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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 27, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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drew her firearm. and let a suspect struck him. >> pam: us back to bed at the scene officer who is an 18 year veteran of the force rushed to hospital with injuries to her head every harper is an oakland high school were fellow officers gathered today. "sir involved in shooting it with one person and stable condition here at highland hospital." >> reporter: cities stream of officers came in and out visiting that the officer who fired her gun at a suspect after police say she was struck numerous times and had i suspect with a motorcycle chain didn't speak to report about the shooting that left the suspect dead. oakland mayor libya also came to a hospital. "full all the as sacrifices city servants make to make the community say also says the case will be thoroughly investigated
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. >> reporter: word when officer will be released in oakland. >> pam: this is been a particularly tough year for oakland police department. so far this year officers involved in shootings six times prior to today's case the officer involved shooting happened earlier this month on 27th st. martin luther king way suspected armed robber shot and killed after police chase and alleged carjacking attempt one of the six officers involved shootings this year in oakland of them for our fatal or have been fatal in a row and a vote today virginia the television station w b d j mourn the loss of their two
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colleagues gunned down by a live broadcast tested at. catherine is your show us how they are trying to cope with this loss. >> dian >> catherine: was a morning news team was to honor the reporter photographer killed on air 24 hours earlier. >> catherine: said parker murder during a live broadcast left behind loved ones with colleagues. parker and relationship with the station's evening anchor. "the entire world to know a woman as amazing as harris exists and taken to san are love forever. >> reporter: am engaged who watched the attack on fulton phone number eyes. "say is in tremendous grief is
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bad enough to find out your fiancee shot worse to be the producer of the show where that happened live. this will be a long recovery for her. >> catherine: posted his own video of the shooting flanagan. fired from the station to a half years ago. "it angerly telling them they have to call the police he is going to make the statement and it was going to be in headlines. >> catherine: the parker's father was outraged with someone who had. "many allison's are going to destroy data to before we stop. i can promise you and promise the american people on not going to rest until i see something that get done here. >> catherine: on-again born and raised in the bay area the. i. five hours after the murders himself after his car was
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spotted by police to enter miles away according to police search warrant inside the car if on a glock pistol a briefcase that contained wigs of shaw sunglasses umbrella and three different license plates all this suggesting he barely carefully planned a getaway. >> pam: evict am now on the road to slow recovery viki was being interviewed with the gunman opened fire she was. cheth rushed to hospital where she had emergency surgery to. de gardeners' husband says that he was stunned as he saw the events unfolding on television. "watching and that nearly tropical on the phone obviously shouldn't pick up her phone. she's been transported to memorial she is able to call me from an ambulance and spoke of she's been transported. >> pam: resisting good condition
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condition. we had >> pam: of this continuing online site at six we hear from classmate of the gunmen about their time in school together and the east bay for the latest update any time visit kron-4-dot-com. please >> pam: and santa rosa investigating the rape of a santa rosa junior college student on campus happened last week dan is let please headquarters in santa rosa now with details on how the attack happened in the search for the suspect and balls. >> reporter: 9 time credit of class into the bathroom unfortunately the attacker waiting for her there please city attack at a week ago thursday at barnett hall 9:00 p.m. a woman leading class entered a bathroom or the attacker was waiting. the report"the assailant was
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wearing a beanie ask and all black she described him as possibly white or five tent and stocky. . "i was kind of surprise because we don't hear that stuff happening so often or anything like that surprised that it's happening around here said and it does happen at all anywhere. they are"use the buddy system locking in paris some. take an extra steps to stay safe. "inches a night class a notes a big campus but. >> reporter: officials say the last sexual assault was in 2012
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>> reporter: ideas they talk about tonight on kron 4 news at 6. >> pam: the fair disciplinary hearing for pier 14 shooting suspect sanchez of eyewitness said today the kit was up victim of unfortunate accident. this comes one day after a medical examiner testified the bullet was struck ricocheted off the concrete attorneys for francisco sanchez maintain he is not guilty of murder from the july incident the hearing will continue next week on september the third in a san jose police say the victim of a deadly hit- and-run crash was walking on the sidewalk when she was killed rob flood of reports to the driver left the scene and still on the run.
