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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 25, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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injuries are unknown at this hour. >> reporter: the california highway patrol said for fiscal police department pursue the vehicle at high speed against or over the bridge. crossing over to oakland and the 1000 st. crashing the red cadillac. both men took off on feed-- on foot. >> reporter: emeryville police department with oakland pd and san francisco peak d., s.c. state peak--chp using a canine unit to arrest the man. the suspects may have been bitten by the dog at that time. >> reporter: responding very quickly on this and pursuing high speed all wanting to
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bring this situation to an end absolutely because the two individuals were showing no regard for community. >> these are people we do not want when around our streets dripping--our streets. >> reporter: of men will be taken back to step for cisco and facing charges of our marine--robbery and assault. in oakland charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> pam: sanchez is charged with killing his individual walking on the pier. joining us live with what prosecutors have presented. emily?
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>> reporter: to determine if whether there is enough evidence to charge low pass sanchez with murder. there were key points presented separate you will see some from court but would not see any basis. other than the judge because this is a high-profile case with strict orders from the judge of which can show or cannot show. because most of the witnesses in this case our tourist, instead, the state called in investigators to see what they found from interviewing individuals of from three key points that came on of that today for >> reporter: erst, was a picture that was shown what we cannot show it. and picture of a woman with her family in the background. there was a man who they are seeing is lopez, at our and the background and the key point of that is to show that the victim was in the
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same place at the same time. >> reporter: the second point has to do with the weapon that was used. st. that a after a shooting happened something flew into the air in their the water near pier 14. where they third key point wears a woman looking up when the house of gunshots and the crowd of people running towards the body. she said, she sought a suspicious single person who the state is saying it is also his own money in the opposite direction creek she thought that it was suspicious so she took photos of it. of course none are available to show at this point. >> reporter: more information is expected to be present tomorrow creek we do have a brief sound bite
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coming up at tonight-a-half tonight s six. >> pam: police are looking for a man engaging in a suspicious behavior by filing an 11 year old girl home from school creek in happened and a 3800 block of los road. a driver rolled by and pulled up to occurred in front of a girl riding her bicycle. twice. although the man did not see anything to the girl the young girl saw the man had been or acting weird with weird behavior. >> reporter: pam, believe it or not crime is coming down and not less than four but there are some cities that are downright dangerous of the top 30 most dangerous cities in america. he may be surprised that the bay area
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is at the top three print is not oakland, san jose or richmond. emeryville ranks no. 3 of the three most dangerous cities in america >> reporter: to the fear of those are based on per capita. and in is still only has 10,000 people, it just seems high. next, i to stop the fall in marysville mayor. and she points out that it is on the border of oakland so they are not immune from crime. in 2014 there were no murders in emeryville. but let's take a look at other crimes that were taken for that word president. >> reporter: shoplifting, or brick is because there is so much retell in emeryville. and i did receive a first
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deck of crime statistics and we will review this for a story later tonight. pam? >> pam: a second story walkway, cholesteric the tennis says bay noticed a crack in the walkway after the earthquake in piedmont last week. >> reporter: to see the damage here. at market and 31st street, the stucco from underneath the walkway came crashing down yesterday afternoon. >> i heard a rumbling sound. and then i heard yelling. crashing down on the ground. >> he could not even get out. >> reporter: building
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resident says this picture taken after the piedmont quake shows how the crack was forming even then print but complain to the property management company and nothing was done. but the owner of the coffee says she did not find any thing out about this situation into monday morning. >> reporter: she says it was a blessing that no one was hurt. and restoration contract did come out and access the damage on tuesday. >> it looked like there was a significant amount of stock culprit it was very dangerous and heavy. thank goodness no one was hurt. >> reporter: residents say they are anxious to know how many days they will be out of their home. >> reporter: a structural engineer is scheduled to come out and take a look at
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the walkway. he will have a better idea of the timeline, once they realize how extensive the damage really is. >> pam: 8 people displaced by a two alarm fire in the mission district. breaking out, late monday night. fire crews to get-a-ticket but blaze under control but not before it has spread to the attic of the neighboring building. one person suffered from smoke, the cost of the buyer is still under investigation. >> pam: over the labor day weekend, talking to bart to that about the shutdown and the work that the crews will be the one on around this time. >> reporter: is a plan that bart says was in the works for the 20 oakland and san
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francisco. thousand speak of all rail will be shut down. the changes will make for a smoother ride for commuters. >> tuesday after labor day the trip from oakland and san for cisco will be quiet print because working on the real spirit >> reporter: of repairs will also cost the tracks to switch easily. --cause tracks >> reporter: customers will experience delays up to one hour. caltran says they will like you to stay local during the holiday weekend. >> if people can avoid that, that will certainly help. in
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regard to making trips appeared >> pam: bart was prepared with a fleet of buses to take commuters to and from 7 cisco and oakland. no problems were reported separate router ship was considerably lower than normal that we can. for more details for alternate ways to get around to school to our web site. >> pam: more drama on wall street to be wiped out by the late afternoon after the early morning surge. another rough wide-rye- >> pam: catherine? >> catherine: by the closing bell the dell was down. and the final minutes of training or trading. the
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field could affected not last long. the global markets have calmed down. a little bit still. the market is down on the 1500 plans and the last five sessions along. the stick to look at the final numbers. the past and people down 25 and the nasdaq dropped 20 points. >> catherine: rob black will tell us more later to and the broadcast. >> pam: will police found on his cell phone when he was arrested. plus, an apology to the african-american women kicked off at the napa valley wine trade. was it enough? >> pam: justin tie for year end of summer cook off. there is a warning with
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ground beef. >> pam: will be back!
