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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 5, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>james: forced to the status at the university in the latest, after chaos erupted polysemy is below call for armed robbery suspect. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: we want to begin with a check of. the of
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fourth, >>anny hong: temper to read not looking at there is already for the third offense 738 in santa rosa of the 34 pleasanton and livermore monocot will sea temperatures widespread in the fifth is expected until sunshine today by lunchtime sunny skies and temperatures will be warming up into the '60s and then was to
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attempt to stop the deadly mix of the '60s once again to claim verisimilar to yesterday a lot of low to mid 60s today including rubble more and content and 65 degrees mid-60's also open 62 in downtown san francisco 67 for sunnyvale and san jose and in the north bank after a cold start to the 30's who should be warming up to 66 from apple and santa rosa. >>anny hong: we do see a little will come in this way over the next few days into your weekend and we also alive the at the bay bridge san mateo bridge also
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looking great a life in easy rider for 92 the drive time hayward is a lie ride for those of you at the north met in the cold start this morning heading south about on 101 last and not list the richmond san rafael bridge also looking very quiet at this hour on unjustified aiding. >>james: a gruesome attack at the university campus the story goes on the stabbing spree.
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>>reporter: at 8 wednesday morning the classroom office building during a physics class and mel stewart allegedly walked in student described hearing the chaos a contractor working in the bild ran in because of all the commotion the share of also inform the is the alleged assailant had ran down to flights of stairs and went outside when he stabbed a female student and a female staff member according to
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authorities to campus police officers saw the suspect outside and shot and killed him as he turned toward them their shows the police the four victims are all expected to survive if and talking with investigators the 2005 the community is now saddened and stunned by this violence. >>james: he felt the blade go all the way through his bones instead the attacker is a male
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student who lived on campus is not from the area of his name is not being will least until this family has been contacted the case is still iverson and investigation. >>james: it had about 9:00 in the evening was of a village on the robber at the window holding a gun reaching in and taking the cash drawer he made off on foot and still lose this morning sacramental please read
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into custody wednesday morning they're looking for a woman suspected of stealing and back from a department store this happened in the afternoon in downtown san francisco police said the woman into the store took the hand begum security guards approached her children him would have to the woman is under 40¢ and is about 6 ft. tall. >>james: unarmed robbery suspect the robbery it happen saturday at 6 to let liquor store on monterey road the man grabbed a bottle of liquor and a small cake of beer before flashing a gun with cash into colorful foot and still loose.
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>>jeff bush: the meeting was the capacity and the overflow crowd of set because of the number of landlords speaking they were raised and police say a city employee was a salted into people were taken into custody right outside the council chamber the issue of a violent outcome rests in evictions or at the front of everyone stops the tenants are saying that things out of control and they're raising rent cashing in this said everything is more expensive these days of alameda
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renters says that the common rent injury has been about 10% per year over the last few years cirque. >>jeff bush: and get more for the proper the minimum are cashing in but a lot of them say they are good with their tennis and all raise the rent to cover of keep of the property all week long were getting ready for a
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menial expecting the effects of that to kick this winter coming up after break tech lookout businesses as san francisco are getting ready for potential flooding we're looking get to this is that all the cool side especially in the north bank will we have a frost advisory we have any standing by with some of them for cash coming up in just a couple of minutes. ature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us.
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>>james: we want to continue that but the story here and the forecast could be good for california and has some people you cannot prepare for the worse the work being done by what they area business we have flooded many times. >>reporter: the drill some reminisces the pounding rain that people in this neighborhood have learned to dread fear is because called by the bank expected during the upcoming l. mandel the work to try to
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provide a repeat of what happened to cook over and over south they're hoping that would not only keep the customers cars are farms way but also prevent flooding tsongas she last year that installed the removal on the front of the building but water still came into the backed issues of that after years of paying for clinton after the floods the city not
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reimbursing residents and business on the by with a flood prevention is a way to get all of us out of homes and businesses and the city's cost down. >>james: we have a special section on our web site click on the tracking l. mingo under weather--el nino. >>anny hong: these numbers will continue to drop as it is closer to sunrise of the '30s and
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fairfield that is also employed a pleasanton and livermore were also at 39 degrees this morning definitely will have to hit into this morning for the inland locations will see a lot of mid- 60's as well 65 incompetent daunted devil pleasanton and livermore 62 of his work under sunny skies this afternoon to check out the rest of the bay area mid-60's for santa rosa and apple but just in the rest of
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the bay area we will let you know what that means for the rest of us and take a look at the storm track the seven days from the bay forecast. >>anny hong: will start with the east of a hercules to berkeley writer on interstate 80 was taken 15 minutes no time be added there no delays on the show ran on the road the anti- nafta concord drive concord to on the creek also looking good at 8 minutes so far no major delays them less look at least a walnut creek drive looking at 24 will take you about 12 minutes
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this morning with no major delays so far we're not track in image hot spots for allow >>james: a local man barely survive after a parasite was found in his brain their it what did the dow but don't know how got there. >>j.r. stone: he was told he had tapeworm a paris-forming in his brain doctors did not waste
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time for spring a camera into his head this is a photo showing the have the tech worm in it they were able to get it out and months later he is ok but still recovering the day his headed kid he progressively got worse to the point where he was throwing up and blocking out as for the past is still unclear how he got the parasite the professional said it could not come from or on what cell and
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said france family and those of the hospital have to get through the back of his feet >>james: that forced the faa and
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income flights because planes flew low ride near the apartment complex officer of this change gunfire responding to domestic violence call after five hours police said and surrendered that brings the total number of cases to 29 and that number could still go off as more and more profit tested since the outbreak the volunteer the shut down all this change in washington and they're also in the process of testing in replacing food items on the clean all the restaurants fetch track of what pretty good but we know is the back of
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substantially will keep i only know when the committee begins to back up.
