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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 8, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>>the immediately checked the bathroom and indeed found a man and called police >> reporter:san ramon police arrested edward james montez.a known transient. >> reporter:for police say montez told them he went inside the school because he needed to use the restroom. >>the investigation found there was no interaction between the student either physical or verbal. >> reporter:montez was booked into the martinez jail for disrupting a school or it's pupils, which is a misdeamnor and for a probation violation. police wouldn't say for what, but i checked and he is not on the megan's law website. he has been cited and released. the school district says they did a perimeter check of the school.they believe the homeless man got in during a fire drill they held that day. >>one of the things we will be to be looking at our fire drill evacation procedures so we can keep the school safe during these times. >> reporter:some parents find the breach concerning. one parent i spoke to.says it was a wake up call. >>if we aren't tested then we don't know where we are vunderable. >> reporter:the district spokesperson say the massacre at sandy hook elementary has made school security a top priority. >> reporter:they are in the
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process of installing fencing around all of their campuses.walt disney recently got a fence up around part of their perimeter.more will go up as funding allows. >> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news. >> pam:the other big story tonight. >> pam:the firestorm of reaction. bar all muslim >> pam:bar all muslim. >> pam:immigrants and visitors from entering the u.s. >> pam:catherine heenan is here with what the unrepentant presidential >> pam:candidate is saying today.
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>> catherine:donald trump -- standing by his call to block all muslims who aren't already citizens - from entering the u.s. it's his answer to recent terror attacks by muslim extremists. >> catherine:trump insists today that he's "doing what's right" >> catherine:even for a candidate known for often bombastic, politically incorrect views. >> catherine:trump has triggered unprecedented fall-out. and as he made clear in a phone interview with cnn today - he's not backing down. >>"they want our buildings to come down, they want our cities to be crushed. i am staying that until we figure this out - we should have a ban." >> catherine:trump says his plan to ban muslims from entering the country doesn't apply to u.s. citizens, and would be a temporary measure. in the republican presidential race. >>jeb bush - calling him "unhinged."
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>> catherine:senator lindsey graham - saying it's time for all republicans to unite against trump. >>"and you know how you make america great again? tell donald trump to go to hell." >> catherine:the philadelphia daily news called him 'the new furer.' >> catherine:and harry potter fans had a little fun on social media when j.k. rowling described trump as being 'as bad as voldemort.' >> catherine:even the white house is weighing in. >>".what trump said yesterday disqualifies him from running for president." >> catherine:but tell that to the die-hard trump supporters lining up at a trump appearance >> catherine:in south carolina. >>"that's a very prudent idea and i think he's done due diligence when he makes that statement."
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>>"i'm worried about america, worried about our safety. they're getting in. they need to be stopped. >> catherine:the controversy has trump bringing back the "independent" talk. he tweeted today that a new poll indicates that 68% of his supporters would vote for him >> catherine:if he left the republican party - and ran as an independent. it suggests that even if things boil over and he's deserted by party leaders --still not backing down. >> grant:catherine mentioned how this story is playing out on twitter. grant lodes is here now with some of the on-line
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reaction >> grant:former vice president dick cheney doesn't tweet.but a lot of people are tweeting about what he said on a radio interview: >>quote: "this whole notion that somehow we need to say 'no more muslims' and just ban a whole religion goes against everything we stand for and believe in" >> grant:democtaric presidential frontrunner hillary clinton says hate is not an american value in one tweet. in another she writes: >>this is reprehensible, prejudiced and divisive. @realdonaldtrump, you don't get it. this makes us less safe. -h >> grant:bette midler, singer, songwriter, actress, comedian. producer: "i have had wonderful muslim people working for me for over twenty years. they are smart, kind, generous,
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and wonderful to me and my family." >> grant:join the conversation on facebook, twitter and back here in the bay area. >> pam:plenty of opinions from local muslims. on donald trump's comments. >> pam:kron 4's will tran continues our coverage. >> pam:happening tonight. >> pam:a muslim community in silicon valley will hold a prayer vigil for the san bernardino shooting victims. >> pam:it will take place at the baitul baseer mosque on evans road in milpitas at 6:00. >> pam:organizers say, the theme is to emphasize that islam repudiates violence and bloodshed.
