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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  November 27, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PST

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hotspots. there is still some smoke rising from the building. there are at least 10 fire engines here on the scene. they got cold at 5 a.m. to respond to a fire here at the mandarin restaurant. there are some people who live inside and those people are displaced right now. there are apartment buildings that are very close to the restaurant and those have been evacuated as well. they are housing those people and will be back in a you see building -- u.c. building that is near. the chief said that they are not declaring the building a total loss at this point, but it's not doing well. i am looking through the building and i can see the walls of the adjacent building so i am not sure if this building is going to last.
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they will be on scene for the next couple of hours. shattuck avenue has been shut down and it will be at least another couple of hours before the we open because they need to not only make sure the fire is out but also back up equipment and go. you might want to avoid downtown berkeley especially university avenue and shattuck avenue. we have people standing around who say that they have seen what was going on so i will bring you what they have to say coming up. back to you in the studio. it is a cold morning out there. we are tracking some black friday shopping conditions. look at that beautiful sunrise this morning. we have frost advisories and it's really cold out there. >> thank you, james, for that beautiful sunrise.
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here is the look at the temperature graph. it is particular cold in the livermore valley and in the south bay where we see temperatures near freezing. bundle up. i will show you another live picture. we have great conditions at the airport with no delays and nothing to slow down the air traffic. and we are looking at conditions that will be on the cold side for the entire black friday forecast. if you are out and about today during the 8:00 our we are still looking for temperatures in the 30s and 40s. that is what we are expecting the to continue. by noon time for lunch it will be in the low 50s with a slight wind in the air. keep the jacket with you. even at 3:00 we are still only
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talking about the mid to upper 50s this is below average for this time of year. more in a minute now is time for traffic. we've had a couple of incidents to truck this morning. the first clean up at low born a road. this is interstate 5 80 in the macarthur maze tour the bay bridge. this is 580 at highway 24 and the accident was right here. there is a couple of flyers burning out -- flyers -- flares burned out in the roadway. the lanes are now clear here. so a big improvement. that was really the only slow down. the bridges look great. the lights have not been turned on this morning and the san mateo bridge which can back up even when the bay bridge doesn't
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has not this morning. it is an 11 minute trip time. it's time for the black friday frenzy and holiday shopping starting very early this year. as shoppers try to get their hands on doorbuster bills. this is outside the macy's in daly city. shoppers were frustrated when the store opened 10 minutes late. and that is the best by in dublin. >> shoppers at the livermore outlets looking for the best buys. kron 4's will tran is live with more. >> reporter: i just moving to keep warm. it is freezing out here. i would not be here unless work maybe. there is no way i am getting up and shopping in near freezing temperatures. but there are thousands who did
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starting at 6 pm. this place will not be closed until 10 pm tonight. are you coming back after you drop those off at the car? exactly. that is the song of my people. they are come in here, shopping , putting in cars, come back. what time did you get here? >> 12. >> reporter: how much of he spent? >> only 50. >> reporter: you are a sweetheart but you lost some credibility with me. >> she makes me do all the spending for her. >> reporter: how much did you spend for her? >> 150. that is just the beginning. >> reporter: what is your budget? >> there is never a budget with her. 300? >> reporter: what about you? how much have you spent? >> 200.
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>> reporter: do you have a budget? >> no. not really. >> reporter: are you buying for yourself or for others? do have an item that you want to buy the best friend? >> ourselves. pretty much. >> i have my other twin who looks exactly like me. >> the person that i buy four on black friday just so happens to look just like me. >> reporter: plenty of security here and plenty of parking. the worst parking was around 8 pm where the police had to make an emergency call. just to get out of this place it was hard for them but it's slower now so if you drive around a little bit , you will be able to find some parking. there is plenty of security so you don't have to worry about that. please bundle up. it is freezing. i saw a man earlier and i
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tweeted his picture. this man has no sleeves. i said are you nuts? he said it's easier to put on close without a -- clothes without a thick jacket. back to you. >> stay warm. stop by the target store in walnut creek. >> reporter: if you are one of the smart ones that decided to do your holiday shopping here at this target in walnut creek then bravo because quite frankly there was no line until after 4:00 when by the time 6:00 arrived there were a few dozen people in mind. they all got in the store quickly as it opened at 6 a.m. as it opened at 6 a.m. they filed in and they were privy to the great deals on hand. everybody seemed to go right after the electronics. the most
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popular item where the flatscreen television, playstation forest -- 4's, you name it. many want the best deals and it seems like they got them. >> here in walnut creek you don't have to stay in my. you just walk in and buy what you want.>> we got all we wanted. >> i had four kids between the ages of five and nine so i got the remote control cars and a whole bunch of batteries. so all done. >> reporter: worth it? >> it was.>> reporter: if you were not able to get out here and do your shopping, if you wanted to stay home and celebrate these giving with your family, those deals will still exist and this target will remain open until midnight on black friday. in wanted creek, philippe for kron 4 news. things that intense at
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macy's last night. take a look. >> i appreciate you waiting no pushing, no shopping. i do care about you. >> the doors are scheduled to open at 6:00 last night but customers were not allowed in until 6:10 pm. this made shoppers very upset. you can see customers arguing with the store manager. black friday madness underway across the nation in atlanta. that is police video showing dozens of people scrambling to get their hands on merchandise as a walmart. that is a walmart in washington and the toys "r" us at times where. andrew spencer takes a look at some of this shopping frenzy. >> reporter: across the country
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on black friday it is expected. >> it is exciting if it's something that you want. >> reporter: piece shoppers outside of philadelphia decided to give up thanksgiving to wait in line. at some centers the early clients -- crowds did not live up to the expectations. >> we found parking pretty easy. >> reporter: one in el paso texas clip where police lead people away and putting a man in handcuffs. in the other video someone falls under the display in michigan. one woman snatches a box out of a child's hands. that is when the shoving really begins. some stores tried to cut down on the confusion by handing out tickets to people who were first in line. >> we were able to take it
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people and it stops chaos from happening. >> reporter: shoppers in denver had to brave the snow while those in california had to brave each other. i am andrew spencer reporting. >> and the chp is cracking down on drivers in hopes of reducing accidents on the roadway. officers threat the state and to the maximum enforcement period on wednesday night and they will continue patrolling until sunday at minute. there has been 36 dui arrests made during things given. last year 45 people were killed in accidents on thanksgiving weekend. four of those accidents were in the bay area. host of them were due to people not wearing seatbelts. a low rider car clubs come up with the youth soccer program to donate food to the needy. kron 4's has a twitching --
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show you the act of kindness. >> reporter: these low riders are making things half this thanksgiving. they came from all across the bay area to team up with the youth soccer program to help feed the needy this holiday. diego garcia is the lead organizer for the event. >> as soon as i told the low right community what we were doing they didn't even hesitate. they shine up their cars and come out here. >> reporter: one of the organizations involved is richmond's day labor program. over 200 bags of food are being donated to the laborers like one where he gives -- to want rodriguez -- won juan rodriguez
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. >> it is important to get back. >> all of the food is donated from people threat the community. they also put on a car show to raise funds to purchase food. we see the back here from a local grocery store. they are hoping next year those packs might be donated and maybe even a grocery store or two might get involved to help this effort to be people here during thanksgiving. in richmond, haaziq madyun , kron 4 news. coming up on the morning news another fence jumper at the white house. how close he got to the president on the holiday. an e. coli outbreak at cosco leading to even more major recalls. here is a look at the san mateo bridge.