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come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. >> pam: and apology to the mostly african-american book club members that were brought up the napa valley trying to rid today they take full responsibility for their actions. the wine train was, at the same rock in handling this issue.
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talking to the book club members to that dan joining us live in our news room. >> reporter: >> i did receive a phone call from the c e zero from the napa wine train. >> reporter: one of the members from off the train for allegedly, been too loud. after receiving an unacceptable apology. the old ceo has talked to her and sent in e-mail. the telling each in dignity and apology in four separate same that they were in that early in sensitive to you and members of the book club. please meant except our meeting apologies for mistakes and failures. the nl promises additional contra sensitive training
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for employees. >> order to move forward, you have to admit you're wrong doing and embodied those things. approves will be in the pudding in terms of down the road to see if they will implement those things with a course of their business. >> reporter: is this a genuine or just fan to make a go away. she bases it on the phone conversation with the c e zero. >> over the last few days my staff has been traumatized by this whole experience creek we are being painted as something we are not in the media. it is so, while? this is an epiphany. that is exact same thing that you did to us. we have been painted as this broad brush stroke and the medium to be something that we are not
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too. so, i thought i found it to be a little bit of what it is about in regards to them and making it all go away. to >> pam: night, we are getting a new look at the proposed coliseum derrick with an investor releasing his in addition to day. the investor, says he is optimistic. but key players were missing in action. (cheers & applause) >> reporter: was all smiles at this meeting in oakland. say that he feels good about the transit idea
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>> we have narrowed the project down to think things are feasible. >> reporter: to make it happen? >> the eyes are 50-50 at best. --odds >> reporter: here is a rendering of the project. despite the glossy pictures. there were no one from to county or sports team at the meeting. there was one city councilman, larry reed sitting right here in the back on and he came after the meeting started. >> reporter: kron4 reached out to the team of the raiders and they did not return our numerous calls to rid the case that they had
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no comment about the proposal. >> if we can influence the futures of the next- generation of oakland. and people who live in the east bay. >> reporter: >> catherine: held to 215 a. of which is now 60 percent contained and then there is the grave fire broke out near middletown. it is now fully content. one out building in a number of cars and initially threatened creek cruised did manage to turn those all around. >> catherine: 1 continues to grow and fresno county.
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over 52,000 a., it is about 70 percent contained. it has a long way to go here. >> catherine: a local fair has been cancelled for labor day weekend occurred because they are concerned about their quality been a big problem. >> pam: it has not been as high as accurate and that is good news for the fire grows out on lines. she >> diane: low clouds are in place. with the warming trend containing for the rest of the work week. temperatures are still in the '90s for the inland location out in livermore, concord and antioch. 20 degrees cooler for the shorelines. at the peninsula and low 60's in that area. >> diane: 71 degrees for the
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east bay shoreline and by 10:00 p.m., apache f o g near the coastal regions. before it becomes mostly sunny before the afternoon. --patchy fog >> diane: we do have a slight chance of showers and i am talking about a 20 percent chance of that. >> diane: she afternoon highs tomorrow, slightly warmer than today. we are talking about three degrees warmer than today. 91 in livermore and pleasanton. east bay shoreline 20 degrees cooler. 72 degrees for the san francisco area. the '90s, still will stay with us until friday >> diane: will talk more
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about the temperatures coming up next! >> pam: vicki is back talking about a super bug in your burger. vicki? >> reporter: consumer reports resets samples of raw meat that they looked at showing super bug sprint plus, twice the amount of e coli is what they saw the government has warned that eating trot and rare hamburger meat can be a health threat. >> reporter: just mail--mayo >> reporter: dropping all claims of mayonnaise. according to a letter that was just posted by the u.s.
