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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 17, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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app for your phone. but they're lacking one thing. whoosh the shark alert for northern california beaches. how el nino may be driving the deep sea predators closer to shore. year four of the drought leaving deep scars on california's eco=system. the worse thing is we go back to being a desert. obscene and racist graffiti on his garage. and the center of a huge the alabama sorority video that has everyone talking in a full hour of your choice for prime time news. >> pam:now at 8. a four- point- "oh" earthquake. rattles the bay area. the quake jolted people awake the epicenter was just north of piedmont in the east bay. but it was felt across the bay
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in san francisco. and along on the peninsula. tonight we have team coverage on kron-4's j-r stone spoke with preparing students for earthquakes. but first, grant lodes joins us with what experts are saying about hayward fault. where this quake hit. grant? >> grant:scientists at the u-s- g-s say the hayward fault is overdue. you see it here thorugh the eastthere's a 31 percent change of 6.7 magnitude or larger in the next 30 years. kron-4 visited local scientists today. they said so many people may have felt it -- more than 13 thousand reported as much of the usgs website - because the quake was shallow. it was centered about one mile north of piedmont. most's shaking should be a reminder to be ready
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"no way family is thinking. have a plan and about the plan to make sure thinking in the same way meeting at home at the number one plan and meeting at mom's house #two plan" >> grant:scientists say today's quake does not noticably increase or quake hitting the bay area. >> pam: kron 4 helping you get ready for school tonight their stock references the print will earthquake hit this morning. who was rushed to been another scenario >> reporter: one of the reasons why this is such a big deal for her. she said that her school in los angeles has been not
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prepared for earthquake the reason she's worked so hard here. he see the first aid kit i have this first-aid kit nothing compared to the ones they have at this school record behind me. "the cafeteria the librarian tapir an auditorium the main office." all >> reporter: open spaces according to alternative school principal gina putting emphasis on her students and teachers for earthquake. in fact 1987 she is preparing to teach her class and some in california when the wheat earthquake hit. "love for my classroom my question came down a. was terrifying" >> reporter: students in a lecture not hurt this, will back then was not prepared she felt to be repaired issues ever in charge. seven cisco unified
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school district now has her teaching other principals in the area but preparations. "crowbar in case teachers may be locked in their classrooms. flashlight's gloves water lots of medical supplies stop shop cover close your eyes, the back of your head face away from the window and the whole on to the lead of u.s.. >> reporter: applying easy access to the emergency supplies. this year she's investing in several new things. among them specially made nutrition bars. military"rations to the types of buyers come in three sections. provides enough nutrition and each section and of contrition for one day.
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>> reporter: 4 earthquake never finished one reason she does so many drills every year except have their first drill in the coming weeks. >> pam: obviously earthquakes unpredictable. results not often caught on camera. women halmahera security camera focused on the room where her to poppies were sleeping. reawakening for these. some believe the animals are more sensitive to movements of the earth. aunt seconds before "this is the resulting back of our e reaches into the macarthur maes and around the corner berkeley kerr,... the like an earthquake does that bullets here are shaking. this
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is something you'll checking with part immediately for. something if they had anything when easter on. a on seismograph. it looks like if you take let the computer i have the earthquake-out map here it may have been registering between 4.04 0.9. south of gilroy. so take old at the map a major shake. it was of course confusing the light here in the studio were shaking the floor was actually shaking for quite a wiesel. >> pam: and you have to leave the house tickets with utility arkwright free mobile
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application. earthquake coverage ahead with a 30 tonight. they look at how uc berkeley researchers developing early detection system to warn us all about earthquakes. >> pam:a hot stretch of days through the weekend and another day in the 90's ahead is expected for that things will begin to cool down after that. >> dianne: moral another day in the '90s to hide in the valley locations. and the colonial feel run wednesday later on in the week. peg interest right now in the upper 80s and for much of this inland cities and. the applicant in livermore. east bay shoreline san francisco in the '60s for you. here's what we're dealing the he tomorrow. today already seeing in the '70s east bay shoreline areas. the orange indicating the '80s. and livermore area fairfield any jumps to 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. much of inland valley already in the '80s. daytime highs right around two to 3:00.