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>>: it will be the widest released movie this is apparently not surprised her husband may be more the just friends with a single she noted that they were pretty flannery.
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>>james: contents hollywood today live every monday through friday following bride is the law the first floor related death in california new details in the class of the plane in egypt the evidence had been investigating thinking in was an act of terror. we will be terror.
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>>james: here are the big stores we're working on this on a gruesome attack at a university campus us to go on the stabbing spree affecting four people and you see more said after stabbing to people inside the classroom he went out of doors down two flights of stairs where he stabbed a female student and fema staff member he was shot and killed by office of victims are expected to survive where her alarm more about the motive and identity of the attack as well. >>james: 58 year-old was arrested for attempted murder the brawl is it the sea was capped on surveillance video
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wednesday night the council held a special meeting to discuss to issue in the meeting turned rotted two people were arrested after police say an employee was a salted >>anny hong: clear skies fog latter concern this morning as the temperature as if san francisco low fifties for that is a mile spot across the bay area right now a high today will
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be 62% 3 and 4:00 p.m. today the coins will be strong yesterday we are looking at the foster advisory and think for many of the north way and not temperature should consider in the upper '30's and santa rosa the south bay looking amid 44 rescinded down percent jose and the clear conditions no fog the visibility map approved that math this morning by this afternoon talking about mid 60s across the board including livermore and pleasanton and 65 also antioch month sentence for oakland 67 of san jose and 54 santa rosa and not on. >>anny hong: until sunshine for the afternoon hours a mild
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warmer for the next couple days the next couple morning will be as cold as today and. looking at very quiet conditions another latest year on land to the drive time from a word of the foster city were running about 10 minutes golden gate bridge looks you're quiet here on 101 those of you in the north they had in south bomb on one 01 this morning over and the east bay
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open area around highway 4 the is a report of this year on the ramp so damaged so some folks come hoping there will be on its way soon. >>will tran: they're suspected ices minute behind this and some may have helped them get the ball onto that much of jet find they're still analyzing the very key point to analyze in the black box with a is a metal fragments found in the victims'
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bodies of the los sitting in the back of the plane that might indicate that a bomb went off at the time investigators believe the bomb was created to go off at a specific altitude makes you very hard to decide hist new information also reporting this as grout in the entire fleet of the planes in the continue to do inspections and while this investigation is ongoing. >>james: the peak flow season just from the corner as far efficient began but the part of a public health as reporters to related that already happened santa clara county the victim was a woman on the age of 65.
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>>phillipe djegal: 0 reason to panic just yet knowing the victim died relatively young is a bit alarming the state department of public health says the slow levels allow california and the entire united states right now are low not month's activity at all still the pediatrician and a private practice in san jose for more than 30 years since the peak flu season here in the county is usually february the number of local to assess will most likely start to rise next month and into december is his last year shall vexing was only about 19 percent effective if of the
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virus mutated but that this year is better the dr. stresses that the flow can be life-threatening and that and once a source of aid older should get the shot if die every year from the flu most of them 65 years of age or older. >>james: it happened and about a 30 yesterday morning the two were on their way to the middle school and it is a surge of buchanan and bay street and took recess and stopped at a crosswalk crossed with that is
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what he says the 30 your driver identified as kirsten drove around him and that is what she struck the two boys to to what from what hundred feet cash from the school sent they seemed reckless drivers on the roadway on a regular basis she was arrested in and taken into custody for driving under the influence more fallout after a
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police officer stages his own suicide sparking a nationwide manhunt why cause systemic thousand dollars and we will be right back.
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developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. >>james: in this is a lucky to
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more crimes involving this time there been blocked in the form has was to learn that they're telling them someone contacted her within a share tech and the total essential boy from a year before us the dimensions and more full of it would expose off the ones that have online network with them and found the same user had done the same thing to the pulp swallowed of 14 and stick but in marion saved the life of after they removed from her throat to come
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to that because she will cry every time she 8 they cannot find anything wrong for and and it took multiple tests and x- rays doctors put him under honestly and carefully worded free their recovering and getting back to of cells will take weeks and months before she is fully healed in the bill for the house of this is of more than $5,000 turf will be back with novacek of the forecast for
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lyft is a lot of the outside will give the short version in this cold for loftily of a force in bosnia in effect when part of the bay. -talk about the coming up in just a minute.
