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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 2, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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tonight as we bring you this situation and follow it. pam moore will be with me as we keep you posted on the situation for sam bernadine no county. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> pam: this evening everyone i am pam moore you have done the same with grant lotus we are continuing with our special coverage of what is going on and sent to deal california at this hour. does bring you up-to-date with what you know right now. and these are the dumbest since this all started at 11:00 this hour. >> pam: police has come
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across the black truck riddled with bullets. they also have to of the three big-dish to of the three suspects. >> pam: the toll right now all parts of 14 people are dead, with an equal number or more wounded. and right now, at least two of three of the suspects are reportedly did that happen and a neighborhood. we are looking at the black truck. police were surrounded at just a few hours ago. tracking those suspects and a local neighborhood. we want to pull up video that we can show of the vellum is going on. this was from earlier today. you did see the confusion of many people were gathering. >> pam: they were trying to keep people out of this neighborhood. this was a resident joe neighborhood so that are warning people to
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stay in their homes. the sheriffs are asking all the individuals and people in sambar dino stay in their homes with their doors locked. secure. >> pam: minibus in the bay area are familiar with southern california we have friends and family that lived in this area of this particular incident. and this deal gives you a sense of how this neighborhood is affected by the events that have unfolded today at the illinois regional center conference center their credit with weapons of to 14 people dead. >> pam: and maybe 70 or more have been injured. this is a fluid situation creek police, who believe they have to hunt of the three suspects that they have been looking for. a motive is
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still unclear at this hour. >> gabe: >> pam: this could have been terrorist connected. but there are more information that it was a domestic issue and bobbing an argument, possibly with the people that were intending the holiday gathering at the regional conference center. that particular sector, helps people with disabilities. . we are hearing from the lost angeles times that there was some sort of argument that took place at that specific yvette. and one of the people left the scene and then came back armed with others that were armed and then began firing. all of this situation still must be confirmed by officials. we are waiting for the latest news conference from law- enforcement officials. >> pam: there is still
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concerned, that there is a third suspect somewhere on the loose. in the residential area. of course, that brings up all kind of security concerns for family and children in the area with schools and courthouses and other businesses that have been blood all locked down in light of developments. this has been going on since 11:00 this morning creek and the see the massive outpouring of law enforcement in support of tried to determine the exact where the suspect may have gone. >> pam: we are awaiting a update from police bridge they were getting hourly press conferences and then things started to heat up when they located the black truck.
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>> grant: that is right creek we were going on the air at 2:00 with a live press briefing. all of sudden, there was a high- speed chase. wrapping up. with a sheet out that had been going on. one officer had been injured in the course of that spirit and since then there has been a massive manhunt of the third potential suspect. would three individuals storming a resource center at a holiday functioned with rifles considered to be ak-47s. >> grant: as you mentioned pam it was a development to center to help people with autism there was a adjacent building of county health
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department employees there for a holiday function. and that is when the three german wahl and then started shooting. --three suspects then started shooting >> i heard the mass of shooting. boom, boom! >> a number of agencies responded >> grant: the swat team and a counter-terrorism unit, shares and more updating us with the suspect stain that they had got away. the truck did come to a stop. and that is where it stands right now. at least two suspects believed to be dead. one potential, a third suspect
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that could be on the loose in that neighborhood creek is not clear. not exactly what the location of the suspect is terrific and we do have to take caution and calling the situation fluid. the latest numbers from the scene of the mass shooting this morning, 14 dead and that is not including the suspect. 17 injured at least 310 of those that are hurt are in critical condition right now >> grant: what people are waiting for is the update from police about that other potential gunmen. >> pam: yes, as soon as that press conference began will bring you that news life. as you can imagine, the fear surrounding this dangerous situation where individual shot and a residential
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neighborhood creek just imagine the families concerned with where the third suspect is accurate as those that have friends and family members at that resource center at the regional center where they were having a holiday that cree--holiday event. >> reporter: you can't imagine a very chaotic scene. people hearing about it over the television creek getting attacked from family and friends and that complex print hearing at firsthand. --getting text >> she said the guy that came in next to her office and started shooting creek they locked themselves in her office. they seem bodies