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>> pam:the vigil is open to the public. we will have a live report coming up on kron 4 news at 6pm! >> pam:we've been constantly updating this story on >> pam:stay connected with developments and be sure to download the free kron four news app. to get our news alerts on any breaking development. >> pam:in the east bay this morning, the body of a hispanic male was found near the oakland coliseum. >> pam:investigators are now saying, he was most likely murdered. >> pam:kron 4's charles clifford is live in oakland tonight with the latest. charles? return >> pam:kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in oakland with an
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update. charles? >> reporter:well, right now i'm standing in the parking lot of damon slough which is part of east bay regional parks. this is just across interstate 880 from the oakland coliseum and oracle arena. investigators were here for most of the day and they just wrapped up a short time ago. let's go ahead a take a look at some video from earlier today. >> reporter:according to east bay regional parks, around 9 this morning a visitor here at damon slough found the body of a deceased hispanic male who was probably in his 20's. regional park police investigation and they say the victim died from a single gunshot wound. >> reporter:damon slough is a very popular with people riding bikes or just out for a walk and the body was found close to the trail, so it probably hadn't been here for very long. at this point, investigators don't believe that the public is in danger. >>we don't think this was a jogger who was out so we don't have any reason at this point to think public safety is at risk. this probably happened last night some time after the park was closed. >> reporter:this is the 3rd homicide on east bay
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regional parks property in 2015, but they are quick to point out that violent crime is rare in the parks. most of the problems they see are things like car break-ins. >> reporter:so far, investigators have not names any suspects or motives in this latest killing. >> reporter:in oakland, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam:on the peninusla. police are looking for a fake police say is a suspect in at least two attempted robberies. as kron 4's rob fladeboe reports. the "real police" want the public to take a close look at some surveillance video. and help this case. police here in san mateo trying to link two recent attempted robberies at localsafeway stores. the most recent here at the crystal springs shopping center where a man walked in posing as law enforcement. >> reporter:surveillance video inside the safeway shows man, described only as a 6 foot tall white male,
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looking at first glance very much like a cop, heading for what police described as the 'cash office' at the rear of the store. as the man left, the surveillance camera picks up the word 'police' on the back of the man's jacket, but he also wore insignia from the sheriffs office, proof say investigators, the would be robber is not a real cop. >>sot sgt. rick decker police say there is reason to believe the fake cop might be one of the men in these >> reporter:two sketches, who a few days area safeway on the el camino real at 17the street. >> reporter:back to the surveillance video, detectives say that despite the uniform discrepancy, to the average passer by, the man looks very much like a cop. you've no doubt heard the term question authority? police here say it's reasonable to to ask to see and officer or deputy's identification. what's more, >> reporter:they say this case is a reminder for citizens to trust their instincts. they say the safeway clark did just that and that because of her vigilance, the robbery failed. >> reporter:in san mateo rob fladeboe kron4 news.
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>> pam:typically when there is an officer involved shooting the san francisco police officers assocaitions holds comment until investigations are complete not this time >> pam:the killing of mario woods by san francisco police has garnered so much attention, from the mayor on down, that the police union says it feels compelled to remind people that officers followed procedure and exhausted every non lethal means available before shooting woods in defense. >>there were many lawful verbal commands to drop the knife and get down on the ground and he did not comply
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with any of that. the officer cannot let this wanted felon who committed a stabbing less than 15 minutes earlier we cannot let him go walking down the street nonchalantly and potentially stab others along the way. we have to act. >> pam:there are currently 3 investigations underway into the woods shooting and the police commission will begin its review of the department use of force police when it meet tomorrow. non lethal tactics-ots >> pam:among the topics to be discussed when the police commission meets will be the tools that san francisco police have at their disposal to try and difuse volatile situations. >> pam:kron 4's dan kerman
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is live at san francisco police headquarters with more on that. >> i will be asking for taser is. --tasers on monday san francisco police chief greg suhr made it clear he will be next in a long line of police chiefs to ask the police commission to outfit his officers with tasers if approved tasers would be added to a long list of non- lethal tools currently in the departments tool box among them, a baton, pepper spray, and what's commonly known as a beanbag gun. >>it can go from less lethal to lethal quickly, escalation of force is dependent on how aggressive the assailant is and what they are carrying.
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>> reporter:police have said both the pepper spray and the beanbag gun were used on mario woods, but did not work. now police also have these body shields, which up to now have typically been used to protect law enforcement officers from rocks and bottles that become airborne during riots or protests >>sot if you have a shield you have something to provide cover for you in an attempt to stop this individual, but again we are still looking at exploring the techniques that we are going to use but in the meantime they will be deployed and available on patrol. >> reporter:opposition from the community and police commission has made tasers a non starter in the past, but police hope that will change >>sot if the tasers were at the table i would choose them at any given time because the last thing we want to do is lose a life , if we can save a life we would much rather do that. >> reporter: live in san
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francisco,dan kerman kron4 news. >> pam: >> reporter: we do not have the timing right now. for the load tonight in san francisco about 53 degrees. dropping to the lower '40's and the north the state to the upper 40's. here is the upgrade that we have for you with the winter storm watch is in mourning for the sierra. looking like tomorrow, or thursday. >> reporter: to the 3 in. is possible. to 3,000 ft., which is north toward--to
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its no. no team. may also cause power outages, which will come with men. by the way. --come with wind >> reporter: for most of the city and cities along the bay in will be largely affected by disparate this is before the senate get here. thursday, we are getting serious. we have showers and then the front with the coverage for everyone and wind. >> reporter: we will have thunderstorms and maybe even help with that. that is all in the future. it looks like mostly cloudy, there will clouds. with a couple sprinkles that we talked about. we are appoint to lose that as well. more
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details on that plus the, wind. >> reporter: next, pam >> pam: been killed. --thank you >> reporter: after four consecutive years of drought conditions for it, the rest of what is very low. and that is here in the bay area. charles clifford give this a unique perspective with the quad copter for.
