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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  November 16, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PST

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my favorite story of the day. a woman prevailing to wear a -- she described herself as a pastafarian. they refused to let her wear it on the license photo. but they filed an appeal. she got to wear it on her photo. i said you are discriminating. i hope this opens the door. >> other people can go and don't
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have to have the hassle. >> she is saying this religion. the church says it's beliefs are sincere and backed by science. >> the good thing it goes with everything. >> except for the rain. it gets through there. they built this 15 foot gladiator. they challenged a japanese firm to a robot su supremacy. the first giant robot battle is going to happen next year. i would like to watch this more than that the rousey fight because it is not bloody.
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>> the rousey night was disgusting. >> yeah. this is a live -- here is the seven -day forecast. we have temperatures that will warm between now and friday. right now it is awfully cold and windy out there. bundle up. we'll be right back.
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time for the world according
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the gary. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> the raiders can't get in a grove. >> we will not have playoff football here. >> it was so sad. adrian peterson got in the grove. that was a problem. >> yeah. he's -- he's got fresh legs because he barely play last year. >> seattle coming off of their loss. >> they are like four and five. maybe they are just about kill over or boy they are not going to let another one happen. so i don't know how you want to play it. >> what about the tail of two mannings. eli that looks terrific not good enough. and then you have a peyton good
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enough to break a record. >> he is the whole time leading passer in terms of yardage and pulled out of the game was 5 for 20. >> that was bad. >> just to see him pull like that was a little sad. i watched a great deal of that game. >> do you think it was because of the injury or because he is 39? >> you will know thursday night. if they don't start him, right? they come back and play him thursday night. i heard both schools of thought that oh my gosh you don't start a controversy now. i heard the other school of thought hey, you give him a rest and have him come back healthier. >> i love that he broke the
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record. did you see bret favre? >> i didn't see that. >> peyton i'm in the tree stand. you interrupted me again. any way, i'm very happen for you. congrats but now you have to take them all away. good luck, man, you are the best. >> when did bret favre became -- he was hunting, he was deer hunting. short of duck dynasty. >> what network was that on? >> he put this on facebook. he put this on facebook and got three million views. >> i take it back then. see my old faking, i'm figuring
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the media had to chase him down. >> it's a guy, you spend your whole life being a football hero and you turn into this manly manhunting guy. >> you see him in some commercials. >> the way he talks, i feel he is doing a survival show. >> i'm on to island and i'm one of the last survivors. >> if someone says we would like you to do a shaving commercial we will give you $300,000 that period would come out so fast. >> i don't think you should yelling out there. >> when i go hunting i let the
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beard go, i put on the hat on. >> what do you carry? what do you shoot? >> i carry a tv and a radio and my twitter. >> do you want to see it again? >> you are making it sound like he was gruff. >> i'm on the tree stand, you interrupted me again. anyway, i'm happy for you. congrats. >> he says i'm in the tree stand. >> he has a prey on the other side. i'm always myself very quiet when i hunt. is there anything wrong with that? >> can't we just left alone. all i want to tell my facebook fans that i'm hunting. the fans set a record for the
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ronda rousey fight. >> it was funny we were doing something saturday. we come home and i flip on the tv around 9:30 and espn went on for an hour without with just three guys, they were the kickboxing. >> the kick around the world. so that was holly holm. i don't know if we are going to get deeper into this. this is why it hasn't look like this before. rousey is office knocking everybody around. here we see it. >> i don't want to see it. >> rousey got bloodied and it was hard to watch. i'm going to make you look at
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it. >> it's a different era. when i was playing sports you didn't kick women. you didn't do anything. if you grew up like this. if you are looking at this hand you are eight years old -- it's pretty rough. >> i'm always trying to get on you when they say they can't box. it was bad. >> there's one thing she come out and said she will take time off. she was scheduled with the move movie "road house." >> she did a back flip when she won. >> the average person won't know who she is.
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she was very calm. holms was a good winner. >> he was going to beat his dad's all-time three-pointers. do all the two-pointers you want. >> it just keeps getting better and better. they were down i think, 15 points to brooklyn not playing very well and clay thompson wasn't playing. >> i can't believe they were challenged by the nets. >> yeah. >> with the nets game you had to go overtime. i guess you lose a little steam maybe. >> it is one of those things they are everybody's big game. so brooklyn if they can get our head in the right direction we beat the warriors. where th go this week i think
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tuesday, tomorrow night is their next one. >> you look how quickly. it is neat to see it took dale 16 years to get his pointers. it's incredible. >> just the the record. steph's dad was a special list. steph is the mvp of the league. i don't think steph's dad was ever an all-star. i could be wrong. he was a shooter boy. >> an incredible family. we will see you later. >> bye.
