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiq™ technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust for a good, better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or down you'll know cuz sleep iq™ tells you.
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only at a sleep number store where you'll find the best buy rated mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep with sleep number. we -- the breaking news story,
8:30 am
one person in the hospital after major house fire broke out in vallejo. we have a video of the scene. it was intense for a while the fire breaking out about 12:30 a.m. the home engulfed in flames. two people were inside at the time and the man working in the garage where firefighters believe the fire started. the garage in the car were destroyed in flames spread to the home. no one was injured inside. that person got out and the person in the garage had been taken to the hospital being treated this morning. investigators will be at the home later this morning to find out what started the blaze. good morning, working at temperatures in the low 50s across the coast, they and inland locations upper 50s, isolated lower 60s in the east bay valley -- east bay valley location. lunch hour temperatures will warm up in the mid 70s and inland location and in the
8:31 am
afternoon mid to upper 80s. that will continue on the drive home. no -- lower 70s in the bay. coast, temperatures will take up to the 60s and will falter at the afternoons in the mid 60s and breezy across the peninsula this afternoon. plenty of sunshine. walnut creek, a lot of sunshine, temperatures on the slightly warmer side as we close get close to the 9:00. san francisco 58, same with oakland, san jose concord and livermore lower 60s, santa rosa 56 degrees, coming up, we will talk about the -- warm-up over the next few days and your weekend. your morning drive got a little tougher if you're headed to the south bay, chp issued a traffic alert, northbound 101 and injured accident of the vehicle overturned at hillyer avenue and chp and emergency
8:32 am
crews had been has that two left lanes aloft and not telling us one those will reopen and traffic backing up quickly. drivetime 37 minutes on north 101 from capitol expressway up to montague. leave extra time this morning if you're headed out the door and on your way to work. over to the peninsula, an accident south 101 after highway 92 in sentiment -- san mateo you we will have a full bridge check for you. we are in a moment of unity in our state to say it's time to move the flag from the capitol grounds. [ applause ] >> that historic announcement from south carolina's governor nikki haley, a request to take down the confederate flag that's been flying on -- for more than 50 years. the request comes after nine black church members were
8:33 am
killed by gunmen who embraced -- embrace that flag is a symbol of white supremacy. in order for it to be removed, the state legislatures has to get involved and they have to take a vote. in order for it to win approval two thirds majority in both houses have to vote for that flag to come down. meantime the white house says president obama will be in charleston on friday to deliver the eulogy for the reverend of that church clementa pinckney he was the pastor leading the group in the shooting -- when the shooting broke out. walmart is removing all confederate flag merchandise from its stores. the country's largest retailer maybe announcement yesterday. hours after governor haley made her speech. which currently salsa flag along with several other apparel items that feature the flags designed like t-shirts and the vocals, that will no longer be offered on the website and that's the statement from the company saying that will be only in the website, but from all store shelves swell. in the belt -- as well.
8:34 am
>> the bay area will be holding a vigil, they are inviting you to join them. they will be sharing information on how to get involved in the civil rights movement, that vigil would be six to nine -- six at night. the 730. >> drugs were found in the vehicle that killed a woman -- police have not arrested the driver in the crash. investigators say they are waiting for the official results of the toxicology test. to determine if the driver was under the influence. officer say if the driver was using marijuana which is found in the car for medical reasons, it's still illegal to use it and get behind the wheel of the car. medical marijuana is a hot button traffic -- topic. it's frustrating. they can understand why -- and they are out walking the
8:35 am
street. we realize that's a sensitive issue. we have interviewed the driver. he has been cooperative. we are working closely with the district attorney and trying to keep together to determine we have enough to make an arrest and if we do win. family members of the woman killed in the crash returned to the site yesterday. two children and the men -- a man were injured in the crash when it happened. this morning, a quick update on the man who climbed on the top of a construction crane in san jose sunday night and you refuse to come down for 14 hours. police were able to lower them back down by offering a burrito. that's what it took. our crews were there as he began his climb down the queen. police identified as 39-year- old ellen scanned are, a homeless residents of the area and he was arrested without incident and now facing charges of trespassing.
8:36 am
>> facebook snubbed -- is bigger than walmart and its market evaluation they are knocking the world's largest retailer out of the top 10 list of the highest value company of the s&p 500, facebook valued at $242 billion as of this morning trading. walmart is valued at 233 billion. facebook has been enrolled the chairs of 30 to percent in the past year. hip-hop mogul sean p ditty combs is out on bail he was arrested at ucla yesterday afternoon, we have a video showing ditty in handcuffs. he got into an altercation with a ucla football coach involving a kettlebell. the beauty facing three counts of -- making threats and battery. his son, justin combs is in the defense in ucla.