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but it >> reporter: woman lay in the street where she died after being struck and killed by a vehicle southbound just north of toll road. the see where crime scene investigators used paid to see how the driver jumped a curb and had the woman who is actually on the sidewalk and drove away. people"it scared and fearful what might happen in. if that is the case in this particular college and. ask that person returned to the scene said aquino had an interview them." >> reporter: of them are a couple blocks away. the windshield broken and the left tire flat reported stolen. the driver fled on foot. a woman who did not want to go on camera was worried the fugitive might be hiding in her neighborhood. "look around and cops had my street blocked off. in the backyard made sure there was no one in my backyard hiding coz
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there is all of bush's. >> reporter: 3 schools in the area some say that the posted 25 mi. hour speed limit should be lowered. please are viewing home security video that might provide new details or possible description of the hit-and-run driver. >> reporter: first 31st traffic fatality 14th involving a pedestrian. >> pam: a crime that shocked san francisco, what the quadruple homicide in haynes l.a. now nearly eight months later to the victims' mothers are demanding justice. searches on for the hit-and-run driver who cause a devastating fire in santa clara. coming up how business owners are now trying to pick up the pieces. sight rarely seen on the golden gate bridge in the cars racing across the bridge. next to the drivers are paying tribute to during. the during
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>> pam: recalls major explosion and fire at a shopping center has turned herself in. last night police said the driver hit a gas main with chip exploded and destroyed a number of
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businesses. you see the blaze behind me. theresa reports business owners and customers today struggled to make sense of the devastation. >> reporter: jerry showed a video of this beloved barn and how he wants to go up and slams. "today 12 years of my business godown." >> reporter: as you can see here this is all that is left of the place. family"and friends people we met concern for my employees who don't have a place to work along, are single mothers." >> reporter: all these destroyed wednesday a driver drove in the back of a complex struck. a gas line. fire so intense firefighters did what they could but the damage was profound. "shock that this happened? yes it happened really fast. but
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here there's a little bit on the side within 20 minutes that are gone through all those buildings." >> reporter: these three friends going to the mall for nearly 19 years. "it's terrible that had to go through this loss. there were good people to observe this." "to take a look at and seeing how it's all gone, these memories to everything." >> pam: 2 mural's the face and the district market and san francisco although the graffiti is gone now the murals were tagged with the words white house earlier this week the. store is located at 24th harrison please say mcdonald's nearby was also the face with a sauce of about the suspects have been caught back in june a mural honoring belgae bt community was also be faced in the mission district please. unconquered
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asking for identifying a suspect that ran from office earlier this month please say the suspects sold a pair of headphones from the concord electronics and will pass road august 11th the suspect ran from guards at the store also read from an officer who spotted him a short time later suspect is in his 20s by feet 8 in. tall when 190 lbs.. dead whale found floating in water ptolemy across the jackson square in oakland estuary has been moved now, according to officials from the marine mammal center does. will clark is was taken to an undisclosed location for necropsy debated by the cause of death. the procedure is tomorrow at all but hopefully identifying the type will let died. this is the latest of several that turned up on bay area stores this year. >> catherine: evidence that californians are getting the message to take the drought very seriously. numbers released
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today that show we are doing a good job and concerning water. state officials say that california cities cut their water use by combined 31% in july. and that's even better than the governor's mandate of 25%. now regulators say they will turn their attention to individual communities which are not meeting the goal. they will visit each of those spots and stress the fact tough finance continued to be an option. >> pam: really want today in fact it was hot and the number of places around the bay has syphilis and on a forecast she says, not cleaning their be some showers. >> diane: suggested showers today of the like summer. warm temperatures we all know we could use some rain and we certainly could get. percent chance of light showers certainly will not be enough for our drought but we will take what we can get at this point to a pitcher's right now in the 100th for antioch parts of
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brentwood as well morgan hill and everywhere else in the valley staying where any degree range by news. six concord 94 pleasanton e. space shoreline or like the '80s is. san francisco peninsula states in the upper '70's. site planner for you breakdown of how it will look like. 7:00 p.m. mostly cloudy conditions. we will not see any clout as we saw last night. then 10:00 p.m. light breeze in place. but i am tomorrow morning temperatures will be in the '60s a. jumped ahead to saturday. we're talking about belichick the showers 5:00 a.m.. saturday morning all those heavy clouds and plays. alicea at 7:00 the green area here there can showers and the north bay. etceteras area as well. approach and it wasn't a lot about power. transition to write about their at 9:00. you see the ledger system down to vallejo fairfield with light showers in place. you see the shore activity in the north bay regions most of it a. everywhere else may be a dress or suit here
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and there. the most part saturday into sunday's see the clouds moved out to close their. gives us plenty of time for sunshine it will be as high as it was today. the badgers and the ladies by this weekend. afternoon highs tomorrow 3:00 p.m. another day in the '90s and. ninety's inland valleys bay shoreline '80s. and francisco in the peninsula upper 70's. next three days for you friday 92 degrees set. today averaging 80 degrees sunday. we have partly sunny skies. we will fall on the cooling trend will last beer 74 pass and returned. visitors >> pam: on the golden gate bridge column all roaring surprise. fort in the cars when full throttle across the land mark as a special set up for falling rates surge justin wilson. 37 year-old died monday after injuries he suffered from a crash at the tokyo raceway
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spectator, say it was cut quite a treat to see, and fitting tribute. "setting think ross and the world to begin to see any cars on the most famous landmark on the planet." "inc. was one of my favorite for a while. really cool the see any cars come out here and the fact also a tribute to justin wilson may he left rest in peace." of the >> pam: is part of the lead up to the championship this weekend in snowmobile. sonoma. >> pam: while city's recovery to new orleans may take several decades. boksburg makes addition to its on-line dictionary that will have use a bouquet ok decades. boksburg makes addition to its on-line dictionary that will have use a bouquet ok sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep. because when brands compete, you save
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>> pam: this week and it marks a very dark and piffle. and the history of new orleans. 10 years since hurricane katrina made landfall. when the levees broke across. the gulf region more than 1800 people killed at least 1 million were forced from their home earlier today president all, visited the big the rotifer recovery will likely take another decade. >> reporter: midevening president of, talked about all the progress that has been made here over the past 10 years after. hurricane katrina devastated your lens and a good part of the gulf coast president said it has just cute as just as you mentioned a. lot of progress has been made a lot of work to be done.
5:23 pm
there is"concerned with this water situation." >> reporter: hurricane katrina slammed as a category 3 and caused damage across alabama and mississippi louisiana. your lens was devastated. in see where this levee broke and it buckled under the force of a storm surge flooding. 80 percent of city residents stranded in their homes sun climbed on to their rooftops to survive. the damage superdome and temporary home for 10,000 people picked it later. and every building have taken on many forms across the city. despite a resurgence in business tourism culture. the tedious
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work recovery remains on finished. especially in poor communities. in the past is still very much alive. those tragic memories still very strong. in one indication of just how things have changed in the past 10 years here in new orleans. the number of families that were forced to leave after the hurricane. and have not returned. president of, message for some of those families displaced. city is ready to welcome them back with open arms if they want to come home the city cannot handle the return. >> pam: again looking at those pictures it brings back such a horrible memories for the rest of the country as well with. is the mood like in your lens 10 years later. >> reporter: in many respects it is a tale of two different cities. certainly an incredible tourist destination or. lines is
5:25 pm
not necessarily that big a city in terms of population. it is a relatively big airport all kinds of hotels downtown but. city that can handle posting a super bowl the to. recess' nations french quarter and places downtown it is vibrant and alive and filled with tourists board. other parts of this city where hurricane hit massively and destroyed the entire neighborhoods in sections of town. they're rebuilding process is still methodically slope the president of thomas visited one of those areas just now 10 years later starting to get back to some sense of normalcy there are many other pockets of the city still need the recovery and still need and help, improvement and as you mentioned at the start of our conversation. it could take another tenant 20 years before those places are completely back. >> pam: for justice and seven
5:26 pm
cisco mothers whose children gunned down to this year. say they're being kept in the dark next at 530. "technology that here's gunshots and alerts authorities coming to a high school campuses in the east bay it could help stabilize next on kron 4.