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welcome back. the american love for cars doesn't come cheap. u.s. car drivers now owe more money than ever. totalling $1 trillion. analysis attribute to low interest races and strong car sales. new car sales are up nearly 6% this year. they are on track to sell the record number of cars. the average payment hasn't changed much. it is now just under $400 a month.
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a flight headed from washington, d.c. to boston was evacuated when two passengers started acting strangely. take a look at the video. american airlines flight 224 was about to leave. everybody had to leave off the plane. they did question the two passengers but ended up letting them go and everyone got to go to their designation. happening right now. two alarm structure fire breaks out in richmond. we will take you inside that fire. coming up in a live report.
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>> darya: the minister today is the attacks on paris and that 23 of the arrested and 104 people have been put under house arrest. >> the french president says it
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will not stop its air strikes on syria. >> reporter: many raids have been conducted since the paris a ta--a tax--attacks. >> gun trades and passport forgeries are flourishing in the belgium. >> reporter: to prominent isis members or the masterminds of the attack. overnight the
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french airplanes bombed syria. >> france is up against w--is ar with people who tried to take away its way of life back. france has said they will destroy syria and not be destroyed themselves. >> mark: we haven't wind
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advisory in effect for now-- have. >> james: it looks great outsider in now, it's just a little bit cold. and it has a breeze today which will make the wind chill a thing for you. at 8:00 we have temperatures in the '40's by noontime we should be in the low 50s but by 3 in the afternoon we will have in the mid to upper 50s. of tariff did for
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>> george: the bay bridge san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge are all under adviser is this morning, but they are not the reasons for all the stalls. for the west umbrage 40 minute time, and the east shore free time is 54 minutes from hercules to berkeley, and longer to get to san francisco. to and from the san francisco bridge is back
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the. >> darya: firefighters have given us a video had from inside a firefight in a grocer's store. >> jackie: i am here at station 6 where firefighters are recovering from a huge of fire. as firefighters went inside it to alarm fire you can see firefighters going upstairs right here. this firefighter was wearing a go pro strapped to his chest. you can see that he sees the flames. the firefighters
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continue to go door-to-door to find people. once they see the building is empty of people they worked on the building itself. you can see the dramatic flames which caused about $1 million worth of damage. this is what is like for a fire and what the firefighters are up against. this is something that you don't get to see very often, to really see the fire fighters use their hand tools and hoses. this is a
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good for training purposes go as well because the fire fighters can go back through the tape and see what they could've done better in suet they did well. you can go to our web site at kron-4-dot-com to see the full video. >> mark: there was a shooting happened near st. louis hospital, the man had a shotgun . he went to san francisco and went to the top of the roof. the
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man pointed towards the hospital but the police shot and killed him. next week as black friday. we will give you all of the tips and tricks. and a tornado in california? we will tell you more. we will be back some-- soon. e a bow and arrow ♪
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>> mark: this was a tornado that touched down southeast of modesto. add duck down trees and ripped off our roof. >> outside and thereupon trees everywhere. there were trees everywhere and our offense was knocked over. the james >> james: to windsor in now--the
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winds out side now are causing some of the weather here are round of the day.
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>> reporter: as we go up the
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list right here they're not many people. it is really hot and i barely needed jacket. >> james: this will still a great the slopes still a great. across all of northern
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california we have little activity. we have blue skies over the bay. we're actually looking at really nice conditions later on today, the zero sustained winds will make the windchill factor higher. all of our readings are coming and in the mid to upper '40's. upper fifties to low 60s are what you can expect in that afternoon and as the high. uc temperatures world gradually warmed up every day from your.--hear.--here.
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>> george: from the ministry way and that 880 northbound we have from hayward to send a tale we have 24 minutes. golden gate bridge is a problem free but a little heavy in the northbound. but southbound is jammed up.
8:18 am
highway a westbound it is 54 minutes. the southbound ride from san leandro is nearly 50 minutes. there are delays to and from the golden gate bridge because of light setter being out. >> mark: told france this a shot at the barbarity of the attacks in paris. he does not know how these kind of horrific things can come to the heart of man.
8:19 am
menlo park as and have that will help keep people safe. people have been upset the cause of 11 on a tax bite mark zucker berg said the policies to be only for natural disasters. >> darya: cruz's 20,000 lbs. of dynamite on the old bay bridge.
