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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  August 26, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now the dramatic
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rescue liable not air this morning with in the last 15 minutes on foreign bids off highway 35 this woman waiting all my and a son of a cliff with her dog knobs is getting restive this morning we have been
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following this live all morning long with the latest. >>jackie sissel: we are above the beach and those people you sought down on the beach with the dog our animal control we told the animal control is protected it those dogs and get them to help out the position that made it does take a look at the dramatic video or able to get up and not local hospital with an unknown and as we are being told that she was conscious and alert to would not know exactly the extent to her injuries we do know the pitfalls fire prevented rescuers from getting the process of being rescued right now 150 the 200
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ft. the man was able to crawl out and get help you second local hospital with was then described as moderate injuries the woman unfortunately was stuck on the click below as we said that of the to rescue or from above their it load the roast with the two dogs and collectibles are very aggressive at that point of order and get them and to custody but get them under wraps and take them to a nicer place
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to get the treatment that may. >>darya: the gunfire rang out the killer is loose has not been called >>michelle apon: they're searching for him they want to warn you this happen live on
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their broadcast did not know why the suspect open fire on the news crew will also have an image of the gunman from a live broadcast to concede his war dark colored clothing and he has appeared to be worm amassed they're looking for this man across central virginia this morning the shooting happened a 645 local time of the person holding and pewter she is the head of the smith may regional, she was shot in the back in and surgery. >>darya: will have video of the general manager of the pd station w d b j paulo on the air confirmed the death of one to show you asked some of that local report as an air this morning we do not known of
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models or no quota suspect or who the killer is but we do know that to the front, a share for the our can vary vigilantly to track down both the model and the person responsible for this terrible crime against to fine journalist. >>mark: were given reactions there was shot and killed for the station's anchor the review of the here and allison park for workable the photographer was 27
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years old and he had a fiancee double from the area and so we're beginning to get more details about them and hit a photographer was a virginia tech were forced to have the mass shooting on campus and he was there at that time that is when his college years were so rare to stunned to learn more about this to what everyone wants to know this morning in this surreal why did happen who was the gunman did he know them was ever to clear targeting them and that chilling fog will continue to show you.
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>>george: the drive times have gone higher than they should be will have a list of where they should be re looking summerize there was sure you're on the other side of the east bay hills of that around and more rock and walnut creek has in the sunshine come down because of moving from the some parts sourcing somehow or also same sun. sun race and because we see in the sun little earlier than we did yes attempt to this afternoon on once the allied warmer as result here is the school forecast from the kind our blessing a mix of the fifties to low 60s it is on the chair beside even a little windy in san francisco month's time for the kids with temperatures
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by the bed the ride around 70 but some jews and then run around 80 and by 3 this afternoon a lot of sunshine will middle to low it is with the bay side schools and as a head inland the balance will be in the upper 80s low 90s maybe even pushing mid-90s with 94 expected places like livermore and down near morgan hill. >>george: almost any freight you pick your aunt's restore the normal but start with a look at the right here in general occupancy 101280 the guadalupe parkway and 85 all heavy this morning not because of any current incident or accident this is early recalling problems the leftist back of nearly 30 minute drive time for highway 85 in the northbound direction of over 30 minutes
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already 4101 on the northbound side and give yourself extra time this morning track in the bridge ride for your the bay bridge is backed up to the maze of this holding pretty steady until the drive time has held about 15 minutes here at the san mateo bird said liftings of deteriorated son of a man should have so 710 already looking at a 16 minute trip time and we expect that does want to continue to climb for your drive over to sam sale. >>mark: into it arise the sacraments of international airport tonight john by his parents that helped take down a man carrying handguns and an ak-
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47 on the french high-speed train last friday and the sacramento mayor says his plan a homecoming parade for the three american heroes. >>mark: he is with him in germany. >>darya: the wife of another american who was injured on the train last week is speaking out he'd been shot in the neck as he tried to rush the government and wrestled the gun from his hands the wife was on the trend as well and describe what happened.
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actually she says are husbanded play dead to keep from being shot again right now he is recovering in hospital in france and could be released into the emergency room sometime later on today once he is fully recover he will be awarded as well with the legion of honor, france's highest recognition. >>mark: can now been charged with terrorism the paris prosecutors say the 26 year-old was charged overnight and he denied his terrorism planned and said he stumbled upon a bad weather and decided to rob the passengers of the prosecutors say he watches the video on the cell from this moment before the attack and even though he claimed he was homeless he used a first-class ticket. >>mark: still had a turkey back
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and are being recalled because people are being second with a which product lookout for down of some boeing had once again with a reporter wednesday see what happened.
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>>mark: and has returned to stock of the emergency supplies across the state the companies of been busy assessing business grow time on a to ready for potential to heavy rains with this year's dry weather this is the resins are being urged to prepare announcer clan of the brisbane collected the the talk about this all morning and never won a lot of water on the west coast was a lot more remember change but that is not an annual we're hoping that it may
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migrate some more water been so calm with like storms there been this one block from the west coast and they said this is where looking at nice clear shots in this big embarcadero camera looking out across the bay bridge meissen wide we can see just how clear the skies are above the layer of low clouds they're hanging right there at the surface of the bank in san francisco right now where some of the fifties about 59 degrees or so.
