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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 12, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PST

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the coldest readings will be just before and after
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sunrise today. visibility is the only issue we're seeing in santa rosa this morning, everywhere else, things look fine. here's a look at the future cast, by 9:00 we will see 50s. another sunshine day. lots of sun out there by lunchtime. 50s and 60s for temperatures, so warming things up and temperatures are very similar to the past couple of days. generally low to mid 60s by 3:00 p.m. under sunny skies. 63 in livermore and antioch, 66 in oakland. low 60s in san francisco. mid-60s for sunnyvale and for the north bay upper 60s later today after a cold start for you this morning that lots of sunshine in the forecast for today. slight warm-up continues for the next couple of days and
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then we see some changes arriving for the weekend. we're tracking more rain to return to the bay area. more about that later but first here's george tracking your commute. it's always a great way to start the drive. let's take a look at what's happening in the east bay as we updates and drive times. green showing on the road sensors, generally goodspeed's 15 minute drive from hercules to berkeley. 880 northbound just a 14 minute drive out of san leandro into northland -- oakland. so for this morning, -- maybe a few folks will be taking an extended holiday from yesterday, so we may see lighter traffic than usual. 25 minutes from san leandro south as you head toward 237. if you are headed toward the
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big bridge -- a bridge, light so far. one man shot and killed in san francisco after a standoff with police. this happened near st. luke's hospital on cesar chavez street. kron4 jeff bush explains how it happened. >> reporter: officers rushed to the scene and could hear shots fired as they arrive. -- he held up a big five sporting goods store and made off with a ripe -- rifle and shelves. he came to st. luke's next and began shooting. when police arrived on scene the suspect was on top of the building under construction. officers were short -- forced to shoot the government -- gunman for the safety of the
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people.>> officers directed their fire arms to the suspect to then roya -- lowered the rifle. three officers fired, neutralizing the suspect. the suspect is deceased. the threat was over. as you can imagine, all of this was terrifying for those in and around the hospital at the time. people were scared, and running away. >> one of the bigger security guys said turn around. i was looking for coffee when i left with a friend in the er. i thought it was a construction noise but when i heard the second shot i knew it was gunfire. it was scary. >> jeb bush reporting for us. we're still waiting to learn the identity of the gunman. it is still unclear if he worked at that construction site where the shooting happened.
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coming up the 5:00 our -- hour we will play you some of the recording from that. you will hear it for the first time here on kron4. disney is now helping the oakland raiders moved to los angeles pierce -- los angeles. he agreed to build the say is -- stadium. ceo don eiger -- in a statement after the meeting libby schaaf says the city is hoping they are able to pull it off. >> oakland is the best place -- the raiders were born here and they deserve to be here. we are an nfl city. >> fans it drove down to la for all those years -- like you say
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you had fans going through these lean years. >> nfl owners are not expected to vote on the move until early next year. a new scam is targeting veterans and their families. harasses warning the public about pension poaching scams. they are being targeted through the va aid and attendance program that is designed to provide the -- benefits to financially disadvantaged veterans and their survivors. he says veterans should look out for insurance agents posing as va agents. have been lowering insurance -- people into buying irrevocable trusts. they threatened to leave seniors without access to money they need for their care. what started as a traffic >> in -- stop in the east bay ends as a horrific crash.
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this is what the scene look like from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. this happened at the intersection of 29th and mcbride in richmond. scott race has new details about the driver. what was once a car is now just a pile of mangled metal after a high-speed crash in his wrist -- in this richmond neighborhood. marion taylor let's just feet away. >> when i came out of the house, the house -- the car had smoke going up. the police were running up. >> reporter: up please commander said it started -- a police commander said it started when an officer tried to make a traffic stop but the driver did not stop. san pablo police say they did not pursue. about a half mile later the
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suspect slammed into at least eight different cars, injuring one person. >> it's pretty horrible. i'm glad that apparently the police decided not to chase him. >> reporter: we are now learning more about the driver. he has been identified as 28- year-old saul espinoza of richmond . investigators say they found a loaded 9 mm handgun and two else's of math in his car. -- meth in his car. >> that was scott race reporting this morning. the woman injured in the crash is recovering at her home. the driver is still in the hospital this morning with serious injuries. to walnut creek where ice skaters release of their blades hitting the ice for the 11th year of the ice rink. it always opens on veterans day. sponsors say there are special advantages to skating at that
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downtown park. >> for those of us who grew up in the midwest, it's colder back there. out here you can skate and get sunburned at the same time. it's also soft water so falling doesn't hurt as much. >> the rink will remain open until january 18. time now 4:00 -- 4:09. the veteran program that appears veterans with pets to help them deal with ptsd. more on that coming up. and elm -- el niño brings the promise of a wet winter, but people look at how that has already affected us, whether we realize it or not. and a live look outside our san mateo bridge camera this morning. i-92 moving well. short warm up to about 65 today. temperatures this afternoon right at or just below where we should be this afternoon --
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save $500 on the veteran's day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. hurry, ends sunday! know better sleep with sleep number. as we anticipate el niño, it's already affecting our weather. it's having an impact with we realize it or not. >> reporter: you wouldn't know it judging from the crisp sunny weather on this day, but it turns out el niño is already playing a role in our daily weather. rain or shine. so says meteorologist jan knowles. >> some days it will be a bigger influence, other days west so and we will -- it will be less of an influence. it's more of a cumulative effect. >> the surprisingly start -- strong storms that brought heavy rains earlier this week and then snow to the sierra for the ski season is off to its early starting years -- that
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too says no is partly the work of el niño. >> we don't know if that's a small percentage or a large percentage for any given storm. probably the most beneficial thing going on is between a colder air mass moving over the state. >> noel says historical records show there is no guarantee strong patterns like this one essentially a warming of tropical ocean currents that in turn influence weather patterns around the world, will mean more of the same, but he says getting stronger every day and that we should be prepared. >> the stronger it is, the more it influences the weather, the greater the odds of above normal rainfall for california increase. so everything is tilting in that right direction. >> reporter: perhaps the most important thing to remember about el niño is that even if we have above-average
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precipitation, given the rainfall deficit over the past four years, it will mean an end to the drought. kron4 news. >> back here in the studio let's keep talking about the weather. we've been hearing about el niño, we have storm system's moving in, the winter is beginning to be more active and it looks like we have more rain in the way. >> we do and it will impact part of our weekend, not the entire thing. it is almost similar to what happened last weekend, at least one friday and one wet day. we will talk more about that in a second but right now the weather headline is, it's cold out there once again. i just updated these temperatures and we're still seeing a lot of 30 degree readings. corona park at 34. you've got the possibility of getting down to around freezing. portray us 34, danville and san
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ramon mid-30s right now. atherton and menlo also looking at upper 30s. temperatures right now 39 for livermore, 37 in pleasanton, low 40s in oakland and looking at low 40s for sunnyvale, san jose at 42. but other communities including the peninsula, upper 30s right now. chili everywhere you are pretty much. the frost advisory, though, is only for the northbay interior valleys. this continues until 9:00 this morning. expect low to mid 30s in this area and a possible frost. we're also seeing some fog out there. san jose less than 2 miles of visibility due to reports of fog, so patchy and dense in some areas. temperatures today will be raising quite nicely due to the
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sunshine out there, bright sunny skies by lunchtime. we will see temperatures in the 50s and 60s and then times -- highs generally topping out in the mid-50s or low 60s. our warmest dot -- spot is napa, 68. mid-60s for oakland, 65 in pleasanton, 64 and livermore. also 60s for san jose at 65. pretty nice-looking afternoon. the warm up continues for the next couple days through friday and also saturday looks pretty nice. we are seeing's and clouds roll in for saturday afternoon. high clouds for the most part and we should be dry for the majority of the day. saturday night is when we are seeing a chance for those showers and rain arriving. that comes to the rest of the bay area by sunday morning. we will stop -- talk more about that in the 7-day forecast but first let's check out traffic
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with george. good morning and a. nice ride, a chilly one, but it might make your suspension stiffen that's the extent of it. no hotspots yet this morning, not even delays. that means your trip time this morning out of antioch into concord is just 15 minutes and then heading south out of concorde tour -- toward walnut creek, that's a nice commute and so is the san ramon valley at 15 minutes with no delays. west by the ride looks great between livermore and upland -- dublin. your trip to the san mateo's -- bridge this morning looks great. no delays now with 11 minute trip time as you head westbound. let's skip backwards and i will show you the paper he tried as well. -- show you the bay bridge ride
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as well. east bay on the richmond bridge, westbound interstate 580, the commute looks great. very few cars getting through an eight minute drive time across the span. and finally the golden gate bridge, no delays. still an easy ride from 37 to golden gate ridge. thank you george. back to the news now and weather related as well, these cold temperatures that we're talking about each morning and with winter approaching, it will get even warmer. service technicians are urging you to get your furnace is checked before the cold weather really comes down on the day. service companies say they will be looking for increase -- increases in calls. they say hurry because once the busy season comes, it could be up to a week before a technician could get out here house. >> the number one thing homeowners can do right now is
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filter -- get the filters changed. get it done or how -- or do it yourself. dust and dirt getting inside the systems is the number one thing that causes breakdowns. >> they don't function well right away because they have been sitting dormant for most of the year. it's recommended you get your furnace checked at least once a year and now would be an ideal time. veterans suffering from ptsd are paired with pets facing utilization. this shows us how the program works. >> the first step in healing is expressing what you are feeling. a lot of times you can't do that with a person.>> reporter: this veteran says he can easily express himself with cats. in fact he adopted two from the animal rescue foundation. >> whenever i get overwhelmed by the pressures or thoughts of what i went through, buddies i lost, i can sit and heck, i
4:21 am
will sit and cry or talk to my cats. i like to think they understand me. >> reporter: he is one of the many veterans that now has emotional support animals. after adopting his two pets, rick started volunteering here. that eventually led to him working here. that is the level of support he tells me he gets from interacting with animals. >> purine a veteran with an animal -- pairing a veteran with an animal -- you can't measure it. >> reporter: thousands of pets are put down each year and it's estimated about 22 veterans commit suicide every day. >> why not have one solution where we help rescue a shelter pet and pair them up with a veteran in need and safe two lives at once? >> last year e foundation saved 2600 dogs and cats from
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being put down, nearly 100 of them now with military families. reporting and walnut creek, kron4 news. jetblue was diverted twice in less than 24 hours. the spokesman says the flight landed in reno tuesday night due to mechanical problems. another plane was brought in and the passengers were loaded onto that plane. pilots trying to fly the original plane out of the airport on wednesday had mechanical problems once again and were forced to land in reno. it is unknown whether the plane had any work done between tuesday and wednesday. we will take a quick break, but coming up we will look at headlines in hollywood including the changes coming to a popular reality show. and a live look outside, our toll plaza camera from westbound eye-580. -- i-5 80.