8:20 am
engineers are collecting the data to see what the impact was . >> mark: for people are in that critical condition after a double decker tour bus crashed. this bus hit pedestrians and a bicycle west and scaffolding stop it. kugel says they are frustrated with the d m v because they are dragging their feet and coming up with regulations for self
8:21 am
driving cars. >> darya: a woman to lie at the issue is injured in the boston marathon collected thousands of dollars but agreed that and confessed that she was allied-- lied. a companies suing steve harvey over private jet over customizing of the aircraft. harvey agreed to pay $400,000 .
8:22 am
>> mark: look at the most luxurious house boats in the world. with a big backer of continuing at the coastline on the bay bridge. will be back next.
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>> darya: the biggest shopping days of the year are coming out . black friday deals are better than cyber monday? actually cyber monday is usually better. for most winter gear on black friday the price is the same. don't waste your time camping out. apple the stores have the best deals.
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>> mark: this is a motor home called over below to. it has king size beds and a jacuzzi and it is italian made, of course. standard size is 44 ft. long. the top and a model is 60 ft. long.
8:27 am
>> darya: why you guys look to that yachts and private jets and things like that? things that you can get? >> mark: there is no rain police this sunny and warm this week. >> james: there's a lot of sunshine out there but it is cold. but i will give the full details on the rest of the week ahead. >> reporter: a man in the oakland shot and killed by police officers and the man is
8:28 am
holding a replica gone. >> darya: here is a live look at the golden gate bridge traffic to discuss sure, tv has evolved over the years. it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next?
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for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 will change the way you experience tv. call and switch to x1 from xfinity today.
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>> mark: more unbraids following the paris a tax. >> darya: police raided a house in belgium. the friends, the prime minister says there have been over 150 raids overnight.
8:31 am
of belgium and mine--a belgium man part of isis was the mastermind. the death toll is 129 people. the attacks were carried out around six locations. >> mark: at the g 20 summit president obama spoke about terrorist attacks. president obama has been sharing intelligence information with european nations had nothing important to give a new tax.
8:32 am
>> we are streamlining the process by which we share intelligence with france. >> mark: the french president will meet with u.s. and russian leaders to try to destroy the islamic state. >> anny: hundreds gathered to a
8:33 am
show their specs and in a vigil . the person the honored was a an exchange student when she shot and killed at a restaurant . >> she had a very joyous personality. she is extremely lively and energetic. >> she, was a she a gift of life >> anny: gov. jerry brown is
8:34 am
responding to the killings in paris. on behalf of all californians we extend our deepest condolences to those impacted by this senseless tragedy. >> darya: many groups around the world were flying in the french flag or display and other ways to show their support for the country.
8:35 am
>> james: we're seeing a high- speed gas--gusts which will drop the temperature index. you had your seventh day of around the bay of forecast had. >> george: their high winds at the synod to bridge--say and not
8:36 am
mateo bridge. from the east shore freeway from hercules the berkeley there is a stall. >> darya: about 530 last night there is one person killed after a scare. >> will: they're having a news conference about the shooting. the name will not be released at this time. a man held this replica gun. there are at least
8:37 am
two police officers. while they're watching the tow truck drivers after over sideshow, the man came to the rep with the-- area at which areplica gone. the police officers shot and killed them. one that thought is that he had tried to do suicide by a police officer. we will continue
8:38 am
to follow this story. the market there several side shows this weekend in oakland. >> mark: police responded to the side shows. police estimate that the larger one that there are 500 cars involved. we have posted this full video on the side show on kron-4-dot-com. >> reporter: we will talk about apple tv which includes siri.
8:39 am
>> reporter: we'll also show you the video of of police officer being someone--18 someone.
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>> mark: the 3 to stop the
8:42 am
terror attack on a train in europe are receiving even more honor. >> james: the level care from satellite and radio shows relatively good conditions. it is a little windy though even with the clear skies. more next
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>> mark: it is time for our technology report. >> reporter: over a decade ago the d v r change everything else about the tv. apple wants a changeup everything again. the new apple tv is smaller than before and packed with potential. the redesign remote as more buttons,, i touch, and siri. he will appreciate family
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oriented ratings from a common- sense. you can also find out what the weather's like outside and see the free movies. the new apple tv is faster but the content buffer's more than non amazons fire tv. the basics are the error by unicorns are trickling in--maybe many unique
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channels are starting to trickle in. apple tv turns off itself if that hasn't been used in a while.siri itself is not enough to buy the new apple tv but the promise of new products will make you think about it. the new apple tv does not support for k --4k. but to my web site if you want to learn more.
