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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 1, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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update given by the police just a while ago, but are now saying whether it was an actual person that was shot. even though there is a couple of witnesses that says that was exactly what happened here. police did say flow was taken to the hospital. so far, they have not been allowed to say that a suspect has been shot. >> reporter: all began a wrong 1:00 this afternoon, a couple of blocks east of here. police ticketed call this is someone said the best you see, the chevy suburban was stolen. the corner of the vehicle. at the intersection. at the shopping mall area. as he tried to get away, the suspect ran into a police car. that is one the police
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shot at the suspect and he managed to get away. penick shoppers were told to leave. as the up police arrived they win with dogs and guns looking for the suspect. at one point, i was told by a shopper that when the suspect came out he was wearing a toys r us t-shirt. >> reporter: we do not know if that is correct. if he put the shirt on perhaps, to blend in or hide. long story short is he come out and they've taken into custody. the shopper says when they took to shut off for some reason you see that he could be or he could have been shot or 8¢. --wound >> reporter: we do know that
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police issued at the suburban here. woman says she owes this s u b and they were using a iphone track to follow this card. --suv to follow this car >> pam:also happening tonight. a massive mess shuts down a section of a major bay areayou can see the video from our helicopter partnership with abc7. it shows the overturned dump truck that dropped its load from an overpass. onto the lanes of southbound- 101. >> pam:it happened during the morning commute at the san francisco. >> pam:crews have been hard at work trying to clean this up all day. kron 4's maureen kelly joins us live. with the latest from the scene. >> reporter: good evening tam, that is right forpam the southbound lanes of 101
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are back open now after being shut down for nearly 7 hours. caltrans cleaned up all of that mess from the freeway.and behind me you can see the new temporary fence that was just installed here on the overpass in the last few hours. >> reporter:replacing the fence that was out of control semi truck. >> reporter:this is the wreckage that first responders saw when they arrived on the scene just before 9 am. >> reporter:a dump truck on it's side.most the the construction debris it was hauling. in a massive pile on the southbound lanes of highway 101. before it landed it here police say the truck apparently lost it's brakes as it was travelling east bound on silver avenue >> reporter:striking a light pole at the corner of san bruno and then plowed into overpass fencing as it flipped.police say the semi came inches from going over the edge. >>which would have been a diaster in's a miracle more people weren't hurt or killed >> reporter:the man working behind the counter at white palace deli saw the accident and rushed to help to get the driver out who was not seriously injured.he says
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he's thankful that all of the people travelling this busy intersection weren't hurt. >>kids school kids.missed them by five minutes. >> reporter:the southbound lanes of the freeway remained closed.bakcing up traffic on the highway and city streets while repairs were made. >> reporter:fire crews cut away the damaged make way for a new one.and caltrans scooped up the mess that was left behind.the chp says it's more than remarkable that none of the many cars clogging the freeway were hit by the load. >>i'm not sure how we lucked out but were are lucky that we did and no one was struck. >> reporter:san francisco police say their commericial vehicle inspection unit will be examing the truck and
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talking to the company,,,evergreen recycling. >> reporter:the driver will also be tested for drugs and alcohol which is standard protocol in a case like this. >> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news >> pam:grant lodes joins us with a conditions. >> reporter: this mass pickup truck was also involved in a dump truck incident this morning but this was done a half mile away. here in >> reporter: is what they believe happened. >> reporter: collision was so severe. that losing control and possibly passing out police speculate that his foot was on the guest.
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he hit this part car which ran into a 20 ft. tall tree knocking it down. >> reporter:loc whyn was coming home from dropping off his kids at school when the crash unfolded before his eyes. >>--- loc huynh/witness i had to shut my window - debris was flying. >> reporter:whyn says he ran to a local fire station to get help. >>--it is all crazy. >> reporter:police shut down the intersection of silver and sommerset as crews worked to clean up the large mess. the owner of the parked car told me he was in shock and couldn't go on camera - he said it was a miracle the pick up driver did not hit anyone on the street or sidewalk before striking his car. >> reporter:the driver of the pick up and a passenger were taken to sf general. both smashed cars were eventually towed away - te
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>> pam: the marin county coroner's office is trying to contact the next of kin.of a man who died in a wrong- way driving collision. on highway- 101 in san rafael late last night. >> pam: a 2000 honda civic. was traveling north on southbound highway- 101, when it collided with a southbound big-rig. towing two empty gas trailers. killing the honda driver. >> pam: the chief deputy coroner says, the deceased driver is not a marin county resident. >> pam: the coroner believes it may take a few days before his next of kin are notified. >> pam: an autopsy is scheduled for wednesday. >> pam: a fire that burned an apartment building in el sobrante early this morning.thousand dollars in damage. and displaced 15- people. >> pam: crews responded to the two- alarm fire around 3:30- in the morning. >> pam: the fire was apparently caused by a stovetop that was left on. in an apartment at 280- joan vista street. >> pam: officials say, the blaze was brought under control within about 30- minutes. >> pam: the apartment unit where the fire started was completely destroyed.
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>> pam: the blaze spread to two other units. which were significantly damaged. none of the residents was injured. >> pam: police are investigating a homicide. after a person was found dead early this morning at a park in concord. >> pam: at 12:05 in the morning. officers responded to a report of a deceased male at hillcrest park. located at olivera road and grant street. >> pam: a person who was walking through the park, called police. after they found the unresponsive male victim lying on the ground. the caller stayed at the scene until officers arrived. >> pam: the victim was found in the park's southeast corner. >> this call came man at 125 in the morning. --12:05 we have no one has heard anything. so, if you know
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anything or have any information, please contact the contra costa pop county police department. >> pam:police have not yet identified the victim. detectives are looking for a potential motive for the homicide. including the possibility the incident may be gang- related. >> pam: a robbery at an antioch 7-eleven store. took a violent turn. as a suspect shot one of the store clerks late monday night. >> pam: police say, the robbery happened at 11:50 - at night. at 4901 lone tree way. the clerk who was shot was taken to the hospital. and is expected to survive. >> pam: shortly after the incident. police stopped a vehicle thought to have been involved in the robbery. according to police. two suspects were taken into custody. >> pam: the store's manager calls the robbery senseless. >>.kill him? no.