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>>james: probably hitting the time is ross 7 to 71 degrees the panel were or were you are in san francisco with should core loss to the mid-60s by the clock tonight few have to factor in the when it will be tested were looking for 25 mi. an hour gusts letter on this afternoon 7 is replacing those '60s by noontime and les rednecks to the bay will be is in and at that point in the '90s with cigarette come into view and also see some of that in the south bay as well take a look of the sow for past 94 in morgan hill and is one to be a tough to spot in the santa clara valley will follow nine is in the east valley 91 for into a
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formidable more mature for is a monopoly which of the laws san francisco or oakland 77 is the to the time i to that the continue to build kansai is headed to tomorrow by friday of a sample cooler down nicely since the berlin nice looking we can. >>george: 718 if you want to be heading off the door of the driver of the the the contra costa county already looking at over 30 minutes for the trip time from and to walk out to conquer discovery bay highway for byron high rate march creek road and overturned truck they're here on the right out of concord again this morning second day in the road of no good reason this one are rate tracking into a two-minute trip times off from confidantes a walnut creek westbound highway 24 the drive times 15 minutes
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into berkeley out for the warren freeway interchange or 24 meet high with 13 if you're born to be heading toward the bay bridge this morning i want to find traffic back the threat to the edge of the macarthur maze and is likely to stay this way for awhile we haven't seen the drive time grow much beyond 16 minutes. >>george: highway 92 sadly were getting slower and slower with its intermittent and stop and go traffic pushing the drive times of over 23 minutes the drive toward the golden gate bridge like an easy conditions still an under 30 minute trip times from novato to the golden gate bridge and at the richmond bridge the back of forming now westbound and not quite to the richmond park of it will be there and about the next 10 the 15 minutes.
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>>mark: the a to be bumped up from 18 to 21 to purchase tobacco products at berkeley there's been a 250% increase in the cigarette use among high school seniors over the last three years the city council will pick up the proposal at a september 15th meeting >>darya: it could spoil before the best use by day the company discovered this problem after several forced people getting sick from eating them the ticket back to men recall was produced between may 31st and all the sixth to was sold nationwide a soul look for the label it was marked as select unsecured turkey bacon and also smoke tree to catch up informed look after this product if you have and you want to throw away.
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>>mark: was sentenced to cover lot with their shooting to they he was expected to be sentenced to life in prison about perot earlier this month the jury was unable to unanimously agree on the death penalty and s q a psychiatrist he believed the attack would make people remember him. >>darya: we have learned a former san francisco archbishop of one of the highest ranking american officials in the roman catholic church is facing a drop of driving charges after being caught in hawaii he was stopped last week after officers from swerving while driving on to the big island said he was arrested on suspicion of john dryden and released from jail after posting bail the 79 your did issue a
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statement saying he regrets his error in judgment and will cooperate with authorities this data served as archbishop of san francisco in 1995 and 2006 he was named a cardinal >>mark: that and 11 cases of human plague in the u.s. and three people have died the average number of cases between 2001 and 2012 is just 772 cases here in california they both a letter to yosemite because the players from the areas where there rodents' people are usually infected from flea bites the cdc recommends wearing long pants is an insect repellent america is traffic congestion recession is over during the recession and we saw less traffic the report are the texas transportation experts
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find traffic is backed the concession has returned to pre recession levels in the bay area is on list of the were cities for track of washington d.c. was the top of the metal is of the gridlock lake city less take a look at them rush hour in the d.c. area people lose 82 hours each year to the average commuter that is how much extra traffic there is overall a few at all of their race 3 billion gal. of fuel the san francisco bay ferry is one alternative allowed it for taking so many
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people return to the ferry to have to spend their servers there ought to expand in october because of the high riders to the overcrowding is causing the approve a hundred $25,000 in funding to expand services the service increased workload additional evening trip from san francisco to oakland alameda to the level and also will include an increased tobacco bus service for the passes left on a dock and for san francisco giants. >>mark: today we're too much as 50 after way with the dow still below the 16,000 mark every day is dog than this is a grim
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reminder were using the state remind you want to get a pat a lot of shelters today awaiting adoption fees.
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>>mark: they were married in 2009 but 2015371 of them stood up researchers showed wide to the she is 69 percent of the divorce as compared to the 2% a man on a warm and one finds in
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the mayors also less satisfied while married what is a about marriage the leaves them less satisfied more likely to walk away will the studies suggest the feminist idea that some women feel smothered and oppressed by marriage. >>darya: he showed adolf hitler with worse comparing muslims to nazis and he also shed the image the former pitcher was a major league for 20 years in his work to espn since 2010 in that case every was applauding the
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reporter and the full types of one goes over the side of the clubs with her two dogs on the rescue ahead.
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>>darya: they're on assignment during a live interview when someone shot them for a massive manhunt is underway for the suspected gunman is on the orders have now have a name in a license plate number of expected gunman and this is the shooter and this incident is believed to be a disgruntled tv station employee this video is graphic
7:32 am
the gun was police have fired six to seven times and they are searching for him if they'd none of the morass while the suspects opened fire on the news crew and have the image on the alleged gunman is the person wearing a mask and dressed from head to toe and very dark colors the personnel and during the gardener order area on at the site she's the head of smith mountain lake regional chamber of commerce she was shot in the back and is in surgery may have
7:33 am
just revealed that he and allison parker workable and that post a picture of the two of them and said of the have been to gather for nine months of this investigation shell shocked everyone what happened to small local market and the reporters and anchors and they know each other allison park was 24 years old and the photographer was 27 years old and here is another workplace. >>darya: their work will recall the control room so she's back
7:34 am
at the station and she was on the shift working in the morning during the live shot where her boyfriend cameraman were shot and killed us take a look of the early morning video this is before the light was of you concealed one of the rescue crews the was trying to head down to save the woman that had fallen off of that cleft the skidmore details.
7:35 am
>>jackie sissel: the woman the 54 your woman and her dogs about 200 ft. below the list to to look at the dramatic rescue that happened just about 45 minutes ago live here and the coast guard helicopter came out after several attempts file it once they break their it will to get depositions properly and lower the basket listed look at what actually began at around 1230 last night to people of 27 your manifested for your woman and two dogs who will in their paulo state park of boston and beach
7:36 am
that and about how the 5,200 ft. below on the 27 your man was able to crawl out and get help he was taken to local hospital with moderate injuries she was still stuck on the cliffside apparently the to pit bulls she was conscious and she was alert apparently would ever injury she sustained were not life- threatening the two dogs that was the most difficult situation. >>jackie sissel: they save the animal control unit was called out of the have since apparently got lost $2 and taken to get proper treatment 200350 see the
7:37 am
woman was right down this area in august she could not make her way back up >>james: the camera position right where 24680 come together that 680 snacking on and for the san ramon valley when the temperature still in the upper fifties to low 60s by 3:00 this
7:38 am
afternoon i was summoned wanda and it was yesterday and then hide to the school of the medellin dollars and a sense of the offer to 94 degrees low 84 committees along the bay shoreline that is an overview the forecast you need to get out the door before he had off to school. >>george: 25 minutes and we expect it will hold if you're heading out toward this drive
7:39 am
giving it a 14 minute trip time heading over to san rafael will take a quick break.
