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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> pam :now at 11. a young san mateo woman, reportedly stabbed to death by her boyfriend. now her neighbors say, the two apparently had a long, difficult relationship. with frequent bouts of violence and arguments. good evening. i'm pam moore. tonight. kron four's alecia reid hears from domestic violence experts. as well as neighbors. who say, they never expected things to escalate to something like this. alecia. >> alecia :a very tragic. moved out about a year ago and soon after the abuse allegedly started
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i spoke with neighbors and they all echoed the same sentiment. this was a very tragic ending for the victim. they tell me her boyfriend, anthony kirincic moved in less than a year ago. and soon after the arguing and alleged abuse started. >> : they would go at it very frequently, screaming and yelling >> alecia :police visited the residence on the 1500 block of south 'b' street a number of times for domestic violence complaints. they were familiar with the suspect 22 year old anthony kirincic. >> : after this last incident she had a restraining order against him >> : i don't think you can assume someone is a murderer, but i also don't think it's impossible for someone to get that out of control. especially when that someone already has a violent past. tjat's a really big predictor of someone being violent, and violence going a step too far. >> alecia :neighbors tell me just three months ago, colleen straw's estranged boyfriend was behind bars for beating her. he was released recently and within days of getting out of jail, he's accused of showing up to her house and allegedly stabbing her to death. >> : it's just tragic what he did >> : she was always very friendly very sweet. she always waved at everyone >> alecia :kirincic is being held on 5 million dolalrs bail .he is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. pam
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>> pam :a number of contentious, high profile issues on the agenda. brought out large crowds to tonights berkeley city council meeting. in fact, it had to be moved to accommodate the larger than usual crowd. kron four's jeff bush was there to show you what is was like and how the issues are related. >> jeff :a rally started off the night before the council meetingseveral groups banded together to form a loose coalition complaining about several recent developments in the city of berkeley. one issuethe percieved militarization of the police forcesome feel the police should not participate in the annual federal disaster exercises called urban shield. >> mohamed shehk : despite the weaponry and the swat tactics they are being trained onthat they are still able to receive training to better prepare them for natural disasters and medical emergencies so they can respond. >> jeff :other agenda items on the group's radar are new homeless laws, and the way a
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police handled a black lives matter protest was last yearmany separate things that are loosely >> jesse arriguine : people are here because they are concerned about the militarization of police and what happened last december and homeless people being the target of enforcement by policeso, a lot of this is about how the police interacts with our community. >>:the whole plan all along is to get the homeless people out of the area to get more fancy restaurants >> jeff :the speaker list was long and the time to talk was shortone minute per person. most were not happy with the new ordinance restricting how much space homeless people can take on the sidewalk. the list of speakers was very long and the meeting is expected to go well into the moring hours. i'm jeff bush in berkeley, kron four news. >> pam :the san francisco police officer. invovled in a hit-and-
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run. has now officially been charged. officer christpher kohrs faces two felony counts of hit-and- run. kohrs is accused of driving into two pedestrians on broadway and montgomery street, and then running away from the scene sunday morning. kohrs gained popularity in 2014. when a picture of him went viral. and he was dubbed the "hot cop of the castro". sunday morning, hours after the incident. kohrs turned himself in. and is currently out on bail. he is expected to be arraigned on thursday. in the south bay. .a big scare for holiday shoppers. after gunshots ring out near a san jose toys- r- us. tonight. one man is behind bars, as we learn the bizzare details of how it all unfolded. kron four's j-r stone has the story. >>:it was kind of crazy >> j.r. :officers believe this man stole an suvs but he did not get too far because the owners
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boyfriend and then track to the eye patch that was in the backseat--tracked the ipad in the back seat they went to pull the suspect over and he took off officers opened fire and five bullet holes can still be seen the suspect a ditch to the car outside of toys r us and ran inside >>:my wife said that a cop was here and i looked over and he had his gun drawn >> j.r. :it appears he was trying to lose police inside the toy store >>:he had a toys r us store short on and tried to change clothes in the store--shirt on
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>> j.r. :the name of the suspect for this case has not been released but police have not responded saying that he was shot but have said he was injured tree way. >> pam :oakland mayor libby schaaf is joining the fight against climate change.... she announced today that she will address the issue at the united nations climate summit in paris. schaaf says she will talk about the role cities play in fighting climate change as part of the "local climate leaders circle. the oakland mayor will make a number of presentations about oakland's goals to reduce 36- percent of gas emissions by 2020. and 83-percent by 2050. shaaf said no city funds are being used to cover her travel costs. california governor jerry brown is leading the california delegation. going to paris to promote the state's efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions and urge other states and provinces to sign on to his climate pact.