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>> reporter: >> pam:the investigation is still ongoing. >> pam: a wild confrontation inside an east bay convenience store, turns violent. with the clerk being rushed to the hospital. >> pam: the video you will see. only on kron 4. is just ahead. plus, a big honor for a warriors coach. >> pam: even though his record shows no wins. and we're just two months from super bowl -50 coming to the bay area. >> pam: new at 5:15. how public transportation around the city will be affected the week before the game. >> reporter: it looks like we have a chance of mild temperatures tonight. and we still have the mention of
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million people. it will be tough. traffic will be no good. >> pam: (laughter) >> grant: you are going to have two different buildings. that are going to have the in asphodel fan experience. fans can go see how far they can throw a football or kick a football. a lot of interactive activities. >> grant: the release of the bold items for people to purchase. --super bowl items >> grant: this is in rendering of superable city. they are going to shut down market street. all the way
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to the ferry building. z >> grant: washington street almost down to mission. a significant traffic issue there. dan kerman joins us live. where millions of people will be there. >> reporter: is it going to do for traffic? they sang him that they are ready for the additional people, muni had a conference today. >> reporter: confident words from peter albert, stating that san francisco is ready for super bowl activities. >> talked-about the big events kicking that at around 10 or 11 in the day.
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>> reporter: here at the end of market street, many of these cars and transit vehicles uc will not be here. as market will be closed from here to the ferry building. >> and tunnels will be affected and some will not. the terminal may be mold a block away. >> reporter: from castro to downtown and bus will take you to certain areas and then you may be transferred to a trolly on to fisherman's wharf. for those that travel underground may look for additional services. >> >> reporter: other piece of advice is that you do not
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want to drive down here. he should take public transit and you ok. again, the money to make sure it be smolts because the other events will do not take place until 10 or 11 in the morning. >> reporter: will be set up time both before and after so street closures -- are looking at from anywhere from january 23rd to february 12th. >> pam:now to the ongoing discussion on the fate of the oakland raiders. will the franchise be out of the bay area by this time next year? >> pam:n-f-l owners are meeting once again this week. and the league could take another step in its plans for los angeles. >> pam:mark carpenter joins us with the details. >> pam:mark-- what is expected out of these talks?
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>> reporter:while the last few months have seen nothing but speculation on which team or teams will move, the league could finally give a definitive answer on *when a vote will take place. >> reporter:this is the second time in a matter of weeks owners will convene to talk about moving to southern california, but unlike november's meetings, no formal presentations from the raiders, chargers or rams are on the agenda. what is expected to come down is the nfl will set a date for early next year to vote on relocating. >> reporter:a new stadium for the raiders is expected to cost 900-million dollars, but oakland mayor libby schaaf has repeatedly said no public money will be used. >> reporter:the plan that currently seems to have the biggest traction is the one that moves both the raiders and chargers down to carson. that committee is currently headed by disney ceo-- bob iger. >> reporter:it's been reported that this discussion entirely for another year to allow for more time.but that is highly unlikely. >> reporter:turning our attention to the red hot warriors-- luke walton may not have any official wins on his record, but the man that's guided golden state
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to its record undefeated start is getting some recognition from the >> reporter:the association announced this afternoon that walton is the western conference coach of the month.after leading the defending champs to a historic 19-0 start. >> reporter:by rule, as the interim head coach, he technically doesn't have any official wins on his record.those still fall under steve kerr. >> reporter:but, the league says the interim is still eligible to earn coaching awards. after going 3-0 in october, the warriors went 16-0 in time in franchise history the team has gone undefeated in a full calendar month. >> reporter:they've also won 23-straight regular season games, dating back to last year, which is currently the 3rd-longest streak in league history. we'll see if they can stay unbeaten tomorrow night as they face the hornets in charlotte. >> reporter:as for kerr-- there is still no timetable for his return as he continues to recover from back surgery. >> reporter:mark carpenter, kron4 news >> pam:milder weather today
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than yesterday. dave is here with details. >> reporter: here is the performance we can expect for tonight with low temperatures in the north bay. 40, santa rosa. in the peninsula pretty much upper '40's. we have all seen those inland valley temperatures in the 30's. but at least the upper '30's. we are getting spray by cloud coverage which will be our friend for tonight. >> reporter: now we have 50 at the perimeter of the day. --of the bay >> reporter: 58 and covers 36. but everyone else mostly
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in the '40's. tomorrow, do not expect a lot of sun to help out. but it will be a moderation: 4. >> reporter:-- going forward >> reporter: have been talking about rain any could be showing up by thursday. >> pam: ahead at five. >> pam:south bay police looking for a bold burglar. caught on camera, inside a home. and hoverboards are very popular. >> pam:tonight a warning from some owners. that the hot toys.