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we're back and here are some of the stories we are following for you for the 5:00 hour. experts have been talking about the benefits of taking naps for a while but it turns out napping at a certain time can prevent you from crashing in the afternoon. we will tell you when you should catch that quick nap. and a woman wanted for working is behind bars. you won't believe how much time she could face. police say she committed a serious crime. and a skydiver gets stuck on a plane as he is jumping out of a 10,000 -- jumping out of it 10,000 feet above the ground. a change is coming to the popular tv show dancing with the stars and that tops the headlines in this morning's
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daily wrap. your question bartman and aj gibson. >> where from hollywood today live. unfortunately it's the end of the road for braxton. she was forced to drop out and her music tour due to blood clots and is currently in the hospital recuperating. we wish you a speedy recovery.>> and move over kardashian's because gwen paltrow thinks she and chris martin broke the internet. that's right she said, if you look back at the time my husband and i were separating in the philosophy of conscious uncoupling, we broke the bleeping internet. well last time we checked it's working just fine. >> there's a new sheet -- da in town. jaded pinkett smith's new drama murder town just picked up. it shows the first african district -- african-american
4:27 am
district attorney. i am kristin bachman. >> you can watch that right here monday through friday at 1:00 on kron4 . two shootings on the same stretch of i-80 just days apart. we will tell you why that is not a coincidence. and a live look at the san mateo bridge, clear skies and patchy dense fog out there. also called once again. we will check out the coldest temperatures across the bay area when the morning news continues after the break. time now, 4:27. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? he has that dry scratchy thing going on. guess what? it works on his cough too. cough! guess what? it works on his cough too. what? stop! don't pull me! spoiler alert! she doesn't make it! only mucinex dm relieves both wet and dry coughs for 12 hours
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cold-weather once again as we take a live look outside. yes it's cold. the ready once again to bundle up like you did yesterday. and he is joining us with a closer look -- andy is joining
4:30 am
us.>> the coldest temperatures are spread out the we're definitely sing coldest temperatures in the north bay. that doesn't mean it's not cold anywhere else. it is definitely chilly. i just updated this. dublin at 37. santa clarita and cupertino looking at 39 degrees and we will continue to probably drop in temperature around -- until around sunrise. so even colder out there. temperatures right now are 35 in santa rosa, 36 in a motto. 37 for pleasanton and 39 in livermore. here's a quick check of our frost advisory, and this continues for the north bay. we are expecting low to mid
4:31 am
30s. so that's where we will see are coldest readings early this morning, and the coldest time this morning will be right before and after sunrise. watch out for the possibility of some frost. quick check of the full -- school forecast. hope they enjoyed veterans day office they had the day off. temperatures will be in the 40s generally and low 50s by 8:00 this morning as they are probably in school by then in at lunchtime, sunny skies, make sure they take a jacket. and then by 3:00 p.m., plenty of sunshine and the sunshine will have things warming up in the low to mid 60s across the bay area. is a lot of locations will be just a little warmer this afternoon compared to yesterday so enjoy the sunny skies out there and we're up early this morning. we will talk more about weekend rain headed this way but first here's george with the check the traffic. are things picking up? >> not noticeably yet. we're seeing more cars out but not -- no delays it. let's start with an update of
4:32 am
drive times. is short freeway commute still tracking a 15 minute drive time as you head down from highway 4 toward university avenue. hercules to berkeley. and the ride through the san ramon valley looks good, even from livermore into dublin, no delays. they tried out of san leandro heading south on i-80 is only at 25 minutes this morning. so that's a good right. south bay freeways look good and so does the mid-peninsula as we are not yet tracking delays for 101. and a look at the toll plaza, the san mateo bridge shows light traffic. this is the westbound direction. it's an 11 minute trip time across the span. james? the big story this half- hour, a gunman shot and killed by police after a standoff near a bay area hospital. where live with more with what
4:33 am
led up to the shooting. what do we know? 4 at this point we are still working on a motive and his name, but we do know he is the man in his late 20s. -- a man in his late 20s. two buildings to pay attention to. you can see here a construction site and next to that, st. luke's hospital. this all went down at around 4:00 in the afternoon according to the san francisco police department. they say this gunman actually robbed a big five store in san bruno, walked in there and left with his handgun that he had, as well as a shotgun and other ammunition. why he came to this location, they are still working on that. they are not releasing the information if they know it that we know shots were fired before the san francisco police officers arrived. when they got here they noticed the man on one of the top floors. that's when they say he pointed
4:34 am
his shotgun at the police officers and the opened fire at him. they killed him, he died at the scene. coming up at 5:00, they released overnight audiotapes of what just unfolded. very compelling. chilling audiotapes. we will have that coming up in 30 minutes. the good news is, according to the san francisco to -- police department, even though shots were fired, we know no one else was hurt, including none of the police officers. back to you james. thank you very much. we will look for that. in other headlines, we have two e. bay freeway shootings in the span of just eight days. the latest one deadly. we first told you about the shooting yesterday right here. the two shootings happened very close to one another on i-80. spoke with the chp uses the two shootings were no coincidence. >> there's been evidence discovered that both of these shootings are directly related to each other. >> this officer with the chp won't share the specific
4:35 am
evidence found linking the two interstate 80 shootings. nor whether or not investigators have zeroed in on a suspect contain -- connected to both but what he will say is that the shooting on november 2 you the san pablo rd. exit and tuesday nights shooting were not flukes. >> we wanted to inform the public that the motoring public is not in any danger. these targets were specific and not random. >> around 11:00 tuesday night, a man and a woman driving in an audi sedan were both shot on the eastbound side of i-80. the man died. the woman was taken to a local hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries. just eight days prior a man was found slumped over on the shoulder near san pablo dam road . he was suffering from gunshot wounds. you can see what it looked like above the scene from our helicopter partnership with abc
4:36 am
seven news. he tells investigators someone shot at him on the westbound side, causing him to lose control before ending up on the side of the road. officer met won't reveal whether or not the shootings are game related. -- gang-related. >> as far as prevention, there's not much you can do. it happens in a blink of an eye. >> investigators say if you were in the area and saw anything suspicious, before, during or after either one of the shootings, please contact investigators immediately. in pinole, philippe with kron4 news . the so-called banister fire has scorched about 40 acres in the simi valley. it's about 50% contained right now and so far no homes or threatened. no word yet on what started the fire but we will let you know as soon as we find out more. back here in the bay area, we're finding out more about
4:37 am
the terrible crash in san leandro. 25-year-old andrea g was seriously hurt when she lost control and crashed into a home, landing on top of her -- with the car landing on top of her in bed. she was rushed to the hospital with a broken back, a broken leg and a number of cuts. doctors say as of now it is too early to tell if surgeries were successful. what makes it more traffic is that she was recently engaged to be married. her engagement party was set for this weekend. that party is have -- has of course been postponed. the 20-year-old driver of the suv could face reckless charges -- reckless driving charges. coming up at 5:00, investigators are working to determine the cause of a deadly plane crash in ohio. we will show you the latest surveillance video coming up in about 10 minutes.
4:38 am
you got me on that wrong turn? >>i just saw the wrong driveway, yes.>> we look at a shortcut into 24-hour fitness in the next edition of people behaving badly. and a dog survives a 30 foot fall, and you won't believe who comes to his rescue. here's a live look outside our camera in san francisco, another cold start. be ready to bundle up, especially in the north bay. full details coming up.
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4:40 am
a dog in massachusetts has survived a second brush with death after falling down a 30 foot well. rescuers were called to the home after buddy, the two-year-
4:41 am
old poodle mix was found in the bottom of the well. it was another dog, buddy's dad, who alerted rescuers to where the dog was located. >> i made a little rig, we had two ropes and we pulled him out of their. >> he was uninjured thankfully. it was actually his second brush with death. his family says he also survived being hit by a car. dunkin' donuts has unveiled its holiday season coffee cup. it says julie -- joy. this comes amid controversy that starbucks abandoned its festive cups in lieu of playing red cups. coming up on the kron4 morning news, annie hall back with a look at weather. she will tell you where it's
4:42 am
called us. we are also looking at the san mateo bridge where it is moving well. 43 degrees in had -- san jose, warming to the mid-60s later this afternoon. more headlines soon
4:43 am
4:44 am
we're back, anny joining us . if you haven't heard, it's cold once again. >> yes and we're seeing once again a frost advisory this morning. we are still seeing cold readings across the bay area, a lot of 30's out there. here's a quick check of some of the coldest cities right now across the day. what a at 39, port reyes at 34. off to our eastbound -- east bay, all coming in in the mid- 30s, so-called ratings out
4:45 am
there. extra blankets as you are heading to bed last night. -- as you were heading to bed last night. mid-30s in santa rosa, 35 and fairfield. 37 in pleasanton and 39 in livermore. san jose, you were in the low 40s that we are seeing upper 30s in the peninsula and also for parts of the center klara valley. -- santa clara valley. this is basically the north bay interior valleys. expect low to mid 30s and possible frost so we make it to near freezing for some communities. here's a quick check of the east bay temperatures. lots of sunshine today, that will allow things to mid -- warm up to the mid-60s, san leandro 65 and mid-60s also for fremont. should be a fralin nice day -- fairly nice day by the afternoon.
4:46 am
danville 64, and 62 in pittsburgh. for the rest of the bay area, a lot of low to mid-60s, 65 in san jose, and upper 60s in napa. nice day there. storm tracker 4, we are showing the modest warm up continues to tomorrow. friday is a nice way to finish off the work week but another cold start and then saturday, chilly start but dry. evening chance for rain primarily in the north play -- bay and then on sunday, a fast- moving storm that will bring us moderate rain. a quick burst of that and probably by afternoon just lingering showers. then we dry out but we are still cold for next week. but for november, today and tomorrow things look pretty good. georgia power the roads? >>pretty good anny. we are tracking no delays here for the right through the east bay as the commute is still winding up. here's the dublin interchange, westbound 580 ride looks good.
4:47 am
so does the south 680 ride. heading toward fremont from san leandro on the nimitz freeway, we haven't even added a minute to the drivetime here. green showing on the sensors meeting speed that 50-55 mi./h plus no delays for the west valley freeway and the north 101 right through the south bay looks great from the capitol expressway to the montague expressway, just 18 minutes. here's the bridge checked, a little bit of a backup in that left-hand lane at the toll plaza. don't expect that to linger for long though. out of the east bay across 92 in the san mateo bridge is still at the limit and only 11 minutes. east bay ride to bring county from the richland bridge with no backup or delay. problem free and easy incident ride on 11 southbound this
4:48 am
morning. james. >> going to the gym of course is good for your overall physical health but it's important to get to the gym safely which means you need to follow the rules of the road. if you are emailed stanley roberts, sending him to a jim on the peninsula -- a gym on the peninsula. here's where we get our people behaving badly. >> i see every single person do it.>> you can't cross.>> there is a brand spanking new 24-hour fitness workout facility. it's been there since may 2015. there's also not one but two no u-turn and left turn science that were part of the original -- signs. >> you can't turn left there. you don't see the sign?
