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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 17, 2015 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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showed up here at the supreme court in manhattan, one of the reported 700 people here for jury duty. as he made his way up the front steps, i was struck how he was told to get in line like everyone else. he went inside through a metal detector like every ordinary citizen. but outside quite the spectacle with the billionaire having pulled up in a stretch limo. >> donald trump is a showman. we've never quite seen this spectacle before in a presidential race. >> trump was snapped inside, the pictures posted on social media. on saturday, even more spectacle. donald trump was greeted like a rock star when he arrived in iowa. he even offered free rides on his helicopter to young children and posted it on his facebook page. >> are you batman? >> i am batman. >> donald trump has kind of stolen all of the oxygen in the room from all the other republican candidates. >> who would you like to succeed you on the apprentice? >> i don't know. is it replaceable?
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they're having an awfully hard time. >> are we in a reality show? >> no, this is the real deal. >> "meet the press" interviewed trump on his private plane. >> if i go on your show, you'll get highest ratings in years. >> releasing a scathing state calling the candidate's recent comments bizarre. the drama all dpan with megyn kelly's questioning at the republican debate. >> you called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. >> kelly made this announcement one week later. >> it's been six months since i've had a vacation. yes, just ask my assistant. >> any connection to have her go away for a while in the wake of what she did? >> there probably was, but i wouldn't know about it. i hope she's well and i hope she's feeling fine. i hope she comes back and she's going to be fair and good. >> fox news responded, quote, the conspiracy theories about megyn kelly's vacation rank up there with ufos the moon landing
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and elvis being alive. megyn is on a preplanned annual summer vacation with her family which is much deserved. >> the timing is interesting, but let's face the facts. we're at the end of august. this is the time that most people go on vacation. >> do you thing that you drove megyn kelly into hiding? >> you'll have to ask her. >> the man always has a creative answer. i also want you to check this out. a former journalist from the bbc claims trump was hot and heavy for princess diana, and he saw her as the ultimate trophy wife. he sent her massive bouquets but diana reportedly said trump gave her the creeps. well, ben affleck rejoined jennifer and the kids this weekend to celebrate his 43rd birthday. we have the exclusive photos, and i got to say, there is not one happy smile in the bunch. wearing their wedding rings, ben and jen reunited at the most magical place on earth, but the magic appeared to be missing.
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the new photos show the couple on rides and touring the disney world theme park with ben's mom on sunday. they had a two-person security detail escorting them through the park and used a special exit when they left. >> looking a t these picture, could they look any unhappier. of our 44 photo exclusive, there is not one picture where ben or jen are smiling. and they rode separately on the dumbo ride, that's notable especially because buff ben is squeezing into this little ride and he just looks miserable. she appears to be having an intense discussion with ben as his mom stands off to the side. these two are staying apart as much as possible clearly putting on a good front tore the kids. the family stayed at the four seasons, then met jen in georgia on thursday where jen's shooting a movie. they made the trip to orlando together. >> a source tells "e.t." their older nanny made the trip to rld ready with them but didn't go to
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the theme park. >> but is the couple's exnanny the next bachelorette? she hasn't been camera shy. it's an attempt to jump start a reality tv career. reportedly she'd like a gig on "dancing with the stars" or "the bachelorette." turning now to kathie lee who returned to tv this morning. her first broadcast since the death of her husband frank gifford. >> he passed away instantly that morning all dressed in what he knew was my favorite outfit. >> kathie lee gave a tribute to frank at the top of the show, tearing up at times. she said frank was drinking coffee and ready for church when he passed. >> i'm grateful that the lord took him that way. because the only thing frank has ever been afraid of in his entire life was being a burden to those he loved. >> sometimes getting back to work helps you get through the tough times. >> so important. >> indeed. good to see tracy morgan. "saturday night live" just posted this image that reveals tracy is scheduled to host on
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october 17th. >> now, amy schumer will host the week before. she posted this pic with the caption, i've been working on ideas for a long time and consulting with my people. you spent the entire weekend literally in disney's world at the expo. >> honestly, this is like the comicon of disney. the city brings all harrison ford and johnny depp. i actually got a chance to talk to ellen degeneres who is at jen and justin's secret wedding of the year. >> what was your favorite memory of the night? >> all of it was amazing. it was exciting. jimmy kimmel was hilarious and sia sang. and that was fantastic. and it was just a fun night. >> next big wedding, sofia vergara and joe man ga nello. they're reportedly getting married at the exclusive breakers resort in palm beach, florida. and the cast of "modern family" will all be there. >> we're all going. she's the best.