8:37 am
no one was seriously injured we are waiting for more information from police. authorities have confirmed that it's -- it was from that santa barbara oil spill. that -- was found on may 27 on manhattan beach and -- beach and the finding is the first confirmation that car found in ventura and los angeles counties came from the pipeline still up in the santa barbara coastline about 100,000-gallon crude oil spilled on may 19th. they spent more than $65 million on cleanup cost just for the -- that santa barbara county coastline and it doesn't include any cleanup cost for los angeles county. we will tell you why toccata is accused of putting profits ahead of safety and ignoring airbags safety warning signs. we will have full details in a minute. there seems to be an app for about everything. how about one that help get over jet
8:38 am
lag? we will explain coming up after the break. alive look outside the camera at sfo showing sunshine over the airport no delays in.
8:39 am
8:40 am
michela a pawn . if you're planning on the summer vacation but dreading jetlagged, it turns out there's an app for that.
8:41 am
we will show you skies and, the international transport associations develop this app to work with popular fitness wristbands that you put on your flight numbered eight and travel class and that app -- those flight regimen saving your sleep cycle. it's more harsh if you're in coach than first-class. the app tells you what to eat. it monitors your circadian rhythm, the president says he tried it, but any works. >> pretty cool. >> not bad. >> recently released apple watch getting some upgrades, the device came on three months ago and they working on improvements for that wearable hardware and you can see those trying it on. the website that covers apple uses the next generation of apple watch will feature a front facing camera so they can do face time chats with people and have better wi-fi
8:42 am
capabilities. that could mean you don't have to have your iphone on you to use a watch. to use the features. at the moment, apple watch relies on your iphone for key features like getting incoming calls and messages, that may be something that can change in the next edition of the watch. the next generation of apple watch will appear sometime next year. we have a traffic alert issued by the chp, injuries involved (-left-parenthesis-left paren 101 now they have the three left lanes blocked in a two-car crash one of the vehicles overturned your drive town time is there before minutes from capitol expressway to montague and southbound direction, right around the crash, you will see a bunch of heavy traffic starting to build. avoided, the alternate, northbound 85 to northbound 87. i will keep an update and give you -- renew the -- we need the latest after the break.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
. the majority of california farmers have missed the deadline to report on water costs. farmers have not confirmed whether they stop pumping water from rivers and streams us to had. data released yesterday shows that fewer than one third responded to the state water resources control board. the penalty for illegally taking water is $1000 a day. several irrigation districts are challenging the order to stop try to -- drawing from streams and rivers. they -- they are -- we are reviewing the data involving the challenge. we have michelle following the forecast. today how would you characterize today ? >> comfortable not too bad. in comparison to what we will expect later this week. >> it will be hot specially in the inland locations. triple digit hits -- heat for areas and upper 90s. we will talk about that
8:46 am
coming up. what you can expect for today, mid- 80s for inland locations by three clock, for being locations upper 60s, leading up to mid 70s by this afternoon and for the rest of the coast low to mid 60s for the afternoon, plenty of sunshine in store for today and it will be breezy at times along the coast. plan on wind gusting up to 20 miles per hour if you're traveling across the peninsula. plenty of sunshine out there. people taking a walk outside temperatures are nice, upper 50s right now across the embarcadero. oakland 58, san jose, concord, livermore all in lower 60s. tend to rosa 66. in the afternoon, warming up in the mid- 80s, linda locations, for today, antioch 84, 85 for danville, upper 70s, by 3:00 p.m.