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it is cold out there and wendy for some parts of the be -- bay.
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welcome back. many folks already this morning to do some holiday shopping. so you have a cold forecast. >> a lot of these are.
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i put together several different versions of this but here is the latest list which includes most popular destinations for black friday shopping and the current temperature. look at the stoneridge mall in pleasanton 33 degrees. it's indoors, but there is a lot of stuff around the parking lot. streets at brentwood is 43 degrees with sunnyvale at 36. new park mall is 40 degrees and valley fair is 33. the premium outlets are at 48. some are near freezing like stoneridge mall and not too bad where it is currently 48 in petaluma. dc those flags flapping in the wind? a nice strong wind is blowing across san francisco and we see this in places like the delta. 12 up in santa rosa and 13 in half moon bay.
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the winds are primarily working this part of the be. bay. that same region is in the 40s. far away from freezing. in those places where the wind was called is in the 30s -- calm is in the 30s. but that doesn't mean you are out of the risk of being frozen in these parts because you have the wind which means wind chill. it will be called no matter where you -- cold the matter where you are. we will be mild this afternoon with low 50s for pleasanton and livermore. san francisco is 55, oakland 58, north bay mid-to upper 50s. that will be detrend going to the wiki -- detrend -- the trend going through the weekend.
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we introduced a shot of rain which we need but it might be inconvenient if you have holiday plans. that is the forecast. nafta george. james, did you just use the word took us -- tukus? that might be a first. here in the east bay the right on interstate is completely delayed -- delay free but a very harper has been on this fire in berkeley and close shot at avenue between addison and university and that is new the location on shattuck that this fire occurred so that is why they had closed the northbound lanes. they have a one block detour set up. otherwise the rest of the ride looks good. we have not been tracking any problem. look at the drivetime.
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the northbound freeway is 14 minutes as you head up from san leandro into oakland. there are no delays on the bridges to the bay bridge and on the san mateo bridge and highway 92 this is an easy trip with no delays east or west van. getting into marin is delay free this morning. and the golden gate bridge right is equally -- ride is equally fine. charges are pending after a man jumped over a white house fence as the first family was inside celebrating thanksgiving. mary maloney has the details. >> from the obama family to yours, have a great thanksgiving . >> reporter: the secret service says joseph caputo breached a eric kehe. -- barricade. he carried what's
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look like an envelope or folder as he went over the iron fence on the north lawn. the fence was recently outfitted with steel spikes. secret service officers had their guns drawn and had k-9 units. he is the third person this year to make it onto white house property. last year 42-year-old iraq war veteran made it through the main door and overpowered one officer. the secret service examined its security protocol. i and mary maloney. >> france is morning the victims of the terrorist attacks in paris. president francois hollande leading a meeting this morning. people across france are flying flags at half mast. their families were guests at the ceremony and 130 were killed
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with more than 350 injured. francois hollande pledge to destroy is is and he stepped up airstrikes against the group in syria. the built-in government has lowered -- belgian government has lowered the alert level. an attack is no longer considered him it. they been under threat since saturday. brussels joins the rest of belgium under the second- highest alert level. police raided locations yesterday but made no arrests. a california farm is recalling and vegetable mix believed to be involved in e. coli. taylor farms specific of tracy has recalled a mix of celery and onion used in the cost go chicken salad. the cdc said the number of people sickened will likely grow over the next few weeks even though the product has been removed from store shelves.
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we want to talk about some of the good things being done this holiday weekend in the south bay it was a thanksgiving day mission of mercy. a new effort to help those living on the streets to stay warm this winter. >> reporter: to you and me it's a big old motorhome but to the homeless who congregate at saint james park it is a mercy mobile. the man behind the idea of handing out sleeping bags to homeless is the reverend of this ministry. >> they want to go where no one has gone before and take things to the people. so it has multi- purposes. >> reporter: with the temperature expected to dip back into 30s those in the sidewalks see the mercy mobile arrived just in time. >> folks like this help us out
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and gives us a better chance of surviving. >> reporter: the next stop was a large homeless camp beneath highway 87 with a delivered more think it's along with hats -- blankets along with hats and gloves. >> you guys couldn't have blessed me anymore. i was cold. i was freezing. >> reporter: a long time advocate of the homeless is morning what could happen in camps like this if the predictions about el niño come to pass. >> i opened my shoulder in 1987 and i never forget how many people came they're looking for children because the treacherous rains and the cold temperatures really affected people's lives. >> i couldn't believe how much it rained that you. i think this will -- that year. >> reporter: on any given night
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there are 7000 people living on the streets. during a cold snap two years ago people died overnight. kron 4 in san jose. still ahead adult fans -- adele fans are really happy. the announcement the singer made on facebook. more details coming up.
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adele continues to be making headlines and she has an announcement that is making many happy. also adam sandler shows us an updated hanukkah song. >> reporter:, adele is going on tour. the superstar sinker announced the details -- singer announced the details. ireland, sweden, norway. listen up. i don't isn't coming -- adele isn't coming to the u.s. she will only go to the uk and europe. she was to do a remix with drake . he told reporters he would do anything with her. even her laundry. he instagram this cartoon of the pair. one direction is sending on these pictures.