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>>: have the right ask a question to go back to univision. >>mark: he was led back did after or 15 minutes the president of the national association walk to today's four
7:43 am
catches a glimpse of san jose will should max out ride round 85 to 86 degrees f whether we can out will come up in just a minute.
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>>james: there is a little flag
7:46 am
at this morning as a result we do have just a brief to the land today no exception and looks nice right now those calls would and that triggered about a 47 minute delay for arriving flights to other hello visibility at the time will look for them to disappear pretty quickly if temperatures of 50060 still around the bay san francisco 59:00 and 60 san jose with the same temperature will avenge the sea these temperatures climb nicely as we head into the later morning our right now the cloud cover is at a minimum you concede there in a lot satellite perspective. >>james: by about noontime will said the difference in temperature 60 stilicho '70s by
7:47 am
the bank within '80s and a template that is all the corn to qc the red began to really tackle the in the east valley by about 3:00 this afternoon temperatures there will be on the warm side effects take a look of the force on forecast 94 degrees in brentwood and in the the more that is what we're looking for 91 of antioch in the mix of for eighties to low-along the six a corridor for the san ramon valley will look for similar conditions 86 above 94 can know where you are in and of the 84 to 80 degrees 77 at oakland 72 in san francisco were looking a most sunny skies is working with highs in land only in the low 80s to traffic.
7:48 am
>>george: look at the drive time here for the highway 112280 drive on 85 and of the bomb or already nearly at 40 minutes this is about 45 minutes to one hour ahead of schedule look at the drive times on 11 northbound we had a crass and brokaw road earlier a lot of the suit led to early morning problems on the guadalupe parkway that is why the 280 drive northbound typically 28 minutes even at the peak of the commute half an hour and half for now we're already looking at 31 minutes if you're heading out anytime soon will be facing a much slower than normal traffic there looking at the bridges for you the bay bridge ride not much of the back of mother really slow the drive times of time over 26 minutes
7:49 am
for a westbound truck and likely to stay there for a while from some cell bristol to 23 minutes for the drive time i walk over to san mateo the golden gate bridge ride still problem free and no surprises and since free trips from recounting. >>george: that the from the richmond park with five a it was on the mix of 14 to 16 minute time as a head over to senator phil. >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: the man's the cephalus fabulous go back a few to see exactly what led of his conversation here is a man standing on the field of san francisco if you look carefully you can say he signed a court copter he's of the city of our
7:50 am
party was just happens to be federal property of to let united states park fees showed of to have a chat with the operator of those moments like this happen to be of the location looking for another form of people behaving badly and stumbled across this one the operator who claims he's busy from new york brings in his corncob finally the call copter as back and find you as the owner attempted to land in is a little is been flying over chris field here is what happens next
7:51 am
week on a guest to keep his draw on a quad copter or whatever you like the color of his examples to show to others the to should not fly unmanned aircraft over several property the fine is what $500 in the conversation to you get your day in court is clearly not worth the. >>darya: kron 4 board last week and a neighbor complaining about a fire house that was sitting empty for a little over two months and the changes and santa rosa the fire station was because the building does not of the cold the building is not complete of the code yet but they moved en onto a temporary certificate of occupancy the $2 billion facility has been
7:52 am
completed for months but there was a hold up because it was not up to code people with disabilities. >>darya: if they get a call the response time will be much faster. >>: i am very excited that we have the security of having the fire station open. >>darya: the fire sister would now work with the build and the arm to get and a.d. a requirement of to cold--code. >>mark: released monday by the department of public safety a
7:53 am
chris djakarta's captured on the-kampf another trooper to of the car which goes into circles on the interstate. >>mark: it wipes out as the trooper catches up and tries to hit it in the back to disabling the driver speeds away drive the bumper zigzags the trooper his the time the second car the driver got out of the car and tries carjacking a couple of the vehicles and took five troopers to bring of this woman down. >>mark: the driver was treated at hospitals and then arrested. >>darya: let's take a breather and celebrate the national dog than--day. >>mark:at kron
7:54 am
new >>mark: a lot of shelters are waving their adoption fees to them. >>james: one of the items suggest you give them, sow's will treat him to a day >>mark: we will be right back when the news continues.
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>>mark: they follow the pattern to track pot holes across the u.s. the plan to use the navigation system and other sensors to detect damaged portions of the road and that information was put into a database will be used to other drivers were damaged roads is not the first company to attempt pothole detection mobile application alerts drivers of data collected from other farmers--drivers.
7:58 am
>>darya: the actual wireless internet they insist the private schools and in connection is a primary reason that their son is in bad health they're demanding cash in return and so on the school the parents of the top of your student said he has electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome and radio frequency emissions from the school strong wireless and and the network traded headaches nosebleeds and nausea since 2013 his parents with the school to switch to a different connection for the internet or lower the wireless radio for quantum level the officials were not specifically come on this lawsuit with the sec in a statement the company they hired from six racial troubles on campus. >>mark: the reporter and cameraman shot live on the air
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we will be right back with more news weather and traffic. [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day is the staying awake part,
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>> darya: there is dramatic cliff rescue in the city--the league city--daly city. take a look at steep cliff that the fellow free now. >> jackie: you can see how high in cds cliffs are. you can see
8:02 am
right now there is one of those two dogs. it is her badly in eight unable to make of the beach. they're trying to coax the dog and expected to see animal control appear. just about an hour ago a 54 year-old woman fell off the cliff side where she had sat for six and half hours. let's take a look
8:03 am
from video earlier this morning . this all happen with a 27 year-old man and 54 year-old woman and their dogs. the man was able to crawl and get help after the 250 ft. fault. the woman stayed on the cliff for another six hours, with her dogs. rescue forces tried to a gun to her rescue but the dogs would not let anyone near.
