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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 28, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 evening news starts now.. >>pam moore: out raids neighbors say they do not want this man living on the street today state officials announced that there are looking to place convicted rapist for adjustments in an east bay community web and fall
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on the placement of him since earlier this year when he was initially going to move for fairfield a new committee is being eyed for home or as a home for the violent predator. >>scott rates: we follow this diet of two neighborhoods with a lot of kids in the neighborhood he believes this is the house that he could be moving into florida as it is the only one victim on the block they showed
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that he pleaded no contest to sexual battery he has three other convicts is filled with red or intend to read and 2012 he was granted a conditional release and is currently housed at a state hospital bedroom
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protesting plans to of violence to assure predator. >>pam moore: back in the 1980's he had been living in walnut creek earlier this month a judge ruled against his release after allegations that he made contact with a young man back in june and then lied about the two officials yes today a man attacked a striking her in the head with a metal chain in oakland she then shot and killed him and have and what also was
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on to an assault call on my car and van buren street that might yet identified the suspect was killed in that encounter. >>pam moore: is spread generally through mist and what to droplets. >>charles clifford: 3 inmates in total has been hospitalized one has been diagnosed with the disease that inmates and staff
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basically spent the last that without any running water this afternoon and got a bit of good news they would not have never been out you for is in water for granted or shoring in all 30 inmates developed flu and pneumonia like symptoms in the samples have spa and sent to lab to test legionnaires' disease
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that are in contact with prison officials they want to reassure the public the contamination would not spread beyond san quentin.
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sir >>pam moore: the governor of virginia and the father of the murder television reporter alyson parker both visited the station where she worked today. >>catherine heenan: he met had deep psychological problems will have no problem buying guns off with no criminal record in past the background check virginia has no restrictions on the purchase or on the ship of guns even after this will win out
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here like this everyone is a target because the state's politicians cowards for their failure to act in this session and never talk to him about selling threaten them on the job.
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>>pam moore: they did a sweep of the killer they described his role in awarding the apartment as planned and drabble, a simple couch matches and computer inside on the surface remodeling photograph of the gunmen department is directly across the street a local man sitting on park benches of this is lee attacked loses consciousness after being beaten with a to buy for the 61 member cannot apart and san francisco hauler never a good half late wednesday night when the camera behind him the attack apparently set what sub before people hitting the victim in the face and head the but the lost consciousness for a hours no word on lotus santa cisco
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police with a warrant arrested a man and woman in richmond the to our offense and a slew of charges including child endangerment possession of methamphetamine and kamen and notify her arm this in getting these guns off the street makes a big difference. >>pam moore: they also recovered which is used to make even more drugs the suspect was
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captured on video in the driveway of a home on bronson ave near the crash scene his face is blurred at the request of police and son wasn't that sale marron said and ran over a curb hitting and killing 460 family and friends of the victims of the wound with their grief he could face murder charges the supporters say it is justice for young man named just as a foe of his dissenting you're promising north high school football player who was stabbed to death back in 2010
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another suspect was also convicted and sentenced to 70 years and to life prosecutors say those two are gang members a fisherman's water employee was from the gunpoint about 1:00 a.m. amal suspect went into a business on jefferson street near embarcadero simplistically in the so-called he held a gun to the employees had and demanded he open the safe the suspect tied up the victim took the pastels and side of the safe along with the victim cell foam the suspect fled on foot people on the peninsula searching for a stranger to try to lorimer schoolchildren into his car the hunt is on for a man accused of
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groping girls and and is this coming fall. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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>>pam moore: a man grown to several down growth and a
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swimming pool on the campus of uc-berkeley there between the ages of 9 and 13. >>emily turner: it police said they're looking for an adult man and a thing about this it was such a hot day yesterday so many people were here at the pull out if it is almost unbelievable that with all those people three lochinvar's this is still able to happen this is the man they need your help locating they said he inappropriately touched several young girls the strawberry canyon pull yes today on the uc- berkeley campus his sexually battered nine to 13 your girls on the pull is swim to the victims and grab their legs and some time while the buttocks and swam away the one to find and so it does not happen again here suspect to one more time is
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described as a man with brown hair with facial stubble and a pot belly or reread some trunks description they said they're keeping a close eye out for today there when not available for this comment however in the press release they did add to the public's help in identifying that man if you recognize him and asked to call berkeley police or a few select your child or you were director of this man you also have to come forward and talk to police. >>pam moore: the we can weather will be cooler than the temperatures we have experienced all week.