4:49 am
>> i just -- not -- that's new. >> it's not new. it's not her first time here but she thinks the sign our new -- signs are new. in fact the city -- signs are larger than normal. this person makes a u-turn. then there was this driver, killing -- came up the wrong driveway. >> how long have you been coming here? >> this is my first time. >> you didn't see the first -- the big sign -- >> now that you mention it yes i did. >> reporter: most people claim to never notice the signs. this is one of these moments
4:50 am
where you wish there was a cop present. overweight -- would we have here? >>i want to see all the signs. >> in the future session he has a chat with the driver's -- the drivers caught behaving badly. in redwood city stanley roberts kron4 news. republicans wasted no time after the debate in milwaukee. everyone was back on the campaign trail the next day trying to hold onto the momentum they generated. donald trump set off for new hampshire. ben carson arrived in virginia rallying young evangelicals at liberty university. jeb bush along with marco rubio and chris christie turned up in iowa doing whatever it takes, even pouring coffee, to win over voters. trump kept above the fray but
4:51 am
said he has no plans of softening his edge on the campaign trail. >> i think people would be very disappointed if i was that we. i think during a speech it's different and during a debate you have to give other people a chance to talk. >> trump also said he thinks some of his competitors are close to dropping out but he wouldn't say who he thought would be next to fall. new this morning a judge gets creative& missing -- in dismissing a copyright infringement law -- suit against taylor swift. he asked for $42 million in damages. she repeatedly quoted her lyrics. she says quote at present the court is not saying that bram can't ever ever ever get his case back in court and upon further explanation she made the case that mere pleading
4:52 am
band-aids will not fix the bullet holes in his case. at least for the moment defendants have to shake off this lawsuit. pretty creative there. will the golden state warriors lose a game this season? let's hope not but that's what everyone is wondering as a they are off -- as they are off to their best start in 50 years. they jumped out to a big lead in the second quarter, never looking back. steph curry had 28 points. golden state won by a final of -- that matches the best start when the warriors started 9-0 back in 1960. coming up, perfume that is more than make you smell nice. we will tell you which perfume can also double as mosquito repellent. they make that now. here is a live look outside the camera in san francisco.
4:53 am
slight breeze in the air but more importantly it is cold. not so much in san francisco where it's 50 but there are a lot of locations in the 30s and that has prompted another frost advisory. anny will be back with another update at the top of the hour.
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we're back. using perfume to keep away mosquitoes. researchers at an msu found perfume is is almost -- is almost as good as repellent when keeping mosquitoes away. bombshell kept mosquitoes away for two hours. the insect repellent deet was the most it -- effective and cheaper, so it's either eat or over $50 but you will smell really good. >> the back story takes you behind the scenes.
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this sunday you will tagalong with sports director jerry rutledge as he care -- as he goes to the home opener. -- gary radnich. year ago. this is like the old days.>> my son is now the associate director. >> is that armstrong? you're going to scare the white people with those. [ laughter ]the next time you ask me for a pass i have the mayor on my side. all right guys nice to see you. my wife will kill me. [ laughter ]>> never a dull moment with gary radnich . the back story this sunday at 9:00 right here on kron4. we will take a break. coming up on the kron4 morning news at 5:00 , a shooting near
4:57 am
a bay area hospital and for the first time you will hear the police dispatch recordings from that tense situation. and a warning for to -- veterans and their families, the scan that could be costing them money. and cold outside one again -- once again. we will break that down for you coming up in the next couple minutes.
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4:59 am
(nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪ a man shot and killed by police officers. we will play you the audiotapes of the shooting that went down at around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. and new video of a plane that crashed into an apartment building in ohio, killing
5:00 am
everyone on board. we will show you that story coming up. here's the breaking news desk. and police say two recent shootings on i-80 are connected. what police are telling drivers to do. this is the bay area's news station. kron4 news at 5:00 starts now. >> good morning and thanks for waking up at the kron4 news. i am darya. >> i just checked with the chp , there are no incidents with the roadway.>> you can go nowhere because this is crazy -- more cold-weather. >> yes i'm sure you've felt it heading out here.>> it's just that could across the north bay. let's take a live look outside. starting with the live picture coming out of the camera looking out across san francisco. it is clear, slight reason the air but it is cold and again that will be the whole -- headline once again this morning. here's a list of some of the
5:01 am
coldest places, just a couple degrees above freezing there, what a at 39, -- danville 35, san ramon 36, so doesn't matter where you are. we will tell you the coldest -- although the coldest temperatures are in the north bay. those are -- that frost advisory goes until 9:00. bundle up this morning because you will be dealing with those temperatures once again. i will be back in 15 minutes. we will break doublet temperatures in detail and talk about the weekend coming up. james good morning we will start with a quick look at what's going on through the east bay and updates and drives like the ease short freeway commute on i-80. where that westbound trip time looks pretty good. coming in at just 15 minutes currently. they west 24 right out of walnut creek at 12 minutes after highway 13 and through the san ramon valley, delay
5:02 am
free right of 16 minutes in the southbound direction. if you're heading for the bay bridge, no backup to layer problems on the approach. thank you, a man did after a standoff with police in san francisco. this happened at a construction site along cesar chavez street yesterday afternoon.>> that is where we are joined with the police and dispatch that we're hearing for the first time right now. will?>> yes that's right we have our hands on the audio dispatch. we will play that soon but let me show you the lay of the land. this is the construction site right behind me. it is right next to st. luke's hospital. why he chose this location, they are not say or they simply don't know at this point. -- they are not saying or they don't know. this happened yesterday afternoon in san bruno. according to police officers the man went into a big five so -- big 5 sporting good store
5:03 am
and then leaves with a shotgun and more ammunition. then he comes to this location. he fires at least one shot. they don't know yet if he fired the shot at st. luke's hospital, but witnesses heard it and called the police department. they rushed to the scene. three offices -- officers went into the construction site and claim he was pointing a shotgun at the. that's when they opened fire on him, shooting and killing him at the scene. we want to play you the audio dispatch tape of this all unfolding. here it is. >> shots fired. shots fired. let me confirm. there is construction. it sounded like a gunshot, not confirmed yet. >> yes shots fired. >> suspect is not moving at this time. suspect has been hit with gunfire.>> he was hit in an open-air elevator. his name is not being released,
5:04 am
nor a motive. i'm working the phones to get that information. no one is -- else was injured. we will continue to play you more audio dispatch tape throughout the morning and as soon as the san francisco police department gets back to me with the information on his name or a motive, i will pass that along. back to you guys. >> we will check back with you. thank you. and breaking news, they will start removing wreckage from the site where a jet crashed into an apartment complex in ohio. anny hong is at the breaking news desk with surveillance video . anny? >> you may remember nine people were killed and now we have new surveillance video of the crash. take a look. investigators say it shows the crash and you can see the plane coming in and crashing and bursting into flames. it's kind of hard to see the you can see that plane coming in and just crashes.
5:05 am
it slams into an apartment building and explodes into flames. everyone on board was killed. no one on the ground that was injured. -- so was injured. they are analyzing to figure out what caused the crash. we will have more on this breaking news story. up here at the news desk and also at a warning in the east bay after there has been two shootings on i-80 in just 8 days. you can see where that happened here. police say it may be linked. the latest was deadly, it happened tuesday night. we first reported that on the kron4 morning news. a man and woman were driving in an audi sedan when they were shot at. the man died at the scene and the woman is going to recover. just a few days before that a man was shot near the san pablo dam road exit. he told investigators they shot at and causing him to lose control of his car and he ended up on the side of the road.
5:06 am
they say they are not random but they won't say whether they are gang-related. >> these targets were specific and not random. it is very scary as these situations unfold very quickly. >> the chp is looking for people who were driving on the freeway when the shootings happened. if you can tell them if you can saw -- if you saw anything. there is no threat to the public but they say you should always be aware of your surroundings when driving. look at this, at least eight cars damaged and one person injured by this driver who was running from police. the suspect identified as saul espinoza. he was on parole for doing the same thing back in 2012. it started near the casino. police tried to pull him over but he took off. officers say they didn't go after him but they did find him a half-mile later after he crashed into these eight cars at the intersection of 29th and mcbride. >> it's pretty horrible.
5:07 am
i'm glad that apparently the san pablo police decided not to chase him. >> it's just lucky that nobody was out there at the time when this happened because it could have been a lot worse than what it was. >> investigators say they found a loaded handgun and 2 ounces of math. his -- 2 ounces of meth. a man behind bars this morning after an officer involved shooting in the south bay. they say 36-year-old shannon nathan wong was trying to break into a home in the 300 block of keystone place yesterday morning. they found him with a gun at the front door of the home around 1:00 this morning -- he lifted the assault rifle and pointed towards them. one officer opened fire at one but did not hit him so he -- ran into the house and eventually turned himself into
5:08 am
-- turned himself in. he was eventually booked into jail. police arrested 23-year-old jovan lopez on tuesday evening. they think he shot and killed a man back on october 23. prosecutors are still deciding on charges. we're learning more about the woman injured when a car crashed into her home in san leandro. 25-year-old andrea yee was seriously injured when a speeding suv sideswiped another car, lost control and crashed into her home monday night while she was sleeping in her bed. the suv landed right on top of her, pinning her down. they crashed into a rush that she was sleeping in. she was rushed to the hospital with a broken back in lake. -- back and leg. she was recently engaged and her engagement party was set for this weekend.
5:09 am
the party has been postponed obviously. the 20-year-old driver of that suv's faces charges of reckless driving and police are waiting for alcohol and drug tests to come back. a warning for veterans and their families this morning. state attorney general says scammers are targeting general's -- utterance. -- veterans. scammers are posing as va representatives offering pension benefits. they get victims to buy annuities or set up irrevocable trusts but the fees for the services and strict limits on withdrawals could mean veterans may not have access to monies they need for their care. 5:08 right now. a man accused of macy -- making racist threats against the university of missouri columbia campus. 19-year-old hunter parker used his social media -- used social media to threaten to shoot
5:10 am
african-americans. police quickly traced the post to him and this comes amid all the racial tensions on the university of missouri campus. the president and chancellor resigned earlier this week after protests over the way the school has been responding to racism on campus. and disney is offering to help the raiders moved to los angeles. ceo bob eiger is offering to build the stadium for the chargers. meanwhile libby schaaf met in new york to talk about the future of the raiders. she says the city is still trying to keep the team in oakland. we spoke with oakland fans who hope that happens. >> oakland is the best place in terms of transportation, the geographic center of the bay area, the weather is better, they were born in oakland, they deserve to be in oakland and we are in nfl city. >> they left and came back and fans went through that.