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>> reporter:this is lake sonoma in far northern sonoma county. the lake can hold about 381,000 acre feet of water, making it one of the larger reservoirs in the
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state but right now there's only about 163,000 acre feet which is less than half of full capacity. >> reporter:far to the south, near morgan hill in santa clara county sits anderson reservoir. this is one of ten reservoirs managed by the santa clara valley water district. completely full, anderson can hold just over 90 thousands acre feet of water but it's currently at only about 31,000 acre feet. the low water level here is not entirely due to the drought, anderson reservoir has been intentionally kept below capacity for years because the dam is in need of a seismic upgrade. >> reporter:the next reservoir we visited sits several miles to the northwest. >> reporter:right behind me is calero reservoir. it can hold 9,900 acre feet of water but right now it's only at about 36 percent of capacity. this lake is intentionally kept below capacity because the calero dam, which was built in the 1930's, is also in need of an upgrade. >> reporter:and finally we are in cupertino at the stevens creek reservoir. let's take a look. this reservoir can hold about 3 thousand acre feet of water but right now it's only at about 13 percent of capacity. >> reporter:of all the reservoirs we visited, this one has the lowest water level. here's a google earth look at the calero back when it was closer to full capacity... and here's how it looked on december 2nd.. there are long stretches of the lake where only mud puddles remain.
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now and then we all appreciate a little help. through covered california,
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health insurance could cost less than you think. and most uninsured californians could get help paying for it. to find free, local, in-person help visit four out of five people may not agree on carne asada or carnitas... but four out of five who got their health insurance through covered california got help paying for it. find out if you could be one of them at enroll by december 15th to be covered by january 1st. >> pam:a new way to decorate your house for christmas. is causing a new problem for pilots. >> pam:"laser" light displays. promise to make covering your house in lights a snap. but the lasers can be dangerous to planes flying over your neighborhood. >> pam:kron 4's kate cagle show us how they work. return to >> reporter:thompson avenue - or christmas tree lane - can be a difficult place to stand out this time of year. >> reporter:but at this
5:25 pm
homeeven more popular than snoopy seth curraythis laser light display. >>"there's a light right there doing it!" >>"we actually used three of them to cover the whole house." >> reporter:brandi castillo says the new laser lights did take extra attention this year. >> reporter:brandi castillo/set up laser light display >>"also when we we're placing it, it goes straight into houses so we were watching that too." >> reporter:it's the kind of care the f-a-a would applaud. thursday an american airlines pilot was hit by a laser while flying at 13- thousand feet. >> reporter:police traced the beam back to a home with a laser light display. >> reporter:in november - a similar incident happened in sacramento involving a helicopter. >>"it's very dangerous" >> reporter:a deputy for the santa clara county sheriff's department described just how dangerous lasers can be in a previous report. >>"if you get hit in the can really impact your vision you can be seeing spot for hours. >> reporter:blinding a pilot
5:26 pm
on purpose can result an 11- thousand dollar fine. >> reporter:but the f-a-a says they realize laser hits from a light displays are accidental. >> reporter:in the two known incidents the homeowners were simply asked to adjust their diplays. >> reporter:castillo says it's a good warning as these lights become more popular. >>"it's only on the front of her house!" >> reporter:this is still a pretty new productbut my mom wanted to buy some for her house this yearand said every where she went the stores were sold out. >> reporter:reporting live in alameda. >> reporter:kate cagle. >> reporter: kron 4 news. >> pam:the f-b-i is continuing to comb through evidence in the san bernardino shootings. the disturbing discovery in the car of a shooter's relative. >> pam:and the warriors. looking to remain undefeated
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>> pam: new details tonight about how tashfeen malik pledged allegiance to isis on her facebook page. >> pam: investigators now say that she did so not only for herself -- but on behalf of her husband. syed farook. >> pam: and there are more questions about what farook's mother knew. that's because a car registered to the mother contained things like shooting targets, >> pam: go-pro packaging, a hammer and 'vise grips.' >> pam: rafia farook shared the townhouse with her son and his wife. >> pam: investigators meantime, believe that the couple did target practice ahead of their attack. the 'riverside magnum range' is one of the gun ranges they visited. >> catherine:an instructor says farook was there just a
5:31 pm
few days before the shooting. >> you can tell who comes to the range. it appears to have been a valid id. >> catherine:he says staffers at the range have received death that farook had been here.
5:32 pm
>> catherine:investigators meantime, say that the san bernardino killers secured a 28-thousand dollar loan from san francisco-based online lender 'prosper' -- two weeks before the attack. >> catherine:also - there's a custody battle between the state and the shooters' family -- as syed farook's sister is trying to adopt the couple's 6-month old daughter. >> catherine:there was a hearing today - but no decision. >> catherine:authorities want to know what relatives might have known about the terror attack -- before they decide to hand the baby over a period >> pam: we've been constantly updating this story on stay connected with developments and be sure to download the free kron four news app. to get our news alerts on any breaking development. >> pam: bay area showers are expected to start wednesday.
