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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 16, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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suspect relief effort to the public defender have now been placed on leave pending investigation incident began early thursday morning san leandro officers tried to pull the suspect over for being in possession with a stolen car falling 38 and chase and senate and in the mission district officers caught up with a suspect. when >> reporter: is not resisting arrest simply trying not to get beat guarding himself. large"lacerations' the back of his head. it's kind of surprising injuries to his hands. hand in arms." >> reporter: bullet defenders of the victim at the hospital.
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there's absolutely no justification to this use of excessive for, and he believes the officer should be prosecuted and-take away. "do not know how you would expect these people to protect us win their treated individuals like this." >> reporter: clive now the sheriff's department is saying both officers were wearing body cameras at the required not necessarily required as the body cameras be turned on of to each individual officer with please turn on our they work with the study of the playoffs just apartments that under investigation >> pam: look outside along san francisco embarcadero cool sunny day across the bay area today better difficult to blanket that for tonight the temperatures will drop diane is here with a
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look at the forecast. another of >> diane: cold devonshire's but at least discuss will be mostly clear tonight a live camera here as we approached the bay bridge toll plaza and sun begins to set 53 for the ballet and then forgot things down in the '40's all across the board here also overnight hours a small morning when you wake up very morning commute. so carefully to the conditions parley chile as well and around 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning 36 pfennigs 42 for in the delegations and satellite radar image rate in the forecast now called for giving us the chilly texture to the jurors next couple days in the overnight hours and then got the seasonal average in to the morning commute and then we have more overnight lows around 5:00
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a.m. even some of her thirties here and there and on the 70 forecast coming of benefits. >> pam: president today ruling alf's any american ground troops to fight also member of the islamic state issued a new promise to bring war to washington d.c. capt. is with today's developments in the wake of that terror attacks in paris >> catherine: isis is being pushed back no more talk of containment speaking apogee a summit in turkey president rejected calls for sending in ground forces. "the mind we have the finest
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military in the world and at military mind in the world. i have been meeting intensively for years now discussing these various options and it is not just my view the view of my closest military civilian advisers that would be a mistake. >> catherine: its blasting and syria the bonds rockets carry the message from paris with love president says sending the aircraft carrier to the mideast he proposed extending the emergency and says the french constitution needs to be changed to make it easier to deport suspected terrorists.
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>> catherine: and a suspect season cashen weapons including a rocket launcher a huge manhunt accomplices of the nizams at themselves one of the plotters is still on the run today police let him go faster and on the attacks friday night that you posted crazy as the attackers the next target will be the last.
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>> catherine: as one juror ever at the very many cyber attacks. >> pam: altair tower close after the terrorist attacks reopen the public monday afternoon and the color difference french flag " and the color blue white and red. projection of the city model paris translated into english talks but a wave of of not lend additional security measures are in place by the tower of vigil at the mellon and memorials afternoon in new york to honor the victims and first responders flowers are replace the visitors as the survivor tree holes from the wreckage of the world trade center after moment of silence the national anthem was played there and then this afternoon and of emotional
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tribute in san francisco live now with details on what happened. >> reporter: go video of some people that work at the consulate canada pay a silent tribute for 10 minutes if it wanted to take some time and get some thought to prayer is to the victims' of next week's attacks in paris
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>> pam: the kron 4 modification were at fault and enjoyed the devices. other news learning more tonight about the events that led to an officer and of shooting in oakland. the first report in connection to seek an illegal but essential activity. as has leaked reports at the side show became a side issue when the officers holding a gun in his hand. "at you and reasonable to assume the the real fire arm. " >> reporter: that is what the of pt officers believe was happening sunday the 39 year- old and pulled out a replica
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pistol from the waistband and general direction of the officers the group and scattered and four officers discharged their firearms as a person with the replica pistol was struck by the gunfire he that at the scene. ranging the 6 months 18 months he went explain why/ any to"up with a search those detained investigate confect a where record that's. board
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officers for processing canada and to this weekend's illegal sexual activity they say was unprecedented in terms of a side. "a hundred vehicles to get together a. concern across the board. >> pam: detects and harassed are a new debate in serious refugee crisis for california stands on this issue plus inside the infernal video showing of firefighters in richmond to battle a dangerous blaze this morning at a grocery store nearby 15 surveillance video card control to airbus bowman's before crashing denny and
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>> pam: the of from the scene six people still being treated at seventh as good general hospital. $3 critical to others in serious condition and a juvenile also being treated by a hospital with win the release
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information the seventh person remains in stable condition at st. francis hospital during kelly is showing the surveillance of your before crash. >> reporter: double decker bus barreling down the street and the surveillance video. shortly before it struck a bicyclist several cars smashed into scaffolding. very loud crash employees the up with a new missile with 09 per before./the cut must provide us with bush's out a bike shop
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"yet sideswiped otherwise unfortunately didn't happen. "not in sallinger bicyclist and the mb. the bike rentals the shop in news seen leaving office sells tickets for the center bus company under investigation at six new disturbing information uncovered by investigators about the company. >> pam: of flames filled eyes of a firefighter greg is here with dramatic video just released. >> grant: this technology gives a perspective than seen in years past fires ec raging fire crews showed.
