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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  September 30, 2015 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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a source tells "e.t." donald coincidentally sat next to oprah's table last night and they left separately. but that didn't stop the paparazzi from commenting. >> that will b dream team, plmt trump, with oprah. >> melania was right there at donald's side, but the stunning model has been conspicuously absent on the train trail. she just give her major interview to "people." >> melania said she's not ready to get political yet but she agrees with her husba views on immigration. because she had to go through a long process and she that's what everybody should do. >> they interviewed the trumps inpenthouse. >> she says the secret to a happy marriage is have separate bathrooms and separate televisions. >> while it is tough having donald on the saying, quote, my husband is traveling all time. he needs someone as a parent. i'm with him all the time. >> her top priority is her son baron. she's very hands on mother and doesn't use a nanny.
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>> sho how much you love her. >> melania gave "e.t." special access inside her lavish world with donald. >> it's walk-in closet. and i coordinate everything by color. >> showing our samantha harris around the opulent three-story penthouse in2010. >> here we're coming to a master bedroom. >> beautiful. >> that's 4-year-old baron driving mini mercedes. what is your trick to balancing it all? >> i think you need be very organized. everything is a balancing ac i think life is a balancing act. first of all, for me, being a moem and a wife. >> any more kids in your future? >> we i have a big boy, donald and i have a little bo baron. so my hands are full now. >> melania is getting used to the idea that she could actually be first lady, but she said that's a long road and she's taking it day by day. >> a busy road, too, because
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donald is on the go. they like to stay inside and watch a movie or political news. >> or count their money, let's be honest. michelle turner join us with latest on the apparent suicide of jim carrey's on again/off agagirlfriend. >> most of the questions surround their relationship. new photos of jim on the they reportedly split. this i jim thursday night at a party. a source there tells "e was definitely acting single, making eye contact with several including our source. after which he abruptly left. that was the same night cathriona posted final tweet signing off of twitter. outside her house today where her body was found monday night, there were no flowers or memorials, just the coroner's seal still on the door. but this statement came from white's family, quot cathriona was a shining light in our lives who was loved d by her entire family. we will miss herterribly. sadly, in the months leading up
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to her death, cathriona and jim had been posting joyful pi of themselves like this on september 1st where jim said your true self is unfathomably. but one report claims that cathriona had battled depression for most of her life and that's she and jim connected. jim has admitted that he suffered from depression, at one point taking prozac to it. >> i think prozac and things like that are very valuable to people for short periods of time. but i believe if you're on them for an extended period time, you never get to the problem. >> so many laye this story. now another major star who suffered from depression was robin williams. and his daughter zelda had this to say aboutcathriona's death. >> quote, heartbroken to continue to watcsweet, kind souls be consumed by darkness. >> michelle, thank you very much. let's switch gears a little bit now. george and ama one-year
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anniversary celebration rolls on in new york and george brought along a best bud while amal brought tstyle, as always. amal, george and their pal ra gerber were partyi up till midnight at a five-story hotel in midtown. let's clear the guys out the shot because we want to see the fashion show amal is givin us. just look at her pop in this kel versace dress straight from the fall runway, of course, showing off legs with that shorter asymmetrical hemline and those strappy jimmy choo sandals. finishing the look with a diamond clutch. we if her style sense is rubbing off on george because he did this to ourproducer. >> come on. >> really after labor day, white? really? >> george was ou celebrating the 15th anniversary at classic"o, brother where art thou." >> i'm a dapper dan man, we're in a tight spot. and i've been hearing that
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literally for 15 years straight. i'm here to put it to bed tonightp. >> and he's gi a real story on why he never sang in the role that catapulted his film career. ♪ i am man of constant sorrow ♪ ♪ >> they because my aunt rosemary is a very good that i could sing. i assumed i could sing. then i got into the recording studio a i sang and then no one would look me in the eye. literally, like when you have the director, t. bone burnett, nobody looking me in the eye, you know you're in trouble. i don't sing in any and there's a good reason for that. >> but what does amal think about the film? >> i actually don't know that. we don't -- you know, i don't grill her my job. i'm a little more interested in her job. theyless spotted matt damon who was outsi the four seasons hotel in beverly hills getting dropped off by his look at this.
