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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 24, 2015 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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>>anny hong: the search is on for hit-and-run driver as we learn more about the victims + how one ease the base city is fighting to prevent any more delay hit-and-run accidents in the area of the lid is on the same effort the firefighters continued to battle that wildfire burning your laptop. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: he is on his way to get details will first were going to get a check of the forecast for this wednesday morning in the sight rarely more to heat things up today and even more so tomorrow.
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>>michelle apon: it will peak tomorrow but it was a pretty warm as the weekend and humidity if you're heading into oakland are wickiup and open right now we are starting off into the mid '50s by 8:00 to avoid will warm up into the mid to upper 50s and a clock or 60s by the lunch hour temperatures once began heating up into the mid '60s just like yesterday we will have some south was one of the post west winds yesterday temperatures out of the area are into the 50s across most of the region of the red warmer across the closed yesterday where into lower 50s in concord good morning with and up to 58
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degrees fremont said jose and 57 agreed level right now 54¢ a row of the 52 degrees as you make your way out the door is one to continue to get into the fifties for the next couple of hours. >>michelle apon: flannel operated to ron 90 across and location for the stock they are for seven is a lower '80s i have all the details coming up at 415. rebecca: if you're about to hand out the door this morning and get into work no traffic problems to report so far this policy at the bay bridge toll
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plaza of you're taking that this morning just an easy ride all lanes are open that is a five minute trip from sausalito southbound across the span and to the south end of the bridge into san francisco the richmond san rafael bridge also looking great it is very lightly traveled a couple of car to get into the tall man in you will see a problem for a ride to the 101 split in san rafael to to over to the map now. >>anny hong: we begin with breaking new the contra costa county share the farm is investigating a shooting and
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they point to happen around midnight there san marco boulevard and highway 4 and no other details have been released he will have the latest in live report as soon as he gets there will keep you posted happening right now the search is underway for the driver of a vehicle that a man and edition of the man who was it is now on life support this morning. >>jeff bush: this is the only known image of a car that hit the 23 year-old he was in the crosswalk of the corner of military the crash happened around 2:00 in the morning on sunday he was walking home from his job a local bar there is not much information except the suspect vehicle is older honda or nissan and is silver ore grade: and missing the left rear hub caps this image was captured
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from security camera near the cresting friends and family say that he is a talented singer and is also interested in becoming a playwright he's been treated for multiple injuries including a head trauma his friend and his family are saying that he did not deserve this a delicate ransoms. >>anny hong: he is a medically induced coma as police continue to search for that driver family and friends of another person killed and a hit and run are fighting east bay lawmakers this morning that family and once speed bumps on the street it is a battle of 7 falling for
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several weeks she when he was killed by hitler driver back in may in they said he is willing to work with and there but on that issue but so far they say nothing has been done we went to the mayor and asked about his plan. >>: when it comes time to get the funding should it be approved i am definitely willing to help output and make contact with some of my contacts and and as a reason request. >>anny hong: in requesting the man arrested for hitting and killing her son not have his bail review the there be a hearing on that issue later on today hundreds of firefighters continued to battle a massive wildfires copies of south lake tahoe this morning a heavy lift
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aircraft and helicopter has water alder ever an attempt to help put out a fire in the town of murphy them the preferences for possible evacuation in this area one resident said she is aware of the fact that it is a cyclical to the refund or everyday. >>: i cannot talk in my car and go into town and go grocery shopping. >>anny hong: a vertical 16,000 a. and right now firefighters and zero containment me what people in france also on the edge after this fire came danish the close to their home before into a fire department a contractor who was trimming weeds and fairfield accidently started this fire around 2:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon the flames spread quickly and eventually reaching the backyard of several nearby homes.
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>>: they grab more power option and we all started to the stop the fire. to seven >>anny hong: a paulo outcome will hold park with a lot of the brink of closure and the not getting a second chance the santa clara county board of supervisors set aside $6.5 million to keep the one of is the mobile home park from closing. >>: a lot of stress and a lot of >>reporter: she lives in and out of a husband and son the owner of the four and half acre park wants to sell the land which could be evicting the families like the clothes a redevelopment will displace 100 to five children to this seneca, a
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border supervisors approve setting aside $6.5 million to save to when mr. than $8 million from the city of paulo out so as was of another 6.5 million come from the city was a $10 million bond with all that cash to provide as what the park to be sold to a nonprofit which will keep the park as it is the people live you're mostly low- income latino families having difficulty finding a place to live nearby they're trying to remain hopeful with the was the bill to call this place home. >>: but it does not feel
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positive. >>anny hong: happening today boston marathon bomber will be formally sentenced to death and he will be given an opportunity to address the core rate is not clear whether not he will speak there are expected to make the judge formally impose the sentence he and his older brother settled two bombs at the finish line of the boston marathon back to 2013 to women and eight your boy were killed more than 260 people were injured if the jury decision to give him the death penalty this is legally binding but it remains reprobation still formless senses by a judge a search for two missing inmates continues in new york as home video services providing insight
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into one of the convicted killers + the houses of for cell you would never guess how much money is being asked for this house this morning to allow the outside at the bay bridge crowded skies and open this morning we have warmer temperatures on the way after the break them we have a look at the forecast.