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for the first time in 13 years adam sandler is given a new version of the hanukkah song increasing new celebrities who celebrate those eight nights. for hollywood minute i mary maloney. firefighters in berkeley are working to make sure a 2- alarm fire at a restaurant is put out. all details coming up next.
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we are still following breaking news at berkeley are firefighters are mopping after a stroke -- structure fire in a
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restaurant. >> a very harper's life -- a very -- a very harper avery harper is on the scene. >> reporter: you can see firefighters are still on scene. did come down from the letters and they are dousing the flames and have been going in and out and there is still a little smoke rising from the building. firefighters will be on scene to investigate what happened. five people liked about the restaurant and they're all displaced right now. there was an apartment building adjacent to that building which has been evacuated as well. all of those people are being housed at a u.c. building close by. i was able to speak with the chief. >> this is a restaurant in the middle of the block and there
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are apartment buildings that are very close to it to be evacuated those apartment buildings and are sheltering those occupants in a nearby building here. >> reporter: i am told that they haven't determined whether this building is a total loss at this point. they say they are going through the building and it doesn't look good right now. i am told they are not sure about the damage to the adjacent buildings. i did see some firefighters when they were dousing the flames getting water inside those businesses as well. i have been talking to people and you will hear from them coming up. we are also looking at some really cold temperatures. i hear it would get colder. you can see it's windy out there. look at the trees and the flax blowing -- flags blowing in the
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wind.>> it is the winds that will be the deciding factor as to when temperatures will start to get cold. this morning it was really windy . >> so it was warmer but it felt colder. >> and she the actual temperature graph and you can see. in the north bay where mark was driving this morning we have temperatures in the 40s and then we look at the the east in the livermore valley we are looking at 34 degrees. that is more than a 10 degrees different between santa rosa and livermore. it is colder in san jose with 35 and also in fremont. it's the winds across the delta that is with temperatures feel warmer. but they have been very calm for the valley and south bay and that's our temperatures there are cooler. that is a live look again showing you
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what you are seeing in san francisco with those winds. the -- brace yourself for some luster conditions this black friday. the temperatures will still be in the 30s and 40s and when they. by noon the wind stays with us and temperatures in the low temperatures. still looking at temperatures in the mid-50s. upper 50s for some like in north bay but not cold enough to want to take off the jacket. just want to remind you there is a freeze warning still in effect for the entire bay area until 9:00 today. we have conditions today that could put us in the low 30s. so just be ready for it. bundle up and keep the jacket handy all day long. is the time of year when
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people start shopping for the christmas trees. kron 4's jr stone tells us about the impact of the drought on the crop of christmas trees. >> timber. >> reporter: it's that time of year. christmas is now in sight and tree grower says black friday is his busiest day of the year. >> for sure.>> reporter: even on thanksgiving families came to the patch to cut down their tree. >> you get to work at after having all that turkey and so we woke up and we said let's go get our tree now so we can decorate and have some pie. >> reporter: what many of these folks don't realize is the drought has impacted these trees. 46 years of the tree farm has never seen a drought slowed the growth of his trees like this one has.>> this is by far the
7:34 am
worst. >> reporter: the larger trees you see have been grown for several years so the fx of the drought are harder to see. a different story when you look at these small trees. if it wasn't for this drought it would be longer. >> this would have been 18 inches to 24 inches or more. >> reporter: another sign of the drought, these needles should be double the length. this is unlikely to effect the cost of what you pay in your trees and should last just as long. you can focus on the more important things. >> it is takes a while to find the perfect tree. >> a lot of talking and not much cutting.>> reporter: the recent rain has perked up his growing trees just in time for the christmas holiday. in santa clara county jr stone,
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kron 4 news. two men hoping for a unique view of thanksgiving is spending the day with police. the men were caught flying a drone over the parade. the nypd saw the drone and track it to its operator. the two men were taken into police custody. know the names have been released. the holiday tree lighting ceremony in care kelly square it -- ghirardelli square yesterday. they say there is something for everyone tonight at the celebration. and there might even be some snow falling tonight. the event is free and starts at 5 pm with music and entertainment with kron 4's grant lotus . this year marks the 51st anniversary for the tree lighting. u.s. troops still getting a taste of home this thanksgiving.
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servicemembers encounter celebrating the holiday. thousands of troops are getting a taste of home. they shipped 52,000 pounds of turkey two bases around the world. president obama spent time calling u.s. troops on the holiday. he made 10 phone calls to servicemembers yesterday from the army, marines, navy, air force, and coast guard. donald trump response to acquisitions he was making fun of a near time reporter bradley is denying the acquisitions. a lot of people traveling this holiday weekend. after the break we will look at the strange objects you can and cannot take on an airplane. and a live look at the bay bridge. traffic has been quite but still a lot of shoppers braving the cold temperatures to get the deals.
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now that thanksgiving is over many people are starting to head back home. before you board your plane what you can and cannot bring on the plane. >> reporter: before you board know what stays and what goes. 22 news investigated what is a carry-on item.
7:40 am
many items compromise the role. ice skates are not on a plane along with disposable razors. screwdrivers and plans are also about as long as they are less than 7 inches. you can also bring e-cigarette. we came to quiz a couple travelers. some people were surprised about what made the cut. >> ice skates? >> no. >> reporter: that is actually incorrect. >> i think that is alarming. i would think that would be allowed. >> i think that's crazy. >> yeah. that makes no sense. you might as well be able to bring a knife. >> reporter: screwdriver that is less than 7 inches in length. >> yes they do about it. >> reporter: disposable razor. >> are those allowed? >> reporter: you are allowed to bring those.
7:41 am
>> that is shocking.>> reporter: they will confiscate tweezers and they didn't needles. -- 18 needles -- knitting needles. still ahead tracking your black friday forecast in temperatures as in the major destinations for shoppers today. livermore outlets 34, santana row 33. it's very cold out there. bundle up and keep the jacket handy. we will be back with the full forecast in just a bit.
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welcome back. pretty quiet in traffic so far but weatherwise it is still really cold. >> bundle up. this is a look at another list of big destinations for black friday shoppers. we have the stoneridge more -- mall currently 33 degrees. you should do in your head you will need to address near freezing temperatures. streets of brentwood is 43. sunnydale mall is 36. new portable is 40. valley fair is 33. the premium outlets in petaluma 48 degrees. there is a reason why we have such a wide range of temperatures here. this is the live look outside with clear skies and wendy.
