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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 4, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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significant the test today the bid on the massacre has gone from being up? to its declared act of terrorism the fbi is now taking a lead and digging through mounds of electronic evidence the killers had tried to hide on the very day of the attack the warm glop of the killed 14 people and a holiday party had pledged allegiance on facebook to devices leader. >>catherine heenan: the have the acknowledges as part of the growing evidence the couple had been radicalized. >>: 52 cell phone from a nearby trash can. >>catherine heenan: could come from the two smaller cell forms found in the trash can not far from the couple's townhouse the fbi continues to say that they both were not on the radar
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before the attack and now they're scrambling to figure out the couple simply inspired by ices or another tear group are somehow directed and loss of the fbi director that too early for her conclusions. >>catherine heenan: the directors since it is still a lot of evidence he describes is not in cents them to take on a ship and we would believe in a big way there and still getting the type of attacks over social media reaching not the people directly to encourage the form of violence everything possible
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is being done to keep people seifs >>pam moore: he also stressed to the american people the importance of notifying authorities if you see anything suspicious. >>: over the last and 15 years and almost every case we find someone saw something within the
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family member or friend or co- worker and did not say something to law-enforcement. >>pam moore: we are learning a lot more about the female shooter and all of this. >>grant lodes: the attorneys to represent her husband family spoke after meeting today to outline what salary family has spent telling them in the past two days about his wife you see here she was born in pakistan and relocated to saudi arabia and the to on the didnt web site she moved to a united states in july of 2014 they married the next off a was in america on what is known as a fiancee these of six months ago the 27 your became a mother here now the family lawyers on the woman behind the massacre she was a
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very private person is a the first time we all sang her face and desiccated st. they're not on any saudi watchlist or suspected of terrorist in that country her daughter six months old now top of the services they're hopeful that the older sister will soon take custody of the baby. >>catherine heenan: the crime scene tape came down as the couple home in redmond the fbi
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into a foregone and the media and neighbors even were allowed inside of the home and they swarmed and the landlord approval >>: it to see with this mastic into selling second it will go up there it does appear, as the
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breeze on the crime but there was an effort to get up there and make sure that the check and the crevice of this back bedroom and the senator met in the man that room that was right here. >>pam moore: emotions are running high in the muslim american community which is a lot of backlash and with a wince as blood shed. >>rob fladaboe: the fbi's declaration that once the shooting rampage of southern california is not because of an act of terrorism has sent a chill through most of the menacing a spokeswoman for the council on islamic in american relations is condemning what happened on wednesday at the
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same time also fearful from backlashes well. >>rob fladaboe: as well as voice mails to to the security at the offices well. >>pam moore: still with us for the continuing coverage on the san bernardino terror attack, a the bottom of the hour will have a live report from san bernardino still with us for that, the notes now in boston and our san francisco police will hold a community meeting to
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talk about the same shooting of market what, the incident was captured on home video and has cut the outpouring of out raised by those who believe police used excessive force >>dan kerman: the attorney is fun to follow the civil rights lawsuit against the city and county of san francisco with outside the silica office and just about 45 to 50 men and listen started gathering here not many members of the community get. >>dan kerman: timmy time as you mentioned the did speak with the family he has some very specific words about the shooting par
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scores friday from the attorney representing the family marya what is the man who shot and killed sfo to copley's ones that an incident captured by several people on home video cassette maintained that he was shot in self-defense after he approached the with a knife but the family attorney does not see it that way attorney a down to point to
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assess the family will file the claim the kansas city and likely lead to a federal civil-rights lawsuit sometimes these meetings are very respectful it cycas to talk is not their opinion sometimes these minutes in the very raucous and little to see what happens is this meeting is on the west to supply. >>pam moore: how to handle an active shooter then decide to
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drop charges against a black friday 14 and of the city officials to step forward tougher gun and ammunition lolls.