5:11 am
fancy drove down to la to see them play through all those years and like you said we've got fans that have been hanging in through the's lean years that we've had recently so, definitely optimism. >> nfl owners aren't expected to vote on a possible move to the raiders until early next year. still ahead on the kron4 morning news, anticipating a white and stormy winter because of el niño. how that is already impacting our weather. and trying to pick up the pieces from the devastating valley fire. we will show you the new resource they have. and it turns out napping at a certain time can prevent you from crashing later in the afternoon. when you should catch a snooze after the break.
5:12 am
5:13 am
here in vineland, home of ogresso, lovovall l nds s chihien soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso.
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this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. welcome back we are anticipating the possibility of a wetter and stormy or winter
5:15 am
-- more stormy winter. golden gate weather meteorologist saying it's already brought more storms. >> it's already in place in the tropics. it had probably begun already in some of the weather systems we have seen that we can't identify any particular system and say okay this was because of el niño. we get 67 days of rain per year in san francisco. maybe if we end up with 120 days this year like we did in 1997 -- we won't be able to say where we got those extra 53 days of rain from. where they el niño? were they not? -- were they not? basically the winter pattern will have some el niño dna in it so it will be influenced by it the we also look at all the
5:16 am
other things that happen anyway. >> patterns are getting stronger every day and we should be prepared, even if california gets above average rain able unlikely -- it is unlikely it will end the four year drought. and we have el niño on a special section in our web cast -- in our website at but this week it's very cold. there's been a lot of talk about pets and whether to bring them in. i want you to know as we take a look at the lows -- he was outside from 8:3032 11:30. -- from 8:30 to 11:30. he was fined. >> as long as he's not there overnight into sunrise. >> yes because at night he gets so-called. >> yes and in fact they didn't
5:17 am
plan on having a frost advisory but once the readings started coming in we figured we'd better provide one because temperatures dropping into the 30s again. we do have some 30 degree weather out in the east bay with 38 in pleasanton but the coldest temperatures are in the north bay and that's why we have the frost advisory in effect. in the direction of the north bay it is nice and clear but again it's the valleys to the north, especially the protected ones that could see frost forming right around sunrise this morning which would be in the 6:00 our so until 9:00 a.m. the frost advisory is in effect. bundle up, especially the kids as they are back to school once again. they got to sleep in yesterday with the cold temperatures but this morning they will be out in it. 1.25 mile visibility near fairfield but at the moment
5:18 am
pretty isolated fog. in the south, this is how we will warm it up. probably a few degrees warmer than yesterday, a lot more mid- 60s than low 60s like yesterday. 64 to 66 degrees for the santa clara valley and widespread looking at mid to upper 60s, san francisco right around 62 degrees. here is the short term outlook. here is friday, saturday, we warm up more on saturday but look the clouds roll in and we introduce the chance of a shower beginning as early as saturday evening. we will talk about that in detail with the -- in about a half hour. georgia there traffic issues out there? >>not tracking any hotspots are major incidents slowing the right. we did however -- slowing the ride. we did find something on 580 in the westbound direction. getting to the base on 80 westbound, still an easy proposition with a 15 minute
5:19 am
drive time. roadwork has left one lane open on 580, the macarthur freeway from west grand after the 980 highway 24 interchange, so that's going to at about 4 to 5 minutes to your drive time. but it won't slow the rest of your ride. here's a look at the nimitz freeway, still a great trip time of 14 minutes northbound from san leandro into downtown oakland. and ride into the bay bridge delay free coming from add and be sure freeway. your trip to the san mateo bridge is a good one across highway 92 and out of the east bay heading over to san mateo, zero delays right now. same is true for the richmond bridge drive, a 10 minute drive from the hoffman split across the span and looking at the golden gate bridge, not only delay free but also not tracking any delays or problems for the right out of novato.
5:20 am
mark? >>thank you george. help on the way from -- for those recovering from the valley fire. they can meet with the long- term recovery coordinator. he is leading a red -- recovery task force. two days a week there will be office hours at the gibson cultural center at 20 1267 calistoga st. at 20 1267 calistoga st. people can drop in to talk about the fire and ask questions about the recovery process. office hours are from 1:00 to 3:00 on mondays and thursday from 9:30 until noon. we have learned a jetblue -- jetblue plane was diverted twice in less than 24 hours. a spokesperson says the flight from boston to san francisco landed in reno tuesday night because of mechanical problems. another plane was brought in and passengers were flown to
5:21 am
san francisco early yesterday morning. pilots tried to fly the plane out of the airport then on wednesday but it had to landed reno again because of mechanical problems. >> and rideshare services like uber can keep operating at the san jose airport under new rules. the rules were in -- unanimously approved that will allow them to drive around the airport the drivers have to get a background check through the use hill it is commission. -- utilities commission. they could be subject to a random audit once a month. officials will check for driver's licenses -- check licenses and look for things like outstanding warrants are traffic violations. taxi drivers are back to work after a strike demand in these changes. veterans suffering from ptsd are being paid --. with pets facing utilization as part of the program in east base -- pay.
5:22 am
defects and pets program -- the veterans and pets program polls dogs from county facilities where they may be euthanized because of a lack of space. thousands of pets are put down each year because of this. it is estimated about 22 veterans commit suicide every day. >> the first step in healing is expressing what you are feeling inside. a lot of times you can't do it with a person. peering up a veteran with an animal who will be there at all times is -- you can't measure it. >> why not have one solution where we help rescue a shelter pet and their -- pair them up with a veteran in need, and save two lives at once. >> so they say the to theirs lives. last year the foundation saved 2600 dogs and cats from being put down. about 99 of them are now with military families. severe weather pummeling parts of the nation. weather experts are trying to figure out whether a tornado
5:23 am
hit this part of iowa. more on the storms coming up. and caught on camera, a skydiver gets stuck on a plane he was jumping out of at 10,000 feet above ground. more on how he got down. and a live look outside on this very cold morning. everyday is a struggle. [ laughter ]5: 33 right now, temperatures down with a fought -- frost advisory.
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
experts have been talking about the benefits of power naps for a while but when is the best time to do that? experts say it's from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. >> sometimes they may little earlier. why did they say that? >>that's the prime napping window to avoid a crash later in the afternoon but it's tough for people who to -- who work. just use -- take a 20 minute nap to improve alertness and performance. so how do you make a nap at work, work? shut the door and take a nap during your break if you're lucky enough to have an office. or take a nap in your car. >> we all do that here. well you don't. [ laughter ]>> see if your
5:27 am
coworkers will lend you an office for a bit. >> in our old yep -- yucky building we used to have a napping room but now you have a couch in the break room. [ laughter ] >> 3:00, that's when i hit the wall, right in the middle of that window. now science is behind me that i need to lay down and take a nap. >> it's so easy for people to accuse us of being lazy but when you wake up this early. >> again, he's talking to his wife.>> it's a great forum to talk to your wife. >> we've got cold temperatures out there this morning. try to sleep in if you can. it will be chilly to start this early morning. a live look outside our bay bridge camera where it's in the billet -- 30s for some folks.
5:28 am
i am live at the larkspur ferry tunnel. i will tell you how drivers are keeping warm in these chilly temperatures. dental implants are important to replace missing teeth. we prevent the sexton face and the wrinkles weekend on the face, and stabilize the dentures. >> why don't we get them? >> most dentures -- we have a group of expert dentists that focus on implants. we have the most advanced technology, and we have a 95% $0.06 rate -- 95% success rate. >> go to smiles dot -- smiles.
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welcome back, another 30 -- chilly morning with temperatures in the 30s. 38 in pleasanton and it will get colder just before the dawn. >> right. in the next two hours.>> yes as we head toward sunrise which will be in the 6:00 our. bundle up, let's get right to where we're seeing the coldest temperatures at the moment and we will switch the maps and show you that. dublin 37 degrees right now, concorde, not just the north bay, sunnyvale at 38. cupertino at 39.
5:31 am
the frost advisory yes is targeted to the north bay. that's in effect until 9:00 because we will look for the most widespread 30s there and the coldest in those protected valleys, which means they can be dangerous for pets and plants . whatever precautions you took yesterday, do them again today. but the scarf and gloves on especially for the kids as they get off to school. yesterday they got to sleep in for veterans day but this morning they will be braving the elements. i will have more in a bit with the extended outlook. the rain for the weekend and all of that but in the meantime it's the cold weather we are focusing on. >> we continue now with harper braving the weather in larkspur. let's take a pick. hi avery. >> good morning. here there are commuters just starting to arrive for the
5:32 am
morning commute. i see a lot of people with scarves and hats and heavy coats, but i also see people who aren't that dressed up for the weather. i saw a man in short moments ago but i can tell you it feels a little cold, and it feels like it's getting colder out here. it doesn't help that we are by the water. we're talking with commuters as they arrive for the morning commute. you can see the steam coming from my mouth as i speak to you. it's definitely chilly out here but i will be out here to talk with commuters as they had to work. >> you know when it's really cold? when your mouth won't work. i'm not kidding. i reported one place in my mouth just would not work. >> yes i was definitely shivering out here a little bit. >> thanks a lot. she always looks so good though. and don't forget to download our mobile app. we have a special metal --
5:33 am
weather wrapped with kron4 . it's free and will work on your apple or android device. starting in the east bay with the ride coming down from highway 4, southbound on 680 and the westbound right out of antioch, that's where we are picking up the typical delays westbound toward pittsburgh coming out of antioch. the southbound right from concord leading down toward six -- 680 still looks good. so does the westbound highway 24 ride and that means no delays. this accounted for the only slow traffic in the bay area this morning. that's on this stretch on grand avenue. 980 and 24 interchange.
