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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 27, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: thank you for joining us last tech ally of the outside the embarcadero on this black friday morning a cold start once again to your holiday here is a quick look at temperatures not as cold and not to bay like santa rosa but still it is cold start to livermore and pleasanton definitely can feel the chill in the air had a black friday. >>james: you're going to need it
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this morning the sec a look at temperatures low to mid '30's for some portions of the east bay valley some is protected now to bay valley sing temperatures just that cold the live shot outside we saw moments ago shows how clear it is when we walked out it was the door this morning we saw stars there is no blankets over my all the heat that we did collect it sort of office space expect temperatures at that point to be in the 30's for most of the bay area by known time partly cloudy look for to buttress and the low 50s with conditions warmer only slightly low to mid 50's a high temperature range this afternoon very similar to yesterday's >>james: is a little bit colder for that reason there is not only a freeze warning for the
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interior about is the faa's advisory for all the shoreline and coastal communities every part of the bay under freeze warning or frost advisory will have more on that and the extended forecast coming up in just a little bit. >>george: we're not expecting much in the way of traffic today but there is already in the incident created problems in the san ramon valley thankfully traffic is light enough that is not backing up the ride with offering from six a southbound disclosed an accident occurred a couple hours early this morning to involve an overturned vehicle of vehicle that caught fire to the operations and the investigation continues that is why the road off-campus close from interstate 680 south the bomb as you can see no back up because of it no back up at the bay bridge as you saw light and easy ride that would expect at this early hour also true for the ride on highway 92 out of the east bay and headed over to
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san mateo just and 11 metric time. >>anny hong: eager shoppers pushing their way toward black friday bills people and long lines in the bay area stores an attempt to get their hands of some door bastilles walnut creek welcome shoppers and 6:00 p.m. and in dublin lines from the best buy store their other concerns the events of the deals. >>anny hong: they're restless wedding to get inside. >>phillipe djegal: if you're one of the smart ones that decided to do your holiday shopping at this target in walnut creek quite frankly there was not until after 4:00 when by the time is 6:00 arrived there a few
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dozen people they got inside the store quickly as it opened probably as 6:00 filed in everyone seemed to your right after the electronics the most popular items with a flat screen television of place station for a lot of people were begging on this day to do the harder shopping to get the best deals in this seems like the guided
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the target will remain open until midnight on black friday not all shoppers was smiling. >>anny hong: let's take a look pick for getting feisty the doors was scheduled to open in 6:00 last night but one of your customers were not allowed until 610 is put this video showing new york the crowd
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showed of we take a look at the overnight shopping frenzy. >>andrew spencer: the shoppers outside a target of philadelphia decided to give a part of their day to win in nine the pick of some of those door studios some shopping center of the early crop did not live look to the old black fighting reputation someone falls on the display
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inside this unnamed source some stores tried to cut down on the crowd a conclusion by handing out tickets. >>anny hong: a fire erupted in concord last night the fire protection district was called to the store on diamond way to 7:30 p.m. the was contained about an hour later no injuries reported the cause is under investigation
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>>haaziq madyun: it is night and you're rich and show full drive that came from all across the bay area to team up with the rich and so you are program to help feed the needy this holiday is the lead organizer for the charitable event one of the organizations involved this year is richman multi-cultural institute and a labor program with their help over 200 bags of food are been donated to the labor strike want rodriguez--
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juan >>haaziq madyun: they're here have not as well all the full of donated from people throughout the commencing the also put on a partial to help range funds to purchase food you can sit the back from pale roche restore the purchase the back this year with their open next year they might be donated and maybe even a brush restore may get involved to help this effort to feed people here during turns giving --thanksgiving >>anny hong: took off for
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>>anny hong: you definitely need all the layers where hope to have been a great thanksgiving
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>>james: the cold air will eventually find its way and take a quick look and this is the freeze on in the faa's advisory is in effect until nine the latter paint that is the frost advisory.
