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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 17, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>anny h: blanket in smoke as temperatures reached record high fire fighters continues to battle a series of wild fire across the state house whether it is giving the upper hand one person is behind bars after this awhile sideshow and oakland the morning new starts right non. >>anny h: good morning when the following wrecking news from overnight there has been another fatal also involve shooting in san jose that happened at a strip mall and the 3100 block of central road they said they were
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conducting an investigation when it went to talk with the suspect what they were talking to less suspect he reached for handgun and that is when two officers returned fire hitting the suspect the man died at the same his name has not been released this the third fed officer involved shooting in just two weeks and the seven also involve shooting this year we have a crew headed to the same it will bring you more information as it comes into the news room. >>anny h: a spare the air a letter is in affect once again today many of the air quality is poor here is what looks like outside of a weekend a lot of people stayed indoors to a skeptical digit temperatures and small the smoky area they said the smoke is coming from the nearby while fire today it will be more the same but it may get worse in the north rain.
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>>: if you have a pre-existing health condition you may want stay indoors. >>anny h: the pollution was the worst in the east bay and santa clara valley smoke and there tabled the smoke in the eyes the small but we are saying in the bay area of and are now more than two to 5,000 a. in is 85 percent contain the firefighters hope to reach full containment of evacuation's after the latest information on bay area air quality in all the bay area news be sure to download the mobile application it is free to download from apple and global ---android
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>>anny h: small in haze of concern today and we are saying went as well pull out some areas visibility in hayward area and ride around 5 mi. eight for concord a program is as the rows of that is the indication they may still be a little hazy this morning here is a quick check of the wind speed which is a fairly light to calm when conditions for most of the bay area a live look at the bay bridge, and things of looking very quiet san
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francisco and the high for today still haunt 83 and helped limit 7 isn't san francisco 89 in san jose and san francisco that to 90 years to land they will feel the course conditions or at least feel the release today and then by tomorrow and wednesday of the cool air made his way inland will sea temperatures a lot more comfortable by thursday. >>rebecca: if you can grab a
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friend and then reduce your cars on the roadway is going to be a good day to do so all trains are running on time as it began their system looking good and to downtown san francisco the westbound 80 ride no problems to report a continues all the way across the span of from high with 37 in the bottle and a weak 30 or 20 minute drive times getting into san francisco that is what detective five minutes.
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>>rebecca: going over to the nimitz freeway in checking in problem free as you make your way into milpitas. >>anny h: 2 people have died and two others are in critical condition police say someone was shot while they were in the car with for the people in about half now lead a three more people shot on broadway with one kind of hospital days planned
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how this side show got quickly out of control. >>scott r: he slammed his car into a chp cruiser the sound of screeching tires and engines revving you can see the clouds circling all around the cars some spectators at getting recalls they tried to blow will probably was involved in the side show the car spun out and that is when the chp said the driver of the car intensely tried to ram the cruiser. >>anny h: that would give us an
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update on the deadly august in washington over the weekend a man was shot and killed outside and all the search is on for a second suspect wanted in connection with the investigation. >>phillipe d: knobs of the swat team of military equipment are now on the outside this house 4:00 saturday afternoon the police response of the motel 6 on westin when it goes when officers and up in a foot chase with two men reportedly involved in suspicious activity inside of a car parked outside of the
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motel the department of public safety said during the chase the first a spa dropped ammunition behind this building and also opened fire killing him. >>phillipe d: a witness told the bps the second allegedly armed suspect ran to a nearby house leading police to walk the neighborhood down for more than seven hours. >>phillipe d: 8 called off without an arrest as a search for the second suspect continues on monday they plan on holding a news conference to of that the public on the investigation. >>anny h: a 20 in. water main
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break broke on friday night reducing service to nearly half of the city customers and a 20 block radius between lewis all the way to peachtree or left with little or no water pressure service has been restored and now the water is safe to drink but it may be this colors and could stay in clothing or dishes an autopsy will be done today on a man believed to be the target of a to weeklong surge in southern california he died on sunday in bakersfield police a you a few to drop his weapon he was shot and killed by deputy jorge kill themself there was searching for him for 18 days you've accused of killing a retiring dentist second three men hostage and injuring two deputies the bp oil's but they back to 2010
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still not resolved all of a lawsuit the spill was one of the biggest in u.s. history they said the spill cost them a total of $274 million it issued a statement same believe those cases remain open a stock at an air show turns deadly for u.s. army skydiver what a witness saw happened to airplanes collided midair and southern california who was involved donald trump has been summoned why he is off the presidential campaign trail today which is still some hazy smoke conditions today it will still be hot for inland location.
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>>anny h: you conceal what we
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are starting off with mostly clear conditions and then once again widespread smoke affected mainly for the morning hours temperatures and really has not quarrel off all that much in fairfield and the more we're in the '70s at this hour hopefully build have that air-conditioning going to keep you on the = we're talking 63 in oakland 64 and apple the east bay shore high for today looking at temperatures the clothing the incident was still planning one for some locations 83 in union city and upper 80s and fremont the evidence was also the: trend does begin today but will still hold off a triple digit heat and cold places lybrand will and livermore and a hundred degrees 99 the plains and 98 in danville 96 and, and mid-90s and
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martinez. >>anny h: it will be a like sea breeze the effects of the mainly felt primarily for the coast will get the most dramatic fall in today but as you can see we're not talking 105106 but we had yesterday with challenge a lot of records were set one a dozen new records today the sea hot temperatures and then onto the wednesday the: continues it is gradual policy upper 80s and a on wednesday in mid '80s on thursday and friday so far is one to an easy ride. into work this ride >>rebecca: getting into downtown
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san francisco that will be a problem free ride and six metric into downtown the senate labor is moving well and very lightly traveled at this hour and jamaica with from the '80s with over to the connector to 101 of the foster city it will take under 10 minutes the richmond san rafael bridge the camera as a clean working it is not frozen no car, ran as of get this to the commute is want all yours up to the north bay in clocking in at 7 minutes the switching things over to the golden gate bridge this is a great distraught 10120 minutes from high with 37. drosophila up across the span into downtown switching over to the map there is some overlap roadwork and walnut creek you want to be aware of it is 680 from south bay they have the right lane called off until 5:00 this morning.
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>>rebecca: if you travel south about on 680 it is an easy 20 minutes into fremont the nimitz freeway checking in problem free on this monday morning 25 mammoth going southbound from to the get down to 237 keep in mind there was a spare in the air alert for smog as well if you can grab a friend and commute to work that will be the best option and public transportation. >>anny h: the presidential front runner had been called to report for jury duty in new york if he fails to appear he confessed to buy the $50 fine he is revealing detail on his immigration policy is released a plan outlining how he will force mexican oil to pay for wall along the border.