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>> pam: >> grant: happened back in september police say a a he of rain belt of the par of his spirit away to the identify creek new video tonight of theit happened back in near almaden lake drive. >> grant:police say the suspect rang the door bell on the frontwhen no one answered. he went into the backyard and entered the
5:25 pm
house through the rear sliding glass door. >> grant:he later ran away. and has yet to be identified. the suspect is described as a hispanic man in his 30's. shirt, red shorts, and black >> grant:the san francisco district attorney's office has yet to get the case. against police officer christopher kohrs. he is the man accused of driving into two pedestrians, and then running away from the scene sunday morning >> pam:kohrs. is somewhat of a celebrity. he is a police officer. once been dubbed the "hot cop of castro". >> pam:he turned himself in. hours after the accident , and is currently out on bail. >> pam:the district attorney is waiting for the police department to hand off the case meantime, kron 4's kate cagle learned more about the two men who were hit in this north beach accident. >>"everything changes very very rapidly." >> reporter:victor perez's life may never be the same after he was hit by a car sunday morning. >> reporter:doctors say his jaw is broken in three places.requiring multiple
5:26 pm
operations. >>"he's going to have to have a plate inserted. where we don't know yet." >> reporter:victor's friend americo has spent the past two days at his bedside. >>"he's feeling much worse today" >> reporter:the family is in shock after victor was hit by a car sunday morning - allegedly driven by an off- duty police officer who fled the scene. >> reporter:that officer - christopher kohrs - who is well known for his good looks and charity appearances is now facing two felony hit and run charges. >>"miraculous." >> reporter:this witness to the crash was surprised to hear the they are. >>"to be honest with youin my opinion they were dead." >> reporter:americo diaz/friend of victim >>"he says all he remembers is waking up in the hospital." >>"somebody from s-f-p-d did contact him but obviouslyvictor is more there than here." >> reporter:and while victor's family is focused on his recovery right now.he is concerned about them. >>"he's obviously worried. he loves with his mother. he provides for his mother."
5:27 pm
>> pam:chaos in an east bay convenience store. >> pam:a clerk confronted.then attacked by customers hurling food. the video -you'll only see on kron 4. is next at 5:30. >> pam:and new fallout from the deadly police shooting of a teenager in chicago. >> pam:who the mayor fired. coming
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:a wild confrontation inside a 7-eleven convenient store turns violent and ends with the store clerk being hospitalized. >> pam:kron4's haaziq madyun has the surveillance video.that >> reporter:a food fight inside of a 7-eleven? "a food fight inside a 7- 11! you can see right when that bottle is thrown. that is when everything kind of explodes" >> reporter:and the whole thing was captured on surveillance video. the incident happened back on november 20th here at this store on monument blvd in concord. the clerk asked the two female customers for identifcation to make a purchase, apparently they didn't have valid i.d.'s. so they left store. police say they went ot the car to get this guy wearing the baseball cap.and well. corporal chris blakely takes
5:31 pm
from there >>"what you are looking at is an overhead camera behind the counter.the two females follow" >> reporter:at this point the suspects stopped throwing food and started throwing punches >>"the female slaps him and the male suspect punches him in the face.then they take vehicle" >> reporter:the clerk suffered a non life threatening head injury and was taken to a local hospital. investigators have limited descriptions of the suspects other than what you see here.and they hope showing the video will help track them down.
5:32 pm
>> reporter:in concord haaziq madyun kron4news. >> reporter: good evening everyone. not so cold. >> reporter: willis led the east they would get into the upper thirties. but that is still an improvement. >> reporter: here is kind of a breakdown by noon, or by midnight brother. >> reporter: 40
5:33 pm
temperatures. mid 40's, with not a lot of sunshine so things will be a lot more modest. went speed is nonexistent. clear skies and dry air creek but we do have a blanket of cloud cover is helping out. when will be a player on our forecast coming up and will have more on that coming up. pam? >> pam:additional american special forces will soon head to the frontlines of the war against isis. >> pam:the united states says it plans to expand military terrorist group in iraq and syria. >> pam:the announcement comes as president obama issues a warning to his russian counterpart, vladimir putin, on the dangers of getting bogged- down in syria's bloody civil war. >> pam:cnn's polo sandoval has more from washington.
5:34 pm
>> reporter:more u-s special forces are heading to iraq and syria. u-s defense secretary ash carter broke the news during his testimony on capitol hill tuesday. >>: "we're sending, on president obama's orders, advice, special operations forces personnel to syria to support the fight against isil." >> reporter:carter says the newly-deployed troops will add to the less than 50 special forces sent to northern syria last month. >> reporter:while the pentagon isn't disclosing how many will be part of this new wave, they are expected to be on the ground, playing a very active role. >>: "these special operators will over time be able to conduct raids, free hostages, gather intelligence, and capture isil leaders." >> reporter:the pentagon continues to focus on small, mobile special forces and not large-scale troop deployments. >> >> reporter:the obama administration has come under some criticism that this strategy does not do enough to eliminate the threat of isis. >>: "i'm confident that we
5:35 pm
are on the winning side" >> reporter:on tuesday, president obama where the war on isis loomed over global climate talks. the president delivered this warning to russian president dangers of getting caught up >>: "with afghanistan fresh in the memory, for him to simply get bogged down in an inconclusive and paralyzing civil conflict is not the outcome that he's looking for." >> reporter:im polo sandoval reporting from washington. >> pam:chicago's top cop is out of a job tonight. mayor rahm emmanuel says his department has lost the public's trust,grant lodes is here with the aftermath of the shooting of a black teenager caught on video. >> grant: it took the video via leased for charges to be filed. has been one year. >> grant:for a year, police
5:36 pm
stonewalled demands for the video to be released. and when it was released, it clearly contradicted their claim that the teenager was lunging at the officer who shot him. >> grant:the images sparked protests as soon as they were released last week. the mayor repeatedly said he stood by superintendent garry mccarthy. until this morning. when he announced he'd asked for mccarthy's resignation. >>"police officers are only as effective as if they're trusted by all chicagoans whoever they are and wherever they live in the city by reinvigorating our to take the necessary steps to build trust between the police and the residents and communities they serve" >> grant:former officer jason van dyke is charged with first-degree murder in macdonald's death, he was freed on a one and a half million dollar bond last night. >> pam: and still ahead at five. hoverboards are all the rage. but tonight two different warnings. after the boards caught fire.
