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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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at 11, a bomb scare in the east bay. police have arrested a man suspected of trying to make flash bomb at his house. the smell of the chemicals forced evacuation of 5 nearby apartment complexes. i'm ali shah reid. emily turner joins us live from the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: it's a bizarre
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story. most importantly, i want you to know that serve okay and everyone is allowed to go back to their homes. police got a call about 5:45 in the evening from a woman saying her husband was drunk and trying to make a flash bomb. when police arrived, they smelled the chemical odor you were talking about. they immediately pulled the woman, child, and man. not only did they evacuate the woman and 2 children, they evacuated 5 surrounding buildings in the apartment complex because they didn't want to take any chance. >> we evacuated the whole block. we have a lot of apartment complexes, a lot of families, a lot of children. >> reporter: everyone has been
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allowed back in their homes. everyone is all right. that man's name hasn't been released. but we do know he is behind bars. we also know he's being charged with several counts of child endangerment for every single child that had to be evacuated. we're not sure what the it wily will be, but it will likely be pretty high. reporting live in concorde, emily turner, kron 4 news. highway 101 has reopened in both directions tonight after a crane smashed into a power pole. the accident happened while crews were working on the highway 101 interchange. >> reporter: i checked with pg & e use. they tell me they'll be here all night long.
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that wooden pole is a temporary 129 foot power pole. several crews are looking that over. you ask see the crews up there using those cranes. you can see them using 1500 feet of wires. all of this is the result of what happened on friday. thing contract worker crashed into the transmission touser, causing license to come down across 101. i also spoke to drivers. one woman tell mess she waited 5 hour when those lines came crashing down. >> couldn't go south, couldn't go back north because all of the traffic was behind us. >> reporter: crews tell me that both lanes on highway 1010 will
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be shut down tomorrow evening. they'll keep this section closed until 5 a.m., and i did ask if there was any chance that it could go past 5 a.m. they're hoping to get the work completed that they need to get cleated, which is stringing those lines across the highway. an investigation is underway following a shooting on interstate 880 in oakland. it left 3 people injured. officers responded to a report of a shooting just before 11:30 south of 5th avenue. oakland police found 4 people in a vehicle that had been shot at. a portion of 880 was close -- was closed. 3 inmates at san quentin
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are hospitalized following an outbreak of legionnaire's disease. the prison is not accepting any new inmates as they try to figure out what caused the outbreak. kate kagel is there tonight where officials are still tracking the cause of the disease. >> reporter: the plumbing inside san quentin has been turned on, but staff and may notes are still using bottled waters and using drinking fountains. >> reporter: the inside is december late. today, inmates began using portable showers to faith, although the plumbing was turned pack on. the inmate that came down with legionnaire's disease is still in the hospital, but is expected to recover. 3 other inmates were hospitalized for pneumonia-like symptoms. 3 other inmates are under
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observation for respiratory illness. legionnaire's disease is a severe form of pneumonia. the health department is still trying to figure out where the contamination occurred. water is trucked into the prison from marin county and stored in a 3 million gallon tank ear. >> reporter: so far, no employees have gotten sick. i'm kate kagel, kron 4 news. a missing hiker has been found live after being lost for 9 days in the sierra nevada. search and rescue teams located mayu kirks harwood. officials say she was hurt, but the extent of her injuries was up clear. she was taken to the hospital for medical evaluations. hardwood had no food and only a water filter that loud her to drink from a creek. >> when you're 9 days into it, you're starting to wonder if it will pay off for pup to have such a success story is
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amazing. it tickled us all to death that we have good news at the end of 9 days, because that's amazing survival for that length of full-time. >> airwood separated from a group of hikers on august 20. coming up, people from across new orleans gathered to remember hurricane katrina. plus, tax deputy shot to death at a gas station. the new information we're learning about the attack. and a fan falls to his death at the -- at a baseball game. what authorities are saying about the incident. hey terry stop! they have a special! so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop!
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a fan has died after falling from the upper deck at turner baseball field. the man was in the upper deck.
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he was o pronounced dead at grady memorial hospital. still ahead, donald trump says he's he'll make a decision very soon that will make a lot of people very happy. we'll tell you what that is, and fans fighting to keep the raiders in oakland. >> we have some big changes in the weather today. temperatures much cooler this afternoon. i'll tell you what changes to expect for the week ahead, coming up. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face.
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together, we're building a better california.