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that's a good-bye kiss. nicely done, matt. t move in. holding the not one kiss but three little once and clearly looking in her eyes, as much as i can with sunglasses on. >> i try to do that single day. i only give my wife two kisses. i'll move up three. she posted these shots on instagram of her bright red wavy hair. she's guardian to all three of micha michael's children. we asked about paris. >> i love pari but paris likes to try different things. so paris and i have a lot of conversations with my grandmother on her style. know, she's 17 1/2, and as long as her core is strong, that's the most important >> helping raise michael's kids is an honor fort.j. because michael did the same for t.j. and his brothers after their mother died in 1994. >> being guardian for my uncle michael's kids, it's something that i put lot of effort into and take a lot of pride in.
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for me, i just want to do for my uncle. and he was the person for me when i lost my mother as a 16-year-old. i'm j trying to repay him. >> i'm going through bad things. the two people i talk to are my mom and my uncle, and they're both gone. >> part of the drama in "the jacksons next generation" is how the brothers deal with their legacy and losses. >> people don't want to know the truth. >> how do you rise that? >> i can't say i don't get angry, because i do. >> i do,too. only human. >> because i know it's not the truth. >> that's a good point because recently i saw t.j. a the airport in las vegas. the thing i love is no entourage, and just a guy his family. >> with jackson you would need all those people. >> security and everything. >> t from code black are here as they get ready for tonight's big premiere. >> plus going inside cookie's closet. are you ready for t nancy?
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beyonce, jay-z and nicki minaj will perform at the first
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it's wednesday and that means "empire" on cookie and the the team are plotting their own record label. there will be fireworks and some kind of amazing fas cookie's clothes have become as iconic as the character's one-liners. we had to take a peek inside keek's closet. there's stuff that cookie has on that makes people scr at the tv. >> you need to speak to him. i call him the scientist. >> i visited him in his "empire's" giant wardrobe warehouse. >> inspiration from old hollywood, rapper, diana ross. >> what are some of the iconic things from last season.
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my favorite was the first time cook busts into lucius' office. this is the pant, then it had the white hat. ♪ you can't get it back >> fans became so obs over her clothes fox created this webpage, cookie's closet so they can see the high end looks from mosquino. and look for this zebra striped clutch this season and accessories. >> jimmy choo leopard print bag with a little gold hardware on it. paolo has gotte so good at dressing her -- >> he can tell what kind of bra i have on. did you put on the bra that i left in your room. >> that's how nancy anwork. >> you were if purple boxers today, right? >> you weren't supposed to tell the world that. the good wife is back sunday. is the good wife getting her sexy back?
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>> she never lost it, right? >> good point. we're on set with julianna margulies getting some answers. >> only here with the judds rehearsing for their mother/daughter reunion show in vegas. ♪ is a moment. thank you, "e.t." >> then myroundtable conversation with the stars of the new steve jobs movie. >> i wanted their approval more than anything. >> that's ahead. closed captioning provided by --
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great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. ♪ mama he's crazy >> years since the judds first hit number one with th song. they've had 14 number once in all, 21 million albums sold, five grammys. that's it's huge news when they get back together. this time wynon and her mom are getting back toget to play the venetian. they only "e.t." to drop in on their rehearsal.