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>>anny hong: definitely hear whether extra blanket weather this morning news a quick check of the bay bridge we're working to clear skies all across the bay area and the weather had live for today it is called low on the upper 30s at this hour the high today 65 in the southwestern bridge five the to lost our tempers will be glad colors was again forced advisory members the presence of the north including santa rosa wine country in san rafael
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highlighted in this tank lavender color and this is not answered in o'clock this morning temperatures are going to get down to the low '30's for some spots the consistent cross formed out there this morning temperatures in the north that the preferred is right now santa rosa 39 in a bar soap and worse continues to sea temperatures cool down over the next couple hours of the 34 little unfair self 38 in pleasanton and the nine and the more you can see in san francisco the mobs fought a 53 the south bay making it chilly conditions. >>anny hong: 66 in all will 6 is a san francisco saturday at a
4:47 am
slight woman the changes come saturday night into the north make the chest and to the limit rind starting on saturday night will start with a walnut creek the dublin ride a ticket was 16 minutes this morning and sexist and with the images loan off among the the ride will take about 23 minutes this morning and also look at the dublin and for a lot ride it would take 20
4:48 am
minutes on 680 things are moving very slowly so far no major delays san leandro to open driver of 8 $80 check you 14 minutes also in the areas of about 13 to 24 there is a report of a deer on the connecting ramp the puppet was from and that dumpster a week ago. >>james: live voters overwhelmingly the strike the fight is over wages management
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and 2 percent across the board the faculty was 5% with an additional 2 1/2% increase for staff at the lower end of the pace scale minute argue, saladin must support living in places like the bay area which is extremely expensive to begin monday they're on loan given the fourth case of vandalism and that if cerros california's central coast this time red tag was spread across the door of the santa cruz mission also graffiti that accuses them of genocide-related vandalism they said they did not have any suspects school children live a full school trip them over for lunch position of legalizing marijuana the center that would
4:50 am
decriminalize marijuana as a federal level the bill also love to them it is still a legal again as the central level of the golden state warriors ticket on the clippers' winning mvp and got a lot of foul trouble early on he had set out the first quarter if finish with
4:51 am
a game-high 31 points 15 of those were in the fourth quarter, it won by final 1121 on a there remained undefeated usually get to say after the game. >>james: more composure that
4:52 am
will be friday night tipoff time set for 730 at home and oracle did by stadium landed the struggles of the forty-niners the 2019 college football last championship we played a lead by stadium to bay area was one of nine the to the head with the gang and they will also be host a super bowl 50 february and exciting into a stadium the embarcadero camera have a live shot looking outside the bay bridge back with more of this on the forecast.
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>>james: working to save the planet when hassle at a time the company makes plans to the could actually planned in the ground where done using it instead of an eraser to tip it is i to contain the bile capsules with to sit inside once it is too short to use this encompassed the of a pencil and dirt and water and when it dissolves the joy of the plant practical the release no alteration video of the some the so dynamic capture these images using wetland
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invisible to human eyes but is a really cool to look at it and make up the so the player. >>james: the first character that he ever created in the 2 million well disney made dec. universal the on the right contract is to lead the to the to break the relationship and disney would off their brawls of race similar nasa recently
4:57 am
rediscovered which is lost in the national archives and have since been a disney animation shows. but officials are doing to try to save the season this year more deaths linked to the latest cases that were discovered.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: temperatures already down the cold is what we have seen.
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>>anny hong: after the evening ride home temperatures cool down to the '50s and already six is brought in the clock should it is cold and santa rosa and a loss of the '30's 37 in vallejo 30 in fairfield a partisan pleasanton and we're going to continue to cool things down and in the north and a false advisory for the last 2:00 this morning temperatures are on to be very cold do keep in mind you're heading out the door you get the car started a little bit early for details on the forecast including the chaff so we can showers fifth talked more about that coming up a little bit later.