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on the floor creek. >> she set the alarm went off and then or all told to dig down creek and eventually the police came down. they never heard gunshots. >>sirens >> pray for us. >> i locked in an office. >> reporter: a man reading a text from his daughter but she turned out to be ok. people have been hospitalized and tend reportedly critical condition print live from the news room, dan kerman >> pam: as to imagine a let the officials are
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responding creek wing and on today's shooting print it says " our thoughts and prayers are with the victims' families and everyone affected by the brutal attack california was there no effort in bringing these killers to justice and " >> pam: statement released by house minority leader, nancy pelosi. " today, yet another american community is really from the horror of gun violence. but it is a crisis of epidemic proportions in our nation. congress has been more responsibility to go on, since measures to prevent n violence in america in " >> pam: u.s. senator dianne feinstein released the following statement saying " each time i see breaking
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those of yet another mass shooting. i feel is in the pit of my stomach. congress can't stop every shooting. but we can help reduce the frequency. i remain hopeful creek that enough of my colleagues will join me to make that a reality. in " >> pam: bay area law enforcement response to the events unfolding in the southern california patrick
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as you might and magic bay area police and sheriff's departments are now on higher alert as well. kron4 justine waldman has been communicated what separates this go police officers and joins us now with the latest locally. >> pam: adjusting? =-- justine? >> reporter: like here on market street, is getting very busy in other places like union square at and get out of what brown is deaths
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>> when the call heyman-- when the call came in how were you able to handle it? >> we are always able to handle the worst of the worst situations dislike today. --just like today >> it was a course of our spirit but i can't give a definitive answer. >> do you have additional
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medical staff? >> do know that additional medical staff was broad and but i do not know the number of the staff. >> i have not communicated with any of the medical staff. obviously, they have been very busy doing their job and taking care of these patients. they are very dedicated. >> where do we go from here? >> as of right now we are not on alert for any additional patients. we are an act of emergency room for it so we really do not know what to expect her at 0 we are always ready for what may come our way creek. >> i do not know any at
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individual that may not be affected by this. >> thank you all could agree that this hit a little bit to close to home here it is home for it we are all shaken by this. i think we all should go home tonight with our loved ones. and, just understand that this could happen any time. and, we have to be prepared for it. >> i do not know that information. >> will continue to do so as we have two of the day if
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there are any more of days or informational would release. it is a recorded message that is updated. >> 18 and older >> and the time that i have been here i have not seen anything of this nature being that we are a level one trauma center, and the years that we have been here character patients. i'm sure we have.
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>> i do not know that information. >> did the injured are ride?--how >> i do not know that information. >> pam: you have been listening to a live newscast at one of the hospitals that injured that received some of the injured. >> pam: others was taken to other hospitals in that area. we are still awaiting the latest news conference from what enforcement for it will bring that to you like as soon as it began creek with a quick break and be right back
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>> pam: on the right side of your screen, video from earlier today as police work in the process of trying to find the three suspects in the mass shooting that left a least 14 people dead. and
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17 injured. or more. on the left side of the scoring, is the shot for all of their reporter standing by as we all await the latest update from law enforcement as they try to piece together what everything stand at this hour. >> pam: we are all awaiting this news conference from police and kron4 will bring that to you live as soon as it began. as you know can imagine, has affected people all across our country. a >> pam: architect reporter gabe slate has been monitoring our social media. gabe, i know people are upset with today. --our tech reporter >> gabe: people are angry
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and they are really upset. >> gabe: look at this pitcher, google matt image of our work area. most >> gabe: of the messages are short and simple to reach the world has gone crazy, prayers for those of san bernadine now california. >> gabe: our thoughts and prayers of the victims-as our parts in prayer's of the family and friends of the victims of sam are ideal. -- san bernadino >> grant: >> gabe: coming up at 6:00 p.m. i will show you some trends on twitter and other
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social media of the latest of the shooting with the gun control that is erupting. >> pam: we are waiting for a news conference. to bring us up dates we will go live with a reporter standing by to bring us the latest.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> pam: our breaking news coverage continues at this hour. for 14 people were killed today. they were at a holiday that a starter or not 11:00 a.m. when some comment rush into the building and 40 people were killed. 17 people with significant injuries. >> pam: we are awaiting that news coverage pa grid we understand that you are in the area. --paul >> reporter: one thing they will say is that there was an act of standoff. we do