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>>anny hong: happy wednesday it and we are getting ready for some hot temperatures ... plan on 50th across the entire bay area walking up to some low clouds. >>michelle apon: will talk
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about the most time template for the bay plan on lower '70's but areas and live with all the attention web on to get early on of going to have to warm up the temperatures for to the upper seventh floor '80s it will proceed to peek into the upper 80s to lower 90s but when you drive home planet's upper 80s at this temperature is continue to fall for the bay of a seventh will be possible but into the drive holmes' temperatures will fall to the mid-70s and across the coast mid-60s and store here is a look outside looking at sfo we do have a little low clouds the one to talk about on into coming up to the next hour battle right now we have comfortable temperatures across much of the area is axes slightly warmer in santa rosa compared to yesterday was lower 50s this morning and jamaica where out the door and have and the afternoon plans by 3:00 that is when the heat will peak across the south but we have some of for seven is closer to
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the water but looking at the rest of the locations across the south bank plan on lower '80s. >>michelle apon: morgan hill heating up to 89 degrees but near the peninsula mid-60's once again was a light was the wind may be gusty at times during the afternoon but not at comparisons were we were on monday and tuesday for areas off to the eastern side of the peninsula looking at the southwest suburbs of war to the upper seven is located there isolette appraise the looking at the east of england location look at the upper 80s to lower 90s is going to be very warm across the area may be is in store for the north bay and looking at the level of 79 to rotted or 80 degrees but
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what about the to continue to heat up with the sleazy such a prodigious heat across the seminal case and it warmer across the bay with mid '80s perfect beach what will mid-70s indemnified the heat backsaw plants of the to be very similar to what we are expecting today. rebecca: if you're about to have door this morning to the off of the bay bridge toll plaza of great very lightly traveled is within easy ride across to spend an into downtown san francisco 7 cell research and soy go there as well as bad as problem free was the wrong direction and any commit direction it is on to be a 10 minute quick trip over to foster city and 101 split of switching over to the map now overnight roadwork you might see an open is one to the west lawn
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581 at 30 fifth avenue keep the mine so far the traffic is not affected there is some overriding or working as well the south bank of new every single freeway checking in problem free 85 lives great i will have a check of the. east of a commute the of >>anny hong: a san francisco house is not for sale to two months after a mummified body was found inside along with piles and piles of garbage their asking price close to a million dollars. >>maureen kelly: because of all
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the trash can hear you concede that is all been cleared out here is a video where you can still see piles of garbage through the front of a window never say trash had been stacked to the rafters this is what the same room looks like now from the inside this the the crime sieglinde's have been through here all violations issued by the health department have been cleared of despite rumors this event never found any evidence of infestation with house still needs work and lots of that they call it a serious fixer-uppers' in its foundation record all new electrical and plumbing system because of the holes on the bathroom floor board that has in price on this house in $928,000 they say he did not think the to the buyers will be spoiled by the fact of the former owners
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remains were filed in side effect of the realtors who for the property today think it is going to go over asking. >>anny hong: then when kayaking last friday in a santa barbara area and when he did not return his wife call for help it was what fanciful 14 hours this a thought about his wife and his kids in the fact that he did not want to be without a father they use the technology to find him
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he was spotted at 330 saturday morning the coast guard remained docked in santa barbara harbor on monday to give him an opportunity to speak with the crew rescued him and so then he could find them in national news a search for convicted murderers richard and david now in its third week a law-enforcement source says the former president william admitted speaking the into the facility inside frozen hamburger meat were getting a
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new look at escaped inmates. >>reporter: a chilling video from abc news shows richard in 1997 smiling proposing with a blow the and it is then fired into is armed the videotape in nine months before he murdered and dismembered his own boss the 48 year-old another descendant of a massive manhunt the biggest kick police they aided by a 51 year-old prison 40 joyce mitchell who befriended the convicted killers and allegedly agreed to be their getaway driver her husband's (denied
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reports his wife carolyn chute with them and denied that she had sex with the other escaped inmates the law enforcement sources say that the investigators that they planned to kill her husband according to them he offered her appeal to knock him out . >>reporter: he's this is what a dollar she likes the attention inmates gave firm and that her involvement was more than fantasy the issue is a victim of math charm there routinely about and so at the prison bringing back good to guards and a number
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on one investigation and that is until they concluded it will not bill to provide information on issues that may be under review. >>anny hong: the giants play an extra inning thriller and another, we will explain after the break here is a lot of the outside the bay bridge toll plaza where within a cloud is guide for san francisco and oakland he ran for another really nice they warmed up once again.
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>>anny hong: the giants back in the bay and still having a tough time winning at home feting the padre's massive bombardment that allow two runs on five hits over seven and a third inning it
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lost one and struck out a career high 14 by a final three to two hills looked at the oakland a's game josh homer and had to run doubles their series openers is facing an elevenses may 22nd steph curry race in the cover of sports illustrated this week issued at steph curry: the larry o'brien trophy all that glitter is gold very is kissing the trophy and is the fifth time the words have been on the cover of the season up next what
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inspectors are saying caused the deadly balcony collapse of berkeley and what they're suggesting to prevent similar accidents in the future + the confederate flag battle heats up as a public is ready to say goodbye to one of the event of of last week's deadly church shooting in south carolina still live look outside sematech aware with a to partly cloudy conditions across the bay area more details on how forecast a.
