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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>>:i am really thankful for that >> catherine : terrifying moments for students of an oregon community college. a gunman opens fire on campus. killing at least nine people and injuring seven others. tonight. hundreds of people held a vigil in honor of the victims. it happened this morning at ump- qua community college in roseburg. that's about 180 miles south of portland. the shooter died after an exchange of gunfire with officers.
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good evening, i'm catherine heenan. tonight, we're learning more about the gunman. 26-year-old chris harper mercer. from our partners at c-n-n. paul vercammen reports that the community and the country are grieving. >> : another mass shooting in america. > >paul:this time -- a gunman opened fire at umpqua community college -- killing multiple people and wounding several others. >> : i probably heard about a good 35 - 40 shots. we called 911 and called our parents and our loved ones, just saying the i love yous. we didn't know what was going to happen if that was our last words or not. > >paul: police found four weapons- three pistols and a rifle. frightened students and teachers hearing the shots -- ran for their lives. >> : multiple shots were fired. and we just immediately began running. still didn't know really what was going on. but i knew by the look and fear on my teacher's face that it was serious. > >paul:when police caught up with the shooter -- a firefight broke out. >> : we are exchanging shots with him. he is in a classroom on the, it's got to be the southeast side of snyder hall. > >paul:the gunman was killed during a shootout with police.
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the details of the deaths have left people in this rural community and around the country in mourning - and searching for answers. >> : as i said just a few months ago and i said a few months before that and i said each time we see one of these mass shootings, our thoughts and prayers are not enough. it's not enough. > >paul:in roseburg oregon -- i'm paul vercammen reporting. >> grant :the shooter reportedly went in with three handguns and a rifle and the shooting appears to have started in one building before he moved to the school's science building. a student in the class said he killed the teacher and then ask kids about their religion before shooting other kids law enforcement sources are telling that he had a body armor with him and it is unclear if he
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was wearing it. he seems to be from the general area investigators are now working to determine why he did what he did >> catherine : we'll continue to track the latest developments online. on our website. there. we have a timeline of events. as well as a slideshow from today's shooting. kron 4's kate cagle will be providing live updates from roseberg. starting tomorrow on the kron 4 morning news. new details in the gruesome murder of a benicia family. the family's 16-year-old son is under arrest and charged with murder. the victims' bodies were found in a burned down el dorado cabin last month. kron 4's jeff bush joins us live from the suspect's school in benicia. with more on today's arrest. jeff. >> jeff :they came here and they arrested 16 year-old nolan and
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they charged him with the murder of his family the el dorado county district attorney filed this criminal complaintalleging 16 year old counts of murder. the d.a. says that nolen shot and killed his father, adam, his brother gavin and his father's girlfriend molly. the complaint says that nolen used a.22 calibre rifle to kill the three family members and investigators from the sheriff's department say that nolen lit the family cabin on fire after the three were killed. john d'agostini : they are absolutly tragic cases. if you think about it you have a father, a son and a mother that have all lost their life. >> jeff : last week that peace is served a search warranty on the home and the business and several items were seized during that investigation and the boy was temporarily detained but eventually released. he has been
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in the care of relatives since the murder and has been taken into custody early on thursday morning at his high-school. his classmates are say they are stunned by the news of his arrest >> campbell ruxton : i'm kinda shocked. he didn't seem like the kind of kid that would do that. i never expected him to be one of those people. he was a good student. i don't know what he was into. i didn't know him that well but he was always a hard worker and always a good student. >> jeff :nolen was booked into the el dorado county jail and will be tried as an adult. i'm jeff bush, live in benicia, kron four news. >> catherine : the benicia unified school district released this statement today. regarding the arrest of nolen buchanan at school. the superintendant says -- "first of all, this tragic loss of life is devastating for the benicia community. this is shocking and sad for all of us.
