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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  June 24, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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falling run southeast and south of tahoe near the small town the fire now grown to 60,000 a. and the famous still stands as a percent on the top right you consider the lack fire to bring in the remote area of samper did amounted in southern california the cool weather is helping them make progress but it is 27 square miles that have burned and the time of 33% on the bottom right more than 1,800 a. have been destroyed by wildfire in the park hill area of sales of this laconic prove their have to suffer contains at 90% we're still tracking dry warm to hot conditions for the bay area. >>michelle apon: it is going to continue to heat on of if you're antioch or most of the east bank club on a to see some very high temperatures and wind today and tomorrow so today we're on to star of will to mid-50s this morning 55 as of right now and then to lunch hour quickly woman
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up into the low to mid 80 market early afternoon temperatures will continue to peak at 90 degrees the east of england location will be very warm also warming looking outside would have close ties ahead but we have low clouds ahead of sfo some sunshine for today as the temperatures continue to warm up as jamaica when out the door and you're one drive pretty good 50 to stop once again but you'll probably need to wear t-shirts and forth across the in the location. >>michelle apon: looking at the coast in mid 60s during warm day in store but it's even harder to mark was all about that coming up at 715.
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>>mark: it was started by lightning on friday and officials a rich and said it was 10 percent contained but not insane give no containment at all the 520 models from nevada border several compounds already been evacuated and the 21 the 30 residents the town of mark will have been told to be ready to evacuate at any time. one firefighter suffered a minor heat related injuries and battle the blaze but he's doing ok closer to home fire investigators have been a contract a trimming weeds might accidently struck this fire in fairfield began amount to 30 yesterday afternoon with the interstate 80 and if the see how the fire quickly spread reaching the backyard of several homes and of the homes were damaged thankfully there were able to
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about the fire in about an hour take a look at the bay area roadways right now started off with the bay bridge toll plaza is one to be about 20 minutes drive times getting into downtown san francisco acosta spent it is still backed up into the macarthur maze. rebecca: there is a 25 minute commit time and jamaica with over 2101 into foster city checking the east bay now is the crush in fremont on the nimitz and the southbound direction this past autumn of parkway it still has to metal mines blocking traffic backed up will for highway for your interest and to the dumbarton bridge here is the drive time for the nimitz in the southbound direction does a 43 minute commute time from 238 down to 237 criminal will have a full project. >>anny hong: police in the east
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from the level of job will get a man in the crosswalk and then fled the scene of the victim is now on life support this morning police released this surveillance image of the car that hit the 23 year-old he was hit at the corner of military and fifth streets in benicia early sunday morning as he was walking home from the job of a local bar that be a " that hit him with a gray and missing a left rear that still left in france and there been treated for multiple injuries including his,. >>mark: >>: and a devout and a collapse of darkness and they found dry rot and they said the drop was in a structure supporting the back-to-back collapsed the
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recommendations include requiring developers in foam the infrastructure of the material used to build them and require you recollect inspections of interior about it and other structures. >>anny hong: another shooting on highway 4 and eight. it happen from midnight near san marco boulevard. >>will tran: now it is a homicide that means two murders in five days in this location the victim we know he died overnight it happened in this area off of highway 4 we know the shooting took place on the
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city's tree san marco boulevard reportedly a bullet riddled car showed up to john muir hospital on we do know there have been no arrest in this case no suspect description normal oil but over the past 15 minutes of salvi did confirm with me that this was not an injury but in fact now is a homicide case one person at least dyewood tried find out more information on this particular case it is very sad news and they point many people walking around this morning coming up reminded me of what happened over the weekend when a 20 year-old man from pittsburg also shot in this area in that case he was driving on the road the crash to a synovitis of the contra costa county sheriff's department still very much busy they have to homicide cases and not just one call for will give
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more information the next time. >>mark: of the stores will fall on people living in the bay area home part will be able to stay in their homes after all that's not true setting aside six and half million dollars to try and save the one of as a mobile home park of paulo auto a, leaders of the park's owner sells the property now for the corporation which is a nonprofit that is willing to operate one of mr. most low-income many of them are trying to remain hopeful as the will be able to instill a tough road of hope was still below the will meet next week to discuss proven additional funds to. try and save to >>anny hong: 1 antioch
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neighborhood is banded together and fighting for safer streets brought you the story when the city took out the speed bumps up a home on a plan themselves after a man was killed in a hit- and-run novel's people live there have collect the signatures that have been put back in. >>emily turner: members of one neighborhood are asking the mayor for a long been one of the speed bumps back to the neighborhood you remember this video this is when heard her friends put the speed bumps in themselves after her son was killed in a hit-and-run accident the man who killed him has been charged but the city came into the speed bumps out the day they bury their son now the one of quebec and people in the neighborhood cannot afford we live and the older part of town and a lot of them have not
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moved and. >>mark: we're learning more are exactly the called a house fire in vallejo yesterday up with a woman in hospital and both the store yesterday and investigators say the man suffered serious burns to his upper body and the five as the while he was welding his car's gas tank in his garage he drained the gas tank and plastic untenable for welding fire from the fuse the fire damaged the crop was in the attic area of the broadcast. >>anny hong: the company says it was forced to shut them down last week because santa barbara county rejected his emergency application to the truck oil to refineries the santa barbara official said delivery oil is not an emergency they significant cut predictions from a hundred thousand cows of crude oil spilled into the ocean
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and along the beachfront last month from the all-american old pipeline the company will start an oil and offshore facility but the average capacity of the company cannot transported to the shut down pipelines how one san francisco jests is trying to put it up for sale after a body was found inside his heritage are hate seven states now being forced to deal with the confederate flag.
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>>mark: techno lookism the destruction now the doubling of the bad weather board and the midwest and the east coast as you concede more videos come in from storm damage the power lies in montgomery county maryland and on the right with the strong from toppling trees and shutting down both leaving thousands of people the storms came from the midwest and a tornado warnings
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have to examine the damage in the midwest nine tornadoes touched down and northern illinois on monday off from 1 ft. the self and the storm. >>michelle apon: 20 into the western side indiana damaging wind flooding will be the truth the showers and thunderstorms have continued pursuit. located right now as to continue to move off the east and we have daytime heating bed and the thunderstorms could face severe
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warm spot for today man enough across seminal case of much time around 11:77 degrees to the 12:00 hour. >>michelle apon: to mid-60s from the coastal live look outside creek funny of sunshine does want to help warmer temperatures 4 to bay state #= will be the peninsula in areas across the north and we're talking about some comfortable temperatures and is starting off with gray skies as of right now mid-50s for the. now this afternoon we went to the team to heat up the inland across the east man and also cause parts of the south of
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the san jose will warm up into the '80s farther south what about morgan hill, and valley may be the camera can reach the mid to upper 80s areas is like a guest today will be across half francisco and oakland with a daytime high will be run average and to the mid-60s and look at the next three days is on to be hot small to keep the mine plan ahead if you know anyone who's susceptible to heat illness with everyone to check on that tomorrow we could see some triple digit heat month the area will see some of the '90s and them by friday timber to the back of the to the bid to the mid-90s will talk and what we can forecast of the full 70, a 755. rebecca: will stop the morning driver of the bay bridge toll plaza getting into san francisco busy at the toll traffic is
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backed up into the macarthur maze run looking at about 20 minute drive times met in the way across the span into downtown san francisco the saddam whatever is also quite busy so far this point in the morning was about 92 from 880 in hayward out to foster city is about 25 minutes commit time for you if you're on a to be taking that bridge today to watching over to the map in the site and accident still in the north bank in the south about 101 this after spencer
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>>anny hong: may spend do not san jose including various the and and they said they counted roughly 80 percent of the ballot so far the official result should be certified by june 30th. >>mark: the public backlash to the southern states to cut ties with the confederate flag and a camera has look there was some states are doing >>reporter: by overwhelming voted for of the
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bill to do just that all except and lawmakers digging in the hills voting against it and 10 who did not vote state representative william chambliss says we should not let hatred dictate how we feel confederate flag images still prominent a few of the come before issuing be no more jordan now weighing the governors and tennessee's in north carolina and virginia are refraining.
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>>anny hong: police a little for the person or people who burglarized a preschool in the south bank it happen in fremont early monday morning. >>mark: they're trying to track down this bird were who made his way into a home and stole money the civilians video it happened friday night at 915 and the burglar broke into home and haven't spring roll and they say he stole u.s. and for many addicts, and described a light skinned man in his 20s.