8:04 am
hopefully they'll get those animal control experts down mersenne to get the dogs out of fear. >> darya: he's on the cliff and he still has a leash on and just wandering up their. >> mark: they tried to rappel down to rescue her but the dogs became aggressive. to go back to our live too. work being done by
8:05 am
the coast guard is on the scene . >> darya: back to the guy and the beach and he is the one limiting. they're helping the people and low yet help the dogs. >> mark: a news crew shot dead in virginia right on the air. >> darya: the reporter and cameraman more on an assignment when there was gunfire. of the
8:06 am
reporters and cameramen were shot dead and that the interviewee was also shot. >> reporter: the virginia governor says this is suspect seems to be a disgruntled new station employee. we have a video of the shooting right as it happened on the air. >> darya: the gunman was suspected to have let six or seven shots and purported to be on the highway. you concede that
8:07 am
image from the side. he is wearing dark colors. virginia authorities are looking for specific person: sylvester flanagan. >> mark: employes of the tv station are toeing to beasts stay inside--told to be inside. >> use and people into war zones and into dangerous situations, you worry that they will get hurt. but when you send somebody to do a story on tourism you do not expect anything like this.
8:08 am
you use all the bad journalistic words but it is more than that. >> mark: this is a tweaked from the station anchor. i was dating one of the people for nine months and now i'm just numb. >> darya: shoe was on the production crew and he was our reporting and is devastated with his death. >> mark: they're chasing him right now on the freeway.
8:09 am
>> george: highway 24 is a problem getting out of form a creek. >> james: we have cloudy conditions in some parts of the baby have to get close to the coast to see it. everywhere else it is nice and clear. in the next half-hour most schools will be in session. right now temperatures are in the upper 60s--up fifties and low 60s. by this afternoon we will be in the '80s even on the shore line. some spots getting is hot as 94
8:10 am
degrees. >> george: an accident has occurred in the westbound direction on highway 24. as back up on to 680 southbound. this is backing up all the way to highway 4 and 282 and all the way to martinez in the southbound direction of 680. more next.
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8:13 am
>> darya: we get fog and they get all wall of dust in phoenix arizona. there is a dust warning issued for couple of hours. visibility was brought down to one quarter of a mile. it basically creates night time during the day it is so dark. how bad is your commute? we're going to tell you how many hours you ways and trafficked. more how bad is your commute? we're going to tell you how many hours you ways and trafficked. more next.
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i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use...ns which means managing water too, sfx: rawr especially during a drought. learn to save water, energy and money at >> darya: happening today is national dogged--dog day. send in pictures of your dog. it is
8:17 am
to bring attention to shelter dogs you're waiting for their homes. >> mark: since your photos to breaking news at kron-4-dot-com . we have a whole slide show. the gems >> james: is going to be really hot especially near livermore. you can see all of that section in the east bay inland bay valley. we are in the '80s are
8:18 am
now there. but in most areas around the bay we're in the upper 50s and lower 60s. huby 80 p.m. tonight temperatures will be back down to the '70s are. by noon time the sixties will be pushed back to the coast with '70s there and we will see 80 degree weather in mind and by three you can see the red with a 90 degree temperatures. those areas will be in the 90 to 94
8:19 am
degree area. livermore will be in the low 90s and low to mid 80's on the shoreline. temperatures are warm through tomorrow and then the comedown for the weekend. you will see clouds on saturday and chance a very slight chance of a sprinkle. >> george: when you leave out of concord woman at a creek or
8:20 am
martina's it will be slower than normal traffic because of a traffic accident on westbound on highway 24. second dinner all the way back to a highway for. for the southbound to 42 righted as a 20 minute. there's a 42 minute drive from antioch bad. on the bay bridge we're seeing a drop to an 18 minute. san mateo bridge there's no improvement. out of hayward towards the golden gate bridge it is still slow. if you're going to the
8:21 am
richmond bridge later we will have this back up for another hour or so. >> darya: speaking of traffic george, you know we are on the list of some of the worst traffic condition? they look at how many hours you waste of your life per year in traffic. washington dc talk to the grid lock list. then once angeles is no. 2. and san francisco is no. 3. then you have new york city
8:22 am
and then san jose. the san francisco bay ferry has seen salema to boeing they are expanding their services. $825,000 has been proved to do so the. the plan is for service enhancements next spring. they want to accommodate everyone who wants to ride. >> mark: since the beginning of
8:23 am
april there has been 11 cases of plague in the united states can three people have died. three of the cases are in the yosemite california of linked to the bacteria that are there. >> darya: ashley madison users are pressing for charges against the federal government. they say several plaintiffs paid to have their name removed but their information was still acquired. >> mark: 2 million lbs. of
8:24 am
turkey bacon is being removed because it be a big--it might be a passing its best by date. we will have who is more likely to ask for divorce a husband or wife.
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the mark >> mark: women are more likely to a divorce than are men according to of a study done by stanford university. it shows the wives initiated 69% of the divorces' compared to men. it shows that wives are less satisfied than husbands.
8:28 am
>> darya: curt schilling is in sherbert over what he tweeted. he tweeted showing pictures of comparing the muslims to not seize--nazis. he also was applauded by people on the the internet. >> reporter: i am here in daly city while rescuers are trying to get to two dogs.
8:29 am
>> darya: and continuing to follow the breaking news with the news crew shot and killed while on air by disgruntled tv station worker. [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day is the staying awake part, sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep. because when brands compete, you save
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>> mark: we are following a news crew shot dead in virginia while on air. of the shooter is a disgruntled former employee of the tv stations pahari.
8:32 am
>> darya: the interviewee was taken to hospital and it is unknown whether or not she will survive. go >> michelle: police are on the highway chasing a suspect. virginia governor said that the shooter is the former tv station employe who is disgruntled. we will not show any video of the shooting. the cameramen and the reporter ron error when the shooter fired around 67 shots.
