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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  August 25, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>mark: experts recommend getting to know what is really in your portfolio in keep in mind for all long-term investments that will eventually pay off the does correct itself usually close to every year and we have had a correction which is tim for some more and close to three years sh. hist scotts >>james: warmer temperatures than we have right now right now
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we're in the upper fifties to low 60s by letter on to that or replace them with an upper 80s and low 90s for the inland valley to the ready for school forecast as to get ready to hand out the door what are the kids went to work this morning? they should wear a life jacket if you have to leave out in the delta you want and because it is windy invested with conditions as we head toward the lunch hour school is wanted on the cooler side for the coast of problem in the mid to upper 60s with mental and '70s and by 3:00 this afternoon on the kids of getting all school will hit the temperatures in lead in the upper eighties to low 90s those
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of the conditions you will be looking at the complete with the forecast come up and 15 listed over to the traffic center. >>george: does become a hot spot the most recent of which was again at gregory lane in the southbound direction it is backed up of science and 680 come down from martinez protect a pleasant hill in the company ride on to 42 down 2 walnut creek in half an hour trip to get the short distance on 680 southbound that is why this right has become hot spot the right on highway 4 was bombed
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also heavy in effect may start to backed up around the corner into will past 29 to 3 minutes the driver time out of antioch leading south and west toward concord the 680 ride south about as the slocum you this morning the drive times down to milpitas and 27 minutes track in the british for you the bay bridge ride is getting heavier it is now just pick up over 21 over 20 minutes up to 21 for the west about right out of the macarthur maze we just saw things start to slow down here at the san mateo bridge slightly later start the we seen recently with fairly normal in the 7:00 hour to see the drive times climb above 50 minutes for the west about 92 trip.
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>>mark: we're told is a residential care facility for the elderly 64 out this morning of their home of the fire this is are blaming the spread this one on the fire's intensity into residential buildings on personal sector to hospital suffering for smoke inhalation but no other serious injuries. >>darya: the look and format who acted suspiciously when she was riding her bike home from school. >>jackie sissel: they're still trying to get the word out this person was at the suspiciously the living you're poor rode her
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bike home from school according to police this set of from 330 on friday another yoga was writing southbound on the was road and as she passed her by and then stopped alongside the road as she passed as a vichy did i make much of note of the st v until a little while later he passed her again and again that is to be pulled over to the side of the road this time the notice that he was acting very suspiciously should home told her parents to ultimately called the palo alto police department the call to police department said the person inside the vehicle never tried to make contact with they do believe that he was acting suspiciously in water to get the word out to the community and that the know to be aware that person cited the vehicle was a white man described as a thin build in the also said that as you the was a
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dark colored blue or black as u v with a spare tire on the back. >>jackie sissel: they're hoping that you call the paulo also police department they say they will have officers out on normal patrol from the area hist. >>mark: he will be in for the preliminary hearing to determine whether there is enough evidence to try him on a murder charge he's flitted not guilty of shooting him to the 32 year-old or she was walking the father of impure 14 in san francisco in july the killing and the controversy as he would support repeatedly the was on the streets of san francisco after the sheriff's department turned down a request from federal immigration authorities to keep, costing. >>darya: 01 for marin county
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residents they found evidence of a coal lie in the marin headlands water supply and this morning but when a residence in that area to a boil their water before they drink it unless the park service is searching for the source of the contamination and water hookups are affected by this including the key part housing area default stopped headman's are wrapped in a plastic to know when uses them a call like and cause stomach or intestine of problems more skill set tested positive for was now fires and to solve the city's they said adult mosquitoes tested positive and santa clara and san jose portions of the city will be treated this thursday night at 11:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. early friday morning officials believe the notices on the doors and those people are affected in those areas today. and today >>darya: they're looking for more possible sexual assault victims allegedly talked to this
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man he was arrested last month and they say he met a 15 year- old girl also some media in january and charged with two counts of soliciting move material to a mile and four counts of less than a minor live believe there could be more victims the recreation leader for the city of san jose the he's been placed on the minister of leaves the city official said he was not involved in in the program what women direct contact with children. >>mark: a weekend trip in the wine country turns into a nightmare for 11 women along the wine train to kick off the train for being too loud most of them african-american em all white woman was apparently who complained about them they spoke to several of the woman who said they want more of an apology was started as a joyful event for 11
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mostly african-american book club members quickly grew sour on the napa valley wine train. pfft evil for the train left the station that was told had to leave to be is called off the train when that happened for the indignity they say there was only one reason this happen a spokesman higher by the company issued a statement apologizing for the experience the book club
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members say misses the point. >>: never in this whole incident made accommodation for us it was about for us haven't to make accommodations for the people. >>darya: hist, to my was spotted last night as officials are telling you to watch out he was seen on alpine road around a 15 official 1 hikers and job is to avoid going outside at dawn and dusk when they're most likely at the if you do see when you're
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supposed to face the animal make noise and try to look as big as it can and throw things. >>mark: he survived on the airline and 67 flight to how we he lowered himself to the ground march of this year 20 your woman skilled defense amid a way across several runways before being spotted by a free worker she was caught by security and arrested. >>emily turner: the view may not be quite as good as it once was
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this portion of the fans as a preview of what is to come for a 600 more free a fence line that is the minister is awarded $3.4 million for the project after a series of security breaches and a big push from local government there were chosen based on security analysis and should all be finished by may of next year and the fans will love just like this one 10 ft. high with the foot of razor wire on top of a smaller chain links but it also have a concrete portion of the bottom.
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>>darya: it is protection for patents a devastating wildfires what they cannot agree will tell you about next year are considered are recall after the drivers of for a very serious problem will tell you what you need to look out for.