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>> pam: quadruple homicide and hayes valley. yeah from the scene that night of the incident happened back in january for young men sitting in a stolen car riddled with bullets in a drive-by shooting. now nearly eight months after that hurts the violence are rally today calling for justice. in kelly spoke with two of the victims' mothers who want to know why their son's killers are still free. >> reporter: held in from san francisco all justice by people looking for some. only members of the victim and others in the community held signs with pictures with the. >> reporter: in the city college
5:30 pm
and a job and a host of a restaurant a, his mother said a gotten arrive from a friend to cash paychecks on the night he was killed. she is outraged that some much time has passed still no suspects have been named. no arrests"no rewards these boys are cold cases and were here to represent justice is going to be served you to be held accountable for murdering nine and make sure all be at your door. everybody's door every single day to let arrest is made" >> reporter: of movement on the case also the mother tongue when you're a victim. sen"absolutely upset." >> reporter: murders are running the streets free kill others. so else's child could be theirs. >> reporter: ongoing investigation one homicide investigators are working hard on any witnesses to come forward to close this case.
5:31 pm
>> pam: shall judge denied a request that criminal charges thrown out against former reputed chinatown gangs during and aaa child. in a case against dow will continue, his argument that he was selectively prosecuted in government probe because of his past criminal activity rising. political influence was not accepted by the judge. is in charge of racketeering organized crime, did not guilty. suss >> pam: but in emily's case out of burlingame pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor animal cruelty to attorney today. last week via surface of the defendant allegedly abusing a small dog in her care she was not in court today. fortunately the dog was found not have any major physical injury according to prosecutors investigators also determined that she was running an unlicensed dog boarding business suits and
5:32 pm
heard trial set in october sometime. >> diane: are temperatures today especially inland valley cities a lot of '90s upper 90s even 100 as well look ahead for you this evening 8:00 p.m. a few clouds in place and drop in the low eighties for inland valleys mid- 70s east bay shoreline 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning mostly sunny conditions to pictures in the '60s by noontime we will have a light breeze in place overall warming things up again into the '90s. 1:00 salary are showing no rain and forecasts just yet we have tropical moisture of the pacific ocean and. see all moving in waster and low clouds and place once against a region that's what's going to close down vocalist on quite a bit 10 to 15 degrees cooler tending not some cities also giving us a slight chance of rain showers 20% mainly in the north bay parts of the inland valley as well. and tomorrow to show you temperature was already in the '80s much of the inland valley north face of bad and i
5:33 pm
transition to about 1:00 you see the red indicating these are now the upper 90s in place. upper 90s and some of the inland valley cities for the most part '90s for other cities is running at east bay shoreline will be in the upper 80s how/along with this warming trend last another day or so when of cooler temperatures when i say cooler color than were experiencing the. unnecessarily down to the 70's 80's and much of it for the inland valley locations. talk about how long those colors of the collapsed in the 74 cast when i return. >> pam: we have been getting you ready for school today stands at newark memorial high school and headed back to class as they do their school has become the first nation have an indoor gunshot warning system installed. put in over the summer are tech reporter gave visited the campus to find out what the staff implemented this high-tech school safety system. >> reporter: shots water
5:34 pm
offers outdoor gun fire detection from school campuses. it's a sad not but what people to think that we are once but even the city is having all this violence that's not it at all. this is another safety equipment that i think will help us if we are going to need it but hopefully we aren't. >> reporter: on multiple buildings over 1800 students here dozens of faculty one of the see it here campus gunfire's picks up gunfire immediately sends the information to the police it's a very detailed including how many shooters and exactly what room they are and and when police arrived on the scene they know exactly where it had on campus to stop the
5:35 pm
shooter. tracy is a daughter here who a senior happy they integrated the system. "you hear about situations on the news across the country it is always in the back your head kind of hoping it never happens in this situation luckily this school is blessed enough to get the stamp technology to their children. >> pam: a bear scare forces to schools to be locked down the. the police tracked the bear down had 545 nec. why debate over six marriage back to the supreme court. do you like the passaaadd?