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coming up. san jose police asking for help in finding a burglar clearly seen on survelliance video. we hear from the hero who helped save a newborn's life. as the baby was born on the streets of san francisco. several million dollars in damage after a business goes up in flames in the east bay.
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>> pam :san jose police are asking for the public's help... in identifying a burglary suspect. on september 14th....the suspect.... seen here... broke into a home on the 6 -thousand block of buffett place in san jose. he first rang the doorbell to see if anyone was home. after no one answered... he moved to the backyard and forced in the rear sliding glass door. he is described at a hispanic male with black hair... and in his 30's. anyone with information is asked to contact san jose police. coming up. a baby born at a san francisco bus stop. tonight we hear from the man who helped save the infants life. getting around during the upcoming superbowl is going to be a challenge. you'll hear what transportation officials have planned. >> gary :we will have your sports highlights coming up later in this broadcast >> reporter :the rain shower
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>> pam :a homelss woman gives birth at a busy muni bus stop on market street in san francisco. kron-four was first to bring you the exclusive video last week. now kron four's justine waldman brings us the story of the man. who did what he could, to save the baby's life.
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>> justine :a very special delivery for him when he could never forgot. a homeless woman who did not know she was pregnant gave birth to a baby boy. the aftermath caught on cellphone video with very few people stopping to help the mother or the baby. >>:i did not stop to think if this was a homeless person or not, i believe that each human life is very precious >> justine :while on his way down the street he sought panic and fear >>:everything was so chaotic was screaming and shouting and the looks to the side and i saw this woman was, i thought she was being stabbed because there was so much blood
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>> justine :he saw that there was a baby laying on the ground and what he did next save its life >>:i took my shirt off and wrapped the baby and the davy started moving and it started crying >> justine :a father himself this reminded him of when his children were born >>:what an awesome sound to hear a newborn baby cry i haven't heard that sound in 20 something years >> justine :he believes that anyone would have brought the baby in close to keep it warm even though nobody else did >>:i just did it because it was a human being in need
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>> pam :new details tonight. on a story we first brought to you on thanksgiving. a fire in a concord office furniture store. resulted in an estimated four - million dollars in damage. the fire at the sam clar office furniture store. located in the 12-hundred block of diamond way. started in the warehouse portion of the store. and burned through the roof. fire officials say, the store was *not a total loss. but most of the building will have to be torn down. officials say, the cause of the fire has been difficult to determine. because of the extent of damage to the building. >> reporter :welcome to the first day of winter in the meteorological calendar 52 in downtown san francisco napa is down to 47 cloud cover is keeping temperatures 39 for san rafael and 48 for
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downtown san and cisco --san francisco don't expect to see much sun although still some impressive high temperatures this will be the story tonight and tomorrow with a patch of clearing happening tomorrow afternoon--evening by the noon hour it reaches across the bay area so if you want to have lunch on thursday outside it probably will not work out well with the way involved--with the rain in fault --involved tomorrow for the east bay shoreline lower 60s at work also for the south bay
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thursday is the big day for the rain and the winds, but not the snows and maybe a batch of showers to look out for early next week >> pam :superbowl-50 is quickly approaching. and while the game will be at levi stadium. a lot of the fun will be in san francisco. and heavy traffic is expected to come with it. kron four's dan kerman tells us. the city's transit agency preparing for the one - million people. expected to pour in. >>:we are insuring that transportation works not just for the visitors but for the people who needed to get to work >> dan :they are preparing to say that san francisco is ready for super bowl activities >>:the big event kicks in at about 10 or 11 in the day >> dan :the super bowl city festival right here at the end of market street will be a big