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>>michelle apon: back to for a close to cover charge rain from tropical storm and heavy rains triggered half million gallons would spill the close much of waikiki beach this is not the time to go swimming and maybe a few days before the ocean is cleared for people to enter happening now a powerful typhoon has damaged buildings and is 26
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people were injured before the typhoon headed out to the sea of japan no deaths have been reported this as some storm were 12 people were killed and there's 15 people there are still missing. >>james: is one to be nice a couple of days will called hot weather and lemon and then to call dom there is no big swing and a we have nothing like it, our web. >>james: pretty level forecast the next couple of days the we're talking about today is maybe five degrees warmer than will be like no use strings at all and the live shot outside is a lot cloud cover if any family member that is the most dramatic swing was a cloudy conditions in the morning and sunny conditions this afternoon the temperatures slightly pulled over the course of the entire with the fat removal whole lot with a big huge spikes or swings at the
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moment it is cloudy with temperatures but was sold one month to low eighties for san jose but could get to the offer '80s and into the other parts of the south bank. >>james: ever to started off the low 60s by 10:00 will expect to be in the low '70's at that point amassed and reebok will get to the low 80s by 2:00 by the 3:00 this afternoon temperatures at the moment look like this san francisco include 50 degrees right now 54 and blaylock get in fairfield a mix of mid to upper fifties and low sixties for the eastman bowling as to talk but temperatures here is how the stories on to play al the may be reserved for the
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easter that in some portions of the south bank will have 90 expected into that little warmer across in the brentwood and san francisco dons our look as 70 degrees across the bay about 74 oakland. >>james: and to handle the next three days to much as one of another degree or to tomorrow and the start to come back down the trend after third it will be continued: into the weekend will talk more about that in details will come back and have our first. >>george: hot spot in the east that trip out of concord and martinez into walnut creek the
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most recent accident is the third one this morning is here and main street north main street south, that is why the ride back into come into my team is 34 minutes just for that one short stretch for the drive here and also a track in the ride for you on highway 80 and 35 minutes for the drive time in his climb to five minutes in the since the last time we checked the and that is because is predicted the traffic is backing up romp on a slalom the right out of the willow path. >>george: heavy usual this morning with the trip time of 26 minutes for the south 680 ride out of the east bay into san francisco the back of this into the macarthur maze will now look
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at 20 + minutes for the west to bomb ride the west side to ride also having 19 to 23 minutes for the trip time out of hayward and over to foster city and into san francisco from ran a little sluggish across the spend and the problems in the counting the ride on 580 westbound active now from the richmond park with a 14 minute trip time from the richmond bridge over to san rafael. >>darya: he is getting more support to make a bid for a warehouse he's getting support from the president himself he gives them his blessing if it chooses to run a potential run for the presidency was among something to talk about several fans he also had a meeting with anita dunn and about our last night that the husband and wife team as bed at the president obama side for much of the last decade his is the vice president
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to be leaning toward running was stresses that he has not yet made up his mind. >>mark: he bass her saying that she was really off her game after her vacation even suggesting that she go back on vacation/ >>darya: as a result of acid medicine hat captors released 37 million users names and addresses the web site is offering half a million dollars for information leading to the rest of what hap them users of also been giving extortion e- mail same the personal information will be erased for free the scare the leading to viruses and more problems for people they're working with asked madison owner to catch hackers they're investigating
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complaints of some new or jeep suvs can roll away unexpectedly at the driver of course for hundred 8000 grand cherokees from about 1415 model years the national highway traffic safety ministries and sent as before to complaints from drivers including five crashes in three injuries that probably looking into the problem the recall the tech and the tall consumer confidence americans and a less happy with their cars and trucks and have been any time more than a decade there recall record 40 64 million vehicles were recalled to problems installing air bags and mrs. which the components that the cause and installed rising prices also contributed to the frustration and they said the car price of 11% from 2010's. >>darya: air restricting rebates on hybrid and electric cars because the have been claimed
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by hundreds of californians who make five to thousand dollars or more of the program has been criticized as a taxpayer handouts to the wealthy that are now restricted those rebates to californians will be $250,000 if you're an individual or double that. >>mark: in a to statements like a freshman dollar dropped off with an error reporting down toward the house door and go ahead and drop off your mom to out rage social media is an old dominion univ. while investigators checking into the matter they said the tighter members from responsible for these banners will be held accountable. >>darya: how do you do if you
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break a painting worth more than a million and half dollars you're on top of this of this is a taiwanese kid advocacy he it was was kicked away from the painting his arm goes up and he balances on the wall which is the paintings on wall the 17th century will painting that invited a one-half million dollars he put a size: of by accident the curator he should not have to be blamed or pay for this as in the insurance company to cover the cost of the whole and the painting. >>mark: we will be right back.
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>>mark: this fire called the summit fire burns the south of big bear lake the blazes burned hundred acres with containment of to 50% fire fighters of the
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market in steep terrain to try and contain the blaze people like tom will say from the devastating effects is a key issue for lawmakers from both sides of the aisle is the top tech and the like has become a divisive issue. >>reporter: the concern is clarity you cannot look at the lake without thinking force fire their raised concern about the amount of money sediment flew into the lake and the four years of drought the threat of wildfires here have only increased the conditions this year are expensive and it is extremely dry and the democrats and republican vote agrees that it need help click toddle future
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is something that comes as, the debating with there's a deep divide over how best to preserve their support a bill authorizing $150 million specifically to thin out the dead trees the congressman called to spencer if he supported a house measure does been far less just 40 million to peru and sell off excess timber fish more than 11,000 firefighters battling 16 at the wildfires electron-volt governor brown expressed concern to small amounts of funding might not be adequate he insists his vision for a project like talk is the only one that passed congress. >>darya: they're celebrating his 99th birthday with a gift to you free admission to the 408 parks
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today the loss of off program find your park and encourages more people to visit our national parks.
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>>james: shows the camera at san francisco international is a bit closer to the coast with the clouds and patchy drizzle and also some delays and the airport
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because the cloud about 45 to 46 minute delays as usual no problems in oakland or san jose mineta international the breakdown of the forecast the storm tracker 4 right now where same conditions as to settle in the upper fifties to low 60s bay area wide by noon time things will turn nice and sunny for most of the day it was to hang along the coast what and where else we do a pretty low temperatures pushing 80 degrees and then with the '60s baby was amiss seven is around the media bay will certainly see that come later on this afternoon. >>james: tempers is in the mid- 70s by the bay at that point is of what we're thinking for today will have the 7 day around the bay forecast will talk more long term to give you a glimpse ahead at the weekend.
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>>george: the heaviest traffic is actually off the bridge on the approach in the grass from the bridge to hand out from 101 to 92 west about 27 minutes the drive times here and for your trip through wall the creek on 680 in the south about the direction still over 35 minutes out of antioch and the conference as traffic continues to back up from the corner from their drive to the bay bridge this morning was to bomb the backed up into the macarthur maze with the drive times are under 24 minutes from the maze into san francisco.