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>>anny hong: san francisco house for sale to two months after a body was found inside of the piles of garbage their prizes also million dollars. >>maureen kelly: officials reportedly could not open the door when they first arrive because of all the trash and hear that as of a clear up this with the same room looks like now for inside despite rumors of programs than ever found any evidence of infestation of the house still needs work and lots of red recall as a serious foundation work was all new electrical and plumbing system. conceive the holes in the backed with asking price on this house
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at fourth avenue and like is $928,000 the listing agent says he does not think potential buyers will be spoken by the fact that the former owner remains were found inside in fact of the realtors who tore the property today thinks it is going to go over asking. >>maureen kelly: the bones uniforms and while the structure of the house and. >>anny hong: new numbers out this morning how much money workers are in the bay area make in the department of labor says
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people in san francisco more rain in san mateo county are an average of $33.44 an hour last year this 47% above the national average the highest earnings were in management " they made about $72 an hour with a large and for in the sector and the survey was an office and the ministry of work and they make an average of 2262 an hour. >>stanley roberts:up next peolpeple behaving badly.
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>>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: those of west of a tors visiting the cause of finance a said francisco it was targeted by thieves in with this they tried to take money of the credit-card the torch on easy pick in for these because not one is easy to spot them often do to even out of state plates are the stickers in the window
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over at the palace of fine arts and numerous signs asking visitors not to leave valuables in the car what happens tears and many cases are about to leave they want to make one more stop before hitting the road or at the airport they added be signed very pleased second bible from the card day and night or someone else will these five even get stolen or vandalized this is another card that appears seven broken into also near lombard street in cave creek street the san francisco police say all the tour spots of been targeted by the and despite
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the common misconception if it is burglarized not only do you lose your things but you have to put the bill for the broken window as well if you do not have the insurance fadeless they hide it would not want to save jews leaving up a hotel into your after leaving town because " to some time before rental. >>anny hong: still ahead in the cackling of the homeless problem and the south bay how one city is addressing this issue. >>james: will live with the alameda county fair, and we'll show you the rise the trip and have fun with a jules, here this weekend much more from the alameda county fairgrounds
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coming up.
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>>james: i got about halfway through it and then we started moving on to of the holes bird which took a sample of each and and i had the rapt before you and the back of the car were
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walking through the midway right now this is where all the big kid arise are right now roller- coaster ferris wheels been set tippee upside dollars and 50 on the side of things that person up against the wall and slighty to the ceiling as a crop, which is a fair favorite there will be open again from now until july 5th the have a huge fourth of july fireworks spectacular and i would tell you today is the food donation they if you bring in the scene is free on thursday
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kids emission free on friday and i have to tell you they will the unarmed know if they can show you this but this is an amazing swing wide a ticket all the way to the top and then spends it a top speed you're almost literally with over your shoulder at the crime below is pretty incredible the have the evolution over there and the for those bills of the bay almost shiftable upside down the the back side of the rap try. >>james: web will become aware talking about placing too the have water rise down the way here if you want to wish to cool
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off. they have what arise in bringing in mr. they will keep you cool here over the next few as the fair continues on as a set until july 5th will do some pig racing, >>michelle apon: it is going to be on the cool side and comparisons was born to be tomorrow still pretty one for today to open up at 11 plan on temperature is heating up into mid-70s when the daytime comes around the temperature is will be mid '80s it will be one but just not that hot you'll have
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plenty of sunshine out there and then by seven optical to a form of to the mid-70s by 9:00 p.m. tickets as will fall to the low '70's is one to be a nice and cool evening but it's even harder to modify it on to enjoy a: they live there today to mount as wants been very very warm the top level looks like outside across seminal principle with what looks like a walnut creek canoe sunshine out there and very comfortable star behalf '50s and '60s as of right now 59, of pleasanton as a 55 across the south bank ms. upper fifties looking at the peninsula minutes up for fifties and looking at an optimal fifth is to stop the morning. >>michelle apon: it will be hot today and is one to be even hotter for tomorrow and jamaica with out the door plan on a temple to stop the to the '50s sunshine by the afternoon in the areas of for is the low nineties for the bay seven is in store across the beach and on some '60s led on to say it is wants
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to be hot. rebecca: this is because of an earlier accident concede on the screen in the center divide their and the clearing stages they're trying to get rid of the crash the traffic of will crawling getting over to the peninsula this morning a hot spots will fallen as in the north to bay were on to switch over to the map as is, of sausalito and had to ragman's block the truck overturned and fuel is looking on the roadway the crew the still investing
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actually stuck in the backed up know this morning, as now behind are the keys to try to stab another one to death and open temple they say he grabbed two knives and staff the 66 year-old several times in the head and face last week he was taken to hospital and recovering he identified them as a man who stabbed him in the face and he said he is committed to the stabbing after he was arrested his charge with attempted murder and aggravated mayhem. >>anny hong: the strong opposition from the community of dozens of protesters showed up the board of supervisors'
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meeting yesterday and is a few pictures of the demonstration you concede people there and a 65 vote the board approved the ordinance and expand the police department does on the city's population increased the critics said the plans will not necessarily reduce the crime but could end up increasing racial profiling providing more housing in commuting findings are really needed even resemble supervise opinion on the issue on our website. >>mark: a new report showing that homelessness and the silicon valley has gone down over the past decade or back to one san jose neighborhood that is having problem with the nearby homes encampment. >>vicki liviakis: we end up having to do our own vigilante
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we form a neighborhood watch and that helped us to have the city council that helps put it again is without the organization without caltrans for the people that own the property keeping its first offense of keeping the homeless out then we cannot stopped faces is not there is union pacific's is not theirs and that is where it opens up under the bridge and that is where you get the drugs you get the prostitution and you get the homeless in fact dickensian defense is still down and people can get through the matter-of- fact there are some people under the freeway and the are some
7:37 am
homes in cameras but it is small we visited home for as a shelter for the homeless in san jose would understand a couch and is planning a sweep of that area this week and a team from first will drop by first to try to convince the people in the encampment to seek help. >>mark: 50 of the store you like to share with us my kron 4 story tab. >>anny hong: still ahead of how this officer comforted a little
7:38 am
girl under heartbreaking circumstances later steph curry like you've never seen him.
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>>anny hong: report but candid photo shows the officer singing to law brought in so much more. >>reporter: the picture that captured the heart of police work officer was on patrol last
7:41 am
thursday when he was dispatched to a fatal accident here i 76 unbuckling the father died instantly the mother and three of four young children are injured the paramedics worked to save them they have the fourth child to your girl to him she was crying and she was active stock in gasoline from cochrane the smell bed with unlawful the when she fifth fatima's. >>: when she falls of cry sheet once a songs from to her. >>reporter: this saw the accident stopped to help took a picture because of the top of a lack of the also softly sang to her in his bid picked up in a
7:42 am
restricted hundreds and hundreds of times literally posted all over the world it's humbling for shoreham what he did was no different than what any of the office of a doomed if run, but this morning to the to the final into the mid to upper 50s it will quickly warm up into the early '80s to from 90 this afternoon that is not on a warm spot for terrell will talk of the rest of the east valley and would expect for tomorrow.