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>>anny hong: it was walking home
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from his job the vehicle that had him is a great or silver colored old the for nissan if it is missing the left rear hub cap account out a mobile home park with a brick of closing down getting a second chance a center genocide 6 and have made the to keep it from closing in and a nonprofit does learn to operate one of this of when the conditions are making it difficult for firefighters to get the upper hand on this mass of what fire burn their south with tahoe is wrong to 16,000 a. and a fire was sparked by lightning on friday as of the last of date it was there percent contained.
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>>michelle apon: we keep up into tomorrow if you're like the sunshine it will continue on with plenty of sunshine into the weekend will start to feel the humidity into the weekend it will the drive for the next few days in the more sugar turns back into the air went will be breezy at times up to 50 mi. per hour keep them under the have and the outdoor plaza and the outdoor lunch plans and any thing you have to do to the early afternoon by 6:00 to but
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will fall to the mid-60s a perfect is by 8:00 p.m. a lot of the outside looking at sfo a little bit of cloud cover the cost of 13 to move out and deliver plenty of sunshine by the afternoon because we seem to move out however there of seminal case of the parts of the north and delta will clear skies and with those areas will be seen clear skies will have plenty of sunshine and warmer temperature by the afternoon. >>michelle apon: the seminal case will quickly warmer for the lunch hour opera 7 is by 11:00 by known the lower 80s plenty of
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sunshine will be dry as the sea across the emmen location looking at the weekly forecast a 445. rebecca: if you're about to head out the door since expect an easy ride to the office so far this point in the morning before with very lightly traveled in the bridges the symbol for richmond san rafael bridge is a very empty at this point we have about 02 vehicles coming up a toll plaza was about 580 you will have about a seven minute drive time making your way over 2101 in san rafael switching to the map a couple of drive times for you this for the livermore valley commute on was what 580 come out of the out to mark and
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heading to the dublin and to change it is going to be a quick 22 minutes the nimitz freeway getting into downtown oakland that looks great as well 14 minutes on northbound 880 if you're at south lawn of the nimitz from to 30 a mature way down to the south bay that is one to be a 25 minute drive times so far for you this morning. >>anny hong: people will have a chance to pay their respects to the pastor of the eight of the church of south and south carolina by the same church where nine people shot and killed last wednesday the viewer will be held for staying for another--state senator. >>andrew spencer: the value 80 has to deal with out there past the nine people shot dead inside the church last week
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during bible study on friday he will be honored in eulogy by president obama today the public pays respect during the viewing and side of the south carolina statehouse the outside of the building of the confederate battle flag flies above a war memorial those like all of a south carolina others say such memorials are reminded of the mistakes of the past.
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>>charles clifford: the flag will come down eventually. >>anny hong: also released this fall of the suspect they trespass into a home on avenue and springer road police seized zero u.s. and foreign mining the suspect there described as a light skinned man after a weeklong investigation the been the back of the collapse in
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berkeley inspectors said they found dry rot not only on the structure supporting the balcony that collapsed walls on the balcony below the eyes of out the missions they recommended that the rapid city council adopted new and modified regulations the recommendations include requiring increased inflation for similar type structure specified as sap material used to build them and requiring regular inspections of interior balconies and other structures happening today funeral services for nikolai schuster are set to take place in ireland fiddlesticks people who died and about and the collapse and berkeley the funeral of two other berkeley about and it collapses to will
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place yesterday at the funerals were held in dublin ireland for the mark and cola guarantee of 21 years old. >>anny hong: this broadswords to the altar in the richmond police dog is recovering from a gunshot wound after allegedly attacking an officer in the police parking light yesterday morning investigators say the them and looking at.
4:39 am
the officer was treated at a local hospital for a bite wound on his hand decani was taken to an emergency veterinary hospital for a single gunshot wound and is listed in stable condition this morning homelessness and the south bay still have what is being setup for homeless encampment in some other and.
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now time for the tech report with gabe slate: >>gabe slate: yester day here at
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with this out and really cool a movie theater full of kids on their laptop in a dark movie theater in their playing the game-craft and the game was being projected on the big movie screen their parties to lay family as little league for gamers they're on teams and competing home the big screen now this is a truce for in this a kids for this with as a social atmosphere for the gamers alike will regularly at home now given by themselves to watching videos were enabling them to come into a theater and actually sit among like-minded gamers and communicate and socialized like the could not do a home is a great environment in your is
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listening getting the kids and vaulted up the page for more information. >>anny hong: live the afternoon temperatures of one to quickly warmed up it will get even a heart tomorrow although details coming up after this break.