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with the possibility of the oakland raiders once again moving to l.a., many fans made their voices heard. >> oakland raiders. >> stay in oakland. >> reporter: several dozen oakland raiders fans assembled at raiders headquarters. >> when you have a gritty, blue collar fanbase like we have, this is where you have long- material entrain -- intrinsic value. >> i want people to understand how important the raiders are to the fabric of not only oakland but the county of alam derks a. >> reporter: they add to the movement called forever
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oakland. >> it's about nudging our politicians and the raiders to make sure they stay here in oak loond. >> reporter: these fans never lost the tale's identity with the city of oakland. >> i was never allowed to wear anything l.a. raiders. there was still oakland raiders items being told here. l.a. is not raiders town. l.a. is all conformity. >> reporter: wherever the raiders find a home, it's a good bet there will still be a market for oakland raiders shirts. rescue crews are trudging through mud, rocks, and uprooted trees to reach communities cut off by a tropical corm in the eastern caribbean island country of
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dominica. the remnants of topical storm erika are expected to lit the southeastern gulf of mexico on sunday. heavy rain and gusty winds are possible along south and central florida. it was a slightly cooler day in san francisco. brian, what can we expect for tomorrow? >> the humanity will be out of here, the hugh humanity and mugginess a thing of the past. we'll be enjoying a beautiful sunday, and it's a beautiful saturday night. you can't see it here. but there's a spectacular full moon out there for tonight. and the fog is still holding out at the coast. we do have some low clouds at sfo. it will continue to spread inland for tonight. we have a cloudy start for tomorrow. sunny and breezy for the afternoon. lot of activity tashings place in the pacific tonight, 3 major hurricanes, and one of them
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taking aim at hawaii. this is hurricane ignacio. winds up to 135 pile per hour. this is a cat gory 4 hurricane. right now, the forecast track takes it just north of the hawaiian islands. notice this forecast cone here. that means that this storm could go anywhere inside of this cone. if it tracks farther to the we, it might make landfall opt hawaiian islands. this will be a big deal for the next day or so. here in the bay area, we had a little system go through. the tail end of a come front brought in temperatures that were 10 to 20 degrees cooler. this something will spin around for about a week. we can expect more temperatures like these in the 70s by the bay, 80s inland. for tomorrow, look for the clouds in the morning,
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sunshine, breezy winds in the afternoon, a little bit warmer for monday as we get some winds coming out of the north. that will keep the fog away. at least minimize the extent of the fog. and them really foggy slow- clearing for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. that will cool temperatures down some more. look at highs only in the 60s to 70s by the bay. new orleans is a city known for its culture, food, and music. 10 years weak it all seemed lost. hurricane katrina flooded new orleans, destroying the city and filling with desperation. a deck later, the big easy has fought hard to be the city it once was. ryan nobles reports from new orleans. >> reporter: a somber morning in a town known for letting the
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good times roll. lean national dignitaries gathered in new orleans noshing the day 10 years ago hurricane katrina slammed into the gulf coast. more than 1800 lives were lost. this -- >> they will not be forgotten. >> reporter: new orleanians are unbroken. we're still standing after a q3s. >> you see tremendous progress in rebuilding the city. >> although hurricane katrina brought us to our knee, we did not allow the storm to keep us down permanently. >> it's become a tale of 2 cities. >> reporter: a frustration that
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business owner vick bo dorks reau sees every day. >> this is a major city. these communities will not be forgotten. >> reporter: reporting in new orleans, i'm ryan nobles. with no warning, a sheriff's deputy was shot to death while pumping gas last night at a houston area gas station. the suspect, shannon miles, has been arrested and charged with capital murder. police believe he was the guy caught on surveillance camera. he was shot in the back as he refueled hi patrol car. he was caught in a pickup truck, which was also o caught on surveillance camera. >> a witness called 911 to let us know one of our deputies had been shot. ems arrived on-scene. >> reporter: police say the attack aears to be unprovoked.
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47-year-old deputy investigated an accident about an hour before the attack. police are looking into weather there was any connection. donnell trump says he'll make a decision about whether he'll mount a third party bid if he loses the republican nomination for president. he says he'll make a decision very soon, and that will make a lot of people very happy. he claims he will not support the eventual problem republican nominee. jeb bush has lost 3 of his top campaign fundraisers because of personality conflicts. no words on when they left the republican presidential candidate's campaign, but pundits say it does not look like it was an issue with the candidate. the 3 are still work bush's
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super pac. the former florida govern and his super pac have raised $114 until mt. first half of the year. a brazillian environmentalist says sewage has killed 1 ton -- has killed 1 ton of fish in a laguna next to water where the olympics will be held. the fear is that the die-off could be repeated during nec year's game. a family finds themselves in danger overseas. coming up, we have the latest movies to hit the big screens this week and now showing.
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make the most of summer... with volvo. hitting theaters this week, an overseas thriller starting owen wilson and a drama about a dj starring zac efron. in no escape, owen wilson plays an american who relocates his family to sai asia. >> 10 years ago, i could not imagine dragging my family to the other side of the world to start over. >> reporter: he tries to get his family to safety as the
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country descends -- descends into chaos. nos date is rated r. zac efron has dreams of stardom in drunken love. another dj seemingly puts him on the path to success. >> any artist in this moment can be aned a hirer. >> . >> reporter: we are your friends is rating d r. the super bowl of arena football has a winner. it's the san jose sabercats. the jacksonville sharks played in stock couldn't. this is the 4th world championship for the cat, and a great end to the end of the season for san jose.
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>> the sharks were decimated in the 2nd half. they effect lively lost their bite. >> will it be nice tomorrow? >> it will be appropriate to go sleeveless tomorrow. we'll start out with some fog in the morning. sunshine for the rest of the day by the bay. at the coast, it will be freezey. temperatures close to what we had today. gone are the 90s and triple digits. a little worm warmer in the midland valleys. and cool next week. >> stay connected with kron 4 and get the latest news at
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>> the madman who gunned down a reporter and camera man. his active road rage caught on tape. >> okay, are you finished? >> i saw him excess ily driving. >> then, the ten-year-old boy who survived a wilderness ordeal. we are with him on his first day back at school. and ... kardashian fireworks blow back. birthday fireworks. but at midnight? residents were jolted out of bed by what some feared was a terrorist attack. >> then, imagine seeing these banners on your daughter's first day at college? >> they are offensive because freshmen are


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