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>>mark: the attack on a train bound for paris as an example howe groups like isis and car so-called loan will to strikes soft targets the continue to pose a danger to u.s.. >>reporter: they created a human community to overcome the worst three americans and british nationals receive that nation highs on monday for stop a potential massacre aboard the train to paris back home they warned that europe remains a vulnerable to attacks the suspect is in custody right now undergoing interrogation according to senior counter- terrorism official he may be linked to investigation into radical islamist network across
7:35 am
group included a french spices sale in turkey his lawyer denies that he is terrorist the security at says these links should have been better known she did to the french radio station he was the first to try to get the gun away the fringe america remains hospitalized to my after getting shot in the backed. >>darya: 3 american herald from the sacramento area who stopped
7:36 am
an attack on french trained over the weekend that all group together and sacramental and all those who knew them as kids are singing their praises the always remain close and that is why have plans for summer trips, three your to of the high school football basketball coaches are speaking about them who they say they were great teenagers if. >>: he was a young man that had a big part.
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>>darya: he's being treated for injuries that he got as he helped to subdue the alleged terrorist domestic of shooting and killing the hayward police officer is due in court he was on a traffic stop when he was shot and killed the man accused of killing him will be in court this morning to enter a plea he was a 15 year veteran of the here police department and was also respected leader of the helps what came. >>darya: charges consume come to a pet sitter who is accused of abusing a dr. burlingame and it was caught on videotape so he's in good health despite the way he was treated choose caught on camera appeared to be abusing the video was taken back in july by a neighbor to amasa cytostatic in the case over to
7:38 am
the d.a.'s office and expect charges to be filed. >>stanley roberts: people behaving badly coming up next.
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>>george: him in the saw the
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barn direction as well as the 680 ride south about look at the dublin to fremont, down 26 minutes but the 880 ride south about this now 46 minutes to get it from to 38 down to 237 is no picnic on the san mateo or dumbarton bridges is a complete traffic check coming right up. >>mark: no injuries reported a but black smoke rising from the scene and the city of cow was talking they're burning along the land of the entire building office to try to figure out what caused this huge fire this to another line came back and attacked him them of the torch
7:42 am
for harm for 10 of the forecasters is a glimpse of what can expect.
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>>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: water was pouring out of the holes for about eight hours a day and that
7:45 am
was a of a plant from neighbors regarding this house and a 500 block of folsom street in the oakland hills according to neighbors and the water still spraying will edition lost irrigation valve it appeared they didn't know the sprinters were spring as much as they were never said there were home and they refuse half to monitor their water usage shut they
7:46 am
thought they had hopes that is just one of 4000 complaints according to east bay mud in 2014 there were six to 500 which reports for the entire year she miller have our residents or businesses over watering a lot from the water use restrictions the restrictions are to all the water before 9:00 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m. limit the water to two days a week make sure there is no water running off into the sidewalk or pavement if you're washing your car doors of the outdoors pitcher has a set of laws also is not just a run and if you have a fountain picture is uses recirculated water.
7:47 am
>>james:-pete temperatures today in oakland downtown near lake merritt right now where same fifties to low 60s bay area the have not changed the whole lot below hubble to block
7:48 am
some of the sunshine and eventually it will pull back the system to begin to climb his will to make a quick note is when did the delta center of a to malmo went unfair said and one of doing just fine as the caustic look for the >>: clock hour still shows them impacted least the media bay at that point will see pull all the way back to the coast. >>james: most some status here
7:49 am
is 748 in the market a quick look at the 70 forecasters expecting temperatures the warm slightly as a headed to tomorrow by thursday it would turn them will begin to see the temperature falls timber to buy the they hang it around the mid- 70s that is the weather and again 749. >>george: the adjustable loss of slow traffic here in the south bank for example look all the red showmen of on the sensors for both 101 and 280 as well is tied with 85 in the northbound direction she look at this already over 29 minutes for the
7:50 am
drive times more out of san jose headed out for cupertino and even the 85 ride at 38 minutes is an easy 80 men and hire than normal for the west, ride a sk. >>george: the bay bridge is active in to macarthur maze 2124 met track term 27 minute trip time coming out hey were heading over to foster city will spend about 18 of those minutes on the bridge itself the golden gate bridge problem free in fact like traffic here and for the richmond bridge the westbound ride and not as big of a back unusual although it does slow from just past the richmond park west, the drive times about 14 minutes into marin. >>mark: to do this the made changes to the application process and to track more qualified candidates the spoke with one cadet was to make a
7:51 am
difference off to is already well under tried to get into the academy and corporate to become the chp officer there were make sure there will now lose the lot on top applicants seek but because the test was not available to other changes chp cadets crime today will be up to
7:52 am
speed on technology will have ken madam operations is host of different things you need to do. >>darya: welcome to hire thousands of workers the company announced the tried-4000 employees in just one day september 9th initial public hiring that is the national career did the first ever on that they management team will an official to 60 people at all of their u.s. locations this is
7:53 am
more resource opening of the staff your job applicants in the report say it is due to a stronger economy and increase the minimum wage. >>mark: 01 trailing 5 nothing in this game in the fifth happening today work on to learn more more open stadium proposal for the raiders this led to criticize will have a crew of the opposition today is slated for half mile from not a 30 in
7:54 am
oakland after suffering a head injury and folklore raceway on sunday the 37th year-old was hit in the head by those columns follow the car as he was knocked unconscious veered into the water crashed--wall and crashed. his>>mark: into scheduled for ts week the grand prix. >>darya: were taken alive look at moisture is not raining it is just a little fog is reluctant sfo will be back with more weather and traffic and news in just a couple of minutes.
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>> mark: the day after we had a panic with the dow going 1000 points down. the dow is now
8:01 am
sitting to the 3%. >> darya: the s&p is down around 8%. >> mark: we hadn't had a ride up in over three years i guess is due for us to have a drop like that. >> darya: when billionaires'
8:02 am
start losing billion dollars you know that something is happening. >> reporter: breezy and take the easy because the numbers will just go up and down. glasses are about ready to start here in about 20 minutes. apart fifties to low 60s this morning, so jacket whether. we're going to
8:03 am
be on the warm to hot side in the inland bay and east bay. it is a little cloudy still. here's a glimpse of their three day outlook. wednesday and thursday temperatures will increase a little and then friday and weekend to the temperatures will go down. >> george: there's a new hot spot in san francisco on the sky way. westbound interstate 80. this is having the impact on the
8:04 am
northbound 0101. the bay bridge is backed up into the macarthur mes and the slow traffic the west and into the city could actually affect the bay bridge back up if they have to slow the leader lines. this and the two bridges a hot spot which has been backed up all the way into the keyword on 92 westbound. from hayward into foster city is 27 to 28 minutes. >> darya: there is a house fire that broke out over nine of the elderly residents and one had to go to the hospital.