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>>diane tuazon: no more of the 100 of nine these take a look at a live shot the golden gate bridge dense fog already in place will get more of that as we head into this evening hours of the overnight hours 70 for the east bay shoreline 61 along the coastal region by its a and will have a slight chance of showers 20 percent chance we do want to stress it mainly will be in the north bank a reasonable cause rain showers pretty much dried out by noontime one clocked 64 degrees all across the board 62 for the east bay shoreline by known mostly sunny conditions as well as the rest of the sadder than a fog track as it already sought and live
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shots over at the golden gate bridge dense fog from most of the region of to the north bank down to san francisco peninsula san francisco san mateo will default tomorrow from 6:00 a.m. the dark area of grain here is all the rainshowers and moist that would get from the moisture from the system with transition from 9:00 it was spread may be to vallejo and parts of the more. >>diane tuazon: saturday night clears up like a bed the highest amount to the peninsula and persistence of the seven is across the bridge the east bay shoreline oakland with a to 76 to an invalid locations will have hot spots it is a rather hundred to nine is called low days ago to know '80s is that is well in most sunny skies and the
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afternoon to bay region here will have more clout and place over all the symbols to stay on the cool side. >>pam moore: heat from floating in the estuary it died after being hit by a ship and officials for listing official cause of death today in 7 52 ft that well at android as suggested was hit by the ship while it was still alive is the latest of a least a dozen was have lost along bay area shores just this year finding $20 on the ground has turned a millbrae land into a millionaire he says he had not purchased a lot of tickets and tenures but on wednesday he found a to dollar bill outside of sfo and decided to give it a go he bought to $1 million jackpot scratches and he
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won here is a picture of the winning ticket he does not really know yet what he'll do all that money but he said he might start leaving money in a random places as a way to pay for a day care shut down facing accusations that the staff drug children in order to get them to sleep next if you are looking to raise a family and the report says some bay area cities are among the best for children will tell you where.
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>>pam moore: but not everyone is barn that distinction where live in the city to now with reaction from some parents and some of them say this caught. them by caught >>reporter: we were just talking to a family to park to clear out as bedtime for most of the kids in this neighborhood but to save these parks are once cahow you cannot solve arisen a family without talking about the cost of the web site the topless is to raise a family in the u.s. here is the top five dallas boston and san jose at no. 3 san francisco landed a no. 9 just
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ahead cincinnati ohio san francisco has one of the best big cities for a system in the country is san jose is full of smart educated parents but also comes with is the disadvantages the competition to get into good schools of the law before house sitting-his parents like american and other bay area cities it is a bittersweet story because we talk to some of his parents who said they love living here with ever simply getting priced out.
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>>pam moore: coming up tonight in oakland mother says she feels hopeless and the struggling to survive her family home was red and and they will force all next loyal customers at a popular back. taught by for one more pastry some have as 38 points a game with axa month that we asked about his musical taste and ask them about fishing this sunday at 9:00 on sports night live.
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>>pam moore: their on-a letter bomb school that follows a report of a man tried to lower to middle school students of the to his car and fact is the second time in seven days this has happened in the area. >>phillipe djegal: that is what
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is it is adorned with that still did not stop this man for making his approach a stranger or maybe luck and along the middle school not sitting well with parents and community even well after school hours children frequent the area which makes what happened here courage tonight all the more troubling palo alto police say a caucasian man in his late 20s to early 30's with dirty blond hair pulled up to 12 year olds as they pass by and the middle school along the road investigators said he tried long been over to his car but they ignored him and he drove off the block letter he stop by again this time telling the girl she was beautiful and accept the two
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children planned on getting married they stayed away in the man drove off now parents fear this incident may happen again. >>phillipe djegal: investigators say they are the special assistance similar incident was reported just a week ago on the was rolled the description of the men are similar but the vehicles are different when spoken with neighbors in this area who are profoundly disturbed by what's happened in said will report any suspicious activity if they see it. >>pam moore: 10 years since hurricane katrina forced tens of thousand people to leave their homes in the gulf region of the country the disaster change the lives of hundreds of thousands
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of people people who have to start over somewhere in new. >>: is traumatic it did not and a big our reality if it did not happen whereby be right now what my life the different would every circumstance begin self if what i did dr. right now would have been norland for i think about it frequently. >>pam moore: there is still a long way to recovery in the areas devastated from hurricane trained in the bridge of the levies for your boy is dead at the police said he was left alone in hot car he was found thursday night in las vegas he was taken to hospital where he later died they said the investigation into what happened will be thorough this said the
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family member who was not one of the boy's parents was watching the child at the time of the incident is not clear how long he was in the car when you discover no charges had been filed at this time has already had a difficult time trusting their children with strangers fast asleep after stores like the one we just said and that was involved in a family member a day care shut down oklahoma off because they found the staff was drugging the children with a minute drill families to babies in the past two years and one in virginia another in connecticut died from and to drill in the system that started the investigation after a former employee noticed on a was using them as real to put the babies to sleep official said the case
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will be turned over to the district attorney's office and the staff could face felony status of the charges. >>pam moore: fancifully set team or a passenger into restaurants and molested her fifth half and this week and of what the airport in the york prosecutor said gsa offices approached the woman coming off of a flight and told her efficient use of a missile or secondary security screening the woman was taken into a restaurant and was told teresa arms and that is when she was molested the tse official was arrested on all unlawful imprisonment sexual abuse and other charges the csa said the person has been fired. >>pam moore: the jury returned a mixed verdict on the sexual assault case avenue hampshire boarding school from the 19 year-old girl sea of five charges including three mr. brenner sexual assaults but he
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was not found guilty, more serious charges involved he was a rhythm the accusal raping a 15 your address at paul's school prosecutors say he planned out the assault but he testified that what happened was consentual he could face up to 11 years in prison. >>pam moore: the ceo of acid madison inc. is stepping down the departure comes after hackers or liz carpenter information about millions of ashley madison client that the cheating website the website is for married people who want to cheat on their spouses the car belonged to former guitarist it was given to a friend who was going to landed to the rock and roll hall of fame in two weeks
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after an intensive follow-up they located and returned the guitar and they just want to get their belongings after an apartment walk with collapse + to get guard dogs he is a crossing guard bracing for impact of the flora is preparing for major storm some nice weather is headed our way.
