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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 18, 2015 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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child. the shock, the fear, the longing to have your child back home. all of that was in her voice. >> rosie's 17-year-old daughter, chelsea, last seen august 11th. she was wearing a black hoodie, dark ripped jeans and carrying a backpack. >> chelsea has several learning disabilities. >> a source close to the family tells "entertainment tonight" they do not believe chelsea o'donnell was abducted nor do they suspect any kind of foul play. they believe she ran away from home. >> she also has with her her service dog, say a 9 pound black and brown terrier answers to the name "bear." >> we are told that chelsea stopped taking her medication and is in need of medical attention. our source was not clear on what medication the 17-year-old was taking, but that it was a drug intended for treating a mental health issue. rosie posted on social media
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accounts and released this statement. chelsea like millions of people lives with mental illness. it has been a difficult road for rosie and chelsea and they want her back safe. chelsea was featured in "all aboard." >> go show mommy. >> it is the greatest thing, as you know, ever happened in my life. >> the mother of five jokes with us in 2013 about the challenges of raising teens. >> i actually had to have a baby because i have three teenagers and i needed to remind myself that i actually love children. >> on the tv show "the fosters" rosie plays a social worker named rita. >> rita has a daughter who is suffering from mental illness and both of them are trying to navigate how to have a relationship. >> if you have any information or leads on the case, you are asked to call 845-358-0206. >> our goal is to bring chelsea home safely. >> we will continue to follow this story and, of course, bring you the latest tomorrow. >> now on to the mystery of halle berry's engagement ring. halle reportedly lost it but the missing ring sparked speculation
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that maybe, just maybe there's trouble in paradise with her husband. well, last night on "jimmy kimmel," she showed up with her ring on the finger, but let's be honest. no one was paying attention to her hand. wearing a form-fitting sheer black top and black bra to her kimmel appearance. >> thank you for wearing that tonight. >> i thought you might. >> don't think i don't appreciate it. i really do. >> everyone thought she had her wedding ring back on, but when we look closer, it looks to be just a mini ring paired with a black and gold fashion ring. she also wasn't seen wearing a ring last week. earlier this month, divorce rumors heated up when her missing wedding ring was questioned and reported she lost her wedding ring in mexico a year and a half ago. it's been almost six months since they were seen together in public. on to a newlywed proudly
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wearing his ring, justin theroux seen at lax wearing his brand new gold wedding band. he's back from his bora bora honeymoon with wife jennifer aniston and already jetting off to texas where he films his hbo show "the leftovers." so where's jen? he's in l.a. prepping for her "she's funny that way" premiere tomorrow night and we'll be there with her. now for an engagement celebration, "dancing with the stars" judge julianne hough announced on instagram she's engaged to hockey player who plays for the washington capitals. only been dating for about a year and a half but you can see they share a love of the outdoors, dogs, and dancing, according to julianne, who isn't down with him bossing the dance. >> we like to dance in the kitchen while cooking. so i have this wine dancing thing. no, they say to do it like this. it's like, listen to me.
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>> for a serious turn, is kim richards back in rehab just weeks after her recent shoplifting arrest? >> i'm an alcoholic and when that happens, you take a train. the sad part for people who don't get up and go back and fix it. >> here's what we know. sources tell "e.t." that she is not in l.a. and is getting the support and help she needs and wants. her ex-husband posted this flashback voicing support for his ex and said, personally, i have not seen her but we speak every day. >> i love sobriety and i've always loved sobriety. >> the atlanta housewives make news. nene leakes is gone but we hear transgender model amaya scott is joining the show and so is actress kim fields. if she can survive "the facts of life," she can survive the housewives. >> i love that show. love it.
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someone else i love, zac efron. i don't know if you guys caught him last night on tv getting slimed. there he is playing egg russian roulette with jimmy fallon. both took it but declared zac the champ and in more ways than one. he gets to share the screen with super model emily ratajkowski. and zac's got the party going on. >> literally, giving interviews upstairs and there's just like rave under every one. >> do you play drunk in love? >> absolutely not. >> we know zac can rave but can he rescue? zac is about to star in upcoming "bay watch" with dwayne johnson. we gave him a little present. we know that "baywatch" is coming out and zac efron is there. we have two speedos.