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time for the world according to gary,presented by hershey: >>mark: pick some cover not
7:45 am
yesterday's his third time since may. >>gary: he is catching up this is a regional cover so is only going to be here in the west from the bay area if we're in cleveland who was on a? >>mark: do thank--think lebron? >>mark: we have as great video about what a great life he seemed to have growing belt with his father and look of descriptive video became a showing him as a child being carried around. >>gary: he is in the locker room in the early '90s that's little steph curry being carried around
7:46 am
by mug's it was is in that incredible? >>gary: he was in the louvre in he was 56 and he was assured in the eighth player of all time that is a great video >>mark: the gulf and the charlotte hornets and 88 and april 97 for his first nine years of his life he hung out with him and he won for rides on his plane and a see these two together and vote them with heavy was unexpected greatness >>gary: i'm laughing, is getting ready to go to camp this morning and he is here watching that like their father of a look at steph curry and they say to their son you can do that he is not that big his only grown up playing basketball and he's of a ship in the world but you could
7:47 am
do it to. >>mark: 20 gorakhpur round here it makes you think anything is possible. >>gary: he aptly is walking out now he will wait for a live news update but he has to get ready for camp. >>mark: howe but the giants' highlights >>gary: he was cooling along and then san diego tied in the is and then they believe in the 11th the giants are having a rough time home 38 and before the season other on the 17 women's denies loss of many this is who they are and you think back when they won the championship and never really overpowered in abiding they do the struggling in their thing does get into october. >>mark: i feel like a bad decision on a to be the result
7:48 am
brought the season dodgers and giants all the red through the whole season. >>gary: both the same method of they're very disappointed but there or in the five games this and all the money deposited is but right now the giants and dodgers again. >>mark: they had a pretty strong season on to the a's they seem to be trying to turn things around they've won three straight winning seven of the last tent when yesterday in texas the best of 32 wins and 41 loss in the death standings in the american league west and they seem totally slipped upside down with the astros won first prize and a range of life behind the. >>gary: it is good for the angel in seattle here's the problem they're playing great and he only had one team ahead of you than the one team had some
7:49 am
evidence that right back there but will only get three teams. ahead of them >>mark: every years consider a rebuilding year for the a's but this year seem more rebuilding year than we've seen over the last three or four it is almost become a cliche that you do not know cool the players are and i would love to know if he did not have plastic offer was hard to build the allegiance and they're fun and everything but i still think half the sports is knowing who you are rooting for. >>mark: the former partners to give the giants last month he struck out three times in a row and then he came from. >>mark: more on-time rating of 11 hours for a hearing about deflating football's. nothing new just it was inside in coming down the basic " the dancing is that he acquitted himself incident he did a really great job of their fall explanation
7:50 am
dressed all the plans and everyone seemed to think that he really made his case from of the nfl commissioner who had on a 4 in. suspension of not serving as the judge and bird is the convict you concerned. >>gary: this is a tough roger dale an average player you to make the case he has more power than the commissioner right now every time shopping because, as been a lot listing like to see what the final step dom the selectee ms. hannah's every problem that happens in the nfl. >>gary: who does the afc the cbs eye would not one brave not plan for gains is one to be a big hit to them. >>mark: paid manning says is one to be traded to the texan very trying to trade them for of the rock walls they want to get their backup of office wyler and the brothels ' pagan is still
7:51 am
forcing--peyton manning. >>gary: they said that and that is media we heard that the confirmation during the off- season the debacle for trying hard to trade him for the texans. >>gary: that could be a possibility or worked? >>mark:-home started early and not earlier than we used to see the quarterbacks the gipper in four years of we would not want the guys to come out of college in the nfl ready because san like a pretty high hurdle
7:52 am
>>gary: that is good news but the assumption i have not heard about >>mark: pretty interesting to see if that happens >>gary: >>mark: glad you got quality time with your son this morning >>gary: with kron 4 and the steph curry cannot be it >>mark: we will be right back.
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>>michelle apon: upper 50s across inman locations that will report to find a warm spot lower is by the lunch hour and a temple peak into the upper 80s to run on 90 by a drive home falling into the upper 80s for the bay minutes of the seventh for today and looking at the coast, its upper 60s care looks like all thought out around 3:94, of antioch presence in water to 86 1/4 and to the fair one of the seventh low eighties for the sake go across the south plan on its upper 80s the death of north bay same thing in the peninsula and east asia minor temperatures will be very similar to what they were guest today. >>michelle apon: we're talking about triple digit keep for inland locations for the bank some mid '80s to some upper 80s and then when record on this a
7:56 am
little before friday into the weekend is one to build a nickel above may be humid across the bank by early next week will have lower to mid 90 for in the location followed by upper seven is located across the rest of the bank. rebecca: the back of has not this a sausalito and overturned pickup truck on the right shoulder and fire crews did have the two right lanes blocked for quite some time south on 101 just past spencer and so they've taken it off the roadway and looking at our camera traffic is in the recovery stages and that some great new on the right-hand side of the screen by the south on 11 traffic getting patched spencer much better than what we saw earlier today and the bonn not affected of all a much of the drive from in the five currently about 52 minutes as a mechanism of the bottle on top 1 01 getting through sausalito and
7:57 am
down to the golden gate bridge into san francisco keep right here for more news weather and traffic on we return.
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7:59 am
. this is the bay area's news station, kron4 news starts now with breaking news. that breaking news we're following for you overnight, another shooting near highway 4 and a point we just learned in the past our that one person has died. it happened around did not need near san marco boulevard, we have more on the shooting on saturday. >> it is now a homicide case detectives were at the hospital they have found out the victims died from the overnight shooting, said
8:00 am
marco boulevard is right in front of me, they shut down highway 4 which is behind me for several hours. the shooting took place shortly before midnight. at this point no rest and no motive behind the shooting. we know at this point at least one victim died. that -- there could possibly be more victims involved in this case, right now the sheriffs department have not gotten back to me other than to say, now it turns into a homicide case. talked about the other on the site, that happened five days ago in this area as well. in that case it involved a 20- year-old man, he was from pittsburg and he was driving on the freeway after being shot by a car somebody from another car in his car and he lost control and slammed into the center divider, both cases sadly no arrest no motive as well. talking to people in the
8:01 am
neighborhood, they are hung -- angry and shocked and the state of college can point for nothing. we will have more information on the sheriff department. it turned from an investigation and suspects -- search for suspects and turn into another homicide case. this comes after another shooting that we were telling of baudouin highway for. 20-year-old -- mendez was shot and killed by another driver on highway 4 in pittsburg on saturday afternoon. it happened near bailey wrote, the things slammed into the median, the contra costa county sheriff office had said the shooter may have been driving a white honda sedan. police have been identified any suspects were released information on -- for that shooting -- the shooting. we are following the wildfires are running across the state. it's making it tough for the firefighters battling the
8:02 am
wildfires. we have some video of the firefighting efforts. you can see that massive fire burning in south lake tahoe. in the town of markleeville. 16,000 acres containment and 5% the latest update this morning. the make fire burning in a remote area in san bernardino mountains and southern california, cooler weather's are expected to help the fire efforts that -- there, 27 square miles and containment is 33%. 1800 acres had been destroyed in the park hill area. of similes of this polk county. crews contained it 90%. keeping firefighters on alert for some fire dampers -- specially for tomorrow temperatures continue to climb, triple digit heat dry, it will be hot outside would all the sunshine.
8:03 am
the good news is we have some light winds in store for today and for tomorrow. outside right now looking at walnut creek plenty of sunshine to get them pitchers are on the warmer side compared to the past 24 hours. upper 50s from concord and pleasanton and to livermore. all the way down to the south bay 50s. when the -- on the cool side san francisco 53, low to mid 50s the rest of the peninsula. fairfield, warm at 59 degrees. plan on 50s to continue on in the next hour. and let shower upper 70s to lower 80s and afternoon. heating up in to upper 80s around 90 degrees. they will be more comfortable compared to what we are
8:04 am
expecting for tomorrow where areas can see triple digit hit heat. mid to upper 70s by the afternoon and the beaches, to mid 60s. a big warm-up into tomorrow. what areas will see the triple digit heat and talking about what is in store for the weekend. happening now severe storms are moving from the midwest to the northeast. the nationals weather service can that confer and nine tornadoes touched down in northern, illinois, or monday that number will likely go up and storms moving through central and eastern pennsylvania trees down and power lines overnight and strong thunderstorms in connecticut caused widespread power outages. traffic right now with rebecca. loupos start with the toll plaza, lots of cars waiting in
8:05 am
the cash lanes. westbound 80 approach into berkeley. twenty minute drive time for you. as you make your way to the tolls and across the span into downtown san francisco. san mateo this morning westbound 92 about 35 minutes to get to hayward into foster city into the 101. a lot of cars in the roadway, there was an earlier crash and it has been cleared and not helping the traffic move along in the westbound direction. minutes to hayward to oakland 30 minute commute, 582 dublin to castro valley 12 minutes, north bay 101 to novato to santa rosa 37 minutes commute for you this morning. we will give you all the check of all the bridges when we come back. police may -- are looking for driver who
8:06 am
hit a man in a crosswalk and then fled the scene. the victim on life-support this morning. please release this surveillance in the car that hit 23-year-old, -- for us, he was hit at the corner of military and fifth street in then check this morning, he was walking home from his job to a local bar. a gray or silver honda or nissan that's missing -- family members are left looking for answers. . so promising, inspiring human. torus is being treated for multiple injuries including head trauma. breaking news, the governor of alabama just ordering confederate flags to be taken down from the state capital. after the trust and some church massacre. robert bently ordered the flag removed from the state capital
8:07 am
building this morning. >> happening today, people will have the chance to pay respect to the pastor of emmanuel ame church who was killed in the church massacre. viewing will be held today for state senator and reverend clementa pinckney. he was nine of one of nine people shot during a bible study. as an obama will deliver his eulogy. today's viewing is happening inside the south carolina statehouse. boston marathon bomber dzhokar tsarnaevs will be formally sentenced to death. he will be given the opportunity to address the court but unclear if you will do so. about two dozen victims are expected to make statements. his older brother set of two bombs in 2013 killing three and injuring more than 260 others. the decision to give the death penalty is legally binding.