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>>anny hong: a down tree cause an accident killing the driver here is a look at the conditions and what they're dealing with here the last out of pennsylvania where a tree fell on a car there fortunately no serious injuries reported on the right to conceal largehail
4:46 am
let's take a look at the national forecast. >>michelle apon: parts of western iowa a morality and a western indiana this system will continue to evolve over here that is moving out does not want to affect anyone anymore but put this into motion and is moving off and moving out and the storm system will fizzle out which is off to the west and i slid to an atom of the possible at this afternoon and flooding will be concerned in that area we have
4:47 am
some ultimate '50s but it is starting off on a slightly mild side across an and locations were tub until the mid to upper 50s to get us out the vein of the mid-50s to stop the morning looking outside here is what looks buy from the studios at the embarcadero because of the flag will in just a little bit the wins will pick up a little bit this afternoon up to 50 mi. per hour keep the money and have an outdoor plans discussed across the peninsula looking at the to the shoreline the wins will be light and temperature will quickly warmed up into the upper sixties to low to mid 70's. >>michelle apon: timber this will give up into the mid to upper '70's like he does want to continue to warm up for inland locations apart '80s to lower to mid 90's this afternoon is one to be very hard to if you're born to be in these areas coming up will talk more about alameda county fair, up in the next half
4:48 am
hour. mainly across the south before the stop arm talk about morgan hill and campbell were gonna see the potential for some triple digit heat across in locations it will be driver saw the fire danger will increase planting mid-90s and into the week end temperatures will be almost like a qualified plan upper 80s to lower 90s across and locations for the bailout of its seventh across the coals.
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rebecca: it is so far so good at this hour especially if you're taking the bay bridge toll plaza the same goes for the san mateo bed bridge was bought-- westbound the golden gate bridge looks good this morning south 101 problem free all the way across to spend into the city did richmond san rafael bridge a couple cars heading to the toll plaza was bound direction getting to the 101 split here looking at about a seven minute drive term at this point in the morning and it will be real work in a pit is wrapping up in the next half hour according to caltrans on the nimitz from dixon landing dock to 237 p on
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westbound to 37 from the nimitz out to america parkway was led they're working on this to the left land will not come back it will be a full bridge check in some east of a drive turns. >>anny hong: and it will pour says homelessness in the silicon valley has gone down over the past decade we went back to one san jose neighborhood that was having problems with a nearby homes and catmint to find whether anything has changed. >>vicki liviakis: she fourth contacted us about home with a camera in her neighborhood on cross with for this breaking offense.
4:51 am
>>: without the people that own their property keeping if pranced and keeping and the homeless out then we cannot stoppage there too many accesses and whoever owns the property and no one is taking responsibility bass says it is not their union pacific says not theirs and that is where opens up under the bridge and that is where you get the drugs you get the prostitution you get the homeless up there and you can say the offense is still down people can get through. >>vicki liviakis: there are some people under the freeway there the home of a camera but is small revisited call for as a
4:52 am
shelter for the homeless in san jose we bring these out of off to the client to understand that they're planning a sweep of that area this week in that the team from home first will drop by four to try and convince the people in the encampment to seek help. >>anny hong: if you have a story for us to look into a share with us to go to our web site submit your story under the my kron 4 storage tanks--story tab. >>anny hong: he told an undercover agent he was plotting to get a semiautomatic rifle to
4:53 am
kill as many as a thousand people he threatened to use biological weapons by coating bullets with cyanide and setting up a gas bomb he for is a laborious and april telling and 911 dispatch of the sun was dowson bauhaus in gasoline. >>anny hong: it appears from volunteer group aggressive recruitment efforts the complaint against them indicates he was apparently the jury when threat this morning we're waiting to here in louisiana got the about the general to run for president he put together a
4:54 am
federal committee to look into a presidential bed he also created a web site accounting his possible entry into the race if he runs his joining canada to what the republican nomination for 2016 to win back after this break here is a live look outside from the embarcadero,. (music) people are both soft and strong, which is why our products are too. and we believe in value so we give you 60% more sheets than charmin ultra strong. angel soft. be soft. be strong.
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>>michelle apon: the price of chocolate could be going uphill one of the main ingredients used to make chocolates are down that is because of harsh dry weather conditions in the two countries that produce most of the world's cocoa coming of will continue to
4:57 am
falling or renewals of the contra costa county where there was an overnight shooting near highway 4 and they point where live on the scene and he will bring us the latest fuel the live look outside well looking at the bay bridge cloud conditions and local but get ready for another one day for many parts of the bay area.
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two tacos and a drink all for just six bucks. so get one tonight, and get weird. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: a figure for joining us
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>>mark: another shooting on highway 4 now on scene investigating the shooting and again and have been around midnight near san marco boulevard and highway 421 to check with him in a few minutes the please investigate this latest shooting initially, with a few days after a fatal shooting on highway for a 20 year-old was shot and killed by another driver on high with four kids were saturday afternoon this happen near beverly rd. the victims' vehicle this level to the media the contra costa county sheriff opposite the shooter may have been driving a white honda sedan this does not identify any suspects a release any information or model for the shooting talk to the plans are investigating to see if there's any connection between the two shootings on highway 4.