5:33 pm
with thursday the big rain day. >> pam: dave is here with specifics. >> reporter:the upper level ridge of high pressure now over us tonight with rain chances developing >> reporter:in the north bay on wednesday. widespread rainfall is then expected first in the north bay starting wednesday evening then through the remainder of our region on thursday as a moderately >> reporter:strong pacific frontal system moves through. gusty winds will accompany its approach and passage. showers and possible thunderstorms are then expected thursday night into friday as a cool and unstable air mass moves in. renewed upper level riding >> reporter:will bring drier conditions friday night into the weekend.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: coming up we will give you the 7 day forecast to tell you which could expect. >> pam:supporters of a new warriors arena in san francisco. rallied today on the steps of city hall. a coalition of community leaders, small business owners, union members, and neighbors. were all there. >> pam:supporters say the warriors project will benefit san francisco. this includes the creation of thousands of jobs, improvements to public transportation, needed amenities to the evolving neighborhood, and increased business for local merchants. >> pam:one mission bay resident explains why she supports this project. >>.warriors in town. >> reporter:but not everyone in the mission bay area likes the idea of a warriors stadium. a group called the mission bay alliance says it would create a huge parking and traffic problem. especially in an area where there is a hospital and emergency vehicles might need quick
5:35 pm
access. >> pam: a big game for the warriors happening right now. >> pam: the team is looking to go 23 and oh. and they are facing a tough pacers team on the road. >> pam: grant is here with a update. grant? >> grant:they are the hottest ticket in the sports world right now and prices are relative to their
5:36 pm
success. like their skills on the court, the ticket prices to their games are also shattering statistics. >> grant:earlier today, we talked to reps from stubhub and they told us, what's happening with the warriors is groundbreaking. return to >> grant: here is curry right before tonight's game. >> playing well all year. >> reporter: >> grant: as mark carpenter joins me live.
5:37 pm
>> grant: is one in hawaii. curry is hot. and you see what they are the hottest ticket in town. the road games are sold out. >> grant: you have been looking into that. the funds for the up ticket prices. >> reporter: for all if today we talked to read for it and they are telling us what is happening to the war years this ground-breaking. >> reporter:this warriors run provides the perfect equation of market economics-- limited supply plus sky high demand equals exorbitant ticket prices. >> reporter:according to stubhub, the average starting cost of the next four warriors games is 132- dollars. >> reporter:and that's not including christmas day when lebron seat for that showdown is 260-bucks. >> reporter:yes, it's part
5:38 pm
of the territory of being world champs, but this sustained trend is something else entirely. >>voice of cameron papp- stubhub spokesperson "this is pretty unprecedented demand, especially when it comes to an nba team with the warriors. it's one thing to have a historic streak like this like they are going through, but it's another thing to start off the season like this and coming off an nba championship. so that's what we are seeing in prices right now in stubhub. it's nothing we've ever seen before." >> reporter:the undefeated start isn't the only streak the dubs have going on.they're also on a run of 144-consecutive home sellouts. the 7th-longest active run in nba history. >> when ever lebraun comes to town to the ticket prices going up 5 to 10% higher. with the warriors and the street, and seeing how every game is a must see gang creek with everyone trying to knock them off. we
5:39 pm
are seeing 15 to 20% increase. in sales and. >> it is great to see that the community and the fans are supporting the war years. --warriors >> reporter:but-- the warriors effect is spreading beyond oracle to the rest of the country. >> "everywhere in the city, you are seeing a steph curry jersey, a klay thompson jersey. fremont, san jose, daly city. it's great to see that the community and the fans are uniting around the warriors. it's something that's never happened before.
5:40 pm
>> reporter:we mentioned the price of the cavaliers christmas day game. the next most expensive matchup on the docket is the one after that against the kings. >> reporter:if the warriors stay undefeated, that is when of longest winning streak ever in nba history.
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>> pam: the problems continue to mount for chicago's police department. the city released this video monday night, showing officers using a stun gun on an inmate in a jail cell. >> pam: the inmate, philip coleman, is then seen being dragged through a hallway. the incident took place in december 20-12, and coleman later died at a chicago hospital. >> pam: authorities say, coleman died from an adverse reaction to an anti- psychotic drug. but a medical examiner also detailed a fractured rib. and dozens of bruises and abrasions all over his body. >>chicago mayor rahm emanuel says, the investigation into what happened is not
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>> pam: just nine more days
5:47 pm
until "star wars - the force awakens" opens. some folks are already lining up for the latest edition of the sci-fi saga. >> pam: the popular franchise has generated more than 50 -million dollars in advance sales tickets. analysts estimate "the force awakens". will rake in a record breaking 615- million dollars worldwide. >> pam: the insider's louis aguirre was with han solo himself, harrison ford. >> pam: from los angeles he has more on this story. return to >> reporter: to reconnect on sight like that. >> is like going to let high school reunion. i a >> reporter: also got to the bottom of all of those rumors that he was trying to get out of billing return of the jet died when his plane was exploding. -- when his
5:48 pm
fame >> that was a business tactic. (laughter) >> was a jet died tactics that clearly worked. --jedi >> a half an hour too long. but that is not about the movie. (laughter) >> is good. it is really good. >> reporter: would have so much want this story later on. back to you. >> pam: dave has weather for
5:49 pm