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>>: that would tell us a lot as important if not more important all the others and are they bass in the u.s. are the outside the u.s. we don't know the answers. >>pam moore: they are briefing the media today on the senator did the shooting which is now they consider an act of terrorism whereby new information about the stigma shooter at her pledge crisis just before the massacre, will the massacres san bernardino specific the top of everyone's mind for brief part of the school day at the elementary and sam look in the shade stronger classrooms for dark the playground deserted the only
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movement during was call a silencer to drill with the ministers warned lawmakers for the mock lockdown was going according to plan. >>reporter: you concede that the school drug was in session the kids haven't learned will become an essential lesson in today's american reality how to stay safe of trouble comes some students who spoke to said they're hiding from 10 the government of the school principal says kismet picked up from time events the terrell which was planned well before the act of terrorism and said but did not can be is to get kids of harm's way trained in the different kinds of strife
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the kids we talk to talk to drill in stride. >>reporter: their parents had mixed feelings about if they are angry is that the circumstances that mixed as a necessary part of the child is education at least a dozen guards and santa clara county repeatedly exchanged racist text messages of the past year which included some thrust of casual talk to. >>pam moore: the also included
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slurs against blacks and latinos vietnamese and jewish people of texas to do not urge other guards to commit violent acts with the do think too appalled by math examination of the text messages started before in regard to charge of the beating death of an inmate early this year authority to oversee the general acknowledged the investigation and there are calling the texas just absolutely shameful black lambs matter of demonstrators gathered in downtown oakland last month calling for the charges against the group known as a black friday 14 to be dropped the process of misstatements same
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the 2014 protests conveyed an important message although they do recognize the state or in violation of safe and efficient public transportation. >>pam moore: city leaders and on the proposal is aimed at limiting barge capacity magazines oakland police gives us a closer look at for problem. >>haaziq madyun: 01 to the council member off from the proposal the council member called the gun control ordinance many of them large
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capacity magazines however oakley chief admits the force in this type of ammunition law will be a challenge for officers that makes it worth the effort as rebekah all of this a storage of firearms and motor vehicle components division this list and also requires firearms are stored and lot containers or biggest cable with the turlock
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and an effort to reduce debt related accidents and home. >>reporter: the wet weather from yesterday's storm system is out of fear we have to showers for this morning already on the storm still another pacific storm making its way toward california what are racing some high clouds of the scions of this even the clouds will thicken into tomorrow will be a pretty crowded with with with this system in his way back tears were to take awhile before the rain gets them a lot of clout to do with for tomorrow it will be mostly cloudy through the day here is a lie few from the san mateo bridge and a shot of some of the high clouds already beginning to show up. >>reporter: that's of residence guy for tonight we will slowly watched clausen trees you could have smoke-free dense fog this chance for the east bay in the not a valid tomorrow morning the visibility lower the widest is
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increasing all went to the afternoon of pretty great that for saturday night the rain begins of a line starting out first and the market and working his way through the rest of the bay area for some the morning. >>pam moore: to christmas season is upon another bay area community that's up for the holiday also had a list of elements and the san bernardino massacre now considered an act
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>>pam moore: is the annual lighting of christmas tree lane alameda the time for families to come out and see all the colorful lights went out there tonight life and join all the fun./ >>reporter: all the houses of the on the street where talking about pretty close to 55 on
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thompson have no will hear with steve to kiri. >>: redecorated every year and alameda and have a great time during this. >>reporter: is a little combination of christmas but
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they're both from holidays and the great hall of the stores are really enjoy and his mailbox here is to bring your letters and drop the man and you get a reply to this type living and
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disneyland for one month of the here. >>reporter:. >>pam moore: at 530 not consider and act of terrorism like the
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inspired by foreign groups there brand relevant in the investigation of the san bernardino to have details coming up after.