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treasury >> pam: the shooting of those to reporters and caused outpouring on media reaction in
5:39 pm
los angeles. >> reporter: so many people grappling with this senseless tragedy including journalists who are coping with covering the story that it's a closed home. about this time and she'd say a house it body like the package today. "dumb and i are putting the final touches on our special report for tonight "i can get that anymore." >> reporter: unimaginable anguish for adam the 24 roles nation joins in his grave the senseless execution is no one had a choice but to watch in real time and on line. crazy people coming after journalists that's what you guys need to keep the story going >> reporter: lack of solidarity
5:40 pm
news stations around the country had signs we stand with w t b j the profile picture of an image with color bar and black ribbon and the journalist. "this is not somebody who is a journalist that oversees, this was a young lady and a cameraman at where interviewing and chamber of commerce. how many times are we going to see a crazy person with a gun and kill people. >> pam: women who play a pivotal role in the alabama during a civil rights movement has passed away. so rights activist a million died yesterday of complications from a stroke province. and became known after she marched across the edmund bridge in selma 1965. she was brutally attacked by law enforcement. also the first
5:41 pm
african-american woman to run for congress and alabama. earlier this year she marched across the bridge in selma again. this time holding hands with president brocken,. robinson was 104 years old. >> pam: kentucky and a legal battle she does not want to issue same-sex marriage licenses battle she wants to take to the u.s. supreme court her christian faith and her right to religious freedom the county clerk has refused to issue a marriage license even though the u.s. supreme court legalized same-sex marriage a few months ago the woman had asked the appeals court to delay a federal judge's ruling which orders her to issue those licenses to same- sex couples starting august 31st she lost her case before the appeals court. >> diane: cooler temperatures heading our way how long will a
5:42 pm
sticker on your 70 forecast is straight ahead stay tuned
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austin said buys securities on the lookout for the suspects. it's my at sixth the new steps the college plans to take now to make the campus seder. that's coming up the top of the hour on kron 4 news at 6. two schools just outside of denver colorado or locked down today because of a bear their. was spotted swimming in a stream near the school. police were able to track the animal it with the help of a colorado park's wildlife official. after the close in on the bare they officials used a tranquilizer dart to subdue it. then relocated to a safe area. ongoing debate on the campaign trail does donald trump wear a
5:46 pm
toupee. today he tried to put that issue arrest in south carolina. "did not wear a toupee is my hair. elsewhere. organists settle this." >> pam: he had previously barbara walters run her fingers through his hair to confirm it is real. back in june he called on another woman to come on stage at a campaign event to perform a similar check. oxford dictionary has added dozens of new words phrases acronyms to its online version. among the additions of some sauce me extremely good or excellent. spreading man especially when traveling on public transit. sits in a position with his legs wide apart. takeon adjacent
5:47 pm
seats. then there is cafe establishment people pay to interact with cats house on the premises. arlen vicki recently profiled one of those cafes and oakland. in her dining-segment. thenmkay another spelling ofok andhasngry bad temper when you're hungry. >> diane: to bichirs right now in the '90s for inland valley locations nice summer like temperatures. certainly war that should be this time of year we
5:48 pm
cool things down not so saturday as piquancy what to expect for tonight partly cloudy conditions of temperature is still in the '60s for tonight in an afternoon mostly sunny skies warm and hot temperatures highland valley locations were everywhere else again for your chance of showers " the badgers had reason that such a chance of showers all let subtropical moisture of the pacific ocean their ec move its way over the low clouds and place this is all mixed up the clouds and the moisture. tickets to a region come friday night in the saturday early morning. that is what will give a slight chance of showers week although we need the rain showers we take a week and get on fortunately though it won't last too long as they are so if that. when speeds of dollars an hour oakland 14 hayward 17 out livermore carrier has four smaller around 3:00 p.m. san francisco peninsula low '70's and for 70 today lisa yet 69 ocean beach san francisco opera sundays at 78 degrees
5:49 pm
across the bridge to the space shoreline cities more like 80 is 83 degrees and leandro and also union city as well from my 88 degrees everywhere else in the upper '70's been down sue inland allocations with the warmer temperatures tomorrow similar to today any degree or to cooler slightly cooler than today 96 brentwood 92 livermore. overall low 90s on average four-and in five locations in. the south bay lot of sunshine in these areas still going in the '90s in some areas like sunnyvale that up to the north bay we get some scattered clause in the morning hours center fell mill valley overall average there is 92 degrees 70 forecast '90s for one more day and then about 10 to 12 degree drop in temperatures for saturday depending on where inland valley that is and on the east bay shoreline should stay in the upper '70's with a slight chance of rain shower. monday tuesday next make things clear up and back the seasonal average temperatures. >> pam: seems the stock market
5:50 pm
may now be in recovery mode for a second day wall street closed out with investors encouraged by a surge in stocks and china also responded to a very positive report about growth in the united states economy financial expert talked about the zero winners and losers with kron 4 is dan. this is a >> reporter: on a hunger so this creates jobs is a good thing consumer business spending showed u.s. expansion got back on track of the game there a surge in inventory wants to hire the road to go make a hammer. have to make another hammer to let. sold in the. and for rebuilding take away from the future but also the doing great rising home prices cheaper fuel costs in inclement and then that's what you do not have
5:51 pm
to worry we see the stock market for example. the list targets been going interest rates may hold off on raising interest rates for 00. economic growth number like 3.7% annual the ec, think maybe in the fog that could raise interest rates. >> reporter: they went skyrocket federal reserve may at the delay a little bit market action in china and house reflected the u.s. in a. the and i think they should be independent but not enough inflation to raise interest rates at all that they shouldn't. but gdp is starting to get the point it will create inflation. highest-paid jobs in all of healthcare. some of 10 health- care. all i'm. but the highest paid salary in america's city assertion. average income $352,000. keep in mind this as a little meat misleading of. for years the school that. for years of medical school. medical
5:52 pm
school another three rebels and. average doctor so pay off student at. at the number to psychiatrist seems to be the cheapest way to get a salary of a hundred 81,000. general practice hundred 80 on top of that dentists command no. 5 and then pharmacist no. 10 so all these great paying jobs guy like college. but the college work as well. >> stanley: the irrigation water was turned off the stump and oakland hills neighbors say it's business as usual again. n next edition of people behaving badly.
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5:55 pm
>> catherine: breaking news emergency crews responding now to a crash of a small plane in san carlos you see at 7 by me a small blond color plane but. close to their use see the tail is did not. we're not getting any details yet on whether the pilot or possible passengers what injuries or condition is be. again the very short time ago but to go the small plane coming down and san carlos. last month he might remember a small plane crashed while leaving san carlos airport the. the pilot
5:56 pm
walked away on injured in any see emergency crews responding to your. details of this dark red plane. bali now and we will bring you more details as we get them. seven will be over the scene any developments we'll let you know about. >> reporter: thises cellphone video of water spraying from the very same palm. thinking stanley you just showed us this well this is new video after east bay mud if tear off the sprinklers yes stragglers or reactivated by a homeowner to put things in perspective this is the water meter after east bay mud turned off clearly see the meter and numbers. a same meter after the water was turned back on but a
5:57 pm
homeowner. water and can read the number. even evidence of a water running down the streets. the grass and water was running as nice and green. let's just say attuning in here for the first time a brief update. "water shot up the street for eight hours a day or so. it is about to three days. win back the east bay mud see what the next move and his daddy. "what we get for waterways reports. the the family called friendly visit. if it doesn't work bottega sterner approach next time. make sure the customer knows what restrictions are brand cos. drug israel. hasn't ended yet. "it's happening what are this
5:58 pm
because you have attacked a house does not mean you don't share their resources with everyone in your reply in your community that's other so much awareness right now and people really want to do the right thing." >> pam: had center as a community college is dealing with the reported cases of rape but the school has planning on doing now make the campus safer and students feel more secure. [female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train,
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save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train.