5:02 am
>>george: will for better date and this thursday morning will sing the first three days of this week with some very rough and driving at the start with a check of what is going on in the east that a great start for six '80s southbound to walnut creek and threw the ball was 44 for free hear the ensure free ride to just 15 minutes looks good in their and our plans for your trip out to richmond bridge and you're ride to the san ramon valley 16 minutes south by the late freight little more to dublin but of course have already for the optimum past the here is a look at the right to oakland in minute now down to 14 minutes and you're ride to the beverage a slight back of the cache lines that would like to clear before the degree lesser activated coming up in the next an immense
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>>james: as it was happening in this to get a sense to walk into a classroom with a large hunting knife and unfold in the moments and follow we have the latest now with of the elements in that story >>will tran: to was about a to 6 in. tall with their when investigations had discussions are here for we know this morning classis canceled a uc merced the reason why is there still traumatized it is still a crime scene investigators consider wrong to work for the student walked into a cluster one to students and staff that started the contractor near the building heard screaming he was thinking it was a fight that is when he saw the of the student with a hunting knife and the process he also cut staff and then run outside and saw two
5:04 am
people to women he stabbed them those warmer were students and staff and the fact to campus with all this is near the scene the heard about was along on his administrative job all over and pick up their attack turned to the pleas of two with a laugh that is on the open fire and killed him at the scene his name is not yet been released. >>will tran: the attacker was seen with a backpack they're not sure what was in the back track for in his room and that is why the fbi also all four victims the names not been released the good news it was not life- threatening injuries yet to see
5:05 am
how big the damages on the stomach the attacker was a male student who lived off campus with investigators have not lived in identity and no word for a senate to contacted first before it's been made public >>jackie sissel: you concede the balloons mark the spot for the 212 your boy is for it in this
5:06 am
crosswalk and a lot of people here in this nebulous say no to this crosswalk in the potentially dangerous and the person that was driving the vehicle is now in custody on charges of suspected drug driving a truck stop to let the will is across and that point the white suvs were on the left- hand side of the trout striking the boys both of them taken to a local hospital was what it described as critical injuries that are expected to survive the driver initially was offering with the police department ultimately after she was arrested she is a 30 you're a woman her name is incorrect and she is a resident of san francisco we're being told a lot of them say this crosswalk
5:07 am
vitoria's the people speak of all times during the day and win a chance of the residence and talk about this crosswalk in this area phil as far as the school for it went to that of the marine a middle school they will have bridge conference on the sand can less intelligent fox off of his august the 212 noblest are expected to supply
5:08 am
and. >>darya: 2 were killed or biking and six were killed on motorcycles san francisco police the industry people are hit by cars every day while walking in the city. >>james: it will be closing chapters across north america over the next two years that includes one right here in the bay area the company closing a manufacturing facility as part of a downsizing the clothes will slash the company's work force by 15 percent according to local reporters about hundred 30 jobs there them to confirm gunman who brought the mcdonald's and happened to the night from 9:00 in the mcdonald's and arnold
5:09 am
drive to take a look of the service in this video of the robber then flee was up and the customer he leaned to the drive to win and he is holding a gun police say that that actually turned rehearsal in the castro the open. >>james: chief the sec and the police announced yesterday this man has been arrested now truss with attempted murder in said he staffed them at the nightclub lesson of this was a summons video showing him fighting off half a dozen people the stabbing had nothing to do with the train attack.
5:10 am
>>james: they're concerned our rent increases and of the convictions of alameda city council special meeting to discuss the issue in that meeting as to concede turned off marauding they're raising rents left and right but they said everything and more expensive the rep is still lower and other parts of the bay area for the
5:11 am
meeting lasted well into the morning fed has succeeded in the on a pre sour note. >>darya: right now before being told not to eat the crap because the state health department has a high level of an acid and local crab of the california coast and a conclusion and kill you you cannot clean it and cannot cook it will not get rid of the acid doctors find a parasite in the brain of the man in the north safe was to your doctor said the man is lucky to be live this morning they like
5:12 am
to hear from you if you like to be an astronaut.
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>>james: prices could be behind the crash and the mobile job line with to you what they're saying about the tragedy take a look at this is on in november but snow already falling in the towel but also here and arizona this would look like a suborning.
5:16 am
>>anny hong: frost advisor has been an issue for the to to live look clear sky starting office thursday morning sun was a good morning to you were not in the mid 40's at this hour 54 degrees in most sunny conditions on the west wins five the amount our hear the fog advisory speak for not including santa rosa santa feld also live country this is from endicott is one of the timber falling into the thirties now where cent of the third is for santa rosa and novato and will continue to seek the job of the next couple hours a high for this
5:17 am
afternoon's 62 san francisco if a lot of messages facing the east bay down to the south and also the no. 856 santa rosa and also an ample check out the next three days of temperatures are going to the generally staying in the mid to upper 50s through friday it can also saturday >>george: as we continue to monitor the ride here in the east bay the tech look at what is happening first on highway 4 in the west about a correction were the convict here reluctant to 38 into 37 corridor that is a little ahead of schedule the driver to to five minutes looks
5:18 am
good here is the antioch to comfort ride and we want to assure you that trip because of conditions here are still pretty good for the ride into the westbound direction 17 minute drive times and it will continue through the san ramon valley just 16 minutes south about so that is a the ride in problem free with no delays for the cash back and should dissipated but it did that so will likely see that just filled in and about the next 15 minutes when we see the leader unless activated here is the right to the san mateo bridge highway 92 out of the east bank and heading of a tour of san mateo just 11 to 12 minutes telling figure east rely heading toward marina across the richmond bridge also of good one. >>george: that mixes a minute
5:19 am
drive times and here's a look at the golden gate bridge with smooth conditions both northbound and southbound in a blaze off the wall of grade the drive times for rent county and still come in and about 23 to to to for guidance from the loss of door to the golden gate bridge. >>darya: after a parasite was found in his brain doctors were able to get in there but they do not know how to adapt and in the first place a 26 year-old he was told he had tapeworm larvae live appearance by forming a cyst in his brain doctors and queen of the valley med center did not waste anytime they went and and got to take worm out of here is a picture showing you the system had a loss of life in its the way was to get it out and he is ok.