5:32 pm
understand that one individual has been killed. an officer injured but is expected to survive. it's all starting today earlier behind me at a center for developmentally injured people. >> reporter: it has been difficult to pin down as to how many suspects is been blood all day. we know that they showed up with tremendous force today. we do know the suspects were throwing out pipe bombs at the officers today. >> pam: heard that there may have been two suspects and that black truck cost the
5:33 pm
law enforcement to focus so much of today on that. >> reporter: we are hearing that. we also saw some of the areas that were put up. as we told you it has been an elusive number and difficult to pin down how many. and have numerous things to deal with the plant from neighborhood to neighborhood. in the meantime hymie at the show at the center. they are looking over what looks to be the possibility of an explosive device or devices. so there is another situation. there's tension everywhere. i talk to a young man off the camera he was trying to reach his family member. >> reporter: pam, as you know if you are in now
5:34 pm
hostile situation turn your phone off. you know what your phone number to go off. >> pam: paul, what can you tell us about all the people of that word in the center. and let regional center and those that were not injured. are they at a separate location where they are being questioned by law enforcement? or are they allowed to leave? >> reporter: i think most of them a long run of the school buses picked them up as some that were able to provide information word question. but those that did not have any information were allowed to go home.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: you concede there was the competition on a standoff with the suspect. earlier today. >> pam: understand that the news conference is about to start and you are nearby. the peasants of that as well? >> reporter: i can see the sheriff himself. he has been front and center on standoffs before. you couldn't remember the big beer and send it. the big bear incident? >> pam: let's listen in. >> i am not going to go through all of the details
5:36 pm
that i went through and the first press conference but i will say this. since that time we are still working on the building here at the regional center. officers were searching the regional center and that they were suspicious of specific devices and one could be a explosive device. they are taking a very cautious and slow process and searching that building. i can imagine we will be here for several hours. >> the investigative side we have followed up to tips. and it took us to the city of all red line. there was gate truck seen leaving the west suspected of possibly being involved. they're into that being a pursuit for it and that pursuit came back to mountain view and richardson here on the city
5:37 pm
of sambar the know. where the suspect stopped >> we have multiple officers involved in the shooting and two suspects died at the scene print one is a male and one is a female. we do have one officer that was injured and they are not life-threatening injuries. >> suspect that are dead at the same, one is a male and one is a female. they were one and assault style clothing with weapons. there is also some sense of tuff stuff all round the truck and we are taking precautions. this make sure that there aren't more explosives there. >>thank you, chief.
5:38 pm
>> i am the assistant director here of the pagàn to extend our truce that has to the families of the victims. there are many, many victims involved here. some are obviously deceased and others are wounded and being treated as we speak. this is truly a tragedy in our country third and i will--and will continue to abide all the resources needed to work this thing together to ensure that we chase down every lead. to solve this case. >> economic, we are bringing
5:39 pm
in f b i resources. -- secondly, we are bringing and fbi resources. we do not have any indication there or a device is of my knowledge but we certainly will proceed very cautiously into that house. we are bringing in response teams to work hand-in-hand with our partners with officers on the shooting scene as well as the scene here patrick or we have multiple victims as well as the house for it we will continue to go down this road this is a marathon and not a sprint for it i know one of the questions that will come up repeatedly, is this terrorism? we are making
5:40 pm
movements that is a possibility and making adjustments to our investigation but we do not know that yet >> and we are not willing to go down the road yet >> how old are the approximately? >> do not know that--i is >> there a third suspect? >> yes there is a third suspect but i'm not able to allow any more information on that question when we are sure we will let you know creek. then >> are a number of potential things but we just do not know and i am not willing to go down that road
5:41 pm
because this is a very fluid investigation. we are still battling some of these facts ourselves. >> it is incredibly fluid. we will get there when we get there. >> i should have included that when i talked a moment ago. there were two people in the vehicle, both of them are deceased. there was the third person seen running away and we do not know if they were involved. we do have that person can't tanker it we do not know if they were involved. this possibly is-that's is possible that they were not. >> were some folks that called that and reported that they heard someone jumping fences and reported
5:42 pm
some of that activity in the neighborhood we do not know if that was responding officers but we took their approach. we asked people to shelter in place as we search consistently. >> we feel that that area is safe. >> this location? >> i do not have that right now. key >> in mind there were things that were in place to for the officers to take a very cautious approach. --keep in mind >> where there a suicide best or something similar? --suicide dast--vest