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>>james: and they may with a job that litter on to the we have to see about that the winds a response will they're blowing around mix in the air keeping the temperature is above the freezing mark some spots to concede in the south by the wind is at 0 you concede goes to the drop down as a hit for sunglass the main focus this morning really will be on the east of the interior of balance in the south bay as we see very little when that might induce some really cool temperatures this is what looks like outside right now will be another day on the fifties as afternoon the interior valid to the east 54th
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will look like 51 and the war without look a lot of people having their way aboard to be heading up there to talk to live in the next hour. >>james: generally fifties are on strike yesterday known getting into the '60s by next week a couple systems one that could hit monday or tuesday not looking very likely >>george: we're not going to see much of a commune for sure we will see some congestion this
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morning is an easy ride for the east shore free rein and four east bay community we are tracking one accident here this occurred early this morning sadly a person was killed and overturned accident a vehicle called fire six a southbound it has the off ramp shut down and there with a corner and have to do the investigation however it is now having any impact on the traffic looking into commute to the bridge this morning if you wanted me out driving around an easy ride at the bay bridge as well as highway 92 and dec. sale bridge commit no delays in either direction for your trip on highway 580 interstate 580 in the westbound ride out of richmond into marin county a small commission under way as well as 4101 the golden gate bridge it will likely have the bridge setup in the 42
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configuration. >>anny hong: a man jumped over the white house and suggested an a happened in the afternoon as they were inside the white house sullivan fans giving >>reporter: the president and his family celebrated thanksgiving the six services bridge the barricading the mad hatter and blusher white pants american flag draped around his body heat here look like an envelope or folder called it in his modesty of our defense the fence recently spicy the service officers have big guns drawn and with canine units.
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>>anny hong: that as the voices the pacific of tracing has recall the mist of celery and onions the product has removed from store shelves a big surprise to people in farming them york on thursday when demand an emergency landing the blimp was forced to land in school because when the conditions to people on board
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the bomb on board and atlantic neither was hurt >>reporter: that on a banana army a few months in this their first thanksgiving away from home thanksgiving in the army holds a few surprises traditions
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young soldiers are familiar with most shocked to see their sergeants and lieutenants dishing out the food men served by the command staff something the soldiers will not forget that also remember the solar lot so sold on trains that lucy was standing in line like steamship round talking like a lobster and all the trimmings true things getting faced that
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was him reporting for us this morning novelist's over much credit is not just american events anymore some member to leave the shopping bonanza may not be a good idea >>reporter: pushing and shouting and shoving it was scenes like this that won the event to help spark a backlash against the shopping phenomenon this is the effort and, you can't traditional seasonal sales. 77
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percent of the resellers will participate offering some discount in-store consumers are predicted to spend $2 billion this year on bills of all black friday we can walk into misspending is expected to hit a record 1.6 $2 billion some resellers are putting out black fire department stores this continuing with the black friday event this after last year when it made to a $70 million in sales and one week alone
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>>reporter: they're set to remain a fix on u.k. shopping with some time more cold temperatures expected one man is doing to help the homeless cope with the cold in the south bay is a live look outside the bay bridge toll plaza expecting like conditions the time now.
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>>anny hong: we tell you about a new effort to help those living on the street stay warm this winter.
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>>rob fladaboe: it is to go where no one has gone before so the speak and take things to the people and demobilize them so it has multi purposes with the temperature expected to get back into the '30's those upon sidewalks and downtown san jose the mercy mobile arrived just in time the mobile next out was a large homeless camp and a tie with 87 where in they delivered more blankets along with wool hats and gloves to people like mom jeanne all the homeless for a year now a longtime advocate of the homeless rages is warning
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what could happen and camps like this if and when the predictions coming and daniel come to pass two-thirds of them without any type of shelter during the cold snap two years ago four people died in the cold >>anny hong: time to get your cursor mystery how the drought could make it more difficult to find the perfect tree we will be
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>>reporter: you'll find this a regular business day when it was not like that earlier today will hear during black friday drama the the >>: lot of people looking for the pre sale to a lot of things on cell for actual block friday when the doors open
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>>reporter: have you been able to secure everything you want and? >>reporter: edition the people for trying to get the black friday still will begin to talk. to drop the morning >>james: this is a double edged sword on the one hand and the here and getting down to the freezing mark we have the wind chill you'll see in the not
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aware of their tempers anywhere from 46 to 49 degrees we anticipate we get down to the freezing mark which is why the national weather service yesterday what hasn't issued a freeze on the force and by and for the part of the bay you may have to reason that we will see the pentagon where the temperatures go up the wins out in the delta in the east of the valley's are keeping a list of the to support above the freezing mark in the south the awareness in the wins to the jews are called this one of 38 degrees in san jose here is the one chart the north and the delta 17 and santa rosa at the county and for the have a sustained when about 20 mi. from our
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>>james: just another by endicott mr. looking at temperatures that could be in the upper thirties to low 40's by 3:00 this afternoon another day of mid-50s and best. >>george: because the traffic the selector the area is not creating any backups or the latest for the drive down to the government and to change no delays we're not seeing it is
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slow traffic for the altamont pass this morning the 680 ride down to dublin down to fremont from dublin here is a lot of that from the bay bridge at the bay bridge rather with the drive times just 11 minutes into san francisco from high with 24. >>anny hong: that possible impact of the severe drought. >>j.r. stone: is that time of the year christmas is now in sight of black friday is the his day of the year when many of
4:36 am
these people do not realize is that it had a major impact on these trees in fact for six years of the tree farm never seen a drop slow the growth of histories a year prior to the drop this was have been 18 in. to 24 in. deep and more he says another sign of the drought these needles the three-quarters of an inch should be double that the good news and that this
4:37 am
is unlikely to affect the cost of what you pay and the tree should last just as long with proper care with a focus on the more important things the recent rain actually helped perk up the wrong trees just-in-time for the christmas hauler >>anny hong: knew that police officer said the men were caught trying to drown of the macy's and skimmed the parade yesterday the nypd siding used helicopter to track down the operations that were taken to police custody according to not release the names are listed to charges they could be facing still had donald trump response to accusations that he lacked
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full of reporters this ability what he did nine the accusations after breakfast to collect some of the strange objects you can cannot take on the airplane.