8:08 am
coming up on the clock -- on the kron4 news, doctors are saying skinny jeans can leave you weak in the knees. set this one woman to the hospital. after the break how you can protect yourself from cyber attack. alive look outside san mateo bridge -- bridge sunny start on this wednesday morning, ready for the bay area heat.
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and that's how far jack went to bring you the black pepper cheeseburger. black pepper cheese and peppercorn mayo. the black pepper cheeseburger. taste it before it's gone. will come back to the kron4 morning news, the time right now 8:10 a.m. it is the trick to antioch, 25 minutes to concord on westbound
8:11 am
four, livermore valley commute 44 minutes crawl, getting to the dublin interchange and nimitz freeway 46 minutes for you if you're traveling traveling southbound down to 237 connector. i will have the bay bridge me coming up. the recent cyber attacks on the irs left millions of americans private data exposed. eighteen million current and former and prospective federal employees may have been affected by the recent hacks. providing tips to protect your personal information, they say change your passwords often and make them complicated. find out if your bank and credit card companies have a multi step says to log into one account. monitor all activities in all your accounts. these test idea by making small transactions and wait to see if they are accepted before trying to process larger one. low clouds and the clouds
8:12 am
will move out to warm temperatures that and more and warmer tomorrow.
8:13 am
8:14 am
welcome back to the kron4 morning news. the heat spike here in the bay area. showing highs in the warm side, lots of sunshine in the san mateo bridge richmond bridge, get
8:15 am
ready for the heat spike. upper 80s, low 90s and that's nothing compared to tomorrow. it will continue to heat up triple digits in some locations. if you don't like the heat bring it indoors tomorrow because it -- it will be hot across inland locations. today, these no change there, it will continue to warm up inland locations upper 70 to lower 80s, by the afternoon upper 80s to around 90 0-degree-sign- degree sign when you drive home five to 6:00 tonight temperatures will fall into the mid- to upper 80s. for the bay, 70s once again to get 60 degrees will be plenty of sunshine. we have some clouds start off this morning clouds and sun and cloud once again in winds are light. it's comfortable and light, but
8:16 am
when winds pick up across the peninsula this afternoon. they bridge, clouds starting to move out, but we will see sunshine across the inland area. temperatures are warmer, lower 60s right now across concord and livermore. everywhere else else, temperatures in the upper 50s, santa rosa 65 degrees. inland locations upper 80s to low 90s, concord stretching to the east to antioch and brentwood 92 daytime-today across the walnut creek san ramon valley the top 80s very warm. south. another warm spot 70 across the bay, across san jose and santa clara milpitas 80 -- 93. upper 80s by 3:00. winds blowing from the northwest up to 10 miles per hour. temperatures will heat up into mid-sixties and breezy between
8:17 am
10 to 15 miles gusting up to 20 times in the afternoon. east bay shoreline similar to yesterday, lower to mid 70s, north bay will be warm upper 80s by 3:00. looking for the next three days, triple digit heat into tomorrow 103 the high temperature into tomorrow upper 90s across inland locations. they low to mid 80s and temperatures back up a little bit and friday and the weekend forecast with all the details coming up at 8:45 a.m. we will start off with a major medical emergency in -- the dublin and pleasanton line the trains are not running between castro valley after pleasanton because of a medical emergency. it will be in the dublin station west dublin and
8:18 am
pleasanton. no train service between castro valley up to the dublin and pleasanton station because of medical emergency. i/obï a now still 25 minute drivetime as you make your way from the macarthur maine to the toll plaza in the span into downtown san francisco a lot of cars the roadway this morning. san mateo bridge about 25 minute commute for you if you're headed westbound on 92 from hayward to foster city. golden gate bridge looking pretty good a little bit of cars they're going. one hundred eighteen minute drivetime for you if you're headed to sausalito exit. and to san francisco. richland center rafael bridge -- back to you.
8:19 am
south carolina's state legislature will debate on whether to take down the confederate flag on the state capitol grounds and the governor of alabama ordered the flag be taken down. many other states are now feeling the pressure to follow- up. hundreds of protesters demanding the confederate flag be removed to -- tuesday in the wake of the vicious murders at the emanuel ame church in charleston. our ancestors worth fighting to continue to keep human beings as slaves. ed -- succulent lawmakers overwhelmingly voting to allow the debate on the bill to cheat -- do just that. all except 10 lawmakers digging into the heels voting against it in -- and 10 who did not vote. i think the misuse and miseducation of the flag. state representative organ, lee said
8:20 am
we should not let it dictate how we feel. we are sending the wrong thing here. confederate flag images still common in this state's across -- across countries may soon be no more. a symbol of hatred. in mississippi where the confederate battle like it's part of the official state flag, that speaker of the state houses calling for true move to be removed. governess -- the governors in tennessee, north carolina and virginia are already saying they will support pulling -- from production entirely. today i'm calling for in -- with for the removal of the flag. as ebay, amazon and walmart are banning the flags from their shelves. we don't want to sell products that makes anyone feel uncomfortable, this is the right thing to do that was anna
8:21 am
cabrera reporting. some other stories, nem has more. >> inspectors looking into the deadly -- in berkeley they found dry rot. the dry rot was the structure supporting the balcony collapse as well as the balcony below it. staff members are recommending the city council find new and modified regulations. we don't know you are -- not going to know will determine how the motion got into the assembly, but we will make set of recommendations that will help with any form of moisture's and preparation in the future. the recommendations include requiring increased insulation, specifying the type of material used to build them and requiring regular inspections of the balconies and other structures. family and friends of a person killed in a hit-and-run,
8:22 am
to get speed bumps installed in the street. a battle we have been following for several weeks, linda hudson the people who live in the antioch neighborhood aspect -- member has asked the city council last night to ask the city council for the installation of the speed bumps. the mayor is said has said he's willing to work with the neighborhood foundation so far nothing has been done. the man who hit hudson is due in court today. still ahead, how skinny jeans landed a woman in the hospital for four days. we will explain after the break. is a live look outside bay bridge toll plaza traffic is moving slowly. billy moving across the bridge. more sunshine and warm temperatures in the forecast. no service here at the bart delays, between castro valley
8:23 am
and dublin pleasanton due to an emergency rebecca coming up a little later.
8:24 am
we spend a lot of time online around here. but with all this speed from xfinity, it's all good. hey, why don't we do some homework for a change? gary, you too.
8:25 am stuff. yes! [laughs] lovin' the new design! konichiwa hirosan. five minutes... all this speed is very empowering. check out the new hardware. with the fastest internet available xfinity is perfect for people who need to get a lot done at home. and now you can go even faster. we've just increased the speeds on two of our most popular plans. welcome back to the kron4 morning news. the time right now 8:25 a.m. mr. delay reported that
8:26 am
the -- due to a medical emergency. trains will run from castro valley, but will not come to the dublin station. about 10 to 15 minutes delayed for you if you are going to take the daly city line heading to sfo due to an equipment problem on a train. we will bring you the latest coming up. a warning going out for this morning people who wear skinny jeans, some doctors say skinny jeans can leave you weak in the knees after a woman in australia spent four days in the hospital after her skinny jeans caused her to lose feeling in her legs. the 35-year-old woman spent a day helping a relative move which meant a lot of squatting for hours later that night her feet went numb and she tripped and fell in -- and doctors were forced to cut. jeans off her cats because they were so swollen. a new study showed the woman lost circulation in her legs and could not move her ankles or
8:27 am
toes. resource are saying because the jeans were too tight and that they could have caused major nerve damage. the good news is the woman is out of the hospital and doing okay. skinny jeans watch out they can harm you. uber is considering a plan to track customers even when they are not using the right service app. not sitting well with some private -- some privacy groups. they are asking ftc to investigate uber. it's a feature the app uses. huber says there's no basis for the complaint because they have not made a final decision about tracking these usurps phones. still ahead, help mason called for those who have a peanut allergy. we will tell you about a new drug of increased tolerance for peanut. still ahead on the kron4
8:28 am
morning news, live at the alameda county fair, we will have a real treat for you, the all alaskan raising pigs both strut their stuff to see who will see who will come up on top. (engines revving) listen up. ready. ready. (engines revving) steady. (engines revving) go! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it's more than a movie.