the bay >> reporter:wind advisory has been posted for the north bay hills. so it is not a large window of opportunity may be of the outflow of our serious the other concern is the trees that may be damaged throughout. >> reporter: we go into tomorrow evening. a mountain peak and it will pick up. at 5:00 a.m., on thursday initial time for it there uc wind all over the bay area. and see if breezing on by around 8:00 a.m.. with the heavier rain coupled with the w i n d.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: at 10:00 a.m. on thursday, still dealing with de w i n d s. >> reporter: however, snow may come down to 3,000 ft. so that may expect the east bay hills at 2 to 3 in.. what snow and he went may cause power of this. --and the wind >> reporter: tomorrow morning, up in the north they will get showers that will render to the wine country. it does not penetrate very much, south at the golden gate, however. >> reporter: everyone is
5:51 pm
involved in time for the thursday morning commute. with the front passing over. with the clear past. or clear patch. we may have thunderstorms that are post frontal with all of that. down and the south bay still managing with this shower eve that coming at it on thursday we are not done with it it will stay until next weekend. when green into friday and saturday although some sun will be out there to would be a sprinkle of showers. with a temperature jong--they to bridge a drop-off. >> reporter: pam? >> reporter: and of the
5:52 pm
third quarter up to 111-83 with a 20 point lead now 86. the pacers are threading. just kidding. >> reporter: the warriors are in control of this one. as they go to their 23rd consecutive win to begin the season. what about klay thompson. points are high already. as his lead holds up. warriors, others on president started to this season for it to try to keep it going to indianapolis next three they state on the road friday into boston. gary radnich will have a full recap on the highlights brett will keep you posted here on all 4 news.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:now at six. >> pam:the san francisco police officer's association speaking out on last weeks deadly officer involved shooting in the bayview district. >> pam:the poa is joining the call that san francisco police officers be able to use tasers >> pam:good evening, i'm pam moore. >> pam:the police commission will begin its review of the department's use of force policy when it meets tomorrow. >> pam:kron 4's dan kerman joins us live from san
6:01 pm
francisco police headquarters tonight with more. >> pam:dan. >>i felt compelled to put out the side of the story of the members who were at the scene >> reporter:san francisco police officers association president martin halloran has broken his silence and is coming to the defense of the officers who tried to take stabbing suspect mario woods into custody before shooting and killing him >> reporter: martin halloran / president, sf police officers assoc. >>they used pepper spray bean bags, crisis intervention officers at the scene, trying to deescalte , they exhausted everything before he advanced on an officer , and he was trying to protect the innocent bystanders who were out of frame of the video the officers were force to use lethal force >> reporter:halloran says because woods was wanted in a stabbing and had a knife, he couldn't be allowed to leave the area
6:02 pm
>> we cannot let him go walking down the street nonchalantly and potentially stab others along the way. we have to act. >> reporter:still halloran says had san francisco police officers been equipped with tasers, the confrontation may have ended differently >>when we are forced to go from batons to bullets any detractor i hope would say if we had a nother level of less than lethal force someones life could have been saved. >> reporter: live at police headquarters in san francisco,dan kerman from 4
6:03 pm
news. --kron 4 news >> pam: happening now. >> pam: the ahmadiyya muslim community is holding a prayer vigil for the san bernardino shooting victims. >> pam: it started just minutes ago at the baitful baseer mosque in milpitas. >> pam: kron 4's alecia reid joins us live from the vigil. >> pam: alecia. how's the turnout? >> reporter: now is the time to come together. >> primarily the pain is
6:04 pm
with the victim so our primary goal is to show that this is not islam. what happened last week and we honor their memory. we will use an intellectual fight to fight for freedom and peace. that is the primary goal. >> reporter: the community here, has a goal of a counter narrative to isis print out have more details about the plant that they are about to lay out print reporting live in milpitas. from for this. --kron 4 news >> pam: new details are surfacing in the investigation into the san bernardino shooting. investigators believe one of the suspects may have been plotting an earlier attack in california with
6:05 pm
someone else. >> pam: catherine heenan joins us with more details. >> pam: catherine? >> catherine:investigators believe that in 20-12 -- syed farook might have been conspiring with someone else - for another attack of some kind in california. >> catherine:it's not clear how serious that earlier plot was -- but word is farook got "spooked" -- because of a string of terror-related arrests in the area. >> catherine:this clearly backs up what law enforcement has been suggesting -- that farook and his wife were not new to the world of terror.and had been radicalized for 'some time. >> catherine:meantime -- we've learned there was a custody hearing today - involving the 6-month old child left behind when her parents massacred 14 people.and were killed by police. >> catherine:there's been no decision yet. >> catherine:syed farook's sister wants to adopt the little girl.but authorities are in no rush. they first want to know what the couple's relatives might have known about the terror attack. >> catherine:also - questions continue about
6:06 pm
what farook's mother knew. a car registered to rafia farook contained things like shooting targets, go-pro packaging, a hammer, and 'vise grips.' >> catherine:the woman shared the couple's townhouse. >> catherine:and ---- the fbi wants to know if anyone helped to fund the terror attack. among the records they're looking at -- a couple of weeks before the shooting --about $28-thousand dollars, from an online lender. >> pam: republican presidential candidate donald trump spent the day out of the spotlight. but not out of the headlines. his proposal to bar muslims from the u=s. has set off a worldwide firestorm, >> pam: grant lodes is here with the heated reaction. return to >> grant:his muslim=bashing is getting slammed by everyone. politicians are lining up to condemn him. but not his supporters. >>"yes or no? it's that
6:07 pm
simple." >>"yes." >> grant:at a trump rally in south carolina, a ban on muslims got a welcome response. >>"i don't want 'em here. who knows what they're going to bring into this country, bombs, isis, what? they need to go." >>"that's a very prudent idea and i think that he's done due diligence when he makes that statement. >> grant:trump's popularity is soaring. >> grant:a usa today poll over the weekend gave him a ten point lead over his nearest rival, ted cruz. and check this out: 68 percent of trump supporters say they would vote for him even if he left the republican party and ran as an independent. >> grant:the candidate promptly tweeted out the results, leaving some of his fellow republicans spluttering with rage >>he's a race baiting, xenophobic religious bigot >> grant:the council on american-islamic relations called trump's idea