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>>: >>reporter: cannot also
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bring the cigarettes we came into was an awful travels about what they consider carry on item, will surprise nor will make cut. 3 3 -6 c13 c1
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>>james: with the going to send
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it to be colder because of the winds would back down at that point point >>james: 47 and apple will keep an eye on what they've this morning because that will be tempted to attempt to my drop well below freezing is in large part to into the wind which evolved pretty strong of the north bank that is keeping the air mixed up the code and does not have the chance to resettle the down side of it in a wind chill the we're dealing with it will feel just as cold as it was freezing the areas something
4:46 am
that is the fourth to devise a the bay shoreline and the coast the dark and that the freeze warned that impacts more the valley the inland areas to the north to the east bay and to the south bank is in effect until 9:00 but again expect temperatures in the third is a potentially for those locations. >>james: and will reduce its a one bloom around now that is helping to keep the temperatures in the low '40's here is a lot of the outside clear outdoors if you're born to be participating in the black pride and self be careful and bundled the high this afternoon will be in the low to mid 50's for the in an east bay in the south bank in for the bid warmer mid-50s plenty of sunshine like the incident a few clouds but mostly
4:47 am
sunny force all >>james: of the have today with us will will repeat saturday and sunday we have and statistical system might bring as a few light showers on the into the for the middle of the week will to do not look very impressive. >>george: the investigation continues into an overnight accident it was a vehicle fire here it was pretty serious a person was actually killed and is taxable they're still within the corner tech looked at the
4:48 am
salk freeway is still light enough to were not seen any delays for an indication on the road to into the and the problems the trip time from the capitol expressway to the montague expressway and here is the right out of san jose for cupertino and just 13 minutes mechanist a truck and looks great no delays there at 10184 or 1 0192 interchanges looking at the bridges for him here is the bay bridge ride with no delays in the westbound commit direction if there were a victim of this one and 92 and the san mateo bridge looks great in the man that the trip time here and for the ride out of richmond and tim moran looking at just a minute trip time as you head across course and fell >>anny hong: pull prices paid a visit to a king of this morning
4:49 am
he went to an hour or trip to africa he called a lack of basic services a new form of colonialism scheduled through the chanting town of oakville with crile's cheer along the way his said his position as if they're not for darren the pope flies to you got a letter on today before finishing the trip to central african republic. >>anny hong: is investigating a shooting near shopping on thanksgiving night a thorn said shots were fired after a fight between people and to separate cars to the edge of the mall parking lot was the cost of off the police said one of the people involved was injured the shooting did not affect in the early black friday shopping but the shootist loose. >>anny hong: the new york times is taking donald trump to test and it says he made fun of reporter disability he was told
4:50 am
about the controversial, since the land now they're the ninth he was mimicking the reporter if donald trump under fire again this time for seeming to mock our reporters disability, >>reporter: in the times reporter says that he has a condition that causes contortion and slams this week she been citing a story in 2001 that were referred to people allegedly seen celebrating the nine of an attack he said this when he did not recall finding anyone who said there are thousands or even hundreds of people celebrating the fall of the twin towers he denies mocking him saying in a
4:51 am
statement if he is handicapped i would not know because i did not know what it looks like if i did know i would definitely not second thing about his parents he previously worked at the new york daily news or he covered trump is the latest to raise a moment for the gop front runner who said recently he was the election were next week right now they show that he is waiting nationals and in the early states of iowa and new hampshire but they're still more than two months before republican voters start making their picks.