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♪ >> thank you, "e.t.," for being here because this our first time singing together in five years. >> you want the cord there. >> that's what used to. right this minute we at our vocal coach's house. >> we're here to practice. >> get our chops. >> and get, just like the voice is amuscle, you're working your muscle. you've been working mom. i've sort of flown in today to sor wrap it all up. and here we go. >> naomi is fired up as wynonna is working on the fine tu >> we know that a lot of our fans are coming, like billions of them, because they've been asking us to do this. and i've been doing whi ining r, my little fingers are down to nubs right now. >> i want you to it to us,
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every voice lifted. >> you know they'll sing their biggest hits for the show called girl's night president president and mother/daughter voices sure seem ready togo. ♪ my soul to you >> it's so important. i'm not a preacher, i'm just teach harmony, the blood harmony of family is so sacred to me more than ever. ♪ >> so tal and they may be performing together but they're living together. naomi will be staying in a gated community while wynonna is off to a ritzy hotel that vegas is so famousfor. >> she has swag. you realize as soon as you meet her. we have another big "e.t." exclusive. i jetted off to london to sit down with the cast from the new steve jobs movie. michael fassbender, kate winslet
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and seth rogen drive this intense drama. >> michael talks about you being a great partner. how was that really between you two? >> you ramped up your '90s style for this. what was it like flashing back? >> i'm not that old. god. >> the topic steve jobs the film. 122 minutes of drama and dialogue are setting the corrine thea hotel london. and you have the stars. there's kate who plays r the mom of this >> she would book like a hotel for me. you're getting enough rest. get awa this weekend. >> i definitely felt that i to look out for you. >> how did you get that accent down? >> oh, god. >> she had it on the first day in the readthrough. >> no, i didn't. yeah, you did. i was like, oh, my god. >> when she talks a lot and she drags out phrases and i just
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try and to try and bring in some of that. >> i remember at the readthrough when you started speaking outside, oh, no. >> so behind. >> michael fassbender's the oscar contender. he's brilliant as steve jobs. >> everybody says that when you hit the set, you knew this cold. >> it was the only way that i could really do it, i think. >> he wasn't going to make any compromises. >> that's true. you were. we always talk about this. you were literally high as a kite in the third act. you were jus woo-hoo. no more lines tonight. seth rogen is the comic relieve playing steve wozniak. >> you talked to woz. wafs that like? you had to get his approval. >> it was one of the actually a bullet i didn't know i dodged until it was fired at me. then afterwards i heard he liked it. oh, he could have hatedit. that would have sucked. >> jeff daniels is theveteran. danny boyle's the director and
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aaron sorkin the mastermind behind it all. you went from sorkin to "dumb & dumber." how do y shift gears? >> one is easier than the ot >> i love to imagine a diner where harry dunn is having lunch with will mcavoy. >> sorkin recently made headlines getting into a war of words after apple ceo tim cook said this -- >> i think that a lot of people are trying to b opportunistic. and i hate this. this is not a part of our world. >> aaron's response was,quote, if you got a factory full of children in c assembling phones for 17 cents an hour, you've g lot of nerve calling someone else opportunistic. >> i think that tim cook and i both went too far. an apologized to him, and i hope when he sees movie he enjoys it as much as i enjoy his products. >> i couldn't end w bringing up in bit that proves that kate winslet rules the
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world. did you happen to see her on bear grylls. >> honestly like chewing on a bit of old w burnt wire. i'm lucky it worked out. he's evil. you got to do it. >> i in with kate winslet. she's the woman. still ahead, "code black" debuts tonight with marcia kay harden. >> and which actress was once first runner-up in the title of miss new york teenager? was it sarah jessic parker, jennifer lopez or fran drescher?
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i'm here on the red carpet where our next arrival is.
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your des for news. travel consideration provided by -- okay. so have you come up with the answer to tonight's "e.t." birthday? which actress was once first runner-up for the title of miss new york teenager? that is fran drescher who turns 58 >> she was one -- you have two. "code black" premieres tonight. we'll be l tweeting with the cast during the east coast feed. i sat down with marcia gay harden and guzman who are ready to hit the air. >> i'm so thrilled and so ready. we've been seeing the billboards all over town. >> i can't help it. likemm-hmm. "code black" maybe you're going to watch it. >> it isgrippy. this is based on a documentary.
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how has that been filming such realistic scenes? >> pretty incredible. you get really grossed out. you're part of the medical team, you have to hang in there. >> one day we were shooting something, is that blood really real? come on, this is hollywood. the doctors in, nope, the end of a tough procedure, that's what that floor looks like. >> let's take a look at the s real quick. >> see that little thing wiggling around trying to g away? th carotid artery. your finger is the only thing keeping that man alive. >> i can't wait to see"code black." i'll have my iv. >> there you >> thank you. >> catherine:at wasn't a drought buster.but parts of the bay area saw a few downpours today. and while the wet weather off guard.
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>> catherine:but will it rain stick around? brutal double murder in a local community. >> catherine:what the killer used to commit the kron 4 has learned this isn't the first sign of trouble at the victim's home. are you buried in traffic tickets? the governor has a plan to dig you out. >> catherine:the new program to get you free of fees. and a new controversial service to help people find airport parking.has officials with one local city throwing up roadblocks. >> catherine:this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine:now at 8. >> catherine:wet weather brings rain to much of the bay area today. the september showers were enough to break out umbrellas and turn on windshield wipers. >> catherine:good evening i'm catherine heenan >> catherine:we have team coverage on the rain tonight.. kron-4's scott rates


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