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we worked closely with the el dorado sheriff's department. we asked directly if the student gave any indication of being a risk to himself or others, and we were informed that he did not." new at eleven. officials are investigating a sexual battery at san francisco state university. it happened last night around 7. the victim says she was walking near burk hall and the gym when she was approached by a man. he started a conversation - then followed her inside burk hall. she says he then grabbed her and kissed her. the student pulled away and jumped on a muni bus to escape. police say the man is between 20 and 23 years old. 6 feet tall. with brown eyes and hair. he was wearing a dark green jacket. student employees at one local university will start to see bigger pay checks. that's because the university of california's plan to raise
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the minimum wage for all student employees took effect today. it's the first of three steps --- today the minimum wage rose to 13-dollars an hour. for all university employees working at least 20 hours a week. it will increase to 14-dollars an hour this time next year. and then 15-dollars an hour in october of 2017. coming up. a major setback for the golden state warriors. how the team will deal with head coach steve kerr's absence. a stage four hurricane churning off the east coast. when and where it will hit. and a serial pet killer on the loose in the south bay. which animals the criminal is targeting. [announcer] you're on the right track to save big
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>> catherine : in the south bay. at least three cats have disappeared in the past 10 days... leaving thier owners devastated and desperate for answers. detectives are investigating in the cambrian district of san jose... neighbors believe that a serial cat killer is to blame. security cameras on the property of one victim shows a man grabbing one of the cats. on the evening of september 21st. at least three cats have gone missing in the past 10 days detectives were out in cambrian district of san jose earlier working to track down who neighbors in area believe could a serial cat killer. for miriam petrova not knowing whereabouts of her cat of more then 7 years is crushing. >> : what happened, and why?? and for janice mckimmie, the heartbreaking feeling of losing a pet is overwhelming >> : you can't fathom someone could do something like that to an animal >> : we didn't see him for a day and we saw the tape shows see this horrible crime grab him
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>> catherine : still ahead. police try to rescue a baby trapped in a car. but get a shocking surprise. what they found instead. also - warriors head coach steve kerr is out indefinitely. who's stepping in to fill his place. >> gary :and the giants said goodbye to two players today, little bit later in this broadcast >> diane : and we have some warmer temperatures in the forecast and i will explain how long it will last in your seven day forecast ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling...
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>> catherine : a major setback for the world champion golden state warriors. head coach steve kerr is out indefinitely as he deals with back problems after two surgeries. kron 4's j-r stone talked to yahoo sports writer mark spears about what to expect for the upcoming season. >>:i did not get to have any fun on the off season which is unfortunate because we won the trophy >> j.r. :he had to back surgeries and the news is not good. he is taking a leave of
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absence to focus on the rehab of his back >>:he seemed like he was still in pain >> j.r. :sports writer said that he seemed to be in pain >>:he said that every five or 10 minutes he would have to sit down and i don't think he was doing anything on the floor with the guys >> j.r. :i spoke with him when he attended and he made no mention of his back problems
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while he is gone the assistant coach has been made the interim coach he was quoted saying that he realized he had to take a stab back and rest in order to be ready for the grind of another nba system--season his goal is to be back in time for the regular season >> catherine : forecasters now say hurricane joaquin has strengthened to "an extremely dangerous category 4 hurricane." over the next twenty-four- hours... as the storm moves past the bahamas.. it could have sustained winds of 140- miles an hour.and produce up to 20 inches of rain. also expected -- dangerous storm surges... with water levels as high as eight feet above normal tides. the hurricane could hit the u.s. in the next few days. today... the governors of new
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jersey and north carolina declared states of emergency. back here in the bay area. we could be seeing a warm-up this weekend. kron 4's diane tuazon is what can we expect for tomorrow? >> dan :here is some overnight lows we're dealing with the upper 50s for the inland valley locations an east bay shoreline here is the storm system we were dealing with it will last about a day and a half things will warm up about seven
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or eight degrees warmer and clear skies for the valley and the east bay shoreline along the peninsula north bay and south bay transition to friday afternoon it will be nice for tomorrow east bay shoreline cities are more to the middle or upper '70's friday 82 degrees we will have even more on the east bay shoreline