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". >> grant: a.m. on 23rd street firefighters got this sector vital it valuable hours and fort bend fortunately no injuries the first floor of the store suffered significant damage caused by under investigation. >> pam: been a bit more rain sunday veteran aground at the dusty winds that followed the lead of about some real trouble for weakened trees dollar on the bay area there were still some casualties this magnolia came down on k street down her damage was minor appears the tree- wrought did near the ground.
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we got"the fire department or down there so grateful that came by. branching cutting up very helpful for us. >> pam: in most cases the outages caused by a tree limbs falling on the power lines. >> pam: their california whether it included were no backup to the community of their sunday near modesto catherine is here with the latest on the damage. >> catherine: the numbers not great that tornado damaged 21
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homes and in their more than the thought initially was shifted on the foundation fog plowed spotted yesterday afternoon when speeds over 110 mi. an hour along with her this relatively less again damaged cars large tree fell on one home destroying proof. shed pickup from 1 yds the next president said it to cover the moments to spare. it was not very wide and narrow and debris really big local
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sheriff's office says bennett wrote travel the middle which helped prevent injury. >> pam: being alert went to high. >> diane: not dropping down and of our continued per quieting down and this evening what was the clear skies to collectible shot at the golden gate bridge. a perfect piece 50 any act 56 livermore 52 richmond more wednesday that died down as we mentioned through the evening here perfect feed one of our of the dow down to some of our a
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quiet evening with the and wednesday the chilly one at that more break down for you. and the '50s for because 55 for the east bay shoreline at 45 for women guy locations to morning partly cloudy skies chile's start in and for the afternoon hours mostly sunny. nor in the forecast, see the weather pattern to the north of the northwest they're having rainshowers it limited to our area and then what we have as high pressure system coming from the coast moving its way in our region. that does for us is phyllis a modest, for the next couple days here. it will keep for temperatures pre much close to '70s on wednesday 66 a slight warming 76 to 74 inland valley east of. shoreline's 70 degrees and if forecast how long at will
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last and then possibly expect more rainshowers heading our way. >> pam: vacation until officials are promising will improve your life if you like meanuni >> pam: it also has built-in security features to protect against fraud they say it should help speed up the public transit system and into effect today and officials said they hope to keep updating improvements in the months to come. increase the nation's capital next the debate on how the u.s. will respond to attacks later after charlie sheen's help crisis.
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>> pam: and washington d.c. announced they're stepping up patrols of the city's transit system petro addition to the increase comes as texas declares washington d.c. as his next target. isis declares that washington d.c.. is c.. >> pam: night much sympathy and sorrow questions about what role the u.s. will play against isis
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>> reporter: but said the french embassy was told larger friday and they're also going about against fight. >> reporter: lisa said the french embassy by an close to home for many a tree, by like dozens of others to make signs and other french wine in honor of those killed. fractionations run the world mourned those killed question remains what next for the fight against the terror group.
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the the senior fellow of democracy says after friday's coordinated deadly attack they now more than ever assessments on the group's capability the thousands of refugees some leaders are fearful for new refugees the ad states could create chaos. >> pam: paris terror attack caused a major backlash against syrian refugees news at 530 what
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status saying they will not accept refugees and california stance on this issue emotional moment in san francisco bay area residents the funds of the terror attack. ♪ ♪ it took the rockettes years to master the kick line.