8:05 am
>> reporter: i'm on the 600 block in the mission district. investigators are here china figure out what happened in this to alarm fire. we have some video from a viewer. this the fire was called in about 11:00 last nine. fire officials have pinpointed to one room but the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> when we arrived on the scene they had to buildings that were on fire. there is an evacuation because of the many people. luckily the fire crews only one
8:06 am
walkaways of they were able to evacuate people quickly. it is a little bit shocking to know that at that hour with many old people that no one was really hurt. like most buildings in san francisco this building is connected and the shares, and wall. the fire burnt through the other building gone to the attic space and started a fire there. the arson squad was here last night and came back this morning. they are in there right now to determine the cause.
8:07 am
>> reporter: the cause of the fire is still under investigation and the people were displaced. this some people neighborhood who are stopping by to get a look at what has happened. there have been some neighbors outside to see what has happened, asking to see if anybody has been her. some neighbors live next to that apartment and are without power. the road where i am is a
8:08 am
little blocked because fire trucks are still here. for the most part the street is free and clear. the mark >> mark: in the shooting death of catherine stanley there is a preliminary court to see if there's enough evidence to charge him with murder. the suspect was deported to mexico
8:09 am
repeatedly but kept coming back . a warning for marin. county marin there was the call i found in the water supply. about 90 water hookups are affected. during funds in the heavens are wrapped in plastic ring out. equally can lead to stomach or intestinal ailments. >> darya: this thursday night from 11:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. on friday morning officials will be leaving notices on your door if you're in the affected area.
8:10 am
>> mark: not exactly what parents want to soon may drop their daughters often college. more next
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is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. >> darya: the next time you get on an airplane be careful
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because the dirty as area on a plane is that the trade table. flight attendants say that sometimes people change their babies on those trades--trace-- trays. the armrest and the blankets in the palos--pillows.
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>> reporter: we have a camera at sfo with a little drizzle on the winds. more
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>> darya: motorcycle officer has been involved in a crash with card san francisco tenderloin neighborhood. officers are in the scene. we do not have any word on that the injuries but have occurred had it over right now. >> reporter: waikiki beach are closed because of a sewage spill due to the torrential rain. city officials have close much of the beach. a powerful
8:18 am
typhoon has damaged buildings cars in southwestern japan. at least 26 people were injured. many people were killed and some still missing. >> reporter: we will see temperatures into the east bay that i saw him why but i don't have 100 percent humidity and unfortunately not on vacation. it is a little cloudy by the golden gate bridge but it will clear in the afternoon hours.
8:19 am
the temperature and pressure is you have the temperatures will develop over the course of the day. in afternoon we will see the '70s. there will be some wind in the city but it will not be terrible heading west from 5 to 50 m.p.h.--15 miles per hour . be the temperatures will be 56
8:20 am
use about now and then noontime widespread '70s and then three in afternoon we will see the '80s on the interior valleys. the east bay in the south bay will be upwards of 80 degrees and in one place 90 degrees. and in other places low 90s. temperatures will born a little tomorrow. beginning thursday the temperatures will come back
8:21 am
down. there is our mobile apps to follow that temperature. >> george: on city streets at the venture section of golden gate in the tenderloin district which is heading northbound on seventh street getting into the city. the bad news here is that it was a san francisco police officer motor unit, and other words on a motorcycle. he was transported to the hospital both non life-threatening injuries.
8:22 am
from the east bay into san francisco, there will still be a back up into the macarthur maine's. 101 the golden gate bridge. look at this north and ride it is heavier than usual as the carrier's traffic into marin county. and into marin out of the recent east bay but not quite to the richmond parkway soap as the dreadful about 12 to 13 minutes into san rafael. >> mark: this set fire is
8:23 am
burning just south of their lake. the firefighters have the fire contained to 50%. this fire has caused clarity issues on the top hello and this is causing contention. chief and outdid trees around lake tahoe there have been some measures in the u.s. congress. the
8:24 am
republicans and democrats agree that something should happen to preserve this forest but if the parties disagree on how to do it. >> darya: first lady >> michelle: and first lady barbara bush have started a program to find your part for the 100th anniversary of national parks. >> mark: usually it's the bricky by policy. but what if you break a multimillion-dollar paintings? this man broke the painting and insurance had to
8:25 am
get involved. [female announcer] for thousands of local foster children, extracurricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team... getting help with math... going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal... ...when you can't do the normal things. [announceto help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that for most kids are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> mark: the dow is up 2 1/2%. more next
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>> darya: they have police officer riding a motorcycle on duty was had by car and has been taken to the hospital. >> george: even though the
8:31 am
officer has been transported from the scene there still an investigation under way. from what i can tell from my informants a passenger vehicle struck a motorcycle. just before this accident was reported out another motorcycle crash was reported a rep on the sky way on the 80 westbound 101 . the to way the right northbound is back that out of daily city on the southern freeway and of the north down
8:32 am
101. the west tried to the bay bridge is still backed up into the macarthur maze's. the good news is that while there's traffic in the maze that is not all connected with the bay bridge. most of it is headed to that the short freeway. >> james: the bay bridge cameras giving is a grave view of the clouds. if you look at to the right there's a little bit of sunshine breaking through. san francisco had been locked in about 58 to 59 degrees and now it is 60 degrees. throughout the day temperatures are '50s and
8:33 am
'60s and it is beginning to warm up as the day progresses. with in one eye is we will see the upper 80s and lower 90s. i'll have been extended seven day outcast when we get back. >> mark: people are acting suspiciously when a man riding a bike was offering gestures at a young girl walking home.