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>>reporter: number one and it is to protect home and from the attack and we will absolutely and gauge whenever we see potential threat to act of terrorism that is what the fbi is now called the shooting that killed 14 people and injured nearly two dozen others the san bernardino. >>pam moore: it posted on this message during the attack cnn is staying on top of the story he is 5 and san bernardino with the very latest and the to start with the new developments involving all wife. >>reporter: as you pointed out
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she posted on social media during the attack her allegiance to isis leaders she did so on an alias and facebook sauce and toss of his exact about 11:00 a.m. when said that was during the attack and of course the strategy for her is not to use all nine can nevertheless present an allegiance to ices leaders >>reporter: lawyers on television to say she is a typical housewife and she is understated and quiet and all this on the flip side of course
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cracks were inspired by overseas terrorism organization and of course and what they reveal in the house all the bomb equipment even more the thing about the reporters and cited a will to see a number of different things not the least of which the so much ammunition to fan the attorneys to stop to the indicated the fbi death valley one to talk to anyone possible the reason being is that they now have in their hands a treasure trove of information
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what was revealed as not only just the cost cell phone or the laptop but they have sustained as trying to figure if they want to again in light support and try to figure how they got the fans and the rest. >>reporter: sultan that was confident was the finale of an after all two markers were killed in a standoff they're
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working together christians muslims use of the same role in the minor league baseball stadium sticky comfort in each other and to memorialize those who caught the wind. >>pam moore: still with us to the continuing coverage of the san bernardino terror attack will have five for four stop the night on the story and it also had to the web site for an in- depth look at the home of the shooters >>reporter: 10 for two more after this weekend will that the
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storm system on of the west so it will not be quite as chilly night time or run the afternoon most of clear skies with the exception of his increasing price and cost to the night and by tomorrow morning to areas of fog developing best chance we cannot ban the east about with the marshall on the ground that cost the fault the form and in the circumstances not through the day increasing clout would have branded him for someone here is how much to expect. the >>pam moore: can have all
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read these days is just a little bit of shooting on campus sexual assaults violence hazen in the incidence the tech report shows us the new application which uses every student should have on their phone. >>gabe slate: he this implemented the new application the guardians into the campus police 911 system this is a great we believe in 10 years in the camps across the country will be using this the have the ability to press one button activate law-enforcement haven't it on your farms like having a garden and to with you have an emergency you at the called campus police but and you're immediately connected the also because it is tied into this application for the student's an
5:38 pm
officer who's monitoring their moms and the police station will hear this sound films will push the button on the screen will pop of important information like where you're located like at second base on gps your name in your picture for any medical conditions have anything you laid out of your profile when you created it will show up once it is pushed them with some help right for the great speeches called safe to touch this is an account that we you're supposed to be somewhere if we do not deactivate it before it goes off the + notified immediately they will start calling him to to new and then they will come find him if you're not responding is invisible and stress caused a definite thing happens to you help will come and find
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>>pam moore: he is this really searching for a family member missing for more than a month now when she was last spotted the first half of the bus and not pay more than a thousand pieces of mail recover who police now have the kind farms. sfx: (ambulance sirens) it takes you someplace else. and that's why covered california is here. to help californians who need health insurance get it. so you'll be ready next time life happens. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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>>pam moore: now they're trying to uncover all of the objective is affected by this recently the police with homeless assume city for prevention chekhov and one man who had not arrested before i'd the theft-still actively working on the case and they believe there are others of a in order to keep from becoming of a
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comes to the locker your mailbox or haven't slide into a route whereby people of the cost of about having a package of the liver and holidays if you are not home at the time of the liver and the hauler and filled with shopping and cooking and spend time with loves ones with the come also lead lot of stress.
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>>grant lodes: this one is alarming he is not our broadcast for espn says amassing and from her home and program to talk
5:47 pm
late last month we're talking about late october pieces of the petition is vanished in the cold heavens for 1 years old, of five she was just outside of her home to the scene about two houses down from our own father home her purse and cell phone should of the indication to use (to take off and fire you saw was thing passed around town pleading for the public's help finding his cousin is says her children and family are very important to our and five children and grandchild need her back as the we-the family. >>reporter: when it comes to a
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time limit yourself to the festivities both on the giving and receiving an some of this memories do not come from store for some fretting the perfect product tampering on frustration and unrealistic expectations that suggested in this time of year is good idea to just a brief.