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>> pam: airstrikes arrest declaration of war all followed the deadly terrorist attacks in paris what we know right now about the situation under president if they promise to extinguish terrorism in france and sending the same emergency for the month may be easier to attain deport suspected terrorists. isis has released a video. france has continued a bombing campaign which is an isis stronghold of paris has raids and arrests and intelligent and then there is an intense international manhunt for one killer who got away. large outpouring of support continues of the french consulate in san francisco the
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council put up a book of condolences people to sign winter recess spoke with people who came by threat today to take a moment and stop the crime memorial. "aaron from of the french consulate there are signs candles posters much more often honor of france they cry and deal with this terror attack. >> reporter: friday after the news broke out a continues to grow. i watched as people stopped and took pictures at, and to the moment to reflect on what has happened and how it's all made to feel the. everyone says it's a very unemotional time! "a tragic outcome by removing
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the see all the support for the has been here. the the >> reporter: know anyone affected? "friend she was killed in a word for" >> reporter: everyone will come back to pay their respects the world comes together to win support during the fifth of all time. a hard >> pam: stinnes spotlight on syrian refugees after the revelation one terrorist attacker arrived there through greece some. u.s. governors say it will refuse to accept the assyrian refugees in their states. and katherine is back with more on a response the so >> catherine: skidding longer and longer 21 governors say take action to keep assyrian refugees either state of alabama to new hampshire resettlement
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could open their doors to terrorism and he has signed an executive order instructing the state agencies to take all available staff to keep the mouth and wisconsin gov. says that he believes those who faulted if america hospitality others agree federal agencies will not be able to determine who say. "it did not have the ability to distinguish between those refugees the composer as paris those who may be innocent until the united states has the capability that the central we do first things first keep the people said 1500's serene
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refugees allowed into the u.s. since 2011 rosenbaum announced in september another 10,000 excepting the next year reported to under 18 syrian refugees arrived in california this year than and says that she does not think california will join the list and trying to keep more out. she talked to cnn early tonight saying all she understands the concern does not believe that scrapping the resettlement plan for the refugees the appropriate. >> catherine: freezing in the snow the. will think that's what the western world wants so i would hope the others would be very slow to make these statements. don't think that the country very well. federal government is promising to step up its process for: mark e. cheese into the country very
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says that he will work closely with president about to make sure that happens in refugees are checked and the reliable way he believes californians can be protected. >> diane: 6 clear skies for the rest of the and i take a look at the villa of a shot here as the sun sets last the day and temperature is pretty much on the holder side for tonight that chill factor in place that gives us temperatures dropping the low fifties for 7:00 p.m. here. 10 chemical that had been 49 for the coast 53 for the they said the city's 45 the nine delegations. i am partly sunny site warm-up gigs as temperatures close to the '70s in the invocations with the mid- 60s 64 livermore 65 and back and tamara 65 the daytime highs
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daily fee of 54 rfa 67 percent rose the map but at 68 why we have that warm up in place and there's a pattern of the north with rain showers and i know if i'll make it any time soon and 70 forecast come off. please >> pam: involved morphed handle short following the death of sunny brae and police custody executive research called for release this report entitled lessons learned from 2015 civil unrest in baltimore of more police did not adequately prepare and says officers lacked proper training equipment to deal with the uprising golf riots broke out this spring after great died from a final injury suffered lobbying transported in a police van. >> reporter: the 1968 not only
5:37 pm
training equipment didn't have experience is under our belts. >> pam: 6 police officers charged all six pleaded not guilty said officials approved more than $6 million settlement to have all segments tied to grisette. >> pam: hear from the coach jack about the changes they make the head of lions tonight at 545 next doctors revealed most extensive face transplant ever performed. >> pam:
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♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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traditional order on nbc showed more morning people magazine he will reveal he's hiv-positive. on the edges for respecting but the tories france a proclamation he was fired back in 2011 starring role on the sitcom can have men. that came after public of down but the show's creator. >> pam: the new york says a man there has received most extensive face transplant ever
5:41 pm
performed here with more on how the doctors hope that changed his life for a better. >> catherine: see that they have a volunteer firefighter in mississippi for woodburn bullfighting a home fire 14 years ago on the left shows a 41 year-old before the fire in the finish file shows after 70 reconstructive 70 this is. him now with the 26 year-old bike mechanic who died in an accident in july the surgery at n.y.u. medical center announcing now however the transfer of involve a new front and back the next year's eyes they were able to handle any obstacles. >> reporter: nothing we can't manage and working basis. hence
