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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 13, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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ben affleck's alleged mistress out after racking up thousands in charges at a five-star resort. >> as tom brady makes his first appearance since he was sucked into nanny gate. >> he's in new york. she's lunching in beverly hills. the exclusive shots with her new convertible lexus. >> the nanny's been living the high life here at the hotel bellaire. is it all on ben's dime? plus, response to rumors about chris pratt cheating. >> see where taylor just had date night. >> and only we have the new
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photos of kylie jenner's romantic beaches cape. and heidi klum's ex moves on. >> he found someone he said he's in love with. >> plus, a surprising new look. what's up with the denim zip dress. >> she went from size a to a c, d, e overnight. >> i'm on the ride along 2 set doing some big things. >> you just saw me on the roof. >> you were just walking on the roof. >> now, "e.t." with the latest on today's top sties. >> tom brady was in new york facing a judge today dealing with his suspension. but that wasn't his only issue. >> ben affleck's nanny has been living it up at the hotel bellaire. the scandal seems to be paying off for her. >> oh, is it ever. we have the new photos to prove it. we are at the hotel with tonight's top story. alleged naughty nanny's new high life.
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>> tom brady ignored the massive media crowd one day after he was drawn into another scandal. it involves ben and jen's former nanny. yesterday, this image appeared of christine wearing his four super bowl rings. today, the denial. ben's camp playing quote, there was no mile high monkey business. and the vegas trip was all for charity. and today, these exclusive images. at lunch with friends at a beverly hills restaurant. sipping wine, laughing, and checking her phone. we're told she requested an outdoor table out front. >> and this was christine today outside a shopping center. >> did ben buy you a new house? >> and it's not just lunch in beverly hills. "e.t." can also confirm the nanny has been staying here where rooms run about $1,000 or more a night.
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she entertained close friends, dined inside and also treated herself to expensive spa treatments on the property. all of this at a price tag estimated in the tens of thousands of dollars. >> we hear christine has checked out of the hotel. we spotted her today outside a family home. >> last week, in touch magazine published photos of her soaking up rays at the upscale hotel. the nanny texted in a bikini and enjoyed the pool. >> she was acting like she didn't have a care in the world. it was almost like she was on vacation. >> yesterday, we were the first to show you a photo of the former nanny's new ride. the car starts at around $43,000. so it raises the question, who's paying for all of this? >> well, there's online speculation that ben is footing the bill for christine's expenses. his rep has denied the affairs story calling the claims garbage. >> meanwhile, there's another
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interesting angle here. >> are you filing a lawsuit for being fired? >> there's a report that christine may claim she was wrongfully fired from her nanny gig. >> ben's talking about his upcoming role as batman. he said he thought he was too old to play the coped crusader. and at that point, ben was sold. i guess that guy he can play. >> people have been giving him a hard time about being batman. i've always thought he would be a great one. we'll see. we were talking about the nanny's new high life. somebody else living large. >> let me just say, it is good to be kylie jenner. her boyfriend just gave her a $320,000 ferrari for her 18th birthday and now we have the details on their tropical getaway. >> kylie and her boyfriend tyga
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are finally out in the open. on monday, they took a private jet down to mexico with a whole crew of friends. they're staying with a family friend joe francis' mansion. this house comes with everything. butlers, a private chef. and they're near the four seasons resort which boast world class spas. >> you can see kylie is sporting a very different do and clearly having a plast being in the pacific with tyga. the couple still careful to not display too much pda. >> "e.t." has known about this trip for a while. kylie told us about her birthday plan back in june. >> i think i'm going to go on a trip with my friends. >> the group will be staying there at least another two days. >> now onto taylor and calvin. last night, the two were seen leaving an italian restaurant in santa monica. taylor looking awfully swifty wearing her signature outfit
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of a whoit crop top and short swing skirt while calvin was looking casual in gray and black. >> we've learned sexy couple showed lots of pda during the course of the romantic three-hour dinner. they left around 11:00 p.m. they did take selfies with fans. we've also learned they have apparently hired some off duty police officers to maintain their security when they're on these outings. >> moving onto anna ferris speaking out on rumors that claim she thinks chris pratt would cheat on her with his co-star jennifer lawrence. >> we are so not okay with star magazine reporting on everyone's favorite couple in hollywood. anna ferris said that these rumors have been weirdly stinging. she called the story devastating and blind siding. everybody knows these two have an incredible relationship. "e.t." has even witnessed it firsthand. >> we take at least one moment every day to be present with one another. whether or not we're in the same room, state, or country, we
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check in. >> i just saw anna at the cbs party. they really are great parents. their son jack will turn 3 later this month. anna has said that they would love to have more kids. in other news, howard stern's run on "america's got talent" is almost over. the live shows continue tonight on nbc. howard has said he's sticking to his word about quitting at the end of the season. you know howard always says what is on his mind. that made it tough when he got invited to aniston's super secret wedding. >> i was so afraid to tell anyone i was going to the wedding. even to my wife, i said we're going to justin's birthday party. i mean, like i was afraid. >> hello, judge, heidi klum was not at the wedding. she wasn't afraid to post this pic from the honeymoon spot. >> i'm sure it's very romantic for the two of them. >> not so romantic with heidi's
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recent family date night with ex-hubby seal and new girlfriend. >> he's a great man. she seems lovely. and i wish them all the best. >> her ex-husband is billionaire james packer now dating mariah carey. >> and howie mandell live on twitter last night at "america's got talent" live show from radio city music hall. howard stern also dress addressed the donald's gop popularity. >> people are responding to the idea of someone who doesn't have a set agenda, is able to speak like a regular guy and carry on and not be so politically correct. >> sounds vaguely familiar. like, you know, somebody else we know. howard. >> hello. >> by the way, trump turned the first republican debate into a huge tv event. that's what donald does, right? here's something else that should score big ratings, the premier of the walking dead prequel. we have your cheat sheet for "fear the walking dead".