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>>reporter: in an interview aired sunday on nbc's meet the press donald trump still said the u.s. must report all mexican embassy nor in the country legally the u.s. must build or wall along the border with mexico and mexico pay for it or face possible terrorist in fees from country in a flash of improve jobs wages and security for americans he told them before out will you will be happy and for years given into your name and say what a great job you have done his face criticism from its own party for its controversial stand on issues and the media's coverage of them they haven't supported
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25% nationwide retired neurosurgeon ben carson in second place one add to the campaign for a reality show their replied. >>anny h: they're urging him to make of his mind about a 2016 run he still has made an official decision on the matter he weighed all options including the auto the campaign will take of his family metaphor of can't decide by october 1st the latest a comfortable job into the contract council will be on hand today for members of the u.s. army skydiving team after one of the colleagues died during a stop in chicago over the weekend saturday he collided in midair with another parachute
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at the chicago air and water show it was declared dead yesterday one witness describes what he saw happen. >>: in the quite unconscious as he came down and eventually he hit the building. >>anny h: he was treated for broken leg and he had served five tours of duty and iraq and afghanistan a tennessee teenager is not a big fan of steering after the voice interface help save his life a 10 year-old was panned, his truck and she was the only way to call for help he was working under his truck with
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lifted up on this jack in the driveway of the home he called his father for advice and then put his phone his back pocket as he tried to slide out from under the car the 5,000 lb. truck fell on top of them in his arms were trapped steel for help but he was home alone that of when he heard the sound he pushed up on his have to activate and requested her to call 911 after several tries he heard dispatcher on the line emergency response to come to the vendor built lifelike bass hit a broken the 789 and 10th of rebel which are lower ribs and he probably
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crushed his kidney and so this kidney was torn and bruce a month after a traumatic experience he continued his recovering he gives banks of the responders and dispatcher who acted quickly the power of prayer and siri. >>anny h: looks like younger americans are waiting longer to buy their first home for mesa from a real-estate says the typical first-time home buyers is six years before, out to buy a home that is three years longer compare to first- time buyers. >>anny h: white the fans are
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extra excited this morning a live look outside the bay bridge toll plaza of we are waking up to hazy conditions more details coming up a little bit later.
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>>anny h: dominated at the box office here is and the with today's. today's minutes >>reporter: the force is with star wars friends they released the first image of the cast of the new spinoff scores were one the good news did not stop there no word it is slated for
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december 2016 release they gave them a sweet surprise saturday she had julia roberts and joan baez john on the stage in the show they dance was she saying style in a pop music drama straight outta compton it took in $56 million mission impossible role commission earned 17 million and cold war round out the top three with $13.5 million. >>anny h: he could soon be released from a south african jail several years early about fire hitting the united states of what firefighters and home on are dealing with coming up people who lost their homes are
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demanding answers what they want the government to do next the time now for 25. h,z/
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>>anny h: the search is on for a man who was born of the deadly shooting with police in sunnyvale and started sunday afternoon they got a call was suspicious activity on western avenue there arrived at the same the other one got away police went door to door it was
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caught on video as you see here the side show happened sunday morning and 42nd streets when they arrive the area many people scattered that manage to catch up with suspects and one of the cars and other persons still the most this morning yesterday a lot of people stayed indoors to skip trip would digit temperatures and smoky air today it will be more the same but it may also get worse in the north bank. >>anny h: berlin wall in the
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upper 50s at this hour 68 in concord the feature cast for by 10:00 this morning still looking and warm conditions 7 is to '80s it will be warming up from the quickly at lunchtime will seat temperatures and the '80s and '90s indicated by the red for inland spots of the and also the north bank by 2:00 p.m. will feature a triple digit he, you start to feel some: due to some sea breeze this afternoon lot of sunshine for temperatures in the '80s and also limeys for the warmers locations san francisco got to 90 yesterday that was a
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new record but it will be a barometer 7 is quite a bit cooler conditions are expected for the city in downtown up for seven is a sample mall '86 in redwood city the coast we saw lower 80s will see temperatures at least 10 degrees cooler including pacifica at 7173 in half moon bay a warm day for you but no more triple digits for you talk and 92 in santa clara topper '80s in san jose for the rest of the bay area 100 in the war still sizzling for yield 97 and prayer for napa back to 1 04 yes late you will cool down and look at 93 as high. >>anny h: the cooling continues to pull in some more of the quasi breeze by wednesday middle of the week it will really feel a lot more comparable including
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generally in the mid to upper 80s. >>rebecca: the roadways are looking so far so good no major problems the ledger hot spots no matter where you will be traveling is going to be an easy ride we have a spare of the air alert to begin that as wants to be the best bet here is a live look this is the ride yet this morning it will be a good one and only six minutes the san mateo bridge moves well at this offer was about 92 that will build the right hand side of the screen getting over to the peninsula should take you just under 10 minutes the richmond san rafael bridge required for the west about 580 live up to 101 connector. >>rebecca: only 20 minutes from highway 37 on top 101 to the
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span and into the city switching over to the map we have a couple of over my roadwork closures that and still in effect starting with walnut creek 16 minutes getting to the interchange knobs overnight roadwork in pleasanton these lines on the east about five a ride on the left line 1 is open right now that the schedule to 6:00 this morning at this from the exit out toward santa rita along the peninsula no. 11 moves well does a team meant that is a
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good option and also keep in mind the spare in the air alert is effective today. >>anny h: this comes as the bay area guessing a critical teacher shortage especially in science education experts say retirements and a lack of new recruits or all contributing to the teacher shortage to plants collide in mid air in southern california killing five people and have invested near the brownfield musical airport for people on board one plane and they work for a military contractor the plane caught fire
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when they hit the ground and broke apart they say the wreckage was across a quarter mile area the letters on a wild fire threatening homes in four states of the five firms are battling the blazes. >>andrew s: based a lightning sparked for fires around washington the town of 4000 people the flames spread quickly the issue orders to evacuate for as many as one and half thousand homes we have enough time people coming up and telling us the biggest fire by
4:37 am
far is right in the southwest corner the fire has burned much of what the 83,000 a. farmers and 42 square miles between lafayette in the complex fire in northwestern idaho won a 6000 people are working to get the flames under control. >>anny h: the south african parole board is set to recommend whether he should go free after serving just 10 months of a five-year prison sentence as an early release will be for good behavior it was found guilty of
4:38 am
homicide for shooting and killing his girlfriend two years developing the tracks but admitted to firing shots through the bathroom door what he thought it was an intruder and not his your friend and other world news this morning victims of last warehouse explosion are demanding answers chinese troops are searching for toxic chemicals at the glass side here follows a lot of hundred people gathered to protest today and us who lost their homes and are now living in tents as you see here they are damaged demanding compensation from the government once said the explosions killed list of how the the 14 people the state's drought affecting this year's online harbors what they are being forced wide have been forced to start so orally in +
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in the ancient town does uncover why historians believe jesus may have once spent time there. >>gabe s: which could help you save a ton of money when buying clothes for your children that is next.
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>>gabe s: it can help you save a ton of money when buying clothes for your kids and also it is a great way to raise money for your kid's school it is a web site and mobile application for buy and gently lose its close their on name-brand clothes and good condition it is donated to
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schools parents or schools don't make the old holes you've never donate your clothes drive and had parents bring close to donate like any public school
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they're desperate for extra money. >>anny h: the here is a live look outside clear skies across the bay area living some haze more details on the forecast coming up it is for 43.
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>>anny h: the drought has this year's harvest arriving early to start in rome earlier than normal are rarely manuela to the harvest picking grapes for wine is responsible early september
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but wanamaker and hilbert said he'll be done by the end of this month despite the early harvest they are not expected to rise. >>anny h: a lot of kids heading back to school and live look at the bay bridge to proceed we have clear conditions starting off on this monday morning a little bit of haze and smoke starting off the east debate in the north bay temperatures is still pretty mild started off the monday morning fairfield and livermore all in the '70s at this hour the cool spots including vallejos santa rosa mid '50s and novato of course down quite nicely overnight 62 and san francisco opera '60s for our friends in san jose and tampa to the stillborn to be hot especially inland will seek triple digits from livermore mid to upper 90s for antioch in fairfield the: does begin today
4:47 am
the still harper the mozer matter calling for temperatures are going to be a good 10 degrees cooler today compared to guess they were all looking at seven is for half moon bay the seventh and daily said the san francisco got to 90 letters a new record and a be 15 degrees cooler than yesterday's 75 degrees where top and low 90s in santa rosa no more triple digit heat for you will have the upper 80s on tuesday in was the mid '80s for thursday and friday a little warmer for the weekend but overall a lot more comfortable by the middle and latter half of the week.
