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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 27, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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. clif>> pam:dramatic police dih
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audio. moments after a deadly encounter in oakland. an officer. frantically calling head multiple times. good evening i'm pam moore. we have been following this story since it broke this morning. force. attacked while following kron-4's scott rates joins us who witnessed the confrontation. there were >> reporter: terrified. the terrified. check with police that the release the name of the suspect or officer involved in the shooting. back and play that officer is in the hospital might recovering after some very frightening moments in that neighborhood. this morning. >> reporter:smartphone video showing the tense moments just seconds after an opd officer
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opened fire on a man who police say attacked her with a chain in the video you can see the officer who is visibly shaken still holding the shots" this woman, who calls herself lisa, filmed the video.and says sot "i saw a young black man swing a chain at a cop, as soon that oakland's police chief sean whent tells kron 4 his officers responded to an assault call at a housing complex on macarthur ave. the officer, an 18-year veteran of the force -- had just finished taking the report.and got in car when she noticed the "the officer got out of her car, and was immediately assaulted by the suspect" thursday morning's incident is
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the sixth officer involved shooting in oakland this year and the forth deadly shooting officer johnna watson says the uptick in officer involved shootings is a direct reflection of the fact that assaults on officers are up at least 70% in the city compared to last year sot wearing a body camera, and it was rolling. be as well as the element account sheriff's department they will be looking into everything including body cameras that were worn by officers at the time of the shooting that become on officer was rolling we will keep you updated on this case. >> pam:tonight we are learning more about the troubled life. and violent death of the bay area native. who murdered that virginia television news team. while they were live on the
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air. catherine heenan has the details which emerged. while colleagues of the victims. mourned the "please joins us now for a moment of silence." >> catherine:alison parker and adam ward were murdered during a live broadcast. well as colleagues. parker was in a relationship with the station's evening "i need the entire world to know that a woman as amazing as her exits and was taken too soon, and our love is forever." adam ward was engaged to the morning show's producer who watched the attack unfold in front of her eyes. "adam's fiancee is obviously in tremendous grief. it is bad enough to find out your fiance is shot. it's worse to the be producer f the show where it happens live. this is going to be a long, long recovery for their killer, posted his own video of the shooting.
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vester lee flanagan was fired from the station two and a half years ago. check his facts in a news story outraged that someone with flanagan's history of violent threats was allowed to buy a "she was so loved, and, my heart is broken, and i want to do something that will change that." >> pam: police disclosing what they discovered while pro mccall and by j. r. stone is here often the studio to show a 17 covered on the part the story. >> gary: he ran several web sites associated. 2007 >> j.r.: 2008 he
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registered the 2000 domain names. said he solicited attractive for us to amend. the model for live web cam. he also claimed to of and an escort of. also learning new details about what was found inside his rental car. appears he was prepared to make a clean getaway. authorities say he gets six magazines will memo. sunglasses a shock be away a. investigators also found the three extra license plates for. even had 17 different stand letters. please have not said what was inside those letters. for letters about were addressed to for. also told get ahead to list as he tells that list has not been released. loewen >> pam: survivor of that shooting banal or not the slow road to recovery.vicki gardner was being interviewed, when the gunman opened fire. she was shot in the back. and she had emergency surgery.