5:37 pm
>> pam: and next. why one college university president is telling his students "it's not all about them."
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5:39 pm
>> pam: facebook mark zuckerberg is a new father. announced on facebook that he his wife gave birth to
5:40 pm
his daughter last week. that couple also planned to split 99 percent of their facebook stock worth, $45 billion to promote equality for human potential. >> pam:oklahoma wesleyan university president dr. everett piper, recently blogged about students attitudes. the blog titled "this is not a day care. it's a university".stemmed from a student who said he felt victimized after a sermon about showing more love made >> pam:piper says we've taught our kids to be too self-absorbed and narcissistic. >> pam:he says his post is aimed at challenging students to learn that life is not always about them. >> this is not a about a safe place. it is the place to learn. sometimes that is uncomfortable.
5:41 pm
>>.you to narcissism. >> pam:piper says universities are focusing more on victimization than classical liberal arts education that sets students free. >> pam:hoverboards are one the season. >> pam:but one man says his got too hot. the video is next at five. >> reporter: a little bit chilly in the palin valley, still in the 30's. but rain is a possibility. next on the news (crying)
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>> pam: as we showed you live at the top of the hour. a truck riddled with bullet holes were taking away from the same period news coming up as six, the onus is that
5:45 pm
was her truck lines how she tracked down. but it's all next that from 4 news at 6. >> pam:a louisiana family is shaken. but grateful they escaped harm.after a toy hoverboard reportedly set their home on fire. >> pam:jessica horne says the hoverboard she bought her 12-year-old son hayden exploded like fireworks. >> pam:several companies sell hoverboards.and this one came from a company called amazon dot com for about 300-dollars. >> pam:hayden had only had it for one day. before the fire. jessica says shes planning to sue the hoverboard company. >> pam:the consumer product safety commission says the federal agency has had just eight reports of hoverboard injuries in the last three months -- all related to falls -- not fires. >> pam:another hoverboard accident. >> pam:an alabama man says he's not happy with the hoverboard scooter he bought online. >> pam:he claims just three days after he bought it, it exploded under his feet. >> pam:jacqueline quynh reports.
5:46 pm
>>"hoverboard is on fire. what is going on, dude?" >> reporter:timothy cade shot that video. >>"this is what happened right over here." >> reporter:it was essentially a scooter like this video on youtube. >> reporter:cade says he had it for just three days, before it malfunctioned on friday. >>"i came outside turned it on. i came down the sidewalk not even, probably, a hundred feet and it exploded. it said, 'boom!'" >> reporter:he stepped off just as parts of the scooter ended up flying across the yard. >>"i was yelling my mom's name, and she ran out with some baking soda because i didn't know what to put on that type of fire." >> reporter:that may have made the flames even worse. >> reporter:his mom then went to get water -- while he debated moving it, but it was heavy. >>"now looking at this, it looks light, but it feels pretty heavy. on the packaging, it says it's 27 pounds." >> reporter:cade is now in the middle of trying to get
5:47 pm
a refund. >> reporter:he bought it from a seller on amazon. >> reporter:and so far emails to both parties have ended in frustration. >>"i've sent this lady, numerous and numerous amount of little messages." >> reporter:but cade is actually planning to buy a replacement from another manufacturer. >>"they're so fun, they're really fun. but i would take looking at, because the batteries. i think it was the batteries that blew up." >> reporter:while's he's not afraid to try it again -- he's warning other people. >>"if a kid was to have that happen, or imagine if it was in your house and it caught fire like that?" >> reporter:ratures through tomorrow. next potent weather system arrives winds and precipitation will be focused over the greater san francisco bay area with lesser amounts over the greater monterey bay area >> reporter: more snow for the resort's two. if he's around the bay. lower 50s from the north bay. so what
5:48 pm
is going on a question we have cloud coverage are refilled during and. i do not think you will see as much sun as you will have seen today. >> reporter: still have it out to sea. >> reporter: cloud coverage tonight which would build a nice job keeping the temperature supporting us overnight. we will not see a lot of signed tomorrow afternoon. the skies will open up temporarily to marron night. and it will air will picking by thursday. >> reporter:on thursday. seasonal temperatures on friday and saturday. weak system brushes the north bay on sunday. >> reporter: we will have to wait until we get a little closer. coupled with demand.
5:49 pm
and some light showers. it's possible. >> reporter: 4:00 a.m. on thursday, quiet. and then start to see at 10:00 a.m. on thursday things will pick up a writ with dust in the '20s and 30 mi. per hour range. high-temperature tomorrow that will moderate for us back in business with the '60s. this will also go down to the south bay. >> reporter: remember we have rain mention for thursday and may be all little for friday. we get to sunday and monday where there is another batch of showers to look 04, as well. and with this precipitation coming snowball. >> reporter: we have a new
5:50 pm
storm coming. over 2 ft. 19 in., at north star and corp would. with 26 in. but his joy. >> reporter:--potentially >> pam: on wall street. >> pam: the markets closed with solid gains, led by health care companies and banks. >> pam: the dow was climbed 168 points. >> pam: despirte today's gains. kron 4's financial expert rob black says december not usually a good month for stocks. >> reporter: we are hoping for the santa claus rally in december. >> not a lot of action. december never seems to be a dramatic month. it seems to average out at 2% on the upside. with the positive
5:51 pm
moss, 80 percent of the time. so eight times bataan you want to be a winner. >> there may be a christmas tree shortage. it took 10 years to grow a tree and date under planted the last few years and now they now have the supply for demand. >> say do not buy a tree by california vendor per it because of the drought. but they do say " in get one early. >> reporter: black friday shopping and monday cyber shopping. we did have problems with target. >> $3 billion spent. target
5:52 pm
saw a lot of outages. congestion, injured people and 1 americans get angry and they go to facebook and twitter to yell about it. >> reporter: matt has a good question, should millenniums think were invested differently?--tr-- or onvest >> you have to have an appetite for risk. if you do when you are young, you will save millions and millions of dollars.