6:08 pm
reckless. >>"this is exactly what isis wants from americans: to turn against each other." >> grant:author j=k rowling may have delivered the most memorable attack. comparing the donald to lord voldemort, the unabashedly evil villain of her harry potter books. >> grant:she tweeted today how horrible. voldemort was nowhere near as bad, return >> pam: for continuing coverage on the san bernardino shooting. and all your bay area news. be sure to download the kron 4 mobile app. >> pam: it's free to download for apple and android devices. >> pam: police were called to a san ramon elementary school after a homeless man got inside the school, and was found in a girl's bathroom by a female student. >> pam: it happened at walt disney elementary around 11:45 monday morning. a spokesperson for the school district says the
6:09 pm
fifth grader alerted school staff after she spotted the stranger when she went into the restroom. >> pam: police arrested edward james montez, who is a transient known to the area. >> pam: the district says they think the security breach happened while they were conducting a fire drill yesterday. they are now reviewing their evacuation procesures so something like this doesn't happened again. >> pam: those we talked to at the school say the little girl do the right thing. >>"oc this man does not belong here" >> pam: police say the suspect did not touch or talk to the little girl. >> pam: he was booked for disturbing a school or it's pupils and a probation violation. >> pam: parents pulled their kids out of school for a second consecutive day... in protest of the san lorenzo unified school district. the protest is to support teachers in their fight for a salary increase. >> pam: superintendent fred brill says almost 800
6:10 pm
students were absent today. according to the teachers union... they are asking for a 6-point-two percent base pay raise.while district officials say they can only offer a one-point-five percent bump. >> pam: because students are being pulled out of class.the district has lost thousands of dollars. one parents explains why she is protesting. return to >>.five-percent raises. >> pam: the walkout was organized by a san lorenzo parent through social media. return to >> pam: rain is on the way for the bay area. tracking the forecast, days how much can we expect from this storm system? >> reporter: coupled with this is a cold beer in showers and mountain snow. with the winter storm watch bridge has upgraded to a warning. >> reporter: are talking
6:11 pm
about six to 12 in. bring in 12,000 ft. into the 3 in.. >> reporter: and that may cover some of the higher elevations in the east bay. such as the month locations. such as mt. diablo >> reporter: and does not get too hard. the main thrust of the minister goes up to see. at 3:00 a.m., thursday you can see that by 6:00 a.m. the coverage has evolved. with the wind, do not forget. we have cold air of stairs and the sun made poke up just a little bit. >> reporter: are talking about in midday, there will
6:12 pm
temperature's print in the '50s. >> pam: early reports say college students fall sick but it's not to recall why. what you will need to know about newbies' of requirements, not-- new visa ♪ life.
6:13 pm
just when you think you know where it's going, it takes you someplace else. covered california is here to help californians who need health insurance get it. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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6:15 pm
>> pam:in the east bay. a mother is found dead inside her home. and neighbors say she leaves behind two young daughters. investigators are saying they were called to the home after no one had heard from the woman in a while. >> pam:as kron 4's terisa estacio reports. crime scene investigators were out at the location for most of the day. >> reporter:wearing masks,
6:16 pm
gloves and foot protection - crime scene investigators spent long hours at this house in newark this tuesday. they spent most of the time, inside the home located on the 5600 block of mclaughlin - collecting evidence, including taking many pictures. police say they were called to the home, monday night around 8 - when they received word that no one had heard from the female who lived there. once inside, investigators say they found the woman deceased. they are now calling this a suspicious death - based on what they found inside the home. a neighbor says a couple moved in about a year ago and they have two young children. >>sot/tc: 39 ala oracion/ neibhor someone rang our doorbell asking if we heard anything 0 any commotion there. my wife said she heard a baby crying that is all. >> reporter:another neighbor who did not want to go on camera says they have heard problems from the home - >>sot/tc: we heard a lot of screaming. >> reporter:this is a nice and normally quiet neighborhood - a large area around the home was blocked off as they crime scene investigators worked. >>sot/tc: you move to these types of neighborhoods to get away from problems. >> reporter:again, another neighbor who lives close by and did not want to have their face on camear had this to say. >>sot/tc: it makes me sad for the girls. they seemed so all nice. and shocked it is happening right here. >> reporter:investigators say they are waiting to
6:17 pm
release more details until they contact family members. neighbors say they belive the couple moved to the bay area from texas - and that family is on their way. in newark te >> pam:east bay regional park district police are investigating a likely homicide this morning. >> pam:a man's body was found at oakland's martin luther king junior regional shoreline. >> pam:a visitor walking through the park spotted the body around nine in the a grassy area just off the bay trail in an area just south of damon slough. return to index of >> pam:the victim is a hispanic man in his twenties. police say he appears to have died of a gunshot wound. >> pam:police are not sure how long the body had been there. >> pam:the bay trail is closed in the area of the investigation. the rest of the park remains open. >> pam:a man posing as a cop
6:18 pm
tried but failed to rob a safeway last month. >> pam:san mateo police released surveillance video from the november 24th incident at the crystal springs shopping center safeway. >> pam:the man said he was investigating a theft and asked to see the cash office, but when a suspicious clerk told him there had been no theft and began asking a lot of questions, the man left. >> pam:after looking at the video, police discovered the man was indeed not who he said he was and praised the store clerk for trusting her instincts. >> pam:police say the fake cop may be connected to an earlier >> pam:attempted robbery at another safeway, on the el camino real at 17th street.