4:52 am
>>reporter: just how much could erase change between now and february 1st from the time to buy the 11 matt romney were battling now for lead nationally even true winner of the caucuses there he was languishing at just 5% in 2007 hot to be in raw meat were tussling to the top spot and i will what he led the new hampshire now was often the jobs report for us this one the statement he demanded an apology from the new york times and was
4:53 am
critical pick to the reporter for use in his disability to grandstand a quick break up the coast are once again and when it for some parts of the bank the time now for 53.--453
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>>anny hong: it delivers meals for people in need who cannot leave their homes but, hey is mickey's volunteer work the tradition, taken a look at this a mysterious object lamar's have something in the red planet has a mosque problem the mars curiosity rose recently took
4:56 am
this picture from a plant and amateur astronomer enjoy wide and handsome images on his view to notify the to object looks like a possible very large amount of the road to but he also admits the object is probably and inclusion. >>james: web tracking critical temperatures around the bay the wind this up and things out to start that we have a furious on and forced advisory issued by the national weather service in to see all the areas is in color which is the entire bay area weather forecast coming up does the man.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>james: and best wishes mentioned in the north that out in the delta and along the peninsula it was in the '20s and '30s were perceived temperatures dutton near freezing like we have in pleasanton and the more
5:01 am
fremont san jose in the mid 30's right now this is for the winds are actually pretty low almost nonexistent. >>james: insurance been out there today but at a clock were still looking for potential mix of of the '30's and 40's by noontime low 50s bay area wide and 3:00 this afternoon mid to upper fifties here and they're not the core bank and when you want to make sure to return to be standing in line all the to bring it to could bring the scarf and try to give the wind off your asbestos can. >>george: no problems relate to get around this one will not
5:02 am
tracking and a slow traffic for the bay area ride we're however during is watching this loan accident and alamo on interstate 680 here and saw the bond and the broke with the offer at remain shut down to good news is is not having any impact on the southbound ride. >>george: a quick look at the average commute here for the westbound trip would not see any backups or delays would be surprised if we even seen the meeting lasted activated in the next half hour of traffic stays of i does this demand not turn the mall on this morning. >>mark: or fallen the latest with shopping along the bay area bike ideals and eager shoppers are pushing their way toward bought five a on thanksgiving night we see people fled in the stores try to get their hands on your busters as
5:03 am
to shoppers are offer the most part behaving shoppers plan stores for now to deliver more outlets the start of a not looking for the best deals. >>will tran: we suggest to our first to go if they come here they need to get scarves loves is chilling cold about 33 degrees distress opened at 6:00 last night infancy thousands of people a slight by the way they change the name is below the
5:04 am
level what is called san francisco primula outlets what do they need to know as far as deals? >>: the 405060 percent off and stores in a spectacular he
5:05 am
>>: 12 midnight that is a
5:06 am
dedicated shopper. >>phillipe djegal: because quite
5:07 am
frankly there was not until after 4:00 which bought the times explorer arrived near few dozen people in mind of god inside the store quickly and to open promptly filed in it were given the producer on hand and would seem to your active electronics.
5:08 am
>>phillipe djegal: if you're not able to get out here and you would stay home solid brick is given with their family and the come on here who befriended the bills will still exist >>anny hong: the doors as consultants to talk but according to view or the open at 610 was set people a little bit upset
5:09 am
>>mark: warmer also pack less than an arkansas and in new york city officials of the twins lost in times when to stop the holiday shopping with tech look at it over my shop and friends in. >>andrew spencer: it is not acceptable it is basically expected the shop was also a target and philadelphia decided to give a part of their day to wait in line and pick up the garbage to deals some shopping centers and across the not live to the old black fighter reputation that of malden show
5:10 am
the difference lasso that one lady in which police are in the scrum leading some people away at will from putting a man in handcuffs and the of the bill some falls on the display inside of the store said to be inside the michigan woman's touch the ball sort out of the child san does and shoving really began to try to cut down on the crowd of confusion by handing out tickets to those will force the >>mark: since the crackdown on drivers on thanksgiving this weekend in hopes of reducing accidents since the officers throughout the state into the maximum enforcement mode
5:11 am
evening and will continue patrolling until sunday midnight run another 6636 address have been made last few statewide total was 45 people who were killed taxes on the road and four of the accidents were here in the bay area. >>anny hong: + was the with small town in mississippi as gliadins the governor stands and will accept syrian retrieves.