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it's now a ride. fast and furious. supercharged. ride it at universal studios hollywood.
8:30 am
. how are you guys doing? we are here, there's a street sweeper going on is they're getting the grounds ready for the fans today. we are at the pig races. james, the announcer, and chief caretaker of the pigs. >> how are you doing ? >> fantastic. >> you guys have the all alaskan racing pigs. it was started by a friend of yours question. >> a friend started over a quarter century -- you -- we know thing with two about getting the pigs of around the track. >> you have the whole lingo
8:31 am
down you are ready to go question. >> i am going to do this. >> let me introduce you to the pigs and say what numbers they are. we have mark and anne. standby, pick we think is going to win. we have pick number three. >> they don't have names, just numbers ? >> this guy number three, not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. one time he was invited to a luau and showed up. [ laughter ]. >> and we have pick number two, this is sourdough jack. the original chauvinist pig. and then pick number eight, number eight, he was taking a little break from his music career, this is -- right here [ laughter ] in the final. number six, checking out the competition. he's a little bit of a celebrity. a five-time grand champion of world renowned racing pig, bob,
8:32 am
okay. acute -- but number three, two, or six. >> picture number. >> number three. >> i am going with eight asia, lucky number. >> darigold mark has pick number three and anne has pick number eight. >> let's get it underway. on your marks, i will let you start. there they go, neck and neck. coming around the turn. final stretch, oh, my goodness, pretty tight race, but you [ laughter ]. >> i tell you mark, number three did coming before number eight. it was between the two, you got it, mark. >> not bad. >> they all came in kind of clustered together. this is great, one of the
8:33 am
number of attractions here at the fair. can you shoot through the fence, we have courses preparing, the clydesdale, they are huge horses so cool to see them walk. it goes on acres and acres and acres. i can't begin to tell you how many things they have. whatever you like to do whether it is riding rides, eating, it's here at the alameda county fair. we are going to do a ride at the fairground so we will see what happens. i am told it's a wet ride. >> we will find out. >> wait 30 minutes after you eat, jim. >> wilsey. >> i love it. >> if picked a winner it seems like. >> michelle, let's check with her. temperatures will start off at
8:34 am
74 degrees when the fairgrounds open up by the early afternoon you will -- we will need water, the sunblock and light-colored clothing he will be hot out there mid 80s or a t-shirt it will be warm. when the concert starts at 8:00, temperatures will fall to mid 70s. a very one day in store for them today and hotter tomorrow if you're planning to go tomorrow. a live look at the walnut creek cameras, plenty of sunshine shining down in the inland locations. it warmed up across the inland areas, concord 61 degrees hayward, 59, pleasant and 58 and we have upper 50s across the south bay. at the peninsula a little bit of cloud cover. note to mid 50s across san francisco, oakland 58 degrees north bay, mid to upper 50s to start off the morning. stick around, a few isolated
8:35 am
that will become widespread in the inland locations and temperatures -- temperatures will warm up the sunshine vitamin shower low 80s in stored, light winds, across the bay, low 70s if you are on the coast make 50s in the lunch hour, followed more into the 80s in the inland areas and 90s 30 -- today. for the weekend, and he tomorrow. all the details coming up at 8:45 a.m. major delays on the pleasanton line. if you are a part writer, due to a medical emergency in the west dublin station. it is closed, because of the person was reported underneath the train, the trains will not stop at the west dublin station. 10 or 15 minutes delay on the daly city line heading to millbrae due to problem in one
8:36 am
of the trains. i will give you the latest details on the bart as well as your commute coming up. people living in the mobile home park may be able to stay there after all, the santa clara board of supervisors has approved setting aside $6.5 million to try and to try and save the buena vista mobile home in palo alto. the parks owner sold the property to the corporation which is a nonprofit that is willing to continue operating with of this stuff. mostly low income and latino families are living in the park and many are hopeful that they will call it -- still be able to call it home. there's a lot to do yet. we are in a serious place in terms of the ability to per serve the site. still doable. they will meet again next week to discuss approving additional funds. the san francisco home is
8:37 am
for sale. months after a mummified body was found inside along with piles of garbage. the asking price close to a million dollars. the house located on fourth avenue and lake street and back in april that officials could even get the car door open when first arrive because of the trash inside. this is what the house look like with a house of garbage through the windows, trash had been stacked to the rafters and now this is the same room what it looks like now all clean. the realtors and crime scene cleaners have been through the home and all violation issued had been cleared and the house will need a lot of work, it needs foundation work and all new electrical and plumbing system. the house is in a desirable location and the realtor doesn't think that the buyers will be spooked. relief for people affected by peanut allergy could be on the way. a small bite of us -- pharmaceutical companies working on a product that will
8:38 am
significantly increase the tolerance. the drug will come in the patch form like a nicotine patch the fda recently approved special fast-track testing for the drug in called -- the drug manufacturers hope to begin selling the product in early 2018. coming up on the kron4 morning news, we will tell you what chocolate prices could be going up. a new wi-fi sparkler system that checks the weather forecast before the water your lawn. how we can pay for yourself and what you need to know before you buy.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
new numbers this morning coming out revealing how much money workers in the bay area are earning i did the department of labor says people in san francisco, marin and san mateo county and an average of 30 -- $33.43 an hour last week you, that's 47% above the average, the highest is in the management the earn more than $72 an hour and the largest sector the survey was in office and administrative work and those workers make an average of over $22 an hour. and new -- new -- fly -- by the san francisco we enter council finds that black adult face disparities. like adults are more likely to be arrested and convicted than white adults and data from 2013
8:42 am
shows racial profiling on city streets and in the cold treatment of in the court system and black people are seven times more likely -- likely to be arrested and 11 times were likely to be booked into county jail and 10 times more likely to be convicted than white people in san francisco. major delays on the pleasanton line due to a medical emergency at the west dublin station, the station is closed because -- because of a person reported me underneath the train. the trains were running from castro valley in not stopping at the west dublin station we are sending a live crew there. we'll bring you the latest details when the kron4 returns after the break.
8:43 am
returns after the break.
8:44 am
. they show us a new smart sprinkler that can prevent you from waterways. just about every aspect of the home is getting smart including sprinkler systems. they're getting a connection to the
8:45 am
internet, but optimal watering times and the schedule a's on the weather forecast. you only have to see a sprinkler on once while it's raining to realize the lawn needs a high-tech intervention. bob berkowitz is making the switch. >> this is a no-brainer with something that should have, a long time ago and this year i wanted in my property. well your typical sprinkler system is on a tech timer, a new crop of smart controllers use the internet to look up the weather and adjuster watering schedule accordingly. what really drove me crazy with the difficulty of these old mechanical sprinkler timers that just don't work very well. they installed several of the systems, they are just two of the many available. it's expected to spend about $200 plus installation. before you go by, incorporated -- it sure it can support your entire
8:46 am
yard. called , number of valves use even get the system that supports a number. they add a great deal of simplicity and efficiency. they are accessible worldwide. if you are comfortable with a screwdriver and matching up a few wonders you can do the installation or so, the tricky part might be connecting the system to a network. the so-called smart watering systems are controlled by a smart phone app or website and an important component so do your research before you buy. take a look at the application and the common that people have left after using the application when they installed their system. that makes me feel -- because i will not end up wasting water which the state will approve off and -- of, water bill will go down and significant amount. savings from -- from one of these smart irrigation system can range between 10 to 40% depending on where you live and
8:47 am
there might be a rebate available through the water district to get to these things can pay for themselves within the first year. go to the website, which on tech .tv. that's your tech report. hospitals and southern pakistan or are overwhelmed by patients seeking help for heatstroke. more than 700 people had died because of the sweltering temperatures you frequent power outages are making the situation even worse. the pakistani army are handing out free water and salt tablets for people across karachi, they are doing everything they can to deal with the crisis. it's a very hot there and as hot here, but we're going to see some dangerous heat for parts of the bay area. for concord today, very warm today. across the inland, across the east bay hot tomorrow. in concord, upper 50s,
8:48 am
temperatures will warm up into the mid- 70s by 10:00. lunch hour looks warm. mid- 80s in concord. by the early afternoon when temperatures peak upper 80s to around 90 and they will start to fall when you drive home. if you have outdoor plants, we will continue to stay warm across the area. it gets hotter tomorrow. the clouds start to move up plenty of sunshine in the east bay hills and toll plaza sunshine, temperatures right now, concord -- livermore 61, it will quickly warm up. upper 50s across the south bay upper 50s in the north bay and across the peninsula gray skies and lower to mid 50s -- looking at the high for today, east bay shoreline like yesterday temperatures will warm up into the upper 60s low 70s, oakland 71 by 3:00.