4:48 am
>>rebecca: no hot spots to talk about a spirit of the air over if you contrive a friend that is the best bet or hop on public transportation here is a live shot at the bay bridge toll plaza of is going to be an easy one so far this morning for the westbound 80 rise six minutes into downtown moving very well at this hour was about 92 of the right-hand side of the screen under 10 minutes to get you from the east bay over to the 101 connector in foster city the richmond san rafael bridge very lightly traveled very normal for this hour in the morning that is one to the a seven a minute quick trip getting up to the north bank on the westbound side golden gate bridge for problem free south 101 looks good into downtown san francisco that is 25 minutes come out of sausalito looking at a 20 minute drive time for the stop long commute into the city schools in
4:49 am
over to the map and should pick up soon in walnut creek the right lane on south from 680 out to rob year-old scheduled until 5:00 this morning. >>rebecca: switching over to pleasanton will have some over my roadwork for your call to commit the direction it was slowing things down getting to the dublin and to change on the west about 580 ride but the left lane shut down and then the drive time to livermore valley is stand at 22 minutes for the west about 580 ride. >>anny h: a move to create more jobs in california is failing according to a new report from the associated press the vote to raise taxes on corporations and generate 11,000 clean energy jobs barely one-tenth of those physicians have been created excess money is coming in at a
4:50 am
slower than anticipated rate and that it created to cement progress reports to lawmakers has never met people are talking about all of a social media this morning the granddaughter of dr. morgan freeman has been stabbed to death in new york and she was found lying on a manhattan street early yesterday morning she has several stab wounds are test she was a granddaughter of morgan freeman's first wife miss cent he is not undergoing a mental evaluation no charges have been filed yet in a statement he said the world would never know her artistry and talents and how much she had to offer. >>anny h: in ancient town as uncover the historians believe was home to of famous biblical figure.
4:51 am
>>reporter: the former early morning big to discover the roots of christianity bonds here spring in the ruins of a and a town of magdala an effort to uncover what life was like from 2000 years ago they believe he may once walked the streets this may have been home for the most important figures of the bible the first recorded witness of the resurrection he purchased the land to build a christian retreat and required him to escape and completely by chance he discovered a first century synagogue scriptures say he preached in the synagogues of galilee the smallness and got to
4:52 am
have been discovered in this area from a time. those possible the jesus preached here. >>reporter: is considered ornate it is known as the stone of them in one of the most import in discovered and israel last 50 years it still work to
4:53 am
this than they found a coins that are working to restore pottering about the intersection of days of a christianity. >>anny h: we're following working out of the east bay there been a deadly accident you will hear from police about the chaotic scene here is a live look outside the golden gate bridge very light traffic conditions smoking and some haze this morning more details on the forecast, a little bit later.
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>>mark: we're following this breaking news for you best of
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federal and balls officer involved shooting from 10:00 last night near android high- school opposite said there were conducting investigation of it with the top of the suspect. >>darya: he reached for a bond and that is an office of return fire hitting the man he died at the scene we did none of the same as our this is the third fed also involves shooting in just three weeks the seventh officer in washington this year will bring you more information as soon as it comes into our newsroom. >>darya: 3 people are dead after a car crash in the east bay look at the mangled mess from this accident happened often talk last night on san pablo dam road and al-sabah 10th that was a red camaro sides want a civil hauler of specific the driver of the honda was able to pull over safely and was not her but the camaro continue down the road and look at the crest with tree that is all that is left of the camaro.
5:01 am
>>darya: alcohol and speed is a factor in the crash no word on how the driver is doing this morning will continue to follow that and bring you the latest as we get more information. >>mark: smoky hot weather around the bay and small be as well as the story over the weekend and that weather is sticking around today a lot of people stayed inside due to the triple digit heat the bay area air quality district says shifting winds move the smoke from the rocky in jerusalem fire near clear lake
5:02 am
down to the bay area there was the intensity of top of that which greeted help the ozone layer the pollution was worst in the ease and santa clara valley of the east bay at second be more close to a dozen records broken yesterday. >>anny h: it was sizzling today is still high but the court down does began banks of the sea breeze that will finally make its way in an we have hazen also the smoky conditions where tracking for today you may see
5:03 am
that this morning a live look at the bay bridge starting off on this monday morning back to school for kids at san francisco unified visibility we have 5 mob visibility in hayward 7 and, of vallejo it is santa rosa is a little hazy that will continue mainly for the morning hours the wind speeds crossings the winds, and generally west for fairfield 50 mi. from our napa santa rosa, when we are seeing someone's coming in from the north and south backing continued to draw in the smoke from the fires up in lake county in napa up mainly the jerusalem and rocket fire right now tim burton's are fairly mild. >>anny h: 67 in san jose 57 in santa rosa a high for today still very high for the inland spots 100 and the more a lot cool 10 degrees compared to a guest today a for '80s in san
5:04 am
jose 83 in oakland 75 in downtown san francisco where talking '90s no more triple digit heat and apple when we come back will take a look at the east by high domestic a look at a seven day a little bit later. >>george: we're starting off with one may be the hot spot pretty quickly in this is an accident now in san leandro on interstate 880 northbound into the vicinity of david you this is having an impact on the southbound ride or picnics and yellow of a row senses this report to indicate the there is an overturned vehicle, and several of the cars involved in this accident we may be looking at a while to clear this crash is located here on the border between san leandro on the 880 northbound and damaged freeway at david's more of the east bay ride looks pretty good even withdrawal from 580 eastbound traffic is getting by pretty well. >>george: the trip through the
5:05 am
corridor from to 38 down to 237 at 25 minutes on the nimitz freeway means is an easy trip does of course was to the south of the problem in to san leandro on aerial the westbound ride like traffic now no delays and to the macarthur maze coming from 580 or highway 24 in easy 11 minute trip time did she into foster city as you head out of hayward. >>darya: we are getting ready for school and happen to a status in the san francisco unified school district headed back to class will as live outside the best kids start arriving this morning. will t: this should be here and a couple of hours keep in mind traffic will be a mask just getting to this location if you're heading to work and do not have any kids keep in mind you could be stuck in the school traffic give yourself plenty of time we've all seen parents
5:06 am
reason to the school macushla they're not wait we will be here to there will be some of the tips of the principal wants to pass along to the parents having done the store last week because we have covered on back- to-school they want you to make sure you have all of your passport ready to go your shot to the information on how to contact you your e-mail yourself or get all those things ready to go if you do not have a mixture you provided to the ministrations today when you get to this core of this wolf you can see it is dark red now this is the first half after we talk to the parents and teachers a hopeless and kids for run over to the bayview. will t: the willie brown's school brand-new facility.