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>>mark: >>james: we're regressing temperatures above freezing like the north bank and the purpose of assessing where we have some peace in the wind blowing up into the sea air keep us will of a freezing of where the sea temperatures in the thirties to the livermore valley for instance concord down a san jose it does for went to the intercom. the wind is going to bring in
5:16 am
the wind chill for your it may even feel colder than it was the one that often reduce credit the will to bundle up to that backfired and forecast tells us it will be pretty chilly that endicott was temperatures at that point in the mid to upper '30's and '40's by noontime affected by 3:00 in the afternoon
5:17 am
>>george: and is to not having any impact on the ride because traffic is so light from the year in of the latest rv out to month passed even in the 680 ride south bound for small grade is without the late to commence so the ride out and in the southbound from sending a to milpitas suggested to five minutes south of the freeway our
5:18 am
chagrin all the way around the bridge is a great no backups and delays here and 517,'''''' >>george: hear the shot at the toll plaza looking at the traffic heading west work for the gold get bridge the ride on one 01 northbound and southbound is the may free from recounted in here across the span >>mark: friends mourning the victims of the terror attack in paris the president left the ceremony and a complex that houses napoleon's tomb the starting to people across friends are flying national flights to remember the victims
5:19 am
he has been under serious and imminent threat to join the rest of belgium on the second highest level
5:20 am
>>anny hong: map of the white house fence happiness that afternoon the president and first albums have the white house opened thanksgiving. >>reporter: the president is a sham submitted and skim the secret services bridge the bear came the man had been blusher white pants and an american flag
5:21 am
draped around his body the chair will look like in the law or folder called again and is now a symbol of our defense defends recent offer was seven and still spikes to the service offices have their guns drawn the with canine units the to him to custodies the third person this year to scale a phantom income of the white house property most quickly caught last year for two you're a rock war veteran made into the white house through the main doors and overpowered one officer they examine the security protocol after that incident. >>anny hong: we now know the convict and issue new each other to happen on mission street between fourth and fifth street from 60 on wednesday night the victims to enter the
5:22 am
hospital and treated for his injuries 13 to apple had been charged by federal grand jury in oakland for a plan to smuggle drugs from san diego and mexico to the central valley and the bay area and that most of yesterday and accuses the defendants of conspiring to possess and distribute cocaine hair went and met the offending between december of 2013 and october of a 2015
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>>anny hong: she is a big announcement is making a lot of people have been + he choses not this song that found a hole he
5:26 am
mentions we have all the information with today's hollywood minute. she's going on pour the soup is costing and of the details and a message to fans before you did too excited she did not come to the united states shoe will only cover parts of the u.k. and europe for the first time 13 years he is given as a new version of the hanukkah song include a host of new slippers to celebrate those a prison
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>>james: in cases were the ones to come along the cold in a second down into the valley given the temper just like that the when the map 70 more losses than wins out near fairfield 12 1/2 monday for a mix of my plans to the bay shoreline of the north bank there mild right now the santa rosa especially out of the county airport we do have a frost that pfizer in the freeze when in fact for all these areas and think which is basically the entire bay area.
5:32 am
>>george: the pride of highway 92 to the san mateo branch it lighted the usual commission which is still some congestion here as is bridge just soap over capacity right now and then even like track of which could see some delays here later.
5:33 am
>>reporter: the have long lines on the open at about 6:00 p.m. thanksgiving than they said people out and had barricades in securing for win over shoppers came to get the door busted deals that is all the man in the really good deal to have a 30 in. television for on a 99 that there are some people who are still waiting to see the get rain checks instead of the electronics.''
5:34 am
>>j.r. stone: it is that time of year christmas is not in sight in fact developing skin family came to pass a christmas tree farms the drought had a major
5:35 am
impact on the streets and back for 60 years of the tree farm kid never seen a drop slow the growth of its trees like this one large reason to see her been grown for several years the effects of the drop much hard to see however different story when you look of some of these small trees to convince armament longer to was not for this drop another sign of the drought these needles the up the quarters of an inch.
5:36 am
>>mark: there is a new effort in santa clara county health and those of the streets there somewhere between six and 7000 people living on the streets in the south than a local pastor and homeless advocates at the stress test in the animal hone what is called the mercy mobile.
5:37 am
>>mark: success is press a troubled by the fact so many homeless camps located at the guadalupe river canoe decree in a way to currency flooding this winter. >>anny hong: the tree and 60 ft. tall and organizers of the van started the credit on monday this week there's something for everyone there and people should bond a lot because it could be some small. >>mark: we will be right back.
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>>mark: the department fans same thing shipped out about 52,000 lbs. of turkey to bases abroad world into the the three months for the supply to arrive in some of the more remote locations.