5:42 pm
to the patients in the covered without. getting physical therapy hoping he'll be home for christmas thinking he will will be in pain after say who made medication for the rest of his life to keep his body from rejecting the face. and with that flooding ford the that as i said is better to being able to drive again. >> grant: >> pam: honor for the stay a kid
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>> pam: killing video the blue double decker bus on a poster in san francisco and the injured nearly two dozen people knew it 6:00 a. we learn now about the bus itself such lessons place
5:46 pm
and the business record at the top the hour kron 4 news at 6:00. >> pam: attention the nfl the forty-niners raiders were the only bay area team in action this weekend fans witnessed the heartbreak at the coliseum oakland fell apart against the vikings. games remaining the focus is about getting back on track mark has more. >> reporter: to go big and children destiny and holding a plan of spot after two straight losses coach jack tremendous all this is a lot week to weekly working in good and bad. "a lot of positives out with our"
5:47 pm
>> reporter: especially when you turn the ball over twice and aging peters sang going to madrid yards rushing yesterday double-digit lost their cars first game of his nora's team's confidence is shaking. the and >> reporter: to give game scoring 30 points barriers explosive went silent with just 14 against minnesota and then disappointing track the rio incapable. oil has >> reporter: the fund
5:48 pm
their struggle against the bay area as the of the next four games on the road this sunday at detroit >> pam: player ever at the white house someone has important ties here local sports hero grant has used. >> grant: a kid getting the presidential medal of freedom with what the president back in his youth at the white house celebrating the trans world series in years past not going for a different reason hall fame former giants all-star 17 people recognized next week and washington metals/of freedom as the highest ilion honor given made wide-ranging contributions to the fabric of america fellow hall of fame. facile recently
5:49 pm
posthumously honored also among others steven spielberg the giants' relief thing congratulating days 84 year-old a national treasure this honor ises accomplishments values military service. >> pam: dianas here and of warm- up. later this up >> diane: these for the week above average for we are this time of year normally the 6465 degrees running a few degrees above normal but that will not be to lay on the stake for now keep things from much where we should be there in the day in the overnight hours have some chill factor in place indefinitely give the school temperatures for the overnight hours and wind speeds are not tied down quite a bit from now on our wednesday averaging seven m.p.h. and seven east bay shoreline cities entablatures
5:50 pm
upper 50s and allocations east bay shoreline cities as well 59 hayward 57 san francisco 52 for daily city 56 in the north they found him tonight to continue on with was the clear skies of the cold light so perhaps night for dinner, and choose their 49 degrees for the coast 53 vernon valley for the fashion of say 45 and went allocations' and i want to bundle tonight heading out 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning philip mostly sunny conditions there police have close ties pence locations and then national factor so temperatures for much and the '40's there celebrate our manage nor in the forecast for now we have hired pressure system that makes its way to our region right here making its way tamara cannot area tomorrow and that and give us slightly above normal for this house here for the next few days ago in effect to the senate especially east bay shoreline cities for overnight lows 5:00
5:51 pm
a.m. 45 ack-ack 49 and pleasanton nevermore 38 days 47 of land 45 hayward 424 fremont- the morning in the morning commute the show clear up around the clock and a morning in an afternoon highs again very should be this time of year thanks to the higher pressure system in its way dealing with a slight warmth and a slight warmth on thursday there good to the butchers and be close '60s 66 wednesday thursday 67 for the l.a. 7 news release they shoreline cities 64 furlong the coast from will not have much cloud cover not to set a sunday. and clearly. >> pam: on wall street traders started the week and a positive direction about and the dates today nasdaq of 56 s&p 530 points. news but natural expert
5:52 pm
to have his eye overseas on japan. winners and losers this morning >> reporter: japan something back in recession cautionary tale for economy they started the sales tax consumption tax last year 5% 8 this is pretty well non-white numbers for a and b week all but setting the table for future growth in their mind and a " fun " recession sounds bad normal thing it's a healthy thing illegal but more headline looks awful reality it's a case . starr would over 12th consolidation seems in the industry star. was the low end
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mary asked more high-end and if the right mix to serve all travelers and this is a $12.2 billion deal 1.1000400 countries and the greater scale tougher. right now lives now
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rules regulations we don't know if industry doing this in the first seems little silly and he does not one of these to go horribly wrong with his name his friend died
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the lead >> grant: 10 accident itself fayette mess of the evening commute we know now a northbound train as head of the vestry and in fact there of that person has died of trains in the area have stopped in san clara some major delays first responder is investigating what exactly have been keeping posted as we learn new information. >> pam: the of learned that the end of control tour bus in tel francisco has license plates belong to another bus. all we've
5:58 pm
