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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 1, 2015 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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wait until you see i saw w she is wearing for this performance tonight. it's going to be stunning. ♪ >> yep, blake called it. gwen looked beautiful in a greece tool counsgown. a source close to voice" taping says that her performance was pretaped and she sang the breakup song twice. her new man blake shelton stayed focused on her the whole time and even sang along. >> when it was over, blake beamed and the singer received a standing ovation. >> blake actually got up out of the coach's chair and chatting with gwen and after the broadcast at the end of the night blake and gwen embraced in front of the audience. >> blake's ex has a me for fans. she tells "cosmo," we don't need all the opinions. we just need y'all to be supportive and nobody pick side because there ain't a side.
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>> you're amazing. >> the voice coaches are taking sides. contestants are down to the top ten. somehow they keep it friendly. >> we asked them what the thankful in their fellow pitches. they had an interesting response for you. >> i love you, blake. kind of. >> sometimes. >> i love youblake-ish. >> they both love me. they both love me >> i'm thankful that adam grew his hair back. he was starting to look like a character from "sponge now he looks li munster again. >> i'm grateful that gwen is in the place that she's ever been as a humanbeing. i'm grateful that blake is smiling these days and inspired as well musically. >> gwen and blake make each other very "the voice" is on tonight. we're hoping that pharrell will be happy. pharrell is holding his breath. he is the o coach who has just one singer left.
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>> colorado springs are gathering details after that shooting at a local planned parenthood that left three people dead. skating champion nancy kerrigan irt was an especially painful moment because one of the victims was a dea friend. >> it's a horrific thing. >> gunfire. two hits. >> it was tragic and it's devastating news to hear that a friend has died in a tragic way. >> friday officer was rushed to the scene to help an of under fire. he was gunned down in a five hour standoff in colorado springs planned parenthood clinic. former ice skating champion and close friend of kerrigans. >> they let me before i
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didn't have to see that on the news. we're just devastated. tragic. someone that is always giving and caring and doing for others just an example of the kind of person garret was and always there to listen help someone else. >> sw a married father of two, was a junior national couples champ in 1992, the same year th nancy won bronze at the olympics. >> he was there on day to day grind getting ready to -- in training for years. >> nancy remembered her friend during rehearsals for tonight's opening of "bank of america's winter village" which includes former olympian brian boitano, johnny weir, johnny white. but reflect. >> we were rooting each o on at the same time and teasing each other like, you know, big sister and little brother might do to each other. >> funeral services for garret are friday. >> let's get now to some more
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headlines. starting with a new celebrity split and cameron joins us with details. >> courtney cox had a ring on her finger and ready to say i do. well, now here's what we about the reported end of their engagement. the "friends" star and rocker are said to have spli shortly before thanksgiving. mcdade had repo moved out of the malibu and l.a. h and went back to england. they gotten gauged june of 2014. and this septembe twitter post they looked very much together. but on november 18th, courtney seemed to go out of her way hide her ring finger at an event even keeping her ha in her pocket while posing kris jenner. they claimed the relationship has been struggling even though they tried to make it work. we reached out today to courtney's rep. she didn't get to us by our deadline. in other relationship "2 1/2 men" holland taylor revealed she is gay and having a serious romance.
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regulatilationship is with a woman. i liveout. >> nyc radio said she is dating a much younger woman. >> there a very big difference between us which shocks a lot of people. sta it startles >> and jerry seinfeld has a new gig in nyc. he is doing a standup comedy residency at new york's beacon theater. but will his three kids check him out? >> they do think dad is funny but i don't do my set at home. that's kind of a more professional thing. i don't think they're going to come either. maybe they will. i don't i don't know what they think of what i do. i really don't. >> jerry wanted to do once a month engagement because he was inspired by billy joel's residency. >> it comes out of a culture you grew up in. i feel like new york and long
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island is kind of what gave the perspective to do what i do. and i bought billy joel's h about 15 years ago and i thought well as long as i have his house, why don't i steal his whole career? >> amy schumer recently performed at engineeries's wife jessica's baby buggy charity and jerry offered amy this career advice. >> don't ever do anything just for the money. do it because you love it. if you do something because you love it, will always end up being the right decision no matter how turns out. >> solid advice rightthere. it's working for him and oprah winfrey who loves what she does and now she's doing business down under. lady o is in australia on a multicity speaking tour and she's also planning on visiting new zealand for her very first time. amazing there is a pla that she has not visited. >> that is surprising. >> she will and conquer. >> coming up next, m the famous faces taking on the next season of "the biggest lo
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including survivor's most infamous winner now over300 pounds. >> i want to be fat. >> plu why is brooke shields all bandaged up and we have the latest on an emmy winning tv star looking like that. >> those stories are just ahead. but first, caitlyn jenner's bff has got a new role from the love interest to the "young and the restless" soap star. >> i'm not a girl to stay in one place too long. >> caitlyn jenner is supporting you today? >> yeah. she said she would stop by and see what's goingon. >> what does her friendship mean to you? >> it means a lot. she is going through what i went through 20 years ago. and i love being there for her. >> tomorrow on candace plays a wedding planner. >> how important is it even though you're a transgender woman having a role that just doesn't even address it? >> it's huge because it's starting to rewrite the way
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people see transactors. >> it's like i just met her today. she opened the door to her dressing room. you're beautiful. >> they both have that moment where you're beautiful number, you're beautiful. >> no, you're ♪ life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all.