5:23 pm
food and drug administration. a glass in may of plans instead. so now the company has distilled 8. --has a little egg >> pam: beseeched peonies hundreds of cadets. how the department is changing their hiring process. next!
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>> pam: police say the officer was sent to the s no word yet on the extent of his injuries. a separate injury happened or accident happened on stevenson st print between pedestrians and drivers. that incident
5:26 pm
was life-threatening. >> catherine: chp would like to implement hundreds of cadets all over the country. they are changing the testing process from three times a year to open continuously. they do not want to miss out on the debts that are ready to jump into this career. >> sometimes you have to wait six months or three months. >> it was actually in or i was actually a biology major. but this seems like a whole lot of fun. >> catherine: k-9 and air operation units will also be included. they will also
5:27 pm
have to be up to speak on technology. pam? >> pam: facing a judge, tonight what investigators found on this individual and what we are learning about his troubled past >> pam: plus, there is an controversy on the political trail in regard to immigration.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: catherine is back with what we are learning about this individual. >> catherine: blindfolded and barefoot as he entered the building. prosecuting are saying that there is no intention of terrorist attack. >> we have also found in a cartridge, extra ammunition and oil but then there's of other weapons. >> catherine: telling his
5:31 pm
attorneys that he found the weapons at only to drop the passengers with his aunt had and he is dumbfounded by being accused of terrorism his cell phone tells a different story. >> i used to the video that shows jihad songs and people in spiring into jihad acts. >> catherine: that age of 19 he immigrated to spain to join his family or father and are arrested on drug charges three times. he was on the police watch list because he attended a radical mall. he was working at a mobile phone company and the spanish police alerted the french police for low-level security and surveillance. >> catherine: last week, he
5:32 pm
surfaced in belgium where he purchased a first ticket. >> for some reason he felt the the cracks. >> catherine: s six. with their coaches and children are saying. to try for a huge " welcome home parade. >> pam: this is just the latest act of courtroom vandalism by isis. showing a large explosion of a 2000 year old temple.
5:33 pm
>> diane: had a nice pleasant day with a nice temperatures. here is a live look at the camera. no clouds are in place with the wind speed at 50 mi. per hour for oakland, 16 in hayward and 12 for concord. this is what it will look like tomorrow, temperature wise. some like to day. as you can see by 11:00 a.m., 80 degrees for concord, livermore and san jose and even the north bay regions. >> diane: indication of writ, it is the '90s. will be in the low 90s overall. steinway to about 5:00. the east the shoreline was stay
5:34 pm
there into the '70s. talk about your 7 day forecast when i return in a few minutes! >> pam: recently using the word anchor baby while discussing immigration. partners at sea and in explains how these buzzwords are affecting bush's campaign. >> reporter: the latest misstep comes from jeb bush. in regards to the immigration and using anchor babies. uses or could cost him the election. >> reporter: rumrunner donald truck slammed him in regards to bush tried to be more politically correct toward hispanics.
5:35 pm
>> using the derogatory term as anchor babies. >> justin not think human beings names is every war is ever helpful. --is ever helpful. >> reporter: bush is staying away from the controversy turned to rid--term >> i was talking about very specific people where they were bringing individuals and to have babies here just for citizenship. >> reporter: the business mogul is a leading the gop in double digits. >> pam: the suspect is the
5:36 pm
same man then jumped the white house fence back in march. police say curtis smith, entered the lobby of the courthouse and/a deputy with a knife. he later died at the hospital after being shot. he is >> pam: the controversy surrounding drones' after criminals were used were caught using draw most told delivered illegal contraband to in prison. drugs were dropped by a drawn over a prison in ohio last month. the technology needed to interject drawls cost thousands of dollars so for now, security guards will have to keep their eyes out on drones. >> pam: 4 lawsuits have been served from users on ashley
5:37 pm
madison because of hackers. that was no longer anonymous and the site did not do enough to protect their data. the st pay more to have their information removed from the site but it was still listed. class action side status has also been implemented. >> pam: when you are trying to stop smoking or are these eat cigarettes a good alternative. next? --e-cigarettes
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>> pam: 76 on e-cigarettes have not been clear. --the subjects. >> reporter: and new u.k. government study shows that e-6 reds are 95 percent less harmful than regular cigarettes. helping most
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quit cigarettes altogether. >> reporter: right now eat- cigarettes are not generally regulated and the united states or the uk. there's more read that they may encourage potential smokers to pick up the habit. even with the uncertainty is growing in popularity the cdc says between 2013 and 14 the number of high school students using electronic cigarettes have tripled. >> pam: photos of the new panda cubs. what veterinarians are doing to keep these cubs allies. --alive >> diane: extended forecast is coming up next!