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>>james: 36 in san jose not to back out and the city 44 we have increased and by will be chatting with all of them and talk to black pride and shoppers in the north the milder 48 centrals and not the 45 currently of near fairfield we have some land and that was done a couple things for which are seen the wind is mixed in the air keeping temperatures above freezing which is great is given as a produce a wind chill you have to bundle up regardless. >>james: will continue to job as head toward sun rises with the door in an area that has a window or an area of the have not win but cold temperatures in
5:46 am
the trace unit to bundling is a freeze warning and fossilizing for the entire bay area. >>james: temperatures this afternoon was the mild widespread concede entire bay area officials low fifties in the east bank mid fifties and the stuff they were looking apostle the upper 50s and the north bank with a mix of mid to upper 50s for the bay shoreline
5:47 am
>>george: we're still tracking this one accident that has been with us since before the broadcast this morning south 680 at the border rolled off reprimands shut down likely will be in this another 45 minutes, train crews and rte. 16 and the drive times that means there was no increase in the drive times there was no slow to the out to my pants or even worse on on highway 43 antioch this morning that is indicative of to talk like traffic is off this ultimate drive times at 547 from dublin down to fremont.
5:48 am
>>george: still condemn them to toe minute trip time as i get any better than that for the rich members a little traffic there was no backups or delays and for the ride to the golden gate bridge where are delay for an incident free, recounting on 101 saw the bond. >>anny hong: new video released yesterday showing the moment to leave enough to mr. mcdonnell's interaction the officer pursuing him before the shooting and a one. you concede he was running the in the streets and from of a patrol car vandyke a charge of first-degree murder and finally being held without bail this demonstrated.
5:49 am
>>reporter: the march of frustration: shot that of the 17 year-old mr. mcdonald place of rest and store protesters and you're sitting in chicago damage strenuous than a city block and a major intersection some time to take the place of the two bikes this new release bass can build a time but chicago tribune after the moment before after a 37 year-old jason van dyke show mcdonnell 16 times last october
5:50 am
this is the vehicle-can video continuing the fiat even after he fell to the ground this minutes later this video from another police car shows me down on the street the other officers at the scene and never opened fire the attorney says the officer was in fear for his life and said the video do not show complete picture same that he was a pressing business owners. >>reporter: president obama reacted to the deadly shooting
5:51 am
saying he was " disturbed by the footage and is with the tools hometown for keeping protests peaceful. >>mark: he fought the can on the path to destroy the cowboys and that of almost carolina he's a fan of the black until annie met his support known to track the
5:52 am
warriors then also on the fate of the season while the lions are surging and the forty-niners are still trying to put together and sort of momentum that the fans are recall will season after the lost the zone on the defensive back around the side of the nine is often simple and predictable that was what happened: the place where does he make of this attack.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>>anny hong: to carry gas saver
5:57 am
over russian it took this picture from the planet and amateur astronomer and an instant that in the plan " to a possible the very large loss or other relevant he said this probably an optical illusion.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
6:01 am
>>james: temperatures and a little milder in the north and 47 degrees for santa rosa 47 and out of san francisco forgave 45 unfair for with the wind blowing primarily the delta in the balkan peninsula that reason
6:02 am
that i didn't want down to the freezing mark to produce real on the other we have the wind chill to deal with in the wind original could cut right through with every you're wearing inches to the bomb >>george: it is on six any southbound almost san ramon valley to live on a roll off from remains shut down here but it is not backing of the sow
6:03 am
about for a ride that is because traffic is light enough that even here at the bay bridge this one in
6:04 am
>>will tran: what is important to shoppers
6:05 am
>>will tran: $3,000 how much do you plan to spend before you leave.
6:06 am
>>will tran: winter jackets we seen some people walking around a short. >>will tran:
6:07 am
10 an
6:08 am
>>:technical difficulties.
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>>: and overpower one officer the sit conservatism to secure the protocol after that incident.
6:19 am
>>mark: and board news friends mourning the victims of the terrorist attack and harass the president lynn the ceremony at a complex: napoleon soon this morning >>mark: the belgian government has a lower the level now for the potential for terror attack in brussels belgium, minister saying an attack on a long considered imminent he had been under serious and imminent threat highest level since saturday to john and the rest of belgium under the second-highest level. >>mark: back to did not state
6:20 am
the past, mississippi is challenging the government's stance on syrian reggies that passed the resolution of stepping fidgety and serial of the war-torn countries to the threat against the governor of bill brand who says he would do " everything impossible to keep pressure eased out of mississippi but police later said and the christian do to help people that have the refugees on about one the people who live and always with the boat made their rent to accept many governors to come out against accepting refugees in another stanley have the power to stop them. >>anny hong: the fda says taylor
6:21 am
from specific of tracy has recalled a mix of celery and onion used in the costco chicken salad taxes that uses one supplier for those festivals the cdc said the number of people and our birth like to grow over the next few weeks even though the product has been removed from shelves. >>mark: he shot a man and pocket the parking lot across the mission district who we now have the victim and should did know each other it is not random crime and have been on mission street between fourth and fifth street around 6 that once the night the suffolk area and was filled monomer strict low stores when police arrived, and a leg and a lot the victims and hospital and treated for its ingenious.