6:19 pm
>> pam:in both cases, the would-be robbers asked for access to the cash office. >> pam:investigators are asking for the public's help in identifying and burglarizing an east san jose home in september, police said monday. >> grant:at 12:35 p.m. on sept. 23, a home on mantis drive near ruby avenue was burglarized, according to police. the suspects forced entry into the house through a side garage entrance and took an undisclosed amount of cash and jewelry, police said. >> grant:a newer model red suv with tinted windows, possibly a jeep, was seen circling the area. three suspects were seen on surveillance video, with
6:20 pm
a possible fourth suspect as a driver, according to police. >> grant:the first suspect is described as a black male in his teens to early 20s with a thin to medium build and dark complexion. he was wearing ablue hat with white writing and a lighter color flat bill, a dark blue sweatshirt or shirt with a multi-color design on top, baggy jeans and shoes >> grant:with red laces, police said. the second suspect is described as a hispanic male in his late teens to early 20s with a medium complexion, dark hair and a dark mustache. >> grant:he was wearing a light and dark blue sweatshirt withwhite letters and the number 75 on the back, light jeans and dark shoes. police described the third suspect as a black male in his late dark complexion and heavy build. he was wearing a >> grant:gray hooded sweatshirt with a pocket pouch in front, jeans, red boxers and blue and white shoes. anyone with information about the case is asked to
6:21 pm
contact detective sgt. mike montonye >> reporter: the coverage there as well as the peninsula. this is probably a for passing through and coming with heavy rain. it will subside, the skies open to plurally and that will spark thundershowers and scattered with the wind. >> reporter: or air will settle and the early next week. the temperatures will return to the '30's. pam?
6:22 pm
>> pam: more bad news for chipotle. >> pam: one boston restaurant has been shut down - after some boston college students got sick. >> pam: catherine heenan is here with the latest details. >> catherine: boston college tonight says the number of students who got sick has climbed to 80. >> catherine: but early indications are this is the result of noro-virus -- "not" another case of e.coli. >> catherine: which has been linked to chipotle in a multi-state outbreak. this particular branch of the restaurant was closed after 30 students initially got sick -- including 8 members of the school's
6:23 pm
basketball team. >>public health workers say they're dealing with the problem. >> catherine: chipotle is saying in a statement tonight that evidence suggests the problem is not related to the earlier e.coliare still investigating. >> catherine: some of the basketball players who got sick missed sunday's game against >> catherine: u-mass -- and the team lost. congress is taking its first major look at a proposed merger that would create the world's largest beer company. >> pam: we will be back!
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
>> pam: new legislation will
6:27 pm
tighten controls on travel to the u-s. it will require visas for anyone who's been in iraq or syria in the past five years. >> pam: the house approved the bill today in a 407 to 19 vote. it targets the "visa waiver" program. which allows citizens of 38 countries to travel to the u-s without first obtaining a visa.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
>> grant: anny 0148131-121
6:30 pm
victory. with their 23rd straight win. klay thompson leading the the ups. curry, checking in. >> reporter: what donald trump had to say about banding for muslims into the united states. >> reporter: one man said, it was ridiculous and racist. another man, did not want to go on camera but he said one think of the shore. donald trott would not be getting his vote. >> reporter: in san ramon and six year old female walk into and grows fast--
6:31 pm
bathroom and found a strange man. >> reporter: and local homeless man was all arrested for disturbing in school or pupils to rick and a probation violation he did not speak to the child or touched the child. he was able to get in during a fire drill earlier that day. they will change the way they look at their fire drills at the evacuations to make sure the school remains safe. >> reporter: police, said on monday they came to the home after receiving a phone call that they had not heard from the female resident in quite some time. when they did the inside the home, they found that female resident unresponsive. they tried to revive curve but they cannot. they would not elaborate but they will say
6:32 pm
they are calling this and suspicious because of the circumstances of how they found her inside the home. >> reporter: valence video shows a man wearing a san mateo city police uniform creek police, say that he tried to convince and clark at a shopping center that he was investigating a case and wanted access to the cash room. the court became suspicious and started asking more questions and the individual lead. >> reporter:--fled >> reporter: and san mateo, kron4 newest. >> reporter: the pea all cases they follow department
6:33 pm
policy and gave every opportunity for him to drop the knife that was in his hand. the police officer association agrees with the chiefs. the need to have another class added to school. >> reporter: we are watching another winter storm coming into the bay area. but before we get there, some rainshowers happened and the north the bay. we will go into about 10:00 and you can see why country, not really getting too much in contra costa county or the peninsula for that matter. >> reporter: be arraigned is starting to fill up. we progress as 6:00 a.m.. -- heavier rains
6:34 pm
>> reporter: of course there will be w i n d with this. lower 60s along the east bay shoreline. temperatures will drop, we do have an unstable catherine taking us into the we can't print all to believe we may have to revisit. >> catherine: charts and the deaththe prosecution rested
6:35 pm