5:07 am
>>darya: we have resources used up your can to get ready for school/. >>mark: largely from the jerusalem fire and rocket fire burning in napa county running in lake county in the fire burn more than 25,000 a. and 85 percent contained the hope of the firefighters were rich falk contended by accident they have been lifted and the rocket fire burning to the north is just under 70,000 a. is contained on friday happening now the search is on from a dangerous man who was a lot of a deadly shooting police saturday and run for the afternoon they received a call about suspicious activity from the motel 6 men arrived at the same approach to have car outside of this motel the men started to run away but they chased them and a large capacity
5:08 am
magazine was dumped on the street during the chase and a said that is when they shot at the man one of the man was killed by office of the other backed away. >>mark: they went door-to-door saturday searching for the man on nearby madrone avenue here is the scene a man was in the neighborhood has this video in several pictures of the swat team and military equipment in the area the total may heard shots fired and a one. a witness told police the man who got away ran into a nearby house as it proceeded put that and it ran amok down for more than seven hours this as the area but cannot find the man in the search was given to call off. >>mark: the public safety will be holding a news conference at 10:00 this morning there was talk about the deadly shooting of that the public on the investigation. >>darya: after another while sides of an oakland and it was
5:09 am
all caught on video take a look this happens sunday morning and 130 a m on coliseum white and 42nd street the all the spectators this quickly got out of control after a man slammed into another car and then into a chp cruiser plan are looking at this video so they can mix of more arrests. >>mark: they're still searching for any survivors of lebanon on the toxic chemicals of the black side air for about a hundred people gathered in protest because of last week's explosion of demanding answers the with the government to pay for the damage to their homes and killed a is a hundred and 40 people with another 70 still missing this morning fire from us the time of the remaining chemicals to stop any flareups indonesian official suspended a search for missing-in the plant due to bad
5:10 am
weather to aerial search team saying that despite the debris believed to be from the service flight inlaws kansai of the traffic controllers and the country on sunday 54 on board including five children. >>darya: it happened yesterday near the minister for airport and san diego for people were on board the plane they were for military contracts and the pilot of the other plane was on a cross-country trip the plane caught fire when hit the ground broke apart they said the wreckage was found across a quarter mile area we have learned to firefighters were injured in a house fire and vocally the fire broke out last night around 6:00 in the 46, the block of larry lane and a contra costa county firefighter cut his wrist and had to be taken to hospital and antioch in the
5:11 am
east, across the fire fire suffered an injury fighting the fire. >>mark: dollars from releases immigration policy and is not sitting well with some voters will take about his plan coming up the drought affecting california winemakers but does that mean will be paying more for a bottle will have that answer ahead after the break morgan freeman's grand are found stabbed to death this weekend will have details coming up.
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with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. right now, save up to $1000 on select mattress and adjustable base sets. know better sleep with sleep number. >>darya: the bone as you get four shots like best to the island.
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>>anny h: yesterday and saturday due to the hazy conditions will have once again and a temperature so hot once again we do not think it will be compared to yesterday we are starting the: trend of gradual cooling trend here is a live look fairly mild but note the latest for our bay area airports including sfo o'clock when for some of the arriving flights to san jose temperatures are now in the upper 60s and san jose going for our high of 89 by 2:00 p.m. today is still plenty one for you but no upper 90s notre prodigious expected it is fairly
5:16 am
mild little more at 67 dealing with some will the conditions fairfield is one for you at 74 degrees of a 10 degrees cooler today compared to yesterday to 83 oakland also 83 in union city for a lot going for high of 88 degrees for the in the spot a couple triple digits not as many looking at 109 is inland tomorrow and for when is the upper 80s. >>anny h: by the middle of the work week when we come back we will talk about the south before cab to take a look at the seven day. >>george: we have been tracking
5:17 am
this accident first reporter on the northbound side of the freeway we noted with some interest that the backup was on the southbound side its backing of the ride the 98 avenue cost about five to six minutes for the southbound trip toward hayward in castro valley ride or san leandro san lorenzo there may be some injuries and what does crash was could mean a little longer to clear it is not having any impact on the northbound side which is the commit direction through here and a continuing smooth ride is you had between livermore and dublin less attractive bridges as we look first at the bay bridge ride still pretty like not tracking any problems 516 right now you're trapped in and
5:18 am
out of iran, libya the golden gate is a good one an easy drive times 21 to 23 minutes out of novato currently if you're heading into iran and a minute trip time across the richmond san rafael bridge. >>mark: they're talking about this one of the step granddaughter of morgan freeman was stabbed to death in new york they say she was found lying in a manhattan street early yesterday morning she has several stab wounds on her chest heaved a granddaughter of morgan freeman's first wife it took a man who they say was in a relationship with her into custody he is undergoing a mental evaluation no charges have been filed yet a statement says the world will never know her artistry and talent and how much she had to offer.
5:19 am
>>mark: the african grow border set to recommend rather he should go free after serving 10 months of a five-year prison sentence as early as will be for good behavior it happens he was found guilty of shooting and killing his girlfriend two years ago in a track star in minutes to firing shots the the bathroom door what he thought it was an intruder. >>darya: dr. todd is taking a break today from the campaign trail he is expected to report for jury duty in new york that come from the real-estate does want to show of for jury duty to inspect a media circus at the courthouse when he arrived this morning he has all this new details on his immigration policy has a plan outlined how he will force mexico to pay for a wall along its border with the united states. >>reporter: getting specific on
5:20 am
immigration policy and in a new era sunday on nbc's meet the press the candidates still says the united states must report all mexican immigrants for in the country illegally the united states must build a wall along the border with mexico and have mexico pay for it or face possible tariffs and fees on travelers from the country any plans to improve job as wages and security for americans the nontraditional canada by some of his face criticism from his own party for his sometimes controversial stand on issues and the media's coverage of them the news paul has some support a 25% nationwide
5:21 am
eclipsing well-known candidates this shows retired surgeon and second place when asked if the campaign was part of a reality show the canada replied. >>darya: joe biden is still weighing a 2016 presidential run were reports this morning say they are urging him to make up his mind sooner than this fall it his is considering all the options including the tall the campaign will take on this family. >>mark: partly because of the drought will winemakers a scowling to keep up and many are worried about the financial problems that could happen there well into the harvests the drought have an impact on winemakers also the santa barbara area despite the smaller crop the wine atlases and not
5:22 am
expected to rise to produce as an absorbent because the crop will fall line is already fairly high. >>darya: a minor league baseball player makes history by revealing something personal about himself will have that story after the break this is what looks like a good what the hell out the door and easy ride for a and.
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
>>darya: the typical first-time buyer of our record for six years before buying home there now waiting to buy a new home until they are 33 years old bathtub and to save money for down payments and long to get married and settled down. >>mark: they said that the
5:26 am
restore to the newspaper with the help for billy being he came on the day after he retired and was reported he played for for the brewers and the rocket pioneer lee we will be right back.
5:27 am
5:28 am
5:29 am
>>mark: it happened around 10:00 last night the strip mall is the third of the delhi office and bob shooting. jackie s: dickinson loss of investigators out here on the 3100 block of center wrote and they continue to investigate the officer involved shooting that left the suspect dead at this scene here is real for a little early this morning this happened just slightly after 10:00 last night when officers were doing a follow-up investigation at some point they
5:30 am
make contact with a male suspect in a strip mall on the 3100 block of center they say the suspect reached for handgun at that point to officers opened fire. jackie s: as you said this is the third fatal officer involved shooting into weeks the officers involved in this will be put on paid administrative leave we're waiting to hear more information from the san jose police department. >>darya: more working news this morning three people died in a car crash that happened in the east bay of around 10:00 last night look at what is left of
5:31 am
one of the cars are red camaro that is what that was sideswiped the driver of the honda was able to pull over safely it was not hurt by continued down the road and crashed into the tree the driver was able to escape from the car but then it burst into flames with three passengers trapped inside and they say alcohol was a factor and speed in the crash and is on oil investigation we will give you updates as sn as we get. >>anny h: we have clear skies pretty mild san francisco a
5:32 am
good 15 degrees cooler temperatures and the low 60s the upper 60s a little light jacket or sweater otherwise turn to of want to be fairly nice once again downtown 75 temperatures court down for the evening ride home by 6:00 look to the breeze to pick up especially in the afternoon for southwestern breeze tempers are fairly mild 67 in livermore and in san jose
5:33 am
, still warmer pretty quickly especially for the inland spots will sit 90s in the warm as locations for the heart of the banks generally '70s and '80s tim the judge will peaked a couple 100 degree livermore the house will be in the mid to upper 90s. >>anny h: for the coast no more '80s for you '70s but still mild 71 and specific a heading farther to the south by the upper 80s in san jose pushing close to 90.