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>> pam: and students and staff to be on the lookout for people look suspicious please headquarters in san rosa with more do have any leads in this case >> reporter: the nation is active. book is on what the campuses during and how students are reacting. i'm shocked because we don't it's sad that im not surprised, it makes me angry i am not last week's on campus rape of a fellow student is a wake up call for some students, a reality check for others. sot the world is a dangerous place we are always looking over our shoulders police say the attack happened a week ago thursday at barnet hall about 9pm a woman leaving class entered a bathroom, where the attacker was waiting a male white stockyt 5-11 , wearing a beany mask and wearing all black uncommon on campus, school
6:03 pm
officials are doing an entire looking at lighting landscaping, anywhere people can hide. also looking at more security cameras. college president dr. frank chong says they will also launch a series of workshops to increase awareness, and encourage students and faculty to walk in pairs and use campus escorts but some students think solving this problem will take more than safety tips sot changing the attitude we have about sexual assault and violence against people especially at our universities where people have to be safe the point of less sexual assault was in 2012 plan. is confirm sexual assault not comment on the campus. investigation and search for that rapist continues. >> pam:an oakland police officer
6:04 pm
is recovering tonight.after she was chain. that officer opened fire.killing him. it happened this morning at the corner of macarthur boulevard and van buren avenue. police say the officer had just finished interviewing an assault victim at the complex. as she got into her patrol car the suspect, who she recognized from the victim's description, walked in police say she was immediately attacked with the chain. "ahead suffering multiple lacerations as a result from the strike in the chain. officer suspects continued to advance screening the chain at the officer, officer through her firearm and fired at the suspect." >> pam:the suspect was pronounced dead highline hospital where she is recovering. this is the 6th officer-
6:05 pm
involved four of them were fatal. an investigation into a fatal shooting in salinas this morning.has revealed that the suspect is related to the victims. at around 9 elderly man and woman were shot dead outside of a social security administartion building. two other people were also wounded by gunfire. incident. we will continue to provide more details are released. the morning news team at wdbj tv in roanoke virginia honored their murdered colleagues with a back monent of silence. 24 hours after they were gunned down live on the air. tonight we are learning more about their killer. the bay area native who called himself a human powder keg. "from everything that we've said and learned. vester's behavior annoyed a lot of people in the newsroom not just photographers producers, reporters, anchors and managers.
6:06 pm
be >> pam:according to wdbj's general manager, flanagan's 11- month tenure at the station was marked by confrontations and outbursts of rage. "he could've been berated but it was almost certainly in response to something he was doing. and i when flanagan was finally fired in february last year, his response prompted a 911 call. police arrived and escorted him from the building. at that point he handed a wooden cross to the news director and said "you'll flanagan filed discrimination complaints and lawsuits against the tv station, all of them turned down. yesterday he approached reporter alison parker and photographer adam ward with a gun in one hand and his cell phone in the other. "my soul's been crushed" alison parker's father is joining the new campaign for tougher gun laws. "she was so loved, and, my heart is broken, and i want to do something that will change
6:07 pm
that." >> pam: and again all into crystal ball illegally at a gun store in roanoke back in june. >> catherine: whatever unhappiness and rage fueled vester flanagan's later at least one bay area man has a friend he knew as chris dobbins watched the news on wednesday's shooting -- he says hearing the name 'vester he found it hard to believe the man behind the gun could have been the likable, soft-spoken kid he got to know in middle "and as more details came in.finally i saw a photo.i was floored." dobbins was in 8th grade and flanagan in 7th -- when they gotflanagan's 2 sisters were also the stories and photos of an
6:08 pm
angry, sullen looking man who on every job - make him sad. it's not the vester he remembers.nearly 25 years ago. as he looked through a yearbook. people murdered in cold blood. but he also thinks about vester flanagan's family. "it doesn't diminish the fact he was a brother, and he was friends to a lot of people in oakland." other classmates from flanagan's high school years also remember a kinder, gentler vester. on social media -- some say they can only picture a "friendly and smiling face" in the hall. in the south bay. >> pam: the hunt is on for the suspect who ditched a car after hitting and killing a woman in san jose. morning at huran and clarice drives, next to welch park. authorities say the driver was
6:09 pm
in a stolen toyota when he jumped the curb and hit the woman. she was pronunced dead at the scene. "official the vehicle the located shortly later and suspect fleeing the vehicle." the name of the victim has not >> pam: 31st traffic fatality so far this year in san jose. the woman who died was the 14th pedestrian to be killed. it happened at a time of day when there are a lot of people walking through the intersection. katherine smith elementary is one of three schools in the area parents. such as maria jimenez tell us that she is always on guard because drivers are simply going too fast. "cars pastorale faster. where live a couple houses the kids always in a car passing really
6:10 pm
fast in a. as they were in the freeway. and sometimes no cops go by their.. with kids they plan outside it's dangerous for them. the posted speed limit here is and others would like to see it lowered and say a set of also help slow traffic. >> pam:the driver accused of triggering an explosion that destroyed several businesses.turned herself into today. authorities say a female driver hit a gas line at poinciana babbitt the leaking gas triggered two explosions. four buinsesses were can see what's left. the owner of a bar, locals call the pointe says he is devastated. "believe that the concern for my
6:11 pm
employee's swine that will place the work force single mothers for its tough so it still thinking in the reality still hasn't had. >> pam: the santa clara county district attorney's officer for review. now to the weather.sizzling temperatures across much of the bay area. some places near triple digits.especially in the east bay. cooling off near water is what we caught people doing in san jose and oakland today. let's check in with diane tuazon.diane did we break any records today? >> diane: the official numbers right now heyward 87 today record 92 but did not get in your close center. as a 96
6:12 pm
record is 01. it bought 93 oakland 84. not close to 95 record their. livermore went out to. record this five-year 109. hot but not anywhere near any records today. afternoon highs tomorrow another day of the '90s. in the allocation a low 90s and. antioch 92 livermore but. pleasanton other '80s everywhere else. east bay shoreline volatile '80s san francisco peninsula and below the upper 70's and. as well and talk about that again forecast we all know it we look forward to a week and. friday 92 saturday a 20 percent chance of light showers in. the morning hours for saturday with mostly cloudy conditions all day long sunday to the jurors go with a degree mark in east asia or less along the coast of alcohol on the cooling trend will last for this weekend is 70 forecast coming up a few minutes. >> pam: 3 a book 14 shooting.