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so they can see the crazy things i see. hey ya little thief! did he have thumbs? okay, now i've seen it all. nest. welcome to the magic of home. brooke shields in a double sling. she had surgery on both wrists for car ppal tunnel syndrome. >> she gets out of cooking. get well soon. >> there will be plenty of tears and tirades on "the biggest loser" and a reality star will prove he can survive a we loss workout. >> i'm dying to learn why i want to be fat. i wait a moment be fat if i
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didn't want to be fat. so clearly, i want to be fat. why? that's my journey. that's why i'm here. >> he's brutally honest about his weight. the first ever survivor star will be the next biggest loser. >> shock value. >> 314. maybe i'll lose some smoking hot wait weight for this guy. >> he's not the only reality star in the running. ther contestant from "the voice." she has been dealing with the death of her father during the season on the show led to her weight gain. >> struggled with bulimia and was just very deceptive with myself that i had gone to the shows. >> the show will be raw this svenlt we pretty much have turned this house into what it really is and that is a rehab center. >> trainer bob parker takes over as host and says emotions run high this season from a mom's struggling with the loss of her child. to a 2 health care
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provider. >> it's difficult to talk a patient about weight and the harmful effects of that when a lot of tim bigger than they are. >> bob also promise there's are lots of changes on the show except for maybe one thing. even in the first episode, you're going to see me at people. which i feel very comfortable doing. >> that's not very nice. >> can you imagine me in your house yelling the you every morning? >> no, i have a hard enough here is one change that will add drama. double scales, contestants on opposing teams are weighing in side by side. >> all right. coming up, get ready, "big fans, it's the episode we've been waiting for. >> i was nervous that it was going to feel icky. >> then kathy ireland shares a secret ab elizabeth taylor. >> she'd go to jail for it. >> and why clooney is christmas carolling. that sis on the way.
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oh, my god, it's a go berth d birthday. i'm excited. >> she just celebrated her 30th with a gra fiesta inmexico. that is katey on the right with her younger sister joined by 12 of her best friends as we as furry ones katie says it was the best birthday ever. >> get your girls and hang out. there was a huge episode coming out of play on "the big ban theory." we were on the set as sheldon and a finally do. >> finally. >> what all their fans have been waiting for. >> what did you have in mind for tonight? >> it's amy's birthday and sheldon is taking the relationship to the nex >> if it ends up with bang in the theory. >> sheldon, i that your present is for us to be intimate tonight. >> what was your reaction when you found out the moment was happening? >> i was very surprised. >> me, too.
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>> but then i read it. and it seemed absolutely the right time. you know, let me pull a quick contract off the internet. >> i was kind of nervous when i first saw where it was going. going to feel icky voyeuristic. it's very tender. >> in what way? okay. >> it was fun to act. it hard to act. >> or icky. >> or icky. i never thought it would be icky. i don't know why she says that. >> she thinks you're icky. >> i didn't mean it that way. >> do you think yourself is icky? >> no. >> you should get a therapist. >> arthur? what brings you back? >> it's me. i just ho this is not a sex dream. >> bob newhart is back as the idol professor proton paying a visit from the great beyond what seems like a dream sequence and giving sheldon advice dressed as a star wars star.