5:43 pm
>> i do not know. >> on the broader scale of the investigation and we are still at a point that we are tracking down that investigation and continue to identify if there was a third person involved. or, more people were involved in the planning? >> cannot listen to all of them. >> one left and really and went out with two other people with guns and started firing? >> i heard that they were at a meeting or holiday function as someone did leave but we do not have any confirmation that that was the person that came back. some person believe there
5:44 pm
was a dispute terrorist but we do not know if those were the people that came back. >> so that is a possibility to rid--so, >> yes, there were assault type weapons. >> they threw it what i consider a pipe bomb threat at and we are still working on the truck patrick to make sure that it is safe. >> can you give us any description on their age or ethnicity? >> they can dress and equipped. --they came dressed in tacticle gear.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: understand you served a search warrant, did you then say that they were held up in a general area? >> we started to develop and there was one focus area as we develop information. and it was a follow up of the focus. at last took the ultimate pursuit. >> reporter: is that their house? >> i do not know who the suspects are nor, do i know if that is where they live. >> do not know the specific time make a model of the guns but they were also style weapons. >> there were two
5:46 pm
individuals and the gunbattle with police officers. one man and one female. >> have the other person seen leaving the area and he is content and we do not know the extent of his involvement. if any? >> the person was contained near the shooting. >> there was someone content. >>--contained >> reporter: were there any weapons on the third person that was contained? >> i do not know that answer. >> we are going to try to do
5:47 pm
another press conference between a 39:00. hopefully will have more information at that time. >> pam: you have been listening to and live newscasts with law- enforcement and sam bernadine know. at 11 tam 14 people were killed in a mass shooting 17 others were injured. two suspects were killed, one male and one female. the two suspects were wearing assault style clothing when they were shot and the black truck that we showed you some video earlier. they were armed with handguns and assault weapons. there were sensitive items away-judge are around the truck. that cost the police officers to proceed with caution.
5:48 pm
>> pam: 11 individual seen running from that area police are still not sure if he is the third suspect porsche
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>> pam: sadly, this kind of situation is not unusual for our country. just this year alone the nation has seen three other mass shootings. kron 4, dan kerman is back with this part of the story. >> reporter: in october, is shooting at a college campus
5:52 pm
and organ was even more deadly threat walking into it in english class and rose bart and killed nine classmates and injured nine others brett he left behind a hateful manifesto of sorts and was killed and exchange of gunfire with diabetes. --peace-- deputies >> reporter: 0110 forget that mass shooting killing 21st graders in six adults to read the letter he killed themselves. it was the most deadly mass shooting in this country's history. >> pam: thank you for that perspective tonight. there is a law enforcement protocol like the one on
5:53 pm
folding in california. we reached out to an export for an understanding of what strategy involved when it comes to debate them inside a building who are it is not clear if there are victims or involved in some other way. >> pam:alecia? >> reporter: santa clara deathy sheriffs' association says when there's planning and training you normally do not have to think about what to do it will come naturally. >> unfortunately, we will be seen more of these in the future. >> reporter: for victims and takes seconds to resolve to a situation like this correct and if you are caught in a situation there
5:54 pm
are ways to protect yourself. the first thing you should do is run. >> they are looking for victims. if they cannot find you then you will not be a victim. >> reporter: former student, killing seven and injuring three others correct >> it to be finding a closet or place where no one else is located. >> reporter: 0 always find a safe spot to hide. --if >> paul >> reporter: charges a few ideas of how to stay secure if you find yourself in a
5:55 pm
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it also should not be taken with any other containing amiodarone, medicine that contains sovaldi. i am ready to put hep c behind m i am readyfects may include to be and headache are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> pam: 40 people at a government office holiday party and the shooters themselves are scorned by police a few hours later. >> pam: a painful day for our nation. two suspects reported dead and that there
5:59 pm
may still be at large at this hour. a house-to-house search is flat on right now not far from where the people were killed today. >> pam:dan kerman is standing by as well. but first, grant? >> grant: one of the building houses and conference center where county health officials were holding a holiday party. what happened is is that-- unclear? >> when on and on about 100
6:00 pm
to 200 rounds. and that got me in the house or real quick. police >> grant: she says they were also style weapons and the police say someone did leave the bank will halt. but they have not connected them to the individuals that were shooting. >> grant: witnesses reported that they drove off in a dark colored truck. 17 wounded and 14 dead at that same spirit hours later, truck was spotted a few hours away. one of them may have been a pipe bomb is thrown out of the truck patrick neighborhood-- neighbor say is sound like a