8:34 am
>> jackie: officers are really interviewing the little girl trying to find out exactly what happened, to find out if there any connections to other cases they have. and have been friday afternoon to this 11 will grow. she noticed an s e v stop us had of her and when she went by to sell specific-6-vicious behavior inside the vehicle. it is a thin
8:35 am
build a white man in a dark colored estivate with the spare tire on the back is the suspect . around here last year there was the case of a man exposing himself to various women throughout the area and so the police are worried about anything like that. >> darya: weekend trip in the wine country turns into a nightmare in the 11th women who were kicked off the train for being too loud. most of the women are black and they
8:36 am
contacted the police about what happened. >> we're starting to get on the wine train >> will: what happened for these black book club members turned into a sour experience very quickly >> we were told to get off because we're being offensive to other passengers. >> we had to walk all the way through all the additional five cars to get off the train. they took us separated us through every single car with all the passengers watching us. it was horrible in humiliating and degrading. as a part i will never forget. racism is the only
8:37 am
reason that this happened. >> reporter: and apologized was issued >> we want to reach out to them and let them know that they're always welcome on the wine train. >> reporter: book club members said this misses the point >> they're not apologizing for parading us down just about riding the train. it was about us having to make accommodations for other people. >> reporter: they are exploring other options for redress including legal ones. >> mark: there are three heros
8:38 am
to stop the gunmen on a a french train multiple of them american . >> he is a good solid person the tried to the right thing. he had good priorities. >> he was a man with of big card. >> mark: german authorities say that first-class stones is doing good. after yesterday's 588.
8:39 am
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8:42 am
>> mark: egg prices have rise steeply. because of a bird virus where over 50 million chickens were killed.
8:43 am
>> george: we have some hot spots in the city and we'll be updating the and we come back. more
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> reporter: i am on golden gate with this tree is shutdown were police officers tell me a motorcycle officer was struck by that silver car over there. they say the officers in stable condition but no identity was given. the party driving the other vehicle has been cooperating with police who. there are no charges which have been filed yet. the intersection
8:47 am
right here on golden day shutdown. >> george: there are several routes that leads north into the city. we have ninth street and seventh which leads right into this. because this investigation will likely continue for a while even though the officer has been transported, there will still be a large amount of back up.
8:48 am
what i have learned from my sources is that there non-life threatening injuries. the reason why they have been cleared this is because what it is a police officer because nobody wants to touch this. it is a minor inconvenience but it will be out there for a while.
8:49 am
in to san francisco from the east bay shares at 20 to 21 minute trip. while there is heavy traffic in the macarthur mays is setting more towards the short freeway than the bay bridge. on the spaniard looking at over 20 minutes chips and out of hayward we're seeing more traffic. >> james: the system and install
8:50 am
9:00 and this is what is life outside of sfo. at the clouds is starting to part in bringing some sunshine. we are looking at arrival delays of 45 to 46 minutes. temperatures on the upper 50s the low 60s around the bay right now. this afternoon we can see a warm-up in the east
8:51 am
bay from 88 to end lower 90s. in other areas we can see potentially 95 degrees. temperatures will climb a little more tomorrow but they will see, down through thursday saturday and sunday. we will come back to the low 80 degree range in the weekend.
8:52 am
>> darya: the man suspected of shooting and killing a hayward police officer is due in court today. the man accused of shooting him is in court today to enter a plea. >> mark: there is a man accused this psst--sending 27 million spam the messages to facebook users. he violated a court order not to access facebook servers and he has a $250,000 fine after three years in prison facing him on fraud accounts.
8:53 am
>> darya: please officers are using projectile's better made of rubber with silicon headset that would hit and expand on impact and cause great pain but no damage. >> mark: the oakland a's have a seventh if they they. >> darya: and the oakland stadium for post for the oakland a's and the oakland raiders.
8:54 am
there is a revised plan now to keep the two teams in town. the first plan was criticized another is a new one. it is supposed to be proposed publicly in a half-hour. we have some clowns and fog hanging around. more next do you like the passaaadd? it's a good looking car. this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event. it's year end! it's the rear end event. year end, rear end, check it out. talk about turbocharging my engine.
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8:56 am
>> darya: this ketchup a vegetable or what? in israel there is there's a claim that hines has only 21% to make gold content.--the metal content-- tomato content. and so cannot
8:57 am
be classified as a vegetable product. >> mark: we're told that the officer who was said by card is being monitored so we can learn what happened to him and what happened in the crash.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: motorcycle police officer was taken to hospital after being involved in an accident. >>reporter: meristem and go get him between the john street where police are investigating in the case of a police officer police also just a few moments
9:00 am
ago pull that back from underneath the blackheart am right here on the golden gate they said that and this of a car that was here struck the motorcycle knocking the police officer off of his bike tech is the second to hospital which is listed in stable condition they are still looking for the cause of the crash the driver of the silver card is being cooperative she grew told the she is in the back of this police vehicle and was right here and a section of golden gate were they have been questioned her wrist away from of that simply spokesperson whole the given an update on that set.