6:22 am
6:23 am
>>reporter: they're warning of what happened in camps like this is and when the dire predictions about the compelling a driven rain storms come to pass.
6:24 am
on any given night in santa clara county summer between six and several thousand people on the two-thirds of them about in tampa shelter during a cold snap to use all four people died overnight. >>mark: a bit fire burning in berkeley and check avenue and university avenue to alarm fire it appears to be burned at the manor apartments what. >>anny hong: back with more coming up after the break.
6:25 am
6:26 am
>>mark: where some of the force on santa rosa and not all san francisco and oakland 30 we of the condition of their right now and that fire burning and
6:27 am
berkeley is happening on tech avenue near university avenue is a to a mom fire appears to be burning at the man and the garden chinese restaurant. to 40% off. [both] 40%! [quickly] the news is good! [quickly] sports win! [quickly] let's go shopping! 40% off apparel and accessories at target. why let someone else have all ththfun? the sosotimemehaphphard,d, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing this all fun.time fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun.
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>>mark: were following black friday shoppers along the bay area most of them bring pretty civil will get more that the tracking to local conditions.
6:30 am
>>james: chilly in that corner of the bay right there is aware of the temperatures are little more out there that is because we have some decent rentable on to the delta proven not to bend down to the peninsula and saw the content is above freezing marked the still camera looking across the embarcadero out the bay bridge with a beautiful looking arise in their work in close to to sunrise about the half of our way from and that is just gorgeous here is the blood from a forecast for to let you get out and moves it is with you can expect during the 8:00 hour is still want to be chilly amid the third is in force at that point will warm up to low 50s and on the lunch all the cool
6:31 am
with the wind in the air policy that jack and zipped up in them like 3:00 in the afternoon. >>james: >>george: will start with this broadcast with an accident of pretty serious problem and six in the southbound ramp at the one road the brand had been closed since the to talk out or it has been reopened and the scene has been cleared it did not have an impact on the sock found ride consider still just 16 minutes trip time on a crack down to dublin to cook the bay bridge no metering lights and no backups and delays and 630 does normally will will begin to see things really bogged down here month it took the san mateo bridge but the west down ride is free of into congestion and
6:32 am
delays or backups. >>anny hong: you've noticed the difference will tell you about the impact the california's severe drought on the seals across of christmas trees. >>j.r. stone: they're not as headings which is met in the car's path the suppression. >>haaziq madyun: one of the organization's involve this tip of the multicultural and to the liver program with their help
6:33 am
this thanksgiving over 200 bags of food of thing build and to developers like one or three this--jaun rodriguez that purchase the bags this year but that open next year goes back some of it donated and even on grocery store and get the ball to help this effort to feed people here during thanksgiving. >>mark: sister offices on toll-
6:34 am
free into the to a maximum enforcement. first the wednesday night at 6:00 and continue through sunday night for another chp says a 36 the wires were made during thanksgiving last year there were 45 people killed in accidents on the roadways and called for here in the bay area have to involve people who are not warm the seat belts there has never one to buckle the board structures and is a lack of super driver. >>j.r. stone: in is that time of the year christmas is not on site in tree growers them back says black friday is his busiest day of the year in fact is not the answer given families came to the christmas tree farm to cut down the trees the would
6:35 am
many of these folks do not realize is that the drought is at a major impact on these trees in fact for six years of the tree farm you've never seen a drop to pull that off of the trees like this when hackers and the son of the drug these needles the three-quarters of an inch you can focus on the
6:36 am
more important things the recent rain have vastly helped perk up his ground trees just-in-time for the christmas holiday. >>anny hong: there is something for everyone this a bundle because you might see since know that tonight
6:37 am
>>mark: away from of the from the brick and new store where following a five that is burning in berkeley for to alarm fire that there appears to be burning at the matter regarding restaurant.