5:01 am
>>michelle apon: mainly clear skies out there and we also have the potential for increased fire danger if you're in san jose to up to the into the mid '50s and will continue to warm up into the mid '70s that is why the lunch hour very similar to where we were yesterday at that time the ones will be like the perfect out their lunch with a perfect day to do afternoon parents because temperatures will warm up to the up 1/7 to ride around or '80s and then we will fall into the mid '70s by 6:00 by the time will continue
5:02 am
on with warm temperatures into the '70s looking at averages with havel of the 40 just across nevada this morning of the north bay but everywhere else will have a handful of '50s rock the upper 50s across emmen locations including the east bay shoreline mid-50s across parts of the south bay the camel to mid-50s across the peninsula 53 degrees as of right now alive the outside from the studio and the bay bridge will have most of clear skies and winds are light and jamaica when out the door is on a to be comfortable out there and there will start to quickly warmed up by 11:00 in and will quickly eat up into the mid to upper '70's some areas during the afternoon with temperatures peak with the sea temperatures and to the upper 80s to ride around 90 degrees for bay and will keep.
5:03 am
rebecca: it is pretty light out there the bay area freeway no hot spots to talk what does agree with the kickoff of 5:00 hour the bay bridge toll plaza looks good and very lightly traveled that is one to be about 6 minute drive times across the span into downtown san francisco the protection dec. sabres this morning and looked very well going westbound direction out of hayward and 880 interchange they're making the way over to foster city no delays so far reported the golden gate bridge is of great coming out of the north banned from sausalito going to discuss a five minute drive times the cost to spend into san francisco this morning that lives great charlie in the cards listing on the screen and no delays on the span into san rafael this morning checking out the commit
5:04 am
all tracy on westbound 580 does a 23 minutes through the livermore valley into the dublin and to change the shooting on highway 4 and they point. >>will tran: the share of the part of contra costa share they're out here at our from midnight let's show you the video at this point may have more questions and answers they do not know exactly who called and then with a respond to the scene no arrests in this case have been--no motive and no one has turned to the hospital for injuries that were here in this
5:05 am
area for several hours they no longer here. >>anny hong: as they are investigating a have they closed in the rose or any part of the highway this morning? >>will tran: the roads are open highway 4 is open and both directions san marco boulevard is right in front of me they're not a problem getting around a lot of people had into the city the headed to oakland from this particular area you would not
5:06 am
have any problems >>mark: when the conditions making it difficult for firefighters to get the upper hand on the mass wildfire burning southeast of salt lake tahoe. >>: i cannot go happen to my car and go gruffy shopping >>mark: he is said to be doing
5:07 am
fine in fairfield the fire came dangerously close to home yesterday and said a contractor was trimming weeds and accident started this fire to happen around to the afternoon as the to 15 a. reaching the backyard to several homes it's a clue about an hour to put it out police and the east where are looking for the driver who but a man in a crosswalk and then fled the scene of the victim is now on life support this morning. >>anny hong: he was at the corner of military industry in british shut early sunday morning as she was walking home from a job to a local bar is a great or silver or a honda or nissan is missing the left rear hubcap he's been treated for
5:08 am
multiple injuries including head trauma family and friends of another person killed and had run are fighting in eastern lawmakers this morning the family wants speed bumps installed on the street is a battle we've been following for several weeks now the people who live in the into got there but are asking the city council last night to fund the reinstallation of speed bumps on west 11th street the son was killed by a hit-and-run driver back in may the mayor said he is willing to work with the neighborhood on the issue but so far this and nothing has been done. >>mark: the santa clara county approve setting aside six the have million dollars to try and save the one of is the mobile home park in palo alto economists said the owners of a proper to the kremlin as corp.
5:09 am
mostly low-income it feels positive we're in a serious place with the ability to preserve the site and give it a form of the people it is still a tough road of hope the city of palo alto will meet next week to discuss approving additional funds for the park. >>anny hong: people will have a chance to pay their respects to the pastor of the manual and in the church who was killed in the trough and church massacre of ewing will be held today for state senator he was one of nine people shot dead inside the church last week during bible study on friday at president obama will deliver the eulogy at his funeral today the u.n. is happening inside of a south
5:10 am
carolina just outside the building of the confederate battle flag flying above a war memorial and many people said the flag and needs to, huge crowds have been a gathering outside of the state house calling for the flight to mobile the mayor of charleston will come down eventually happen today boston marathon, will be formally sentenced to death and you be given the opportunity to address the court is unclear whether not he will do so a couple dozen victims are expected to make statements for the sentencing as well the jury decision to give him the death
5:11 am
penalty of legally binding with the recommendation will formally sentenced by judge when a comes to the issue was the most concern for people living here in the bay area. >>anny hong: the council has released the top five concerns for bay area residents 40 percent believe the drought of the biggest issue in the way in on the store on a website cast a vote a kron 4 that come >>anny hong: window will cost about with the collapse of reckoning how the city of berkeley is taking action if you have a peanut allergy help me become and soon will take about a new drug that is an increased tolerance for peanuts but first after the bricks of the weather moving from the midwest to the east coast that least nine tornadoes touched down on monday
5:12 am
and that number is likely to increase.