8:49 am
and temperatures will feel warmer the farther south ago across the east bay, mid to upper 70s from union city to fremont . despite that will continue to be like yesterday san francisco warming up to mid 60s and then temperatures will fall into the early evening and mid to upper 70s by three clock across the eastern side of the peninsula and across the bay just low to mid 60s. afternoon. mid to upper 70s by the afternoon, lower 80s possible the farther south, campbell, morgan hill, upper 80s later today. upper 80s across the north bay into the wine country and its upper 80s fairfield,. the rest of the report seven-day forecast, we will continue in to heat up into tomorrow and it will spike to triple digit, the babel be warmer, you can see temperatures are going to
8:50 am
continue to back off to celebrate and the weekend, plenty of sunshine and pitchers will be on the comparable side and warm back up into early next week. here's rebecca. bart is the hotspot this morning due to a major medical emergency, major delay in the pleasanton dublin new line -- line and because of the west dublin station is close because of personal reported underneath underneath the train. make sure you head over to castro valley or bayfair to jump on one of the traits because the west dublin station is shut down. trains are burning from castro about -- valley in not stopping and west dublin. we are sending a crew on the way and he -- we will bring you the latest details. the bay bridge toll plaza, heavy all morning long. about 25 minute drive across into downtown san francisco and the san mateo bridge that's --
8:51 am
as well it in the westbound direction making your way into the peninsula. all the latest details coming up to you. flesh -- -- president obama clearing the way for families to pay their own brands into terrorist groups without fear of being prosecuted. the hostage policy review set to be released today, the policy -- help families communicate by the us government will not be allowed to direct the ransom to terror groups. person obama ordered the review last year after families of americans held captive complained about dealing with administration. the search for convicted murderer murderous, richard matt and david's what are in the third week and officers are headed back into the woods because they found no -- new evidence of the two inmates with dna from the impersonal items found in the cabin not far from the prison. there are new details about new york prison employees taylor joyce mitchell whose charge helping them an escape, taylor
8:52 am
mitchell admitted to putting tac so great -- played in the hamburger meat. they carried the meat into the prison and -- did not randomly through a metal detector which is a violation of the prison policy. palmer said he did not know there was anything in the me and was tricked by mitchell. if you love chocolate you might want to stock up sooner because the price of chocolate could be going up. one of the main ingredients used are down because of harsh dry weather condition in the two countries that produce most of the world's cocoa, ghana and ivory coast. the shortage have already pushed cocoa plant up 12% so far this year and so far no chocolate makers have announced price hikes. americans throw away about $640 worth of food every year. according to a survey from the american chemistry council. americans are more in tune than ever to the environmental impact. the growing concern of the
8:53 am
chemical makeup buying organic and sourcing locally. they're still struggling to avoid throwing out a lot of food away. foodways picks -- food was picks up more than 20% of what is in landfill. it releases methane gas as it rots. methane is considered a greenhouse gas. google is adding a free tier two is streaming service, the service uses a -- an internet radio app that google acquired a year ago. is available to us users for free. they hope the free option will entice you to pay 10 bucks a month with all access plan. google is giving a chance to an send your e-mails. google is now giving you the option to set time delays between five and 30 seconds for when you hit send before the email is sent and during that time there will be an undue send button. you can enable the function in the settings menu
8:54 am
and they started updating can't they could take up to two weeks before everyone sees the changes. the california lottery daily derby ticket bought in erlang game is worth more than $900,000. the ticket for the horseracing themed lottery game was purchased at the the short shell gas station on sunday. the grand prize is the third- largest -- third largest in the history of that game which went to more than three months without a grand prize winner. officials say a winner has come forward and is waiting to be cleared. the odds is 1 million to 320,000. we are following the latest of major bart problems right now trains are not stopping at the west dublin station currently. reports of a person under a bart train. at 7:00 a.m. this morning, i live look at the scene. bart trains are single tracking through stations and not stopping here to cause of a problem. no estimate on when it will be
8:55 am
restored. we'll -- we will give you information on what happened bring you updates on bart service throughout the morning.
8:56 am
time now 8:56 a.m., take a look at this protest spotted something interesting and the surface of paris, the dwarf planet that
8:57 am
lies in the asteroid belt between mars and jupiter. cameras on the tractor-trailer -- captured a baffling structure rising 3 miles above the planet's surface that looks like a pyramid. scientists are calling it intriguing. nasa said the new image released three days ago by nasa was taken on june 14th, distance of 2700-mile. severe summer storm pushing some shimmering -- two places where more people can see them. this is the aurora fox trawlers lighting up the skies in the southern part of australia it's a blast of magnetic plasma that shot out of the sun on sunday and traveled aster than usual hitting the earth with the biggest solar storm since march and made an amazing images. we'll be right back you winners and losers. we will have more on that. changes on the netflix stock.
8:58 am
the breaking -- a breaking news story from overnight, another deadly shooting near highway 4 and 8-point live report on the scene to see if officers are closer to finding out what happened. alive with another breaking news story with the reports of a person under the tracks at the west dublin bart station major -- i will bring you the latest when we return in two minutes.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: we have the video courtesy of the helicopter partnership with abc seven month it to the latest from the situations. rebecca: there remain shut down due to a medical emergency of person was stock of the traffic underneath one of the transformer station remain closed this morning to trained and not stopping of the station and their financing of tracking through instead they are stiff fees to detect the west from session major you head to the castro valley station in the meantime to estimate a time from the fifth one is this will be reopened would definitely bring you the latest. >>anny hong: another shooting near highway 4 in between have not turned into a homicide investigation about two hours ago when the person who was
9:01 am
tied is now back in half from midnight near san marco boulevard. p >>will tran: still no arrests and still no motive behind this case talking to people are driving by walking by yes the shut down parts of her reform as only it for evidence of smidgens the victim and drove himself so to the hospital he died in the overnight our-- hour the spokesman tax back now it is a homicide case this a the
9:02 am
second murder we've talked about what and five days in the same area of bay. pittsburgh area no or rest of the contra costa sure the department are very busy yes this area is known to have violence mechanics and explain what a second bar and in this particular area. backed >>mark: he was shot and killed by another driver here on highway 4 if it's bergamot of the day on saturday after near billy wrote the victims' vehicle slammed the to the median and said the shooter may have been driving a white honda sedan but they have not identified any suspects or belief in the mode of fetching can pin. >>anny hong: this video of a
9:03 am
massive fire and you can see we have fire during renounce copy for the tall cool weather is helping cruised the progress with the fire holding steady at 27 square-mile to contains only 33 percent and on the bottom right were 1,800 a. have been destroyed and about fire for park to area of san the was the purpose of accounting they have this fire about 90 percent contained. >>michelle apon: plan on a hot day into tomorrow and will continue very warm for areas across an indication will
9:04 am
continue to move all will see some sun across the peninsula but in the crowd to move back in lead on this evening to low 50s as you step out the door and areas across illinois location will quickly, and to low to mid '80s by the lunch hour quickly hitting a 10 more degrees into the upper 80s of around 90 pillowcases plan on seven hits and it will equal or to close with mid-60's once again if temperatures are into the 50s and 60s if we have six degrees and vallejo right now, as quickly warmed up to 65 livermore 66 degrees across the south bay low to mid '60s rock
9:05 am
want to continue on with a triple digit heat into tomorrow. >>mark: the victim is now on life-support police listen the surveillance will he listed a quarter of military industry in the initial early sunday morning as he was walking home from his job at a local bar the vehicle that had an isn't great silver old honda or nissan it is missing is left rear hubcap his entry for multiple interests including head trauma. >>anny hong: rekindled out of alabama as one of the governor robert bentley has ordered confederate flags be taken down from the state capitol this comes as of u.n. and is being held today for the path of emanuel a of the church who was killed in the trough to shooting massacre the state senator and
9:06 am
the rev. clementi up was one of nine people shot dead inside the church last week during bible study on friday president obama will deliver the eulogy today view is happening inside of the south carolina statehouse to the outside of the building the confederate flag flying above of memorial and many people say that's like to come down. >>mark: he's been formally sentenced to death and you begin in opportunity to address the court but it is unclear if he's going to do so about two dozen victims are expected to make statements at the sentencing his older brother set off two bombs of the finish line of the boston marathon in 2013 killing three ending 1260 others the decision to give him the death penalty is legally binding. >>anny hong: 01 for anyone who wears stagings while one have to
9:07 am
be rushed to hospital and be cut out of her pants up next on the finding on the death of freddie gray the baltimore man who died in police custody earlier this year.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
rebecca: major problems on bart and the dublin pleasanton line this morning the west dublin station remain shut down this is a cute for major medical emergency a person was found under track and if one of the trains and planes are not tracked stopping at this stage in the single tracking through the station if you normally catch a train at the west dublin but she had over to the castro valley station and that they're not sure when the station will be reopened this morning because of an early equipment problem when i come back out or bring you the latest on the situation as well as other computer drop the bay area this morning. >>anny hong: there provide new data about the death of freddie gray and give the man who died in police custody in baltimore earlier this year for the cell
9:11 am
phone bill appear restless according to a baltimore they describe a high entry in during the time someone might suffer when diving into shallow water and the autopsy has not officially been released is considered evidence to a criminal case those offers of all pleaded not guilty on monday the newspaper says the state medical examiner will pass that, through acts of omission because the options fail to follow safety guidelines. >>michelle apon: all the details coming up after the break. >>anny hong: a look at the viewing of the past of the menu a of the church who was killed in the charleston shooting massacre he is a state senator
9:12 am
and the rev. clement the one of my people shot dead inside of the church but last week during bible study again this is, it out of the south carolina area live look at the viewing what is just getting underway will have more on this story in of this coming up will continue after the breakup.