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>> fear the walking dead, take one. >> what the hell is happening. >> the first thing you should watch for is kim dickens. you know her as the detective who bust ben affleck in "gone girl". >> you've got five minutes. >> this very normal family faced with this out of control fall of civilization it feels like. >> thought you were another victim. >> no, i got my flu shot. >> here, she's a single mom and this is number two. kim's trying to keep her family together as los angeles deteriorates into chaos. her kids are played by frank and alicia. >> this explores the crumbling of society and how people discover this. and then what brings them together. >> stay down! >> things are getting worse. >> third, it's about origin. giving fans clues as to how and why the zombie epidemic spread. >> they should not worry it's a dilution of the walking dead.
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it's just an enhanced picture of what's happening somewhere else. >> when everyone's sort of deepest fear came to light. >> save her from what? all right. you don't have to fear this tv news, but you might shed a tear. the notebook could be coming to tv. >> you are so fired up. >> i got this one. the c.w. says they are working on a series based on the nicholas sparks series. i wonder who is going to be playing the ryan gosling role. coming up, katy perry as elizabeth taylor. behind the scenes of her transformation. plus, house concern for this star. we will tell you who this covered up former heart throb is. it is all ahe. closed captioning provided by -- ere a pce wre t skyis aays ue.
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buttfly scar om lreal i would say it's a compliment to be compared to elizabeth taylor. she was so fabulous and decad t decadent. >> i think elizabeth would be flattered. what did it take to turn katy perry into the hollywood legend? how about an old-fashioned do. some wild eye makeup. they gave us this behind the scenes look at their icons issue which is out tuesday. katy says she has some other similarities. >> i'm sure i'll be married just as many times. >> for the record, that would be eight times. i'm not sure you would have ever caught the glamorous elizabeth taylor wearing denim. brook anderson found out it is the look to have this fall. >> let's face it ladies, we love our jeans. i'm a tad obsessed. they're probably the most versatile thing in our closet.
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denim on denim just makes it twice as chic. kate hudson really nails double d with this look. if you want to play it safe, you can go for the contrast with a wider and darker wash. this top, only $18. these rocking republic jeans are just $60. add heels and a handbag. you've got a styled but very easy look. distressed denim is on trend again this fall. this is a lot like chrissy teigen's street chic look. the skinnies are just 60 bucks. we've got this blazer layered over a simple white tank. we are using the same shoes from the past look. it's one of j.lo's cross body bags. head over to "e.t." online and click get the looks to shop these outfits. and we'll tell you why katy holmes was out in a denim zip dress. that didn't quite go low enough. also arrest yell winter is now tell testimonying the world she
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had breast reduction surgery. >> she would then go online. check out ariel winter's huge cleavage. then we're on the set of ride along 2. why is kevin hart hassling his co-star? >> plus which movie star is now covering up his face in public. that is on the way.
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okay. so that is definitely not the
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best way to wear denim. katy holmes, we've definitely seen you looking better better. has she totally lost her fashion sense? sometimes bad fashion does happen to good people. here is what actually happened to katy. there's the usually glamorous star trying to pull down her itty bitty denim dress. and later, oops costume revealing a little too much. but katy's make under is all for a movie. her new mother/daughter drama "all we had." about is single mom living on the edge of poverty. it's also the directorial debut for the mother. katy optioned the project last july. the actor/director ran into some trouble in queens yesterday when paparazzi kept them from filming. >> katy holmes can't make a movie because you're standing right in front of her shot. >> the security guard to the rescue. he was able to keep the man at bay, but not without incident. the guard physically had to
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block the kwie from intruding on katy's set. >> we may be seeing more of katy on tv. she guest starred on ray donovan. show time just announced the series will return next year. no confirmation yet. meanwhile, over on "modern family" sofia vergara has always gotten all the attention. but now her teenage co-star is opening up about having surgery to deal with her own body issue. >> imagine growing up on one of the most popular sitcoms of all time and being a size 32 f chest. she would go online and see some of the headlines. check out the huge cleavage. the media wasn't so kind to her about it. she was 11 years old and started to develop. she says she went from a size a, skipped an entire b cup, went to a c, d, e overnight.