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>> pam: a look at the perfect guy. >> reporter: is your first look at the perfect guy. >> he is a functioning social past. he has demons in his past that come up later in the movie. >> video. >> reporter: audiences will be on the edge of their seats in this new psychological thriller, the perfect guy. >> reporter: the film stars the best man, not late than and think like a man michael e. lee. a not so perfect died. --a not so perfect
5:46 pm
guy >> he lashes out. >> it is like a switch went off. >> pam: at the smithsonian washington 03 focusing on trying to keep two cups alive interests this is one of the cups. look at that. the smaller of the two. only three days old. this routine is trying to deal with a the mama panda. she would not allow them to take the brother of of our arms. it is both for both clubs to have equal time with the mom. >> pam: and expense of loops and taiwan. --oop [s--oops!
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>> pam: the painting titled flowers, it is 350 years old and on loan from italy. they are making repairs of the painting creek the boy should not be blamed and that the family should not have to pay for the damage. organizers are asking the insurance company to cover the cost of this this sized hole in the painting it was done but a mistake. >> diane: continue the 1 trained the next few days. we will have more clout rolling into place dropping into the '70s. by 8:00 a.m. to coastal fog with temperatures in the '60s and rescue clearing. by noontime sun and sky is pushing into the '80s for the inland valleys and it 70's for the
5:48 pm
east bay shore lines. >> diane: the rigging and rain showers in the southwest, it would doom for us as a game changer at the end of the week. briefly in a low clouds. along the ocean waters. --monday and the rain showers >> diane: f o g tractor at 11:00 p.m.. and by 6:00 a.m. the morning commute time along the border line between livermore and oakland legacy the low clouds their transitioning into noontime. with plenty of sunshine and low clouds in place. with temperatures back into the '90s. similar
5:49 pm
ban today but just a few more warmer. >> diane: across the bridge at the east bay shores temperatures in the upper 70's. 81 degrees for union city. >> diane: we will have a few 90 degree temperatures and brett wood, livermore and concord creek everywhere else will be the upper 80s. >> diane: scattered patchy at 0 jean north de in mill valley. ---patchy f o jean >> diane: you will notice a big change on sunday. with a 82 degree temperatures and slight chance of rain showers with 20%. >> pam: activity on wall street has everyday
5:50 pm
investors nervous. the closing numbers on wall street with the dell nasdaq all indian the date lore. rob black with top more about why there is still no need for panic. --talk >> reporter: lee on to this roller-coaster on wall street. --holding on >> i do not want to be the investor psychologist or doctor. with a can be worse, so keep perspective. history is proof of that. you have to think long term. the best way to make money is and testing. --investing
5:51 pm
>> stocks doubled with realistic. large cap will get to things when it is good. >> were down about 1000 points. at open. when you are at panic to shoot just sailed just a little. --just sail a little. >> reporter: is to summarize, rob barrett you do not fear the market pretty you are fine with our market in general? >> i like the domestic
5:52 pm
parrot--the domestic. u.s. look good. we do not look great. >> stanley: coming up! people behaving badly!