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the see the red areas indicating they're all the '90s. so once again house tomorrow. this not the chewable digits. we have the '90s in the forecast in the fort shoreline in the '80s in the '70s. will have the cool down in place for the week. talk about when you feel the effects of the cool down along the model school on will last. in the 70 forecast a return. >> pam: breaking news in other a deadly police shooting in the south bay. gramm is back with details on this breaking story. >> grant: getting bid details of the officer involved shooting in san jose airport. on unfortunately a lot of these in recent days. this one happening before 7:00. police say right off minor highway and familiar with the neighborhood there. her caving courts to any headway. crews are investigating what happened right now this is blocks from san jose fire station 18. this is the fourth
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deadly fire officer of all shooting in the past nine days in san jose. police now releasing details about what led to the shooting. again the suspect has been pronounced dead after getting into an altercation of some kind with san jose police. a police officer shooting killing a suspect all little while ago. we do have a true heading to the scene right now. we will be reporting additional information as soon as we learned. >> pam:an officer- involved shooting in sunnyvale over the weekend. left the run. police are looking for 19-year- old shawn lamont brown of fresno. he is believed to be armed and dangerous. the officer -involved shooting happened on saturday afternoon, near a motel-six on west ahwanee avenue. police arrived to investigate suspicious activity. possibly involving prostitution. allen baker was shot dead by police, after he allegedly refused to drop a loaded weapon.
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"he's pronounced the see set the scene. a loaded firearm located near his body another loaded firearm located at his backpack." >> pam: of the fire is bad language through fire account. ec the a contain all
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>> pam: please officers use excessive force strength in stock and in poor by non profit son ginseng office misfire shaw mission out weapon because they're all wearing. reports some even with officer and next july thousand suspects hosta
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issue-. please at she of the fire by officers. dry lowing crash killed of his passenger and some of paul resident was arrested suspicion of all please say the east public and side car and a direction control entries car burst flame skill in his passenger 5 is not a injured. touse sprawl clerks face police response the, intention. there's a myth man to to your mom and parts stationed the broz to shop
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and that sort when play confront him and ran ahead i am packing just applied killing million trees. plus is a call tagging obscene a red alert for white sharks. why experts say conditions are the mix of extreme heat and no
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we sent kron 4's vicki liviaki >> pam: is covered spoke with the marine biologists. live long ocean beach with more on the story. >> reporter: unusual to see great white shark. of short headless a while so far more than nonmoral normal in the be. juvenile like shark on moderate
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strange animal settings along the coasts is your. unusual abundance of wales hanging around just offshore. sinkhole food web is pushing right edge of short for us to take a look at. >> reporter: changes in the food supply in sharks. sicily in these upwelling of krill mackerel to. it is brought the animals close to shore a. also believes the pattern could continue. "seen much earlier in the season the normal seen these. >> reporter: impeachment-year and servers this book to will where sharks could be visiting these waters. "but for sharia. a good >> reporter: number charges is not necessarily mean there'll be more shark attacks on people. the fed"leasing more sharks that's true. don't necessarily know for a seat more shark attacks we haven't really year to date seen a huge increase in shark attacks.
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if this >> reporter: more charged that stop you from surfing? "no" >> reporter: clive if we get a lot moisture possible with only know all the fresh water coming down from streams of tears and francisco could push the sharks and wales further out to sea. >> pam: mix of extreme heat means the golden state the crispy brown state. 12 million trees dried up because the drought all. the deadwood means risk of wildfire extremely high. sen kron 4 vicki to talk with one the bay area to talk with one of the bay area's most respected tree experts. to find out why so many >> reporter:for michael bonfante a healthy majestic redwood is a sight to behold. he's devoted his entire life to all things green - he built the famous tree theme park -
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bonfante gardens now gilroy gardens. so when he sees dried up suffering trees - it hurts. but as the drought drags on, more trees will shrivel up and die. which means even more fuel for fires. politicos, and it was for maturities would cancel. will snap if it doesn't have flitted. the judge is trying lisa but smog is a nail in the coffin. were suffering from smog they're dying. they're obviously a lot of dead trees. because the drought is so parched. the ceilings from trees
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die off never get to take root. "condition we go back to being a desert all have our palm trees. " >> reporter: >> dianne: apaches fought along the coastal regions: gate area will clouds fall conditions. in addition into tonight his looks like a 9:00 p.m. partly cloudy conditions tenders still in the '80s for inland valley locations then by a a.m. tomorrow morning pettifogging place temperatures in the '60s by noontime gradual clearing with that pettifog. speeds right now on the onshore flow picking up a little bit for oakland hayward between tall the 15 m.p.h. also parts of the inland