6:01 pm
war had broken out. >> grant: this went on for a long time. this is the building where that holiday banquet hall happened. and these two buildings are with employees with the patience --where the patients are treated. >> grant: they are doing room to room to us search for potential other wounded individuals. >> pam: as you might imagine, news of the shooting started to trickle out friends and family started to hit to the crime scene for it live in on news room with that part of the story. dan? >> reporter: in this day and age when things like this happen if someone is want to get on the phone people
6:02 pm
rushed up to the same at others for at the scene in heard gunfire breaks out. >>boom! boom! >> i was behind the building in heard all of the shot spirit. >> told me that she thought it was a drill because they have been practicing drills. police showed up and they were taken outside, the bank got there were no casualties. --thank god >> is still going on. and that is the scary part the unknowns situation . >> reporter: it was certainly a chaotic moment for those who did not know what was calling on throughout the day. --that
6:03 pm
was pulling on throughout the day. >> pam: governor jerry brown canceled the annual christmas tree lighting that was slated for the capital this evening flax will be lowered to half staff. in honor of this tragedy. the government released this statement. our thoughts and prayers are with the victims family and everyone affected accurate california was there no effort to implement these individuals to justice. >> pam: our thoughts and prayers are with the families and those who have lost their lives to another mass shooting. san francisco will stand with the community. of sam borodino and the aftermath of this terrible day.
6:04 pm
>> pam: justine waldman continue our team coverage tonight. >> reporter: pam, we are standing here on margaret street at the golden gate regional center. which is the sister said are down in southern california where the horrible tragedy happened today. >> reporter: and they are on high alert and had been doing extra patrol. out and there card and getting on around and walking around and the community. dili that in places where large crowds gathered like fisherman's wharf and government buildings.
6:05 pm
>> patrol duty is to drive round park and get on foot. just have a presence and a look and see if there's any suspicious behavior going on. >> until we can determine that we can resume normal operation. >> reporter: as of now, we have now heard that that will change. there is a large police presence out there. standing at the golden gate regional center inside the twitter building. >> reporter: i did get a chance to speak to the chief that is in charge here and she says that they are doing increase security and not letting anyone and the building does not have an appointment. and, if you did
6:06 pm
have an upper limit you were escorted upstairs with a security guard that will continue to do this in definitely. >> reporter: there are other offices in san mateo and marin county. anything from optimism to epilepsy, they are centers to help these individuals. and they are shocked and sad. >> reporter: woman that works at the center until off this is a very close friend with the woman that works down there and they work waiting very anxiously to hear it their friend was ok. and we did find out late this evening that the people they know are ok. and were not hurt. we will continue to follow this developing story here at kron 4 news brick again, high-security
6:07 pm
all across san francisco. >> reporter: we did hear from the oakland police that they are on high alert as well. >> pam: the mass shooting in san bruno has touched people across the country. the has tech december dino has been trending all day. our test report gave slate to lanza us now from the news room and he has been monitoring social media. >> grant: >> gabe: people are angry. and a huge gun debate has erupted on twitter. >> gabe: at companies with messages typically like this, but welcome to america word zero days since the last mass shooting prepared >> gabe: army sanders says this has become an everyday situation in the united
6:08 pm
states. and this must stop. >> gabe: allies or limb posted another shooting, question for the gun nuts out there is this the what is this the answer for shooting. >> grant: >> gabe: this tweet, with this picture of a gun sounds fine print 14 dead and 14 plus interest and the murders are on the loose brick anyone think that government can pretend to this and sang. hash tech in our day # nra
6:09 pm
>> pam: we notified our viewers through push alert spirit the short to download the kron 4 mobile applications and stay with us for our continuing coverage. it will bring you the updated information on kron 4 dot com. >> pam: we will take a break from this sad news in southern california because we do have a storm on our way. >> reporter: i will let you know what is calling on. most of precipitation, grant and all that in the north. the good news is the timing is all agreed by the models and pretty much what we have
6:10 pm
been talking about for the last day or so. >> reporter: we get to about 8:00 a.m. will see a pickup. with a breeze, you cannot rule out the sprinkle or two but the real action does not happen until the middle of the day. that is when the higher when discussed will comment. >> reporter: we do not have as much as return on wed. -- wind >> reporter: middle of the day and after no across the bay area that is when the wind will be most extreme. >> reporter: far to the north, adding to the morning commute--after the morning commute so that is hidden is there. will be to the south
6:11 pm
bay and to the east bay. in the north, still left over rainshowers correct posting the fine. we may pick up a couple of scattered showers brit cold air upstairs correct so that may rise spread >> reporter: we may have pockets of thunderstorm activity. this is not a cold storm patrick but it may bring mt. snow for the weekend. >> reporter: we could see as much as it looked of snow. at about 50 mi. per hour went bust. --wind gust >> pam:dave, thank you.