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>>reporter: will signal the death of swirling clouds of tear of this hour pretty cool a lot of these because after now because of instability from yesterday's storm system. >>reporter: have begins a seven and high clouds and also some low clouds to stop the they specifically this fall close to
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the surface the could limit the visibility and not debate as was the east bay as klaus increase through the day and eventually buying a sadder that overnight into sunday morning event into small look for a filter sunshine salsa high clouds with a some poking through and then it is pretty great to get into the afternoon starting at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning these high in clouds will continue to walk in through the day still some some managing to get through for the morning hours but in to the afternoon this is will will start to get pretty cloudy the rain will hold off until early morning there is more snow on
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the way for this weekend from the same storm was wanted him back to bay area temperatures in the afternoon of getting into the fifties no levels jumped up to six to 7,000 ft. in length up could be our grain from sound system with snow just a higher elevation tomorrow on the morning started out with some areas of fog increasing clout through the day for sunday will have the rain in the morning. >>reporter: minutes before 9:00 a.m. partial clearing the way the system to comes through on monday but this one of the line
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stays to the north of the bay area will have most crowded skies of iraq on tuesday with one temperatures. >>stanley roberts: people behaving badly coming up next.
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>>pam moore: there are other people that are taking your mail for. >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: watch closely as the malibu plaza to a mailbox
5:56 pm
on the south side of san jose wanted another car pulls up to the exact same mailbox it said the woman and the car checks to men on the on her way this mailbox is supposed to be a secure mail box will look at this is been damaged by the use a drill the box open residents tell us about these opponents are using crowbars to break into what is considered the most secure mailboxes system to appoint the essence of being placed in mailboxes to automatically been tampered with that resembles a huge clock box to keep the mail impartial safe and not the mailbox will look like this with the expos
5:57 pm
many will say is still your identity and said that and still my mail but all his bills and still stilling and as a federal crime when residents of to said she refused to block a home about the dinner dishes never had a millstone however when cursed if it stolen then she revisited and relate to suspected male band called off camera and also caught the license plate and as for mrs. the turned over to police in san jose police assassin of france will have a lot from our entire lives for now be aware mail theft is a chronic problem. >>pam moore: these of the faces
5:58 pm
of terrorism the consider what these people did in san bernardino not of terrorism we keep an eye on the dona with the new data out of the system would means a lot more news ahead as 6:00.
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male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 evening news starts now. >>pam moore: they're taking of the investigation into the southern california shooting of the first time to sell all happen the agency is now on the massacre and act of terrorism also to develop a first look at the face of the woman who was involved. >>catherine heenan: a declaration from the fbi that the killing is being investigated as an act of terrorism to we learn of the woman had declared allegiance to
6:01 pm
my sister with the posting on facebook using an alias on the very day of the attack the the question now. >>: hoped a digital fingerprint left by these two individuals will take us toward the motivation so far we have no indication that these killers are part of an organized large a group or form part of its single that our network again
6:02 pm
we quickly at this early we're still working very hard to understand. >>pam moore: they are taking an active role in the investigation of one station in san bernardino should to the personal tone and talking about the evolving investigation. >>: are to talk to them and keith and our prayers not just those but those who injured in: the law enforcement officials
6:03 pm
>>pam moore: when i had to break down the four hours out of what was a really long and tragic >>grant lodes: for the first officer showed up and arrested two months of the police arrived the shooter's escaped turns out