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>> james: the wind has been blowing it steadily in some spots at about 15 mi. per hour. at times the gusts will be stronger than that. we have 15 mi. per hour in that fairfield and 10 at the airport and to end in oakland. this is carried over from late last night. third in to the day the wind speed will go down. the temperatures will get into the 50s and wind will
8:49 am
make it fail even cooler. we will get into that very low 60s for the high temperatures today . by the end of the week we should see a lot more low 70's due to the gradual warming. >> george: the east bay south bay and peninsula have slowed traffic. from dublin to fremont 33 minutes. for 85 and 280 cannot 101 are slow from coyote valley to santa clara. for '92
8:50 am
and at 101 . because of an accident at alameda the san mateo bridge is backed up to the 280 interchange. he's a ride to san mateo is 24 minutes from hayward to the 101. golden gate bridge ride it looks great for the southbound. >> mark: a to alameda county
8:51 am
sheriff's deputies were caught on video beating a man in the video enviro. >> anny: here's a look at this surveillance video of the beating of the suspect. the suspect knocked over a police officer and stole his car and led the money chase--police on a chase. the man ran into a light pole and then the cops pulled him out of the card and then beat him.
8:52 am
>> darya: san francisco is the sister city of paris. marini and san francisco does not hold back about happen in paris. >> we have 99.99% of the world with us and we have the firepower to destroy the islamic state. but i will mark and i wat
8:53 am
the democratic presidential candidates took the stage. the of focus was was a the economy but that quickly turned to the terrorist attacks in paris. >> my heart goes out to the people of paris. >> we have to look at isis as the lead of the of all of these attacks. but america cannot get
8:54 am
directly involved though its leadership is essential. >> darya: this bloody fight in australia he could see was ended by a a vicious attack to bad and then the winner of a jump on the loser and started beating her not aware that she had one.
8:55 am
top stories ahead
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>> mark: made a blocked inc. created a fighting robot. the
8:57 am
first kind of the giant robot battle will happen next year. >> darya: the james bond movie has taken the no. 1 spot, the penis movie took the second spot, and that the family movie meet the coopers was number three.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: >>mark: 7 more than hundred and 50 police raids overnight in
9:00 am
france a french official now identifying adele as belgian suspect in the mastermind of the attacks in fact the question him and released him now he's on run 129 people were killed in the attack three counts and 52 others were injured hundred of them in critical condition on the terror attacks with terror out of six locations across paris most of the attack and for wearing suicide vast. >>darya: they're warning more tax following friday attacked the hunt is on the more people responsible for these attacks. >>reporter: just an abundance of new information coming out of the historic statement from the french president who addressed of joyous as a parliament this is the third time since 1848 but the president has done that saying that while the attacks were planned in syria and
9:01 am
they're organized in belgium to the press reports of the brother was a suicide bomber outside of a cafe and is attacked to cars involved in second belgian licence plate the minister of justice is the country has in his word off on fighters problem will learn more about the militants behind a rampage the tallest that two prominent isis' members who the masterminds of the attack and well known to investigators.
9:02 am
>>reporter: overnight they bombed i stronghold of syria for a second date to in the command center of a training camp and other targets the theater where 89 people were killed friday night that moment of silence was observed around the world as well the president requested that they it approved three months of the state of emergency and well behind the city of lights may look the same people say in paris they still feel as if they're on and check.