6:12 pm
>> pam: coming up as a nation. our coverage of the deadly mashing continue with live reports from san bernadine down and as well as the nation's capital. stay with us tonight.
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6:15 pm
>> pam: here is what of chief had to say. >> and the up being a pursuit of that truck coming back to sandy know avenue between mountain view and richardson. where the suspect vehicle stopped. with multiple officers that were involved in the shooting. we had to suspects, dead at the same. one is a male and one as a female. we have one officer injured with injuries not considered to be life- threatening. he is expected to be ok. >> pam: again, that is the police chief of san bernadine now updating us it with an hour with the developments out of a cent per annum. --all of sam
6:16 pm
bernadine know. >> pam: a least 14 people are dead and 70 injured after gunmen stormed a separate california center for people with developmental disabilities. this is a video of police inspecting a bullet riddled field goal following a possible shoe dealt with the suspects. --vehicle >> pam: at this point. one suspect is dead, and one possibly two suspects may still be on the loews board right now that tense search is under way. seeking and paul is live in san bernadine now tonight with the very latest. paul? >> reporter: authority said
6:17 pm
they did see someone running away from the scene. after the standoff. or to people were found dead the third person was seen running and they did take that person creek that are trying to determine if there were a part of it. >> reporter: they said a dispute rose at some point in the holiday party and someone left presumably in anchor. --anger >> reporter: terrorism is still left open. until the confirms bridge one more clarification on the 17 wounded thrift we are not sure if all the entries are significant. they range from very serious gunshot wounds to maybe someone who may have fallen down steps to try to escape the same.
6:18 pm
>> reporter:--escape the scene >> pam: at the scene for us as if phil right now?--set the same for how it feels right now. >> reporter: its bills like the third possible suspect is detained in a lot officers when they came on here they said they felt safe and secure that the neighborhood that was the center of such high anxiety is not secured. so a lot of relief there. and a lot of the people that were trapped behind of the building behind me in the building. that was hoping in plan that their loved ones was not one of them killed or wounded. in the standoff pam.
6:19 pm
>> pam: is certainly difficult, could investigate under the darkness toward what will police plan to do throughout the evening? >> reporter: well, no doubt they need to secure the center behind me that we have been reporting on there is a suspected explosive device inside. and they do not know what type. the car is another aunt situation for it with those pipe bombs. >> reporter: is when those fbi i agents went to the home to serve a search warrant and, the officers seemed they cannot vote in there yet.