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my name is mark amann. i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house,
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their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> water is pouring out onto the street about eight to 10 hours per day. >> stanley: is what it looks like a few days with water strain until... >> sticking with them. someone went out to the home and shut off the irrigation pump or the owner did not
5:56 pm
know that the sprinklers were sparring. >> stanley: a note like this was left on the door. neighbors say they were home but they simply refuse to scale down their water usage. 3 >> stanley: apparently they were home they just did not want to turn off their water. >> especially at this time, that is ridiculous >> they want their long to the grain. --green. >> stanley: in the last eight weeks to have received over 4200, nearly half our resident of businesses who
5:57 pm
are not following the of current water restrictions print what exactly are those restrictions? >> those restrictions are to only water before 9:00 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m.. if you are washing your car or doing something else using your holes major has a shot off naso. if you have a fountain in your yard monster is using restricted water otherwise, shut it off. >> pam: as we reported at the top of the kron4 and is as five separate two suspects have been arrested after a chase across the bay bridge. we will go back to the location where the chase ended. >> catherine: now >> pam: there is for the coliseum in oakland creek which is striking up hope for the neighborhood and
5:58 pm
what the people are doing to make it a reality. and a path to success. joining the soccer team... getting help with math... going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal... ...when you can't do the normal things. [announceto help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that for most kids are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... ...but anyone can help a foster child.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: 8 tourist robbed and shot and san francisco creek the suspect that the police on a high-speed chase across the bay and into oakland where they were finally taken into custody. >> pam: the evening, i am pam moore. --good evening >> pam: after being shot in the upper torso. charles clifford live in san
6:00 pm
francisco where police took the suspect in custody >> reporter: less start by taking a look at the video at were all of this started in san francisco. the police to promises just after noon today and the 1100 block of lombard street two suspects still a camera from a tourist from taiwan. -- thailand. the suspects meanwhile, fled the scene and left in a red cadillac. >> reporter: they pursue it on to the bay bridge. it was a high-speed pursuit across the bay. the suspect then went into emeryville and crashed here on 60th street in oakland. one of the suspects fled from the
6:01 pm
scene. the other suspect fled into the neighborhood as well. >> reporter: setting up a perimeter, they found the suspect about one hour later the canine units to assist in the chase. said this is the police department said there was multiple agents assisting with the situation because they wanted to act immediately to gain control >> we had quite a bit of presence here from san francisco police, chp and oakland. the suspects had a blatant disregard for the community. and what to capture them immediately. >> reporter: are facing charges of possible robbery
6:02 pm
and assault and possibly attempted murder. charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam: today the suspect and the pure 14 shooting we also had a chance to look a new evidence that places him at the scene of the deadly shooting back in june. kron 4 news, emily term was in the court today with new information. >> reporter: tampa, so much information today. >> reporter: pam, so much information today. there is enough information or evidence to file charges asking about their interviews with witnesses and pictures taken by those who were there at the time that lopez or sanchez was in
6:03 pm
the same area. as the victim >> the accused, over in a properly delivered gatos on this case. --details >> technical issues >> pam: police are looking to identify more victims on a sexual assault case. are rested july 16th based on a report of a relationship ps would 15 year old girl allegedly. he has been our land on the flow of charges.
6:04 pm
west is scheduled for a plea hearing be held on $90,000 bail dripping >> pam: alike, the last apology the train takes full responsibility for its actions. but is that enough? >> reporter: having such an emotional impact on these members of this book club they are not sure if this just a span to make equal weight or true apology. >> >> reporter: sea eagle has issued a formal apology and talk to one of the members in regards to the book club member that was kicked off the train for talking allegedly, talking to loud.
6:05 pm
stating they take full responsibility for their failures and the unfortunate situation that you experience. by marching down the aisle by all the other passengers. >> reporter: it will issue a sensitive training and cultural training for their employes. >> i think that is a good idea if is actually done for napa wine train co. and their staff. >> reporter: basing this on our phone conversation with the c e all earlier scene that members of the wine trained staffer been traumatized by the yvette. --event >> you are that have created
6:06 pm
this fire storm which you are going to talk to me that has received the brunt of the insults' as far as i am concerned. we in the talking about how it has affected you and your organized asian trip and to me, that sink more insensitive. --how this has affected you and your organizer asian to me. --to me >> i hope that this situation does not happen to anyone that look like meet again. >> want to make sure that we bring awareness to this type of behavior. and that companies are held accountable. all of this public outcry. maybe i am more sure to be helping that he is more accountable. because people will watch in a different way. i think it is important to take it all
6:07 pm
in and say that this is not acceptable. >> reporter: they were all invited to come back for another trip. however she says this is something that they would not do. >> pam: you can see the palm trees bear, moving back and forth and the land. --back and forth in the wind >> diane: it is about 12 to 15 mi. per hour on average with the land speak. we are also and 90 degrees in antioch and some other locations. these are the areas that will experience most of the warm up for rest of the week.