5:20 am
>>darya: could have come from on cook pork or on what salinger. >>james: this time santa cruz county in they took xanax last week when a man died from the complications of the dead one was 29 the other was 19 years old and is alive after san
5:21 am
francisco police announced investigating feels connected to the genesis well there hospitalize to indelicacy of those connected roseanne next to treat anxiety and panic disorders here for more complex case of the collider ring to the restaurant faction in washington state the average number of cases to 29 and that all bird started the ball to the shutdown all locations in washington state. >>darya: the college board released the report on college cost estimate private colleges are charging $1,400 more than last year if.
5:22 am
>>james: they need astronauts may announce the are looking for future space fliers also a
5:23 am
qualified applicants from a diverse pool and citizens with the bridey of a background still had trouble for trump why would group saturday night live to cancel his appearance on the show a lot of people are not happy about that.
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>>james: they're building bridges on their own they're building a bridge of the canal and amsterdam and the plan you concede below model showing you what they can do the part of use of industrial robots to print a letter bridge of of water
5:27 am
>>darya: it is cold out there today to the judge was recording down to the 30's in fact santa rosa at 38 degrees when we come back will talk more of the fall of the advisory and the cold temperatures from the bay area.
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>>reporter: days after halloween can you imagine that we're on isatin unions where we've been drawn from brian and tell us about what we're riding on right now to bring the temperature
5:31 am
down and speak in water on top and you did ask anywhere you want scare we're headed to january 18th. >>reporter: every $2 and will
5:32 am
take a little ride and will catch you guys and 30 minutes
5:33 am
ally of the san francisco and the embarcadero camera looking at the partially bay bridge for him to the sky starting off the stern of the morning san francisco on the low '50's at this hour one of the milder spots along the bay area temperatures today getting the for the conditions and will close to 50 from the quickly. >>george: will start with the look of the ride in the east bay me realize just turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza will show you that as well looking at the ride for san ramon valley 16 minutes hear with the trip nine for one of crackdown to dublin still pretty good ride under way and you can see a little slow now approaching the dublin and to change what i will forward your walking on the side of the road a little concerned about
5:34 am
this and ask a reporter no. 11 and 2 gimmicky often the case that some reports come in and they say to the sun printed a very serious accident on the shoulder., >>george: thankfully on like a guest to the incident free so far so no one usual back of a westbound. >>darya: 58 of the people killed over the weekend have not been identified yet the evidence of just a tragedy have been active terrorism in their pricking news this with that information they
5:35 am
believe the crisis was behind that investigators also believe the bomb was created to go off at a specific altitude making it harder thousand british troops are stranded in egypt prime
5:36 am
minister says that in the bed to was going on with them he would like to go back to britain as soon as possible but not before offset the costs are met before the border along the flight. >>james: the 100 closed chicago gave 15,000 out to the family trough those of and what it was founded to want to go this far to men, police colors is a minnow by not investing in a civil action a cap stays his own death. >>darya: red paint adjutancy
5:37 am
splattered all over the door of the santa cruz mission that could 18th-century of genocide that targeted his september canonization early this year the statues there was decapitated and carmel school children arrive in force will track are for spot and reported damage that the sometimes on the night or monday morning. >>james: the best network the sponsoring this upcoming debate in this sense, they must have an average least to and after some in the four most recent national polls.
5:38 am
>>james: it was started by the group's and it has more than 520 cause a signature so far the group is also about his stance will emigration he is said to appear this saturday we are hearing from the southern california man called on come attacking the driver would say would he have to say for himself the undefeated the golden state warriors.
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>>james: and what do you think you're looking at? this one did
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know something bad is about to happen
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"the year of spieth comes to a close... tour championship winner...and he does indeed take it all."
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>>james: if you do not like the large phone and they might have a solution for your will have details on this and we know it can be pretty expensive when area and boston is charging so much you can buy house for the
5:46 am
same price. >>anny hong: if you got the kids is hard to keep them out of bed the of the struggling of the next couple of hours here is a live look some detail livermore in the low 40's at this hour chilly for you looking for high
5:47 am
of 65 on the part because of southwest wind 5 to not our we will see the bridge conditions yesterday those of the cold as readings in the map we have a small advisory and caught will be still in the fifth this to slow to warm the ends up a really cool stock will have lunch time will see partly sunny conditions and temperatures in the '60s. >>anny hong: 64 for our friends
5:48 am
in san rafael would have to change talk about on the 7 day around the bay forecast to our is a repeat of today will dampen the will to temperatures small morley definitely chilly on saturday sunday those are the changes. >>george: this is where traffic always begins to back up at the daily accident the ride from the kind of a valid up to santa clara this class is being cleared to the center divider the starter as a 16 minute
5:49 am
commute is now 21 minute drive times we're hopeful that this does not turn into a major and become a hot spot police to block for that one on one ride and continuing with the south of the czech citizens to ease trip time just 14 minutes out of downtown hitting 280 north lawn, cupertino on a typical day this from the time when a double off but will half of with the demand for the last several days the drive times already of to 18 minutes with an incident free so far here for your trip out of the east bay of to san mateo still delay free looking at in a letter to 12 minute drive times >>george: that is only for the
5:50 am
taxpayer and the right lane the golden gate bridge why delay free and so is the ride from the rencontre on 101 southbound. >>darya: why or who threw a chihuahua into a dumpster santa rosa junior college she was found about a week ago with two broken from lakes she will have surgery this week the man who was caught on camera attacking the driver and southern california not apologizing for his behavior.