6:20 pm
>> reporter: a suspect or suspects have booby trapped their residence. well after their rampage. to cause more tragedy. >> pam:thank you, paul >> pam: still not clear if a third suspect is on the run court if the person in custody detained by police, jumping over fences at from the black truck is in fact, the third suspect. meantime, 14 people dead it makes is the deadliest mass shooting since 26 people were killed as sandy hook elementary school in the town connecticut back in
6:21 pm
2012. pliny reaction to this latest shooting and the nation's capitol tonight. >> pam: kron4 mark meredith is live in washington d.c. with the latest. mark? >> reporter: the full resources of the federal government has been dispatched to california to see what how they can help we have also heard from the california delegation, saying that their thoughts and prayers go out to the shooting victims in california tonight. we do know that president obama was briefed by homeland security tonight. they are san nothing that parallels these kind of shootings that we see here in united states to other countries all around the world. >> reporter: tonight in washington was opposed to the celebratory tone night
6:22 pm
with the lighting of the christmas tree. we are just trying to figure out what led to today's defense. some of the candidates are starting to weigh anchor is we have seen tweets from hillary clinton, he ben carson and donald trump. >> reporter: it seems is still too early to delving into what is actually going on with this situation. a lot of theories out there. but when it comes the facts, here in washington we are still waiting to find out the latest >> pam: as it continued to have the conversation with the apparent into this like this, always began to intensify the discussion on around gun control or run the nation. it has been a discussion on capitol hill as well. >> reporter: absolutely
6:23 pm
right. there was a report showing that there was a bill to be pushed. how long felt or how far that will get? it's anyone's guess. the has been pushed for new gun laws and safety. but nothing really materialize after that. the governor of connecticut was able to pass state law but when it comes to national we did not see that as well. and remember the old aurora movie shooting creek they tried to implement some new gun law. it was not affected everything that they were trying to accomplish. >> reporter: when it comes to real change, we have not seen it take hold is not clear yet because the details of the shootings is still coming again. we're not sure what will change. >> pam: >> diane:
6:24 pm
>> pam:thank you, for that report. >> pam: as we have been seen there is a protocol, a law enforcement or call for at the shubert and to this like the want of voting in southern california. we reached out to experts and is a writ for understanding of the strategies and fall when it comes to the victims inside. >> pam: kron4 alecia reid, continues our cover she lives--she is live in san jose with the story. >> reporter: finding a secure place to hide and get away from the shooting occurred the shooter is
6:25 pm
trying to her as many people as possible. so the heart is to get to you, the likely is for you to survive the last thing, is to defend yourself. the deputy as of today says the last thing you want to do is try to fight a shoulder or should interpret the only thing you should be doing any confrontation, it is if your life depends on it. -- fight a shooter >> >> reporter: deputy winslow says people should always practiced the shrills as much as they practice any other drill such as; fire or earthquake general spirit
6:26 pm
>> pam:alecia, thank you for that report. >> reporter: good evening everyone print '50s on the peninsula and mid fifties at the north bay. it looks like fairfield won the exception were is racing to 47. the breakdown by midnight. the fees will hold in to the inland locations at 47 with mostly cloudy to 7:00 a.m. conditions. >> reporter: here is the big storm i was talking about. generally speaking cloudy with all of the activity building for up to the north. the urbanized areas by the new hours was most interested in the south bay and east bag. that will carry the front of the plant
6:27 pm
as well. --front of the wind as well >> reporter: a couple sprinkles are still possible on friday. of course, we have been talking about thursday. that should clear up in time for our weekend. if you want some fresh snow. sunday, some one sale to look of corporate want more potent corporate again, and first day as well >> pam:thank you, dave >> pam: we will be back!
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>> pam: a holiday party in san bruno interrupted by gunfire. 14 people dead and 17 injured. brett lotus has been covering this story all day. he joins us now with the latest developments. greg? >> pam:grant? >> grant: a third person ran from that scene just after 3 this afternoon, he has been detected--the tank. one female and one male have been shot. and are now deceased. the police are now looking for a third suspect
6:36 pm
patrick >> grant: one person left angrily after a holiday function. storming out of the holiday banquet and came back to face with two individuals with guns. >> dressed and kind of an assault style clothing. they were armed with assault rifles and handguns. there is also sensitive stuff or around the truck appeared the they are taking a cautious plan on grounds that truck.
6:37 pm
>> grant: one officer was injured in the shootout. that was about four hours after the mass shooting for injuries, fortunately not life-threatening. >> pam: all of us who have friends and family working and that office. it was a horrific experience. >> reporter: a matching receiving a call from family and friends say they heard gunfire in now they are hiding in their offices. that is what happened today from the tragic scene. >> they saw bodies on the floor.
6:38 pm
>> alarm went off and was told to hide. eventually, the police came by and took them out she >> eating at my work. people shot. waiting for cops. pray for us. >>shooting >> i am locked in office. >> reporter: as far as we understand 14 are dead and the bodies are still at the same. no i didn't these are released at this point corporate--no identities are released at this point.