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today, gardner's husband says, he was stunned as he watched the events unfolding on live television. gardner underwent more surgery today. to repair damage from the gunshot wound. disturbing new details about another incident involving vester flanagan. in early july. flanagan was involved in a 'road rage' incident. with another motorist at a red light in roanoke, virginia. it escalated. when flanagan followed the motorist to his job. that motorist recorded their heated conversation in the parking lot. "okay, are you finished?" asked "okay, and you need to lose some weight, sir," said flanagan. very difficult recipe was yesterday makes you think about what happened today a lot more. >> pam:the motorist acknowledged, he initially confronted flanagan at the stop
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light. for driving eratically and at excessive speeds. our coverage of the news crew go to kron-4 dot com. or download our mobile app. to stay connected. amazingly. a pilot walks away, uninjured after his small plane from san carlos airport. this is a picture of the crash. sent to us by a viewer. officials tell kron-4, theand the pilot had to take it down into bushes, just short of santa rosa police are investigating the rape of a santa rosa -junior college student. kron 4's dan kerman has details on the frightening attack. police say the attack happened a week ago thursday at barnet hall entered a bathroom, where the attacker was waiting president 09-19 "it from behind reported the assailant was wearing a beanie
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mask and all black she described him as possibly white 510 stocky. the victim reported the incident 5 days later and then school "out here that's not happening very often. surprise is happening around here sad and it does happen at all anywhere. most students say they feel safe walking on campus during the day and many already use the buddy system, meaning walking in pairs, but some have taken extra steps to stay safe san francisco police ar >> reporter: michelin tire campus security review among the things they look at that surveillance cameras and improve
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lighting battling an increase in crime. which has spiked between 2014 to 2015. the information comes, as the city is dealing with two recent high profile violent crimes, including the fatal shooting of kate steinle on pier -14. and this week.two suspects were arrested, after robbing and shooting a tourist in san francisco's russian hill neighborhood. along the popular lombard street. citywide. the numbers are startling. there has been a 71- percent increase in murders a seven- percent jump in the number of rapes. and a 23 -percent jump in robberies. in property crime: smash and grabs from cars have risen 47 -percent. and a 42 -percent jump in arson cases. police chief greg suhr said this week. the department will be adding hundreds of new officers. when two new cadet academies a rally was held in front of san francisco's hall of
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community members looking for answers about a tragic quadruple homicide that happened in hayes valley earlier this year. the quadruple homicide happened back in january. four young men sitting in a stolen car.were killed in a drive by shooting. >> pam: family members of the victims eight months since the suspects have been named. drive by shooting. "i will be everyone's door every single day. spokesperson >> pam: for a set piece of the investigation is still ongoing there still looking for witnesses to come forward so they can build a case today a judge refused to dismiss criminal corruption charges against alleged
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chinatown gang leader raymond travois chao. god ruled that the attorney of proofs to prove it to investigate wrongdoing including lease a charge he was less on the crime rackets laundering and other defendant died a sweet and the station include in for state murder carried the case the guy and try later this year lotion triggered bonfires tried stubborn fire that destroys local left to face a lawsuit. as the family of a man killed by police comes forward alleging his death was covered up. \ and next. how human activity could be triggering earthquakes here and across the nation.
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>> diane: long will the cool debitors to around the forecast coming up next
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there's mounting evidence that in many parts of the country human activity is triggering earthquakes and that the problem is getting worse. this afternoon, kron 4's charles clifford spoke with an expert
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from the u-s geological survery about the extent of man made quakes and whether or not they are an issue here in california. >> reporter:well, geologists have known since the 1960's the injecting waste water into the ground can trigger earthquakes. but in just the past few years, they have seen a dramatic jump in the number of quakes in places that normally don't have a lot of blame. geologist have know for decades that the disposal of large amounts of waste water into the ground.. usually from oil and natural gas production... can cause earthquakes. but during just the last 6 or 7 years, there's been a dramatic increase in the number of quakes believed to have been triggered by human activitey. mainly in the midwest u.s. geological survery geophysict justin rubinstein studies the problem in oklahoma, they are now seeing more magnitude 3 earthquakes than they experience here in californa. >> reporter:rubenstein says the recent increase in quakes is probably the result of changes in how energy companies extract