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
>>mark: is right and university burning at a restaurant where now on the scene of the latest
6:41 am
details. >>reporter: we're standing at the intersection of university in shattuck avenue fashion to see behind me there fire crew still battling this blaze at the mandarin the garden restaurant i ran into the assistant chief to consider the cruiser on the ground there were a pipe and matters 5 inflames we arrived is home to go the build and tear on shattuck avenue are adjacent they're very close to get in was sought as the fire crews of battling the blaze the water was not only getting inside the building also on the building adjacent to that business
6:42 am
>>anny hong: we will be right back after this break.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>>anny hong: this is an area of chadic avenue and university avenue with the life of this morning for letting us know not quite sure their people inside the building their reports that they were evacuated people but should check on that now and is a thick at the fire under control more flame to the sourcing some smoke. >>james: if your going to be joining them he was a look at the temperatures on this black friday we had a few of the deftness and all across the bay area with the salmon center in daly sitting a little more out a 35% to enroll in san jose 33
6:46 am
degrees right there but the freezing mark interest in there's a mixture you have enough to get you through it because it does not take long standing out in tampa should like this with ones like this for at called in to really get into your system. >>james: long and short of it in all parts of the that and the some sort of cold weather alert this morning recess 04 dress for appropriately with the potential trouble down to the third is for a good number of spot feels like
6:47 am
a victory that all the suddenness of the rest of the holiday weekend and you to purchase as a consent did not really do much will keep unseasonably cool ride to the we can fix will throw an a chance to slice prickles on the bank with a couple of that with the 7 day around the bay forecast. >>george: there have been a couple of incidents this morning hot spots of here's a new one is in the macarthur maze and is an accident on interstate 580 right here at the 24 and change if there were commit this morning this to be the non to the
6:48 am
direction because it is heading out toward san leandro and away from the macarthur maze in the bay bridge the accident block and this one line that is why it is one to be slow going come from the bay branch forehand out to example cash of of of this morning or san leandro on interstate 580 this will cost you about three to five minutes sitting through the traffic here so far is not backed up on to the east shore freeway and as good news. >>george: we seen no metering lights and tobacco is hardly in the traffic getting through here for even on like these at the bay bridge and oftentimes see things backed up here to some terrapins with that is just not the case this morning is a smooth and easy ride in both directions faceted for the rich from bridge into a 588 minutes of time 10 of some of them.
6:49 am
>>mark: they're taking on the phoenix suns tonight on to claim they broke record for most consecutive wins to start a season that now 16 and no one for 17 tipoff is to study this evening the games in phoenix you're wondering with the tracking of the nba was of too distant seventh tech in some-- take a listen >>mark: spend the holiday the room with a lot of people blind imam the nation watched football.
6:50 am
>>anny hong: him it from reporters disability is forced to drop the controversial, tested and but now he is denying that he was mimicking the reporter that now, on the fire again this time forcing to mount for reporters this building and the reporters has a condition that causes contortion and his lamps he is inciting a story he wrote for the washington post and 2001 that offered to people allegedly seen celebrating the 911 attack.
6:51 am
>>reporter: he denies mocking him sang and stay in part of his handicap tile not know because i did not know what it looks like if i did know i would definitely not said anything about his apparent he previously worked at the degree been news 40 cover about trump is the latest rise a moment for the gop front runner who said recently he wishes the election when next week.
6:52 am
>>: we have long way to go in all the primary past is always been moment where candidates that ultimately all the water begins to search which is how much could the rates change between now from the time the 2011 mid romney or ballonet doubtfully nationally i do believe that we will win iowa and one of the caucuses there was languishing at just 5% not
6:53 am
in a lead in the eventual nominee john mccain that was true to form forced this one to statement trout the mandan and apology from under your times and was critical. >>anny hong: he went on the largest towns and nairobi for its part to not for trip to africa and called a lack of basic services and the slump in the form of colonialism he drove the of the town and his bill and to cause to cheer along great with said the visit showed an offense not forgotten ape flighty gone up to that before finishing his trip the central african republic. >>mark: we will be right back on
6:54 am
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>>mark: we're from the latest here were given as the live pictures from the scene it appears the fire is just about out right now which is i small print in addition fire officials from the truly have the letters of the big fire is in downtown berkeley that is the latest on bay area weather and traffic and a black friday fights coming up in just two minutes.
6:58 am
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6:59 am
we are following breaking news this morning. firefighters in berkeley have been fighting a restaurant fire . >> the fire broke out at 5:15 pm and adrian harper has been on the scene. >> reporter: fire crews are still here on scene. they had come down from the ladders but are now going inside to battle any hotspots that could be inside the mandarin garden restaurant. they have been entering the building to put down any
7:00 am
hotspots. there is still some smoke rising from the building. there are at least 10 fire engines here on the scene. they got cold at 5 a.m. to respond to a fire here at the mandarin restaurant. there are some people who live inside and those people are displaced right now. there are apartment buildings that are very close to the restaurant and those have been evacuated as well. they are housing those people and will be back in a you see building -- u.c. building that is near. the chief said that they are not declaring the building a total loss at this point, but it's not doing well. i am looking through the building and i can see the walls of the adjacent building so i am not sure if this building is going


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