5:51 am
>>james: the attorney released yesterday saying that he is extremely remorseful for heading the driver and the driver is not taken the apology lightly and so on him over the attack he is facing up to a year in jail if convicted. >>darya: that all to rise a strike in the system over wages
5:52 am
management is offering a 2 percent pay raise across the board but 5 percent pay raise plus an additional hike of based on presence is one step closer to getting of veterans memorial this week the city council approved $28,000 to crippen for memorial.
5:53 am
>>james: he took a little brick but they brought him back later the final score 1122108 we will
5:54 am
be right back.
5:55 am
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5:56 am
>>darya: the confessional of this season that the wildlife
5:57 am
park the to stores where following including the full season we had a bay area resident to already this year with to you you need to know what keeps his family said and helping the contract to walk them on the stabbing spree a uc merced and sent to block the one student with to how he's doing this morning.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>>will tran: coming out of the
6:00 am
very latest on the merced stabbing in what the fbi is on campus this morning we're still in hospital after being shot by suspected drunk driver. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>george: we do have a small accident in san jose a little slow we're hoping it is out or to turn into a hot spot
6:01 am
>>anny hong: a few high cause what the of the fifth is 44 degrees at this hour and temperatures to the getting up to 66 it for them also to the 39 degree range of the '40's and pleasanton and looking at the south bend the channel to mid- 40s including sunnyvale to 43 degrees. >>george: it was this accident 101 near mckee is not blocking any lanes and the backup of hasn't grown in the chaffing the
6:02 am
drive times for your 23 minutes for the 1 01 ride northbound this is not to the worst commute reversing is the best we seen in a while within there may be another problem appeared to small of shish he reports to so this could really make trouble for draft and hunting and 19 minutes night in back of and to the macarthur managed. >>james: he won on a stabbing spree at the campus we reported this yes to that as it happened student walked into a classroom with a large hunting knife we were on the same when the investigation was on the wet installed for describing did as chaotic.
6:03 am
>>will tran: was a to 10 in. high and nine--hunting knife the reason why is the crystals are still traumatized cost a lot of the campers still a crime scene he heard the screams it the vilify herein stock-loan he saved the other student in the process he was stabbed to the afternoon your contractor to buy this and in an odd in life-threatening illness, and
6:04 am
this is called carl sirens his name is not being released this shut down his dorm as it is the crimes in the called an fbi the reason is because you say with a backpack and not sure they're in the components and that is why the part has been shut down as well. >>will tran: his name not being released we're hearing from the contractor who was stabbed when he ran in on the attack to the attention away from the student he felt that blared sink into his stomach you see the band as
6:05 am
police said the attacker was a male student who live on campus but again the have not identified him yet there still waiting to notify family furnished. >>darya: iraq in the crosswalk when live at the school this morning to ensure support from the students on campus >>jackie sissel: you consider balloons house are here right now with the 212 your boy is was struck in the driver of that vehicle is on the arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence of
6:06 am
the truck had stopped on bay street to let the boy scotched a beer can accept what the driver of a white vw eschew the past left hand side tracking balls of the children throwing the ball across the street >>jackie sissel: we have since learned that both boys are expected to survive the driver was cooperating with police but ultimate with the police department under arrest on suspicion of alcohol schist 30 year-old and a san francisco resident she is also suspected to reportedly friends with robin williams as far as people live in this never they're frustrated and hoping for the best for the victims both the victims with
6:07 am
two middle school in the intersection they're going to have counselors on the site today to talk to students and parents. >>darya: 16 fifth black man killed while walking into san francisco to people have been killed while biking. >>james: you could hear the motion the level of our riding routed a got less nine the commission members were cement concern of our rent has been
6:08 am
coming up every year our control of the island is an accounting talk about the issue and at the meeting people that often loud in fact two were arrested it was a capacity. >>james: raising ride is something they are entitled the city employee was a salted with the into custody will wait to hear with the decision of the
6:09 am
council was. >>darya: it helps out the attack on the paris train the police announced they have arrested this man is charged with attempted murder of to say he is one who stabbed him outside a nightclub last month it had nothing to do with the train attack. >>james: the department of public health is recording one resident has died of the flu this isn't the victim was under 65 years old joes for all we
6:10 am
fangs that could predispose a person to have it abash am. >>james: they use it say it and print your the your shots now if it helps you to season. >>darya: the california fish and game commission is told in emergency meeting today to decide whether to delay the opening of the recreational craps is an it can be did the and you cannot fend off and you cannot cut it that talent is not
6:11 am
to eat the crap >>darya: to shut down all the location and washington state the company is in the process of testing in replacing items while workers clean all the restaurants. >>james: we will be right back.
6:12 am
6:13 am
6:14 am
>>reporter: will getting ready to get on the ice we're back in 15 minutes to show you all the details.