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oil and gas from the ground and these quakes can sometime be verysot the strongest earthquake that was induced by fluid injection was a magnitude 5.6 quake in oklahoma in 2011. there have been larger earthquake of at least magnitude 7 that have been induced by oil production activities. here in california, most of our earthquakes are naturally occurring and it's unclear if there are any human inducedsot there's a new study that's yet to be released that think some earthquakes in kern county could be man made, but in general it's not a big problem. >> reporter:finally, rubenstein says it's important to remember that unlike earthquakes on natural fault lines, it's possible for people to slow down or maybe even stop man made quakes. in san francisco, charles clifford bit >> pam: is a us online when
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entire section dedicated to earthquake resources including a map precontract earthquakes a list of what you need to keep your family safe in case of our emergency. late summer sizzle across the bay area. some places in triple digits especially in the east bay people cooling off near water in san jose lisa department of parks check-in the find out whether we have broken in any records. >> diane: felt like we did in places without air-conditioning which i learned since moving here most apartments go and severance the scope it felt like we did but we did not to look at records the. these are official numbers to put at hayward 87. record is 92 we did not quite right that one factor. rosa 9611 the record there not only got to 93 oakland 84 livermore at 12 so we did not break any records today certainly will not have a chance of it tomorrow either
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it. will be slightly cooler than today and state vins color when hundreds will be in the low 90s to our offer. 9:00 p.m. tonight dropping out of the '70s a.m. tomorrow morning with the senate conditions by noontime we will have 83 degrees in the inland valley locations already. here's what we have a cooling trend heading our way a slight chance of rain showers come saturday morning we have at some tropical moisture out to the pacific ocean there was the method to our region it will close down quite a bit and then talking anywhere between 10 the 12th degrees i should say compared to where we were today year highs tomorrow finance locations 3 much similar to today's high and then move over to the cross a bridge for shoreline cities more like a load and '80s. and then mostly sunny skies. move over to the inland valley locations this is where we have the hot spot city is. for hundreds today we will not see much of its moral. follow '90s to upper 90s as well. we have another day in the
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'90s as you can see in the week and forecasts. but we take a dip with temperatures. the two saturday under mostly sunny conditions. like to arrange our employ if. it will happen in the early morning hours and partly in the north bay regions may be even in bond allocations as well. funded partly sunny conditions as he concede the temperatures for much stay consistent it will be that way for quite some time i'll explain 74 pass coming up and return. >> pam: firethe fire in a santa clara strip mall destroyed a bar, liquor store, laundry mat and salvadorian restaurant wednesday. a car crashed into the complex and hit a gas line causing the building to go up in flames. firefighters did what they could to put the blaze out but it was so intense that it cause a lot of damage. the owner of the bar that was destroyed just had to sit and watch as the flames took over. "of years of business when down
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certainly a lot of friends of people mad concerts for employees to do not have a voice work >> pam: a fatal hit and run from this around 7-30 this morning a man was driving a stolen car at huran and clarice drives, when it jumped the curb and hit 46- year old laura reyes. emergency crews arrived and soon pronounced reyes dead at the scene. neighbors say drivers often speed through the area. this is san jose's 31st traffic fatality this year and 14th two murals have been defaced in san francisco's mission the grafitti has been taken off but earlier this week the murals on the side of a market were the vandalized market was
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located on 24th and harrison not far from there a mcdonald's was tagged with a swastika. in june another mural in the mission district representing defaced. no suspects have been caught. >> pam: years since hurricane katrina devastated northlands a look at that city then and now next shocking video showing a pet sitter allegedly abusing a dog, jail time the accused could face if convicted. if you >> gary: fan of \ >> j.r.: anonymous these highlights all at the same as more and sports.
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the suspect at the center of burlingame animal abuse case.has plead not guilty to misdemeanor attorney. last week video surfaced of defendant linda levac.allegedly abusing a small dog. fortunately the dog was found to not have any physical injuries.