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the drought is affecting at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california.
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>> stanley: this driver and the message on the honda civic is getting over. >> stanley: clause as to why he is getting stopped. >> stanley:the driver still at this point is clueless as to why keep listening in >> stanley:i drove past you
5:57 pm
and you texting or sending emails whatever you were doing it's against the law to be on your cell phone >> stanley:i spoke to the uber driver, lets listen in you did not see that big black suv sitting right next to you you were so in to your phone you never noticed and that's why it's called distracted driving >> stanley:a lyft driver who was caught doing 46 in a 30 because she has to use the bathroom had this to say we got you on the hill going >> stanley:well i'm not from around here so i don't know what signs are pretty much universal it say 30 mile per hour speed limit even if you're in berkeley or if you limits are still the same the sign does it thing it just sits there no i don't know if that's true >> stanley:well it is true. and the tickets are pretty much univeral too important to note, bathroom emergencies do not qualify as a true emergency so arguing with the officer only slows things down >> stanley:here is your paperwork back i need your signature not admission of guilt just saying your going to take january 25th you have any questions
5:58 pm
>>can i go so i can use the bathroom don't grab your license untill i give it to you you almost tan hit foot over well he need to get his the bathroom well here's your paperwork here your license slow down >> stanley:note to self the next time i need a lift i'll call a friend conversations with drivers never cease to amaze me . >> stanley:to answer your question yea your probably going to be on the news i cant get no consent like i don't want to be on the news naw you kinda signed the consent form when you ran the stop sign >> stanley:in daly city >>i love you mom >> reporter:stanley roberts kron 4 news >> pam: we will tell you which stores are also affected by the bacteria. as the news continues in seven seconds on kron 4 news at 6.
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6:01 pm
(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> reporter: officers have left the scene. the toys r us is now back open tariff which was a different story this afternoon. that is the vehicle that is stolen. the cacique least four gunshots. on the driver's side. >> reporter: is a picture of the suspect that was arrested. witnesses say he stole detroit. tracking the iphone that was still in that truck. the boyfriend was the following the vehicle. >> reporter: suspect kept driving at a vigil league dished the vehicle and ran into the toys r us. --kept
6:02 pm
driving the vehicle. and this this truck. >> all the sudden they are taking off his shirt. he had a toys r us shirt one. he must have change shirts when he was in there. when they pull the shirt off i noticed a bullet wound. >> reporter: suspect here it is in the hospital creek police are not officially confirm me if he was shocked. >> reporter: of the people that i spoke with all your heard the gunshots. keep in mind in the process of all of this the suspect slammed into of least, three vehicles. liven san jose
6:03 pm
j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> pam:the san francisco district attorney's office is now reviewing the case >> pam:against christopher kohrs. he is the police officer accused of driving into two pedestrians, and then running away from the scene sunday morning >> pam:kohrs. is somewhat of a celebrity. the officer has been called the "hot cop of the castro". >> pam:he turned himself in. hours after the accident , and is currently out on bail. >> pam:the district attorney is deciding what charges to file against kohrs. meantime, kron 4's kate cagle learned more about the two men who were hit in this north beach accident. >> pam:next at six. >> pam:a man suspected of stabbing his girlfriend to death. will appear in court tomorrow.
6:04 pm
>> pam:22-year-old anthony kirincic was arrested in a police raid last night in redwood city. police saw him going into his relative's home in the area of alameda de las pulgas and massachusetts avenue. >> pam:the swat team stormed the home. and took kirincic into custody. his girlfriend was murdered on saturday. along south b street in san mateo. >> pam:kirincic was not at the scene. but investigators quickly identified him as a suspect. >> pam:a hearing for a man accused of killing a mural artist in oakland has been postponed for a second straight day. police say 20-year-old marquise holloway shot and killed antonio ramos underneath a highway overpass in september. >> pam:he was arraigned last week. and was scheduled to reappear in court yesterday for a plea hearing. >> pam:officials say the hearing was postponed once again reasons. >> pam:he is now scheduled to appear in court thursday. >> pam:in the east bay. >> pam:concord police believe a deadly shooting this morning may be gang related. >> pam:the victim has been identified as 16-year-old luis estrada of martinez. just after midnight.a person walking through hillcrest park.found the body and
6:05 pm
called police. >> pam:estrada was pronounced dead at the scene. so far no arrests have been made. >> pam:police are looking for a possible motive.but say this is the fourth homicide in that part of concord in the past three months. >> pam:two people are behind bars.accused of shooting a critically injuring a 7-eleven store clerk in antioch. >> pam:it happened late last night on lone tree way. police responded to a robbery call. >> pam: >> reporter:when the arrived.they found the clerk with a gunshot wound. hospital.and is expected to survive. >> reporter:police arrested two residents.identified as 20-year-old angelo ninoamaya and 19-year-old rebecca hernandez on a number of charges including attempted murder.