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valley location livermore fairfield as well dealing with preconditions at the moment. italy radars the cooling trend kicks in no rain in our forecast and near future but for now dealing with patchy fog and those will then help cool things down for our area. fog trucker for you or around 11:00 p.m. tonight. are keeping up for you by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning ec this dark gray area indicating patchy drizzle chance for at least for all on the peninsula locations and cemetery of so. differences cassander fell cerros the widespread fog activity there even right around the border of east bay shoreline oakland hayward parts of san leandro will get that as well other. was it will clear up cloud lies pullback getting plenty of sunshine there. to insure wise will be little cooler tomorrow compared to today will be 100 and in the '90s for invalid locations and we get through each day of the
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week we noticed the tears dropped 3 to 22 degrees in general is. 74 castellan the collection will last and return. >> pam: the police in san jose city in just days. reporter heading to the shooting and update for you. countdown to an earthquake people are a getting a there is more phone 12 next and kron 4 helping you get ready for school. >> grant: the whole of the giants are doing + update on the raiders their quest to get the stadium deal in carson with common parlance see are saying today coming up later in sports.
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>> grant: this utility estimates ago. a video as d.c. officers arriving at that scene. the fourth deadly police shooting in san jose in the past nine days. you hear the sirens of the chaotic scene police say an officer fatally shot just before 7:00 tonight in south san jose run off modern highway christian milles school's campus familiar with that not far from kirk caving court in stony heavenly place not saying what led to the shooting we do have the courage it's about to arrive on scene updates for you from the night and always and kron 4 kron-4- dot-com
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and video creating a firestorm on social media explain why the video is being criticized a man sprawls of a disturbing slur on top of a garage.
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>> pam: obscenity antiaging mark was scrawled on the old grudges toward 330 saturday morning. please reviewing video. trying to find the person responsible for what they say, the suspect is a white man with a beard. seen wearing a baseball hat and a hooded sweatshirt. the victim is justin kahn. he recently sold his startup called 'twitch'. to amazon, for close to a billion dollars. and neighbors cannot for the support quick to condemn it and rep and often represents several cisco at all. san francisco.
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new nine deadly police since said this
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>> grant: is the fourth time in the last nine days san as a officer fatally shot a suspect. some video that a viewer just and begins to the sirens see the other cruisers are rushing to the scene before. 7:00 tonight. in south san jose off monterey highway in the crash in dallas colcannon. police are not saying what prompted one of their officers are multiple officers to shoot. saying what
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led to this deadly police shooting. we do have a crew about to arrive on scene. updates for you as we learn new information always be updating this story on kron 4 kron-4-dot- com >> pam: other top story. 4.0 earthquake rattled the bay area this morning a jilted people awake at 649. the short sharp earthquake just north of piedmont in the east bay. fell across the bay in san francisco along the peninsula as well. minor damage from the quake picture frames cracked plaster no reports of injury. the quake delayed bar for 05 minutes and there were minor delays as trees checked the tracks. the shaking will people very early as we said. and what is your smart phone off the for the quick happen. kate went as uc-berkeley is to the cutting edge technology that could just say lives. >> reporter: majority exists on
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a smart phone all they need now is the finding funding. >> reporter: come down to the next earthquake "is in a commission how much till the shaking of this shooting is that their location. the be >> reporter: doesn't technology for three years and. it works. in the"visual you don't cover holes on. >> reporter: orthoclase and have to assess the claims for. first are the p waves shown here in yellow. then comes the actual shaking the ex we hear and read. people cannot detect the first set of waves but the system can. put a"the warning in four
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seconds. >> reporter: elegists has the application on its own technologies not perfect near the epicenter you will have much of a warning example ellen miller went off the same time shaking started at his home in berkeley this morning and getting the technology and everyone's hands cost money $38 million upfront. 60 million every year after that. for one system that would run all along the west coast. every individual is $2.16 to update the system for five years. i spent $2.40 and a coffee this morning. they believe >> reporter: everyone here will want to fund this project after the big one hits. by then they say it may be too late for many people. >> reporter: no warning note