6:39 pm
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>> pam: the tragedy in southern california is generating on top of reactions from people everywhere. >> pam: what are people st about this? >> grant: people >> gabe: people are angry. and a lot of people are expressing their condolences to the victims and their families. >> gabe: it is everywhere. and people have a test that all work to any description of san derrick know they can't find. --san there de now >> gabe: the world has gone
6:43 pm
crazy. prayers' for those in san varity know. -san bernadine no tragedy. >> gabe: presumably they were evacuated from the building under attack. >> gabe: we are compiling the highlights of the we are seen on social immediate in light of this tragedy. >> pam: gary radnich with sports is coming up!
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich.
6:47 pm
>> gary: good evening everyone must take a break from the real world and the check out curry. return to home. >> gary: what we have here grant? do we have faulty mikes to ninenight--mics, tonight? >> gary: >> diane: >> gary: his son is one of the charts in the second half after that honored and the first. >> gary: scored 28 points in the first quarter and 28-- 24. and a row. even his family could not believe it.
6:48 pm
>> gary: their id is. 116-99 warriors had just defeated charlotte. 20-0 record. regular-season wins. golden state chasing on-time record 33 by the lakers. >> gary: are going to bring in one of the defensive players. and joining us for a few minutes. first tier is car of the writers talking about maybe, just maybe it is played of time for oakland this year. >> none of this matters unless we win. none of that stuff matters. >> gary: as u.s. data and action a former nbc-system
6:49 pm
former mvp of the squad in his day. more >> and sap got $50 more just so he is said he gets $50 more for dana. just so he was fan that he was the highest paid. --just so he could say >> gary: it is funny about one step. that was his bargaining point. --that's funny about warren sapp
6:50 pm
>> gary: in seizing you are one to have that here. guys get banged up. >> it's hard to go out and win ballgames. >> gary: is dynamite on the air. >> they just want a great game and green day. and some broken-down for it out watched them different from you or the normal 49 fan. i just broke adonis' it look, kapernick at times he was plant like a backup quarterback. >> he's not reading right. it doesn't improve on the little things they will come
6:51 pm
back and give him. --and get him >> we beat the chargers spirit--charges >> it was one of those things where you did you done that and you arrived tied the filling. i did not want to play. i went to quit. -- i wanted to quit >> gary: just beat you up? >> yes. up and down the field. >> gary: all of the craziness in the world. with
6:52 pm
all the hours spent this is going to show this is one to the military's own super bowl week. >> pam: we will be back. a storm is a rolling pin on the bay area.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
>> pam: news tonight you will hear from distraught family of love once that was in that center when the three gunmen stormed and shooting. >> reporter: we will have went and mountain snow with a couple cups low temperatures. >> pam: hope you stay in touch thank you everyone
6:56 pm
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because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. the "insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> i don't think your family always has to be the person you were born to. >> sandra's secret adoption out in the op meet louis' little sister lila. >> a lot of bumps in the road. >> why she chose a foster child, as the stars share their hollywood adoption stories. >> this is a kid all of 3 years old walked into the house and let her parents. >> then courteney cox without her engagement ring. did she off her rock star wedding? >> they were fighting constantly. >> plus, blake and gwen share their love in the limelight, is miranda taking the nashville dating scene by storm?
7:00 pm
>> seinfeld wasn't biz on birthdays. >> yada yada. >> the cast recorded the ultimate tribute for a d superfan. >> i just wanted to say happy birthday. >> no cake for you. >> hollywood from the inside out, it's the "insider" together with yahoo! sandra bullock announces to the world, meet little girl. courteney cox breaks off her engagement. and miranda lambert single and ready to mingle? who says hollywood goes on hiatus during the holidays? >> no hiatus here. but no bigger story ri now than sandra bullock a mom a buzz started building earlier this fall but now there' photo proof that all this time she's been fostering and now adopt her 3-year-old daughter lila. sandra part of the celebrity sisterhood a brotherhood that is changing lives through hollywood adoptions. >> i don't think your family always has to b person you were born to or the blood relative. if more people thought the same way, our country would be in a


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