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according to prosecutors.investigators also determined that levac was running an unlicensed dog boarding business a trial for levac will be set >> pam:today was the third day in the prelimary hearing for the pier 14 shooting suspect francisco sanchez. an expert witness testified that kate steinle. was the victim of an unfortunate accident. this comes a day after a medical examiner testified. that the bullet that struck attorneys for francisco sanchez maintain. that he is not guilty of the july murder. the hearing will continue next week on september 3rd. you like eating tonight may be able to get free will tell you how the 49er woes continued as another playlet their faces
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legal trouble. half
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>> j.r.: denver general manager answered questions about the mark brooks will. if 49er in trouble still on the team even
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though he faces up to six months and sell. reps not at practice today in denver back at home after being charged with misdemeanor sexual battery.. related of 49er linebacker rick mcdonald previous. we've been released from the niners the tories believe brooks wrote a woman under the influence they believe that some woman raped by ray mcdonald called he confirmed was the brussels of 40 niner work goes from here i do not have without brooks they'll have won offensive starter force health + 10 years on long road and recovery in new orleans faces after a decade of working katrina next a grieving family filed a claim against a local police department new
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evidence they say will prove officers are lying about the death of. >> diane: the shower of saturday, elastic and 70 forecast coming up. in a few up hey terry stop! they have a special!
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>> pam: pleasanton police department may soon be facing a lawsuit the. this after the family of a man killed in that city's first officer involve shooting in more than a decade, filed a legal claim against the. department alleging a the fleet has details on the victim's father. "harsh words of the pleasanton police department. "as claimed a precursor to a lawsuit? yes it is" but >> reporter: wednesday john sr. and his family filed a claim against the city of pleasanton and its police department. the purpose"as we want the
8:31 pm
truth and then to be transparent even if that the force them. >> reporter: a pathologist refute the police have made of their account of what led up to the deadly shooting of john donne in junior the morning after independence day. jul. 57 simply say officers responded to an unarmed john trashy a car dealership. when officers and aeroflot a ton to cross him. basic police fought back seriously injuring officers were essentially opened fire killing him. the family had an independent forensic pathologist review the evidence. he disputes the police department's claims that he was shot at close range. the forensic pathologist also finding nothing indicate a case there was ever deployed.
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"bring the federal government stepped in and do something about this to the. something about the closed doors." kron 4 free shot the to the police department on common of the family's claim that. the gatt department have not responded. >> pam: and killing on those two journalists and west virginia stirring debate about gun control laws once again for a. ports on how the murders are also in conversations about getting help for people with mental illness. >> reporter: volunteering working with the national she got involved after her oldest son committed suicide years ago. the charter news of former news reporter but that shot to. he would be labeled as mentally ill. "the only reason i did a person do this."
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>> reporter: separate and treasury happens debate begins on gun laws. "airline cause of these is the eldest the person is suffering we need to invest in a front that we have it in treating the illness. >> reporter: hominy no town, people allison's are going to this going to happen to before we stop at. promise you an american people and not going to rest until i see something done here. >> reporter: he says a person can have anger issues without being mentally ill. he says of the family friends and even co- workers to speak up felt a person ". "let a hard time stopping in telling others hey look to
8:34 pm
battle the time you're really angry and it's not normal beating the anger that you have a thinking need to see someone. it might not want to do that. but we need to. the car >> pam: 10 of the health and services says one in five american has experience mental health issue and one in 10 young people have experienced a period of major depression in their lives. >> pam: constructing tracks for the new bart extension to san jose forcing crews shot down some roads in order to complete the work. when you reroute traffic often creates new problems. stanley roberts shows us in this edition of people behaving badly. >> reporter: let and red car meet, heads down the wrong side of st.. the street clothes because of a new bar construction in san jose. happens to put the detoured traffic route to the construction right smack in a residential abroad and you were