6:06 pm
>> would you are looking at is a overhead, overhead of the clerk. right here, and the female breast the orange soda bottle and throw it at the clerk. it then he throws a bag that it hit her in the head and that is when the food fight began. >> is when the male suspect comes around to the clerk and the two females follow. >> reporter:a violent confrontation convenient store is captured on surveillance video. investigators are seeking help from the community trying to identify the persons involved. today kron4's haaziq madyun obtained the video.that you will only see on kron 4 >>"so you see after the assault the 3 suspects exiting as the clerk is on the ground holding his head" >> reporter:this 7-eleven clerk suffered a head injury
6:07 pm
after being this store on monument blvd in concord. >>"the whole reason for this confrontation was because the clerk was doing his job and asking for identification" >> reporter:concord police corporal when the store's surveillance video shows.two suspect getting into a food store clerk. >> reporter:the video was recorded on november 20th. it shows the physical assault. the clerk was also struck by a two liter bottle of soda once he was on the ground >>"he got punched in the face, he was unconscious when officers arrived on scene and was transported to a hospital, luckily it wasn't nothing too serious" >> reporter: surveillance video is the best lead investigators have these 3 suspects. they released it hoping someone out there will recognize madyun kron4news >>new at six. >> pam: police in southern california are searching for a missing hollywood producer.with ties to the bay area. >> pam: 27-year-old eric kohler hasn't been seen since leaving work a week ago. he left behind his wallet and other personal items. >> pam: police say he drove his new black range rover away from his office in gardenia. and never returned.
6:08 pm
>> pam: kohler helped create digital "privates of the caribbean", "the avengers", "san andreas", and "x-men." >> pam: he is originally from oakley >> pam: two children are dead following a house fire in sacramento. >> pam: it happened around 2-30 last night in the meadowview neighborhood. >> pam: five people made it safely out of the house. >> pam: however. firefighters were unable to reach a 6-year-old upstairs. >> pam: they say the fire had stairwell. >> pam: the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >> pam: the latest drought report card has californians slipping a little bit. >> pam: grant is here with how we in october did in october. return to ---------------------------- >> grant:for the first time since june.we missed the
6:09 pm percent. >> grant:today the state water resource control board reported that californians percent. >> grant:enforcement of the cutbacks started in june.and october is the first month we've missed the mark. >> grant:the head of the board wasn't surprised october was an off exceptionally warm temperatures.meaning people more. >> grant:since june.people in the cgolden state have reduced water consuption, on average, by 27 percent. >> grant: them up? >> reporter: by the midnight hour we should be in the
6:10 pm
'40's with mostly cloudy skies. and chilly in certain elan spots. ms. for discovering much of the bay and coast. it should be the story for you tomorrow afternoon. we will try to pinpoint this will more comfortably coming up! >> pam: for up-to-the minute weather alerts, and forecasts in to download the kron 4 mobile app. your number one in the bay area. >> pam: southbound lanes of 101 are back open now in san francisco after a crash crippled traffic in that area for much of the day. >> pam: it happened when a dump truck overturned on the lost most of it's load onto the freeway. >> pam: kron4's maureen kelly reports that this crash is actually part of a string of accidents. >> reporter:polcie say - the
6:11 pm
accident started shortly before 9am when the dumptruck driver hit a pick up truck >> reporter:the driver of the pick up lost control and hit the gas going about a half a mile down the street until hitting a parked car and 20 foot tree at silver and sommerset. >> reporter:officers on the scene say it is lucky no one got hit. the driver of the pickup truck and passenger were taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. >> reporter:but the dump truckwhich police believe lost its brakes.kept on goingand did more damage. striking a light pole at the corner of san bruno and then plowed into overpass fencing as it flipped. >> reporter:but the biggest problem is that it dumped it's load on the southbound lanes of 101.which made a huge mess that took a long time to pick up. >> reporter:but it's amazing none of the debrit hit the drivers on the freeway >> reporter:and no one else was seriously hurt >> reporter:the man behind the conter at dump truck fly by him and ran to help. >> reporter:police say that driver of the semi was very shaken. >> reporter:
6:12 pm
>> i mean, you are out of control trying to stop a vehicle. it is full of debris. it's a big deal on a street. the driver pulled out of that sum went shield probably thankful. >> reporter:san francisco police say their commericial vehicle inspection unit will be examing the truck and talking to the recycling. >> reporter:the driver will also be which is standard protocol in a case like this. >> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news >> pam: mark carpenter is here with that story in regard to this future of the super bowl.
6:13 pm
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i am ready to put hep c behind m i am readyfects may include to be and headache are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni >> pam: transit officials are sounding the alarm about human trafficking with the super bowl next year. rob fladeboe reports that they are reaching out to the public for help. >> reporter: thousands of people are expected to ride the bus or train here at levi stadium for a super bowl. when they do they
6:16 pm
can't help but see a message about human trafficking. like this one that includes the phone number for the human trafficking how--how accurate-- hotline >> believe that traffickers will bring specific people and for prostitution. >> reporter: county transit buses and services since a safe refuge for victims to try to escape the traffickers. the objective is to express general awareness and build a general awareness of this issue. >> reporter: it requires a community effort and everyone has a role to play
6:17 pm
>> reporter: local law in force this is cracking down on human trafficking will also be a type priority with inclusion of terrorist acts. >> pam: transit officials in san francisco are already warning people to brace a few weeks of closures and the tour's third you have to be patient and day this year would--grant is here with the specifics of for us all. >> grant: this is in the sale area. as a ticket activity that will allow fans to play games. very interactive. we will have superbowl gear that people can purchase for the nfl experience. meanwhile, two blocks away look at that.