9:03 am
>>mark: the arkansas governor joining texas and alabama and michigan and they're posing syrian refugees there is in the warehouse to scrap federal plans to accept more syrian refugees this to allow the refugees into their states but citizens in harm's way >>darya: of the 14 year-old student on a trip from the south of france spectators like the rest of also watching the recall affects all tier player on tv while france and french people are trying to kill many vowed not to be intimidated by terror and was most of silence as well
9:04 am
and police not for watching this vigil from above and on the ground there to see all system and should everyone was safe. >>darya: if we will have a push to learn when any big news comes and. >>anny hong: they bore down to the plan but the temperatures of so we have the drier air mass and feels cold out there and live look as a fall a lot of blue skies out there and here is a lot would happen for to than
9:05 am
temperatures in the '40's and some spots and low 50s now month's time was the '50s and '60s at the close lots of sunshine the still breezy and 3:00 p.m. as for picking up the kids from school to get temperatures and the low sixties for most locations by 3:00 this afternoon. >>anny hong: 12 and recipient 15 in san jose and fair failed as the holland was announced our over also same breezy conditions were not nearly as strong to watch out the garbage cans. >>george: we're tracking the hot spot on the mid peninsula on highway 92 east and san mateo and alameda dennis owens
9:06 am
>>george: heading east toward getting to be a smarter plan than using a 92 and if you're heading toward the bay bridge we're still backed up one of the slower approach is here and the nimitz freeway into the macarthur maze with a 24 minute trip time. >>mark: firefighters providing it would pretty incredible video we have a hold of the video and joins us now from richmond. >>jackie sissel: dramatic video on the fire station the fire was a little farther away from where we are but the firefighters gave us the video of go pro on his chest is to roll the video if we could take a look at this is a file our market and 23rd street. >>jackie sissel: in broke out at 230 this morning the
9:07 am
firefighter walk up to the scene of the fire flames coming out of the window and that when he went up to one of the windows text on some of the things that are blocking the firefighters they're putting water on the fire his dramatic video if you walk back to the back of the storage room where the fire actually broke out and you can see flames top to bottom. >>jackie sissel: as it continues to burn firefighters it went back inside this is video of the firefighter climbing stairs he has a hand-held device that has an infrared and at that point the firefighters are looking for anybody who may be inside the fire you to see how dark and smoky it is to see if there's any humans and sat at that point their approach is the fire again. >>jackie sissel: with not the perspective of very often these guys go inside of these fires and fight them in dark smoky conditions, no one was inside no
9:08 am
one had been evacuated and no one was hurt the estimate the cost about zero million dollars worth of damage and will be looking into calls but--$1 million >>jackie sissel: this is what they do this is not a huge fire but it is very germanic. >>darya: new information on the shooting that happened last week near st. louis hospital the san francisco police departments as the suspect who had a shotgun did not fire any shots this 25 year-old javier lopez garcia still the gun from a store in san bruno and went to a construction site near st. louis hospital in san francisco flight where perce that he was suicidal he pointed his gun at a
9:09 am
hospital and then at the police. >>darya: 3 also opened fire killing him he acknowledged that the use of deadly force in this case was a tragedy he spoke to her mother and apologized the philosopher sun. >>darya: web wanted to tell you how to take minorca soon help to heat your home during the cold winter months plus spending too much time on your phone could make you sick.
9:10 am
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>>mark: consume be used for cooking and heating up one of the largest buyer of past projects of this kind think installed another missouri hog manure from 2 million animals to go on to live alone and let nature take its course there will be covered with over proof material and experts say the gas from the decomposing will be purified and then sent to homes used for home gas the project could be selling vast as soon as next year.
9:12 am
>>darya: this is something everyone does people of taxing and go through data it might also play games or watching movies on all that racket scrolling in the way the guys are adjusting it can make you feel sick. >>anny hong: hochheimer right
9:13 am
now with sea temperatures in the fifties to upper 40's and san jose when we come back will let you know how warm against where you left on the morning news continues after the break.
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>george: there is a medical emergency at the embarcadero station in downtown san francisco we just spoke i got the phone or bart central the trust of their disciplines and experiencing a medical emergency so the trend is on hold here at the embarcadero station and has been for over 20 minutes that cannot move the tram to the get the person off so now they're talking about a system wide major delays and is because
9:16 am
they've been holding this trained for 20 minutes and is of course backing of trains and all the lines coming in from the east bay and stacking up trains now on the east side of the translate to the. >>george: no word about what the cause is the person experiencing a medical emergency and there still awaiting paramedics we are tracking some hot spots for the peninsula it usually a problem free ride but not this morning for the second time this morning sunlight malfunction first and san francisco now here in menlo park east palo alto along the bay from the expressway just before you get to marsh road that has backed up the traffic all the way across the dumbarton bridge turned back commute into a whopping 40 + minute drive.
9:17 am
>>george: is in and out of the east the changeable methods sign still at the vendor with a high wind advisory for your richmond bridge ride west about 580 still backed up to the richmond park went into + minutes over to san fell the golden gate bridge ride delay free hear from the south about trip off the waldegrave.
9:18 am
>>anny hong: it has been diminishing slowly over the last several hours sustained when 20 in fairfield 14 in oakland 15 for san jose in the south bend also 15 for a half and they were definitely seeing strong winds the wind gusts are near 30 mi. to our non fairfield 20 in oakland and in the war a team in sfo and 20 in half moon that temperatures because of the wan's temperatures have not been as call but does phil called refractor and the wind chills right now low fifties in san francisco 49 in san francisco office is in oakland and 49 in san jose the temperatures will be a cool day it will be blessed with the breezy conditions and expected to continue this afternoon by lunchtime widespread fifties out there and then by 3:00 p.m. the hyatt will generally be in the upper 50s to lower 60s.