8:33 am
--6 or 7 shots. we will continue to follow this story on line and all morning long. >> mark: all to the stations are being kept in citing guarded by police. >> darya: here is that station on cnn >> you send them into war situations and expectant to possibly get hurt white
8:34 am
soldiers. but when you send and news group to do a story and tourism you do not expect injury. you can use all those news capped words and they all apply. >> mark: when of the producers was dating one of the women and one of the women that was a producer in the station and both of them saw right before their eyes the people they loved being shot hopper.--shot. there is an
8:35 am
active one for the shooter search for the shooter. >> darya: this lady was walking her dog with a man. because of the dogs the rescuers are having a hard time because the dogs will let anyone near the lady. >> reporter: i'm standing atop a very cliff with a man and woman lost their footing and fell around 250 fi hop.--feet . the
8:36 am
rescuers had to get to her using a helicopter. as you can see the dog is hurt very badly. the man and woman fell 150 ft. to 200 ft.. the man was able to climb out with water considered a moderate injuries. we have of the dog's howling and one of them landing as we try to save them. i'm not real path and it
8:37 am
is very slippery. i was slipping in my flax and i can imagine that it would be really easy to fly--fall off the side of the cliff. it would be very very easy to slip off at night. >> darya: the dogs are going to be ok. >> james: there is a bit of a breeze in the area like you can see right here. we are expecting twins to get a little dusty and san francisco today. today right now we're in the
8:38 am
upper 50s los '60s. by noon time the fog lifts and becomes a little more sunny with temperatures ranging in '70s around the shore line and around 94 degrees with some east bay spots. >> darya: there's breaking news on the gunmen, >> michelle: the shooter of the news crew has not taken his life--has taking his life. he
8:39 am
has committed suicide. he went to sf as you and was at the local cbs affiliate. >> mark: let's look at the traffic here >> george: the bay bridge area has become very slow. even for the short freeway you will see a very long wait time from hercules down to berkeley. the
8:40 am
highway 24 ride is especially slow. we're looking at traffic in 680 in the southbound direction and also from to 42 and 680 from highway 4. kron 4 news will be right back.
8:41 am
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>> mark: there is now an apt this shows you how to seek potholes' along united states rhodes--roads. >> reporter: will talk about how to trade test drives
8:44 am
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8:46 am
ju reacouny frh tae from rl inedies. aginthat welce torockount. >> darya: and the news crew shooting we have the latest bombshell go >> michelle: this man went to skyline high school in oakland and went to san francisco state university. according to our sister station he has taken his own life. he shot and killed two people from his previous station. the news crew was on
8:47 am
air and the the gunman was supposed to issue five shots or six shots when. >> darya: we showed video earlier this morning. we just want to share the sun care anymore. >> mark: as we learn more about the situation however we will share it. he was fired from that station about two years ago.
8:48 am
>> darya: we want to get a look at whether in traffic >> james: the bay bridge approach we see some sunshine coming down of the clouds are coming and just about gone. we're seeing a mix of the upper 50s los '60s right now. ifwe wil start a series bay's own forecast with 94 expected four of livermore and brandt what. we
8:49 am
will see nineties in that east bay inland valleys. in the south bay we're looking in upper eighties to low 90s. most other areas will be in the '70s and '80s. hot the warm weather will stay with us one more day by friday will change the temperatures falling and by the weekend you can see the highs will be in the low 80s. we might see little hiccup of sprinkles on the weekend. >> george: to ride through the south bay where we have been the
8:50 am
key is slow traffic for the better part of the morning. 411 northbound you will be in a slow ride. from the capitol expressway to the montague expressway with only shaved off three minutes from last check. the bay bridge drive time has grown dramatically as we are now tracking over 30 track time from the macarthur maze to downtown san francisco. from hayward over to stand and tell it is about 30 minutes--to san mateo. ho at the
8:51 am
richmond bridge westbound solidly backed up to the richmond park way and on the other way to a intersect the interstate. >> mark: start-ups are trying to make buying and selling your car easy. >> reporter: it takes lots of time spending energy to try to test drive the car but all of that might change with the new app that is being released.
8:52 am
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8:55 am
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8:56 am
>> mark: a japanese liquor company santa alcohol to the
8:57 am
international space station. they want to find out if our call aging process occurs faster in space. >> darya: coming up on the breaking news story that we're following: a news crew shot and killed live on tv and the gunmen takes his own life. we will discuss how begun and has ties to the bay area for. we will discuss about the cliff rescue. we'll be right back.
8:58 am
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8:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: with and follow all morning of our news crew shot dead live on television and virginia the shooter and the tv station employee has taken his own life. >>darya: it does not look good there are connections between
9:00 am
the shooter in the bay area. >>james: in oakland we also know he attended for a period of time san francisco state university and that he worked at one of the local television stations here in town over a decade pecks we learned in the last five minutes the he left for. in vallejo and 2010 and there you see his photograph this morning showing you exactly what it looks like a we know about him so far this is about 645 in the morning and ronald e. virginia when he approached a reporter and photographer or outdoor a live report in the field and shot them and this is one of the more chilling images and were shocked by the
9:01 am
photographer as he laid on the ground dying is on the last emergency record of the shooter walking past an go on to attack the reporter in the shot you can clearly see his face and go to work the television station there recognized it immediately he was a former reporter who had been removed from the station not too long ago they in fact have the photographer who was shot and killed record them escorted him out of the building on his last said there were perhaps he might make a scene also troubled by one to document his termination and perhaps minute that is why he came back to target a specific photographer and reporter were not sure yet why did he do what he did that is the main question there try to find an answer to there was a high-speed chase police identified him and knew the car he was driving and artistic him thrown out trying to find a we just learned in the last hour that he has taken his own life bill turned to his
9:02 am
apartment his house as computers try to find some sort of model for all of this reaction has been coming in from not only all parts of the country but to clear from the station this morning as people they're close to him are reacting. >>darya: wanted no questions left he posted video of the shooting from his perspective he founded on the internet which was taken down their bank had to stay inside their for the protection of the gun was on the loose another general manager of that station is talking to our partner network cnn he put a prospective. >>: he said people in dangerous situations and riots and you were we they're going to get her is tantamount to do a story on tourism.