6:04 pm
both called and left the bloody scene once inside something hundred officers from several agencies respond with the killers are still on the room within before 1:00 p.m. last the two hours after the shooting police have a lead on their identity when the killers. >>grant lodes: police into a fine with they're looking for 2:50 p.m. they chased a black suvs for about 18 minutes, before gunfire rocked the cell
6:05 pm
phone bill shows the and of the chase hundreds of rounds exchanged between 23 officers and the two shooters. >>grant lodes: by 3:16 p.m. more than four hours after that took 14 lives both the killers were shot to death police would later find more than 16 other bombs and ammunition and as you the in that home will pipe bombs. >>pam moore: most accounts to help workers attending howard the party among them here had to start his job and to assist the court analyst the for the secured a two daughters ages 15 and 1131 year-old was born in vietnam but raised in santa ana choose and gays to be married in was about to pick out a wedding dress shoes and the obvious with
6:06 pm
accounting overseeing food safety recreational health and housing at 27 she was one of the down the steps and she worked at a restaurant and specter diseased behind a 25 year old are congressman we're on a home and security committee in the house what can be learned from the events of southern california this week >>reporter: of the arrows point to terrorism and was most concerning is that we can send
6:07 pm
him pleasanton for the people represent instead isis and influence is growing so large that they denied it had for attacks and more than inspire them by the edge information the have and cannot do long added quantitate western and islamic countries in the country like russia that we have not necessarily always worked with that is one way to prevent them from dispatching people across the world here at home looking for those weapons of radicalized is on to the a lot harder in this one to require neighbors of his office is to be as vigilant as ever in the to the signs that were missed here. >>pam moore: america is
6:08 pm
expected, must first make sure that we take the most dangerous weapons away from the most dangerous people right now were so in the assault weapons and most a small country last night the senate voted to prevent us from knowing if the watch list suspect were ever to buy firearms to draw today to fly on airplanes to build kentuck the background check to see for too dangerous to have the weapon. >>pam moore: the american people are fed up and they expect congress to not tub months of silence with have moment action we hope that colleagues here and the crash of the american people they're not going to prevent and become violence incident which and the harder part in reason to consider measures
6:09 pm
>>pam moore: hot what most worries him? >>reporter: what most worries ms. will be cannot see in that means people who are inspired by isis and success to get success did talk the talk and is going to provoke more people who may not even the communication with i. since to radicalized
6:10 pm
themselves and carry out an attack increase the ability to understand who they're in the community will see more incidents like pepper the american people deserve better from the lawmakers. >>pam moore: in our country a muslim community is feeling as though it is being blamed for what happened on wednesday a lot of people are targeting that anchor at the american muslim community we cannot blame a single community for this po will need help from the muslim community to find radicals of the trouble stopped caring
6:11 pm
after-tax. >>pam moore: think for being with us to ninth observation will understand was that our nation and the coverage continues to and also read more stores on those who were killed in wednesday's attack. >>reporter: we have not what the system approach in the bay area this is coming up for sunday's this is midnight starting early on sunday this the wet weather approaching this to move them to moran &, ron grahame to spend
6:12 pm
the french pushing south down to the morning by 6:00 a.m. this before sunrise the band is over san francisco oakland to vallejo unfair from the vast increase in the south bend nine and most of is wrapping up will begin to see some partial clearing for the afternoon the preliminary rainfall amounts from the system ranging from 10th of an inch. >>pam moore: is free to download for android.
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because it's more than just health care. it's life care. >>pam moore: the place seven to answer questions tonight about the shooting which was caught on, a handful of police officers surrounding one stabbing suspect in the encounter turned deadly the police chief to talk to the town hall meeting right now and that is where then, is standing by.