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which one do you want and which one does zac get? you need the big one? oh my gosh. >> brought one for me? >> whoa. >> cool. >> thank you, dwayne. i appreciate it, buddy. >> this party is looking a little stiff. >> what do you think, amp it up? >> you could try. emily falls for zac. can you blame her? he knows how to get a party started. >> this controls the part of the region of the body right here. the most important region. >> it's emily's third major movie role since she burst on the scene in robin thicke's "blurred lines" video. so are her modelling days behind her? >> i feel like acting is much more creatively fulfilling but some of the best is having the relationships i have with max my director that i would have with a photographer. >> that makes a lot of sense. coming up, we have more with emily talking about fellow model
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cara delevingne saying that fashion made her hate her body. plus, we're hanging out with five seconds of summer. >> and robert redford and nick nolte on sex symbol status. >> "people" magazine's sexiest man. >> still the same guy that's got the worst mug shot of all time. >> that's on the way tonight but tomorrow, all new interview with matt damon as he talks about his ben affleck's first day with jen. inside nasa's mission control for "the martian." >> you're at the mercy of whoever is cranking th my name is jeff richardson, the vice president of operations
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up on our web site,, was kylie jenner offered $10 million to make a sex tape? now that she's 18, we have the letter from an adult film company.
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imagine the look on the
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driver of uber's face with mila kunis and beatrice with dave clarke, celebrating her birthday in new york with los angeles affiliate joining us now, makes sense they use uber. >> absolutely. >> i even brought a little gift for robert redford to celebrate. >> i read your first professional acting gig. pay me in a fishing lure. >> very beautiful. >> a career spanning six decades and revolutionizing the movie business with a sundance film festival. what would you say is your favorite role you played?
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>> butch cassidy. >> out of all the leading women in your career that you've kissed -- >> that i've kissed? >> that you've kissed, who would you say is the best kisser? >> i've got to -- who was the best. >> best kisser. >> start to think about it, i've kissed some of the best. >> redford is climbing the appalachian trail for a walk in the woods with estranged pal, nick nolte. >> come with us. play dead. >> bears, they come for us, we are dead. >> movie is really all about getting older. what has it been like for you? >> aging is really fun. >> 1992 when you got voted "people" magazine's sexiest man. i mean, look at this. do you think a lot has changed personally as a man when you see this picture from then to now?
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>> still the same guy that's got the worst mug shot of all time. or the best mug shot. >> i was going to say, or the best. >> yeah, yeah. >> one of the craziest celebrity mug shots ever. >> i think one of the best ever. >> good for him. thanks, brittany, for being here and by the way, up next, kerry washington's new cover shoot and why super model cara delevingne said she's done with fashion, her career is over. plus -- >> 15 years later. still surprising us. >> cameron mathison is hanging with the gang from the original "csi" shooting their final episode ever. did you know he once had a part in the show? >> that's me. >> i do remember that episode. >> that's next. closed captioning provided by --
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the key to really being successful as a self-made woman for me has been learning to ask for help. >> so true and i just love her honesty there. kerry washington explaining to "self" magazine what makes her
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the best she can be and she was amazing. self esteem and beauty is a hot topic now with the news that cara delevingne has decided to quit modelling while she's at the top of her game, something that's hard to just walk away from. cara's story shows a serious side effect. a horrible and disgusting. cara is not standing by what she thinks is sexual harassment and body shaming in the industry. she's speaking out on what may have always been a dirty little secret. >> modelling is the sale of mostly women's bodies for the purpose of moving merchandise. >> the 23-year-old brit who makes about ten grand a day modelling wants to walk away for
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acting. >> ever since, i just want to entertain people. maybe laugh or cry. not in a mean way, just cause some sort of reaction. >> she has six movies in the works leaving behind the world she felt belittled telling the times if you hate yourself, your body, the way you look, you just get worse and worse. industry expert and best selling author michael gross said many models feel pressured to just keep quiet. >> they want the paycheck and if you open your big mouth, you're not going to get paid. >> emily ratajkowski appeared topless in that blurred lines video but today saying no and others hungry for exposure. >> a lot of young models out of country or put too much value on the industry to really get lost in confident. >> and a backlash over different kind of shaming, love from herve leger but caused shock waves
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saying voluptuous women and lesbians should avoid the brand. but we salute the company said because they tell "e.t." they're appalled and shocked by those comments and celebrate all femininity without discrimination. for the record, that executive is no longer associated with the interesting come this time next month. if anyone is wearing herve leger. >> very interesting to see. another interesting note, i'm with two alleged killers. cameron mathison joins us. both on csi. >> 2001 but i drove over. >> not guilty, everybody. all right. not guilty. i was a murder suspect but it wasn't me and by the way, i was so thrilled to go back and visit them for the final episode. let me tell you something. the stars there getting a little emotional in saying good-bye. >> 15 years later, surprising. i thought, wow, a show about death on a friday night. no one is going to watch that. cancelled in 12 episodes.