9:19 am
>>rob black: and they jump from
9:20 am
5% 8% this was pretty well known that the no. 2 going to be weak this is all about setting tell for the future in their minds but the their ceo and executive the not look as a very deflationary period which is really horrible. >>rob black: the reality is it is ok nothing to upset about. >>rob black: this is good news and bad news the bad news as it probably means will be paying more for hotels they're more
9:21 am
below and property marriott as a high of property the time to get the right mix to serve all travelers is a 12 point to the dollar bill and the big one of my 1 million rooms will be served over 6500 hotels and over half the country's.
9:22 am
>>mark: merit getting a little bit alarmed. >>rob black: the car is a self driving to and all lanes there's been a couple where head-on collision were saved and we saw on the video of the car was wonderful but now people are starting to post the videos were they're having breakfast and come and meet the luxor the muffins they're shaving while there are driving in right now putting them as fast and the place to come arrest you could there's really no rules and regulations on this and we do not really know the industry is doing this in the first inning of so drive and thomas carr since little silly and should be concerned at. >>rob black: use in inflation
9:23 am
deflationary hundred and $60 or we stand will strikes and we've seen everything so the not panic on one terror attack their plays wrapped up military presence may be going after physis ripping on boeing are with the favored name of them all because with the about terrible their strong company with strong backlog there may be wanting to play and the defense and military aerospace sense with the following. >>mark: will be right back. (nature sounds)
9:24 am
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>>darya: and that is the last remaining pier the largest amount that was the largest of the old east and span of the bay bridge and demolished under water with 20,000 lbs. of dynamite and killed in the peer early on saturday morning and took six seconds to lose about occurred to reduce the impact of the explosion for this testing the self driving a car and and a belt of fixity to drive around than the four test the taking place and in city is actually located in an arbor michigan and the have storefront and traffic
9:27 am
lights and what were the infrastructures they're using the fixative test drive the self driver karloff scenarios is the latest come to experiment with the self travancore. >>mark: it would not give people access to self driver card the first one they want them to prove that the prototype cars drive safely as people the the problem is that no one is sure with the proof looks like as a result the dmv is nearly a year late in drafting the world a loss of driving cars on city streets and highways this planet that specialize of mice and drivers not cutting edge technology will be right back on the news continues will have more on the windy weather and weather on the forecast.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>george: one of the passes was a sense in a medical emergency this is over half an hour now of the trackway was blocked in so that has resulted in major delays systemwide the trains of backing up into the east to bay
9:31 am
they cannot kid into san francisco when we talk about major delays they're talking about 20 minutes or more they speak of headway delays or train delays pacha the delays can be considerably more will continue to track the latest of the peninsula commute although the accident on 90 to the element of the last august is clear that traffic is moving and not clear are the satellite malfunctioned here on the bay from the express line just before march and chrysler that is backed up traffic all the way across the dumbarton bridge. >>george: there was no accident and will on 11 southbound
9:32 am
jamming up the traffic heading toward santa clara and mountain view on 101 southbound. track >>george: in the ride to the bay bridge westbound here is a look occupancy we're experiencing a second wave traffic is backing up again and the drive times are climbing once again 29 minutes from the east bay into san francisco. >>anny hong: a live look at the san mateo bridge sunny skies bagasse and still shelling because also filling the when san jose good morning to you and before is right now under sunny skies the high today 60 will at that at 2:00 p.m. with northwest winds tend 20 mi. per hour still want to be breezy today but the winds of one to continue to decrease over the next several hours or now people are still 20 m.p.h. in fairfield and oakland 16 in san jose also breezy of the coast of half moon bay and the wind gusts headed anywhere
9:33 am
51 also an open war we come back will take a look at the storm tracker 4 7 day around the bay forecast. >>mark: 23 arrested this morning over hundred place on the house arrest police raided a house of belgium and they failed to arrest the eighth suspect. >>darya: france's prime minister says there have been a hundred and six more reeds that happened overnight in france and the have identified the man they want to get in there was a picture of him he they say is a mastermind of the attack they believe the trend attack that was stopped by three americans and all this had been planned but some suspect
9:34 am
there a man attackers' most a worm suicide bus for the more french nationals rhythm spent time. time >>darya: 0 hundred and nine people were killed in the attack and 3 t of the 52 people were injured in the attack happened assistance and all across paris on friday night president obama is speaking about about the attack this morning he spoke to an audience in turkey were brought up for you live with the 7:00 hour president obama and turkey meeting of leaders of the world's top industrial developing nation the sum has been overshadowed by the terrorist attack about loss of the u.s. to work on better ways of sharing intelligence with european allies to prevent future attacks battling ices and long some commitment that will have ups and downs.