6:13 pm
what a ballistic experts call the treasury today. 49er white cracker will not be be returning to the scene anytime soon latest in a series of legal troubles for the team. and californians cutting back on water numbers out today. hey terry stop! they have a special! so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one?
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6:15 pm
>> catherine: information on the breaking news of a small plane crash in sartre said carlos
6:16 pm
airport. but off the phone with someone at the airport are short time ago. this was an experimental plane. it had just taken off from the airport. if you look closely there you see the dark wine colored small plane had till the air gun is is the only person on board was the pilot and that person did it get out safely. that is this looks as new video from aids-72 bonds ago as a lot of emergency crews responding. the pilot is ok in the person to the plane down in some bushes as you see this is just past the end of the runway san carlos airport again the pilot survived and it did get out of this mess and it's ok. >> pam: a ballistics expert called by the defense. testified the evidence showed case but it
6:17 pm
was a victim of an unfortunate accident. he agreed with prosecution witnesses of the bullets' first hit the concrete pier before striking stanley in the back all. so says because the bullet was damaged when it ricocheted. where ended up but was an act of chance. "you could not do this by on purpose if you're trying to shoot someone this is not the way which i should someone. bacchante ricochet bullets off of services and try to hit someone. you aim the gun at the person you shoot the. "experts maintain the bullet traveled in a straight line from the suspects to the victim. the hearing will continue next week on september the third. a move to dismiss criminal corruption charges against alleged chinatown gang leader raymond has been denied. a u.s. district judge ruled child attorneys
6:18 pm
bhopal purposely overlooked wrongdoing by others. such as mayor deadly when they filed charges against the klan. check out indicted last year on several federal crimes including racketeering at. money laundering. 28 other defendants also indicted in this city corruption case including state senator lee lindy. a case is going to trial later this year. general >> reporter: manager answered questions about a more drugs later. as 49er in trouble saying he is still on the scene even though he faces up to six months in jail. brooks not at practice today in denver back home after being charged with misdemeanor sexual battery case related of former 49er linebacker ray macdonald previously released by the niners the tories believe brooks drug the woman under the
6:19 pm
influence and confirmed that brooks again this bill forty- niner or it goes from here i do not have the answer is that right now without brooks the niners would have just one defensive starter in super bowl team. large >> pam: dead whale found in the estuary across has now been movedaccording to boarding business for the resolve testing figure caught animals. signed for a set strandedscientist from the marine mammal center say every whale stranding is an opportunity to learn more about these creatures and >> pam:while the severe drought in california continues.a new report says the state cut down water used by a combined 31 percent in july. that number exceeds governor jerry brown's state wide mandate
6:20 pm
to conserve water., brown had ordered cities to use 25 percent less water as california endures a fourth year of drought. the water board is now turning their attention to small communities that are not meeting their mandated targets. a group of nonprofit organizations and businesses has started a crowd-funding campaign to assist families affected by the organizations will mainly help families who are in need of water primarily in the centeral be and salinas valleys. the california fire foundation back has also been helping firefighters and victims of natural disasters by providing cash relief. the public can go to "drought- relief-dot-org" to donate. our drought coverage continues online. on kron 4 dot com. there are some tips on how to conserve water at home. we have a section on 'drought shaming' and a look at which bay area cities are saving the most water during the drought.