8:47 am
slightly on the cooler side and closer to average around 3:00 for it east bay shoreline, 60s for richmond, berkeley and alameda, oakland and san leandro lower 70s and mid 70s across fremont and we will continue mid to upper 70s across part of the south bay looking at the peninsula temperatures will heat up in the mid- 60s across san francisco and upper 60s at sfo and warm across the north bay mid 80s by 3:00 p.m. looking forward to the next three days temperatures will warm up each and single every single day lower 90s into tomorrow and a -- they locations upper 70s around 80. there's a, a little harder, upper 90s to triple digit in store for thursday and, mid- 80s. coming up, at the 9:00 hour, at 915. new morning drive, it
8:48 am
got tougher if you're headed to the south bay and injury crash has chp issuing a special traffic alert. northbound 101 on hellyer overturned vehicle, and both in the crash blocking the three left lane emergency crews on scene chp is there -- staff from tow trucks as well. traffic mess in the area right now. if you want to avoid it take north 85 up to north 87 and make your way around accident that way. north 10132 minutes from capitol expressway to montague. your to -- 280 commute 27 minutes. highway 10185 and heading to highway 85, 28 minutes. as you make your way to 1012 that 80 split. i will keep an i out and bring you the latest details. say good morning to anne. good morning rebecca. i am following national news
8:49 am
this morning, hundreds of searchers for two escaped inmates are searching a rugged area of a northern -- northern new york and part of the wilderness area. they have been there this morning and they are focusing intensely in area 20 miles west of the prison that inmate david sweat and richard matt escaped on june 6. the focus had been around a hunting cabin in the area where more than a thousand officers are multiple agencies are helping with the search center south of the canadian border. andrew cuomo said that the authorities have dna evidence linking the two killers to spot only miles from prison. they urge residents in the area to report to police anything they noticed out of place in the ordinary and anything that suspicious to them. thank you very much, now the latest with tom brady as we take a quick update nfl headquarters. appealing his four-game suspension getting underway in new york city. rochford -- roger goodell will be hearing the case and service
8:50 am
to judge in the league's attorneys saying knew the patriots used under the plato football and that he denied knowing about it or been involved. the patriots were find a million dollars and forced to forfeit to draft picks. he could file a federal lawsuit against illegal goodell including a request for a temporary streaming order that will allow to play while the legal process place out. it's -- as part of the suspension, he's stands to lose up to $2 million in salary. executive for takata will testify before congress today one day after what skating before winning the company for ignoring safety warnings. investigators found caught up with sure crucial safety inspections on hold and failed to report or respond to other concerns over potential problems, the reports seed -- report city sheds new light in the response and the safety problems that we resulted in the largest ever order we called upwards of 34 million cars had
8:51 am
to be pulled off the streets because of faulty airbags. takata is accused of putting profits ahead of safety. before these cars are stripped cross, sold for scraps. >> japanese junkyard workers deployed airbags. these photos show that terrifying danger damage caused by exploding airbags from japanese car parts maker, takata. like the one ended up at the scrapyard. we are lucky the staff were not heard. >> he's been documenting airbag explosions for several years. powerful blast turning and players like this into jagged metal projectiles. workers say the force of one -- one of the explosions was so powerful, it shot a piece of metal up 10 meters about 33 feet leaving that whole in the ceiling you he says his scrap
8:52 am
chart scrapyard alone have seen for airbag explosion in the last several years each car around 10-years-old would airbags made by takata. the japanese company supplies 20% of a fifth of the world's airbags for 11 global manufacturers. tens of millions of cars with a potentially fatal flaw. six people dead, dozens more badly hurt. no excuse, and excusable. give me an answer. why weren't these issues dealt with the first time. >> is a four question. >> lewis lawmakers asking why takata downplay the dangers and failed to act sooner dimmock it's extremely at -- complex issue. >> they knew about the problems a decade ago, the long-term exposure to heat and humidity. smaller recalls failed to fix the problem. it's a growing crisis for the 80 to-year-old auto-parts company. >> when will they be back in office ? >> it the
8:53 am
place -- it continues rejecting repeated interview requests. >> nobody from takata ever made the three-hour trip from tokyo to the scrapyard despite his years of reporting airbags problems. takata says that its automakers responsibility. >> are you afraid for people in the world right now ? >> of course he said, if there's -- there's an accident and airbags diploid of normally, people can get hurt again a danger he and his workers say they face every day. wondering if when the next airbag will explode. >> will ripley, cnn, japan. a bottled water distributor is issuing a recall over e. coli concerns. niagara ostling said the recall is of an abundance of caution. it battle -- the battle between june 10th and 18th, a plant in pennsylvania. recall bottles have the pot of cold you see on the screen with expiration date of december 2016. no indications any of the water
8:54 am
is contaminated. no one has in secant or reportedly sickened. the operator of the spring that supplied the water filled to report an evidence of e. coli at the source. they halted production and it routinely test the water. they have plants in california, but they were not involved in the recall. a young pair finds its way up the tree and refuses to come back down. q are the pictures, a two-year- old black bear spotted outside of the home and east akers field yesterday, department of fish and wildlife weighted for them -- to come down on his own, wildlife experts say the pair was likely foraging for food and water when you got scared and shimmied up the tree. property owners being urged to keep any food and trash stored outdoors securely so there's can get into it. >> pick -- take a live look outside the san mateo bridge. traffic moving fairly smoothly.