6:15 am
>>reporter: officials would look like last year after the big storm and belong to an all
6:16 am
mechanic and does not show the damage to several customers cars the water is not rain is also mixed with back blow from the sewer system which cannot handle the bigger than you should--deluge. >>reporter: it is trying to prevent a repeat of what has happened that are then going to raise the level of the parking lot 36 in., is open the back were not on the keep discussing of cars out of harm's way but also prevent flooding to the businesses and homes that bore his property one of them is a stable cafe which is in this video this had to close sometime for months at the time to clean up the biohazard left behind the install this removal still floodgates on the front of the building of the water still came into the backed this work should
6:17 am
solve them out again is a pain for cleanup citizen on reimbursing residents and business owners for work of this kind and as a way to keep it out of home and businesses and the city's cost down sphene >>anny hong: it is not a huge storm we will see some showers out there nothing as impressive as we saw earlier this week there is a live look sfo we're working to generally most to clear conditions on the stars the morning frost advisory is in
6:18 am
affect areas of timing of the north bank this morning until if the clock the cold conditions for santa rosa 36 now and fairfield 35 and the left are those are the call readings were also sent of the 30's and pleasanton the next three days
6:19 am
temperature do not change a whole lot of the milder for friday and saturday especially and one >>george: accident in hayward on the nimitz freeway in this is southbound 880 and a street this is another more cycle accident this one is already the big move to the right-hand shoulder insulin derived the the top down and add it to diminish to the drive times to access the force was no. 101 the second out 1 01 the great america parkway.
6:20 am
>>george: this one is blocking online that is why it is backing up the ride down, as we continue to add time 10 minutes, to the drive time on 11, north down from the capital expense of after the montague expressway, tracking the ride to the bay bridge westbound sap the we are ready backed up. into the macarthur maze are ready to to four to 26 minute trip time, the of the good news we have had any incidents on the branch, once you're past to slow traffic to the meeting last is an easier ride, san mateo bridge are ready starting to show signs, it is getting congested use lead by 630 things are really crawling along. >>george: across the richmond san rafael bridge, which adjusts started to see things getting crowd of the toll plaza, it would not be surprised if it begins to form within the next report, for you're ride to and from ran across the golden gate, still an easy ride of the boston and seven free, for the
6:21 am
ride into more account t, on 101 southbound the drive times and still on the third two minutes. >>james: 6 xanax, being blamed for two bass to men to the zanucks but it was fake and they died from medical complications --xanax several the peoples were hospitalized after taking it as well it is used when properly used use to treat anxiety and other disorders. >>darya: a man barely survived, after the parasite was found in his brain never able to get out if they do not know how we got there in the first place the 26 year-old was told a tapeworm larvae live the parasite forming
6:22 am
a cyst and his brand and doctors at the matter centers did not wish in the time they got an out and here's the fall of it there were able to get it out and this is said he's going to be fine is going to be ok it all happened so fast he was of skateboarding and his head started hurting so he went to the hospital and that is where he will to the emergency room.
6:23 am
>>darya: this could have come from many places on cook pork and on washed salad when you think about something like that he was nice to speak to us about this he wants to tell everyone how survive nickel to the web site >>james: a boy who went missing the 13 years ago and all of them has been from a safe and ohio he is missing back on all the 28 of 2002 this will get look like five years old it was suspected his father took him what he was in the custody of his mother the fbi got a tip of the weekend that they were in cleveland saw neighbors said they moved and about two years ago they knew him as john the saw is that was calling him to watch football
6:24 am
together and they cannot believe this is happening he's 18 years old and this is an aggressive pitcher that stores are using to try and find him his mother has been notified that her son has been found he was the rest of for the abduction and appear in court next week. >>james: tessellated this to the goal by ron of fallen and the son dressed up as each of the fall plan and people have a hard time telling the difference of who was who would forward or on line one we come back.
6:25 am
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it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. >>james: some people say guest to do not worry they may have you covered next year than it cost you a third option, if the seven mini some customers have been complaining the phones are too difficult to use room circulated this morning they will release a new 4 in. version of the phone
6:27 am
>>darya: they want and in their pocket and they can see just fine we will see what comes out one side has the father and son and the other side hasn't just up as its other we have to figure out which one is a real there from the endurance to attract a lot of people because once they dressed up they did not know who was the data or the sun.
6:28 am
>>: she was very uncomfortable with the whole find that it's
6:29 am
him dressed up as the sun. ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪
6:30 am
>>james: we are back
6:31 am
>>darya: the ice rink is open in union square it is a little early. >>reporter: we have one of the teammates to show use of trucks
6:32 am
she is 10 years old and she has been doing so we cool moves their head off to portland and jiang were to compete at the largest competition the trend and to weaken on saturday is on and off the ice and the also do some " work in the have on my skills to connive skating 16 skaters on my eyes are connected and the informations like circles wheels blocks lines and the intricate steps all connected to everything start at
6:33 am
the opening ceremony at 930 this morning to of the avia with to show you some of my mood.