7:45 am
some cameras -- windy. we have 18 mile an hour sustained winds in fairfield and 12 in santa rosa. the delta to the wine country and down across the peninsula have these strongest winds. temperatures are quite a bit cooler and doesn't put those numbers up you'll see what i mean. 45 to test 47 -- 47 at the top edge of your screen. that is were temperatures are dropping down into 30s. be ready for that before you get outside. there is a freeze warning in effect for the entire bay area. here is the frost advisory here in the darker peak and it's in effect until nine. basically any direction you head temperatures will be in the 30s. there will be a lot of exposure to the elements today and that of people walking outside such as make sure you bundle up and
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keep the jacket all day long including the afternoon where the peak temperatures come at 3:00. it looks pretty mild for oakland at 58. 55 in fremont and as we doublecrossed the be -- jump across the bay to palo alto on the coast side it is 56 degrees. everywhere else more of the same 55% was a and 56 to 59 in livermore 51. it will be chile -- chilly all day long. expect conditions to change very little day-to-day. it is next week we introduce some different weather for you. temperatures were most likely with the slightest chance of maybe a sprinkle. i will keep you updated on that. keep it tuned to kron 4 and we will update you as new
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information comes in. today the golden state warriors will try to extend their winning streak to 17 games. taking on the phoenix suns tonight on tuesday. we all remember the golden state broke the record for most consecutive wins. tipoff is 6:30 pm. take a listen. >> luke, luke. >> that is how curry spent his holiday. watching football. he watched the panthers destroy the cowboys. curry is a noted fan and the carolina panthers are also undefeated this season. the new york times is
7:48 am
taking double kron 4 task after it says he made fun of their reporter. we told you about the comment on the kron 4 more news but now >> reporter: is denying he was mimicking the reporter. as soon at john's has more. >> reporter: donald trump under fire again this time for seeming to mock a reporter's sensibility. >> you have to see the sky. i don't remember -- this guy. i don't remember what i said. >> reporter: the reporter has a condition that causes contortions. trump has been citing a story he wrote for the washington post in 2001 that refer to people allegedly seen celebrating the 9/11 attack. but this week he said he did not recall finding anyone who sat there were thousands or even
7:49 am
hundreds of people celebrating the fall of the twin towers as trump claimed. trump denies mocking kovaleski. he says if he is handicap i was not no because i do not know what he looks like. if i did, i would not say anything about his appearance. kovaleski worked at the new york daily news recovered trump. it's the latest eyebrow raising moment for the front-runner who says he wishes the election was next week. >> in a lot of countries you are left to pick your date for the election. i want to pick my date. i want it next tuesday. i want it on tuesday.>> reporter: right now polls show trump leading nationally and in the early states of iowa and new hampshire that there is still more than two months before voters start making their pics. >> we are not even at halftime yet.
7:50 am
all of the primaries there has always been a moment where candidate that ultimately is the winner begin to search. >> reporter: but just how much could the race change between now and february 1? made romney and newt gingrich for battling it out for the lead national. romney was in new hampshire but i will gingrich had a double- digit lead over him. >> i really do believe we will win iowa. >> reporter: and rick santorum was languishing at just 5%. in 2007 huckaby and romney were going for the top spot in iowa. and rudy giuliani was on top nationally not in the lead? the eventual nominee, john mccain. >> we sure showed them what a comeback looks like.
7:51 am
>> that was athena jones reported for us. >> trump accused the reporter of used his disability to grandstand. pope francis went to a town in nairobi as part of his trip to africa. he called the lack of basic services in the slum a new form of colonialism. he drove to the town with crowds cheering. some of the faithful said his visit showed them they are not forgotten. the pope flies to uganda today before finishing his trip in the central african republic. the dow jones average is down 25 points right now. led by a slump by disney stock reporting a loss of 3% of its prescribers to espn. will meet
7:52 am
back -- as the kron 4 news continues.
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7:54 am
take a look at this speak a mysterious object on mars have people wondering if it's a route. -- rat. amateur astronomer put this image on his youtube page and noted the object looks like
7:55 am
a possible mouse. but they admit the object is an optical illusion. the rover has spent three years studying mars. an island in nova scotia found this beer bottle as old as canada. a century old said still inside of it. seven was scuba diving earlier this week and found the bottle. crous used markings on the bottle to trace it. the beer is from 1872. the ink reads the oldest commercial burglary in north america -- brewery in north america. following a big fire burning in berkeley which is now out. a very harper is live on the scene
7:56 am
with more about the street closures in the area. we will be right back with more on this and other top stories as a kron 4 when the news returns in just two minutes. you how the latest on the windy conditions and some black friday shopping frenzy.
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the >> mark: there's a big fire in restaurant berkeley. >> darya: the fire started at 5:00 this morning >> reporter: fire officials just told me that the restaurant at university avenue said this is the second fire that we've responded to within an hour's commander in garden restaurant boo. cruz said that they left
8:00 am
the scene at 3:00 a.m. saying they had completed their investigation but it returned at 5:20 p.m. with a much more expensive fire. much of what was in the restaurant is a not recognizable and charred. a neighbor said he saw the flames, once at midnight, and one set 5 this morning. >> at midnight i was looking up at firetrucks who were here at for several hours. it was a small smoldering fire and they put it out and then of 5:00 in the morning the fire turned and
8:01 am
the fire was really big. >> reporter: five people did live inside an apartment above the restaurant and they have been evacuated and also a nearby apartment building. these people are being housed in your c ucb berkeley building. the streets should be reopening in one-hour . >> james: temperatures are pretty close to the freezing mark today and it is also off windy. if you're going to be all
8:02 am
set for any extended period, like black for a shopping for incidents--black friday shopping for incidents. for lunch time in will be cool with the low 50s, the wind will still be with us. the ready to stays forms can all day long. he concedes is that we had on the forecast panel. it is now 32 and pleasanton and livermore is not far from that. >> george: we are not tracking
8:03 am
any major problems. there is a small delay here in south san francisco heading down 380 just passed westborough. i'm not even sure that it's blocking alain and slowing traffic for about one eighth of a mile . we still have the street clothes during place between madison in university. to the bay bridge there's no commute and light traffic around the bay area. >> mark: shopping is starting early and renovation. there is
8:04 am
video of long lines of shoppers . there's some frustrated shoppers when that the doors open 10 minutes late. despite the early start on black friday there's much to a shop and buy for. >> will: there are 175 stores to choose from. the stores need to entice their shoppers and that were there since 6:00 a.m.. once these people have that the shopping they go to their cars tambov the merchandise and then
8:05 am
go back for more. >> i was here since 4:30 a.m. and set my alarm. i'm crazy about this. the parking was so far and freaking cold when the last time i'd this so i woke up and got a good spot this time. i found several space bags.