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event and all of these public transportation vehicles you see here will not be here >>:some of the university--uni lines that terminate here their terminal might be moved a block away >> dan :a bus will take the place of the trolly and then customers will transfer to the trolly to get to fisherman's wharf >>:we're not just running longer and more expensive trains in the midday but using other forms of transportation to complement the trolly >> dan :the road closures will be in place for those nine days
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and it it is recommended you stay out of your car in the downtown areas >> pam : today is world aids day the organizers say is the purpose is for all people across the world to be united to show support for those living with it and to hold in more and those who have died because of what-- in memorial take a look at these rare white tigers quintuplets. the five cubs are doing well, tigers typically give birth to just two or three cubs, they are expected
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to grow up to be 9 ft. long and 200 lbs. in sports the warriors had to-- head to steph curry's hometown gary has all of your sports coming out
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>> gary :the sharkies at the tank tonight. tommy wingels getting a punch in as the sharks host the pittsburgh penguins 2nd period/ 1-0 penguins matt cullen goes off marty jones' pad for the score 2-0 penguins 3rd period/ 3-1 penguins david perron scores on thepower play 7th straight gamethe pens have scored on the power play final: 5-1 pitsburgh penguins snap 12-game winless streak in san jose warriors tomorrow night congratulations to luke walton on being named coach of the month.without a single win on his record. the association announced today that walton is the western conference coach of october- november.after guiding the warriors to an undefeated 19-0 start.
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while the wins still go to steve kerr's record, league policy says the interim can still earn coaching awards. here's walton on today's news. >>:winning coach of the month was an honor but i think it is more a reflection of what our players have become and their willingness to do whatever it takes to win >> gary :meanwhile, this is a look at the defending champs today.after gettting a strong fight from utah last night. golden state needed all 48- minutes and a clutch shot from steph curry to put away the jazz and extend its winning streak. tomorrow, they go for 20-0 against the hornets in curry's hometown of charlotte. the mvp talked about returning to his stomping grounds. >>:i have marked on my calendar when i get to go back to charlotte so hopefully i will enjoy it and see my family
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it will be a proud moment tomorrow >> gary :i think his problem is he's too nice maybe we can find something wrong with them while the young champs are having fun, a future hall of famer has begun his farewell tour. days after announcing his retirement-- kobe bryant, playing for the final time tonight in his native philadelphia. the black mamba got an ovation pregame from the fans. he was honeroed before the game and presented with his high school jersey from nearby lower merion. then he came out swinging. hiting his two shots for a 3- pointers. then proceeed to shoot only 5-of-24 the rest of the game. finishing with 20 jahlil okafor. the rookie out of duke. down the lane. and the sixers finally get their first win of the season. they are 1- and-18 and kobe says goodbye to the city of brotherly love. 103-91 sixers
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cal's promising start dampered recently by two straight losses. cuonzo martin looking nervous as he's tied with seattle tyrone wallace therows in the off-balance shot and he is fouled 46-44 cal ivan rabb the freshman from oakland's bishop o'down easy dunk inside 60-50 cal pulling away final: 66-52 cal up next: at wyoming saturday turning to the 49ers, apparently alex boone wasn't the only one that had problems with the officiating this past sunday. the nfl has apparently demoted the crew that umpired the niners-cardinals game. the group, led by pete morelli, was scheduled to work this sunday night's colts-steelers matchup, but they've been re- assigned to a less high-profile game. there were several questionable instances such as when they lost track of downs.and threw a flag for roughing the passer on a carson palmer sack. postgame, boone called them out saying 'the refs sucked.'
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>> pam :have a good night (nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable.
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donald trump versus super model chrissy teigen. >> the nasty war of words. >> trumps controversial 9/11 claims. >> thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. >> did it happen? >> we had celebrating. that is true. what he is doing is exaggerating. >> duct tape dog uproar. who would do this to a dog? >> and the hottest gift this holiday. >> watch out. >> hoverboards. can they explode? >> it's on fire. >> plus, baby bella laid to rest at last but why did it take ten


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