9:03 am
>>darya: he was 27 and she was 24 when they had a partner at the station his fiancee was at the tv station working this morning when this happened and she saw this on for live on the air as did everyone else of the station the whole market horrified by this as a setting for the man in the area connections to the bay area a lot of people with enough this morning see this horrible crime and the connection and thinking did they know the gunman were continuing to follow this and get more information about the
9:04 am
victims she is an hostler by all accounts this it does not look good for her. >>mark: after the u.s. coast guard came in and rescued her is video of the rescue was carried live from the news at 6:00 in your consent summer school and down the coast guard employed harness and calling her as she had two goals with our the warm fall more than a hundred feet down the cliff wall walk in the two dogs a man was with a was able to climb back off the cliff he went for help is in hospital ship stranded on the steep cliff in daly city firefighters tried to rescue her earlier but thereafter it aggressively in the rescue crews and the way for sunrise and the coast guard to come on the san the helicopter. >>robin winston: no major hot
9:05 am
spots. >>michelle apon: we have mid-90s and store will to show you the symptoms as of right now mid-60s and apostasy for the ellen spots across the south and same thing if you are not the upper fifties to low 60s and the san francisco still on the kuala side will have some its of the 50th wanted the kids ready for school and in bonsai will start to see more sunshine and temperatures warm up into the mid '80s for the locations heating up over there by early afternoon for the inland spots mid-90s in the outdoor activity will be one of our crossed the coast or the bank of the the mitre and compare to those in locations, and 950 will talk about the we can forecast could we see some grain. >>robin winston: and no major traffic colors or hot spots on the printer come from oakland a's and is packed if you have to
9:06 am
take this ride this morning you be sitting in traffic coming out of zero come from all of the connectors is back of stretches through the maze onto 580 is solid from two to four and still backed up on westbound 80 come on of richmond and san pablo that trip along was on 80 or sticky 53 minutes just to get through the slow traffic loss of slow traffic and was bound 80 know major crashes but you may want to consider bart into san francisco san mateo bridge is still slow ride for those of you who plan on coming from the east bay from the nimitz freeway out of the work of the heavy traffic on west 92 from the connector all the way across the span to the 101 merge. >>robin winston: that is why it is still very heavy on the westbound ride is creeping along the right hand side of the screen to check in the commute across the golden gate bridge is
9:07 am
second a little bit better from the southbound ride earlier had attracted break at the toll plaza lot of debris and one. it was calling on the left-hand side of the spring south of off from its plan to the toll of looks much better than will the switching of rumbling configuration shortly to help optimal to bomb back of if you have the data san francisco to the golden gate bridge squeezing into concord and that is on to stay with you if you have to get into concord even if you're
9:08 am
going beyond what a creep into loss yet is still 16 minutes for the drive and was on 24 to statistics and its high with 13 split and oakland with its a split of to the caldecott tunnel the nafta were brought in heavy traffic out of the tunnel in the maze is a lot of slow traffic connecting into san francisco reports in the bay bridge. >>darya: one of dozens of evidence to try him for murder francisco lopez centers was in court yesterday and were gonna look the new evidence suggesting we cannot show to you but investigators did provide pictures taken by tourist that showed both the victim and the shooting suspect in the background of their pictures that proves the to run the same place at the same time another taurus had taken pictures after she heard a loud bang she saw
9:09 am
one person running away what everyone else was running to help and prosecutors say shows built a suspect's attorney says will learn more today during the hearing yesterday in the second set another one to her guns and saw something go flying into the water. >>mark: he arrived in sacramento last report joined by his parents a fellow americans hope take down a man carrying a handgun and an ak-47 on sunshine last friday sacrum and mayor kevin johnson she is planning a homecoming parade for the three american heroes.
9:10 am
>>mark: he is undergoing treatment for a military hospital in germany because of the attacks. >>darya: do not use your bacon until you see this story more than 2 million lbs. of turkey is in recall economic people sick will say which products are affected does the customer is the sick after eating at a chipotle in southern california will tell you exactly where happen.
9:11 am
>>mark: body was recovered over weekend is not and is the seventh person to die hard to fault of the lawn of the northern california coast 57 year-old was to cover saturday
9:12 am
at the coast the pleasanton man was reported missing by the drive and park on friday. >>darya: dozens of customers complain they got sick the restaurant where happened is in simi valley was closed for one day after the opera which was last week about 60 customers and some 10 employees said the concept some workers are still not been met with to get back to work. >>michelle apon: these temperatures reflect the will have meant of the 60s across in the spotlight, and the more san francisco 63 will have a look at
9:13 am
the weekend forecast because is to rent coming up after the break.