6:18 pm
artist rendering called super bowl city. >> grant: market will be closed to stored street, essentially to the ferry st. or ferry building. kron4 dan, and joins us live from market street. then this is a good job...dan? >> reporter: the presentation was given today and they say they are ready to keep people moving during super bowl 50 activities. this is what the end of market street looks like on a typical day. gm packed with people and cars. but during nine days of superable 50 activity, this area will be closed for
6:19 pm
super bowl city that will begin each day in mid morning creek there is a specific message plan for those who plan to come down after 10:00 a.m.. >> please come prepared and do not bring your car spirit. >> reporter: we all >> working with muni drivers to make sure that they are ready. we will be calling on more of the natural vehicles and buses. >> reporter: in my >> be that the extra capacity work sweltered we have no interest in going to be in debt. but find that there are pictures of vehicles available for coming home from work or at the end of the day. the
6:20 pm
basic information is that we kept the terminals. >> reporter: again these days of festivities will take place january 30th to february muni system are ready to go. >> pam: mark carpenter and joins us and i do not know if the news will get any better for the bulk freighters.
6:21 pm
>> pam:--for the raiders >> reporter: the talks about a move could take another step this week. after months of speculation surrounding this issue, the chances are very likely the league will give us an answer, when a boat will take place on a return to the loss angeles. >> reporter: this is the second time in weeks owners will convene to talk about returning to the l.a. market, but unlike november's meetings, and no formal presentations from the greatest, chargers or rams are on the agenda. >> reporter: what is expected to come down is being and f l will set a date for early next year to
6:22 pm
vote on relocating. a new stadium for the raiders is expected to cost $900 million but oakland mayor lick the shaft has repeatedly said no public money will be used. >> reporter: that plan is currently seems to have the most traction is the one that was both the raiders and chargers down to carson. that committee is curly headed by disney ceo bob eiger. it has been reported that owners may decide to table this discussion internally for another year to allow for more time. but that is highly unlikely. >> reporter: if the vote is not scheduled for january, owners have talked about it being pushed to march. we will continue to provide updates on this story as they become available. mark carpenter, kron 4 news. >> pam: 4 news or sports
6:23 pm
coverage is not over just yet. warriors interim head coach look walton of coach of the month honors despite having no official meant. gary radnich will explain as 645. >> reporter: of this the to see going on will not affect us patrick is still of to see. what it looks like on thursday. >> reporter: mostly cloudy scenario at 7:00 a.m.. then we will get a clear patch here and there. and two thursday. but is more about 9:00 a.m.. >> reporter: residual showers firing up again. before retiring properly by friday morning. with a couple sprinkles when going
6:24 pm
on friday morning. >> reporter: we are struggling above 60 when he campaigned with all of this too. --we are struggling with rain, above 60 inland with all of this too. . >> pam: and the trend this holiday season for itself against the yen. we will explain next!
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
>> pam: new at six. >> pam: cyber monday proved to be a record-breaker for online retelling. >> pam: data collected by adobe says just over three billion dollars in online orders were made monday. that smashes a record set just days earlier on black friday. >> pam: i-b-m says customers spent an average of 124 dollars on cyber monday purchases. >> pam: internet shopping was up 17-point-8 percent from cyber monday in 2014.and more people were deal-hunting using their smart phones.
6:28 pm
>> pam: forget naughty or nice. >> pam: americans no longer wait for santa or hanukkah harry to bring presents. >> pam: cnn's mary moloney explains the self-gifting trend. >> reporter:why wait for the gift you want? >> reporter:instead -- the national retail federation says nearly60 percent of people are self-gifting -- or buying themselves presents. stores noticed. >> reporter:and are starting to cater to people wanting to pick up a little something for themselves. >> reporter:many retailers now offer rewards cards to shoppers who buy specific things or spend a certain amount. >> reporter:in order to get those perks -- shoppers may buy something extra for themselves. >> reporter:according to the national retail federation -- this holiday season -- americans about 800 bucks. that's the same number as last year. >> reporter:but of that chunk of change -- the amount people set aside for themselves has gone up. >> reporter:on average -- it's about 132 dollars. >> reporter:showing that people are spending more on themselves.
6:29 pm
>> reporter:for consumer watch -- i'm mary moloney. covered california offers quality health plans, and you can choose from brand-name insurance companies you know. we help you compare apples... to apples. to find free, local, in-person help visit ♪ when you don't want things to break down, you take care of them. that's why free preventive care comes with all health insurance plans offered through covered california. enroll by december 15th to be covered by january 1st.
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6:31 pm
>> reporter: san jose there was an officer involved shooting near this toys r us. people will not say if this individual was shot. he was accused of stealing a vehicle nearby and drive it to this location. at this--
6:32 pm
at one point he tried to lose police. but he was to get into custody in the hospital this evening. j.r. stone, 4 news. >> reporter: the police department in concourses the young man was suffering from a single gunshot wound and a clear bid on the scene. his murder will be the fourth homicide in the city of concord this year. the previous three waters all occurred near monument the best-monument boulevard. there are not sure if these murders are connected in any way. or connected to gang activity. charles clifford kron 4 news. >> reporter: heated argument between customer and store clerk turned into a wild food fight. >> a food fight in 7-eleven,
6:33 pm
you can see when the bottle was thrown in he was punched in the face. the officers arrived on the scene and luckily it was nothing too serious to rid the reason for the confrontation is because the clerk was the when his job. --was doing his job. >> pam: today, the fda expanded the recall of 55,000 items stow--sold in major retailer spirit including salad, vegetable trays and other prepared foods record the products were found in the western states more than thousands of products.
6:34 pm
>> pam: happening today. chicago police superintendent was fired today. wendt and six sr. 0 black teenager was shot and killed. but an officer. some are accusing the police department of trying to cover up this incident. >> grant: it took over a year after the fatal shooting were protests like these following. to escalate the demonstrations for at the outbreak is over this video card showing the victim shot 16 times it did show that he did not launch at officers as previously stated. the superintendent
6:35 pm
was told he needed to resign by the mayor. >> i am grateful for his service to the city. he is both modernized the police department and brought real results to the people of this city of chicago but now is the time for fresh eyes and leadership to face the issues that are community is facing. >> grant: asha first-degree murder and freed on one and half million dollar bond last night. pam?