6:21 pm
>> diane: china warm temperatures in place. the gutters are now in the '90s much of it and when allocations upper 90s for antioch 94 livermore everywhere else in the low 90s east bay shoreline cities upper '70's. degrees cooler along the water hole. it had 8:00 p.m. a few clouds in place drubbing in the 90s to the '80s for inland valley city is. 7:00 a.m. mostly sunny conditions temperatures and low 60s across the board. in time tomorrow, and in place a. 8 m.p.h. when speeds and nothing to crazy there. satellite rate are showing what is ahead of us. saturday we expect more subtropical moisture coming in from the pacific ocean by. mix the soy and a region that's the source of the gillis a light rain showers saturday early morning. million the north bay areas as well. your wednesdays' right now 10 m.p.h. oakland has. word a little bit on the breezy side but livermore 60 m.p.h. 80. not in san jose
6:22 pm
currently. and then hear your highest moral cpm. this let area 69 degrees ocean beach tomorrow 7. the eight san francisco. 79 san bruno over the east bay shoreline cities. more like the low eighties to mid '80s. over the inland valley cities we had won hundreds today it will. you will only get in the '90s. still want tomorrow but will not have the one hundreds. then we move down to the south bay was a sunny conditions here also averaging about 90 degrees in san clara us got us and not you should be 85 degrees and. north bay cities scattered cuts in place overall born to the jurors in mid '80s. 78 forecast for you one more day in the '90s began sierra. 87 for the east bay shoreline. 76 along the coastal regions. saturday did the big game changer and we've been expecting cooler temperatures will arrive saturday in the morning we have a slight chance of rain showers 20 percent chance still worth a
6:23 pm
mention and the jurors dropping anywhere tend to 15 degrees cooler depending on where you're at and seasonal average temperatures monday. tuesday next week under mostly sunny skies. >> pam:a new quinnipiac university poll is out today.and it shows donald trump has surged ahead other the real estate mogul is leading the pack with 28-percent of those polled. that's up 8-percent from a month ago. ben carson comes in second with 12 percent. hillary clinton leads the percent. >> catherine:trump continues to celebrate his outsider appeal. the fact that he feels free to speak his mind -- with no apologies. carolina today. that he'll alienate hispanicand again today -- he insisted that
6:24 pm
it simply won't be a problem. "greatly relationship i hire belsen of people which mexicans are great people from my family . below the chinese people problem by my apartment their friends of mine in. livent trump tower in. they live in many of my buildings all of mexican people tremendous spirit. >> catherine:a small group of protestors had they're upset with his strong position on keeping illegal and his promise to build a wall along the border if he's elected. >> pam: 13 digit years later. president and, makes a visit to new orleans to the for the tragedy
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
happening tomorrow. overnight lane closures on the golden gate bridge. here's a live look. starting at 9:00 friday night only two southbound lanes will be open. it will go down to one lane at 10:00 so crews can place new pavement markings north of the bridge. all lanes are expected to reopen by 7:00 saturday morning. a reminder for bay area commuters.bart service between san francisco and the east bay will be shut down on labor day weekend. bart will completely shut down the transbay tube september 5th the agency will then replace thousands of feet of rail in the tube during the closure. the repairs will allow trains to switch tracks more easily. bart says they will offer a free shuttle service to get across the bay. remind people that it's happening next weekend
6:28 pm
cerros of a junior college on the best and says she was raped on campus.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
>> reporter: despite this campus officials believe the campus is save the. are looking to enhance security possibly by adding more lighting around campus/ >> reporter: plan officers in and out of pilot hospital visiting an officer who was injured during an altercation that left one person dead. >> reporter: >> j.r.: committed to ensuring incredible professionalism. making sure incidents like this go through bad proper process to ensure that accountability and transparency public demands. >> reporter: as a police looking into a fatal hit-and-run sign 30 thursday morning his drive. the
6:32 pm
unidentified male driver last seen at ditched the stolen vehicle couple blocks away. these schools in the area many neighbors say drivers are frequently speeding through here it was the city's 31st traffic fatality so far this year 14th and all the pedestrian. >> reporter: far it fire started after a driver went into the complex to a gas line that driver still wanted news for hit-and-run meantime the order of the bar says he's had his business for 13 years and that he is very worried for its employees as he struggles could try and figure out what will happen next. >> reporter: testing it for a rder suspects sanchez legal and. immigrant who is accused of
6:33 pm
fatally shooting eight suddenly appear 14. today a ballistics expert testified the evidence they believe this was an accidental shooting. he agreed with the prosecutors after experts the bullet that killed stanley ricocheted off concrete and because the blood was damaged it could no longer fly straight. or ended up was an act of chance. across >> reporter: the country's mounting evidence earthquakes caused by people are increasing. a known since 1960's injecting waste water from oil and natural gas production in the ground could cause earthquakes in recent years there's been a steep increase in the number of these quakes they say places like oklahoma nazi to three times as many magnitudes the point of place as california naturally occurring quakes. >> >> catherine:president
6:34 pm
obama says the people "extraordinary resilience. he was in the city today - marking the 10th anniversary of hurricane katrina. the president says new orleans is an example of what can happen when people rally to build a better future after an extraordinary challenge. but he also remembers how profoundly the disaster affected the whole country. . place once defined by callers sound the music always an air. lee dark and silent world watched in horror. >> catherine: but while there's been a resurgence of business, tourism president obama toured areas
6:35 pm
the hardest hit areas - where people are still struggling. across the gulf region - more than 18-hundred people were killed.and at least a million tropical storm erika-ots vo up steam in the caribbean. >> diane: close '60s east bay shoreline. san francisco peninsula to, marl another day in the '90s is. it will not be as hot and certainly still very warm. here is a feature cast map 11:00 a.m. the orange all indicating '80s much of the north bay in the valley. done in the south bay and '80s by 11:00 a.m.. the transition 1:00 in the afternoon of we see the red shot in the '90s for much of fairfield,. now but even parts of san jose as well. we deal with another day in the '90s. and certainly will not last too long because a cool as a place for the weekend. and we mentioned a drop 10 degrees
6:36 pm
cooler come saturday. then also a slight chance of rainshowers. 20 percent chance of that during the morning hours for saturday. then by sunday things clear up anke cooler temperatures in place. >> pam: man from utah has died from the plague. now of the health officials trying to figure out how he became infected. told the elderly man had not travel to any of the areas where the play is considered common people usually infected after a fully because invective from rodent and iraq or squirrel. then transmit a disease to person by fighting them. and then talk cases of plague diagnosed this year including these two in california. and to yosemite national park for. although a list of patients have died. >> pam: all those defects you do once a while being tired all the time could be a sign of something more serious are the causes could be anemia mccoy 6 lotus and the warning signs of this illness.