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>mark: new details about the killer who gunned down the tv news crew in virginia live on the air and there were some reports of the gunman was dead after a silver foot the gunshot wound he still has of polls the reporter and the cameraman had more or killed this morning live on tv they're doing an assignment live in the field and during an interview with the open fire on them in the woman they're continuing also isn't hospital went to her status but it does not look good. >>james: is unidentified his real name is bryce williams the former reporter asked for the television station where the two
9:16 am
shooting victims were killed his what we know about his bay area ties he was to skyline high school in oakland the is not a cliff a graduate from there are not the level 40 went to salem high school in virginia but nonetheless it will to skyline high for time hit in the san francisco state university with understanding were briefly for the cbs station and during the 2010 year he lived in vallejo is a sound of this of the formation of the coming into the newsroom this morning as reconnecting more more information minute by minute as to the shooting itself as happened in 645 this morning in virginia that is a sense of virginia about hundred 50 mi. west of richmond and here you see one of the last images that was taken by the photographer as he and allison park was were shot by the gunman. >>james: them as best as flanagan and this image was recorded by photographers as he laid on the ground with the gunman walking past with the
9:17 am
camera still rolling and that was the image that they had to go on when this started looking for the suspect at this point he shot himself but did not die will understand his and hospital in critical condition will keep tabs on the latest from there. >>robin winston: the traffic alert and hot spots right now the ride into san francisco you may want to hop on board this more or consider car pulling into san francisco you want to say some time because this back of stretches to and through the maze is on the connectors was about 580 solid from 24 was bound 80 the ensure free with us back the three emeryville berkeley version san paolo and is not an account of the loss of so traffic and is across the
9:18 am
upper deck you have to deal with that eagle did get through downtown san francisco no improvement for the ride on westbound 80 december sale bridge there is no problem on the bridge we do have a little trouble spot on the peninsula will get to that in just a bit slow traffic to see on the right-hand side come from hayward come to foster city and was offered at a crawl even before the crash propped up in san sale on highway 101. >>robin winston: this is a normal back of 580 was about to stop and go from the toll plaza to mid stand before you get a break what the traffic looks fine there's nothing waiting for you is going to add to this backup the 46 minutes if it
9:19 am
going beyond that point continuing south on 101 out for highway 84 will let you know when they have discretion to avoid have to use op 11 this morning prepare yourself for a lot of so traffic getting along the peninsula from the airport off and on all the way to san the sale it would tender chicken highway 280 mobile much better. >>darya: big wall of this world and to phoenix issued a warning for the whole valley of the visibility was down to a quarter of a mile and dust happen from time to time in arizona during the monsoon season was last
9:20 am
until september 30th. >>michelle apon: will talk what the coming of the 74 cast his lot as satellite and radar can see of clear skies all because of high pressure in place even as the clear skies and warmer temperatures this afternoon with have been set where consent francisco 63 right now one of the to mid-60s over the next hour the commencement of the 60's to their 70's during the lunch hour it will be nice with the will start to pick up into the afternoon from the west agusta to 25 mi. from our web mid to upper 90s and one spa with little more in '94 alone manage the antioch and pleasanton if you are on the south bay like san jose 86 this
9:21 am
afternoon met the upper 80s if you are across the east bay shoreline temperatures range from the mid to upper '70's across because it will be cooler upper sixties to low 70's lid on the interested the storm track the 74 cast we attempt to double continue to stay warm until tomorrow by friday to and a bit cool it we have a small chance for a few more face crinkles on saturday and sunday. >>darya: will want to go live to w d b j in virginia the station is broadcasting a live memorial for the two crew members that before the time for the was gunned down on live tv and killed this morning a second look. >>: will continue to try to get more information about the surly flanagan a former 40 at a w
9:22 am
wanted to on his condition and hopefully she'll be doing will do the she is out of surgery and we really will update you with the latest information it was just a regular morning show feature is not like she was covering a stand off or some volatile hard new situation this was a pleasant story and wide to of all places if you had been decided to the sunken like this terrible things can happen in our community but it is not a place where you'll be concern for security of the didnt
9:23 am
archive the for more material from the great work on our air that is a little bit of justing was gone on live on a tv station. >>darya: the air into their lives on the air morning show she was shot in the back and i just heard she is in the hospital. >>mark: colostrum is the market's continuing yesterday and a part of today and we walked up the game from the 2015 and 2014 for the industrial average try to jump back in the the put into special rules in place to ease the opening. >>rob black: it cut some volatility is china opens down huge we expect to open down huge if the government comes and
9:24 am
says something special situations intended as a lot turbines out on the market-still made at new jersey and virginia are immigrant or during this every day he says on air but that of robert hunter 30 mandela factor in mexico with that being
9:25 am
said of his of headline news for donald trump not eating oreos is best buy of best buy and and and they have a slab of their trading for the stock market to clean over long-term the noncredit a lot of growth we
9:26 am
will be right back.
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9:28 am
>>mark: today is national doll with the goal was to bring attention to the dogs in shelters.
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
>>mark: 50 is still alive in critical condition he shot the man point-blank range along with the, the continuing fall live tv this morning half. >>james: the government has been
9:32 am
identified as for one year or vested and have an image with a show you of him if he attended five high school in oakland for 2010 we have records showing he lived in vallejo that have again a fairly extensive connection if all went in a normal just happy
9:33 am
storing and center robert virginia won the convict him and opened fire to and the photographer the gunman walked past fcc is catholic, scot-free of, with its concentric as we understand for uses and to identify him and track down that list and hear reports of a high- speed chase off fitted him losing control one of the role in crushing fifth of what we are hearing that is we decided to turn the gun on himself he did not successfully killed himself is listed in critical condition that we're hearing more media partners and ronald.
9:34 am
>>darya: 50 for the tech a hotshot in this time was fifth-- >>: county ever expects of loss is to have if--how can you ever expect something like this to happen. >> >>mark: this is them a
9:35 am
message from reducing the tiffs revealing if they were tough off the posted his fifth since they just move into seventh and to the nine months she was just 24 years old the photographer was 27 the story behind him with hard bridging as well the rubble of war to get new jobs she secured another job and this all happened with the hit list and his disgruntled employee apparently it was fired two years ago coming back to get his revenge were decided not to show our renewal of what was aired live as discussed and would not
9:36 am
want to continue the woman fall off a cliff in daly city overnight 6 this morning after the close carte rest your web video of the rescue was carried live for you did the sea will for a dog with her one of them still on a cliff this morning the coast guard helicopter forced to the woman from the side of the clifton davis sitting choose to the to hosteler they've both fell hundred feet down walk in the two dogs last nine the members it with the crime of the women were stranded.
9:37 am
>>michelle apon: is to have a little bit of light pettifog write down the lower 60s for the bay if you're crossed the coast of for sixties run around 60 degrees, to the 21 into the mid '80s slows and the locations if you are crossed the coast may be heading east in other tell when and gusty winds from the west and temperatures will be into the upper 60s but if you're in land the the very warm with those lower 90s.