5:34 am
that's why when you take a look at the bay bridge, here at the toll plaza, we're starting to backup for the westbound right. firefighters are battling a wildfire in southern california just north of -- west of los angeles. anny hong has the details. >> firefighters are making progress on this wildfire in southern california. take a look at the video from the scene. wow, look at that fire going. this started in simi valley and ventura. at the last update it was 50% contained. it is not growing, not expected to, and the good news is no homes or threatened. a red flag warning though is said to go into effect which means we could see winds. no word yet on what caused the fire. we will continue to follow that from the breaking news desk and give you updates as they become available. hi winds blowing through des moines last night, large
5:35 am
oak trees can't -- crumbling and debris scattered everywhere. here's the scene with several neighborhoods losing power. the winds were so strong they shattered the glass on the second floor of an elementary school. meteorologists are headed to the area to see if the damage was caused by straight-line winds or a tornado. berkeley high students stormed out over a racist note that the high school last week. they plan to do it again today. the students are upset that threats were found on a library computer and they included several racist slurs, support for the [ null ], and the threat of up -- of a public lynching in december. today's marches planned for 1:00 in the afternoon at berkeley plan -- berkeley high. and also happening today, uc berkeley students will join students across the country in demanding tuition free public higher education, cancellation of student debt and a living
5:36 am
wage for all university workers. more than 700 activists are expected at the plaza as part of the million student march. demonstration is planned for 2:00 this afternoon. indecision 2016 news. republicans wasted no time after the debate in milwaukee with everyone back on the campaign trail trying to hold onto the momentum. ben carson arrived in virginia rallying young evangelicals at liberty university and jeb bush, marco rubio and chris christie turned up in iowa, even pouring coffee to win over republicans. trump kept above the fray on the debate stage but says he has no plans on softening his edge on the campaign trail. >> it's not doing speeches because i think people would be very disappointed if i was that way in a speech that during a speech it is different. during a debate you have to give other people it chance to talk. >> he went on to say he thinks some of his competitors are close to dropping out, but he wouldn't say who he thought
5:37 am
would be next. coming up, a woman wanted for twerking is behind bars and you won't believe why police she -- say she committed a serious crime. and deputies are leaving at a high rate. the county's new plan to get them to stay. and a skier goes tumbling down a 1600 foot mountain in alaska. and lives to tell about it. and we have dramatic video of the fall. and a live look here at the early backup as you approach the bay bridge. this is a big change from yesterday, the holiday but everyone is back today. we will be right back.
5:38 am
5:39 am
welcome back to the kron4 morning news. here's a look at the east bay, roadwork overnight on 580 westbound leading into what --
5:40 am
mcarthur bay. spoke with caltrans 30 seconds ago. the confirmed there's -- they are picking up the cones as we speak. however it is likely the bay bridge could backup right to this point in a matter of the next 30 to 45 minutes. thank you george. take a look at this. this thing flying down the snow- covered mountain -->> that's a skier. it's not stopping. he keeps falling and falling. >> is in that horrible? that's professional skier ian mcintosh. he tumbled down 1600 feet. the flicka 160 story building. -- that's like a 160 story building. he was shooting a movie. the producer says he fell into a trench during one of his first turns and had no way of stopping but ended up being okay. i'm guessing the movie is coming out soon.
5:41 am
>> keep seeing these crazies -- crazy scheme of these but woe! >> holy cow, just to see that fall. >> all's well that ends well. >> skiing and boarding looks great right now. >> yes let's go outside and show you the frost advisory in effect for the bay area. a storm system headed our way that will hopefully bring tahoe quite a bit of snow. we will talk about that coming up in our full check the weather.
5:42 am
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unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. welcome back, here are some of the stories we're alert -- working on for 6:00. at they be taken from her parents -- a baby taken from her home because her parents were gay. and a deadly find at the grocery store. what they found in their package of grapes, and it came from california. and a beer mug -- that makes sure you get home after a night of drinking. >> does it drive you? >> i hope so. >> it looks like it's glowing blue. [ laughter ]>> weatherwise, not just cool, cold really. take a look at temperatures we're seeing now.
5:45 am
these updated -- these are updated second by second and at first glance you can see really where it's the coldest. this is an the north bay -- in the north bay. that's not the only place we're seeing 30 degree weather. we're also seeing 39 out near half moon bay. 35 and fairfield so chilly to start especially for the north bay. it's cold and i have to keep reminding you, the kids are going back to school today. they missed out yesterday, with no school they slept right through this but this morning they will be out there. frost affect -- advisory in effect just before and after sunrise with temperatures done in the mid to low 30s. keep that in mind. is there much of a windchill? no. looks pretty calm, 3 mi./h and fairfield, so not too big of a deal this morning.
5:46 am
temperatures this afternoon, after the very cold start we will warm it up. in fact a little warmer than yesterday, 65 the expected high in san leandro. 55 in oakland, so mid-60s more widespread today. yesterday we were in the low 60s especially in the valley, but we should see 65 in concorde. we will repeat that for the south bay with low to mid 60s for the bay line. downtown san francisco should be right around 62. tomorrow we will warm up more and that is how we will and the work week. just a mild warm-up. we have another system that yesterday without might rise -- arrive sunday but now we've adjusted the forecast. those showers should come in and then spread throughout the rest of the bay area overnight saturday and into the first half of sunday. how about traffic now. let's find out from george.
5:47 am
>> walk -- the macarthur maze had construction done last night. this was supposed to be completely gone by 5:30 but when we spoke with caltrans about 12 minutes ago they confirmed that the contract -- contractor was picking up the cones, so we do anticipate that this backup will be gone. the challenge of course is that the traffic will continue to back up in this direction, and if the two should meet and merge, we would end up with a bigger than usual backup for the bay bridge much earlier than we should have one. here we have no backup or delay for the northbound east 80 right. look at that -- ride. and the ride for 580 out of livermore still looks good. on by rehiring in vasco road, signal lights creating delays there. but here for the dublin fremont
5:48 am
ride, 680 southbound only adding a few minutes to the trip time so it's still a nice ride there. and for the ride to the bridges there, lights are active and right on time at the bay bridge. the back of 16 to 18 minutes but as i mentioned not yet act up into the macarthur maze and you're right out of east bay still looks good. 12 minutes the trip ti out of the east bay via the maturing -- for mirren via the richmond bridge. and for your ride to and from mirren , delay free for southbound and northbound. thank you george. the sheriff and union president both saints because of low pay and higher pensions. county supervisors hope an increase in property tax revenue will help them hold on to deputies. the county has lost well over
5:49 am
$1 million training deputies who left a short time later. one plan would ask for the money back. >> the sheriff wasn't as excited about this idea about whether we should have those who leave after the train and -- training at the academy pay back their tuition as an incentive to stick around.>> negotiations on a new contractor under way but it will take until july and there is a hope that a viable agreement can be reached before more deputies leave. new this morning, a judge dismissed a lawsuit in a creative way. artist jesse bram had accused taylor swift of stealing lyrics and he asked for $42 million in damages. the judge repeatedly quoted the lyrics while dismissing the lawsuit. she wrote at present the court is not saying he can never ever ever ever ever get his case back in court, and brand may discover that near pleading
5:50 am
mandates will not fix the bullet holes in his case. at least for the moment, defendants have shaken off this law. -- shaken off this lawsuit. a woman is behind bars this morning accused of twerking on a man she didn't know. dc police released the video of the incident that happened last month. the footage shows a man where two women approach him and twerk option. this is third-degree sexual us -- sexual abuse and the woman could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted. the second woman seen the video is still on the loose this morning. police are describing it -- they are hunting her down for twerking. >> they are sexually harassing him, mark. who would have thought. i think the key to the twerking is you don't touch.
5:51 am
see she's not twerking -- touching him. a skydiver is safe at home this morning after a terrifying ordeal. let's take a closer look at the video of what happened. you can see the man hanging from the plane 10,000 feet in the air. it turns out the leg of his jumpsuit got stuck after he jumped out of the plane and he was stuck on the plane for 30 minutes until he finally took out a knife and cut off the leg of his jumpsuit. he was able to make a safe landing. and will be warriors ever lose a game this season? should -- we shouldn't say that. they are the only undefeated team in the nba. taking on the memphis grizzlies. the dumps -- warriors took on a big lead and never looked back. the warriors one -- won 100-84.
5:52 am
they are 9-0 start ties that of 1960 when they were the philadelphia warriors. they play again tonight, taking on the timberwolves in minnesota at 7:00. you said you are not allowed to say stuff like that. and they say how many can you win in a row so i went to facebook and i posted that but i said i think it's taboo. >> i'm not going to guess.>> it's the 11th time that the creek has been an ice rink in the park. it opens on veterans day and will stay open until january and will stay open until january 18. it looks giant.>> and a reminder, we've got the back story here on kron4.
5:53 am
that takes you behind the scenes of what we do on the commercials. we go behind the scenes and look at what happened with him in his recent medical scan. >> the morning stanley had a stroke we got a phone call it came to me saying that he was going to the hospital and that he probably had had a stroke. i called the person back and was confirming it. >> i believe grant was the first one to hear that. i was stunned. everybody was.>> i couldn't even write the word stroke. i finally managed to get my brain to work. i typed, i may be out for a few days. i just had a stroke. >> everybody thought it was a drill -- intro -- a joke. check out the back story with stanley in that episode and we also highlight gary
5:54 am
radnich behind-the-scenes. we will be right back.
5:55 am
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welcome back. take a look at this, a national news, giant panda cub took its first steps. here is the cutie rolling over. they just released this on youtube. after a minute his mom picks him up. the zoo wrote on its post, one small step for panda, one adorably large step for the world. coming up, bad news for raiders fans, disney is offering to help the readers moved to los angeles. what the mayor is saying about that. and a warning for veterans and their families, we will tell you about a scam targeting veterans.
5:57 am
and a deadly police standoff and shooting near the st. luke's hospital. new police dispatch that we're just hearing and very cold conditions. right back in just two minutes. we're with you until 10:00.
5:58 am
5:59 am
man shot and killed by san francisco police officers after a stand off. coming up we will hear from witnesses in a live report. >> we have new video of a plane crash in ohio where everyone on board was killed. i am at the breaking news ding with more on that story coming up. news desk with more on that coming up. >> it's pretty cold in the north bay this morning. i am live at the terminal to
6:00 am
tell you how people are keeping warm. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news at 6 starts now. >> good morning. >> george is in the traffic and any hot spots. >> reporter: no but the commute is heating up we will have updated drive times. >> one thing heating up. mike. >> not the temperatures. >> it's cold. >> we are locked into this for the entire week. >> well, it will get a little better tomorrow so today isprobably last day to have cold enough temperatures to get a frost advisory in play for the north bay. that's what we are dealing with this morning. a live look outside shows how clear it is. and as we head into the next happen the temperatures we are right just above the freezing mark up near santa rosa 37 out in in a vado. 35 in fairfield and we have some other cool spots in the east bay like pleasantton at 86 and half moon bay at 39. majority of the 30s are thenorth bay and there's frost advisory until 9 this morning.