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>>mark: to restrooms in the midwest rolled over to the east coast as was hitting the roof and hitting the ground in stripping the leaves off the trees >>mark: 72 letter warnings along was of their once of the storm will triggered by the storm the national weather
5:16 am
service also said nine tornado touched down and northern illinois on monday we have the official deming the information coming in person of all call the one super size thunderstorm. >>michelle apon: the area's mainly across eastern iowa into northern illinois and stretching all the way to western indiana this is a storm system we saw yesterday that move through parts of the eastern seaboard parts of the midlantic will make its way out of the area and what we're watching is will back off and to the midwest and we could see more of a stones poppel with
5:17 am
the storm system better this isolated north of sale goes off to the east of omaha and is outside chicago that will continue to track off into the direction working a to a few clouds high level clouds no- fault with the sun was low, and about 30 minutes. >>michelle apon: we're talking about some 50 is just off to the morning if you are across the north spanner we're waking up to 48 degrees by 11:00 temperatures will heat up for inland locations mid to upper 70's and then by 12:00 we're talking about 80 degree weather widespread for inland location the timber to walk into the mid '60s temperatures out there a handful of '50s mid woman and a
5:18 am
little bit more 57 degrees livermore 56 santa rosa 51 to start the morning if you're heading into san francisco for work this morning for antipater's once again into the mid '60s could be breezing but temperatures use from the eastern side of the mid peninsula mid to upper seventies plan also copperas fifties to low to mid 60's looking at the stop but temperatures will be very warm and it will be widespread from the seven is closer to the water made '80s across parts of campbell maybe even san jose for the south we go to ever do will be on the warm side into the upper 80s for morgan hill temperatures will peak in mid '80s and looking at some lower
5:19 am
seventies across the east looking at the forecasts will continue to heat up and is one to peak unveiled his one of the to low to mid '80s for the beach coming of puebla to talking about a week and forecasts. rebecca: the morning drive look so far so good after hitting to the bay bridge toll plaza build on a to see a minor weight in the cash pangolins and looks like the car the bottom to back up there just a little bit but not really affecting the commute time the span is moving just fine does a 67 minute drive times as you make your way across the bridge and into downtown san francisco this morning san miguel brands looking great and the side no accidents install to report no delays getting from 880 in
5:20 am
hayward over to foster city the looking at a 10 minute drive times so far this morning switching over to the map and checking the stop they commit started off with 1 01 bed and a 10 minute drive from capitol expressway in jamaica when a northbound and head of toward montague expressway this morning twitchy things over to 280 that looked grim as well 14 minutes from 101 of 285 split speaking of highway 85 that looks good as well from 101 up to the 280 connection here is the east bay drive time for you was about 80 from hercules to berkeley 12 minutes the out to my is pretty normal for this hour in the morning is about half an hour right field to the dublin and to change and then the nimitz san leandro to milpitas that will be a 21 minute commute for you i will fully respect camille return. >>anny hong: this is a founder of dry rot and they said the dry
5:21 am
rot was not only on the structure supporting the balcony a collapse would also their recommended the berkeley city council new the modify regulations. >>mark: they're trying to find a burglar and made his way to the surveillance paulo office of police in this volatile this that happened friday night around 915 the berlin when to this home install u s in money
5:22 am
there described the suspect of the lights can manage the 20 about 5 ft. eight to 6 ft. tall and about a hundred and 80 to to conduct an account relief for people affected by peanut allergies could be on the way a small french bile from masseuses company or from the product technology suffer significantly increase the tolerance the job would comment it is called the drug's manufacturer does hope to begin selling the product and early 2018 into a child has a good memory who watch out they may be better at lying we will explain.
5:23 am
5:24 am
ahead-->>anny hong: according to
5:25 am
a survey from the american chemistry council americans are more attuned than ever to the environmental impacts to buy food to the growing concern about the chemical make of the food buying organic but they're still struggling to avoid throwing out a lot of food and food waste mix of more than 20 percent of what an landfill according to the environment for protection agency.
5:26 am
>>mark: gbl are not giving the options a time delay when the e- mail was sent between five and 30 seconds after you hit the send button you wouldn't undo what a mess a pop-up in a view to build and send it it will be in the settings menu the artist but of getting across what it could take two weeks for everyone to see the changes if you notice your child has a good memory economic and of better liar this according to a new study research as a kid to live well as a young age have strong memory skills they say it is because the textiles a lot of mental effort to keep the story straight kids who live ease his have the best verbal memory this lying is a natural way the kids start to develop their thinking skills. >>mark: there does learning. >>anny hong: the remains of move
5:27 am
from house of san francisco now the house of for sale you would never guess how much is being sold for.