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>>pam moore: officials had declared a state of emergency for the entire state already they especially those an evacuation zones been hers to make preparation.
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>>diane tuazon: we have the dense fog headed that way the pettifog and crowded conditions the green. you see is rain and light showers most of in another
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day in santa rosa will have crowded conditions tomorrow this around 3:00 p.m. i know it is to the inland valley is to ensure line in the mid-70s when back to
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seasonal average ride around next week recovering after the collapse of the giants in game one the key series with the cardinals at at&t park new developments in the carson city.
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for >>pam moore: the residence of a west oakland apartment building are still thought place
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to live five days after the home or read had on a walkway collapsed it was a close call but no one was hurt the failure exposed but a contract the letter said to appear to the extent of dry rot that had to evacuate the building in a hurry that crammed into account two-bedroom town house in york
8:45 pm
east led the lead in the toy is with the personal belongings are still inside the red tagged building will have bags of laundry in that is pretty much in i didnt have the answers was when the children at the end of the day is how are we going to receive all of our items and pictures of our memories everything is up their time to
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figure out a way for all the tenants to sign the unit. >>reporter: week of three of the nfl preseason is considered of the dress rehearsal the bronco the-wrapped up the last joint practice before to marmite game one guy to make sure you watch to kick return specialist jeered him talk about how is still making progress in transitioning from nostril their rugby star the city represents
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an already land on the rep should for the team to get back to los angeles this this time is unavailable for the 45 this afternoon that poor all marker same stadium waiver in from of the proposed site for a new nfl venue their contract it will be the home of the raiders.
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>>reporter: 2 of all in phoenix diamondbacks caught a flight of the giants in the cave national league match up half and is the best team in baseball the cardinals right now for three giants. >>reporter: into it at 95th place this morning took an hour on the crowd speak to drivers and is up in the galleria nailed
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the kidded his sciatica and he'd make it up to the young fan and has a one of his glove as a souvenir he smiled and send all right he would finish and six over on the day will miss the cut and his top ranking in the process also he will ban on the other hand thinking of right or left off where last six days out from the start of the college football season with car with the charter matter earlier this week were all business check it out. >>: 1 to win and be really good this year and that is all i am concerned about you can watch
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the full interview this sunday also can't highlights there was another working the pack that could be making a case to the heisman he will be the starting quarterback the man in the high- flying offense the last three years he's from for over 10,000 yds and hundred and 10 touchdowns for get into something silly if you thought tell us what drew big numbers this creature given her run for her money fifth he is in sold
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out for weeks finally american for a lot and had himself as a condition but we can say the same for pro golfer peter not say that day, all but diving into the mud himself and hacking away in the first round if an easy show to take a drop instead but he opted to play through it and this is the result very daring. >>pam moore: the is coming from hawaii which is great coming up
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19 center in marin county mention has been taken off the market the 12,000 square foot mention sold on thursday so for $47.5 million no word on the buy it was designed back in a 1095 by the architect of the hearst faceoffs the state was located in belvidere for his wonderful views of the san francisco bay the golden gate bridge into ireland if you could live appearance ever in a very special crossing guard and pa. once you to pause for the topos this is patches across a guard dog the five-year rollout to pull fosses on everywhere even when he is helping the kids to school safely. >>pam moore: he even wears an official safety vest but let's
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face it a dog crossing guard is already pretty visible is want to be mostly cloudy the afternoon highs tomorrow looks like this unless comfortable the actual length 80 degrees for an unbalanced or seven is for the eastman shoreline: temperatures pretty much all with long that is it for us tonight we will be back tonight at 11:00 and hoped to see you then good night everyone. [female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train,
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