9:35 am
president obama: they can and is pushed back. >>mark: the french president says he plans to meet with u.s. and russian leaders to talk about working together to destroy the islamic state for. >>darya: happening now police are investigating a deadly also involve shooting in the east bank if it happened near 90th and bancroft avenue on oakland fight the did last night when person was killed and we have not the sea and all morning long to look a what happened. >>will tran: of a so some approaching them and they were fearful for their lives and that is on the open fire and shot him we should get more information on this and working the phones all morning with the oakland police department that
9:36 am
have a news conference 90 minutes from now more details as to what happened to show you the replica guns and looks like the real thing the police officers were at the scene helping tow truck driver to move cars if the report of a sideshow earlier that day in their watching the toll truckdrivers to make sure. that they. >>will tran: this man approached them and they sought they fired a couple of times at this man he falls and it tries to a minister cpr but they could not save his life and the tisza to hurt no one else was hurt the talk to a tow truck drivers because they were with witnesses and as part of the investigation there is some speculation as to a possible motive behind this possibly could be suicide by police officer but this plan is
9:37 am
simply too early to tell his name was not being released we did talk to a spokeswoman with the oakland police department she says into the corner office makes a positive identification and tells his next of kin they're not releasing his name at this point. >>mark: there are several sideshows of as we can look to this video of a massive slide show that turned violent the city posted a happen yesterday at 1245 in the morning backed onto on the cars were involved in driving the wrong way on interstate 80 near the high street accent the respond to the same they left the freeway and they joined a large a sideshow in international boulevard and 50 fifth avenue about 500 cars there turn violent shot fired pick was offered on a police car off as was able to get to sit on the control for 30 in the morning we have the full the oppose on our web site on the main page.
9:38 am
>>darya: coming up kia is recalling thousands of cars because drivers could lose control of driving the will to and which ones they're calling in the stormy weekend in california even as one battle touching down will tell you where. bosh en ias selin witbloo ots in my lung, itas sious fortunely,y door h a gamelan. treatmt wi xarto® heguys hey, fallysomedy i can lookp to. ..esid arn. relt® iprov to eat and lp ruce e ri of d ande bld cls. xalto is so pven to ruce e ri of roke ineoplwithfib, not usedy a art lveprobm. for opleith ib the's miteinfoatio warfarin, onow xelto d waarinompa ineducg thriskf stke. yoknow i ied rfarin, but e bld teing andiety striions. doni di't he tod on that wetart on relt®. ce ps. fetyirst ke a blo thiers, n't op ting relt® wiout lkinto yr door, ashis y ineaseour sk a bod ct ortrok
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9:41 am
>>george: stopped trains for nearly 45 minutes at the embarcadero station but there recovering and so many trains the backed up into the east of same heading from richmond fremont the pittsburg and dublin pleasanton all try to get into downtown san francisco to see if we're headed sfo from the east of a compartment of the prams are planned on leaving very very early while the rest of the traffic coming right up. >>mark: victims from the tornado touched down and the narrow to about 30 mi. southeast of modesto this is the most mature metal damaging buildings and homes and not in down trees and a church roof was also damaged asphalt along the mile-long stretch with no injuries reported.