6:01 am
i will give you lock at ready for school forecast. kids today getting up get ragedy and getting out the door in the cold -- ready and getting out the door in this cold weather unlike yesterday when they slept in. so this morning don't be surprised if you need the jackets and gloves and scarf and bundle up we are looking at 40s for the 8:00 hour. by noon warming into the upper 50s and low 60s and by 3 we will be warmer than yesterday. warming up to the mid-60s for a good number of bay area communities. we will have more on the forecast coming up in 15 minutes. talk more about the rain for the weekend too. but let's get the update on the traffic out there for that we will go over to joshing. >> reporter: we are seeing increasing drive times for the commute around the bay. let's start with a east bay update track your commute this morning. heading out the door soon for the highway 4 ride, 22 minutes now for the westbound trip out of antioch towards concord up over the willow path through bay points. here for the drive 3 or 4 minutes now to the southbound commute leading from 242 to
6:02 am
highway 24 on interstate 680. and the westbound 24 ride trackat 12 minutes to highway 13. to the san mow te'o bridge an easy ride. but in the next 30 minutes, things here are likely to change. mark. >> thanks george our top story police stand off and shooting near a hospital in san francisco leaves a man dead. this happened at a construction site near st. luke's hospital along cesar chavez street yesterday afternoon. >> for the first time wearing hearing the police dispatch tapes that says office airs rieive at scene and shot and killed the suspect. >> shots fired. shots fired. wait let me confirm. that could be construction. it sound like a gunshot not confirmed yes. >> shots fired. >> shots fired. >> shots fired. >> he has been hit with a gunfire. >> it was a tense situation. >> we have details of what led
6:03 am
up to the stand off. will. >> reporter: what led up to it is because he was in because he was in san bruno first and walked into a sporting goods stouter with the-- store with hand begun and walked wiewt shotgun and came to the location i want to draw your attention to the scene. here's the construction site we played the audiotape and phsers's -- officers arrived because witnesses called seeing a man point a gun at st. look's and hear at least one gunshot. let's get to the video of the stand off happening at 4 in the afternoon. three police officers were the first to respond and sought man at the construction site and they go up the construction site and they see the man pointing a gun according to investigators. pointing a shotgun at them. that's when they opened fire on the man. he was shot and killed at the scene here. this morning, they are not really -- releasing the name. many people out here this is a very busy section of town
6:04 am
especially in the afternoon. witnesses we were able to track them down this is what they had to say. >>i was look for coffee when i left my friend in the er and i hard a shot but when i heard the second and the big guy told me to turn around i knew it was gunfire. it was scary. >> reporter: he was shot and killed in a open air elevator yes went to the location and who he was shooting at is not being released. or a motive. all we know about this man is that he was a man in his late 20s as far as his name, we have been asking the san francisco police department all yesterday afternoon. late into the night i already reached out to them this morning to get his name and as soon ace hear back from them, i will pass it along to you including hearing more of that audiotape. back to you guys. >> all right thanks will.
6:05 am
then another breaking news story we are following the ntsb will remove wreckage from the site of a business jet that crashed in a apartment complex in ohio. we have a look at the new surveillance video from the crash. annie. >> reporter: 9 people were killed in the crash and that surveillance video shows moments before that crash and the actual crash happening. look to the upper left-hand corner. you can see the plane coming out of the sky crashing into an apartment building and exploding into flames. everyone on board was killed. several were members of a real estate company that was in the area look at ohio -- looking at ohio shopping center complex. no one on the ground was injured but you can see the apartment complex bursting into flames. and another home also caught on fire near. nearby the ntsb recovered the cockpit voice recorder and investigators are going to analyze that to figure out what exactly caused this deadly
6:06 am
crash. back to you. >> thank you anny. and a warning the east bay after two shootings on interstate 08 in 8 days. the latest one was deadly tuesday night where first reported hi here on the kron 4 morning now is a man and woman were driving in an audi when someone shot at them. the man died at the scene. the woman is going to be okay. just few days earlier a man was shot near the san pablo dam road exit and tells investigators someone shot at him causing him to lose control of the car before ending up on the side of the road. police won't say if the shootings are gang relate butsay they are not random. >> the motoring public are not at danger. the targets were specific and not random. it's scary. the situations unfold very quickly. as far as preventing it, there's not much you can do. it happens in the blink of a eye. >> chp look for people driving on the freeway when the shooting happened. there's no danger of the public but be aware of your
6:07 am
surroundings. a traffic stop in the east bay ends a bad crash. at least 8 cars were damaged and one person injured a driver running from police. suspect is saul espinoza who was on parole for doing the same thing back in 2012. police say it started near a casino in san pabo. he tried to pull-- they tried to pull him over and he took off they didn't go after him but found him a half mile later and he had crashed into 8 cars at the intersection of 29th in richmond. ed. >> i pretty horrible. it's pretty horrible. i am glad that apparently the san pablo police didn't chase him. >> luckily no one was out thereat that time when this happened because it could have been a lot worse than what it was. >> and investigators say they found a loaded handgun and two ounce of meth in his car. he is still in the hospital
6:08 am
with serious injuries. the injured woman is expected to be okay. and a warning for veterans and families. state attorney general harris says scamers are targeting veterans. it's a pension poaching scam they find victims from the veterans administration which gives pension benefits to families and veterans and they are posing as va representative offering benefits getting them to set up trust but the fees and limits on withdrawals could mean the victim won't have access to the money they need for the care. a man is in police custody this morning accused of making racist threats against the university of missouri columbia campus. police say 19-year-old hunter parker used the social website yik yak to threaten to shoot african americans on mi diseur's campus police traced it to him and he is a student at the university of missouri and science tech folly major and this comes amid racial tensions on the campus.
6:09 am
and the university system's president and chancellor resigned earlier this week over the way the university has responded to the racist complaints. we are learning more about the woman who is injured when a car crashed in her home in san leandro. 25-year-old andrea ye was seriously injured after a speeding suv sideswiped another car before losing control and crashed into her home monday night. suv landed on top of her pinning her. a crash into the garage that was converted no a room where he he was sleeping. she was rushed to the hospital with a broken back a broken leg and cuts. doctors say it's too early to tell if the surgery they performed were successful. she was engaged to be married and her engagement party was supposed to be this weekend. the party's been postponed because of the accident. the 20-year-old driver of the suv could face a reckless driving charge. police ar waiting for the alcohol and drug tests to come back. and a man behind bars this morning after an officer- involved shooting in the south bay.
6:10 am
san jose police say shannon nathan wong was trying to break into a home yesterday morning. officers say they found him with a gun around one in the morning. they asked him to stop and instead they say he lifted his assault rifle and pointed at officers. one officer fired at wong but didn't hit him so he ran into the home. he gave himself up and was booked into the jail. disney is offering to help oakland raiders leave oakland and move to los angeles. disney ceo bob eyeinger is leading the -- leading the effort to build the stadium in l.a. for the raiders and the san diego chargers. meantime, oakland mayor met with the nfl in new york to talk about the future of the raiders. she says the city is trying to keep the team in oaklandp we spoke with fans who hope that hans not fans supported the team and oakland is the best place and in terms of transportation and geographic center of the bay area and weather is better and oakland
6:11 am
and raiders were born in oakland and deserve to be here and we are a nfl city. >> we had it done to us before right? they went and came back and so, the fans stuck with them through that fans drove down to l.a. to see them play through the years and like you said you have fansthat is been hanging through these lean years we have had recently soe optimist is what you call a raider fan. >> how do you compete with disney now?you can't go up against mky mouse. >> i am not going anymore>> the the nfl owners won't vote until next year so there's time to protest. >> disney. still to come judge under fire this morning for removing a baby from her foster parents because the couple is gay. we will have details ahead. and we are getting rade for a wet and stormy winter because of el nino. and how it's impacting our weather and the nationwide push to get americans to lose weight and might not be working. we will explain.
6:12 am
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6:14 am
♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. welcome back 6:14. looking at the current temperatures and these are the coldest cities right now. the current temperatures are all37, 38 and 39, dublin and concord and sunnyvale and coup are tino all in the mid 30s.
6:15 am
this morning? so it's a cold one and falling. >> and falling. >> over next hour. >> yeah and live look outside shows you the north bay where we see coldest temperatures but here are three things i prepared for. three things to know. >> okay. >> about the forecast going forward all right. so first off it's cold. once again. we are starting off cold and mostly 40s and 30s around the bay north bay. >> you think they are i don'tlisten? i hear you say it's cold what else. >> today will be warmer than yesterday se if -- so if you have mans it's going to be sunny and. >> nice day later. >> and the third thing you need to know is this weekend is going to be wet. we have rain coming. >> you sure. >> i am fairly sure. >> okay which one saturday or sunday. >> saturday night it's going start in the north bay and move across the entire bay area during the overnight hours in through at least the first half sunday. sunday is probably going to be wet and kids have got. >> yeah. >> baseball and sports. >> and lacrosse and. >> plan on it being a little soggy sunday morning when you get up and take the kids to
6:16 am
whatever they are heading out to do. this week. >> thanky. >> you like that. >> i like to keep my eye on the big one. >> i am thinking of you. your best interest in mind. now we have temperatures around the bay and north bay santa rosa has 34 degrees one the coldest fairfield at 36. we are seeing the same temperature out in the east bay in pleasantton so chilly start and north bay seeing the coldest of the temperatures and that's why there's the frost advisory until 9 as we were talking so keep the kids bundled up. it's going to be very chilly start this morning for the kid. 629 expected high in san francisco. rest of the bay area mid-60s like i said that's warmer than yesterday. 65 in concord and pleasantton. 65 in san jose and 65 to 68 the expected range in the north bay across the wine country. again off on the horizon you see what i was talking about with the weekend. slight warming for tomorrow friday and saturday the, the
6:17 am
cloud roll in. most of saturday will be foon but saturday evening later in the night we will see the showers begin in the north bay and they will go bay area wide heading through sunday and i will have more on that with the 7-day around the bay forecast. we will look at the weekend and the rest of the forecast which goes into next week coming up in a half-hour. all right how about the roads? let's find out george. >> reporter: we are starting with a look at the ride out of the east bay heading towards the bay bridge because the backup has grown large and quickly. already backed up on highway 24. and we are now tracking a 29 minute drive time from the mcarthur maze and the roadwork is gone and that backup no longer exist. it's the bay bridge approach that slows traffic through the mccarth your maze on 580. here's the 880 approach to the bridge. still your best bet there. out of the east bay, heading towards san mateo, definitely slowing here but not yet slow and go stop and go conditions. and it's just slug arab cross
6:18 am
the span with a 14 minute trip time. out of the east bay heading towards marin starring to back up now at the toll plaza as the drive time has moved from 12 to 14 minutes for the westward trip to san rafael. and out of is a rafael 101 southbound a clear shot to the golden gate brimming and northern marin is starting to slow up around highway 37 heading south towards lucas valley road. to the traffic maps and update the ride on mid-peninsula who iway 101 northbound no delays between burlingame and palo alto clocked at 18 minutes. but an accident has just been reported here in san bruno north 101 at sfo and emergency vehicles that have the two right lanes closed currently. this could be our first hot spot of the morning. mark. >> all right thanks george we anticipate the possibility of a wet and stormy winter and el nino seems to be affecting our weather. cold and -- goldengate weather
6:19 am
meteorologist says early storms brought rain to the area and snow to the sierra partly the work of el nino. patterns are getting stronger every dane and we should be prepared -- every day and we should be prepared. an though california receives above average rain this winter it's unlikely it will end the four-year drought. on the website we have a special section dedicated el nino with the latest forecast and dire warnings from politicians about the dangers associated with el nino. and we have links to all the stories we have covered on how the bay area is preparing. that's on the website at kron 6:18. help is on way for the folks in lake county recovering from the devastating valley fire. victims of the fire can meet with a new valley fire long- term recovery coordinator. the lake county director of social services is taking over the position and leading a recovery task force. two days a week, there's going to be office hours at the c gibson cultural center.