8:35 pm
given up on tour at the same driver for ignoring red lights and stop signs. he was right. right next the town's park i've learned to things for stuff only on trees of the attack, by and second if you go through traffic and residential neighborhood found to see people behaving badly. suggested there. start at the beginning here at times avenue for the light turns red seems to me keep driving and if you wanamaker right on red you need to come to a complete stop first. this rule seems to elude many people. a block away at times an avatar of the park circle the stop sign and all the stops seems to be the driver of this red pickup truck piggybacked of the p.w. in california. canopies to drivers not carry the world. the speed limit through any residential
8:36 pm
neighborhood is 25 mi. per hour stop signs absolutely do not mean. barbara miller said the park at the same problem drivers ignoring the stop signs fighting games until someone gets into an accident more often pictured driving ticket books are not far behind that qualifies as a fair warning. in the top section of san jose stanley roberts. lard >> pam: a dead whale found in the oakland estuary across jack london square yesterday has now been moved. researchers collected the basic information about that at all they still have not been able to identify the exact species. they gathered this afternoon to tell the will from the water on an undisclosed location protecting small scientists in the marine mammal center say every whale stranded
8:37 pm
is an opportunity to learn more about these creatures and prevent future deaths. de emigrant children in the center month community benefited from others and a soccer equipment drive and support soccer without borders. a soccer club held a drive rancho san ramon community park children donated their gently used stockard year to benefit less fortunate use and one kid said about the drive. >> pam: sucker " says $1,000 worth of new equipment donated and bought $9,000 of new equipment as well. still ahead tonight at the be square and rectangle the big changes coming into gramm the across the bridge
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while these rates cars got free reign of the golden gate today. next sorry charlie time to pay off you may be entitled to some money if you bite tuna. >> diane: summer heat today let you know how your week and will play out an extended forecast coming up next.
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>> pam: $25 in cash for $50 in free to enough consumers part of a class-action lawsuit settlement could lose about 5 oz cans of tuna february of 2009 and october last year may be eligible. settlement comes after a man who bought a can claim at the company did not fill the can to capacity. an
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independent review showed he was right. for information on how to claim your settlement go to our web site kron4dotcom >> diane: the afternoon mostly sunny conditions we avalon the hot temperatures again ormandy's bay shoreline hot in an allocation. in a week and things cool down a slight chance of rain showers satellite array are showing subtropical moisture off in the coast that makes its way into our region and eventually the saturday and it was cooler temperatures for a week and ask for 2 saturday 5:00 a.m. 7:00 a.m. you see the green area all the shower there talking about in santa rosa the transition to about 9:00 we see a kind of move cover of life " fairfield area be much about it seen by saturday clears up and all the
8:42 pm
clouds pullback what time for sunshine and f sunny skies just that the temperatures in the '90s and all or even 100 for that matter. the stage for life in the '80s and san francisco peninsula states in the '70s over seven days. 74 catholics just like this friday 92 saturday they have the mostly cloudy conditions chance of showers it should have been made that move early morning hours right around between 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 that should clear up any of time by noontime saturday sunday partly sunny conditions of the jurors remain the same fellow eighties monday tuesday clear skies mostly sunny yet temperatures back to where we should be this hot year seasonal average if carol little looking at the bigger picture next few days nineties and then things cool down for the weekend see take what we can get even if it's just a trip or to.
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>> pam: next rebuilding recovering president visit the gulf coast 10 years after hurricane katrina long road residents there still face. coming up in sports medicine baumgartner goes for double- digit strike out. and visit the chicago cubs. world's fastest runner gets taken down. [female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train,
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save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train. the costs >> pam: the gulf region 1800 people killed 1 million of 44 from the home earlier today president, visited where the road to full recovery will likely continue for
8:45 pm
decades had ryan our partner at cnn. >> reporter: annealing a decade after the worst disaster in american history. drastic difference from august 29, 2005. hurricane katrina slammed in the gulf coast category 3 storm. as u.s. levee broke by the storm surge. the damage that saddam came a temporary home. for 10,000 home people.