9:42 am
>>mark: and knocked out power to several hundred people in the area >>anny hong: here is a quick check of the san francisco forecast's 51 of going for high of 62 on the prison conditions the time now is 942.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>george: person had an incident on the train so this stop the trend at the bar at the devastation that is the first asian stop the rot outside of the transplant, they're heading west toward got back up through the tunnel off the trains for and then behind the west oakland station affecting the rich and the fremont line the pockets bird the point line and the dublin pleasanter line all roads lead into san francisco getting
9:46 am
to and so they have moved the train finally that the person off to paramedics who arrived finally at the embarcadero station of the train was held for 45 minutes. >>george: and if you're from the east they planned on headed sfo via barked change your plans for leaves really early because it could be delayed by an hour south which is seen to track delays on the peninsula and the dumbarton bridge build a problem signalized malfunction there were some sort of incident late in the commute perhaps a slow-moving vehicle or a spa
9:47 am
westbound the effect has been backed up the debris is one more time to the maze the minutes now the drive time 92 in the san mateo bridge a slow improvement the release it continues with down closer to 21 minutes now for the trip time from hay with over to san mateo the richmond bridge ride is finally cleared out for the west about ride on 583 a trip to and from rand v. the golden gate bridge conditions are good enough. they've already taken away when of the convict direction lanes and added back to the northbound side. >>anny hong: squaw valley looking good will to kirkwood over the weekend as it was really great index like the ski slope or seasoned early in good
9:48 am
start here and live look at the bay bridge the bluebird's guys out there is a bit chilly because we're still seeing some fairly impressive when gus it was a chilly start and is still chilly this morning we're still seeing some reason conditions out what half moon bay for the coast for 10 and ultimately moscow for fairfield sustained winds 10 and the war and 15 in san jose wincing when a customer wanted to undermine our 20 in oakland nearly 30 in fairfield 2918 sfo 23 1/2 on bay into smaller now when the dust for livermore in the last hour.
9:49 am
>>anny hong: a lot of low six is installed and 61 and san jose of the fifties and morgan hill and assistance for loss of the peninsula a lot of low 60s including what was sitting in palo alto 61 for this city down to half moon bay and los '60s and ocean beach for the rest of the bay area lot of us will become in the lower 60s to clean richmond oakland and 66 and for fairfield a cool 59 degrees and is going to be breezy in the afternoon. >>mark: part of all daytime lineup we are joined by a host and he is live from crime watch daily studio.
9:50 am
>>reporter: we have a story of the really distressing to one of the strange case is where life is trying his best to imitate we have a hollywood actress that merit of vitamin type, or 31 years and it walks away with a family fortune after he dies and will look at the stake the family fortune in the vicinity of $800 million is a man who made his fortune selling vitamins and supplements and the release of the dispute over who was entitled to what an disinclined but the hollywood actress of the center for this the woman by the name of melanie metal to the acid not even the force of her forced her to an when she married him and it was on to of course the inheritance
9:51 am
we have a really disturbing story is looking to the industry a murder of william and is just basically is to try and always collectibles as linked to serial killers and other major criminals. >>reporter: this phil reed victimized by this entire process is an alarm inside that most people probably did not know lot about
9:52 am
>>mark: ash this issue lied about suffering traumatic brain injury from the bomb in receiving thousand about sharing to senses to year in jail which was suspended for three years probation authorities said the issue that if the 2013 marathon was not injured national company is doing so you over private said the comedian and tv host fell to their about $200,000 or for custom alterations in the aircraft the company's was filed the lawsuit against some claims he agreed to pay for our grand to customize a dull stringent and the promise to lift the jet for $97,000 a month to cover the old offer is also named he has not respond to the conference. >>darya: it from a command announced in their recall into how the 60,000 the models
9:53 am
affected 24 team in 15 models this is the adhesive used to secure the steering gear cannot be strong enough and for sale to separate and the driver could not control the car mechanics as one on board was told to get of what the release of the aircraft. >>mark: investigators questioned
9:54 am
the two people while the other passengers went on to boston bills to lead rallies will be right back on the news continues. [door knocking] [door bell ringing] ♪ come on-a my house, my house, i'm gonna give you candy. ♪ ♪ come on-a my house, my house, i'm gonna give you... ♪ ♪ apple and plum and apricot-a too, eh! ♪ ♪ come on-a my house, my house a come on. ♪ ♪ come on-a my house, my house... ♪ ♪ i'm gonna give you everything. ♪ complete your thanksgiving table at target.
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>>darya: hundred and four others on the house the rest after the terror attack in paris to have identified a man that i got hamid of you to he's from belgium as the mastermind of the attack and is the hundred and 29 people were killed and 352 are injured and killed of the tax of six different locations across paris on friday night. >>mark: to happen there 90 of
9:57 am
the van crossed the avenue of from 530 last night on person was killed and he pointed the gun here is about to see at them turns out a was a fake punt in the affairs of investigating if the broker added to 30 a.m. and again this month president inside look as well five crew said they discovered it was a storage room caught fire in the back of the store will have more information on our website in the quality of the fire fighters shot from the helmet cam the woman has prevailed in her front where a colander on her head and her driver's license total. >>mark: the they refused to let her wear the colander on her head for pitcher the she cited religious beliefs and now the law went.
9:58 am
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