5:34 am
>>george: southbound but only 18 minutes if you use interstate 580 that is longer than the normal commute south of town but it will save you some time debris is still in the lane the chp is having a difficult time with the cleanup crew getting all of the lines open at one time all the lanes were blocked as the work to clear this overturn crash from the southbound lanes of interstate 880 in the nimitz freeway here is the south bay commute it looks good packing a colossal out of the coyote valley on a south san jose 18 minutes from the copper expressway to the montague expressway the bay
5:35 am
bridge ride the metering lights up by the have been activated a little bit earlier. >>mark: students and a san francisco unified school of the ships are returning to class this comes as the bay area is still sang a critical teacher shortage they're needed in science and math special aid and bilingual they say retirements types rates are contributing to the teacher shortage. >>mark: we're hoping to get ready for school does a our web site we have a special section you can use it to a predicted kids ready for school. >>darya: they're hopeless avail as video will help them find a
5:36 am
homicide suspect connected to a shooting in san francisco the shooting happened back in january on the ankle streep a woman was shot and killed while she was watching her children play in the front yard they believe the woman was likely run in to protect her children as the shots were being fired in the drive by shooting a 38 year- old man was also shot and killed and 44 you're a woman were shot but she survived they believe the primary people of interest in this riding in a black truck a could have been a dodge ram as to show the video that is what they're looking for. >>darya: and urgent care of in san pablo is expanding its weekend hours to help serve the high demand the help to get the
5:37 am
$2 million grant to keep it open long hours urgent care live long are not going to be open two hours earlier than they use to be. >>mark: three separate shootings have an oakland over the weekend the first call came in 130 yesterday morning on international boulevard someone was shot while there and a car with four of the people and have not later three more people shot on broadway one of the diet hospital a third shooting 30 minutes later this said juvenile was taken to the hospital and died. >>mark: north korea is now threatening retaliation against the united states is with us not cancel military exercises with other countries there scheduled to begin this morning and will last 12 days this to the training happens every year and they're meant to protect the region and maintain stability in the korean peninsula where he
5:38 am
says this year the country is threatening to attack the u.s. on its own soil. >>darya: a mother kicked out of a lingerie store for nursing her child out of the breast-feeding moms are taking a stand take a look at this will tell you how bear got called in this situation. thisest per prests preinsn yo si watch it rct tdire ntacwithrdiny so. soapeake therotes. do is ffert. with < msturing eamanmildleanrs dove helps sn matain itnatue t aty tae, ieep etio od rl. like cntryrock newecip
5:39 am
madeith al spleingrient and articiaflavs orpresvatis. real cntryreshasteromrealngreens weome cro coury.
5:40 am
>>reporter: we continue to track this hotspot the could be extended backed up on the nimitz freeway the televise our southbound at 66 just a bit past the backed up from the accident all the way down to david st. still written backed for the coliseum use interstate 580 for the southbound ride as you get down to four san leandro you will save his self 10 to 12 minutes. >>darya: a group of breast-
5:41 am
feeding mothers protest at a victoria's secret location in las vegas is start after a woman was breast-feeding her four month old and they asked to leave the victoria's secret because she was breast-feeding they're letting the company know that women have more right to breast feed in public if they need to, they have a longstanding policy in allowing mothers to breast feed in the store. >>mark: happened wednesday night in the family of bears broke into the home and ransacked the place earlier it took two hours to clean up the mess this was not the first time they paid a visit that come all the time.
5:42 am
>>anny h: check out the no. 74 in fairfield 57 of vallejo and 67 in livermore when i come back i will let you know how much warmer it will get it does begin we will let you know what areas feel the trip and did he we will continue after the break.
5:43 am
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5:45 am
>>mark: it turns out smart phone makers may be ripping people off and make it a lot of money in the process would undo the beat the high cost of extra storage. >>darya: a new study finds new parents are less happy than people more recently divorced would you could do to stay happier when you become
5:46 am
apparent the program and how to save his life and how they got from to understand him. >>anny h: check out the record heat from yesterday's reversers " what old record was one of for napa about with yesterday's new record over record as a hundred opens up to 92 of the arrogance
5:47 am
set new records the good news is this is too hot for you the corn begins today will still sees the 1 locations in was a live maquette the san mateo bridge the clear sky started off this morning the question is it is possible suspects to drop the morning out within the winds of one to change direction it will help clear things out a little more today still warming of 67 right now under clear conditions 95 months time warming up quickly 96 by 2 by 4:00 p.m. on a high of 100 degrees this afternoon. >>anny h: 64 and antioch 67 and livermore low 60s and oakland and san francisco 67 and san jose where top 100 and the more
5:48 am
96 to antioch 89 in san jose no more triple digits for the north bank 93 and i got here the storm track a 7 day around the bay forecast the gradual cooling continues into tomorrow and into wednesday it will be shorts and t-shirt weather especially pure and and this after the l but you will see the upper 80s in and by wednesday mid '80s for thursday and friday it will be a lot more comfortable for the latter half of the week it is a quick check of the forecast. >>george: as to continue to
5:49 am
track the hot spots of this accident for over 45 minutes contract nearly an hour jamming of the nimitz freeway sadly the back of has continued to grow here is a live look the problem is the debris that is in big on the matters to get a couple of lines open at the site southbound that is why traffic continues to backup for the ride on 8580 would definitely save you about 12 minutes this morning even though it is a longer trip at the bridge of the bay bridge mineralize already on and the backup is already reaching beyond any of lacrosse and we're looking at a 16 to 17 minute trip time we're not backed up at the san mateo bridge this is still an easy ride westbound. >>george: the 101 ride across
5:50 am
the golden gate bridge looks good like traffic on the northbound side easy 23 minute drive times out of bounds out of novato and that the rich members with about 580 because they're on the the two catchlines open instead of the for those of pick up in the next 15 minutes or so that is why we have the slot back up in the right hand lane. here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: stanley r: what the blue car approaching the diplomatic plates notice the stop sign apparent from their rear of the cable car and forced the driver stopped the permits passengers aboard however is to the stop sign go over there the driver goes around the cable car account for close which by the with illegal allow me to explain on the back of almost every cable car at this new sign reads do not pass cable cars and on the streets there in black and white official signs that read do not pass for the record
5:51 am
has always been illegal to pass a stop cable car in fact a fine if you're caught is about $2.38 if you're a limo driver his about by the cable car but the judge ought to stop them is driver tried to beat the cable cars are driving on a section of the road that is not in a land of trafficking there's a lot of bad behavior around san francisco iconic cable car watch as this cab tried to beat the car by the way it does not stop coming up the hill yes hippias the will to make a left turn from the far right-wing and he does since they cannot afford to
5:52 am
the curb but the bus and that no concrete 50 islands of the secret to get around this history the does not have a cable car. >>darya: big increase in car break-ins the first half of this year there were nearly 12,000 vehicle burglaries reported in the city in the actual number is likely much higher than at bed given up on going to the hassle of reporting the crimes the powerful painkiller in the very addictive painkiller toxic cotton has been approved for children as young as 11 years old the fda says it conducted studies to see if the drug is safe for children to take out to cotton is notorious for its abuse by painkiller there were
5:53 am
revet pages could become addictive when they use it patients using for dealing with cancer, and those recovering from surgery and now kids can use it to. >>mark: is the only player to win three majors and the same season taking home $1.8 million. >>mark: going for four games with of the nationals they to
5:54 am
come the orioles once again after using the last two on the home run and they played guest today the loss 18 to two big cable 26 to the oriole the most in today's history we will be
5:55 am
right back. anytng. anhere anime.