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mentioned. hundred and $6,. this is not block the intersection. yes fatality to get for blocking a at the intersection of the differences go. if you get tickets for blocking the intersection britain by parking an officer the fun is a hundred and $6 however of lucky enough to get stuck by san francisco police officer. "it and to carpool lane which if it was a regular lane realize. it was the carpool lane trying to turn them a black trafficked
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partly my fault i just dropped. " the ticket is written by said police officers. the fine is $285. >> reporter: unlikely seizing vehicle code in parking enforcement is using municipal parking code. in 90 minutes these two parking enforcement officer 080 tickets for drivers blocking the box when. until the driver enters the intersection. the card is not legally through the decided. slat see it >> reporter: the sentences go attempted stop gridlock if an illegal left turn your start of
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the spot by s&p. >> pam: water mains and east bay there were seven water main breaks in the city near the quake zone according to officials at east bay mud. five water main breaks in oakland won an albany and one on hazel avenue richmond east bay mud officials say on a normal day between two and three main breaks throughout the entire system of today increasing the number of breaks six of the seven occurred than half mile of hayward fault line. ahead tonight on kron 4 news the changes coming to starbucks all favorite pumpkin spice loss eight will be different this year. breaking news falling to
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>> grant: of the scene of another deadly police shooting in san jose. the fourth time in the last nine days a deadly police shooting occurred in san jose. this video from a viewer calls please keep showing a home in the area. the you were saying the officers were rummaging to the home. outside the person's home you can see all the activity. it just before 7:00 tonight and south san jose. right off minor highway christian valley school campus. police say the actual shooting was near kirk had in court
8:41 pm
still. even way. looks to be a residential neighborhood police not say specifically what happened. we just heard pleas are going to be updating the media momentarily we do have a crew there on the ground will be speaking with police and will relay that information as soon as we know what police officers are saying. as an open fire on the suspect began the fourth person to die in an officer involved shooting in san jose in the past nine days. the second in less than 24 hours. is updating this story kron-4-dot- com most >> dianne: the cloudy conditions tonight i had a forecast as well as pettifog in the morning conditions more. anglo's 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. bill beat and the peninsula area upper 50s most of the fog in those areas as well. satellite radar arraigned in the
8:42 pm
forecast dealing with wrote low pressure system breen in a wave of low clouds green letter also help cool things down for us to. all digits morrow a pretty woman in the valley locations in the '90s and more of that in a few seconds here but i am showing feature cast with those clouds this is a foggy conditions right here morning hours transition to about 11:00 you see right there holes back all a little bit in the san francisco peninsula area also at santa rosa on the edge of their. be some low clouds creeping up in oakland hayward you see the fremont as well again much of the same pattern at to wednesday morning to thursday as well couple days of the fog in place otherwise: things down to the gradual. clued it cool down your fill the difference drastically. see in the '60s the visa and the low '70's for san francisco san bruno area. east bay shoreline looking more like the mid-70s.
8:43 pm
call '80s castro valley e nancy east. a union city's all hotspots triple digits today. only seeing 94 brentwood 93 and the experts everywhere else upper 80s. to mid '80s as well 80. nine danville 85 san ramon 87 out martina's and down to the south bay regions we have high klutz in place. still some sunshine and we will have to heat their. will be little bit cooler than average five degrees cooler today. both bases again patchy fog will valley center felt all clears up midmorning for you. 74 cast. notice the difference 92 degrees tuesday. 87 wednesday. drop it down 82 by friday. the difference between today eight of degrees. it stick around for much of the week. saturday sunday more clouds roll and a. that the seasonal average temperatures. >> pam: common policy push harder for raiders charter stadium and the giants tribeca but this baseball record in baseball. stadium and the giants tribeca but this baseball record in baseball. on brings a new look.
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a chance to try something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. ♪ the 2015 cadillac srx. lease this from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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recruiting >> reporter: video still controversial so. repulsive from social media university of alabama a smaller over controversial recruitment video store is facing growing backlash after our current video some say objectifies women. backlash began to this article on a local i'll than a website headline worse for women the notre. these young women with their powerful making it so terribly difficult for anyone to take this seriously the writer
8:46 pm
declared. many of the shots objectifying to women. but graduate of the university of alabama. "our vision of higher education solely a product that is basically saying light blond hair exceptionally fan beautiful with a place you should be. >> reporter: i'll tell them the need to apologize for that story video. as offensive about it. and understand why people are criticizing recruitment video all did you want to do is go there. the fourth oldest story in the united states in a. receive all the memo said in a statement it is important for student organizations remember what is close on social media makes a difference today and tomorrow and how they are viewed in perceived.
