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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> pam: the aldon smith era in san francisco. comes to an abrupt end, after he was arrested on hit and run, driving under the influence and vandalism charges. today. the team cut ties with the often troubled linebacker. this is smith's fifth arrest in three years. the latest incident happened at an apartment complex where he lives. and left. scene. when police officers suspected he was under the influence. they gave him a sobriety test, before arresting him on suspicion of d-u-i. police are not releasing specifics on smith's blood alcohol level. today, 49-ers coach jim tomsula delivered an emotional response to the news.
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>>: it was sadness. sadness for a gag the person. we care by a gunman-that guy. >>: by a bolger's for horry played out. >> pam: 2011. smith has been arrested five- times. his first run-in with the law. a d-u-i stop in miami. the charge was later changed to reckless driving. the next year, reports of gunshots at his san jose home. resulted in the seizure of illegal automatic weapons. he also pleaded 'no contest' to a second d-u-i in san jose the same year.
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arrest number- four was at los angeles international airport. security officials accused him of making a bomb threat, but no charges were ever filed. last night's d-u-i was his fifth. >> pam: tonight, kron four's philippe djegal was at the 49ers practice facility in santa clara. and, spoke with aldon's former teammates about his sudden >> reporter: as they walked off the field after practice. it was clear that the 49ers had had a rough day. they players say their bond with aldon smith was like a brotherhood. and that it pains them to see him go. >>: there is alot of support. we are going to make sure he is ok. >>: we are going to miss him. he needs to make som shchanges.
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>>:>> reporter: smith's teammats say the toughest part to come to gripes with is that he was having such a great summer. they say they noticed he was in great shape, had matured a little bit and was really looking forward to starting the upcoming season on the field. though, like last season, this time its permanent, the 49ers will be without their now former in santa clara, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> pam: a federal judge denied a request to seal court documents from the major corruption case involving former chinatown gang leader - raymond "shrimp boy" chow. chow's attorney's. publicly filed excerpts from f-b-i wiretaps. the documents revealed. make claims alleging san francisco mayor ed lee, and other local politicians, accepted bribes
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lee, and the other politicians, deny engaging in any illegal actions. chow's attorney's filed the documents. in an effort to have racketeering charges dropped. on the basis chow was unfairly targeted. today, the judge said, the f-b-i wiretaps already available to the public, will not be sealed. however. moving forward. any information containing wiretaps will only be disclosed by court ruling. >> pam: a vehicle crashed into a liquor store on mac-arthur boulevard in oakland tonight. officials say, this may have been the result of a sideshow. officers responded to the report of the crash about 6-30 this evening a lot of people were at the scene. but it is not clear if anyone was injured. no one was transported to the hospital. >> pam: this just in to our newsroom. highway -one near the tom lantos tunnel. is closed in both directions, due to a traffic accident. officials are expecting it will
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be closed for about two -hours. and drivers should expect delays in the area. additional information has not been released. >> pam: lightning struck nearly one- thousand times in the bay area last night, and sparked five small fires overnight in the monterey area. despite the blazes, officials said, the fire dangers have been reduced. and areas more likely to catch fire are re- opening. the red flag warning that was issued on thursday. was lifted around five - this morning. firefighters are still on high alert because they say, it could take hours or even days. before the sparks from lightning. >> pam: more than ten- thousand firefighters continue to make good progress. on the seventeen active wildfires still blazing throughout california. the rocky fire which is largest wildfire burning in california. is now 50- percent contained and has torched over 69 thousand acres. over 800 people were forced to flee their homes from the fire today and 43 residencies have been destroyed. there are still red flag warnings in modoc and siskiyou
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from the dry thunderstorms. >> pam: san francisco police are cracking down on drunk driving this weekend. kron four's jeff bush is live tonight and expains what the department will be doingjeff. >>: >> reporter: dui is top priority. police are looking for people under the influence. >>: we have blessed is the public transportation in there is true you know excuse.
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>> reporter: the patrol is through out the city. drugs are a big factor. >>: we will have on our blues- police throught he city. >> reporter:
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>> pam: verizon. the nation's largest wireless provider. will stop offering discounted phone prices. when customers sign a two- year contract. and this could result in some customers paying more. instead of signing a two- year contract. and getting over 400 dollars off the phone. the customer will pay a lower monthly fee. the new plan begins august 16th. but existing customers will be able to keep their current plans with some restricions.
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>> pam: still ahead 80% 8%, on- camera the legendary big foot. >> reporter: coming up on that broadcast smith. giants and the highlights coming up next.
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>> pam: dead whales washing ashore along the beach. it has happened more than a dozen times in northern california this year. tonight we are taking a closer look. at how california's water woes, are affecting even the animals who live in plenty of it. kron 4's emily turner offers insight. into why more whales are washing ashore >> reporter: 4 turret's it's a boom. >>: i've seen a lot welles but nothing like this.