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5:57 am
>>george: we are tracking hot spots a big delay on the nimitz freeway southbound 880 with traffic back map toward high street use when accident still not yet cleared in the bay bridge westbound backup run on all the way into macarthur maze turns up there with a stalled bid rate was about as outside of the island in the block in one of the right-hand lanes will have more traffic news and weather when we return we will be right back.
5:58 am
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6:00 am
this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>mark: and also shooting and killing a suspect overnight. jackie s: we're out here on the 3100 block of center upas the investigators still out there gathering evidence and try to figure out what the to his office in boston and the left the suspect then they say a little after 10:00 they make contact with a male suspect according to the san jose plays
6:01 am
the part of the suspect for handgun at that 0.2 officers opened fire striking the suspect the suspect had been pronounced dead for some eight hours after the incident took place the continue to gather information out here this is the third officer involved shooting in san jose in just over a week. jackie s: public information officers from the san jose police department came out and there was more clarification.
6:02 am
>>mark: is happening around 10:00 last night on the san pablo dam road and al-sabah to and considered to fall leftover red camaro sideswiped a silver honda civic the driver of the honda was able to pull over was not injured but the camaro continue down the road and crashed into a tree of the site of a kayak scene after the crash. three fatalities have been confirmed he'd been transported and it looks like alcohol was a factor in this case. speak >>mark: was also a factor no word on how the driver is doing this morning. >>darya: hot smoky and smoggy weather that we saw over the
6:03 am
weekend is sticking around to saying this take a look at mount diablo yesterday this is what an looks like the bay area air quality management district said the shifting winds will differ in the rocky in jerusalem fired near catholic into the bay area and there with the heat of course that created the unhealthy ozone levels yesterday's the pollution was the worst in the east bay and in the santa clara valley today it is on to be more of the same we know this their easing off a little on the heat you can imagine how difficult it was for the firefighters here is the jerusalem fire this and all the smoke over and this fire burn more than 25,000 a. it is 85 percent contained and could reach full containment today bed with their open for the near by
6:04 am
rocket fire that burned over 70,000 a. before it was contained. >>anny h: and generally northern winds would always come out of the unarmed heading south from the county fire the rocket fire of course the jerusalem fire and rednecks and rocket fire when we have the winds that is what brought in the smoky conditions to the bay area today is the sea in afternoon the wins will become in generally from the west or southwest and live look at the embarcadero, still hazy this morning will hold on to
6:05 am
haiti conditions to allow 11:00 or known to lead san francisco looks like as a high of 90 gas a day low 60s were announced a victory at lunchtime 75 with a high by 2:00 p.m. look for southwestern winston the 20 mi. from our this afternoon against higher than that the evening ride home is your leaving the office still very mild and not want to purchase right now really range of the fairfield finally knocked out of the '70s and 66 degrees right now.
6:06 am
>>anny h: starting from the coast and the bay a couple of days it will make its way inland by wednesday thursday will see more dramatic: more details coming up a little bit later./ >>george: we had more than one already this morning and will start with the bay bridge since then affect so many of you this of the upper deck of the bay bridge this is just outside of the island have the right hand lane was blocked that is why traffic is solid here look at the 80 approach how badly backed up is as well for this early in the one of slow traffic all the way out of the maze with an 18 minute drive times there are still lined blocked here on this nimitz freeway crash this is not over an hour the we have lines affected on 880 southbound even though this is not to commit the correction is jamming up the ride adjutancy and is made up 33
6:07 am
to 38 minute drive time out of downtown oakland or san leandro use 580 instead that is an 18 minute trip time it would definitely say the time and trouble it is the brae and accident in the right-hand lane for a while the roadblock while they work to clear this debris left lanes open now. >>george: we're not track any delays for the west about ride over to foster city. >>mark: they receive the call of suspicious activity at a motel 60 west 01 avenue that arrived at the same approach to men and a car outside the motel the man started to run away officers chased and a large capacity magazine with the ministry during the chase they say that is when a shot at the man one of the man was killed by officers and the other got away and then
6:08 am
please when door-to-door searching for the man nearby madrone avenue here at the scene nicosia man who lives in the neighborhood shop is video is not several pictures of the swat team. >>mark: they told us they heard shots fired and one. a witness told police the man who got away had run into a nearby house pleased with this entire never locked out for more than seven hours police searched the cannot find the man in the search was finally called off they'll be holding a news conscious intent of this morning of one to talk rockabilly shooting into was an update on the investigation. >>darya: another wild sideshow and oakland the whole thing was caught on video if the sea all the people spectators and a dangerous position watching the size so it was early yesterday morning about 1:30 a.m. on
6:09 am
coffee and wait and 42nd street and quickly got out of control of car slammed into another car and then into a chp officer office are looking over this video to find more people. to people >>mark: the search continued this morning for more survivors of last did warehouse the explosion and shenzhen china they're still searching for survivors who may be among the toxic chemicals of the blast site they're showing up in the area in water around this blast site there for about a hundred people gathered in protest today because of last week's explosion automatic answer they want the government to pay for the damage to the homes of its 144 are dead and 70 are still missing from last with an explosion minium firemen indonesian official announce suspended their search today for
6:10 am
missing has declined to bad weather earlier today to aerial search teams bid spot debris believed to be from the trip, air service flight in lost contact with air traffic controllers and heavy weather yesterday 54 people were on board including five children. >>darya: 5 people are dead with two planes collided in mid-air in southern california the crash happened yesterday near the brownfield minutes of airport in san diego for people on one plane they worked for military contractors and then on the other plane there's a pilot on a cross-country trek that said the planes caught fire as soon as a hit a grounder broke apart forces on the seven wreckage was found across the square mile area the fire started just before 6:00 and a 46 sunblock filaria a contra costa fire the car was into the hospital anti-japanese cocom firefighters suffered minor injury fighting the fire
6:11 am
no one else was injured. >>darya: happen in today's students and staff a cisco unified district headed back to class this comes after the bay area since a critical teacher shortage of teachers are especially needed in science math special ed and binding will education students and several school districts substitute teachers leading the class is this with education experts say the retirements-patricia rates and a lack of new recruits are often attributing to the teacher shortage we are helping you get ready for school disclosed our web site with a special section with resources chipping use to get your kids ready for class. >>mark: could by president joe biden be a step closer to running for president or set up
6:12 am
the political was this morning coming up for us to draw having an impact on the california wine harvest will have won the early harvest and a possible impact on the price you pay for one bottle. a new sea chance to tryew look. something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. ♪ the 2015 cadillac srx. lease this from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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6:14 am
>>darya: in northern california's wine country partly because of the drought one of
6:15 am