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we're all so happy for her. she's the greatest. >> now, let's get into the insane celebrity surprises at the expo. >> hello. >> ladies and gentlemen, harrison ford! >> nobody was ready for this flash of the character titans, han solo and jack sparrow throwing down backstage. >> freaked the freak out. >> i couldn't be happier. thank you so much. >> i'm like so honored to be working. >> lupita nyong'o and the cast were all in full force. >> i can tell you that he stayed consistent through this whole film. >> disney said they're adding "star wars" themes to their park. then duane the rock johnson rolled in to give us baywatch movie news. expect an r-rated reboot with zac efron. >> we have two speedos.
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which one do you want and which one does zac get? >> well. >> we have these two. >> which one is bigger in the crotch? i need this one. >> you need the big one. >> by the way, that's baywatch. that kind of joke is baywatch. we want to make sure that it has edge and bad ass action and dirty jokes like this. >> let's watch captain america's civil wars chris evans and anthony mackie hilariously lose it. >> sure, i wouldn't have said it. like you guys. >> they had just flown in from shooting in germany, so we're going to call this nonsensical exchange a jetlagged side line. >> sure. it's a bit of a challenge. sorry. that's an inside joke. >> yeah. >> thank you, guys.
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>> you know -- >> honestly, those two were so much fun. and that was my very first superhero sandwich. >> i'm not jealous at all, not at all. well, up next, you were at the teen choice awards and so was britney. she let it all hang out. >> you should just take your shirt off. >> you take your shirt off and i'll take mine off. >> jason derulo explains to us why he got yanked off a plane. >> southwest, you
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tomorrow we're on set of the final csi. >> 15 years leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo.
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okay. >> it's infectious. >> do your thing. onsta dp onstage with jesse. >> but then outside of the red
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carpet, it was actually boiling. i don't know if you noticed, it's been 100 degrees in l.a. tough for the stars to stay cool. >> it's called a sweat aid. >> you should take your shirt off. you look really good with your shirt off. >> i'll tell you what, you take your shirt off, then i'll take my shirt off. >> they all took home a surfboard but the crew of "straight outta compton" that made it big at the box office over the weekend. >> the last i heard the expected weekend is 56 million, expected. >> i don't know. >> actually, the final number 60.2 million. >> southwest, you got some problems. >> jason derulo gave us the exclusive about getting kicked off his flight from reno to l.a. on saturday. >> i'm just trying to tell the agent, can we go to this section so we don't cause a ruckus. they were like, all right, you got to get off the plane.
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i'm getting myself a jet. >> and britney spears showed off more than her fashion sense accepting the style award. two boys and niece. >> current candy girl fifth ar money presented the very fitting honor. >> a way of expressing yourself. >> and is 5-h getting a sixth member? well, not exactly. but hing taylor swift invite you on stage to sing your hit song "work it" is a great moment. >> a dream come true. 65,000 people in the stadium. she learn the choreography. >> seriously, a night we'll never forget. >> the fierce five scooped up three surfboards and here's what's cool. the girls mixed in pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories from their kohl's collection. >> it has the high neck and shoulder blades, which i think is really cool. i'm wearing candies shoes as
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well. >> it's honestly really, really comfortable. i tap danced in these shoes this morning. >> to sharp the checked head over to and click get the look. >> still ahead, j. lo talks the end of "idol," the beginning of& her vegas show and what's going on with her man? >> keep been with the diva theme. guess what? we have a special flashback coming up just for you, mama. >> melissa mccarthy is only showing us her new fashion line that her 8-year-old helped design. >> your daughter helped droe this. closed captioning provided by -- droe this. closed captioning provided by -- rdroe this. closed captioning provided by -- adroe this. closed captioning provided by -- wdroe this. closed captioning provided by -- this. closed captioning provided by --
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in stock the longest, for around 269 per month. we've got j. lo and bo casper's dating. >> it's a lot of work, this business. but we do our best. >> we caught up with her and her fellow american idol judges in philadelphia for tryouts where keith urban gave up his secret for a lasting relationship.