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>> reporter: this video was taken in a boat. >>: the current has changed the water is warmer. >> reporter: while this is beautiful and see naked can also be terrible. it's bring in the wells closer to the shore. >>: a cargo ship hit a well. >> reporter: so far 17 the day marina mammals. looks at the
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injuries look like a bullet hit. >> reporter: we have some patchy fog and clouds increasing. it's too dark now to see it. it's gonna be in the low sixties in the valley location as where in the eastbourne bay shore areas. the rest of the weekend will dry and warm up even more. fog tracker we have the heavy fog in
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place and the peninsula. most of the fog will burn off between 11 and 12 . san francisco is going to be mostly cloudy. skiddy a few degrees warmer compared to the past few days. here's your seventh day forecast for you.
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>> reporter: the saw has gone so bad that the practice- of the game has been moved to the practice field. >> reporter: here at the del tough pines apartment complex. hollander's return to their apartment. >>: this is that we might be able to get a few things out but
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they're condemning the entire building. this air saw his been destroyed by asbestos and the mold. >> pam: isis militants have kidnapped muslims in syria. this, after the islamic extremists took over a strategically important town of western syria yesterday. taking over strategic locations. is key to isis, because, among other things, the group uses them to ferry supplies and fighters. >> pam: a man says. his little yorkie dog. saved him from an encounter with the legendary 'bigfoot'. in the north carolina mountains. the encounter happened thursday morning. while the man was hiking on a trail near asheville. his tiny dog named zippy. barked at the alleged sasquatch. and braveley ran at it. scaring it off.
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the man says, he knows people are skeptical. but he claims, the creature he caught on video was not a bear. but bigfoot in the flesh. the man went on to praise his dog. saying. "yorkies are small in size. but bigger than even a sasquatch- in heart" >> pam: the giants are having a rough road trip.can they turn it around against the cubs. and the a's try to hold on for a win against the astros. gary has that and all the sports.coming up happy anniversary to me
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>> gary: the san fracisco 49ers have released aldon smith following his arrest last night for d-u-ihit-and-run.and vandalism the 25-year-old line-backer has been arrested three times on drunken driving since entering the n-f-l in 2011 smith was a pro bowler in 2012 and has an nfl record for most sacks in first two seasons 49ers now left with just two defensive starters from super bowl team two years agonavorro bowman and ahmad brooks jim tomsula was emotional in addressing the release of aldon smith >>: we will be supporting him he will not be alone. he has been
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working really hard to do the right thing. >> gary: it was italain heritage night at o-dot-co getting some soccer-like scarves pitcher's duel tongiht with dallas keuchel for the astros and sonny gray for the a's - possible american league cy young candidates bot 3rd 1-0 a's danny valencia crushes this home run to center 2-0 a's top 7th 3-1 a's sonny gray had some help on defense check out valencia from 3rd
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hustling to make the catch in foul territoryto end the inning top 9th 3-1 a's gray showing all 50 shades.gets jed lowrie to gorund out gray gets the complete game .3rd complete game of the year final 3-1 a' 3 of 4 is tomorrow giants taking on the cubs without mike leake.he is placed on the disabled list and replaced with josh osich. on to wrigley field. blue skiesin the heart of downtown chicago top 2nd 1-0 cubs brandon crawford answers with this rip to right. buster posey slides home to scoreties it 1-1 bot 5th 5-1 cubs. make it 6-1 cubs david ross hits one to centerangel pagan can't get there. giants give up 5 runs in the 5th bot 8th 6-3 cubs dexter fowler nails this homer to put icing on the cake for the cubs giants bullpen gives up a total
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of 4 runs & a homer final 7-3 cubs drop to one-and-a-half game back in n-l wild card arguably the best player in baseball celebrated his 24th birthday today with fellow angels teammates >>: singing. >> gary: albert pujols giving mike trout a proper dominican style birthday celebration. bathing trout with baby powder then smashing an egg on top of his head trout homered in a win against the orioles tonight he's also homered on his 21st and 22nd birthday trouts' the first player in mlb history to hit 3 birthday home- runs at 24 or younger the second round of the bridge- stone invitational was underway today. nice aerial shot of the
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firestone country club jordan speith looking to climb back into contention in round 2 3rd hole
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trump versus megyn kelly. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs. >> only rosie o'donnell. >> what rosie is saying today. and what you didn't see on tv. >> did donald trump pay hillary clinton to attend his wedding? >> i said, be at my wedding, and she came to my wedding. you know why? she had no choice, because i gave. then, newlywed jennifer aniston's honeymoon in paradise. >> wait until you see who she took with her on her honeymoon. and "jon voyage." >> what a night what a big, big night! >> inside jon stewart's big farewell show. >> and


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