the best, to keep up now it could be in extremely low yielding crops and earlier harvest led to on the early start of this growing season for many growers and medicine the county are already well until the harvest the drought is also have an impact some areas santa barbara county despite the smaller crop 2015 wine prices are not expected to rise. >>anny h: the: begins today but it was still behind when we say 100 is cooler back to school for
6:16 am
a lot of kids and is still short and teacher at whether a live look at san mateo a little hazy once again will see some smoke filtered in from the fires up and like a napa county to remain the jerusalem rocket fire and san jose also be a little equal the still plenty one for you tempted by a 10 will be in the seven is 85 and much time heating up pretty quickly operated by 2:00 p.m. pushing close to 90 this afternoon no more records figure we did read some records south when 5 mi. from our wind speeds right now still fairly light if not, for most locations. >>anny h: most locations by late afternoon evening may start to see the smoke clearing out the wind direcon will change
6:17 am
visibility down to 5 mi. of hayward 7 and oakland in showing us that it is hazy for spots and a drop in the east bank to bizarreness '60s for san francisco and oakland 69 in livermore were calling back mild maybe even more 66 in fairfield mid-50s in santa rosa and novato _ spots east bayshore high looks like a lot of course down and 10 degrees 83-oakland 77 alameda 79 in hayward adding over to the inland spots very few one hundreds with the exception of livermore and brought one still plenty warmer 97 walnut creek 96 and, and pushing close to 100 and presence and at 99 degrees by wednesday of the " ocean there will finally make a swim farther inland for the middle of the week by a timber to down and for
6:18 am
one state in the '70's and '60's for the bay shoreline >>george: the lanes were blocked southbound and that is why the backed up a rigid toward high street the other hot spots at the bay bridge we already backed
6:19 am
up into the macarthur maze backed up onto the shore for a way around the berkeley curb where are ready looking at drive times of 20 minutes from westbound highway 24 and slow going all the way along the seashore freeway from golden gate fields reduce on the earlier recall installed the back of all with the meter and wives and then they started to slow for the san mateo bridge is a better ride not yet tracking any delays 12 minutes the trip time hey with over to foster city golden gate bridge an easy trip of directions now you can see all the way across the span that is a good ride if you're heading into marin be in richmond bridge as she told you is to open up the cash linebacker out the back of on right hand side of the toll plaza. >>mark: the granddaughter of morgan freeman was stabbed to
6:20 am
death in a your police say she was found lying on a manhattan street early yesterday morning she has several stab wounds to her chest the granddaughter of morgan freeman's first wife police have arrested 30 year- old davenport would have a relationship is undergoing a massive devaluation no charges have been filed yet in a statement of the world will never know her artistry and hauler and how much she had to offer. >>darya: it could be released from prison as early as this friday for south african parole board is set to recommend whether he should go free after serving just 10 months of a five-year prison sentence as early release will be for good behavior he was found guilty of shooting a killing his girlfriend two years ago the olympic star said but he fired the shot through the bathroom door thinking that she was an intruder. >>darya: republican president to
6:21 am
hopeful about trump is taking a break from the campaign trail of to fulfil his civic duty is one to report for jury duty today in new york last with the spokesperson confirmed that he will show up in a manhattan courtroom and that means that the whole passel for the coffers to get a glimpse of dawn of going his civic duty he has specific informations an interview that aired yesterday on meet the press on nbc the u.s. must deport all mexican immigrants for in the country legally. >>mark: the plan would improve dollars wages and security for americans dish to fully enforce
6:22 am
all the immigration laws that currently exist and that after the support of 25 percent nationwide this is the one of canada's like jeb bush fentanyl approve the ban person is in second place joe biden is when the 26 the president to run reports this morning to his allies are urging him to make up his mind to devise are pushing for him to decide for october 1st which is the latest hiccup comfortably jump into the race. >>darya: the flights would improve intelligence collection basin in surveillance it also
6:23 am
expand united states ability to conduct a leap of strike if the plan goes through it will be the first major boost to withdrawn program past several years. >>mark: people are now waiting to buy the new home until about 33 years old they said there shall want to save money for down payments on these more expensive properties they're waiting longer to get married and settled down. >>darya: the minor leaguer david benson estimates in may to a league baseball history by revealing he is gay and is the first openly gay player on any team in the in the l b they restock to the newspaper to tell his story plans for the helena
6:24 am
brewers and the wreckage pioneer league since coming out he says he has received support from his family and from his teammates cell phone companies are making a lot of money when they sell your phone with more store which weakened due to be the high cost. you wouldn't do half of your daily routin
6:25 am
6:26 am
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6:27 am
they want to the dollars to get with more storage how you beat those high-cost instead back up the follow the produce them to store far of the videos for free second stream your music instead of storing it on your phone in and of low the library and also trained for free with spotted by an pandora use cloud drive like black box or apple pie cloud to manage your files and also clean your phone you can get the speed booster for android for an acidify other mckinley on your phone we will
6:28 am
be right back
6:29 am
>>mark: they're coming out of new york the the dow features are down 66 points ahead of the opening bell it did close of 69 points on friday for the year the dow was down 1.9% of assets pick up 1.6 the nasdaq of 6.6% for the year. >>darya: there's been another deadly of san juan shooting in san jose it happened around 2:00
6:30 am
last night at the st. monopod 100 block of center road near andrew hill high school officers were conducting an investigation of it with the top of the suspect what they were talking to him police and he reached for handgun the open fire hitting kevin died at the same pignut and identify this of the third delhi also involve shooting in san jose in just two weeks in the seventh one there this year. >>darya: 3 people are dead they died in this car crash in the east bank and hamilton o'clock last night in san pablo dam road and el fronton that was a red camaro it sideswiped a silver honda civic the camaro continue down the road and crashed into the tree that you see the driver
6:31 am
was able to get out of the car with a burst into flames in there with three passengers trapped inside the state alcohol and speed were factors in the crash. >>mark: it destroyed 15 structures as a starter on friday contains measures that one person full lemass of blazon north idaho for fires merging and scores of the 20,000 a. and a fire burned as the largest fire in the western u.s. right now for how to the 42 square miles of land that several fire burning in the sierra nevada near you like east of fresno the fiat group 3,000 a. yesterday more than 16,000 the sea its fee shut down highway 180 fax the turn of the road only open to firefighters right now.
6:32 am
>>anny h: some patches smoke for the afternoon here is how the forecast bricks down temperatures in the '60s the upper 60s and and at this hour by lunchtime we're saying temperatures getting to '70s and '80s, one of the pretty quickly for the ride home tonight temperatures will be hot and and the '70s and '80s and also low 90s. >>anny h: temperatures right now 60 in san francisco 64
6:33 am
antioch, 67 degrees for our friends in san jose, the high today here is how bricks down still hot and livermore at a hundred degrees mid-90s in antioch, 96:00 and 83 in oakland 75 in downtown san francisco, we had a high of 90 guest today in downtown 15 degrees cooler today due to the marine air making its way through 89 in san jose. >>george: we're looking at a bigger than usual back up at the bay bridge toll plaza for the west about ride we have a stalled bid rate on the upper deck some time ago the backed up traffic all the way across the span to the metering lights that of course began to push the backed up into macarthur maze where it sits right now, we are looking at 20 + minute drive times, for the west about ride.