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>> catherine : the state of virginia has executed a convicted serial killer. 49-year-old alfredo prieto was pronounced dead at 9:17 tonight at the greensville correctional center. he was sentenced to death for the 2010 rape and murder of a 22-year-old woman and her boyfriend more than two decades ago. before 20-10 -- he was also on death row in california for the rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl. prieto thanked his lawyers, supporters and family members before mumbling, "get this over with." a surprising find for police in england. two officers smashed the window of a car to rescue a baby wrapped in a blanket. but the big moment fizzled when they realized it wasn't a baby -- it was a doll. the face had been partly hidden by the blanket. the police department of west
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midlands has agreed to pay for that broken window. a reminder. "the backstory" returns this weekend with all new episodes. we'll go behind the scenes to see what it's like at kron four as we bring you the news. here's a preview. >> catherine : this sunday night. you'll follow reporters as they cover breaking news of a wildfire in lake county. that's this sunday at 9-30. right after sports night live. in sports. another giants pitcher is hanging up his glove.after seven seasons in san francisco. and warriors head coach.steve taking a leave of rehab his back. who will be his replacement.? gary has that and all the sports.coming up sports.coming up
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>> gary :golden state warriors head coach steve kerr will take a leave of absense as he recovers from back surgery he will be replaced on an interim basis by luke walton. kerr ruptured a disk in his back during game 5 of the nba finals he has had 2 surgeries to repair the injury over the summer
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the warriors first regualr season game is oct. 27 vs pelicans here's gm bob myers and luke walton on kerr leaving >>:i would not put a time line on that as the hope is that it will be soon but that timeline will be predicated on when he is better >>:it is not like i will be out there trying to do anything differently i'm just trying to keep the ship going in the right direction >> gary :on the heels of fellow pitcher.tim hudsonanother giants pitcher will be retiring this season jeremey affedlt announced his retirement today after 14 seasons in the majors an emotional affedlt on leaving his teammates and the game he
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loves affedlt spent seven seasons with san francisco and he did not allow a run in his final 22 post-season appearances he has been a part of each of the three recent title teams affeldt has a career 0.86 era in the post-seasonthird-best ever in the mlb >>:he has given me the most >> gary :he was not in glamour roles, what made him so special is he was at bryant side when he got his accident throughout the whole thing and he is just a great guy who is now stepping away
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onto the series finale of the dodgers versus the giants. tim hudson takes the mound for the last time in his career top 3rd 1-0 dodgers hudson gives up a single to howie kendrick and bochy decides that would be it for hudson. hudson: 2.1 ip, 3 h, 3 er, 1 so hudson walks off to a roaring ovation, tips his cap to the fans top 3rd 3-1 dodgers kelby tomlinson hits it to right and andre either can't come up with it giants within one 3-2 dodgers bot 9th giants still down one. alejandro de azahad a walk-off monday night.could he do it again. de aza flys out to center.ball game final: 3-2 dodgers yusmeiro petit will replace bum
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the thru three weeks.visiting the banged-up pittsburgh steelers michael vick making the startin for injured ben roethlisberger. 3rd quarter in the red-zone. vick finds.former raider darius heyward-bay and heywar-bay barely holds on for the score. pitt up 20-7 vick: 19-26, 124 yds, 1 td after the steelers miss two field goals to put the game away. the ravens come-back and send it into over-time tied at 20 justin tucker 52-yard field goal good final/overtime: 23-20 baltimore ravens notch first win of the season jordan spieth's caddie and former 6th grade teacher , michael greller, has made $2 million dollars this season.
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greller's earnings . would rank 39th on the pga tour money list. based on the $50 thousand a year starting salary for dallas 6th grade teachers it would take grellar decades to earn as much as he pocketed in 25 pga tour events with spieth. >> catherine : good night everybody
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he said what? >> it's political bull [ bleep ]. >> donald trump, cursing on the campaign trail. then, mrs. america versus bill cosby. >> shame on you. your kids are older than i am. >> what she says he did to her. and walk like a man. >> this is the official bipedal bear. >> the bear that stands on two legs. plus, the baby whisperer. a fussy infant. she won't stop crying on the plane, until a total stranger takes over. >> i'm a doting baby lover. then, tom hanks son. his shocking public admission. >>


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