uncovered about the company and its business records new at 6 and then we told you about charlie sheen is expected to unveil tomorrow hiv-positive what is his responsibility and liability with other lives at stake than closer look news continues than 90 seconds on kron 4 news and six. it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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>> pam: 96 news surveillance video shows the tour bus involve in front is crash their land on the streets and francisco union square. a witness says at the same video also shows on the victim's the second of the four news injured. all local and state
6:00 pm
agencies are investigating that accident left 20 people injured at least seven people are still in the hospital tonight and usx marine kelly has been given necessary information uncovered tour bus regulators concerned. >> reporter: cisco please attend the uncovered with the crash that was shown by abc seven news because of mechanical failure. federal emergency on part of the draft or involve drugs or alcohol. he dillies commission regulates the state's termless industry already discovered one of like hillary attached the bus that went out of control had a bicyclist and smashed store cars before falling into scaffolding for longs to a different bus according to records. the agency said that the chp inspected the original bus a few months ago 50 says and has no record of the bus the crash ever notified the
6:01 pm
company added this vehicle their fleet. not know that the crash bus was ever inspected by the chp information officer said the concerning development so far no response by company and a the first time the tour bus company and in trouble with regulators favor subject of an audit back in 2012 and received a $1,000 citation for failing to produce records there and it was yanked about an employee takeover business and given a new permit and no safety violations so far see if he says the will be looking into whether the company violated any rules vodun know is that the crash injured 20 people every seven of them are still in hospital tonight. >> pam: i can assure sofa under fire surveillance video shows to officers viciously beating a suspect than criminals live at
6:02 pm
the alameda county sheriff dublin tonight with new information about the fees and circumstances that led up to that being. >> reporter: serving video now know there are two independent investigations going on one here at the sheriff's office. and then also another one in san francisco when the incident set place by the sentences could dysenteries office. this figure released by san francisco public defender shows tell me a county sheriff that he's trying to take a suspect to believe calif. >> reporter: woken up by the early thursday morning altercation from bevy got his window clearly a case for a suspect by force insurance
6:03 pm
office offsets that the deputies placed on leave internal affairs of conducting investigation the public defender is calling for an independent inquiry and his attorneys office launched its own investigation which could fend off with charges. public defender does i'll look at just these two officers all the officers essentially the can also be guilty of misconduct
6:04 pm
that has proven to be the case all the cases for these officers were involved with the debut of into. >> pam: area guy right fluorine over the weekend and certainly was called very windy today,. >> diane: the blawing going around will be the things that will be called tonight so have. another couple nights of cool temperatures below seasonal average of wind speeds production guy down compared to where we were earlier time on our wednesday earlier today now down to 6000 hour in the stage for life if. such a lot quieter now that that system is moved out of our area and in the overnight loans between the mid 45 degree range a for antioch mid 47 via locations in the next couple of the '30's there 39 pleasanton 38 out livermore feast. bay shoreline cities ranging between 45 for hayward
6:05 pm
48 i'll in richmond's. then san francisco 51 degrees and 70 for the daly city area. afternoon highs tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. things very much closer to where we should be a for this time of year and a slight warm up as an place explain that the 74 best coming up when i return. >> pam: here in the bay area for. momus silencing see people gathered today at 7 french consul in san francisco. remember the more than 120 different from the dive. the grandparents carried out a series of attacks there on friday. kron 4 daniel has the story.
6:06 pm
>> reporter: several signed upon this wallflower we have a heart and shape of the tower some in french and french language some of them very big assigned lots of flowers when people are stopping and take a look and all this memorial that's been going today care in downtown san francisco. >> pam: the victims of the terrorist attacks in paris were at least 19 nations now the president of france's calling on the world unite and go after the extremists catherine join us with more on that for the story. russ >> catherine: the courage
6:07 pm
nor follow and the terror attack in paris and the french president is down and put an end up to terrorism. barbarian"attacking it will not succeed.
6:08 pm
some >> reporter: a network of killers brutalizing populations one of those is the subject of intense international manhunt 26 year-old is believed to be connected to the terrorist attacks and a reminder things that persists even in the midst of morning. >> catherine: spotlight on a fiji's it into your of at least one paris attack did come to greece and 21 governors think they will not accept any refugees from syria or try not to california gov. jeff brown says he will work very closely with a cousin of, to make sure
6:09 pm
any refugees coming in are carefully checked he says they're also victims of terrorism. >> pam: let's 615 so shall media prove to be a vital tool for the families of victims and friday terrorist attack on paris help them learn the safety of their loved ones during all the chaos there but how is also a tool of the terrace the flash of character of illegal sideshow's is always put the potential from broken this week and the east bay cities of the dramatic increase and a number of side show participants has he takes a look at what oakland is planning to do to counter this news development >> reporter: hundred vehicles
6:10 pm