6:34 am
>>george: backed up on the corner of berkeley curb 2 in les paul st. emeryville now backed up midway to the macarthur maze half the distance to highway 24 from the flight of the westbound of by the drive times are so high were still on winding this backed up on 880, the southbound direction an earlier work, accident going down all lanes are open but you could see it is still slow, down from higher with the traffic of back up the drive time which has sparked an about 3536 minutes is not back down to 19 minutes but had still nearly twice the normal commute time interstate 580 save yourself a little time there. >>george: accident here on the niles canyon road, westbound and polymeric the westbound lanes of blocs woodcraft aware of looking at a slower ride on the dublin to fremont stretch, on interstate 680 southbound with the 25 minutes in work time the
6:35 am
san the saver is a pretty good right under way no backup did or delays for westbound highway 92. >>mark: wrecking international news a large explosion walk in central bangkok or in the middle of an intersection and evening rush hour the death toll is a lease at 5100 more is injured the call of the explosion which a reporter said sound like a loud thunder, and associated press report the same he saw many people be put in the ambulance the explosion in the middle of an intersection in the center of many political demonstrations, in recent years will keep monitoring is pretty new story. >>darya: we are getting ready for school happening today still was in the san francisco unified school district headed back to class. will t: the kids will be here in about an hour the class starts
6:36 am
as 750 but we do see the teachers are arriving already smiling they are excited to be back into school about 500 kids, when they get here they'll be greeted with lots of laughter and lots of local and the familiar faces to a here's michelle the principal the principal if your parent and you're getting up and you're getting your kids ready to go can you pass along some tips. >>: one of my biggest task is be thoroughly because parking and all the schools and san francisco is difficult make sure you're here early to park and, mitchell your child has a snack and a luncheon everything is labeled with their names first and laugh in their rules, because they lose thing on the first day. will t: 1 people drop off the kids what are some of the tips
6:37 am
as far as being a nice to each other it is going to be crazing. >>: we're all part of a school community when remodeling for our students be respectful and the response will be safe it is the best way to drop your kids off a we met a lot of other schools have the same situation where parents, and open doors and kids did drop off and deal directly into the school. >>: double parking is a no one of the things they do is they will take it double parking jaywalking and all those things we know how dangerous it can be walking in crosswalks of san francisco you the crosswalk do not do what do not a part do not block our neighbor's driveway.
6:38 am
will t: you have been warned keep in mind when you get here make sure they have all the information e-mail address, cell phone, god forbid anything should happen to your little one at least the contacted immediately. >>darya: we have tips for you not like that the ways to get your kids ready for school on our. . >>mark: new parents are less
6:39 am
happy than people were recently divorced would you can't do to stay happier we're working on a self driving cross the room are swirling this morning the story coming of.
6:40 am
6:41 am
>>mark: tech giant recently made
6:42 am
inquiries about a former navy base in concord has been converted into us testing john ferguson of driving a vehicle the contra costa transportation authority says that has not said what type of test they may hope to conduct despite recurrent reports that they're interested in building its own car the tech guide and then confirmed and plans. >>anny h: accord down begins today here is a live look from our bay bridge camera beautiful sunrise are saying hey deconditioned once again more details on the forecast coming up when we continue after the break the time now is 642.
6:43 am
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6:45 am
>>mark: the blast killing in least five or hundreds more may be injured the reporters said they're not selling off the scene because they're still alive bomb and act upon the need to be defused the explosion to prison in the sectional to the senate the explosion in bangkok during rush hour during to you as soon as you get more information and. >>darya: you heard about babies being about of joy in the transition to parenthood and their parents will researchers found that is not the case these researchers in germany from that a lot of new parents expense a massive debt in their happiness that may lead to
6:46 am
declining birth rates the study 20,000 couples that have happened this scale mt. point scale after the birth of their first child a happen this level dropped one and half point that drop was even greater and one point drop after the death of a partner in three times a bigger drop than a drop in happiness after a divorce. >>anny h: here is a live look at the embarcadero, a little hazy to a dozen corporate sunrise but it is not so pretty low '70's
6:47 am
attempted to around 83 by 2:00 p.m. a good 10 degrees cooler for a lot of locations will for the for the coast in the bay shoreline a more '90s feel no '80s by six this evening the four western when five this and mild the sea breeze will help bring in the core marine the his start this morning as forcing becoming more widespread as the get into the middle part of the week the visibility is down to 5 mi. an novato 7 oakland accountant for five and haywood were still singing the hazy sun rise out there this morning.
6:48 am
>>anny h: by the afternoon the smoke direction in the wind direction will come in from the west but moss to be little better temperatures 60 in san francisco warm and livermore at 69 degrees 66 and fairfield and low 60s and oakland tear the high for the peninsula mid-80s in san mateo 86 in river city the coast also feeling the cornell 07 is in pacifica 73 in half moon bay heading farther south thursday and friday made
6:49 am
'80s a lot more comfortable for all the kids getting back to school this week. >>george: that is because in the early morning hours of this able bay great block one of the westbound lanes just outside the tunnel this of the resulting if you take the whether commuter we have the curb or data map and it
6:50 am
looks like a man and registering as may be between the 4.0 and 4.9 just out of your. >>george: it was confusing because the lights and the studio were shaking but the floor was actually checking for quite awhile as well as you mentioned whenever there's an earthquake are immediately have to go into manual mode all the trains its load an order from the former track inspections.
6:51 am
>>mark: call and if you felt it just moments ago an earthquake we think it was centered near of your right but we're waiting for to show up on the earth quake maps in the meantime you, for even less of breaking news >>mark: north korea once again threatening retaliation against the united states and the does not cancel military training exercise of other countries there are scheduled to begin this morning and will last 12 days the u.s. and south korean official said the training happens every year and that is
6:52 am
meant to protect the region and stability in the peninsula he says this year the country spreading to attack the u.s. on the phones will. >>darya: an autopsy on to perform on a man believed to be the target of a to week-long manhunt in southern california benjamin ashley died on saturday in bakersfield to, county sheriff deputies tried to stop him as he walked to or road east of bakersfield and shot at him when he showed a handgun the share of says that he may have shot himself actually after he'd been hit by the deputies by the fire they found a 34 your was in possession of three other weapons when he died he was suspected of killing a retired dentist taking three men hostage and warrant to deputies. >>darya: will continue to follow a breaking news an earthquake hit just within the last couple
6:53 am
of minutes to live on our air ride on the track the tech what happened we thought in the studio did you feel the e-mail us. >>darya: we're following in the implications of the earthquake as we take a look at barked and expecting the tracks as well and the next few minutes we will be right back. it's stuffed with tender, juicy, sliced steak. whoa whoa...slow down...what? i said steak. in a breakfast burrito? i can't keep up. this is advanced burrito, right? this is intro to burrito. boom. jack's new steak & egg breakfast burrito's got tender, juicy steak, scrambled eggs,
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>>george: the earthquake we understand was centered in piedmont and it was first reported as a 4.2 not perhaps a 4.1 magnitude on the richter scale would ever earthquake
6:57 am
occurs if registers on the seismograph that the central which this one bed and they go into manual mode and so systemwide right now trains operating at reduced speed while all of the operators are doing track inspections and so for about the next five to 10 minutes all the trains will be operating at reduced fees which will mean systemwide but minor delays so far there been no reports of any damage reported by bart to their system and again this is a precaution that is done when ever and earthquake registers on the richter scale and barred central as this one dead we have reports from viewers e-mail's in vallejo about.
6:58 am
>>darya: within the last to men is no course of any damage at this point senses a picture will be right back with more the such coverage when we continue.
6:59 am
7:00 am
this is the bay area,kron 4 morning news begins now: >>mark: shaking in the bay area an earthquake just hit a 4.0 earthquake and piedmont we felt it in the studio at 649 and a lot of people felt already calling in an even telling us


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