8:55 am
sunshine. traffic slow. we have accidents and hotspots. we will get an update from rebecca an update on the weather forecast i had. keeping a look at the forecast and a warmer week i had. -- ahead. >>
8:56 am
>>james: and adventurous cat half an abortive austral light
8:57 am
airplane and south america after living up right hand corner and you have to see the catholic up to walk over to the its fences says he's not on the ground anymore the best reaction comes from the pilot of the left side of the screen and a white t- shirt and a moment you see a look over in less of and realize there's an animal they realize it is is to cancel their brought the plane back down safely with the back to the airport there realize it is a big cat there's always one run around the airport the nickname to in the informal mascot for the alta lifelike school. >>james: fishermen in australia called of very rare basking shark off the south coast of victoria the last recorded capture of the species of the shark was back in the 1930's the basking shark of the second- biggest this mix to the wilshire this was more than 20 ft. long
8:58 am
>>mark: will have winners and losers on wall street with a financial expert rob black mobile francies a massive fire south of lake tahoe we will have an update on the washington fire with >>j.r. stone: watching bay area of weather and traffic we have the fall of stock of record will have more formal forecast and traffic hot spots ahead when we return in just two minutes. grass fed? mhmm. i'm super into health. bottled tap water? well all bottled water is the same right? you need crystal geyser alpine spring water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source.
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♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da...♪ sorry brenda. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. da da da.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: officials are investigating a house fire in vallejo bass said one person to the hospital today >>mark: about october 30th this morning it was engulfed in flames. >>will tran: the fire department just left a hot spots along of concern the restoration crew boarded up the place are behind mckenzie it is red tagged for obviously no one is allowed to go inside eve of the most of the damage is contained in the garage area of the show you the video the fire started eight and half hours ago at around 1230 if
9:01 am
the last nine or overnight action sent we do know that according to my sources there was a man inside of his garage he had in leaky car gas tank he thought he was being saved by removing the gasoline from the gas tank but actually made it worse because he left the vapours behind to when it went too well as gas tanks because an explosion of his a hospital this morning there is a woman also inside his wife she ran outside she was not hurt she manage to get the nearby residents rotted visited could have been worse because he also live there with his elderly mother as well as a son. >>will tran: there cannot home at the time so no one died from this but has the investigators and the restoration a cruise- shaking their heads one is why did he do this and to for the costs of a use the gas tank according to the cruelest of to if of course some 40 to $60 have
9:02 am
gone to a john galvin said he tried to do with himself and the cause approximately $200,000 worth of damage to this home no one is allowed to go inside obviously but the man is in hospital we don't know how long he will be there but he should make a recovering from his injuries there was some damage to the surrounding homes in nearby home and nothing to batter the members were concerned of the five army got out here very quickly they're able to knock down the fire may be within 20 to 25 minutes and even of the garages destroyed the back area have water and smoke damage so once there clear this area remove the red tags have there are some things in that home the bacon salvage. >>mark: the lettuce with a mass a wildfire burning south of lake tahoe were going to 15,000 a. air tankers and helicopters on helping hundreds of firefighters battled the blaze of the washington fire.