6:36 pm
year-old woman in alabama took a stand -- by keeping >> pam: it was on *this bus now on display at illinois' henry ford museum that rosa parks was arrested -- when she didn't give up her seat for a white man. >> pam: that was december first, 19-55. >> pam: less than a week later, martin luther king junior led a city wide bus boycott. >> pam: that chain of events set off what became the civil rights movement -- and led to a historic supreme court ruling banning segregation. >> pam: parks died in october 2005 - just weeks before the 50th anniversary of her arrest. >> reporter: we do have cloud coverage making its way over the bay area. also, we did have this high they gave us a break for today. that means we are filling cloud coverage to spring on end. >> reporter: the cloud
6:37 pm
coverage that is the big issue for us tonight keeping those temperature supported. one country, 40 degrees vallejo 42 and concord 42 permit--before the midnight hours for these across the board. >> reporter: 46 elsewhere, and we will look a decent temperatures in the afternoon. with cloud coverage more so than what we saw today. >> reporter: for the ski report, we have the numbers with to feed the squaw valley and north star and 19 in. and kirkwood over 2 ft. and 26 in.. remember,
6:38 pm
thursday we are talking about grain so that means no for the ski resorts. so it looks like a good trip up there. pam?
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
>> gary:good evening!! >> gary:congratulations to luke walton on being named coach of the month.without a single win on his record. >> gary: >> gary:the association announced today that walton is the western conference coach of october- november.after guiding the warriors to an undefeated 19-0 start. >> gary:while the wins still go to steve kerr's record, league policy says the interim can still earn coaching awards.
6:47 pm
>> gary:here's walton on today's news >> the two of us do not really care. which to select our guys are playing every high level. coach of the month is an honor. the steve has set up how are flairs approach the game. -- players >> gary:meanwhile, this is a look at the defending champs strong fight from utah last night. >> gary:golden state needed all 48-minutes and a clutch shot from steph curry to put away the jazz and extend its winning streak. >> gary:tomorrow, they go for 20-0 against the hornets
6:48 pm
in curry's hometown of charlotte. >> gary:the mvp talked about returning to his stomping grounds. >> proud moment. >> gary:curry just finished watching his alma mater davidson wildcats. >> gary:let's dive further into this historic run- so they're 19-and-0. but dating back to last season. 23 stright wins. the third most in nba history behind jerry west's 1971-72 lakers at 33. and lebron james and the 2012-13 miami heat with christmas day at home against lebron and the cavaliers >> gary: the bigger you are more people want to take shots at you. >> gary: accusing warriors
6:49 pm
of disrespecting the jazz. >> gary: graeme fireback same the mail was a liar in his press conference-the- press pass should be revoked. >> gary: correspondent by putting a picture of an official saying that is a personal file for reaching. >> gary: r. wright, kobe bryant his home area philadelphia's is the by tonight. it is now final. the philadelphia 7 sixers won their first game defeating kobe. he got a standing ovation. with
6:50 pm
three-pointers in his first quarter shot. but they lose tonight that it is a smart move of what kobe has done by announcing his retirement. >> gary:and with all the warriors success-- some in the media are using thie time to take coming up. >> gary: toronto $217,000,000.31 man dollars per year is the highest ever for a pitcher david price off the giants wish list. >> gary: 40 niners fans since justice was not done on sunday. the crew that
6:51 pm
worked the 49 game. the colts and distillers have been reassigned by less high profile game. >> gary: the hips the ball coach at cal, after three years since possibly into doing. with the 75 record this year. but, as the old saying goes... you can get lost in the shuffle here in the bay area as a college coach. but if you go to missouri, ohio for an arbor you think it is a radio show, a tv show and you do not pay for them anywhere.
6:52 pm
you waffle run as the king. >> gary: so? maybe is looking for greener pastures. --maybe, he is >> pam: grant will be following him. (laughter) >> pam: lots of likes for this picture of facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and his new baby daughter. >> pam: the generous gift to celebrate their bundle of joy. come on in pop pop.
6:53 pm
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>> pam: we are back at it o'clock!
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> gets blasted by fat shamers and shuts them down. >> and did s.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
>> that is just disgusting to talk about a pregnant person's weight. >> as kardashian clan rallies around kim. >> i've be bullied my whole life. >> kylee is embroiled in a new controversy s her golden wheelchair high art or a low blow? >> i just said thing tots person in front of me. >> then the mission to help a veteran struggling with survivor's guilt. >> i feel like i should have been there. >> plus, d christy brinkley crash sophia's honeymoon? >> actually, we had thanksgiving dinner with them >> her bikini photo blowing up the internet we catch her marilyn monroe moment. >> we will a little mini hurricane. i think it was worth it. >> now hollywood from the inside out, it's the insider together with yahoo. the #givingtuesday is trending worldwide. at 61, christie brinkley
7:00 pm
giving us plenty of reasons to smile today. >> and we're not just talking about that bikini photo that went viral. nope. >> she also sounding off on her buddy kim kwest. >> but kim is no stranger to being shamed, especially while pregnant wlachlt is wrong with people? this is okay. however, kim is getting th last word. let's go inside as kim kos the fat shamers. >> i for myself get a double order? >> it's pregnancy craving that led to kim car dafrn dakart shaming after she flew herself to seafood. >> while sunday's episode of "keeping up with the kardashians a" was airing received this tweet. >> kim kardashian, all think about isfood


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