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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 4, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 evening news starts now. >>pam moore: 10 and anderson had no idea that she would join her husband in a mass market of his co-workers a first look inside of the home and the fence post and as the fbi same where now investigating these halifax as an act of terrorism and the promise more harm done a lot more about the women involved in a shooting rampage in san bernardino to damascus of no longer considered a? when has been declared an act of terrorism he spoke to the mass of secured experts about the latest incident about the investigation but we're here with more development about one of those two shooters. >>grant lodes: we're focusing on woman missing her first for
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the first time and she's the one who posted on social media prefacing ices on the day of the attack today for the first time the fbi confirmed that if taken the lead in the case with a is now being investigated unpack of terror will work with the former partners on the above today's revelation follows reports that the wife had been radicalized to some degree they said someone at
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his work teased him about his beard and i also shedding light on his wife the system's one of pakistan relocated to saudi arabia and madame on the bidding with site should move to the u.s. in july of 2014 the couple married the next month it was in america was not as a fiancee visa six months of the 27 year- old became a mother she chose not to drive on to caroling so there will go to how it would not altogether in the wrong that is a very traditional way of acting it was not anything that was a difference of the do not interact with our brothers did
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not actually ever see her face the vast a different picture painted by her husband's lawyer and also by the fbi investigators say of the tennis is a hopeful that all this sister will soon be taking custody of the bay./ >>pam moore: they're sending shock waves of what washington were some lawmakers are calling for major changes on how guns are sold in united states early tonight on the nose and 6:00 with talk of the east a constant now back home tonight and pleasanton his the member of the house committee on homeland's security. >>: right now we're still able to get assault weapons and most
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days and our country last night the senate voted to govern us from knowing have tear watchless the specs were able to buy firearms pieces were some the most is that crisis is the influence appears to be growing and that the group might not have to order terror attack directly but instead of just inspire fallen to take action. >>charles clifford: the investigation in this case so far focused on two people but investigators and 1 policy expert we spoke to today on friday the fbi announced the investigation into the deadly attack in san bernardino is not been treated as a possible case of terrorism is specializes a
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national-security issues he believes of two suspects in this case have acted alone a large supply of weapons and explosives from their homes suggest they would receive training from one he said the investigators will cast a wide net as this could answers for the cement on electronic communications finally whether the investigation leads to believe that one thing for sure their taps and other security officials now facing and the
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type of threat the media was active in sadder the suspect's apartment atop the truck that was very unusual to see reporters inside a reprieve this crime scene of the fbi with our offense and shall have an impact on the investigation >>pam moore: elena more about the victims we're back with some of their stories >>grant lodes: 14 lives cut short in a matter of minutes almost all the victims worked with him one the men have tried to challenge his religious beliefs his whittle says he felt
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the muslims were not doing enough to reputed to hot tears he fled in from the christian try to escape persecution because of her religious another vision being held in san bernardino you can see all the folks out there hundreds of people holding candles, the 40 people who died local moslems are feeling the back last fall
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on wednesday shooting rampage in southern california and santa clara the cause of american islamic relations sense the sentiment biggest cost in the form of heat fuelled e-mail's and so submitted post. >>pam moore: curie has been stepped up as the community association in santa clara as well as the mosques across the nation where constantly updating the story stick connected we have the balance into the mold of the could read about the log for remembering and much more, all but the upside >>pam moore: with taking the steps on what to do not have the shooter situation a security
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expert help us help you know how to stay cent. >>reporter: starting pretty late saturday night after midnight into the early morning for sunday to take a little time to get him for tomorrow look for some areas of low fog in the morning the ground fog was to
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say >>pam moore: you to see several police officers opened fire on mario would as they say he was carrying a knife
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>>reporter: the crowd was angry and rowdy and loud but eventually order was restored and then people lined up one by one to express their frustration to the chief the line the
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speakers was very long and is expected to go on for quite some time. >>pam moore: training for an actor sure the situation we break down what you need to know in case of emergency.
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>>reporter: home as security want people to be prepared in case the unthinkable happens at your office we get through in
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one hand finally type that would out to the cadets from scissors to a stapler you also pull the fire long tried to of the sprinklers anything to get attention.
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>>reporter: we have all whole day of dry weather before this what weather comes in and also a little bit of good news most of this on to happen the night time before the sun in the comes of we're getting the rain without too much impact for tonight we have mostly clear skies high clouds drifting in but still talk to us will get a lot of the cool that is the right environment for fog and low visibility the life you activate brent moss to clear the we have noticed the high cost married and began to increase in the really get back to the day
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tomorrow starting at 7:00 a.m. will have this tool to sunshine where it is still come through the clouds but not so much getting to the afternoon three in the first and a friend from the system shows up the to the north bank north of the golden gate bridge in this will make its way south and east through the early morning as right over the bank at 6 evidently working insulin to the south than the east bay and around a what happens by 9:00 a.m.. >>reporter: partial clearing into sunday afternoon will talk about what weather coming of next week it is one of the more
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colorful neighborhood in the bay area tonight a ticket to christmas tree lane where people are getting into the holiday spirit.
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>>pam moore: that annual christmas tree lighting by the extravaganza is now underway and. >>reporter: we're having to lie down out of 55 houses on tom's another note this is number one to look at your screen this is the nightmare before christmas theme appear on the roof he concedes jack dressed as santa is quite a spectacle early this evening we caught up with a home
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owner on what is like to actually live here on christmas tree lighting
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>>pam moore: new tonight if you are looking for another place for the holiday family experiences the california academy of sciences museum in golden gate park as run the annual science program you concede some of the activities >>gabe slate: its nose and cited
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the california academy of sciences twice an hour people actually raise lying there this one really like closer to the 25th of december he slums with the fishes.