9:01 am
>>robin winston: and is an area to avoid the bid to the three block parade is blocked off saw
9:02 am
several is one to be back of ninth street is an alternate that will be slow as well to stay away from the area if you scan for another two hours that we heard from every on the scene no exact estimate a time for clan the traffic is pretty much at a standstill since then diverting traffic or from the air the door bridge a motorcycle crashed west from east before the toll plaza are the way the to the senses back of all the way across the bridge across the heavy from the nimitz over to the peninsula if you have cute the dumbarton bridge expect to residual the blaze started menaced from fremont to menlo park and this is also impact of a mystery why some. >>robin winston: fremont as one to 40 minutes to get from to study it to the 237 split shift indefinitely added to the drive
9:03 am
times the good news is you would have to worry about the major problems on the nimitz for iraq and to the back of his residual delays a loss of heavy traffic . >>robin winston: cash it is no longer to live through the maze that is the good news to to to men is that the average drive from downtown oakland to downtown san francisco to san sale bridge this is the writer for come from the east bay into the peninsula this morning if it looks a lot better just west of the toll plaza you concede it is still pretty thick a crowd if this is normal for the 9:00 hour to three minutes to connect from the nimitz tie 101 to the peninsula hist a little heavy knows about leaving san francisco on the right-hand side of the screen. >>robin winston: with an
9:04 am
extended minutes to help of some of the northbound truck with skits to relieve back toward a 9:00 hour as we get closer to the 2:00 hour saw the bottom left-hand side of the screen for lanes of traffic motherwell into san francisco 30 minutes from adverse drive from high with 37 in and of the to the golden gate bridge toll plaza hist. >>michelle apon: fifth fitted degrees of and the location of looking at some of the '60s for the coast and by four little the cloud cover and some that fog will continue to link by 5:00 still pretty warm and with toasted conditions of for '80s for outdoor activity taken the afternoon job outside south if
9:05 am
you're on the more we have sunshine a percent since the car san jose 62 degrees lower to mid 60s across the east bayshore lot of the fifties across the coast and the more than. >>mark: sphere here is what the market the door and write down the dollar's plunge in the travers of 366 of 2 1/4% to pull
9:06 am
out the correction territory in the dow was down 10% it's been a rough year for the market starting this morning of the dow down 11% from the beginning of the year down of a 13% from a high it is down of a 4.4 but it was of over 6% s&p 500 down 8.1 after she was hit by a suspected drug driver in fremont it was ron 9:00 class black police got the call of the crash in front of the group still shopping center on fremont boulevard there they found a union city driver of the chrysler sebring hit and killed a 35 your woman who was walking outside of the cross what they're arrested the man on suspicion of driving under the influence in this is
9:07 am
to combine a neighbor in the show's the fire start around 11:00 last night that 20 of the shop will shrink hist the fire officials said the flames spread to two residential buildings as well. >>mark: to determine whether there's enough evidence to try him on murder charges he's pleaded not guilty to shooting and killing the 32 your woman will she was walking on pier 14 in san francisco in july and since the killing started a national controversy he was deported appealable was on the streets after the senses with your department turned on the question federal immigration authorities to come in custody.
9:08 am
>>darya: then retreated thursday that starting at 11:00 for 2:02 a.m. on friday spite started to lead to lawyers to those losses shocked >>mark: another woman and the trend one of the passengers board of the issue about one and a spokesperson of the wine trade issues apologizing for the ladies experienced chest with a said the apology is not enough there
9:09 am
were taken back to not an issue for a refund the companies said they had been made to resolve to the group to hear their concerns east was so far their calls to have gone on answer we will be right back.
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>mark: will tell you what to look out for fairchild has a back-to-school butterflies the resurgence from the most to and did a fair home or in standardized test which the social pressure could also affect your child from kindergarten high schoolers health experts said the best way to handle anxiety to simply watch and listen to your child if you're a 10 with questions about their feelings in said really helps you should recognize the concern to try and help them solve the problem because a touch of them over to a new school this year half comic and a transition from elementary schools and middle school or from the school to high school. >>robin winston: 11 worked in
9:12 am
the golden gate is still closed at the block of the tying leavenworth in jones is a stretch to avoid all of the alternate rows are packed as well the news returned after ricbreak. do youmake remer ke iall f?evy ki-pro, cry-oof, st-pro loo neutgena makp rever es. it erase99% you st sbbormake wi oneowelte. needny me prf th tha utrona.
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9:14 am
>>robin winston: if you live or work in the tenderloin expect major delays because of the crash on city streets we told you bought a couple of hours and involved the monocyte officer at leavenworth the golden gate also was ordered transferred off to the hospital with the investigation continues leavenworth the golden gate is block the golden gate is called upon to and never worked in jones all this robinson histories are packed especially the alternate of 796 to it all
9:15 am
very slow and mcallister can be uses alternate but is pretty much at a standstill. shaw >>robin winston: to share estimate to track of antioch in this column all the way over to 242 the back of spilled over to the number is 34 minutes and 238 to 37 bay bridge of after headed to san francisco does a lot of slow traffic within for your lights on back of the west grand cash is so low all across
9:16 am
the upper deck san mateo bridge is thinning out westbound west of the toll plaza but where seymour reflects heading over to the peninsula is a 25 minute trip from 880 connecting to 101 the quick check of the san rafael bridge this is a did commit no delays approach in the pay its in the eight minutes to get from the san rafael bridge one of the best bridge is this morning for him she. >>michelle apon: temperatures right now in the mid to upper 60s and as it is closer in to the lunch hour temperatures will quickly one of for those and lunch spot the were '80s by no with plenty of sunshine however
9:17 am
if you are crossed the coast or they did little patch of fog and cloud cover of the '60s by that time after school is on to the woman with mid to upper 80s across the bay across the coast of '60s and temperatures will continue to fall like a crock of mid temperatures from the coastal to mid-60s still mild into the mid '70s tracking tropical storm erica scheck will continue to track off into the western direction it is about 700 mi. away from the island surf will gather strength as a hurricane category want my saturday and sunday as it continues to move through the bahamas.
9:18 am
>>michelle apon: continue to move through the costs will continue to track this all week long lament been aware tropical storm erika will continue to come if the check out online, if you're the consumer from the airport in our state heading into san francisco 62 as of right down into the next hour in the mid-60s woman up by 2:00 until the '70s by a drive home plan on some of its upper 60s come thursday and were
9:19 am
also track and apply the law that will continue to approach the pacific northwest and northern california given the nod to the a slight chance for a few sprinkles on saturday that the the sun that it will be much cooler across the bay area. >>mark: watching today's winners and losers with our financial expert rob black. >>rob black: the psychologist a doctor will put things a nice perspective the tendency is to panic when you open up your 401k even do online and you can see you lost 50 percent in value in the last couple months since the oct. much is said we were down
9:20 am
22% and one that it can be worse keep some perspective you have to the long term as best way to make money each is investing their return about 10.4% on average the bonds a ton above 10% and 5% stocks double realistic enough to think long term sheet for large cap will be like a pepsi and apple it will to try new things are good job also the title when things are bad to keep that idea first chance is channel the love what stock market fifth. >>rob black: amazon tesla huge
9:21 am
winners in the recent years yesterday they fell so much of the rest a hired and were three months before that a 10%
9:22 am
fallback in the market you pointed out a correction about 355 days once again roughly the we have not had a correction in almost three years, the carter the battering and will stop will be weighed down will trading below $40 a barrel it will give us a few more dollars and our top pocket is the $40 a barrel and six weeks from now which is the big drop in gas prices. >>rob black: it is faster international markets because we have the tech sector europe is
9:23 am
finding large places like south america and africa if the middle east need oil prices higher when they are not people become pork is the biggest are becoming the come for the lead toward terrorism will one hours tunes would want $60 will we do not 18160 but that is why we call it a listen it is too cheap at these levels large have international companies likely him friends to have turned as a store with our kfc and this dueling for 12 months on large cap international will lock the domestic the company's inside did not state are low and employment low inflation and low interest rates you is a looks good we did not look great we look good to see a question for
9:24 am
robert like to answer them you concerning your question i posed to me on the facebook page and will answered here we will be right back.