6:08 pm
>> diane: here is 9:00 p.m.. stain in place. coastal f o g along the region tomorrow and temperatures in the '60s. by noontime, sunny conditions. ms. 70's for the e bay shoreline for it and peninsula area. >> diane: east bay shoreline about the '80s and 73 and low savings for the peninsula location along the coastal region. >> diane: we will have more clout rolling in as well. >> diane: we will talk about that in your 7 day forecast in just a few minutes. >> pam: be sure to download
6:09 pm
the kron 4 news mobile application. >> pam: today, were received on our new design plans for coliseum city. the project's developer rebuild the new rendering at a breakfast meeting this morning. from six to eight weeks it will be crucial determining the project's fate. he says commercial development is key to the plan. mickey if feasible for the raiders and a's plus a new arena for the golden state warriors. >> pam: including 380,000 square feet of retail space and housing units. notably accept or asset today is the raiders, and ace and warriors supervisors. >> pam: the developer feels
6:10 pm
optimistic about getting the coliseum city deal done. terisa estacio system residents say is about time. >> reporter: revealed that a special meeting in oakland tuesday, >> i like it. i like it. >> i like the new plants and that think that it will be great for oakland. --new plans >> the stadium should have been maintained teniers the culprit even though they say they do now have money to do this there is money years. >> reporter: much time has passed. >> i believe that they
6:11 pm
should have something much classier than what there is now. >> reporter: city council members larry reed spoke. >> the first chance that we will get is hopefully on september 8th that our staff can reveal what he has submitted. >> pam: coming up! caltran, taking steps to make its tracks much safer. >> pam: we are learning more about the huge celebration to on the three north like california man who sort
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>> catherine: it would help the big coke, is that people will decide to spend the labor day weekend close to home port. >> pam: friday night act an elementary school and antioch was probably set on purpose they do believe that it is a work of an arsonist . the fund to garbage containers on fire. >> pam: over 1000 nurses are threatening to strike and contra costa county. if the
6:18 pm
nesting association cannot come to terms on an contract separate the last contract with the county expired in 2014 creek. >> pam: no-strike will be called until after a bargaining session this thursday to they will walk off their job at the regional medical center. >> pam: people are being told to boil the water tonight. showing evidence of e coli. they do not know the source of the contamination and told to consecutive days of testing last week showed 10 termination. until is claimed they are urged to use cap that are urged to use bottled water or bottled water. >> diane: you can see the
6:19 pm
palm trees moving all around. at 14 mi. per hour, and 13 in hayward. to inland valleys location of any mall between 13 to 15 mi. per hour. it will stay that way for the rest of the evening. low 60s across the board except for the peninsula and north bay, and the upper 60s along with the patchy asphalt g. >> diane: you will have a game changer come saturday when things cool down quite a bit because of the water system dropping down from the pacific northwest into our region. with a slight chance of rain showers about 20%. >> diane: wide spread across santa rosa and sell or fail.
6:20 pm
along bay city. and senator phil. >> diane: >> diane: pretty much i close stay in place wanting things up. pretty much high clouds stay in place the morning things up. --warming >> diane: warmest area with 90 degrees and brentwood. >> diane: down and the south bay with upper 80s as well. the north bay regions and the upper 80s. >> diane: the 7 day forecast, the 90 degree
6:21 pm
temperatures will stay with us until friday. taking a look at a small chance of rain showers for saturday. cooler temperatures that will last until mid week next week. >> pam: a man accused of skill and the white house was shot and killed today. --accused of stealing-- scaling >> diane: >> pam: back and march secret service agents are arrested him after he climbed the our stone wall at the white house and it is unclear as to why. >> catherine: touching down in roseburg oregon, sadler is one of the three young man of enormous california
6:22 pm
that tackled the heavily armed terrorist suspect on the train. plans are are ready on the way for a big parade. >> are so excited and so proud. is that the people involved in stopping the terrorist attack are from sacramento there was such an outpour from our community dripping >> catherine: before joining the airforce he attended high school. in the community. light >> catherine: stone in the military, just back from a tour from afghanistan from the national guard. >> he was a young man with a big heart. >> catherine: adler is 18
6:23 pm
and sacramento state terret the university president says he is amazed at what saddler and his friends did. i >> think he's teaching us a lesson is that of of teaching him a lesson. >> pam: >> catherine: with hundreds of rounds of ammunition and two guns and other weapons. >> pam: disturbing new lows with a cyber security protesting state government could be hit at any time. and the war of words continued between shadbush and donald trump on the campaign trail. >> grant: you can watch the kron4 newscast to see how
6:24 pm
the news of that you and the entire bay area. the dingell to google play on any android device or the apple store if you have an iphone or ipad. touched or in stock and possibly download. were you can note run away when there is breaking the electric start here and download it today. [female announcer] for thousands of local foster children,
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6:26 pm
>> pam: mr. bush used the term anchor baby to describe baby's been born and half united states for residency. this could affect his boat with the hispanic community. bush responded using his town anchor baby.