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>> it's very emotional. 15 years, that's what's great about this wrap-up episode. >> those forensic wizards soon dissect the last gruesome body on two-hour finale. william peterson and mark he helgenberger are back and mark got weepy reading the final script. >> i think the fans are going to like this and then i read the words, end of series, and burst out. >> how do you think the fans will respond? >> i imagine some will be sad to say good-bye to a show they've been so loyal to but they've been happy they got to see, you know, billy and mark again. >> "csi" aired in 2000 and became the number one in primetime year after year. it then went on to become a huge international hit, becoming the most watched show in the world for five years running. >> i believed in the show. day one, i thought it was going
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be a hit. but to have the global impact that it's had. >> "e.t." always had an open invitation to tv's hottest show, i just had to show very first interview from the set. >> i always had a good feeling about the show from the time i first read it. >> what's your first reaction when you see that? >> that was an unfortunate hairstyle. and stay away from red lips. >> i think you look great. you look incredible. i also shared with her my big scene from season three where a restaurant blew up in my face. that's me two years ago. are you accusing me of something? >> i remember half of your face was gone because there was a fire in the kitchen or something. >> yes, that's impressive. >> now 337 episodes later and crew is saying good-bye. >> four more days of shooting. >> yes, four more days and then we're done. >> done, done, done.
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that's it. >> i promise you, it's going to go the other way. >> but ted's not going away. he's moving over to contra"csi " >> wait, are they saying good-bye? i've been so shallow, walking around. >> there's a lot of hugging and emotions behind the scenes. ted has been working pretty much 33 years straight on tv going all the way back to "cheers". >> those checks will never stop coming. by the way, while ted was on tears, john stamos is becoming a household name on "full house." and tomorrow, we're celebrating his birthday. john turns 52 and we're with the star on the set of his new show. >> it's richie sambura. >> and new scenes from the unauthorized "full house" movie. and how john met rebecca romijn. we're with uncle jessie's
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look-ali look-alike dating miley tomorrow. still ahead, we're backstage hanging out with one of the hottest bands in the world, 5 seconds of summer, which member is crushing on selena gomez? hey terry stop! they have a special!
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how big is 5 seconds of summer? check this out. their new single "she's kind of hot" debuted at number one on itunes in 41 different countries. >> and video for "she looks so perfect" has 47 million views and that means, of course, they are vevo certified and ashlyn cousteau was the only one there. >> we finally answer the question, which one of the guys is crazy for selena gomez? it's luke. listen. >> luke, i know you're obsessed with selena gomez. >> i am. >> and you want to take her out on a date, right? >> so obsessed. >> tell selena into camera. ask her out. >> write fan mail. >> actually write poems as well. my dear selena. >> that's how he gets the date, put it out there. >> by the way, new album, "sounds good, feels good" out october 23rd. take care, everybody.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: >> grant:a second deadly police shooting in san jose in just 24 hours.both connected to a bizarre murder case. and just into the kron4 newsroom, new surveillance video of the victim in the murder.and the 3 men police say gunned him down. >> grant:that murder happened last week on lundy avenue.and out of 3 suspects.police have shot and killed two. the most recent shooting was monday night here on kirkhaven way. >> grant:officers opened fire.k


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