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that became so hard for her. she had the body of a woman well into her 20s and 30s. >> at 15 years old, ariel was the same size as sofia vergara. she says the producers tried to hide the young star's developing body. the now 17-year-old had a secret surgery to reduce her size. >> i'm extremely fond of having all of my body parts on me. >> she mentioned so much the physical pain. she was hunching over all the time. she couldn't stand for too long. because of the size of her breasts, she only could wear very form-fitting gowns. if she went for something loose fitting, it would make her look a lot bigger than she was. she's only 5'1". and she's really petite. >> with great hotness comes great responsibility. >> ariel's after photos are on she now has the body confidence outside that matches how she feels inside.
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>> guys look her in the eye and they're no longer looking into her chest. she said it feels like this is the person i was supposed to be. >> ariel says she is really excited to try on all kinds of dresses for next month's emmy awards. she says now she can wear all styles and feel confident about how she looks. good for her. kevin hart is on vacation in mexico living it up. look at him dancing on instagram. i had a chance to hang out with kevin on the set of "ride along 2." also caught up with ice cube and olivia munn. as always, kevin hart was kevin hart. >> you guys get that on camera? do you need that light on? >> this is how kevin and olivia like to mix it up. >> let me pick you up, come on. >> and it didn't take long before he took shots at her nfl super star boyfriend, aaron rodgers.
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>> you know what the worst part about the packers is? their offense. >> digs. that's a dig. i'm joking. i'm joking. >> i found out that that's just how it is onset. >> yeah. you're my golden nugget. my golden nugget. >> i got to go inside the $16 million mansion in atlanta for this over the top party scene. >> i'm not your servant. >> you are what i say you are. >> olivia, kevin and ice cube are undercover cops. they're trying to catch drug lord benjamin brat. >> again? >> my nerves is bad, man. >> first movie had so much comedy, we had to go and reshoot more action. this time, universal was like, that's not happening. the action has got to definitely keep up with the comedy. >> that's really kevin up there. >> got an attitude. >> thank you. i'm glad i traveled all the way here to get that. >> i've been doing a lot of my own stunts.
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you just saw me on the roof. >> you were just walking on the roof. it's like a mile wide. >> do you know how much stuff i've done? i've been hit by cars. as a matter of fact -- >> a car hit you? >> you see that right there? that's a scratch. get a good look at that. that's from a stunt today. that's from a stunt. >> actually, he's a fitness fanatic. while filming, he's been treating his instagram followers to pics like this. >> why do you keep taking these pictures and greasing yourself up? >> talking about my workout. here's the thing, i'm trying to get the cover of men's health. stop playing and give me the cover. give it to me. >> by the way, kevin did get that cover of men's health. he's changing the world. >> in fact, he started holding spontaneous 5k runs. >> he has drawn huge crowds in boston, atlanta, chicago and several other cities.
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it's all part of his inittative to help get america healthy. >> good for you, kevin. he has a run in dallas on friday and houston this sunday. i think we should join in too. >> we should go out there and roll with kev. there has been a lot of concern over this star's health. we will tell you who he is when we come back. a new sea chance to tryew look. something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. ♪ the 2015 cadillac srx. lease this from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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gallery on "e.t." online. travel consideration provided by -- well, before we go, here's a photo that caught our attention of a star arriving at l.a.x. it's impossible to tell who he is with the hoodie and the glasses. and the scarf covering his throat and mouth. but that is val kilmer. >> here's the big question. why is he hiding underneath all of that. there's been speculation that
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val had surgery to remove a tumor from his throat. >> he did admit to having some kind of throat procedure. he said there's been some swelling and he's going to keep wearing scarves until the swelling goes down. >> no matter what, we wish val well and hope he is healthy. >> we wish him well. "the insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> kim kardashian in hot water with the fda. >> kim wakes up to a morning sickness scandal. >> so how are you feeling? >> her endorsements is now a federal issue. >> this has pharmaceutical marketers in a tail spin. >> while kim breaks new ground, what are the risks? >> then laverne cox channelling her inner sasha fierce. >> and from wonder woman to super girl.


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