6:34 am
>>anny hong: we have bay area rent coming this way, also have a chance for snow showers probably over the weekend and into early next week >>anny hong: temperatures are chilly san francisco we've
6:35 am
dropped into a performance and '50s early of and now we're at 48 degrees to a high today low 60 this afternoon on the partly cloudy conditions the wins will be strong to the west winds and five to moscow our temperatures the numbers we've won -- the low 40's the santa rosa 3835 and vallejo fairfield also call readings for you pleasanton and livermore all in the lower and upper thirties right now >>george: will show you the
6:36 am
drive times a first point out another accident from highway 85 north bound for at saratoga avenue of the 85 community is already slower than it should be in the northbound direction here is the 101 and 85 drive times this of 24 minutes now heading from here to tear off and the 101 drive time northbound 30 minutes so we've added 14 minutes to the trip time for the 101 ride a northbound since it is close to 630 it is time to see how they're doing half of san mateo bridge right on cue >>darya: man exposed himself to a 15 year-old girl we're at the breaking news test with a sketch.
6:37 am
>>will tran: she was able to get a good look at her feet she was working with investigators take a look at the screen here the composite sketch he is described as a white man to five years old six-foot one muscular build dark blond wavy hair here to sing the really stands out through the police department then want to play close attention he was what a safari style at if you know someone in that area and run to 50 on monday afternoon in the area of shoreline of the school on the 800 block of copper and your interests call the police department there were to catch the suspect before he does this again to someone else. >>james: 58 of the victims that crashed over the weekend have yet to be identified as their working to do that we also have
6:38 am
new evidence suggesting the tragedy may have been active terrorism prices may be behind the crash intelligencer just as the one at the airport with help to the bomb onto missile flight metal fragments found in the bodies of passages near the rear in the case of salt of the explosion happened all the losses can be hard to detect a ground of the entire fleet while additional safety checks are conducted interest in becoming an astronaut the will to hear from there you can apply to become a member of nasa space flight to keep spending more
6:39 am
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>>james: people run out the parking spots just like they ran out the home or apartment to purchase all in one part of space is asking a lot for this particular spot.
6:43 am
>>james: spaces were about $6,500 to give you a comparison now a 600 and saw my dollars.
6:44 am
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6:46 am
>>james: the first one he created before mickey mouse coming right up the st. bernard puppy swallows. >>james: will take a look at some new pencils the degradable and turning to plant when you plant it will tell you how that happened. >>george: since then we've seen the unusually large number of incidents the start here in the east bank a second already a sore ride 17 minutes for your
6:47 am
trip time to the southbound ride it at 15 minutes to the drive time for the 238 to 37 or commute continuing delays in san jose and the accident 85 northbound and saratoga the guadalupe parkway a 30 minute trip time the bay bridge now backed up too high with 24 and we are really looking at 26 to 28 minute trip time out of the macarthur maze despite the fact with an incident free.
6:48 am
>>george: slow from richmond parkway here is the morgan ride to the golden gate bridge >>anny hong: livermore the morning till we're not in the upper 30's at this hour to hide today the evening ride home to much is cooling down pretty quickly also sand fell this
6:49 am
morning the temperature is being into the '30's we're going to see increasing clouds another cold front bring in a small showers potentially high as four to that will be storm free local partly cloudy conditions a lot of men 60 to the north to back out to the east bank including 56 in oakland 67 and san jose in the '60s and downtown san francisco it should be pretty
6:50 am
these of the testimony may be up to half an inch of land for some spots,. >>james: that man who was caught on camera attacking the driver and southern california is apologizing for his behavior
6:51 am
they're facing a to a year in jail convicted of assault and battery charges he is fired from his job he was a manager for top rebel when it went fire or the company cut ties with him quickly because of the tuition is the one of but not as much public schools charge and $617 more. >>darya: most increases the 1970's but when you are this high how much higher can you go on average the full cost senior cancel public-school and is 19 rent a private college is about $44,000. >>james: you another chance to
6:52 am
do it for the first time and while opening up the program to the new applicants.
6:53 am
>>james: looking at the stock this morning and access filed not by much as 37 points on trading in 17,904.
6:54 am
6:55 am
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6:56 am
>>george: new hot spot is a bad one and san leandro a big rig accident while only two lines of blocked by the accident emergency vehicles blocked the third nine now three lines are shut down on a 80 in the northbound direction even backing of the ride into castro valley more in an upcoming report. >>james: it is actually a skunk
6:57 am
is a spotted scott called on the camera is standing on his hands and that is what it does when it startled the this is morning we will see we can get him to say clippers why did he go incredible hot on his sleeves last night and the niners won him to breathe.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: we've just learned here in the last few minutes the identity of the man who was responsible for the stabbing and you see merced.
7:00 am
>>will tran: according to the merced he was 18 years old and send to clear his name is mohammed he is accused of going into a classroom yesterday at around and talk in the morning on the u c merced campus fog directed toward a student there was a contract to near that building he heard screams he goes in and realizes the of the students was that if he tried to help that students in the process he was also stabbed according to police officers after stabbing those students he goes outside and stamps to women on campus their rush to the scene and they see this man turning toward the open fire and killed them he died at the scene of the the the merced starts jumped into the newsroom and the reporting he was a freshman he had just turned 18 years old and to get his name is from santa clara


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