i'll legal sideshow saturday night in east oakland even though of pd back up from the california highway patrol was enough in any situation "people jump up and down the roof of the car and broke windows dented the car.. it's lawlessness and we have the videos were all looking at he said dozens of and saturday
6:11 pm
another on sunday in light of this growing problem more health for help is needed. law- enforcement says the use some help combating the problem after said shooting thought to be connected to this legal sideshow activity however that. does not appear to be the case and as will a deeper granis hear what we might learn. >> grant: of complete same man pulled this from book-of-the- month as the side shows activity are decided this pick up if
6:12 pm
chief speaking today walked up as officers did hayfork and tow trucks related the thought was real in the 90th and bancroft the chief explain happens next. a pro"if a group of police officers and pulled out a replica pistol pointed it in that general direction of the officers the curb of officers and scattered and four officers discharged their firearms person struck by gunfire. >> grant: every officer there was wearing a body camera but were not turned on before the shooting is to buy cameras there the he says that the fact that there were nine following
6:13 pm
policy were doing pegboard before the man pulled the gun. >> pam: crowley, charlie sheen mckeon not an and windy day in the bay area a kind of damage to uncaused in the south they never had. richmond police chief moving soft tell you where he's going coming up next
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
6:16 pm
to men >> grant: it's a good and information on phil train accident north of santa clara state 7705 people were on the north country that until person an hour ago half-hour ago i should say the commute is being ruined currently for hundreds of people not only on the train but other changes well of californians the area have stop investigators are working the scene to figure out exactly what happens when a more will you know. official >> pam: officials elected today there needs to be approved unless a council and mayor tomorrow. if approved magnus will have the opportunity to replace the retiring chief and would vacate the richmond role the fed often to thousand six that a. this was selected as
6:17 pm
a finalist in the hiring process excluding 60 applicants from the across the nation. >> pam: the rain didn't amount to much but across the bay area the winds for the past 24 hours coming off trees to the beating. and reports of a half a mostly minor power outages from flatbush shows the mess in one neighborhood in san jose if. crazy >> reporter: is how it was described the wind during the night after she woke up the fine her yard and sri etc palm covered in the debris. and here the wind howling through the tops of a hundred feet tall trees and a win against the howling here again last night it was up zero sofa
6:18 pm
with and the san jose and redwoods city one of dozens that went across the region pg&e bill with a couple minor power outages with tree limbs windy weather and flacon well get brand wind blew by force cars to dodging those easily punctured tire occur when the weather mostly means the this and other neighborhoods in another wake-up call for all new german storms will come >> diane: mostly clear skies for tonight and then a slight warm up for later on this week and the august temperature is closer in the '70s as far as windows
6:19 pm
keeping things down quite a bit averaging 3 mi. an hour oakland high as for his early 20s all our wind speeds in the afternoon sofa big difference there temperatures in the upper 50s for in an allocations' and mid- 50s for east bay shoreline cities there francisco 57 daily city of 52 of the north bay averaging 55 alec ahead for you mostly clear skies for tonight and then drop temperatures down basically into the upper '40's and the overnight hours and will be as chile will we have the past couple of days and 30 will feel that way because the wind speeds that blowing pretty strong there for over nine hours yesterday the seventh time around, or wind speeds will help with temperatures there around noon time mostly sunny skies. close to the '60s as we read today time highs. around 3:00 in the afternoon but satellite radar image showing no rain in the forecast for right now of. at a high ridge pressure system moving in our area that will in turn giving us the slight warmth
6:20 pm
of. starting tomorrow you'll feel it more on wednesday and thursday. and later on in the week. and that especially feeling in the overnight hours it will be cool for the end of the week of. afternoon highs around 3:00 p.m.. amid the upper 60s 55 out in pleasanton and livermore their east bay shoreline cities more like 73 and 68 down in oakland and 64 down in hayward. prices fell as well clear skies in the afternoon in north bay as well partly cloudy skies and the afternoon hours and surly clears up in time for a noontime during the north bay in the commute 70 forecast for you 68 for the bayside city facility for the coast on wednesday sunny conditions thursday slight warmth was talking about a for fifties for invalid locations and '70s for the bayside city's 74 forgot the coast things clear and quite a bit and then we have more clout covering place
6:21 pm
jumping temperatures down to where we should be the stuff of your >> catherine: for a search for answers initially people for using face the and twitter ended did help for some people and location of family members and friends the french translation was first used by women the final thoughts have 90 minutes later the news and 100 tweets a man visa's all of the world posting photos the wide the find the descriptions and contact information some of those messages being recruited thousands of times and then having reunions appeared on feeds them the irony here
6:22 pm
similar social media sites in apps being used by millions for also used by isis to take credit for the attack. the dow >> grant: less reporting charlie sheen is hiv-positive he will talk about that tomorrow morning on national tv nbc confirms sheen's appearance on the today show the ahead at what his first announcement might be well known in hollywood not only for acting but notorious transfer and proclamations winning as it relates that anything positive fifth year-old fired and the sitcoms and have meant that came after public meltdown lashing out at the