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>> it's set priorities. what we love to do more than anything in the world. >> final season of "idol" but j. lo is keeping busy. her planet hollywood starts. >> it's everything that you expect. a latin side, a hip-hop side. it will be everything that i've been known to do over the years. it's going to be a beautiful vegas show. something that people, whether you're a fan of my music or not, would come and see and really enjoy. that's my goal. >> i know that i will not miss the j. lo show. another legendary diva. madonna posted this shot with lourdes. they got married years ago on her birthday. we thought we'd crank up the way-back machine and join her. the 1985 wedding of the material girl to hollywood's bad boy was held on a malibu bluff but seemed they didn't thing the
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location through. swarms of choppers flew overhead making it hard for the couple to hear their vois. martin sheen, kerry fisher, christopher walken and a pink-haired cher. the i dos seemed pretty traditional. here's imagimadge throwing her bouquet from a balcony. that strapless layered dress topped by a black bowler hat was created by her costume designer. it recently sold at auction for over $81,000. sean was protective of his missus in those early days famously feuding with the paparazzi and the media. >> why break the silence tonight? why decide to come out and meet the press? >> we came to see a great movie. >> but the marriage only lasted four years with reports that sean had actually once tied his wife to a chair during an argument. both famously moved on, different partners, spouses, kids. so with today being his 55th birthday, this throwback herb
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ritz photo of happier times is kind of the perfect sweet little gift. >> by the way, madonna's getting busy for her rebel heart tour. she posted this video and those are nuns on stripper poles. the tour kicks off in montreal on september 9th. i see you, madonna. >> seems like yesterday i saw her like a virgin tour and she's still wowing audiences. melissa mccarthy is wowing people right now with her fashion line, which just went on sale for women of all sizes. that same day she talked to our correspondent. it looks like a great line. melissa shared some of her favorite new looks. >> now here's one of my favorite pieces. >> that's my favorite. >> not only is it yummy and adorable -- check it out, you guys. >> that's your daughter that drew that. >> what did she say when she saw this on an actual sweater. >> she got really shy and
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covered her face. it's going to be in stores. oh, my god, i'm so embarrassed. she thought all women should have a fancy cat. >> that's adorable. just like melissa, her clothes are superfun but they're really about fashion for everyone. look at the makeover she did on jeans. >> first of all, i tried on 8 billion pair. i can't feel like i want to rip -- come through the door at the end of the day and rip my clothes off. they have to be comfortable. i made them a little higher. you don't want something cutting right there. also, i don't need to see any more people bend over and get a surprise. i don't need it. ladies, fellas, we think you're great. we don't want to see that. we don't. no one wants to see that. >> before becoming an actress, melissa originally went to school for fashion. now she's doing it all. you're going to tell me which
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look it is for that occasion. >> sure. >> mani-pedi. >> if you're going for a burnout, you do that. >> mani-pedi's done. now your ladies want to go out for cocktails. girls night. >> i wouldn't do that. you better do that. >> oh, a pencil. >> but i would tuck that in. don't be afraid to mix those patterns. >> tuck it in. >> neutrals. >> those tones are so beautiful. >> that kimono blouse is the same one she's wearing. >> you look expensive. >> well, good. >> however, in a good way, right? >> in an amazing way. but i heard most of the collection or all of the collection, nothing costs over $150? >> yeah, that's right. >> and the line's about to get even more glam. incorporating melissa's red carpet fashions. >> we should find out where can we find your pieces? >> so many stores, nordstroms. i'll have my own website,
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melissa mccarthy, hsn, canada, lord & taylor. >> her 77 line will make women feel good. you know what i call it wear-apy. just like therapy helps you be nicer to people. >> i believe in that, i love that. >> inside and out. >> i think that's true. >> wear-apy, guys. >> and that sweater is pure wear-apy. that's going to become a hashtag now. it is so popular, it keeps selling out. a bunch of her clothes keep selling out. shows a hit as a fashion designer. >> you'll love this. coming up, stephen colbert getting ready to take over the late show. we have new video of them moving into david letterman's old digs.
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nerves alert about to head the usgs talks about today's earthquake along the hayward
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find out in our star shot gallery on "e.t." online. travel consideration provided by -- so stephen colbert will make his late show debut. and gq got the new shots inside the ed sullivan theater. >> there's not even a trace of the letterman set in there anymore. nothing, nada. it's completely being refitted. >> dave we love you, but stephen is getting ready earthquake.
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this morning. berkeley scientists say they could deliver a quake=warning app for your phone. but they're lacking one thing. whoosh the shark alert for northern california beaches. how el nino may be driving the deep sea predators closer to shore. year four of the drought leaving deep scars on california's eco=system. the worse thing is we go back to being a desert. obscene and racist graffiti on his garage. and the center of a huge the alabama sorority video that has everyone talking in a full hour of your choice for prime time news. >> pam:now at 8. a four- point- "oh" earthquake. rattles the bay area. the quake jolted peo


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