5:28 am
5:29 am
>>mark: the contra costa county sheriff department have been around midnight on marco bavaro this of the second shooting since saturday. >>will >>mark: the talk about
5:30 am
the of the shooting that happen on saturday on highway 4020 world a coke and the father of a to your shot and killed by another driver on highway 4 is on saturday afternoon and hear the senior bailey wrote the victims' vehicle slammed into the media after he shot the sheriff office said the shooter may be driving a white honda sedan police have not identified any suspects or the is an informational mode of they're looking into any possibility to see if the shootings are connected. >>anny hong: the alameda county fair is underway and pleasanton. >>james: a ton of fun activity going on at the county fair which continues on through july 5th with concert every night and
5:31 am
rides look at is the spinning coaster you have to be careful anyway and this is what it is like in the country that does this go from fair to fair these will come down to spin around not only the contract as of each individual car was pencils like the teacups on steroids that we climb out of here and show you what else am sure there would be fired you act into we have games and rides will have prizes and games 60 in all i had them checked and this is really expense of these fairgrounds are
5:32 am
huge and alameda county fair ground affairs will you concede that off and the distance facing us you still do not see the circle but they will hop on that later the hon. have a huge a thing here but as will all from a distance which is a fan favorite with the kids we have acres and acres of more rides and games do you of course of for a look at what to expect an experience when they come out here. >>anny hong: we talk about there is as pickles hot dog it is my mission to find out that and
5:33 am
deep fried and and and there's ways to imagine try and find that hitting here that way but a lot of excitement and a lot of fun stick around the sea will begin up to. >>michelle apon: will quickly eat up into the mid '80s during the afternoon when the concert starts tonight by 8:00 tempted will slow record out into low to mid '70's is a light breeze to be very hot dehydrated you're on to the outside and of right
5:34 am
now looking outside to the golden gate bridge we have some mid-level cloud out there and the winds are light as of right now the winds could be sustained anywhere from 10 to 50 mi. from our main the across the peninsula as of right now tip edges into the 50s across much of the region in an open is with the multiple for the to lower 50s plenty of sunshine and temperatures will continue to heat up into tomorrow will talk about triple digit heat all the details coming up at 545.
5:35 am
rebecca: right now into san francisco this is pretty normal for this hour into the morning metering lights have been activated traffic back in a rather quickly and it is just past the 880 of a crossing your drive time increasing about 10 minutes across the span this morning switching over to the san mateo span that is busier but traffic is still moving pretty well in the westbound direction getting over to foster city is going to take you about 10 to 12 minutes at this point in the morning here is a look at all livermore valley commit our tracy 31 minutes on what the on 580 getting to the dublin and to change if you're going to hop on a bart train this morning so far so good the trains are running on high on all the bridges coming up.
5:36 am
>>mark: police say they grab to niles the pen several times in the head and face he was taken to hospital they've been charged on monday with attempted murder and aggravated mayhem and a fix to five vote they approve ornis that spend the police department bass on a city population they said the plan would unnecessarily response and could end up increasing racial profiling is in providing more housing and community funding as
5:37 am
was needed in the city a house is located on fourth avenue and lake st. and back in april they cannot even if the front door open. >>anny hong: here is video from back then and we have piles of garbage to proceed through the windows never say the tracks have been stalked through the rafters in this is what the same room looks like now is all cleaned out the rosa said the pricing pavin through the home and all violations issued by the health department have been cleared in the foundation work and all of the new electrical and plumbing system the to save the house is in a desirable location and he does not think fires will be spoken.
5:38 am
>>michelle >>mark: the company says it will force to ship them in the county rejected its emergency application to truck oriole for firing the company was storing oil and then on to a facility ashbery's capacity on the could not transported still ahead lagos a man no longer be made of plastic how the company is trying to be more environmentally friendly. >>stanley roberts: that is not all i will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly.
5:39 am
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>>michelle apon: purism live shot the bay bridge toll plaza stock to the foot of the may is now what you get past the tall the mineralize haven't activated we have the east bay drive time coming up. >>anny hong: lego more of by many different materials the company manufactures 60 billion plastic pieces basis for normally for only the walls of a packaging more sustainable and this isn't the first move to reduce the carbon for prince
5:42 am
what can go to low clouds will system sunshine and warm temperatures talking about the heat of tomorrow will have all the details coming.