8:06 am
getting up was crazy because i don't normally get up this early. i am not morning person. it's part of tradition and a bonding. >> will: that was just live. i told, i just told you. i can tell you that there are plenty of security. parking is an issue, but you can find them.
8:07 am
>> mark: in several places around the nation, the board trying to get into macy's--the people were trying to get into macy's. here in the video you can see customers arguing that the store manager because it opened up 10 minutes late.
8:08 am
>> anny: the chp is cracking down on drivers this weekend to help stop drunk drivers. in california this chp entered maximum awareness. four accidents happened in the bay area last year that resulted in net death. >> mark: another fence jumper at the white house and how he got close to the president. costco is now all dealing with a major recall. more next.
8:09 am
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8:11 am
>> anny: a california farmer is recalling some of its product because it is believed to be part of the e. coli breakout. costco says the use one supplier for the carrots and celery for one of their products. >> james: their cold
8:12 am
temperatures around the bay. there's a frost advisory and freezing advisory from the national weather service. more next.
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> mark: our big story is the cold and windy weather.
8:15 am
>> james: this is our image from one of our cameras. look at fairfield: 23 mi. per hour strong winds, and consistent to o. it right now in the 40's we are in the north bay and the rest of the bay area's in the '30's.the inland east bay will
8:16 am
reach the '50s. we will be in the '50s and to of the day but the wind will be with us all day long. if you got a windbreaker and go ahead and use it so it the wind doesn't cut 3 or close .--cut through what your clothing. now we go to the traffic center. >> george: it is pretty quiet right now. we did have this
8:17 am
incident on the peninsula on interstate 280 southbound and has already been cleared at west para--borough--westborough. if you are heading to or from sfo there's only one minor delay. at the bay bridge there is no back up or even a commute. at this and mateo bridge there's only 11 and a trip time. for your commute at the golden gate bridge the time is also a very low.
8:18 am
>> anny: charges are pending after man jump over white house fence. >> mary: from the obama family to yours, have a great thanksgiving. the man had a solution and white pants and an american flag across his body when he jumped over the fence to the white house lawn. secret service officers had their guns drawn with canine units. most are quickly caught. last year a
8:19 am
war veteran made into the white house. the secret service revamped their security protocols after that. the mark the french president led a ceremony this morning honoring and mourning those killed in the terrorist attacks. the french president stepped up air strike attacks and syria and that it vows to destroy isis. police raided three locations outside
8:20 am
the capitol yesterday. >> anny: there is a manner how the--may or in the state of mississippi who wants to bring in refugees but the governor of that state vows to keep everyone out. >> mark: will read your car clubs in the east bay are teaming up. a live look outside
8:21 am
the bay bridge toll plaza we see cold and windy more next. hey, you forgot the milk that's lactaid. right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose. exactly. here, try some...ant.
8:22 am
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8:23 am
>> anny: low rider car clubs are
8:24 am
teaming up with youth to donate food for this thanksgiving. >> reporter: these letters are not just making their cars topped during these celebrations for thanksgiving. diego garcia is the lead organizer for the charity event. >> as soon as i told those low rider community to about this they had not hesitate at all to help us. >> reporter: the multicultural and said today a program also participated by donating a labor.
8:25 am
>> and so have to be here. thank god this is happening. >> diver when misfortune that enough to have a meal--not everyone is fortunate enough to have a meal. >> reporter: the purchase the bags this year but hopefully next year they will recruit wondered to grocery stores to donate them. >> anny: check of this video we have from the fire in the east bay on diamond way. when crews arrived at the fire had already
8:26 am
made its way through the roof of the furniture store. luckily no one was hurt but we do not know is because of the blaze. >> reporter: 82 alarm fire displaces five in berkeley. >> mark: it is a pretty looking morning at but cold and windy run the bay area. more next.
8:27 am
8:28 am
the mark >> mark: there is a big restaurant fire this morning in uc-berkeley.
8:29 am
>> maureen: fire officials are clean up in getting ready to move out of here in the next 30 minutes. the streets have been close since they were fighting fire. take a look to this video as they were fighting the fire earlier. i'm told there was a to alarm fire--two alarm fire. earlier that night there was another fire at the same place. most of what is inside this charred an unrecognizable.