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>> is this heavy? >> oh, this is my own. i have to get into wardrobe in a few minutes. >> where are yougoing? >> i don't know. hopefully somewhere i can wear pants. >> bob still doing his thing at 86. now take a look at. this you would ever guess this guy is also a t icon? he has won six emmys for "breaking bad." i know, it is brian kranson playing a man who has a nervous break down in "wakefield." >> i think i would have recognized those eyes anywhere, brian cranson, yeah. he helped raise a lot of in the fight against aids. i mention that because today is world ai day. of course charlie sheen recently made headlines whether he confirmed he is h.i.v.-positive. we spoke to two celebrity leaders in the fight against aids, kathy ireland and ricki lake who weighed in on charlie's announcement. >> my heart and our prayers go out to him, for everybody who is
7:52 pm
dealing withthis. it's heartbreaking. >> i think it is incredibly of him. any time we can raise awareness and for him to come out as he did and, you know, the fact that he said he has been on treatment since the point of diagnosis, you know, he really very hard to transmit the disease whether yo on medication. >> they are three stars all personally touched by this disease. all doing everything they can to help find a cure. kathy's connection was through her mentor and business partner elizabeth taylor. >> she would go q with no media, with no press. she would go in to hospice and she would hug patients had just not felt that contact and her legacy is love and life. >> but what many don't know is that liz set up a secret underground network to get experime hiv drugs to patients. just like the true st in "dallas buyers club".
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>> do you mean that he liz beth taylor set up a west coast buyer's club? >> talk about fearless in her home in belaire. it was a s house. and a lot of the work she did, it was illegal but she was saving lives. she said her business associates pleaded with her, leave this thiig alone shech. she received death threats but something that i love about elizabeth is her courage. >> is it true that she actually even sold her jewelry to nund operation? >> yes. she would sell jewelry. she would -- there transfers of money. sometimes it is like a pain epag and there is monday. >> today kathy who lives with her precious dogs conti liz's fight. >> was she scared she wover get caught? >> she thought she might but she wasn't afraid. she'd go to jail for it. no. elizabeth didn't fear, in the same sentence.
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fearless. >> fearlessness, courage, and compassion for people in need. that's what this issreally about. ricki lake took the words and made them her mission statement as she and four social media stars went to a school film "treatment for all." the first documentary launched on facebook. >> yeah, i do the ugly cry many time. these children have nothing. they are orphans by aids. all of their parents di this disease stlechlt nothing really but the clothes on their back and they have the opportunity to be educ and, yet, they are so filled with joy and hope. i really, really take a huge responsibility for being able to do some good and help these people that are our neighbors. yes, they're across the world but they're just lik us. >> you can see the 14-minute documentary "treatment for all" on facebook. >> time for our birthdays. which emmy winner made her tv debut on "saturday night live"? is it tina fey, julia louis-dreyfus or sarah silverman? >> i'm going to say sarah. >> i'm going to roc you. the answer is next.
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>> also stick around to see george clooney singing christmas carols with bill murray. you know that's good. >> oh, yeah.
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>> pam:next on kron-4 news at eight: new details about a local woman allegedly stabbed to death by her boyfriend. what neighbors say about the, how she tried to protect herself. >> pam:he is being called a hero. tonight we talk to the man who helped a baby born on the street. shown in exclusive video we first brought you on kron-4. >> pam:i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next. my name is griselda zendejas. i love working in the salinas area because i always wanted to do something where i could help people around me. so being a construction supervisor for pg&e gives me the opportunity to give a little bit back to my community.
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welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which emmy winner made her debut on "saturday night live"? that is sarah silverman who
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turn today. >> today also givin tuesday and reanna is giving back. she created diamond ball last year which drew a lot of big stars and the s annual diamond ball will be held on december 10th. it benefits the claira lionel foundation which improves the quality of life in communities around the world. claira lionel was her grandmother, of co >> talking about big stars, bill murray has them in the holiday special. a very murray christmas. he is talking chris rock amy poler, miley. it is friday on netflix. we'll leave you with a little crooning with clooney. good-bye, everybody. ♪ when we finally kiss good night how i hate going out in the storm ♪ ♪ but if you really hold me tight all the way home i'll be warm ♪ ♪ and
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>> grant:now at eight. tense moments in the south bay as a police a toys r us. >>i looked over and saw his gun was drawn >>whoosh >> grant:a dangling dumptruck ties up traffic ,,, and gives stanley roberts plenty of opportunity to find people behaving badly. >>whoosh >> grant:


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