9:03 am
>>j.r. stone: right now i'm on the southeast side of the fire you can see all of the cruise directly by continue for the 60 or so miles it took me to drive to decide very smoky on the other side of the peace directly behind me smokey as well this is the roadway that is close to the public because of the fire and because of all that smoke there is a hope today that we will not see what we saw yesterday is what we saw yesterday in the financial shooting up into the air and black smoke going up into the air this of the fire that is now of about 15,000 a. 24 hours ago it was around 9,000 a. we seen the numbers climb at this point still lots of work and needs to be done to talk about the number of firefighters out here around 500 firefighters not
9:04 am
only on the ground but up in flames and helicopters as well today will likely be another very busy day were gradually starting to see some of its moderate off but nonetheless there very smoking because of this fire. >>mark: the stop the spread of a fidelity an immense santa margarita investigators said the five new starters from vehicle exhausts pipes that ignited dry grass and there was in the next few days mopping up any hot spots. >>anny hong: 50 and not like he's enjoy the weather because we have some changes. >>michelle apon: is going to be
9:05 am
comfortable and comparison to what we expect little this week if you're in san jose right now 63 degrees and to the next hour of the '60s the sun looks pretty good mid-70s of tunnel sunshine lasting until the afternoon and the winds will be lighted outdoor plans is wanted a nice thing to the event the winds are, and they will continue to stay calm until the early afternoon it will increase up to 20 mi. per hour but as of right now we have some sunshine and temperatures warming up into the lower to mid 60's
9:06 am
rebecca: in san jose is an injury accident north about 101 write ann collier left to lift lines blocked the vehicle overturned on its roof faugh for emergency crews remain at the scene and traffic is pretty heavy in the area if you're traveling on the no. 1 01, and the son of the drive times in capitol expressway of the montague 34 minutes but to avoid it if you could always signal from 85 and make your way onto northbound 87 or guadeloupe parkway and will be much easier if you this morning. >>anny hong: oakland police need your help they released a new sketch of a suspected killer in the vehicle he was driving in hope that it can help them solve a cold case murder the 18 year-
9:07 am
old was shot and killed nearly a year ago fact a wendy's restaurant or international boulevard and believe the shooting was a case of mistaken identity and now (several least a sketch of the suspects here and his vehicle a black for the escape of possibly of 2013, about 14 model they're offering a $5,000 reward for information about the murder--2014 >>anny hong: an attempted burglary suspect in the east bay's behind bars banks to three lawyers who were home to time along with a dollop of 39 year- old intered a home and 2100 block of hamlin drive in antioch yesterday morning but fled when three boys and underdogs of an the boards are only 1012 and 13 years old they're home alone while one of their parents into the store and the front door was left unlocked the boy started
9:08 am
open and saw the suspect in the oven run the family's dart charged to him and he ran off the front door the kids called police from the man in the front yard. >>mark: killed in a sense of reconciling tomorrow when a judge from imposes the death sentence which was recommended by the jury sentencing hearing set for tomorrow and boston more than 20 bomb victims are expected to give impact statements and he will also be given a chance to speak the legal experts say he could decide to apologize but a political speech to justify the bombings or say nothing of all three people were killed and more the 260 injured in the attack for the marathon finish line on april 15, 2013 know this morning with london that actor known for his role as the time ride for the a series has passed away he died this morning in st. john's hospital in santa monica due to complications from diabetes he started his career as a child star and model and workers went on to broadway and
9:09 am
then jumping to television with i remember mama he was asked thomas of the shelves. >>mark: he is survived by his wife and three sons he was 86 years old.
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
>>anny hong: they're investigating complaints about 630,000 from 2007 to 2012 model years fair and more than 200 complaints that the air bag when a light comes on indicating off and on a to the problem still question and the seventh report of an investigation could lead to recall. >>michelle apon: 01 mark over the next few days will let you know tub of temperatures from of after briquette.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
rebecca: this time of a car fire in the south won 01 more before you get to las expressway the two right lanes are blocked fire crews are on the scene traffic as you can imagine is very backed up into the area and the other problem that we did have this as an clear you're looking at a 33 minute commute will have the latest details on the car fire coming up next. >>michelle apon: we're working
9:16 am
to the temperature of federal action on the comparable size as of right now mid 50s across much of the coast in the bay but ellen locations have warmed up until the mid-60s rubble to continue on with the inland locations and mid-70s looking at the bay by a drive times home it will warm up into the low 70's and then for the coast plan of the '60s for this evening we have plenty of sunshine out there and very light when the conditions you concede the guilt the flag they are of life in they're going to continue to stay ride across much of the coast but will pick up this afternoon and could gusted to 20 mi. from our. people in a minute evening drive our temperatures as of right now in the '60s and a few fifties santa rosa 61 degrees san jose 63 step francisco has one of the 60
9:17 am