8:46 pm
american cities under water. >> reporter: 8 later signs of rebuilding taken on many forms in the city. the city solely unmistakably together is moving forward. >> reporter: by a resurgence of business tourism culture the tedious work of recovery remains unfinished. especially in poor communities and the path is still very much alive the tragic memories still very strong. >> diane: the stubble on widow
8:47 pm
well as the president was there. >> pam: for any cars across the golden gate bridge. special sendoff the fall and racer guston wilson. 37 year-old driver died monday may remember the story after injury he suffered from a crash of " all raceway. the event is part of the leadoff to that indycar championship this weekend in sonoma. >> j.r.: j r on the sports fans didn't cobs maine at the helm be a full one day this could be a wild-card matchup this year.
8:48 pm
marlin birds the beneficial at this so as they say it is out of here. that brings into giants go up 51 baumgartner in today struck out 12 " 12 to six innings. monday's bases loaded the look here at this as another giant homer this one rookie calvin tomlinson first home run of his career. it's a grand slam. giants 91 at giants remained 2 1/2 in the nl west 5 1/2 back in the wild-card race. >> j.r.: jurist in and cincinnati reds and taught. the second. grounds into a double
8:49 pm
play and just in scores on this play a. daughters go 10. bottom of the seven the fact young today. nine strikeouts on the day dodgers would win this one and zero daughters to a half games ahead of the giants. a's had today of. and the athletics take on diamondbacks and arizona. tomorrow centigrade amount. >> j.r.: like brought to you by the death of men the world the jamaican sprinter tripped from behind athletics champion beijing guy lost control of its segue barefoot and get there quickly and after the tumble showed no hard feelings. to erase the fastest time of the
8:50 pm
year 19.5 seconds. both the segue cameraman lexus pursuit of imperfection. >> j.r.: niners linebacker sent back to the bay area following his sexual battery charge. 40 niner general manager told media outlets in denver he is still a member of the team saying it's important for him to start taking care of his business he said where it goes from here i don't have the answers right now. a master of the power dunk castaway today former nba star died from an apparent heart attack 58 years old the man known as chocolate thunder the first player drafted out of high school play in nba known for its flamboyant of the court slam's led a breakaway rims being
8:51 pm
installed after he shattered the glass twice during games in 1979 sunday on sports i live one-on- one cal berkeley quarterback jared said down with the heisman trophy candidate and talk about the upcoming season. as the limit with this offense we. now that extreme confidence right now everyone's very confident. we try not the focus on statistics too much we think we can score many points we need to win every game. catch the full interview sunday ask him about his favorite music and talked fishing sunday at 9 on sports i live. but roberts and i break down the giants and a's have full analysis of the raiders third preseason game
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against arizona cardinals again sports i live sunday night at 9:00 at kentucky pam this young gulf kid a good kid i mean you out a walk down the aisles of the same gimmick of berkeley and the data as long score a touchdown and no. but schering tool offering its users.
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users cannot post portrait landscape as well. no longer having to pop out certain parts of the photograph for the square format at. for some reason got face but popularity was waning began. social media sought 1 billion users in a single day monday. founder mark announced a milestone today. the pathetic prospective a billion users equal to about one in seven people on earth. this book reported back in july roughly 1.5 billion people logging on at least once. a once >> diane: 1 in the '90s vagility
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he tomorrows your day otherwise cooler temperatures this weekend with a slight chance of showers early saturday morning otherwise for back to normal temperatures are we should be this tall year low 80s and allocations. for seventies east bay shoreline one more day with the heat summer heat and then some relief in sight. a new sea chance to tryew look. something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions
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t conversations, siren wailing in distance) (indistinct police radio chatter) ohh! (patrick) what's the fuss? (cho) slept through lisbon's briefing in the van, didn't you? like a baby. yeah, the victim's name is kristin marley. she worked at the state capitol for some lady senator, went missing three days ago. rumor is she was having an affair with the senator's husband. (inhales deeply) my bet--she's a jumper. i hope not. if she's a jumper, job's done. yeah, the senator's husband dumps her, she wants to make him feel bad, she comes out here... (whistles) splat. don't talk that way. okay, not splat. bam. there's nothing worse than suicide. human life is sacred.


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