9:25 am
9:26 am
>>mark: several big changes are coming to san jose man and airport after a high-profile security breaches, if there is a new sense of place they'd hoped the was stopped britain's official half and again to force the defense is a preview of what is to come for any 600 more feet of fans learned the federal aviation image as a warning to the $0.4 million for the project if a series of bridges and the big push from local government. >>: we work with our law enforcement in the t.s. say in the separatist copley's
9:27 am
apartment and to find a way to improve our perimeter fencing. >>mark: completed an offensive from a soccer stadium if because of the type traffic and was chosen based on security analysis the price of to be finished by may of next year. >>mark: the stomach on the airplane the list out the tell the various places on board and the one your trip table some flight attendants and several passengers use it to change a baby's diapers much the careful about the flow from those tabled this also harvest of nicolae linked to trade tables and blankets and pillows is a fresh lease on the supply on the first five of the depth the armrest of the number one area in the capital of the highest level of the coli and sea gulls are rarely what down and cleaned the in-flight magazine research say hundreds of passengers look through them and
9:28 am
there is no guarantee their hands are clean. >>reporter: where life and attended more police are investigating after an officer is hit by a car police and paul out so far one of the community about suspicious activity fifth of all the allure ride her bike home from school. she my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman
9:29 am
for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't
9:30 am
hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. each >>mark: where lives on the scene right now fallen the latest. >>reporter: they are getting ready to clear their reopen the
9:31 am
streets to traffic in the police officer was struck by a driver on the street and they said that officer is in stable condition we have the latest information from police spokesman shh however we're thankful that it will be ok and no one else was injured as well if the driver of the volvo that was involved in this accident has been taken
9:32 am
down to police headquarters where she will be questioned by police in this is and is still on, as of right now no charges have been filed. >>robin winston: us to look at the map it is exactly what is close to this end of the work of the golden in about two block radius kovrov avoid leavenworth and golden state avoid jones said as close as well out to the right next door turkomen, sir you concede those definitely a stretch to avoid stay away from 101 if you have the luxury of
9:33 am
holding off on a northbound ride it still jammed the recovering from a crash on the sky when it now but still very slow those of you in a san jose on highway 280 if you have to head north where pockets of heavy traffic check the 11 connected to the san jose into cupertino and right now it goes even beyond that 85 split 20 minutes from 101 to 85 the will to cut and then after that but still very sluggish as a continue north on 280 into loss of calcium. >>michelle apon: shut if you are
9:34 am
crossing into not even a smile across the valley san jose 63 degrees as of right now to to to continue to grow of for aid from 90 sh sh to the plan and so this spring it will encounter-times when to be comfortable and mild was improper '70s and to the afternoon of a bit warmer we have some lower '80s by 6:00 it
9:35 am
will start to fall into mid to upper '70's. >>mark: 1 of comparison paulo out so that look a four man who acted suspiciously when the gun there was what her by car from school. shh >>jackie sissel: and had to happen on friday here is a video from the scene and the other side of power out of this alarm 330 on friday afternoon and 11 your girl was riding her bicycle down 30 her to block louis st. cash machine notice and as the passer-by very slowly and then pulled over in front of her as she passed the vehicle was parked she did not notice
9:36 am
anything of that point she kept writing to the south eventually she sobbed as she the drive by very slowly and a campeau over in front of four and as a pesticide she notice suspicious activity which she would home and told her parents in the called the paulo out to a police department there are calling this suspicious activity saying the suspect in this case is an adult white male with a thin build and he was driving a dark colored as you've been in the black or bloom with a spare tire on the back of the vehicle there were several cases of church and is an exposure and exposing themselves to teenagers and other women here and all talk about three months ago that person was put under arrest but they're still looking to see that any witnesses. >>jackie sissel: they're currently reentering the old guard to get any more new
9:37 am
information obviously if and when the new information come out will pass along shore. >>mark: the group together and the sacramento area and now those who know them as kids also sang in their places they said the three met in a private christian school were and some veterans check their always together until the ease with two different high school but they remained close according to their friends to the high school coaches are speaking out about the man they knew as outstanding teenagers u.s. military authorities in germany said that they're doing well at american and the storehouse for the he's been treated for
9:38 am
injuries suffered when they helped subdue the terrorist evacuation orders not lifted for people living near the wall fire alarm of the berlin to southern california sit by and just off of the lake there's no summer resort the blazes burned hundred and is the containment of ebola 50% they been working and stick to trying to control and contain the blaze in the area. some >>mark: this become a contentious issue now is attracting some california and top elected officials as they're weighing in on what to do to keep top hole blew including gov. gerald r. the scores murdered 3,000 a. near the lake but in that blaze of the server is concerned about the amount of money sediment that islamic intellect of all this for is a drop the threat of more wildfires here if the democrats to pull out of both a great step the force need help but there is
9:39 am
a divided on how to preserve the late shah's congressman called that too expensive and he supported a house measure extends far less as $40 million to produce some of texas tomorrow, like california today more than 11,000 firefighters battling 16 at the wildfires will be right back.
9:40 am
9:41 am
>>robin winston: the last on your still backed up as to approach the pain is if you have to get into san francisco consider car pull of the man of
9:42 am
talk from guard to the back of nostra to to enter the maze is spilled over to 58580 west is solid from 24 is one to be stop and go ride all the way across the upper deck to the westbound skyway more news traffic in with the coming of for you after the break.
9:43 am
9:44 am
hodid bece sentindey eating o aft theext,aftethe xt? so pdictle a sounsasfyi? what aut plingp a air,a stl, a bebag,nd aualltastg r fo. we a a camy eesehatstilbelies in t beay of kni, inhe eganswip of a . . spe. coue, at dsn'tean you n't nk uor sop u up enjoy ery ngle soi-tay bi. the laugng c. inve snaing.