9:13 am
9:14 am
rebecca: we're following this major medical emergency on part this is affecting the dublin and
9:15 am
pleasanton lined the west station remain shut down this one person was found on the track on beneath the train at around 730 this morning the station has been shut down the trains are not stopping and west dublin bay are tracking through the air assault with you to take the west dublin station mixture had over to castro valley instead of talk on the train and educate and to work this morning the problems also want to continue the daily city learned about attend a 50 minute delay systemwide this is earlier loss of before heading into san francisco backed up into the macarthur maze is looking at a 20 to 25 minute drive times getting into downtown san francisco the san mateo bridge is still packed as well westbound objections, i reckon the way to foster city that a 22 minute drive time for you fans across the span when i
9:16 am
come back i will have some more east the drive times and also give you the latest on the board situation. >>anny hong >>michelle apon: if you're on the more for today is one to be a hard one to the edge of will warm up into the mid '70s that is in the next hour or by the lunch hour mid '80s and then will quickly give up ride around 90 degrees lead on today dislikes to feel more comfortable than what we are expecting for tomorrow plan also triple digit heat or maybe even some upper 90s mid '80s to the to slow the fall to the upper seven is around dinnertime here is what looks like outside of a fun time out their winds are light and comparable.
9:17 am
>>michelle apon: looking at the peninsula some mid-50s to stop the morning and temples of or to continue to heat up from their look of and not favor an expected around 3:00 this afternoon 83 san rafael quickly getting up to 87 for the stop and go to small about 11: 77 this afternoon across sonoma and napa we have low to mid '80s if you're on the whole this afternoon perception abroad not a decrease looking into pretty forecast is wanting to hit up into tomorrow triple digit keep in line with the upper 90s for most of the area and looking effort at temperatures back off of a bit more often more grief to the lower 90 will pick tomorrow as well with some mid '80s in store if it wanted to the beach to the predicted do that.
9:18 am
>>mark: watching today's winners and losers were talking bay area stocks of talking net flexed and a seven to one spot does want to take a $684 stock on the hon dollars a share. >>rob black: you're buying a high if you buy a little bit now and a little bit next year you average and in case there was a correction in it in the shares for economic the stock up p.o. and look better for employees or by the stock from the paycheck the riches man in new york he bought the stock and $60 so it hear all about isn't% return he made $993 million.
9:19 am
>>rob black: on his way out. eroded as it always is or as a brush as he always is cases apple the new necklet five rather more people by apple beckon do exactly what that flex buss----netflix does. >>rob black: the already have people edgy mail 900 million people the biggest jail site in the world it is a take back with great if you ever sent a nasty gram to your boss or a have written resonate or something along those lines is a take back in that is great it will be a popular feature of its 30 seconds only available on the
9:20 am
web so not on mobile devices at this point in time it is a press release it is nice to see nothing get really super excited about we're having problems right now with stay relevant in the world applications have been proper problem the starting to amount, their executives the of the second executive from the tragic accident in a couple of six months. >>rob black: they need to keep employees anytime you lose an employee you have to search for
9:21 am
one which is a job the have to hire one which is a process in the have the training which cost morning for this all about keeping employees 10,000-u.s. workers will see a jump to 1525 which ikea pay raise comes wages falling to 50 it's for people $15 and always will cost $20 and a few years based on inflation and rent and a lifting better hitting resellers and employees. >>mark: howe is for doing?ford >>rob black: 5 like the stock at these price levels they're held back you can spend six months studying consumers they want an actress: of their truck to give to the destination because called away the, with a new plan
9:22 am
that you can buy a ford and run it to me on the week end figure the more expensive car that he typically wants to gipper there and the figure would mimeos one they do not mind sharing things in which it or form. >>mark: 50 of a question posted on the facebook will answer with here we will let back--we will be back.
9:23 am
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your by's ubbylile hdlahes to yr ngero ha it's like e'ssang iove u. th's w eeno oaforma is designefor ur baby sentivekin. avno® natully autil baes. >>anny hong: happen and now live look at the viewing ceremony is underway right now for the past of the manual for a new church with killed in the trough and shooting massacre the senator was carried by telecom ministry to the sec house ground and is now at the state house he will be the first african-american
9:26 am
given the honor in basins reconstruction to lie on the double. >>mark: the correa web site, his possible interest in the race last line if he does run he joining a crowd of six republican dominance of the 2016 so far 12 of canada's already announced their running for 01 and going up this one for people who wear jeans economy weakened and these literally this comes after a woman australia for four days in hospital after her tight jeans cost to lose filmic of the lakes the 35 board woman who was helping her relative move so that meant she was walking for hours proper bank later on that night her feet were numb she tripped and fell doctors were
9:27 am
forced to cut her jeans or calves the there were so swollen and the study shows that she lost circulation and her legs and cannot move our ankles or tells the researchers say event it was because surging to tight and that could cause major nerve damage the good news is she is not out of the hospital but now even more of watch out how for those skinny jenans.