5:43 am
ere'someing t the. it's aighl ntagus dease it c be pecily riou evefatato iants unrtunely,any opleho spre it y noknowhey ve i it cald whpingough and e cdrecoendsverye, incling ose oundabie make se thr whpingcougvaccatiois uto de. unrsta theange ur n grachilface ta to ur dtor armast aut y andour faly gting whoingcougvaccatiotoda
5:44 am
>>mark: the firefighters are battling a massive wildfires burned across the was the closest to the bay area burning near lake tahoe southeast of stuff like in the small town of mark rivera the town of about 230 people the fire has grown to
5:45 am
more than 16,000 a. right now there is no containment 0%, of the top of the owl will take a look of some of the fires and the destruction is called across the west. >>michelle apon: it will not be hot until tomorrow a very warm today but hauler tomorrow that is when the fire danger will be elevated here is a lot of the outside the death of a bridge we have low clouds and a few high clouds and looks pretty great if the stuff of one if you're cross the east bay hills it will be walking up the clouds but we will see some sunshine this afternoon plan on 50 to start off of one and no change from yesterday in fact political across the calls for lower 50s but and the locations will heat up into the mid to upper seventies by 11:00 and then by 3:00 the to the afternoon the
5:46 am
temperature will peak tunnel some upper eighties to low 90s for the bay and i'm talking about south bay may be even areas is off to the east bay shoreline typical one of into the mid to upper 70's and for the coast mid-60s by the afternoon it will be breezy across the peninsula everywhere else plan on to my wins as of right now within a to 57 planes and 56 a handful of fifth across the south bank looking at the peninsula low to mid '50's the north and with the temperatures into the low 50s this morning by 3:00 typical one of into low to mid '70's oakland 71 once again by the afternoon. >>michelle apon: the timber to quickly heat up into the upper eighties to low 90s, but down into antioch maybe even bird wouldn't offer 80 stretching all with walnut creek down to the san ramon valley by 3:00 p.m. it will continue to stay
5:47 am
one for much of the afternoon and then the sun sets potential will start to fall of and more or seven is the lower 80s across parts of the solvay the rest of the storm track a 74 cash triple digit he does return into tomorrow is what to be hot inland and try keep in mind if you have any outdoor plans it will be very hot and is wanted a very warm across below vacations' with the 21 back up into early next week of corsica which track the forecast and the heat and to small with the mobile application. rebecca: it is been that way all morning long at this point the biggest toll plaza on a lot of people trying to enter the city of leyden had lied for westbound 80 get into a toll plaza and the backed up is at
5:48 am
the macarthur maze if you see a 12 minute commute time getting into downtown san francisco using the bay bridge expect about 30 minutes 26 to be exact definitely some time early this morning if you're heading to the airport san mateo bridge does the 40 minute drive turnon the westbound direction from 880 in hayward out to 101 of foster's sitting chicken the optima commute through the livermore valley that is a 34 minute on what on 580 getting to the dublin interchange. >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: that was of voice of a tourist visiting the fine arts in san francisco should started by these and it is they try to take money out of the credit-card toward the easy
5:49 am
pickings for thieves to because number-one it is easy to spot them often do to get out of state plates or the stickers in one of over at the palace of fine arts numerous fines passing visited not believe the bible and the car the left the car one to make one more stop before hitting the road and into the airport over at the crooked streets the problem and souls of men senses copley's added these signs that read please take a bible from the car a day and
5:50 am
night or someone else will be signs it is stolen or vandalized this is another car that appears to be broken into also near lumber tree symphysis copley salvatore's often been targeted by the use and despite the common misconception this it appears the reckons are for professionals because for them it is just easy money if your rental cars relies not only do you lose get things with you have to put the bill for the broken window as well if you do have the insurance and uses a high your things but not want to stay leavis of a hotel until you're actually leaving town because it was sometime break into a rental or in the car for that matter just the sea was inside. >>mark: national news this morning president obama is now clearing the way for families of u.s. hostages to pay ransom to
5:51 am
terrible without fear of being prosecuted by the u.s. government the policy reveal itself to be released today and what the policy will lead the u.s. government communicate with terrorists they still not be allowed to directly pay ransoms terror groups president obama ordered the review last year after the fans of the americans who've been held captive complained about the dealings with the ministrations. >>mark: u.s. ambassador francis lifted some tough questioning to about the french foreign ministry he wants to know if the national security agencies eavesdrop on the past three french president documents from 2006 to 2012 rebel officials and parents speaking candidly about the economy in the relations with germany the infamous and unveiled by the document so far the investor have not spoken the issue which is requested as she is called to appear before the
5:52 am
french ministry to provide answers. >>anny hong: shut for a convicted murderer richard and david nall been the third week they found evidence of the two enemies dna from the man and personal items found in a cabin not far from the prison in upstate new york there are new details about that prison about a prisoner she the prison employee and mitchell of the woman charged with helping them she admitted putting hacksaw blades into frozen hamburger meat for those in mencius a prison guard to cover the meat into the prison did not run the meat through a metal detector with a violation of prison policy in he did not know there was something in the meat and is being conned by mitchell.
5:53 am
>>mark: offense in the pauses a massive baumgartner retiring the first 14 batters as the face 10 by striking out doubling in the 11th inning and will run across the plains san diego beach the giants the extra inning by final three to two on to the '80s and the nicely at the ballpark oakland is 18 and 11¢ may 22nd and started the right-hander struck out three
5:54 am
and walked to the a's got the win before you head out the door this morning there is a look at temperatures were in the '50s and san francisco 56 livermore.
5:55 am
5:56 am
>>anny hong: supplies of cocoa one of the main ingredients used to make chocolate the supplies are down of the harsh dry weather conditions and a to a country that produced most of the world's cocoa mature this has already pushed cover practice of top senate so far no top makers have announced price hikes yet will keep heat- moon you know how much money a significant other and earned a turn of the nearly half of all married people denied for and 10
5:57 am
couples cannot even identify what salary range this all falls into both men and women were wrong for ticket percent of the time the latest survey involved about 1000 couples another shooting on high way for the second one in five days you have a live report coming up in hot weather and other big stories and is also increasing fire danger would say it is how hot the 20 your neighborhood ahead as we return in just two minutes. ♪ ♪ (music)
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>anny hong: another shooting on highway 4 and eight. have been around midnight near santa monica boulevard. >>will tran: this could write to the video we talk about it happening around midnight 6000 of the contra costa county sheriff's department there arrived at the scene the shutdown both directions of the highway for several hours the invested the area to give evidence


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