9:38 am
>>robin winston: it will finally get better by the time we reached a high rise to the drive times and still holding at 20 minutes the total drive from the nimitz freeway in hayward to the 11 connector to the last time we checked in on the problems on the bridge a king good on the sky with there was a nasty back of come out of oakland and is the matter was tree where you're coming from 580 west was off 24 no. 880 was about in the e sure free web they're all packed and is one to stay heavy across the upper deck to fremont street the
9:39 am
total drive 35 minutes from downtown oakland to downtown san francisco will show you and the problem is the traffic lubbers on to at the back of the four westbound if you can all come out hercules' heading for parole or richmond is a motorcyclist and his down to what it calls a 50 minute delay for the total drive more heavy traffic allison problem through the maze into the bay bridge toll plaza.
9:40 am
9:41 am
what'sapped tonackg? abnt-mdedl how d itecom eati onefterhe nt? we are areamchee tha stl beeves in saving r fo. thlaugng c. inve snaing. >>darya: the station holding a
9:42 am
special broadcast they were beautiful people and young people with so much potential and so much to give of were all in shock right now. >>: 11 about two years ago his legal name is bleep and he left about two years ago the seems as though he was watching the morning news with multiple live
9:43 am
shot from this location is confirmed he was an unhappy man we employed him as a reporter that he had some talent in that respect of some experience when he was hired here he quickly had a reputation for someone who difficult to work with he was looking out for people to say things in the tech offense to
9:44 am
and eventually after meeting is to his office and they're coming to the four we dismissed him and he did not take that a well we have the call the police to escort him from the building since then he filed an action with the also on the employment commission was to make all kinds of complaints and a member of the one about allison the atom i frankly do not remember what about members of this them making racial comments he was an african-american and none of them could be cooperative by anyone within the were fabricated but just as insurers roberts will allow all our please exposed to this have we
9:45 am
had a pretty diverse workplace and we get nothing about that and the equal aplomb of the time the commission dismissed pa the claim out of handcuffed we had an unhappy with in cleveland this happens. >>: you do they move on some kinda nice to for the work and wanted johnson nor does but he remained in town because every now and then someone run into him at the grocery store or someplace and are recalled in a report of any one is a difficult situations to was not a lot of concern a something happen for
9:46 am
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9:49 am
>>darya: news crew that was killed by gunmen this morning live on air in the joining of the report of the ec on the left and for thought from the right hand and consulting reports about whether the government is
9:50 am
dead or alive with know he shot himself the station has to live in virginia they were confirming that the gunman had died there live on the air when a co-worker opened fire. >>james: he had long ties in the area as you mentioned his been identified as the 41 year-old fusiform reporter and he was denied the use on their a it was terminated two years ago and today as the day he was sick did that with the local media is saying and a fellow reporters and co-workers are saying this morning to talk it through and walking through his ties to the bay area also hinted san
9:51 am
francisco state university he also work the local tv station briefly for time in will the local cbs station and in 2010 and we also learned as one he lives of the well there you half a concrete ties to the area will be working hours forced to drop the dented to flush out a better picture of him and what he was like what you see before he moved to virginia as for the shooting this morning will have another image with a share with you of the moment. >>james: uses a reporter on the left and woman they're interviewing it was during this interview that the gunman came up behind the crew shot the photographer and then turned his gun on to alison and will mature and during the photographer this one identified as an award and this was the last image the broadcast from his camera as he fell to the ground and cabin image of the gunman that is chemically to
9:52 am
identify who was and also then learned a car he was driving in that instigated of high-speed pursuit a chance to the streets of rome and virginia, ultimately ending with him use the control and crashing on the side of the freeway and we have live pictures the to show you of that scene in the city police lies with the crimes and often the distance we have learned again through the local tv station w d b j that the gunman has died he shot himself four times and glass towers called the reports accidie as a guide or critical condition with a conference to from the local station in the last in a minute that he in fact has died this morning the question turns to why.
9:53 am
>>mark: we're also looking at weather and traffic unsolicited peek at how one is on to me. >>michelle apon: looking outside the little bit of haze of off to the east bank temperatures and to the upper fifties for the cosmos upper 60s a lot sunshine and in this sense of warmth and comfort this afternoon 92 degrees with a daytime high-temperature temperatures across the bay this afternoon mid to upper 90s made any for the south bank san
9:54 am
francisco 72 this afternoon. >>robin winston: still rare act of the bay bridge toll plaza on the mall just ledbetter but this back of stretches through the maze was the bond 80 of us terrell 580 and 24 backed up through the rock ridge area 36 minutes in downtown oakland to downtown san francisco not improving just as san mateo bridge just normal file and i were heading west all went over to the high-rise portion 20 minutes from the nimitz 2101 no problems on the bridge the problems on 101 overall not bad but not delay free to switch over to the gold different this was around the line configuration will have three in three about direction of the things move in both sides in a quick check of a heading into false tax of about 50 minute delay because of a motorcycle
9:55 am
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>>darya: on-screen this morning were gunned down shot at point- blank crisis one live on tv in virginia by disgruntled former employee that will still live on the air this one with a lot more on the story a lot more details coming out of the shooter for from the bay area but ties getting a confined of the details and led a commission brought the that with a mobile application was to you the latest information i always go to our facebook based in twitter for more affirmation >>darya: >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now-----stay connected with our kron 4 mobile
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>> announcer: today on "dr. phil." her husband was having an affair. when he was murdered. >> he didn't die fighting for me. he died fighting for her. >> announcer: now a "dr. phil" exclusive. >> dr. phil: you had no idea he was having an affair? >> announcer: the wife and the mistress come face to face. >> dr. phil: your husband took her last breath with her, not with you. were you in love with him? >> i was infatuated and i loved being loved by him. >> what do you want to hear? you want me to say sorry? >> dr. phil: you say you're not sorry he's gone. >> announcer: a deadly love affair. >> your marriage didn't end because of me. stop nailing me about everything. >> i'm not. >> dr. phil: you had an affair


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