6:23 pm
show's creators as a multiple marriages often drug rehab and then this is a potential whole other can of worms california against a lot expose others hiv without knowledge california health and safety code says that any person exposes another hiv by engaging in an unprotected the collectivity when the infected person knows of the time here she is infected with hiv is not disclosed it has a hate status and act with the specific intent to infect the other person with hiv filthy of a felony none of this definitively relates to charlie citrine fourth noting that the celebrity is poised allegedly disclosed his positive status of more police department handles riots and protests sparked by the deaf of sunny brae meantime
6:24 pm
schools in paris iv. >> pam: friday's attack that more had. >> gabe: more shenanigans on to the oakland. some people call it something else. how many sexual participants as to the streets an exhibition of people behaving badly
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
>> pam: test writing that the deficit any grey capt. is here with details on this story. >> catherine: place executive research forum tied lessons learned from the 2715 civil unrest bottom line of four police would not be close to properly prepared for the riots and says officers were not well trained overcrowded command center does not have the proper equipment to deal with an uprising for port call of the department irs policy is murky and officers even uninsured who was in command of provisions a scathing review in the city is trying to insist the the better
6:28 pm
parts of baltimore screaming after freddie grade died from a spinal injury. suffered a week earlier after being moved and police fanned six place of the service charges in connection with his death all have pleaded not guilty. return >> pam: into a normal community for trying to resume a life after deadly terrorist attacks last week close surveillance video to the spade deputies feeding a man in san francisco
6:29 pm
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>> reporter: checks office in dublin to officers allegedly beat a suspect after a 38 minute chase now placed on leave the suspect remains hospitalized and two investigations under way on by the sheriff's office the other by services could mr. attorney's office we don't let all minute picked sure that these require by cam's the service required to have those on. the sheriff's office says
6:32 pm
that's under investigation regular >> reporter: it's a bus companies it has no record of a bus that crashed it was never notified of the company added that vehicle to their fleet and we don't know if the crash bus was ever inspected by chp new video shows the bus as if goes down a few blocks before the accident avoidance believes the bicyclist in this video as the same one sites led by the bus one of 20 people injured >> reporter: 3 for men may behind a rash of burglaries as
6:33 pm
neighbors to be on alert after the most recent one happened to just on the street from me here on limit is seven 79 year-old woman was home when those men broke into her house felt and feel that fear for her life as they got her if she is doing ok but others should be alert. >> reporter: officials unveil a new application for your phone this is that works like other applications for download for free tears more fun and link it to credit card paid off and then pay for tickets accordingly and has a built-in security features to protect against fraud officials say it cuts down on paying for tickets and help me get their destinations faster fare francisco. >> pam: of silence outside the french consulate on the sidewalk of a heartfelt memorial
6:34 pm
tribute fossilized and a series of terror attacks in paris on friday aggrieving if global life in paris was on. >> reporter: monday morning in paris school of drop-off the house less to live longer parents struggle to explain to the kids what happened over the weekend this father tell the fifth left the the public and what the school but all of his own behalf lookout for one another for his son tells of how he sees if taft closed by and after what the fed as he says that there a but seven died this school does behind the cause a whole dozens were killed on the door the school but no. minna's
6:35 pm
silence today parents gather angry worried all so. "the dawn of that the state home saturday sunday if affect reality get back to school the hope everything is fine in the terror taxer and said that the school is still wrestling both linear low longer giving kids the next to kiss and a delightful return to normal. >> pam: probably have to bring out jackets today is wind and chilly temperatures with to the bay area fans tells of how long we'll leave those jackets. another >> diane: night ahead of us with dropping temperatures in the upper 30's for some locations and other locations upper 40's laughlin from time to over 30 is no. the region's power to santa rosa 39 and then
6:36 pm
drop down to 47 for oakland's their 49 degrees richmond and then it looks like for the average in the valley location that 45 another chilly night it won't be as wendy. 70 mi. an hour lessons of the different story when conditions there signal that plan of an hour overnight tonight a different story come when speeds conditions then tomorrow for overnight lows around 5:00 a.m. that will be of 45 for the valley afternoon highs 3:00 p.m. tomorrow at where we should be this time of year slightly above normal as to get into a letter from the league thought about thursday were you notice the difference there in 3 day forecast for you 52 tomorrow daytime highs the vallate wednesday '66 and '67 for thursday if there is they will be the warmest day of a week and pretty much where we should be this time of year. next few days on will be clear skies with former temperatures
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
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6:41 pm