9:28 am
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we spend a lot of time online around here. but with all this speed from xfinity, it's all good. hey, why don't we do some homework for a change? gary, you too. stuff. yes! [laughs] lovin' the new design! konichiwa hirosan. five minutes... all this speed is very empowering. check out the new hardware. with the fastest internet available xfinity is perfect for people who need to get a lot done at home. and now you can go even faster. we've just increased the speeds on two of our most popular plans. rebecca: pick the dublin
9:30 am
presence in line still on the edge of the blaze because of an early medical emergency at the west dublin station which remain shut down this morning a person was found on the track on the big one of the trained-- underneath one of the trains. rebecca: that want to be single tracking through there and for the time being the last minute time as to when this will be reopened and you're taking in a trench from the dublin city line because of an early recovery equipment problem. >>mark: will fall on the ledge with alameda county fair throughout the morning show you what a great food and then of course the alaskan briefing pays will have the results come in one of the great events we
9:31 am
have of the alameda county fair. >>anny hong: it is underway implants and it will be going on a to july 5th. >>james: they're making me go on arise it and we picked the whitewater and on because the fact it will be hot this week it would show people you can quaff beer i'm born to make our concept. >>james: when you did hear of
9:32 am
this is what you can expect the big attractions in for good reason temperatures will be all morning long tomorrow as of friday here we go is about a man in 30 seconds to go through the ride altogether and i did not realize is actually to drops and they say you will get what on both will see how we fare weapons. >>james: again this is going to be something you want to be in line for deadlines up by the hundred people will try to cool off and then the next hill a little bigger and canal little tolerance especially out
9:33 am
here unpleasant work is nice and hot the last one321 whooo wow >>mark: we appreciate him shamas all the great things happen in time to go out and get what what hot weather shawmut all of the grateful this morning and the 6:00 hour we had them covered in the tailings. >>michelle apon: did is going to
9:34 am
be warm today like a said it will be even harder to market a few are planning to go over the next few days than planned on for 90 degree weather of triple digit heat small 11 mid-70s of today and then by the 2:00 hour attempt to quickly warmed up to mid '80s by endicott when the concert starts low were seven days you may need to grab a light jacket 70 degree weather is " we're looking outside to the east bay of walnut creek will sunshine and temperatures have warmed up looking at the golden gate backing off to the north to concede just a little bit of cloud cover the fed is also moving out starting to see the temperature is warm up as well. >>michelle apon: lower 60s across the north ave 57 but a handful of mid 60s across the valley looking at lower 60s across parts of the south bank
9:35 am
of get the peninsula where in the '50s retinol but the sun is moving in spots warmup, 45 look at the triple digit heat across the east ave. >>anny hong: this is just in we have just learned and and and has been bitten by a dog that happened in the city's north of panhandle neighborhood on the summit avenue not far from no " it was bidden either on the head or the face and the dock is the mastiff makes into the corner team for 10 days--quarantine. >>mark: inspectors looking at a deadly about collapsing they found dry rot and the dry what was in the structure supporting the box with a collapsed as well as the balcony below the city
9:36 am
staff miller and not recommending. >>: web want to make a set of recommendations and hope to deal with any form of question infiltration. >>mark: that include requiring vandalism for similar types of structures and the type of material used to build them and require regular inspection of exterior about and other structures after this back and a collapse that killed six and injured seven. >>anny hong: 20 and under arrest for likely trying to plan to kill a thousand people more details on this story.
9:37 am
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9:40 am
rebecca: if you will be taking part this morning of boy of the west dublin pleasanton station is closed it was found on the tracks on the need for the trend and it has been shut down since the trains are not stopping at the station single tracking and if it normal catch the trend as southbound castro valley happen mirror to get to work on time. >>mark: we've learned a woman's body was found at the ocean beach in san francisco this morning they found the body what they believe to be a 50 year-old woman by a stairwell at ocean beach the medical examiner's office and as fdr, the scene investigating. now time for the tech report with gabe slate:
9:41 am
>>gabe slate: yesterday i witnessed something really cool and movie theater full of children on their laptops and a dark movie theater in the airplane the game mind craft and the game is being projected up on the big movie screen the kids are part of the super league pick of it as a little league for gamers but on a team competing for the big screen not every kid is good at sports to give them the chance to be in the same room during the same thing about that started this. >>: and michael their use the home by themselves watching videos by themselves their enabling them to come into a theater and actually sit among like-minded gamers and communicate and socialize and
9:42 am
cannot do at home. >>gabe slate: if you're interested in giving your kids involved check out my page for more information. >>anny hong: we are taking a look at your weather here is a live look at the bay bridge and it is getting hot outside more details coming up after the brick--break
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>michelle apon: that is on the heat will pick it will be the spike in temperatures into tomorrow we're talking about
9:46 am
temperatures in the triple digit range keep that in mind when you make your plan if you are in line for tomorrow covering the activities in door it will be very hard today will be pretty warm on your morning drive plant on fifties but inland plan on '60s as of right now into the lunch hour temperatures of one to vary from the 60s across the coals bay location to to low '70's and lower '80s by the lunch hour it will quickly give up into the upper 80s art around 90 and and temperatures will fall into the upper 80s when you drive home across the coals mid-60s to continue on with plenty of sunshine but it could be breezy at times of off the coast looking outside faneuil sale canea sunshine very bright skies and temperatures were flat that we have sunshine heating up to the area of mid 60s across, to pleasanton 64 crossed the south bay to lower to mid sixties looking at the peninsula mid-50s across the north the mid-60s to start off your wednesday morning.
9:47 am
>>michelle apon: we're talking about mid to upper 80s across all modern valley morgan hill will warm up to 89 degrees we're talking about mid to upper 70's the closer you get to the water we're talking about some more warmer temperatures for of areas across the north bank and its upper 80s by 3:00 p.m. and across the peninsula just a guest to the mid-60s and oakland one of 71 will continue on was similar '70s the to the afternoon across the east bay shoreline will continue to hit a triple digit heat for tomorrow a hundred and three possible and most of the area will see the upper 90s across the bay mid 80s across the coast we have met seven days with upper 80s across in one location was sunshine human as well the concern early next with temperatures will be a little bit warmer keep that mine it will be hot tomorrow of course
9:48 am
she could always check the forecast. rebecca: it is been barred all morning long given following this issue for the dublin pleasanton line major delays if you're taking apart train this morning of boy the west dublin station is currently close as a close now for a couple of hours and this is due to a person was found on the tracks under the the trend at that station that remains close if you normally use this asymmetry head over to castro valley instead the trains and not even stopping a west palm they're tracking right through the station will head over to the bay bridge toll plaza is heavy and it's been dealt with all morning long it looks like a 35 minute even to 40 minute commute time from the macarthur maze getting to the tall and across the span it will be sluggish all the way into downtown san francisco this morning.
9:49 am
rebecca: that is cocking in a 25 minute drive times so far the golden gate bridge definitely a good story the richmond san rafael bridge with about 580 with taking about 10 to 12 minutes to get across the span by getting 2101 and san rafael. >>anny hong: n.c. teenager arrested for allegedly planning to kill up to a thousand americans authority said he was recruited by isis a criminal complaint the 19 year-old told an undercover agent that he was plotting to get a semiautomatic rifle to kill as many as a thousand people he also threatened to use biological weapons by coating bullets and cyanide and setting off a gas bomb his father alerted authorities in april telling them a 911 dispatcher that his
9:50 am
son was dawson the house and gasoline. >>mark: it was on the brink of closure may not be rubble to stay the santa clara county board of supervisors has set aside funds to track and one of with the mobile home park from closing. >>reporter: there's been a lot of stress and the motion she group at the board of this the mobile home park just off of communal and she lives in now with her husband and son the owner of the four and a half acre park wants to sell the land which could be evicted the families of arab lives here the
9:51 am
closure in redevelopment will displace 125 children. >>: and don't want to leave my friends to my school and my teacher in the community is in a very hard on them the san clara county board of supplies to approve setting aside $6.5 million to save to one of the system to add that to 8 million the county already allocated early this year and $8 million from the city of paul also with the goal of another 6.5 million come from the sitting press a $10 million bond with all the cash supervisors will part to be sold to a nonprofit the people who live promotional incumbent in a family they're having difficulty finding a comfortable place live nearby money are
9:52 am
trying to remain hopeful but they will still be able to call this place home. >>anny hong: a police officer shows off his dance moves including one called the wobbled the viral video you want to check out here is a live look outside of wall muckrake sunny skies and heating up today.
9:53 am
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>>mark: the contra costa shares office investigating an overnight shooting at a point now a homicide investigation a shooting near san marco boulevard at high with four on midnight it is just four days after the shooting on highway 4420 your cook and father of twin brother was shot and killed by another driver in pittsburgh have not identified any suspects did not know of the two
9:56 am
shootings were related. >>anny hong: they're burning out of control and south of lake tahoe area the fire has grown to 26 or miles no buildings have been damaged the people in the small town of marked rebels are on standby this morning for a possible evacuation the fire was sparked by lightning on friday and only 5% contains a bank the government is not order confederate flags to be removed from the grounds of the state capital it will be this morning when we get the nine black church members up chow's of war killed after a. risky motivated >>mark: the of call for confederate flags to be removed so as the capitals. >>anny hong: pay with dancing and a block party in n.c. to collect--take a look he is in full uniform and community cook
9:57 am
opposite and hickory n.c. it was hosted by the hickory police officer said it has been awhile since he's done that we concede key is good added i saw this festive day and all of the common people are saying is a great to see a positive image. >>mark: they make 60 billion plastic pieces a year in they're not touching for the up from the material over a billion dollar investment the company says it will make packaging more sustainable since of the first move to reduce the carbon for current backup the packet sizes
9:58 am
stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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