6:16 pm
>>dan kerman: if the town hall meeting discount on the way in the bay view campus san francisco college of the standing room only crowd more than half the people are there several dozen police officers and that's typical in these cases the police began running over specifically what is happening and what is happening with the incident and taking questions from the audience with the just on the way now the
6:17 pm
video shows the he was contained on three sides of police provoked a final confrontation he says this confrontation is part of the troubling pattern was san francisco police back
6:18 pm
live in the bay view and san francisco city college with a meeting is on right now discussing this shooting this says that even though the attorney's office and the police are conducting investigations into the shooting he was seen in an inquiry he plans to request the state attorney general to involve some said the problem of justice to investigate this on their home. >>pam moore: this is the for your rosalind medina of oakland arrested on suspicion of child buying are receiving and stolen vehicle and then a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition there are some other thirsted a denny's restaurant in oakland the also rested to other people in the course of their investigation the head and looking for her since the incident back on the from the 24
6:19 pm
this to handle your daughter was taken into custody at par to start in this city and is now and talk the talk of services. >>pam moore: all that was still much to people in and beg identity theft case we report police happened on several victims and they believe that many others >>terisa estacio: we are talking thousand pieces of mail morales had been arrested before on that the ninth half was taken into custody as well as a bill verlaine they're now facing crimes including identity theft and possession of counterfeit checks and many
6:20 pm
others so far the 24 victims they said that the mayor was recovered from several different cities include novato to brown sacramental fair for him and david and others out of dollars wrapped up police said it with hard this is more important extra precaution and not the packages and mail unattended her family was a victim: asking people to please contact them if they think that the male of the compromise and fairfield.
6:21 pm
>>pam moore: progress report on of a nail in the expectation for the mother of all reni seasons which may lie ahead >>rob fladaboe: san jose state university meteorology climate science department this is the current and the was not only the strongest ever and is getting stronger every day is a full blown gigantic pagnol we have students here who study on the yellow and other elements of climate change began a private meal lecture from professor prison on friday when she explained how the sea surface
6:22 pm
temperature in the pacific to the lead off the charts now and that global warming was also playing our role here in new is already here to bring in what disappointing until late had with the board of the storm likely to bid to unseat of clues as are happening elsewhere which can expect another more form of taste of a meal for five fog the middle of next week
6:23 pm
>>reporter: perhaps in higher elevations already beginning to see a side of the storm on horizons without force and the tail the stem cell press by cosmic for a beautiful sunset over the area where are born to see those clouds and freeze for tomorrow will be pretty crowded runtime will to the afternoon live today a few high clouds right now we will see less of the stars is to get into late night and into tomorrow morning
6:24 pm
here is the situation for to mount six him some pockets of ballet east they did not that i caused beginning to increase through the morning notice of their type of thin to start the convict and especially after down here is 12:00 there to cloud cover and then it starts to kent by 34 and will sit across all the richer saturday night with iran and hear for >>stanley roberts: people behaving that the cleanup
6:25 pm
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>>reporter: midsummer and is
6:28 pm
actually flying over your head the work and homeowners put and is just incredible and 55 houses here on townsend avenue and they will be lighting up every night starting to my all the way to christmas-we are coming up on my third christmas here on christmas tree line and we moved here right before and a few years ago and immediately we axed another to make the giant peace sign the does we want to put up there.
6:29 pm
>>reporter: i think it is great and it is amazing people said we would not like all the traffic but it is great you see so many people that you know a lot of people from school from the community and it is a trifle the neighbors to together and have dinner so it is really festive. >>pam moore: snow and this year what to expect this weekend the fbi take the lead role in the investigation of the san bernardino rampage's will call live to that community for the latest.
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>>reporter: an act of terrorism the announcement this morning from the fbi changed the scope of the investigation will continue our coverage this or with our partners from cnn.
6:33 pm
>>reporter: federal agent headed down the digital media trail sworn to wife and all of this who declared her allegiance to isis and his social vehicle officials have not said she made the post only that the stain was made under different name and that the tax may have been inspired by prices she's not
6:34 pm
sure if she can forgive her brother the investigation also suggesting that the husband had made contact with the a telephone or via social media with a terrorist type organizations. >>reporter: to electronic evidence that their it to seize the home and possibly from his work life.