6:20 am
and there people can drop in and talk about the fire and ask questions about the recovery process. office hours will be held mondays from 1 to 3 in the afternoon and tuesdays from 9:30 in the morning until noon. lyft and uber can keep operating a the san jose airport but there's new ruse. city council approved rules this week to allow ride sharing companies to drive around the airport but drivers have to get background checks through the public utility commission and they also have to get city business licenses. they could also be subject to a random audit. once a month. airport officials will check a driver's lines and look for violations like outstant standing warrants. they won't have to have fingerprints taken like taxi drivers had wanted. taxi drivers went on strike for two days demanding changes and they are back at work this morning. a judge ordered to have a baby girl taken away from her foster parents because they are gay. this happened yesterday in utah
6:21 am
tuesday in utah. a judge scott johansson is putting the baby with a straight couple because he says it's for the child's well- being. parents say the judge cited research that children do better when rayed by a mother and father and they have been raising the baby for three months and state child and family service it is working with attorneys to figure out how to challenge that order. and smoking can be banned from public housing nationwide. "new york times" reports a proposed federal rule will be announced today. this could affect nearly 1 million households. the ban would come from the department of housing and urban development. it says all public housing units and common areas must be smoke free. cdc says the nationwide smoke free public housing policy would save 153 million dollars annually in health care cleaning smoke damage units and avert fire losser. 6:20. today president obama is going to present the medal of honor to retired army captain. captain floorent gro bring will
6:22 am
be honored for his being a in afghanistan. on august 8th in 2012, captain groberg saved his commander and others while nearly losing his leg in an attack. groberg was born in france and became a naturalized u.s. citizen in 2001. he joined the military in 2008 and he is the 10th living person to be awarded the medal of honor for actions in afghanistan. california is going to get 500 million dollars to 15 counties to help rehabilitate prisoners. county sheriffs say they need the money to provide rehab programs in jails. here in the bay area alameda napa san francisco santa clara and so momma counties will get part of that funding. board of state and community corrections is meeting today to consider the projects recommended by committee. critics say the state shouldn't be spending money on jails. others say the money will help reduce the cycle of crime and reduce mass incarcerationer. we learned jetblue plane headed to san francisco had to
6:23 am
divert twice to reno in less than 24 hours. an airline spokesperson says the flight from boston to san francisco landed in reno tuesday night because it had a mechanical problem. another plane was brought in and the passengers were flown to san francisco early yesterday morning. pilots tried to fly the plane out of the airport wednesday, but it had to land again in reno because of mechanical problems. new this morning no surprise that the u.s. has highest obesity rate. but now, research shows the rates are going up despite years of p public awareness campaigns. the cdc finds the obesity rate has climbed to nearly 38% of adults that's up from 3 2% of adults obese about a decade ago. they found that obesity is higher among women compared to men and higher among hispanics and black adults compared to other racial groups. city ahead a mother is behind bars after putting bourbon in her baby's bottle.
6:24 am
we are going to tell you why she says she did it. and the scary find in a package of grapes. what family discovered in the fruit that came from california. and live look here from the studios here at crown 4 in san francisco along the embarcadero looking a attributeful sunrise. san francisco is a chilly 49 degrees right now. going to muster 63 for the high this afternoon. not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft.
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welcome back. a mom in arkansas is charged with child endangerment after giving her baby bourbon in a boat. lori shepherd says she was trying to relieve the teething pain and heard to her her-- had given him infant tylenol and that didn't work and her mom suggested to rub alcohol on the gums and instead put the bourbon in the bot neil and mix it with the tylenol and other stuff. >> the baby was found to have a blood alcohol level of .19. >> what? >> .08. >> because they are so toonie and it was .19? >> yeah. >> wow. >> the boy and his siblings are in child protective services. >> the baby is okay. >> you have to rob little on the gums but not bottle. >> all right. here's another story about a family. this family took a trip to the grocery store and came back withdeadly spieders in the grapes. >> black widow?
6:27 am
>>i doesn't know. amy reed is the one who found it and they bought the welch are's organic grapes last week and when they got home it was a spider would you recognize a black widow. >> yeah they are easy like shiny black and you see they have a red hourglass on the belly. they are prevalent and i find them underneath seats and outdoor cushions. >> that came from california and they don't -- black widow came with it. they say it's been a problem because they don't use pesticides on organic produce so you want or began being but getting everything else with it. >> they are fascinating. >> they mate and eat the male. >> oh. >> just like most women. >> you eat we eat you alive. >> yeah that's what you do. >> don't know but my wife does. >> again. >> let's go outside as we go to break i want to show you a beautiful shot of the embarcadero. look at that. but it's cold and we will talk about the temperatures coming
6:28 am
up and the potential for rain this weekend. >> people in the north bay are wake up to cold temperatures. i am live at the terminal to tell you how commuters are keeping warm in the cold temperatures. details coming up next.
6:29 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. dow futures are down big right now. everyone wait for the fed to -- waiting for the fed to speak and anticipation is they are getting close to raising interest rates from the near zero rate sin the rescission because of that futures down 125 points right now. they will put the dow at 17,530 and we will watch the markets and waiting to hear what the fed has to say. that's going to have a effect
6:30 am
on everything car loans and mortgage rates and when the fed raises interest rates in the united states. >> yeah. thursday i am giving up the clap. >> the clap on the dow futures down 125 points. >> they clap. >> they do. >> tradition. >> so, we have and introduction for good traffic i hopebecause we are clapping. >> well. >> just like dow doesn't matter. >> reporter: we are track a couple of accidents one in san brun yes and one in campbell. >> i haven't had to scrape the car and i use defrosting like the liquid. >> i think that's what we are going see around the bay area because temperatures are flirting with the freezing mark but not dropping below it. here's live look outside. crystal clear and very cold. that's what you will feel outside really from the moment you step outside to maybe 9 we will start to see the temperatures warm up enough that maybe you won't need the gloves but kids need to bundle up. temperatures look like this.
6:31 am
north bay temperatures dropping down into the low 30s for some. like santa rosa dropping 34 degrees. 36 for pleasantton and fairfield and south bay san jose is 41. and that's close to where we were yesterday so if it was cold yesterday in san jose expect it to be just like that once again today. 49 currently in san francisco. here is your ready for school forecast. kids, they get up and get the jacket on and don't be shy. put on the gloves too. stuff them in the backpack once you get to school but you may need them as we look for widespread 40s even at 8 at the start of classes. by noon, lunch it will be cool upper 50s to low 60s and then by 3:00 a little warmer than yesterday. and with mid-60s today as opposed to the low 60s yesterday. so a couple degrees of warming as you make your way through the end of cool today. but to start yes it's cold out there darya. >> team coverage avery is misleading because she stays like cool and i don't mean freezing but cool avery watch she is live and it's cold
6:32 am
there. hi. right you are not like i would be look hi and no drama just it's very chilly out here. >> reporter: you know i am from new york so you know it comes natural to me but here it's definitely cold out here and even though the sun is coming up, doesn't feel like the temperature is coming up any and here, at the larksburg ferryterminal they are getting ready to leave and people are bundled up i see a the love scarves and hats and coats. but i see some people who are wearing shorts and the general consensus is that it's not all that bad. listen to what one person told me. >> just tried to bundle up. >> reporter: and. >> to keep warm. >> reporter: what. [audio not understandable] >> it's going to warm up later today it's chilly in the morning. >> reporter: so lots of people are telling meet same thing it's little chilly in the morning but it's going to warm up so they say it's not that bad. so i am going to try to talk to more peoplech next ferry is
6:33 am
leaving at 6:35 so i will try a catch them and we will talk about what it's like to bundle up in the cold flues you are approaching them and you have a leather jacket or you it opened and they can't be whimp and you are like how cold is it really bad. >> reporter: i am not wearing gloves but there are some people wearing gloves. >> all right that would be me. >> reporter: and they are going to get on the water. >> i am going tahoe. >> reporter: thanks a lot. it's the new yorker airi. prepare getting mobile app on the phone but we have a expect weather and traffic mobile app take it with you and check it all day long george. >> reporter: and checking the accidents now starting first in campbell 85 at the highway 17 interchange starting to back up 58 northbound and turning it into a hot spot with a 25 minute drive time heading over from 101 out of the coyote
6:34 am
valley. towards couper -- cupertino. but our accident here northbound 101 at sfo has two right hand lanes shut down and adds 8 to 9 minutes from tan what te'o -- san mateo into downtown san francisco from the bay shore freeway ride and as we are at 6:30 and a little after, now is when we would begin to see things really start to back up here at the san mateo bridge where the westbound drive is wean 19 and 21 minutes. mark. >> thanks george. berkeley students walk out in mass and marched to uc berkeley over a racist notice on the berkeley high school campus last week. and they plan to do it again today. students were upset after threats were found on a library computer screen including racial slurs and sport supports from the ku klux klan and threat of a public lynching in december. it was the third racist incident at the school this
6:35 am
year and today's march is planned for one this afternoon at berkeley high. also happening today uc berkeley students will join students across the nation in depappedding tuition free public higher education. cancellation of student det debt and living wage for university workers. more than 700 activists are expected at the plaza as part of the million student march. that demonstration is 2 this afternoon. 6:34. and breaking news this morning firefighters battling a wild fire in southern california northwest of los angeles. anny hong has details. >> reporter: the good news is the firefighters are making progress on this 40 acre wild fire that is burning this morning. look at the video from the scene. the fire started last night in ven duringa county and -- ventura county it was 50% contained and no homes why threatened. -- were threatened. red flag warning is in effect conditions are ideal for wild fire and rapid spreading. no word on what caused this
6:36 am
fire. back to you. >> all right thank you and hey -- anny. and a family of a virginia man who died in police custody filing a $25 million lawsuit and hearing in the case will be held this afternoon. a relatives of a lynwood lambert junior saying they saw video of what happened. they saw police using tasers multiple times on the night he died in 2013. officers responded to a noise complaint at motel in south boston virginia where they found lambert. they say he was acting strangely. officers put him in the back of a patrol car and told him he was not being locked up. but later in the video he sprinted from the car to the hospital and police then cornered him and used a taser. officers say the lawyers for the officers apolice did nothing wrong and they didn't kill lambert. an autopsy says that the cause of death is actually acute cocaine intoxication. onto decision 2016. republicans didn't waste time after tuesday night's debate in milwaukee. everybody was back on the cal pane trail -- campaign trail
6:37 am
trying to hold onto momentum. donald trump set off to new sham huer ben carson to verge and jeb bush and marco rubio and chris christie went to iowa doing what it takes and pouring coffee to win over republicans. trump kept above the fray on the debate stage but says he has no plans on softening his edge on campaign trail. >> no. not doing speeches because people would be disappointeded if i was that way. i think during the speech, it is different. and during the debate you have to give other people a chance to talk. >> trump said he thinks some of his competitors are close to dropping out. but he wouldn't say which ones. and the golden state warriors continue their winning streak. warriors off to the best start in more than 50 years. let's look at game last night as they take on grizzlies. never look back after jumping out to a big lead: war yars
6:38 am
win 100 to 84 and they are the only undefeated team in the nba9-0. >> circus shot again little different angle 40 feet. buzzer beater. >> moneybest start since 1960. they take on timberwolves tonight in men so thea. tell ahead, it should be named owed to bug spray a perfume that can double as mosquito repellant. you will smell good. >> i didn't know. >> it will cost you though. and this picture going viral this morning. a scared police dog hanging onto an officer. we will introduce you to nico and after the break a beer mug that makes sure you get home at the end of the night of partying.