9:45 am
>>mark: the motorcycle officer is down after a crash with the car in the tenderloin in the rock the golden gate avenue. >>reporter: police officers are getting ready to remove the motorcycled that the police also was writing when he was hit by another driver shot they said they expect to open up the street into the next 15 minutes this is a police officer was taken to hospital after he was struck by that vehicle they say he is in stable condition and
9:46 am
that he does not have life- threatening injuries to the driver of the car that was involved with that accident has been taken to police headquarters for questioning as of right now they still have been no charges filed this is because of the accident is still under investigation. >>robin winston: this is a very busy area in attendance on a lot of people heading to and from work if said it is legitimate of traffic police are still covered in your from the air into the next 15 minutes to help to have this out of the way by 10:00 we know that it is in the final clearance they just shot the leavenworth is blocked off right at golden that avenue jones is also called is about to block radius capital talk over turf does also mcalester and expect major delays and also on the streets a lot of heavy traffic is spilling over to six and
9:47 am
seven polls are open but is very slow once again the stretch to avoid but the hope that this is of within the next 15 minutes this injury class and law of the pedestrian happen on 64 between market and stevenson the stretch as close of were looking for alternate law was toppled to fifth street is normally packed in this area and to and from market that also cause a major the laying there isn't a problem that just popped up the slack at see a traffic jam come out of the sock and for those views in 280 and is in a crash involving several vehicles. >>robin winston: it is putting more pressure on northbound traffic in a solid from 101 and it was a heavy if all the way to cupertino ever heading into san francisco there's a lot of slow traffic waiting for you at the bay bridge toll plaza not because we have problems on the bridge no problems, when this is morning commit traffic but has
9:48 am
not been out the lights on in this area still backed up into the oakland a's is puzzle to 580 and also to a high with 2492 san mateo bridge a much better shape instead and outlasted most on his side and slope instructions to a high-rise portion of the bread were looking at 15 to 17 minute trip from average drive from 80 in hayward to 101 san mateo that is not bad at all a quick check of the camaro car to go of it for a reciprocal started switching around the link configuration. >>robin winston: they're taking away one of the southbound lanes on the left-hand side of going from 4 to 3 will give it three and three in both directions of ross a good committee on december sale bridge in the golden gate bridge headed into a out of san francisco such.
9:49 am
>>michelle apon: if your cost to close to my love to dress and a few layers we have the upper 50s patchy fog along to look out cover the train flight to the airport about 45 minutes for incoming flights looking at the lunch hour is just about two hours away of the seven is to lower '80s possible for those in the spots and on the most sunny skies across the bay and the coast temperatures will actually be it pish mid to upper 60s by that time and that no one of the to the afternoon sh he was what
9:50 am
looks like from our studios at the bay bridge to consider we have some great sky still out there but for those calls to lift them to move out the vessel will be below for the next few hours and will see a little sunshine a is a friend of this war stand lower to mid 60s across san francisco of a san jose cop the livermore and the slightly warmer side have met the upper 60s and the more 67 retinol santa rosa 58 degrees to a record to warm up into the mid '70s. plan on low seventies by 8:00 she. >>michelle apon: what it was a little but a cloud cover cost currently impossible nor the coast most of the areas have and sunshine and will continue to try to the tomahawk our past and into the early afternoon a few are staying across san
9:51 am
francisco which it was taught to: on 54 6:00 this afternoon with some calls across much of the bay this afternoon looking at the rest of the 80s and 90s across and and spots on to state that went into tomorrow and for thursday for the weekend a few isolated showers may be possible for the amount they saturday and sunday a lot cooler across the rest of the region this weekend. >>mark: the national park service the celebrated its 99th birthday with a gift to all loves free admission to all of its 400 a parks today in events allow hunters were spent its the first lady and former first lady laura was was the program find your parked encouraging more people to visit national parks 63 year-old getting a credit to make breakfast when she opened of her or butter and a spot was it thinks is donald trump's six to the boss sunless tub of butter on even the senses her
9:52 am
husband took over a ship not some fashion hopes the campaign melt away like butter the dominance in the media is starting to get a lot of control set the have the numbers to show it reached the server show the time of the seventh and the 24 to two weeks after the gop debate by liberals that risk is much coverage as all six to other tenants combined he was much as 318 times on the your time stock, such as a hundred 30 it more mentioned in the next highest and that and three times as many as in the tightest and after that test. >>mark: for his bill turned the gop front lawn of, calling the aggression plant catastrophic if fitch's new support of conservative commentary slamming his plan to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants should
9:53 am
he send about trump the bill slams both bush and trample on emigration since she chastised jerba's for lobbying in support of will past relationship with the have men and started to appeal president obama dream act which says she believes will tear and immigrant families apart sphere. >>mark: he would do anything to adopt from which she says as criticizing the term tanker babies with his five children born and the u.s. apparently came to the country illegally
9:54 am
will be right back.
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>mark: a motorcycle officer involved in a car crash and have and to underline the the work trickled back avenue office in the house will they say the intersection but they're expected to clear out and the few minutes because the accident and under investigation of reprisal wall street all morning the dow jones industrial average picking a rebound today the death of over for her to point at one point after the dow and is to drop the thousand points yesterday and and closed down 588 that with the dow and correction territory incident over 11 percent for the year in the rebound right now the dow of 342.
9:57 am
>>mark: 8 prices jumping hundred and 50% in the last year the average price for the legs is coming in and $3.61 a sharp rise in partial blame on the bird flew out for the lead to the killing off almost 50 million chickens a midwest the price for this as a dollar from five higher chicken feed prices and the rollout of opposition to the california was mended humane conditions for a clean chicken is also leading to the surge of pricing will call back down a few degrees for the weekend but said wednesday morning clouds given with afternoon sunshine for most locations. stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am..
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or purchase with 0% apr financing. >> announcer: today on "dr. phil." >> i'm no psycho. look at you. >> announcer: he takes his wife's tantrums. >> dr. phil: you're beating your head against the wall. >> announcer: she claims her husband torments her. >> dr. phil: how hard did you hit her? when you're doing the recording you're a good director. the camera wasn't running when you were touching her. you didn't bring us that video, did you? >> dr. phil: let's do it! >> have a good show, everybody. >> dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by. i'll count you down. >> dr. phil: i try to be an emotional compass and point you in the right direction. >> five, four -- >> dr. phil: i'm not giving up on you. [cheers & applause]


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