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>>pam moore: in this is travails disturbing evidence of racism at the santa clara county jail because he's a chapter velma's all san bernardino of the fbi is not a fistic calling wednesday's attack and act of terrorism.
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>>gabe slate: a tree branch fell from the tree. >>grant lodes: the teenager is now dead it appears to be a tragic accident not being invested in this homicide we talk to police the confirmed dead will continue to follow the situation the sad news to my a teenager and lose their life your children's fairy land the bay area schools preparing young children how to handle an actor should the situation three weeks
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after the deadly terror attack look at how the city of life is still coping with that tragedy. e a bow and arrow ♪ ♪ a broken guitar ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars [♪]
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>>pam moore: the fbi is investigating the massacre now as terrorism >>reporter: as of today it based on information and the fact we know them we are now investigating these terrific act as an act of terrorism official at not said they knew she made the post only that leaks that was made a different name and that the attacks have been inspired by isis terrorism
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exclaims this session is not sure if she can forgive her brother brother. >>reporter: in san bernardino california we're reporting it has been exactly three weeks now
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since the deadly attack in paris. >>pam moore: we're back now with new information about what's happening overseas and here in california. >>grant lodes: the long beach suburb of los angeles 23 year- old gonzales laws laid to rest today you see a picture she was killed about even with friends and restaurant she was a student at cal state long beach.
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>>stanley roberts: we call the five and a blanket when wald creek because ride on broadway plaza holiday shoppers only going to be parked illegally for about five minutes the most unique experience to come in and that it said in a traffic while
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you're on the group a your phone try not to stand in the street when shopping remember what would creak has a smoking ban downtown and ordnance city-wide do not dump your letter on the street we do understand this topic can be stressful to try to stem of the crosswalk you're driving into your bass and what your impression means what occurs not year from the last
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and not least do not leave the labels a shopping bag is visible in your car tried to hide them if to can he moved as soon as he saw this as you've been. >>pam moore: dozen guards and santa clara county repeatedly exchanged racist text messages over the past year which included some threats of casual brutality the messages surface and on and on investigation the texas is not heard of the guards to commit violent acts but adducing to applaud violence authority to oversee the jet are calling the texas is absolutely shameful this examination started before three guards were
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charged with the beating death of an and make earlier this year track at an annual picking up speed in the pacific when forecast expected to reach the bay area and a bay area school taken no chances how it is preparing students for an actor sure the situation.
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>>pam moore: they said the current and new is not only the strongest ever but it is getting stronger every day the surface temperatures in the pacific ocean near the equator off the
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charts professor allison said global warming is also she said and then you a fax already here but most of the storms should be arriving in january. >>reporter: dry conditions in the pacific northwest lately the
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past few weeks that is not to believe what happened but usually it 9798 but really the beginning of storm did not kick in until january or february will see some sunshine early on but also much as we get toward known and for the afternoon as in the clouds thickened and the clout to bring rain for early sunday morning stop and just after midnight in the north bay getting down to the south bank
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within two systems come our way by midweek when said the first one looks was too weak coming up mixed emotions from the area parran's after an elementary school conducts an act of shooting drill and then coming up in sports mr. and mrs. gary takes a much of viewers and they respond because the 49 is like a change in the front office we have that all the sports he is coming up after the break.
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>>pam moore: we went to an
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elementary school and more and which held a lockdown drawl today that left parent with mixed emotions that their children should be forced to learn such a sound less and >>maureen kelly: after the clear was given the kismet able to get back to normal the principal says the drug was planned months before the act of terror in san bernardino it is common in schools all of the california in this benes is a safety issue of us have mixed emotions not at
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the school did it with a carnival and to make unnecessary. >>gary: with a laugh of the
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young man who handles all the social media cannot even sit down the assault said he would not accept the giant $30 million offer instead is going to arizona for six years $206 million that is the highest average ever for a pitcher.
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>>gary: they are both under the heading of coaches one guys making a million and the other is a step toward bearing everyone thought maybe we did something which should have done the better the way he didn't.
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>>gary: 70 yds in the air is just incredible the of the story the guy who carted the that
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participated by the way i am sick over five always been trying since time to be a lot of track of our what the law great
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players i guess you have to say certain in from distant there's not ever been a guy like this is only getting better 2:00 tomorrow they're gone for 21 and wrote in toronto when you've done this for years and years and makes a little more fun to do what so one who will say the to see you as opposed to are we done some people find they don't care we find it interesting >>gary: anytime you can learn
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about people you pick it is better sports talk if i was trading couch i would never say that because i think for you
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cannot trust the tires.
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>>grant lodes: related to the tree we now know that the success in your boy was climbing a tree branch broke he fell and tragically died that is the update also out of san bernardino connected to the massacre down there thought of an abundance of caution ups driver was driving delivering a package the at this is the same as the suspect's home so out of an abundance of caution he returned to the facility fearing that the package could be a bomb no reason to believe that it definitely is but the ups
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facility has been evacuator is some reputable vendor they're trying to obviously be as safe as possible that is breaking within the last three minutes or saw. >>reporter: improve and by sunday afternoon >>pam moore: we are back of all of today's news wrapped up at 11:00 we hope to see you back.
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