degrees of temperature for this afternoon plan on tumble to as quickly hitting up into the upper 70's to ride around 80 degrees looking at another slightly warmer spot in comparison to guest today. >>michelle apon: does a few degrees warmer should read this, your plan on mid-70s across the isthmus of the peninsula where born to slowly warming each and every single day by a small of be warm inland low to mid 90's and for thursday and friday were with could see the potential for some triple digit heat otherwise of the 90s across much of the area looking at the
9:18 am
bay temperatures slowly warming up until mid '80s for the weekend were born to stay on a slightly warm cycle and to early next week. >>mark: watching today's winners and losers with rob black. >>rob black: new home sales of existing homes self off during really well firms of under pretty well as well of this is confidence in the economy and the sentiment and when the data this getting better so what's up the first quarter of the year to the economy's struggle like we did the year before but erick chiang is falling and the play is very strong second half of the year
9:19 am
>>mark: the millennium is a much better sever the baby boomers. >>rob black: mayor of 18 to 35 year olds will basically drive the economy where it is travel for food and restaurant you see them get artificial flavors of fools of course the country now we're starting to see two years of all their horrible savers not a star and to be very good savers and very fast in evangel 401k the only do 9% they're catching up with the rest of the world they're paid of student debt they're pessimistic of also secured with a dipping live cattle and it will be there and if it is it will be supplemented your taxes now mattel's one problem is a women manila saving
9:20 am
less than male millennial the average male saves and $4,000 and for one of the average female 38,000 was for the snow is people are zeros 80 roll-call centennial for--zero to 18 >>mark: to americans are near the top. >>rob black: he is doing great for golf there boston their with their watching him choke up 12 for he lost the match and the earth with and live in for him since been given nine to about 91 vacant he held dear by his wife for an his reputation
9:21 am
verona by his wife. >>rob black: their albeit in the edge of the 500 the last 18 weeks you get the error you say it is under, one to live that it is nice to know it is not a lot of growth in golf with a golf balls adoring regrate. >>mark: how much should you actually save for emergencies it. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts >>rob black: you might lose of jobs and will probably take you to six months to go get a new job and that is when you're eating is your emergency savings crazy things happen if you own a house you're going to give lots of problems all the expenses of a year you're not counting on you need to have more money if you have a low- paying job or no skills family
9:22 am
to save less money if you're to the six months really important biggest of which have to do it. >>mark: 3 of a question posted and will answer on the air here. back in a moment but foster farms simply raised chicken is 100 percent natural with no antibiotics. well you're an herbalist. help us to be natural. will those herbs do it? those? one grows hair, the other increases energy. gasp! do i look natural herb man? can i call you herb man? i'm trying to look natural. call me natural. you look like a steve. can i call you steve? hi steve. i'm natural. say something. why aren't you guys saying anything? introducing new simply raised chicken with no antibiotics. from foster farms. simply better.
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>>anny hong: the new bill drive winds of highway 101 and saw highway 1 in the area or closed one to three this morning they chose this time to " the labor and overhead signs all because traffic is normally the lightest on monday and tuesday this particles and the lines at 9:00 last night and began closure once again at 10:00 the traffic will be detoured during the closure this is all the
9:26 am
preparation for the opening of the new drill dry the 79 hour closure has doubled to start july 9th at 10:00 p.m. and that were run through the 13th time the morning with the closure involved a section of the will drive between san francisco marina district and highway one intersection the driver was still below to get to the golden gate bridges and highway one the drivers are being axed avoid the area as much as possible once the closing is over the drivers will finally be over to use all of the new presidio parkway which has been under construction since 2009 in nickel some long clothes off and on ramps. >>mark: will tell you would stand in the way of south carolina's governor in preventing her from removing the confederate flag from the state capitol building will have details and the storing right after the break will take a look of the damage left in the wake of massive storms this with to illinois and michigan over nine.--night.
9:27 am
9:28 am
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>>mark: the bottom right showing you the damage from possible tornado in millington michigan high when damaged properties and other trees and leaks ill. one person or of the east indies to other cylindrical cities where the weather service and from the tornado touched down there were following the lead with a severe storm damage with the midwest and his of the east.
9:30 am
>>michelle apon: often enough is 10 and is still the potential for some severe weather as the system x is one of the united states what we're talking about for that. again damaging when and pressure isolated tornadoes that causes a home among driver was as simple as a into the mid '50s and we have similar sixties to mid 60s across the in the location the in the area will be on the warmer side panel some mid-70's during the lunch hour to of the to quickly eat up intimidated by the afternoon fella's a stay on as you drive home now forbid locations can also lower seven is in looking of the coast mid-60s with plenty
9:31 am
of sunshine and it will be breezy across much of the peninsula with the winds gusting up to 20 mi. our enjoy the temperatures today and to small the customer to us will start to get hotter by the end of the workweek temperatures as of right now '50s and '60s, and 67 degrees velella 60 across open 60 degrees as well services of 56 in san jose 63 degrees. rebecca: will have a special traffic alert issued by the chp for the car fire in sunnyvale the flames have already been extinguished however fire crews are still blocking the left.