6:37 pm
"and a half million people mate in the united states having yacht most common blood disorders. exactly as it. "a decrease in red blood cells circulating. through the body. it could become a problem because of red blood cells bind oxygen. if your red blood cells to carry around a body means less feel your cells and organs need to live. and anemia caused by several different things to. one of the most common is iron and vitamin b 12 deficiency. more serious cause internal bleeding. "boss may become and complaining of ge pleaded. many young patients have mental cycles late patients have surgery. or type of trauma can have boss. symptoms >> reporter: in any case are similar. concentration a problem fatigue lightheadedness dizziness sometimes taken with as ago
6:38 pm
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>> pam: giant expected to show off phones other gadgets invitations for the event center reporters today pending a new version of apple's digital assistant city. the industry also speculate apple may introduce a new larger i had. company has not any specific plans. products review publisher consumer reports. the test model a perfect score in fact consume. reports say has the chance of scoring because the cards for 103 out of 100. is the first time publisher has given a car approached perfects court. two years ago previous. tesla model s burned on your purchase for 99. all electric new tesla model s retails for
6:42 pm
nearly $130,000. >> pam: 22 giants hit home runs today. at&t park was enough to send off the visiting cobb's. and a special indycar tribute over the golden gate bridge today. j.r. has the highlights all the sports coming up. bad
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> j.r.: a warm day he. will the of the afternoon isn't that nice. the wild-card matchup this year early. on that is baumgartner went to work it did he ever. but this place top of the third a ground ball looked at that reach around brand. and bell to matt bomb making the play there that. was something else as. natwest guy. lance knew
6:46 pm
tradition mecklenburg proving to be beneficial bat. priceless home run as they say is out of here. brings into giants of five to one. had the bomb. baumgartner and command today. he struck out 12 toll through six innings. fourth time he struck out but the good of this play. a grand slam. bases loaded how about that. caimans isn't. kelly tomlinson. his first home run of all of his career in. it is a grand slam. nine to one giants. to a halfback and the nl west. violet halfback in the wild-card race. certainly goes on to win this one. in our l. west watched dow. rogers take on the cincinnati reds. top of the second yes brindle goes into a double play. jones and turner scored daughters: 10 on this play. all of the seventh
6:47 pm
striking out three here. nine strikeouts on the day dodgers win this one to zero. dodgers 2 1/2 games ahead of the giants. a's had the day of sunny brae taking around small. tough questions being asked the 49ers today. linebacker mark brooks was sent to the bay area following his sexual battery charger. diaz still on the team. bids and clara county prosecutors becard brooks with sexual battery yesterday. brooks along with barry macdonald accused of taking advantage of a woman too intoxicated to consent during a party last december. matters at gm the trend release a statement today regarding drugs in the alleged incident. in that statement did told me yet lives in denver he is still a member of the team obviously when you're in a situation like this important you get back to
6:48 pm
your family also important for him to start taking care of business on his end. there is no timetable on the siding brooks long-term future with the nfl or niners. in san francisco it was certainly a sight to see today in. the car drivers paid tribute to a fallen driver justin wilson. a special motorcade of across the golden gate bridge. drivers drove the indycar you see across the bridge this afternoon. wilson would have competed this weekend in sonoma. he died from injuries and suffered a crash sunday last sunday. at the abc supply 500. in the race stars like ray hall. marco andrade drove wilson's car today. delivered but of dragon. sonoma raceway in honor of the 37 year-old british driver. master of the power dunks unfortunately has passed away today.. he claimed to be
6:49 pm
from the planet will try and call. himself chocolate thunder of. former nba star. 50 years old. does the first player drafted out of high school to play in the nba kron 4 his flamboyance or. of the court and thunderstorms on a dunk and requiring shattered the glass back toward twice in 1975 naming the first one if only he cut and a mayor tried hear what he named it the chocolate thunder flying trading glass breaking. but she >> j.r.: original baron said but at the age of 58. one- on-one interview with tom
6:50 pm
berkeley jared set with the heisman trophy candidate to talk about the upcoming season. "as the limit with this offense. we extreme confidence right now in myself and everyone's very confident. we try not to focus on statistics too much to. we think we can score as many points we need to 20 game. catchable interview sunday i ask him about this and we talked about with fishing sunday. on sports at live bit and i will bring down the giants and a's. full analysis of the raiders' third preseason game against arizona cardinals. sports i live sunday at 9. brown >> j.r.: 1 of be a full day at the country club in new jersey no. 1 golfer in the world and jordan did not fare too well
6:51 pm
today and didn't do well at all. 90 and 75 certainly struggle he was deep in the attached today not doing too well tony is the one who's in the lead here pam i think it comes down to what a beautiful day it was today i had a lot of friends might be over at at&t part today and yet a chance to see matt and action. is good. major also face but. how many users now on the popular social see matt and action. is good. major also face but. how many users now on the popular social media site.
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how many users are now on the for the first time in it's history one billion people logged on to facebook in a c-e-o mark zuckerburg marked this occasion by posting on
6:55 pm
facebook that one out of every seven people on earth logged on facebook has around 1-point-5 billion users who log on at a full hour of entertainment news is on the way. at 7:00 it's the insider, followed by entertainment tonight at 7-30. then we're back with kron 4 news >> diane: nice clear skies tonight. we alicea and o'clocks [female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts.
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i talk to her every single day. and i'm not going to get that anymore. >> wdbj shooting victim allison parker's father breaks down as he calls out the media to remember his daughter. >> next week, it isn't even going to be a story anymore and everybody's going to forget it. >> as we investigate the killer's past, were there signs of this violence? >> he became quite confrontational. he had to be taken away. then kimye comes out stronger. over their leaked engagement video. but why is khloe team fireworks? and inside celine's epic vegas return. how her cancer-fighting husband
7:00 pm
is still running the show. >> he wants me strong. he wants me back. plus, the countdown is on to stephen colbert's "late night" takedown. how he's switching up letterman's legacy with ultimate revenge of the nerds threat. >> now we're on top, it's time to make popular people pay. just joking. now hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo. >> hello, everyone. and welcome to "the insider." >> we begin with the top trending story dominating the headlines today. the wdbj shooting headline makes headlines around the world with the outpouring of social media tributes. this is journalist recovering with a story that hits so close to home, father of victim allison barker breaks down. >> i talk to her every single day. i talk to her every single day, and i get a text from her about


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