6:27 pm
>> it is for asian people coming into our country taking advantage of a noble concept spirit which is birthright citizenship. >> pam: although trump has used the same tongue, and has not been anything negative and regard to his campaign. >> pam: trying to figure out how to stop drone's from being used in crimes. >> pam: our tough story tonight. a tourist shot and robbed in a popular section of sacker san francisco. >> diane: had mild temperatures today. how mild last day for the rest of the week. forecast will come
6:28 pm
up next!
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6:31 pm
>> reporter: in san francisco the trial has been offered lopez spirit accused of killing killing at the pier 14. there is enough evidence to go forward with the murder charge that will continue tomorrow because of so much testimony given to that. tomorrow, they will look at the murder weapon. >> reporter: second apology has been given at the wind trained the napa valley wine train. actually, and sensitive to you in the members of the book club. please accept our apologies for the many mistakes and failures. we will provide sensitivity training for our blind trained employees.
6:32 pm
>> move for you have to admit your wrongdoing and embody those things. approves will be in the putting down the road to see if they actually implement those things for their business. >> reporter: releasing these pictures today. look here, you can see the rendering with a 50-50 chance to get the coliseum city built. out on the streets of oakland residents say they give this project a big thumbs up. they hope that they can get it done. enough is enough. this east bay city deserves a big-time stadium complex. >> reporter: oakland, residents of this apartment building had to be evacuated
6:33 pm
after an underside of the second story walkway collapsed thrift with that stucco leaning on the side. luckily, no one was hurt. the building has been writ attacked by the city. 20 residents have been cut up. the residents say the crash was preceded by a crack that could be seen right after last week's 4.0 quake. >> reporter: it appears to have been caused by an extensive dry rot. >> catherine: california state auditor says there are big gaps in the states information security system grid leaving many indices very vulnerable to hackers. only 4 of 77 agencies, surveyed said they have fully complied with the state security standards. many have not damage planning for interruption or disasters which clearly to
6:34 pm
sensitive information like social security numbers, income tax information within reach of a security breach. >> catherine: officials say they are taking steps to reach compliance. >> pam: drones are incredibly use by criminals. law enforcement is struggling with how to figure out how to make it interception. >> reporter: the plot delivered these passages of synthetic marijuana, pornography tobacco and more. to a prison facility of the a drone. >> you cannot make this stuff up. >> reporter: was the first in maryland, but not the first time criminals have
6:35 pm
hughes applied technology to make illegal deliveries. in ohio, and drawn dropped off 60 lbs. of marijuana and heroin in the prison yard at the mansfield correctional facility creek in south carolina, doyle was sentenced to 15 years to try inflight a drone of drugs into a maximum-security prison creek and this strong, smashed. what crystal matt us across the mexico border. >> may be used by drug dealers people may use these two dropped explosives or thinks like that. drone >> reporter: sales will reach 1 million by 2018. in
6:36 pm
july warning security agencies all around the country about the potential safety of drawings in the hands of criminals. as >> think until it becomes a big enough issue you will seek more and more issues. >> diane: warmer temperatures today. here is what i call a temperature map. showing indication of where we will be at a temperature was. 64 oakland, by 11:00 a.m. on launch indicating that 80 separate by 1:00 and 2:00 this where we get approached by the hottest day of the or how the temperature of the day. and the 90 degree temperatures. like places of brett wood or livermore appeared everywhere else
6:37 pm
will be in the upper 80s including south bay region. at coastal region as well in the '60s. >> diane: at g f o g which will clear up by the morning. until friday when things start cooling down by the weekend. >> pam: we'll be
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
>> catherine: a half million gallons of sewage spilled after heavy rain and debris called the system toward creating an overflow and help points. >> as long as we are watching it would advise the public to stay out of the water current >> it was over the road as the more that it is now. >> catherine: city is hoping to get this to which system fixed in the next few days.