6:35 pm
>>rob black: listen to into muslim sentiment being expressed in the form of a failed even as a socially imposed will likely worsen following the fbi declaration the shooting as an act of terrorism.
6:36 pm
>>reporter: you shot and killed by police but as i call on various pieces of home video
6:37 pm
>>reporter: up at the north star and brought heavy equipment to clear all away at the edges of the north star also an alpine medal and a lot so of had these skiers on the slopes with a fresh powder was of another storm system on the rate for this weekend in some of the small reports from the resort for the past four hours it is about half a foot and heavily and sunday there's another storm on the way that will bring rain to the area host for us to grow one of the default on the morning and a lot of hype, minister of the day will become the most called for the afternoon and agreed.
6:38 pm
>>pam moore: still has any sensation is not just back if she may be the second rockets again the scoop from howe what next.
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
>>reporter: one of how the was biggest sensations as on the brink of working at another record. >>: she's come for all your world for the tunnel at room is
6:42 pm
expected self another 950,000 copies this week is also sold 4.2 million copies he was 48 in these final wife and two children were the the post and we can update or host of the golden glow of what she's playing are turning us inside out everyone just lows and me and cold and the hollywood chamber of commerce if who gave her a star on the walk of fame a humble i just answer passible accomplish all the support of we
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>>gary: does money in for giants fans it may be the doctors is coming here forget about it six years and were between 190 in
6:47 pm
$206 million he's still a big name and by all accounts the home run of the sam and his getting back into baseball longtime friend of yours and with better his position but he will stay the president of after the super bowl he was the with the company he will stay in touch with other ventures supposedly who knows but right now the forty-niners look for a
6:48 pm
team president. >>: yes the warriors are great but can they keep this up. >>gary: there is some argument that when it comes playoff time we do not care what anyone says there is little pressure but could come back and he said they are so good that to the have the second unit the come in and do the job the to do not have the push to starters to keep his streak alive
6:49 pm
>>gary: it can be a police so we come home and it was some guy on the rage and all of these things
6:50 pm
about me and we had to call our guys to clean in up. >>gary: there has not been one guy that's never worked for that really got it but he is the good guys to keep him on matters within the people always consume this is pretty ugly i'm having fun of but it becomes back at you have to call people to protect yourself >>: never complain about my
6:51 pm
cooking and doing all the school with the brothers for a white guy. >>gary: he was really good of his time he had things nine or right but he still has a sense of humor and i like to project a formal tim he's great. >>: call eager to talk about wanting most hunting horns of a them this and to the real. >>gary: if you hit me that i know you're serious but not halt to admit to the haunting
6:52 pm
>>pam moore: we will be right back
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>>gabe slate: twice a day in a pot of the bay area museum and our real reindeer will show you a great family heart activity tonight on the news of a p.m..
6:55 pm
>>pam moore: 04 hours to take news on the way it followed by entertainment tonight at 730 of we are back with a new set at a clock. coming of at endicott and you could stay in touch thank you for being with us (ingrid) i take pride in getting things done.
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call us today. toll free at... "the insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> ease on down the road with "the wiz." >> record ratings as twitter explodes with praise and confusion. >> there are a lot of people who just ignorantly were accusing nbc of racism. then lady gaga's bombshell revelation. did her music nearly kill her? >> the greatest gift you can give someone is sharing your pain. come aboard our flashback veiday as we take a trip on "the boat." and he couldn't leave the deck without one request. plus, amy and tina show us their sister act. >> who is the first to always
7:00 pm
apologize? >> we don't fight. >> plus, why are they trying to start something? >> kind of sex >> now hollywood from the out, it's the "insider" together with yahoo. >> welcome to the "insider." >> let's kick things off with a story that's making headlines today. "the wiz," "the wiz," and more wiz. smashing social media records but also sparking a racial controversy online. we go inside "the wiz" wows and whoas. >> oh my gosh, i was so emotional. >> for me, this seems like the perfect way to reintroduce "the wiz."


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