reexamined in the like of paris a terror attack was being done to keep the crowd say that levi stadium coming up tonight at a clock. was big at the box office and at the bookstore a jacobson have the answer and hollywood today is live failure of. "your number one box office for a second week in a row 24 if the ball over $35 million. "the first finalist are dashing confidential with chemical the best-seller list for so best- seller late father's memory with a foot rest of australia the australia and the debt to the stars contestant greatest debt
6:42 pm
on her steve irwin passed away 2006. >> pam: and every weekday on kron 4 why would today live fares at 1:00 in the afternoon and sports the raiders had overcome their third straight loss while the forty-niners prepare for seahawks in seattle in giants back up the take home the rescue of the year award. has that in all sports get coming off
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> gary: of the raiders in the playoff chances take a little bit ahead faster than if. at the coliseum if they started out of course the moment there for the victims in paris than down with the football set life and
6:46 pm
announce 13 raiders come back to take the lead and got a kick off return car in a separate 2943. 2 yds and then the knockout blow adrian peterson going 80 yds peterson 56 yds of the first board and finished with 23 prayer defense top of the nfl for a recent getting cash these days jack after the team fell under 500. "there is no time to sit around you can't dwell on the positive and negative if you want to next week's mark that's what we're going to do. >> gary: again that the goal on
6:47 pm
a big streak to keep their playoff hopes alive. and the schedule in their favor monday 500 teen that got the truck under the sun that. meanwhile a story that came out cbs sports insiders team had the barlow had been discussions. and the barlow immediately denied the claims mark davis says gavin even spoken to any the barlow for the record, and says the report about might industry in the for traders is ridiculous. it's absurd 100 percent not true. the intention of returning the nfl for. if indeed speculating he one of the fact that your brother-in-law dr. john york for taking overcame a be a good way to do it any comes back billionaire to that two times
6:48 pm
over that and come back and say we limited due with mark davis and came back it probably by the rangers for father ritter's of course l.a. 31 loss to be so chemical sense and the he was interested but flatly denied that story before. yawners will be back to work against seattle seahawks also honoring the treasury in france and went to work against arizona labia carson polymer here in the stretch body wagner running back took the lead but arizona comes back toward the touchdown and on gelatin breaks loose for 48 yds even the super bowl back-to-back years drop the ford 5 jim thompson left said if reverend will be will stand at the seattle the lead hungry men come sunday.
6:49 pm
"it has a player plays football league with the fall >> gary: yatter is one of seven quarterback we see what ever does in seattle indeed wants to make it back the playoffs again lookup and be ready to sing of the four batters sunday both games fritters foreigners on the road this week crisper i received all 30 first-place votes today from chicago cubs duffy came in second and 28
6:50 pm
double from all 77 rbi and related against paulus and evolve their it is brian at 26 home runs and 99 rbis all the first-place votes and the crisp right of the bad stuff comes and second warriors 12 no the nba record is 15 straight and the palm says tonight are down the road. the white >> gary: years of the floor doing their business as well as some of care packages and writing cards for soldiers
6:51 pm
of this holiday season bob myers general manager of the brigade today harrison barnes james michael mcadoo of got together the oakland marriott hotel old saying goes giveback bob myers. "everyone in perspective symptoms so we do is has great meaning it does to a certain extent but doesn't compare to the people let server country so for us to news of the like this in very small way very gratifying clearly enjoying if. >> gary: is there an interview with paris and bonn sunday night j. r. stone talking with but old harrison.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> pam: kidder's considering unconscious at and nevada brothel last month this should turn your yield gel is office of the possible charges last week and a prosecutor is filing one count of unlawful use of cocaine or under the influence of a controlled substance family. rep could not be reached for comment
6:55 pm
on this possibility. >> diane: is between upper forties to low 50s 49 for the coast 53 for the day 45 for the invalid sunday forecast slight warmth on wednesday and thursday as a slogan in the '70s be will be back with kron 4 news tonight at 8:00 of the see then a stay in touch kron4news-dot-com this for being with us everyone
6:56 pm
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the "insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. as soon as the tragic news started to spread -- people ad round the world immediately took to social media offering support. >> the world mourns for paris. how millions ar coping with the tragedy online. >> they're able to s their pain, they're able to share their solutions. then, is there trouble in jamie alexander's blind spot? a new report claims she's being poisoned by her tattoos. >> apparently i have some left on my neck. >> oh my god, you do. jane fonda shows her youth at 77. why did she almost quit show busy? >> i lost my passion for a while, i left the business for years. in the kitchen with mrs. keaton, beloved "famil ties"
7:00 pm
mom meredi baxter. >> cheers. >> inside her daunting decision out on live television. >> i was sobbing. >> how did your ex-husband respond? >> am i supposed to care about that. hollywood inside out, is "the insider" together with yahoo! >> we cover pop culture but sometimes the events like paris had such a huge global impact. >> events like these see no labels. we are all just human and are all just trying to make sense of this horrible tragedy. millions of people took to social media to react. >> the outrage, the compassion, the horror, the healing, and of course prayers for paris. we're get kno through it all in a digital age. tonight going inside paris, picking up the pieces.


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