6:41 pm
pam? >> pam: bay area high school team ranked no. 1 in the country prepares for one of its biggest test ever. j.r. has that in all of the sport's next! will be do you like the passaaadd? it's a good looking car. this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event. it's year end! it's the rear end event. year end, rear end, check it out. talk about turbocharging my engine. you're gorgeous. what kind of car do you like? new, or many miles on it? get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 passat models. or lease a 2015 passat
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6:44 pm
>> gary: j.r. stone campers' forced tonight. --and for sports tonight >> reporter: a plan that will include new venues for all oakland sports teams, including the raiders. coliseum >> reporter: city is the plan that is feasible died
6:45 pm
of this plan succeeding is 50-50 at best >> believe strongly that we can influence the futures of the next generation of oakland and the people that live in east bay. >> reporter: 4 of the actual football team, the silver and black. the brand new performance city or center in alameda with a million- dollar project that includes it worked out center, hydration bar a new field and a new gym. estimates says they step over $20 million for this performance center certainly not a deal that you would leave a team on its way out would do. >> reporter: head coach
6:46 pm
animated as usual. >> reporter: speaking of bowman, he had quite an outing sunday. three plays, three tackles and two losses. he said it was nice to get back on the field. >> it felt great. getting back out there it was emotional. the crowd did get me going. i missed it. >> reporter: finding himself in hot water at a team rally last saturday. >> get ready!
6:47 pm
>> reporter: using profanity s slowing his words he apologized. it was a mixture of alcohol and medication which was partially to blame for his behavior he also will seek help. >> (cheers & applause) >> when you mix medications and alcohol and you would do or say things that you will regret and i regret it. this i am sorry. i am sorry for all of our fans and donors. all the people that were in attendance. i will move forward. shh >> reporter: 1 on one what
6:48 pm
jarrett. the music he likes and his future. that will be this sunday at 9:00 p.m. on sports night live. >> reporter: the best of high school football. high school teams with 151 winning streak. come into this season with the number one and the country. the first game is a tough one. traveling to trinity high, won the all-star best games. in dallas. excitement? i will say that is an understatement. >> one of the best in texas. to see what we are as they tanker it to see where we
6:49 pm
are as 18. =--a team 2 >> it is exciting for short. --for sure. >> reporter: the illegal malls emboss a presentation by the clippers and free agents. including an endorsement opportunity. >> reporter: recently allow himself to get taser during a team practice. doing it to boost teen morel accurate not sure if the college like
6:50 pm
it occurred because it has since been taken down. when it comes done to tasting people do not record. >> pam: know. no one wants that not even for a good cause for it >> pam: thank you. >> pam: dan is back with your final forecast. --diane
6:51 pm
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>> pam: california has 27 national parks including several right here in the bay area among them alcatraz island, mayor was and the sentences " coming apart. --san francisco county park. >> pam: as 7:00 you have the
6:54 pm
insider followed by entertainment tonight at 730 and then we are back with kron 4 news at 8:00 pyrrhic dianne is going to give us an update on the weather before you leave tonight creek >> diane: breezy conditions, same tomorrow temperature wise spirit. upper 90s. pleasanton and livermore with fairfield as well. 77 degrees for oakland and hayward creek the peninsula will be the upper 70's as well. we have the '90s with us until friday. and then a big change on saturday and sunday. we will have a chance to percent chance of showers as well on saturday. temperatures in
6:55 pm
the '80s and the inland valleys will stay until midweek, next week. on the cooler side. (laughter) >> pam: that is its for us tonight. we will be back at 8 with more weather and more newsprint stay in touch on kron 4 news stock,.
6:56 pm
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6:59 pm
"the insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> twitter controls. you started tweeting against megyn kelly. totally unwarranted. >> the donald double downs on megyn. why he's reigniting the feud with a social media showdown. >> i don't know what caused this whole thing. >> if you can't get past me, how are you going to handle vladimir putin? plus, "the view" brings back the joy. the hot topics table. >> i could be bought. and then "straight outta compton's" mega success. dr. dre's abuse in the spotlight. >> it was never open fist. it was always closed fit. >> our exclusive interview with dr. dre's ex. why said the beatings weren't the worst part.
7:00 pm
>> he shot at me. i missed the bullet. this is about us taking the empire. >> plus, new season, same cookie. and spilling secrets on her new man. going "magic mike" on her. who's taraji's new target? >> you lied to me, hollywood! >> now hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo. hello, everyone and welcome to "the insider." >> let's begin with the top trending story dominating the headlines today. donald trump takes his fight with megyn kelly back to the social media streets, but what prompted his latest attack? we go inside the donald doubling down on megyn kelly. >> twitter control yesterday. you started tweeting against megyn kelly. totally unwarranted, professionally and personally. >> welcome to "the kelly file" everyone, i'm megyn kelly. >> totally out of boundaries. i don't know if he expects to get ratings out of that or poll numbers. he's just not successful. >> he can't quit her. fox news defensive strategy to huddle aroun


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