9:32 am
right rebecca: at first the three right lanes will block book is one of down to the far recognize been blocked and is better news of the drive times 36 minute on 101 from capitol expressway of to montague the backed up into macarthur maze and this point westmont 81 to see about a 25 minute drive times getting into downtown san francisco health for an accident are before the toll plaza involving a big rig and a car that is declared out of the way so traffic is moving again but of course is just very sluggish beginning across into downtown also delays on board the of their recovering from an earlier problem--bart.
9:33 am
rebecca: i will have the latest on the special traffic alert. >>anny hong: the fire started just before 1230 this morning you receive a home engulfed in flames two people were inside at the time and there was a man working in the garage that is where firefighters believe the fire started fortunately no was injured their investigators will be at home later this month to try and find out what caused the blaze.
9:34 am
>>mark: the request comes after nine black church members were killed by gunmen who embraced the flag as a symbol of whites but an order for a flat to be officially remove state lawmakers behalf of will and they needed two-thirds majority meantime waterhouse says president obama will be in charleston friday to deliver the eulogy it for the clemente the pastor of the emanuel a. michener for the shooting took place. >>darya: wal-mart removal of all confederate flag from a store of the country's largest retailer mykonos and yesterday just hours after gov. there was selling the flights along as this morning will reject all those confederate flag, and those items have been removed and sears also joining in on that movement as well happening today bay area religious leaders
9:35 am
holding a vigil for the victim of the south carolina church massacre there and the committed to glide memorial church in the city there was also share information and how to get involved in the latest civil rights movement the vigil is from 6 to 739 and glide on ellis and taylor streets in san francisco. >>mark: the quarterback of the new england patriots of killed his forgave suspension is arriving at the end of their park avenue this morning the fans also seen outside of the offices the players association wants them to accuse themselves from hearing the appeal said that he could not be impartial he is acting as a judge with a said it is not as a possibility to oversee the health and to protect the integrity of the
9:36 am
least half. >>anny hong: howe oscar-winning composer of james horner has died in a plane crash of southern california for his death has been confirmed by his assistant on social media fair the pitch of what is left of the single engine plane which is registered in price yesterday in the los padres national forest known as was on board a lawyer said that the plane was one of several on by the 61 year-old composer he was also nominated for academy award 10 times the amazing spider-man as well in of the amended conscious of a construction crane and san jose and son and i refuse to come down when it finally did after 14 hours. >>mark: he broke the news yesterday it and the crews live there as the man finally made
9:37 am
his way, can be identified him as a 39 year-old he was arrested without incident is now facing charges of trespassing the warriors' big when i was also a big win for the city of oakland will hear from the business on a of a victory parade affected their sales force after birth new video from the rest will show it to you and tell you what happened here is a live look outside the san mateo on the summit tuesday morning more details on the big woman added discipline--headed this way.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
rebecca: were following the hotspot in sunnyvale is an earlier car fire fans of the next thing was on top one before lawrence expressway they're still working in their right lane the traffic has been amassed a northbound and southbound on one 01. the
9:41 am
committee's time from capitol expressway up to montague it is 38 minutes for you can avoid that. that allowed a 30 minute commute time getting into san francisco the back of those actually increase in net to macarthur maze you're going to bay a sluggish across the span getting into downtown so far this morning however full project coming of. >>anny hong: know this morning three boys and their dog foil home burglary in the east bay and neighbors are giving the board's credit for many, even though a stranger got inside of a home. >>terisa estacio: we're ready to talk with this family here and antioch about the situation there are very proud of the kids and impressed with the family
9:42 am
dog kills all we've done so far yesterday morning around 1033 kids our lawn and the home when they heard they saw a strange man in some of their living room that is when the family dogs biting into action the dollar charge at the stranger and he bolted up the front door of the kids called 911 in the rush tear from a reporter they found the suspect on a lawn a suspect was of arrested and booked into jail fortunately no one was injured and all of this the kids are sleeping with were hoping to talk to them soon and get their thoughts on all that happened. >>mark: a quick break we continue paulo home in the east bay could be yours for free they would give me $20,000 to take this home of there was a cattle will tell you what it is.