8:30 am
>> there are apartment buildings that are very close to this silly evacuate those. >> maureen: there are five people lived above the restaurant and the red cross is finding a place for them to stay. if you plan on driving in and around downtown berkeley might want to avoid the area. >> anny: let's check out the
8:31 am
forecast as we all had vowed to black friday. we have sunny skies as the sea wind blowing in the trees. >> james: 32 degrees in pleasanton. we have temperatures around the bay in a 30's and low to mid-40s. at 8:00 the current our we have the temperature is ec and then the the temperatures will reach the mid to upper 50s in all areas of the day at its highest. >> george: there is of very
8:32 am
light and easy ride all around the bay area. there's a streak of closure in berkeley. this is on shattuck avenue. you easily be able to navigate around us. all the bridges are easy to navigate. >> mark: the mission of mercy in san jose is tried to help the homeless they warned. >> rob: to the homeless to
8:33 am
congregate at st. james park it is a mercy as they receive items that help them stay warm. with the temperature expected to dip back into the '30's this will be a godsend to these homeless people. >> this type of thing gives us a better chance of surviving winter. >> rob: blankets and hats and gloves where it distributed to people have been here at least one year. there are questions
8:34 am
now about what will happen to these people in the el nino storms,. >> life in this year will be instrumental in helping save lives during the amino storms. >> anny: there's a man looking for a need you in to a thanksgiving tradition. the
8:35 am
nypd tracked down a drone that was flying over the macy's day parade. the mark >> mark: in the mission district police are still looking for a person who shot another person. this is a busy shopping area where happened. in the lobby of the garage man was shot in the leg. and the hon >> anny: 13 people have been arraigned because they were planning on the smuggling drugs from mexico to america. this included cocaine, heroin, and a
8:36 am
methamphetamine. they're scheduled to appear in court on said to in the future. adhered l square this 63 ft. tree is going to be erected. >> anny: the event is free and this marks the 51st anniversary of the jury lining. >> mark: many fans are considering the forty-niners a lost season as they scramble to put things together. the
8:37 am
cardinals to beat them said the offense was simple and predictable. you can get tickets cheaper than the parking passes here. we have j. r. stone and bip roberts and gary radnich at this board said this weekend. >> anny: many people are traveling this weekend for the
8:38 am
holidays and will take a look at this strange sight an object that you can and cannot take on an airplane. donald trump is denying the accusations of making fun of the new york times reporter. and we'll discuss the temperature for this vertical black friday. ♪
8:39 am
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8:41 am
the mark >> mark: u.s. troops may not be with their families this thanksgiving but many received at thanksgiving meals. the military shipped out 52,000 lbs. of turkey to bases around the world. >> anny: president obama made 10 phone calls to individuals and the various branches of the military to wish them a happy thanksgiving. >> james: we'll talk about the freeze morning frost advisory around the bay and we can expect
8:42 am
for the rest of our holiday weekend.
8:43 am
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8:44 am
>> james: we have almost 40 in.
8:45 am
in tahoe of snow right now. i'm just saying that for some reason i'm not here on monday that is probably why. there's going to be a lot of folks on the road with black friday in mind who want to get from one mall to the other. they need to address warmly because of the low temperatures in and the heavy winds. in pleasanton we have almost freezing temperatures at 33. 33 at pleasanton we have our lowest
8:46 am
temperatures and 36 the hands up jose and 45 the napa. it will be a little while before we get out of the temperature went--range. here's where we will become later this afternoon. we will see and stay at mid fifties to upper 50's and in some areas. saturday and sunday temperatures will hold steady. i you're 70 alec we have clouds rolling in with a shot and maybe some i ran over the next week.
8:47 am
>> george: we're following acquire ride around the bay james. there's no commute. there are a few incidents but they have amounted to nothing really . we have a green that showing all the dead sensors which means no blockage. at westborough the incident there is gone now. from the nimitz freeway to the toll plaza there is a tax in report but it is not slowing any traffic down. there is nothing
8:48 am
slowing the rides into any counties ordered over any bridges. >> mark: now that thanksgiving is over many people are heading home of. but >> reporter: before you board know what state and what goes. surprisingly many items compromised the rule of law cannot be brought. anything that
8:49 am
could be used to hate or cut someone on not allowed. we quizzed a couple of travelers to have them shows of the gsa said nolan--tsa. >> i think it's crazy the ice skates are allowed. >> reporter: tsa is being very
8:50 am
picky on what they will and will not allow. >> anny: called francis visited kenya--pope francis of visited kenya. some of the faithful believe that the pope will fly to you gonna--uganda. >> mark: trump made fun of a new york reporter who had a disability but now he is denying what happened.
8:51 am
>> reporter: one of the new york times reporters said that donald trump claimed to the reporter said hundreds or even thousands of people celebrated when the 911 attacks happened. however donald trump denied all of us.
8:52 am
>> i wish we could move this election of. i want to pick my date for the election. i want it next tuesday. >> reporter: polls show trump is leading national. >> we're not even have time yet . there has always been moments where candidates who you thought would lewis will become winners . >> reporter: the eventual winner
8:53 am
of the caucuses and a different states in 2007 the 2008 presidential elections. >> anny: informing them york a plane made an urgent--a blend made emergency landings. two
8:54 am
people on board and no one was her. >> mark: the golden state warriors are trying to extend their streak to 17 and 0. they are currently 16 and 0 which broke in nba record. stephen curry is a aha fan of the
8:55 am
carolina panthers since he is from north carolina. >> anny: there's a cold start on this black friday.
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> annie: " take a look this: on mysterious object on mars. an amateur astronomer enhanced the image that look like a large mouse or road and. this was an optical illusion however. in the 9:00 hour will contain to follow breaking news with fire crews at berkeley. >> will: you are way behind thousands of your fellow shoppers if you're just reading now. >> mark: waking up for cold
8:58 am
temperatures and wendy conditions we'll talk about conditions ahead. ♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most.
8:59 am
love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> mark: a big fire restaurant in berkeley at shattuck ave. we are learning that this is not
9:00 am
the first fire at this place this morning. >> reporter: you can see the fire crews are cleaning up the last of the the ashes. there was a to alarm fire that ripped through this building. that the fire chief with the berkeley department around midnight for smaller fire happened and then they came at 5:00 a.m. this morning to a much larger fire. there were five people in the building right above and they were evacuated. >> at midnight i was woken up by
9:01 am
firetrucks appearing here and they were here furred like several hours. it was a small smoldering fire, or here for cut flowers to put it out, and then they returned at 5:00 p.m. to a much bigger fire. >> reporter: is possible that the earlier fire caused of the later, larger fire. there is no word on the cause of the fire however. >> mark: we are watching the weather here. the fire could have spread more with the way
9:02 am
the conditions. >> james: the flags have been flapping vigorously all morning long. you concede the effective temperature is having. what we have in the east bay and south pay is the 30 degree temperatures. the wind has allowed this cold to sink into the valleys and allow everything to chill down. we're still looking now we had at the 8:00 hour. by noon time will be in the low 50s and by three this afternoon expect made to maybe upper 50s, with no '60s. the
9:03 am
wind will stick up thrusts-- stick through us for most of the day. grab a scarf grab had grabbed a jacket or every need to stay ward--warm today. >> george: there is no congestion or backups all along the bay area. it has never been any busier than eupepsia out right now. >> mark: the holiday shopping started very early this morning early, you're then years past.