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>> pam: as i had negative for the 2200 women to the story system on saturday. gen >> grant: and keeping the momentum going of plan the best ball this season. all in the sample was the match for the else you west. darshan ceballos bottom for no score molina takes into the third deck of rookie chris hanson kick. you didn't pitch well was now his best outing for and two-thirds gives up that run. that was an issue top six when nothing crawford had said at the center over center fielder's head. tis the score at one after duffy scores walks upper michael waka. seven innings waka the giants remember
8:48 pm
him from last year. bought eight this her spraining crawford of that trend is turned to. lisa to one top nine. still to one buster posey pinch hitting. didn't capture play first. it doesn't get quite enough of it to. to one the cardinals beat the giants seem louis improved least 76 and 42. madison baumgartner national league player of the week. announced today never won the award believe it or not. how could you deny him today after two complete games in two starts last week. ala only one run while striking out 26 including career 14 cage yesterday's. also by the way home run yesterday. what can't madison do. meanwhile turn our attention to the a's. sonny gray back on the mound. trying to keep his era lowest
8:49 pm
and the american league. stretching out had a little back issue. last week and looked ok made this mistake at the bottom of the fourth this. the club under mix of the one oreos. cray 5 and 2/3. foreruns only one runner earned. upset because it is running in fair territory outside line that the interference. the result will be talking about. he did sark's out belden. the a's need something the kickstart them. melvin gets tossed bottom seven. jupon iran gives up the home run not so fast look at billy burns. cropping up for center field to say is a home run oreos win for two days just can't do anything right gets swept in four games seventh straight they host the
8:50 pm
dodgers' two games starting tomorrow night. >> grant: >> catherine: and california 21 or 283 nfl teams. >> grant: >> catherine: today policy of 49er loris spearheading the raiders carson said the team's the chargers the raiders would be willing to shift of vision if necessary to make the whole thing work. >> grant: policy and possible future of the raiders. "football location no question about it best by far according to measurable standards and reports that. uncertainty is established to. team one of the new model. the only ready but. were anxious to get but started. >> grant: to go deeper it issues of the one of the oakland sports
8:51 pm
founders sports night live so. on day 9:00 right after kron 4 news at 8:00. raiders fans despite what are upset. >> grant: one of the chargers star players quarter. backfill river is a big old the deal today. the team the players agreed to for your $84 million deal. 5 million guaranteed as. the letters in football that was guaranteed money in the league and the 33 year-old river is now assigned through the 29th season no trade clause rivers was named froebel after throwing for more than 4,200 yds 31 sees in lysis and. the brokers could
8:52 pm
be ending his career in carson rather than san diego. >> grant: rocket rookie running back step with the tab sunday night out to dinner a couple veteran guys have this done to them in years past that yes payback is a whatever this is mike davis a fourth round pick out a south carolina jury the self rugby star rookie cornerback kick returner checked more than $1,800. this in the first preseason game racks up 63 yds rushing against texans but those two guys had to dig and the today ... but all little bit.
8:53 pm
>> grant: coming up after the break. >> pam: starbucks come and spice what takes a change coming this fall. and britain news tonight deadly police shooting in san jose so. second and days we have an update.
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breaking >> grant: story followed in south san jose. fourth deadly police shooting in the past nine days and at city. a video from of your she shared with us sitting in the living room. about 7:00 tonight heard four gunshots shortly thereafter. please park in her driveway knocked on her door. they say the suspects man gone and her backyard. no sign of that suspect of. this is rummaged through her home a chaotic scene. south san jose
8:57 pm
area crew there and will be updating the threat the night. star >> pam: box retyping its pumpkin spice latte to win over more fans of the fall drinks. starbucks says this version will be made with real pumpkin the chain. comes after logger unknown for known as the food criticize the company of black a transparency but the drinks ingredients.
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narrator: in the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. housekeeping. housekeeping. ave maria. mi ultimo cuarto de la tarde esta tan sucio. yo que queria estar en mi casa temprano. que barbaridad! oh, please excuse me, miss.


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