9:43 am
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ready toeavetick sunseensehin neneutgenaoold spo. miomestechlogy ts sat ps thugh anevapate sokin ays mforble, whilclinallyrove prottion stayon. necooly spt. neutgena
9:46 am
>>michelle apon: it is one timmy had planned on if you're going to be outside make sure you take money of water and it will be in pretty warm across an and locations here is what looks like a walnut creek a lot of sunshine out their temperatures have already warmed up into the mid 60s across much of the area and they will continue to warmer plan also mid-70s by the lunch hour and then into the of the afternoon month's owl copper 60s across the bay mid-70s by 3:00 p.m. if you're 20 across the coastal cities during the lunch hour this upper 60s by three fallen into the early afternoon
9:47 am
with the temperatures into the upper fifties to low 60s it will be breezy but cutting of sunshine and it could be gusty as the senior drive home keep them under one across the peninsula window of bright blue skies high-pressure will continue to build and given us plenty of sunshine across the area of right not to the to the into the 60s across much of the region san francisco opens 50 degrees san jose 63, of is one of to 67 livermore and 66 santa rosa 61 degrees if you're heading to the south bay this afternoon may need to small plans to up 1/7 to low to mid '80s san jose 78 and across the peninsula from the east and 17 to one level to low to mid
9:48 am
'70's the consensus will 66 by this afternoon to and across the gulf some low to mid 60's and will be breezing with the west winds. >>michelle apon: mid-80s also continue on. across parts of the east river valley upper 60s to lower seventh letter on this afternoon for the east of a shoreline the coniferous of the storm trackers 74 carries as you make plans for tomorrow and then it gets tougher the end of the weak upper 90s to triple digit heat did not wish track your forecast with our free mobile application. rebecca: red ones in the with
9:49 am
the hot spot at the bay bridge for the toll plaza you're backed up into macarthur maze data slope pretty much more so the morning commute time here is 30 minutes to getting into downtown san francisco but the brand a crash actuate pop up and is with over to the map and show you to motorcycles involved right before you get to treasure island the two left lanes of block injuries have been reported to us will live on assault on the drive times getting into san francisco if you're making your way into sfo you're looking at close to on our 50 minutes according to our role senses and and another hot spot down and the south bank offices sunnyvale the car fire with been following a special traffic alert is still in effect because the right and is blocked.
9:50 am
>>mark: compared to a year above the of oracle's love where olives but 23 percent increase over last year if you do not want to pay higher average prices there is house in the east bay that you can get for $20,000 there is a catch you have the movement this an open on 52nd imam of the king jr. when the home is now on by children's hospital the owner refused to sell to them for years to develop half for about 10 years ago and hospitable property not offering any one $20,000 for tech the house and
9:51 am
relocated for more information on the web site about this incredible house. >>anny hong: the mib the one from the moving the joy of a five and a vehicle involved in an accident that killed a woman fan in the five levels and blood on friday the police have not released the driver involved in this crash this video wedding for the results for toxicology tests to figure out whether or not the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the accident happened but they say if the driver was using marijuana for medical reasons it is still a legal to use the and they get behind the wheel of a car the family members of the 49 you're a woman who was killed in this crash returned the crash site aestivate to children and a man who were injured in the crash of also been released from hospital >>mark: they're not live to the parade or rather according to police the three men are in
9:52 am
stable condition of their names and not being released no arrests have been made investing in of the still looking for a model the warriors' victory. math major economic bulls for the city of oakland the cells and local businesses skyrocketed after they won the nba championship last week. >>emily turner: of the house and almost a million people here last friday the all has something to celebrate and money in their pockets according to the business owners they say they spent the money he did have to look far to see the remnants of friday festivities in downtown oakland can separate business owners in the on victory have to celebrate off the was the busiest day we sent a long time has sam was shot was bursting of disdain for the
9:53 am
estimate in italy's 2000 sandwiches and it was the same story for the rest of the bloc managers said the live off the door tableful and the palm are their loan celtic three-time is better than they ever have fitted to rototill does how big the economic impact officially what from the parade with the city estimates almost 1 million people made it down to the relevant to what storage ring in the wind and for these business owners they say that is another reason to celebrate the official estimates will not be in for another three months according to the city and take three months to get sales tax information of course as soon as
9:54 am
they get a dozen of the businesses down here say it is sure to be good. >>anny hong: will ever recover we come back after the break.
9:55 am
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9:57 am
>>anny hong: unit to know before heading up the door this morning one person hospitalize up in parliament house fire in vallejo liberal cop rock " 30 this morning the investigators said the fire was caused by human error in the garage of a home. >>mark: would of day and 16,000 a. hundreds of firefighters are battling the fire call the washington fire 30 mi. southeast of south lake is near the mountains, mark revivify a starter by lightning on friday there on standby for. possible evacuation's stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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