9:04 am
so on the left you can see the line at the least city at the macy's their. some places open up its 6:00 p.m. last evening. we have it will try and at livermore. >> will: we are at the san francisco premium out lots at livermore. many people got here when it opened at 6:00 p.m. last night when opened. however i was
9:05 am
able to track down torture in making a black friday. why did you wait till today? >> i wanted to stay warm and enjoy thanksgiving with my family. >> will: is there any way to get you here on thursday? >> know she really likes to sit on with family a thanksgiving. we're here to get the scraps. >> i respect the idea that people needed day off. we can way in shop. i think that this
9:06 am
has grown to a month-long the thing. >> we plan this bent let taylor has allocated to use. i think we will try to be frugal this year . >> will: in san francisco there will be 700,000 square feet of shopping premium now let's-- premium colette's--outlets.
9:07 am
>> mark: across the country we have some ugly scenes. you can see people scrambling to get merchandise at wal-mart. you can see at times square in new york city people are rushing at toys r us. >> reporter: it's not the acceptable but it is basically expected. the shoppers outside a target in philadelphia.
9:08 am
>> party was pretty easy in the lines were long. >> reporter: you can see a police taking away one man. you can see a man trying to snatch a box read of a child's sand.-- hand. shoppers in denver had to brave the smell and way long hours in the freezing cold. in california most people had to break just each other. >> mark: another fence jumper and the white house. e. coli
9:09 am
bright--break out leading to costco calls for recall.
9:10 am
9:11 am
>> mark: a california farm is recalling a vegetable makes a that is reportedly causing e. coli breakouts from a product and the california--costco. this was used for a chicken salad at costco. the product has been removed, and also if you brought chicken salad before last friday throw out. >> james: will have more about your cold morning forecast coming up and as well as the >> james: will have more about your cold morning forecast coming up and as well as the black friday shopping. ly] the n! [quickly] sports win! [quickly] let's go shopping! 40% off apparel and accessories at target.
9:12 am
9:13 am
♪ cyber sales are storming in with ultra hdtv deals. ultra hd huh? i'll look good enough to eat. [ gasps ] oh no... on sale at, starting tomorrow. >> mark: cold and windy is the big story today. the cold wind really rick's right through you
9:14 am
.--rex--rips right through you. >> james: though windy conditions are helping moderate temperatures and keeping them away from the freezing point. and is across the tent--top and along the downside to worry concede the when the temperatures. look at the latest up out with 42 in pleasanton. we are out of the
9:15 am
'30's and now more and more places. eventually we will get to the mid-50s and the upper 50s. this will be a cool afternoon with the wind is sticking with us. through the weekend temperatures are going to stay flat with the temperature is.--temperature is not coming up much. >> george: there is no delay or slowing it anywhere in the bay area. on interstate 80 out of
9:16 am
the mes and on all the bridges ec almost no traffic--you see almost no traffic. ball of abovalong the golden gate their three lanes in both directions. >> mark: charges are now pending after men jumped over white house fence, this happened yesterday afternoon, the it family of the president was there. >> reporter: as the president and his family celebrated
9:17 am
thanksgiving there is a man who tried to get over the fence he is dressed in white pants and a blue shirt and a flag over him and an envelope in his mouth. secret service had their weapons drawn with canines their. most people are quickly caught. last year a war veteran made it all the way through the main door of the white house and overpowered one man. >> mark: france is mourning the victims of that terrorist attacks in paris. the families of the victims and people who
9:18 am
survived were invited to the ceremony. 130 people were killed and more than 350 were injured. the belgian government now lowering the alert level from an imminent threat down. san francisco police are still looking for of pull person who shot a man in a popular garages in the mission district. the shooting happened it at mission street between fourth and fifth. when police arrived they found a man shot and a leg. the
9:19 am
victim was taken to hospital. in the east bay on diamond way a furniture store started on fire and it had already reached through the roof and firefighting crews reached the blaze. there is a mission of mercy on thanksgiving day. >> rob: to you and me this is a big old motor home by to homeless people that it's is a mercy no bill.--mercy mobile. >> we're trying to go where no one has gone before, to mobilize people to shelters.
9:20 am
>> rob: the mercy mobile arrive here just in time. the next stop is a large homeless place near highway 87 will distribute hats and gloves and blankets to the people. >> last year i was cold and freezing. >> rob: long time champions of helping the homeless there trying to help people before them the new storms come to pass. >> the treacherous rains and cold temperatures really hurt
9:21 am
these people. i think this vehicle will be instrumental in saving lives. >> rob: there are thousands of people who are homeless and the irish fraction of that have shelter--a fraction of that have shelter. >> mark: thousand thousands of military troops had it good that dinners yesterday due to 52,000 lbs. of turkey being distributed to various bases around the world. president obama made 10 calls the difference military officers
9:22 am
thinking them for their service . our brought--how or black friday team coverage continues. >> phillipe: if you wanted to shop at the start and won a creek than bravo because there were no lines. shop at target. these people were privy to the great deals at hand because no one really was there. a lot of people are banking on the state for their holiday shopping and
9:23 am
people got them here. >> you got to just walk in and we want >> we got everything we wanted >> we have four kids between the ages of 5 and 9 sloes nice it pick what i wanted. >> phillipe: if you wanted to stay home and celebrate thanksgiving with your family friends this target will remain open until midnight. >> mark: adult fans are happy about the new album. adult i dealt adele made a comment on
9:24 am
her facebook that many americans about the new album. adult i dealt adele made a comment on her facebook that many americans might not like most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
9:25 am
9:26 am
the mark >> mark: adele is making the release of a hanukkah song. >> reporter: adele is going on tour in the superstar is touring four parts of the u.k. and europe. one direction is
9:27 am
instagram and fiction--pictures . adam sandler is also releasing a new hanukkah song. >> reporter: fire investigators are here in berkeley to figure out what the cause of the fire was
9:28 am
9:29 am
>> mark: a big fire at a restaurant in berkeley near shattuck avenue and university avenue. it started it 5:00 this morning. we're learning that the fire department was their hours
9:30 am
earlier to combat a smaller fire. >> reporter: fire officials are still working to clear the scene. they're working to put the hoses away and the real pin that streets sin--reopened streets soon. take a look at what the fire looked like earlier. crews responded around midnight at this restaurant where they responded to a small kitchen fire. they determine at the fire was out they were called here around 5:00 a.m. this morning to fight a much larger fire. nothing is
9:31 am
recognizable now. officials tell me that the bigger fire could possibly have been led by the smaller fire by cause has not been confirmed. they're still working to reopen the streets. >> mark: there's a big protest and march taking place near the chicago shopping district. they are demonstrating the shooting of a black teenager by a white officer. the protest was hoping
9:32 am
to disrupt the black friday shopping on michigan avenue. it is cold and windy around the bay area. there are chilly temperatures and more cold weather to come. >> james: as we look at the golden gate bridge is crystal clear, maybe even like shorts and t-shirt weather. but you will soon learn that is not the case. the sun has been up enough so that finally we're and not mainly in the 30's but are now mainly in the '40's. if you are out about shopping taking a break for lunch you'll still want to stay inside. it will max
9:33 am
out at the middle or upper 50s for the whole day. we will fix that next week when we get increased temperatures and chances of rain next week. >> george: i'm not tracking any hot spots or any delays. there is simply no congested on the highways and roadways today. there have been no metering lights this morning. you are right out of the east bay to iran looks great.--east bay to
9:34 am
more rain looks great to--marin looks great. >> reporter: it is now that time of year. and for this man who grows and sells trees this is that busiest time of year. >> you get worked out after having all that turkey. we wanted to just decorate have supplied.--have some high--pie.