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your perfume can double as inspect repellant. >> is it that bad does it repel you. >> am i a insect? don't answer. >> rue researchers at new mexico state university found a certain victoria's secret perfume is almost as good as bug spray but doug prey is disgutting and victoria's secret is bombshell so that smells good but mosquitoes don't like it. it repels them for 2 hours and they tested with 10 substances and here's the deal.
6:42 am
first traditional bug spray that works best. but it smells disgusting. right. >> and deet. >> and deet and all that. so bombshell perfume if it works for two hours and woe you won't smell gross do that but it's. >> i used to hear skin so soft. >> yeah. you don't want to smell like bombshell. >> that's not 50 dollar bomb spray. smart beer mug that keeps track of how much you are drinking. and it will even call you a cab if you've had one too many. e-pint has hens sensors l.e.d. and blue tooth chip linking to a phone and it can light up your favorite tam's colors when it scores. it will look at how much you had to drink and contact a cab company to tack you home and it's a kick starter campaign. >> oh. >> and it will ship in april if it raises in you money but you have to charge the beer newing and we don't know how much it will cost. >> i will find out right now. >> kick starter 30 dollars. >> you will get it in about 2 years.
6:43 am
>> by the time kick starter is going again. >> there's good stuff. >> there is. >> but do you have to bring your own -- that's your mug. >> you have to bring it to thebar with you. >> you think the car would be okay with that? >> still ahead, cold enough to frost a beer that's what it is in the north bay where we have 34 in -- you could put a beer on the front porch and have it be nice and frosted in about an hour how about that. >> nothing like a thursday morning brewski. >> early in the morning. we will be right back.
6:44 am
6:45 am
well could back to the kron 4 morning news here are some stories for the 7:00 hour a quick thinking neighbor catches some would be burglars in the act we will shoal you the -- show outvideo he capped tured of them running away -- captured of them running away. a nba player arrest on a texas highway why he was taken into custody. >> a drone crashes into a seattle landmark and why police are looking for the pilot. conditions right now as we watch conditions around the bay and up in the sierra right now.
6:46 am
>> oh. >> looking live here from squaw valley right now. the current temperature how about that. >> squaw is opening on saturday. >> it is. >> yes. >> and what opens. >> alpine today. >> mount rose and boreeal is opened 31 degrees in olympic village down there and james is where we are watching the weather conditions right now it's cold as in lake tahoe. >> yeah with temperatures around freezing. we have sears point 37 and inferness 34. and you can see for danville and san ramon mid-30s. aid cold start this morning. the only difference between today and yesterday is that the 30 degree temperatures are not as widespread. but they are pretty important. especially as you head out to the north bay. a quick look at ready for school forecast. 40 degree weather still a possibility for the 8:00 hour. by noon tore for lunch milder with upper 40s to low 60s and look at 3 in the afternoon mid- 60s which is great news because that's a little warmer than it was yesterday.
6:47 am
here the live view outside great looking shot from the camera in the embarcadero along the embarcadero in san francisco. slight breeze in the air but a gorgeous looking sky to enjoy. but it's cold especially in the north bay and you can see the 30s there and that's where the frost advisory is in effect until 9 this morning the area in pink the movement included is the santa clara valley you are a degree or two warmer than yesterday. we should warm up mid-60s and upper 6 60-- 60s for place like napa most of the bay shorecommunities will be at 62 to 66 today. let's look at your extended forecast. here at brief view. we have the next three days in view. friday, saturday we will warm it up friday keeping it dry and saturday most of it fine but the clouds roll in and we have a system diving down from the gulf of alaska and that's going to bring us the chance of showers now saturday night through the day on sunday so the second half the weekend looks to be wet and we dry out starting the beginning of next
6:48 am
week. >> all right that's the weather. now let's find out how the road are shaping up and george knows better than anybody what does it look like. >> reporter: tracking hot spots and we will start in the east bay. walnut creek an accident slowing the 680 southbound out of concord and that is the crash at treat boulevard but according to the chp is partially on the 140e8der and -- shoulder and partly obstructing the lane adding to the trip time. on highway 85 northbound an accident at highway 17 ties up the ride adding time to the drive time 27 minutes now in the west valley freeway trip out towards cooper tune tino and we are tracking -- cupertino and delays 101 northbound san brunoan accident at sfo backed up the ride now into early and around the curb adding 14 minutes to the trip time so your drive is 34
6:49 am
minutes from san mateo into downtown san francisco. currently. and looking at the bridges the bay bridge backup a big one this morning. into the mcarthur maze over 30 minutes from highway 24 and near 30 minutes for the san mateo bridge ride out of hayward from the east bay towards san mateo from the east bay towards san rafael via the richmond bridge backed up to the richmond parkway 21 minute trip time and to the golden gate bridge delay free off the waldo but traffic getting heavier now out of in a vado north of highway 37. 6:48 right now and the temperatures are turning cold. so you might be turning to your heater. service technician urge you to get your furnace checked. service companies expect the increase in calls and they have it. pg&e was look at a week out to
6:50 am
come light your pilot light. so, once the season is here, then you know the longer it takes to get to you. >> the number one thing homeowners can do right now is get your furnace filter changed make sure whether you do it yourself or have someone do it, that is the number one thing that causes breakdowns is dust and dirt getting inside the systems. >> i did not know that. >> yeah. >> maybe that's what's wrong with my heater too. >> power light on check your pilot light or u will sleep in sweat pants without heat. >> right. one more day of that mark. >> and coming up tomorrow? >> yes. >> just in time for the warmup. >> look at this picture of a police dog hanging onto an officer for dear life in canada. the officers in the vancouver police k-9 unit snapped this photos during a training scenario. the officer and police dog named nico were doing the exercise called repelling and the officer worked with neck coto slowly introduce him into desending vertically the picture going viral after it
6:51 am
was post on facebook. twitter and instagram. >> it comes naturally the dog will hold on anybody would anything would hold on and he is holding on to the leg. >> paws wrapped around. >> yeah. cute. a woman is behind bars this morning accused of twerking on a guy she didn't know. and so i guess you-- look. so she doesn't know the guy and he is on the phone and her and her friend so would this bother you it bothered him and they released this video last month washington, d.c. police have the surveillance video. and so i guess now they face charges. you can't just be in a supermarket and come at somebody like that. >> casual pull of the men around here. none of us are bothered. >> third degree sexual abuse. >> can you believe that. >> that's what it is. yeah they are not-- she is touching him you know. >> okay. >> turn the tables and if it was a woman right charges filed. right? so he is like don't bug me i guess. >> and police are saying that they have one woman they booked her and the other is still on the loose is what they are
6:52 am
saying. he is on the loose. >> twerker on the loose. >> on the loose in washington. >> oh, boy. well a lot goes on here at kron 4 you don't know about either during the commercials or studio or out in the field and that's why we have our special called the back story. >> as we get ready so the tag along as he goes to the warriors home opener. >> okay. all right. all right. here we go. all right. here we go. >> jeff it's like the old days huh. >> it's like the old days. >> my son is the associated director here. >> you got to know somebody for these seats is that armstrong. >>ic that those off. you are going to scare older white people for that. >> how are you. >> you get a shot at this. this is ed lee next time you ask for a pass i got the mayor on my side don't insult me like that. >> he insulted you. >> did he? the mayor hey, i will see you. >> nice to see you. >> all right no. no. >> wow he gets hugs and is
6:53 am
greeted and. >> never a dull moment with him. >> that's true. watch the back story this sunday at 9:30. we will be right back.
6:54 am
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she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪
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this is my dream home >> experts have been talking about the benefits of power naps for long time you know you should nap. if you can. but it doesn't have to be long. and they say there's a best time for it. they say between 2 and 4 p.m. that's the best prime napping window for you. for you to be able to like you know to keep working and not hit the afternoon low and you need 20 minutes. and it will improbable your short term alertness and performance. i find if you nap a long time it doesn't improve your alertness. it's like you know a brick hit you in the head. so do a 20 minute nap if you've office good for you. lucky you. you can snap maybe -- nap on your chair and if you don't have a office use the car.
6:57 am
>> you do. >> that's my office my home i use the car. you can try conference room really? that's -- i think. >> bad advice in they are usually in glass and everybody will watch and a lot of workers say that they do this during the day and it helps them. >> george on seinfeld set up a little bed underneath the ding and shell for alarm clock. >> that's a great idea because if you have a cubical you can curl up. >> if it's longer 2 or 3 hour naps knock you out. >> look at this. national zoo's giant panda cub take the first stps away from the mom this week. zoo released the video on youtube yesterday and you can see the cub bei bei and the first strides after a minute the mom picks him up. >> oh my gosh that's adorable. >> the zoo wrote on the website one small step for panda one adorably wobblely moment for all of news look at the mom. i don't think they do a lot of walking. once you learn to walk you sit as a panda. >> yeah. a lot of eating. >> still ahead in the kron 4
6:58 am
morning news we track cold temperatures here around the bay area. and then a chance of rain in the forecast beautiful sunrise over the east bay hills but temperatures in the freezing mark we have a frost advisory for some of the inland valleys. we are live in san francisco a man clips the top of the construction site he goes up there and climbs up there and then he starts to shoot at the hospital we will have more. ♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage.
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and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
7:00 am
a san francisco man shot and killed. coming up, a live report. >> we have new video showing a devastating crash in ohio. we'll have more on that coming up. >> commuters in the north bay are braving chilly temperatures. i'll tell you all about how they are handling the cold weather. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: good morning, i'm darya folsom. >> we've got a few east bay and south bay. i'll update those. >> let's quickly get to the forecast with george. we've got cold temperatures and doing day two 2 of cold enough


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