9:35 am
the largest trees you can see have been growing for several years. when you look at the small trees you can see the effect of the drought. >> a year prior to the drought this would have been 18 to 24 in. more. >> reporter: of these needles that are three-quarters of an inch should be it -- like-- double the the whole length. that >> mark: to mentor hoping for
9:36 am
eight unique view of the mesa agreed using a drone to fly over the parade. the two men were taken into police custody as a helicopter tract of the draw-- tracked the drone. the event is free to attend and asserts a five this evening of the lifting of the gear delhi swear to three. this is the
9:37 am
51st time.
9:38 am
9:39 am
the market but there are a lot of people getting up the plans this weekend. >> mark: listen to our reporter
9:40 am
with a detailed report. >> reporter: surprisingly many rules are allowed. there are screwdriver's less than 7 in. and pliers and ice skates and razors which are allowed. >> i find it alarming that ice skates are allowed because the blazers so big and sharp-- blades are so big and sharp.
9:41 am
>> disposable razors are allowed?? i would have brought mine. >> reporter: if you have of baseball bat or hockey stick to have to check that before you go on board. >> reporter: you can go to the strong black friday because as decided to be close to it than. >> james: we're finally seeing '50s on the map and we will look at our future cast
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
>> mark: how order of the week is this a one-year old kiddie
9:45 am
named acorn. a corn does do good with other animals. you can contact the shelter on how to get corn or another cat or dog. >> james: when you see the flags flapping and the wind coming through the windshield is something you'll have to deal with--wind chill. it will take a long for what ever you are
9:46 am
wearing it to feel like enough. fifties are all we're going to achieve around the bay of today . don't expect it to warm up too much and don't forget the wind it will be out there. a lot of folks are going to be out there all day today because of the shopping so beware of the temperature--be aware of the temperature. the rest of your holiday weekend looks like today but once every gets back to work on monday we will have temperatures climb as the clouds
9:47 am
roll in an increased chance of rain showers. on monday morning i will have an updated forecast. >> george: history closure and berkeley because of a fire earlier cleanup operations are still under way with shattuck way between addis and in university being shut down. there are no delays for the bridges. essentially no matter where you go clearly the adult
9:48 am
traffic and there are no incidents often the major highways or freeways. >> mark: while several searching for a deal some are taking a different approach like one store. >> reporter: if you plan to go to r e i a you would have been this appointed--rei. everyone of these stores a shutdown. a long time ago the stores announced they would shut down to
9:49 am
encourage people to use spent time with their family and go outside. i've seen a few people drive by check out the store and then leave quickly. >> mark: the golden state warriors will try to extend their wings to 17 against the phoenix suns. the nba came--killing a--king
9:50 am
watching the panthers destroy the cowboys as stephen curry is a native of north carolina. the 49ers are trying to put together any kind of momentum. they are ready to take on a the arizona cardinals were the division leaders. last year at the arizona cardinals said the offense was simple and predictable against the 49 years.
9:51 am
>> we are preparing for complicated a really good defense which makes the ford challenge and we are up to it. >> mark: you can get some parking tickets for twice as much as the actual game tickets . this weekend we will have j. r. stone n gary radnich and bip roberts break down the sports for the week. the new york times is taking donald trump to task for making fun of a reporter's disability.
9:52 am
donald trump denies he did this . >> reporter: the poor guy, know what he said, i don't remember, i doubt remember. this reporter has a condition that it creates contortions in his lands--lands --limbs. donald trump said this reporter found thousands of people finding a and celebrating the 911 attacks. but the reporter denied all of this.
9:53 am
>> i wish we could move this election out.--election.--up. >> reporter: there are more than two months before republican voters their picks. >> in all the primaries past there has been a moment or candidates are all to mid the los--ultimate to the winner but
9:54 am
where the loser is some point. romney was out front in 2007 at first but eventually lost to the mccain. >> mark: and a subsequent statement donald trump demanded an apology of the new york times.
9:55 am
there is a demonstration in michigan avenue in chicago protesting the shooting and killing of a black teenager by white police officer. police are just releasing video of the incident and this has made a lot of people upset.
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> mark: a man in nova scotia found a beer bottle nearly as old as canada. he found this bottle which was traced back to 1872. they say the bear inside is probably not any good.
9:58 am
you could always get whether traffic and news updates @ kron 4 news stock, or on our mobile application. have a great weekend 7
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>> announcer: today on "dr. phil." this fighter says his toughest opponent is his ex. >> you should be punched in the face. >> announcer: they're fighting over their son. >> dr. phil: you think he's not being cared for? >> no. >> dr. phil: was she that way when you married her? >> i don't remember. >> dr. phil: what do you mean? have you been hit in the head that much? >> announcer: his current wife is taking swings at her as well. >> there was a huge rat hole at their house. it was flea infested. >> announcer: today -- >> i'm going to video this. she's crazy. >> you're the one with red hair. >> dr. phil: this is at a little league baseball practice. >> announcer: the gloves come off. >> dr. phil: you're trying to be me. >> why did you dye your hair red. >> dr. phil: are you kidding me? >> dr. phil: let's do it! >> have a good show, everybody. >> dr. phil: this is a safe


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