its case today after calling about 15 witnesses in the manslaughter trial of a charged in the death of freddie gray. >> catherine: gray was a 25-year-old black man who died april 19th.a week after his neck was broken during a 45- minute ride in handcuffs and leg shackles in the back of a police van. >> catherine: officer william porter.who is also charged with manslaughter, assault, reckless endangerment. >> catherine: if convicted of all charges.he could face around 25 years in prison. >> catherine: his trial began last wednesday. return to index >> pam: new dash-cam video shows a dramatic police shootout in seattle. the video shows a car-jacker speeding the wrong way up a one-way street. and firing out the window at officers. >> pam: the suspect's car finally spins out of control as police shot and killed him. police say it all began when workers at a pike's place market coffee shop reported a man with a gun on sunday. >> pam: they say the carjacker pulled guns at
6:36 pm
several stores before stealing a volkswagon at gunpoint. the suspect then stole another car at a rental lot. speed chase through seattle before officers slammed into the car head on. i don't want to live with
6:37 pm
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>> pam: hollywood hasn't stopped buzzing about gwen stafani and blake shelton. >> pam: and queen latifah is making headlines too. >> pam: here's tanner thomason and kristen brockman with today's daily wrap. >> reporter: plant at a
6:40 pm
launcelot open a that has an incredible singing voice. coming off the heels of her performance in the wii is alive. --the wiz live >> reporter: the truth is i think talus with this amazing and and what is possible prepare on all her fans my sincere apologies. >> pam: you can see 'hollywood today live' weekdays at 1:00-in the afternoon. >> pam: right after law and order and bridezillas. here on kron4. >> pam: gary has the highlights in all of the
6:41 pm
sports coming out. -- coming up!
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>> gary: good evening everyone! >> gary: i am telling you. it goes on and on. but these guys are not oy good. but are revolutionary. >> gary: warming up before the game. i said revolutionary? no team has ever shot like this. not a first and second unit. >> gary: curry, was all over the place. as usual. but
6:45 pm
they were setting up klay thompson as well. but when someone else is cooking, he is going to find them. klay had 10 three-pointers. it was 79-60 at halftime. >> gary: thompson, just going crazy. 10-16 on three- pointers >> gary: the pacers, to their credit. they made a little run in the fourth quarter. but currie, when you have to silence everyone. that is what he does. finishing with 27 points and 10 assists. >> gary: 131-123. warriors are 23 at all. ---23 and 0
6:46 pm
>> hopefully, it is not too serious. >> gary: again, warriors make it a little close to getting sloppy. down the stretch but this is their 13th straight win down--the 13th straight road when. and they now tied the miami heat--the wang wei and lebraun james miami heat. now you start to look at the schedule, they could tie it on christmas day against cleveland. order no. 34 would be the following monday, against sacramento. >> gary: they are just incredible you can be good, but if you are the when it
6:47 pm
like no one else has, you are revolutionary. >> gary: you want curry klay to do a peak as a commercial for water preservation for it you are right. >> make it rain the court. but even we can make it rained enough in california. >> gary: verde are. saving the water. --there they are. >> gary: saving the water. >> gary: look at that. pam, you have a closet like that for all of your shoes?
6:48 pm
>> pam: not, like that! >> gary: i love lebraun james. at always loved lebraun james. the way he has come up when you do not have anyone are around, and your mom is the only one there to keep food on the table. >> gary: in cleveland. ,--i admire those guys that come from nothing. if they want to show off. let them show off! >> gary: i am afraid to ask mike the point being when you are seven or eight years old or five years old? there was no one there to help him with the exception to
6:49 pm
his mother. as the story goes. >> gary: you work, and you work. >> pam: will ever you are permitted--well, whoever you are? >> gary: you have to work at it. college degree or not. >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: stanford is going crazy. day >> gary: that shot and his team. --david shaw and his team. (cheers & applause)
6:50 pm
>> gary: you are absolutely right, greta. --grant >> gary: father came down here all the time. >> gary: it is fun when you get nominated for those award spirit. everyone is going like this! he has a shot at the heisman. >> pam:thank you, gary!
6:51 pm
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burt reynolds blast charlie sheen as dr. oz comes to his defense. >>
6:58 pm
we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. my nand i've... seen things. like the sock rampage of 2010. the sleep eating of 2012. and the babysitter makeout of 2014. gross. but now with nest cam, these guys can check in 24/7. so they can see the crazy things i see. hey ya little thief! did he have thumbs?
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okay, now i've seen it all. nest. welcome to the magic of home. the "insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> charlie, i don't feel bad for him. misbehave, he is getting what he deserves. >> tell us how you really feel, burt. burt r rips charlie sheen as dr. oz opens up his conversation with charlie. >> what advice did you give him? >> keep being honest. >> guys, i'm not pregnant. >> then the record is straight and shuts down her body shamers. >> i'm just enjoying when i want to drop the pounds, i will. >> and director's bar by sel yot in minutes. >> good looking lady. if i could get that face, be good. >> plus, inside harrison ford's wooky woes. >> i had a little work done.
7:00 pm
>> does the force awaken get hans solo's seal of approval? >> you've seen the film. have. >> what do you think? >> now hollywood from the inside out, it's the "insider" together with yahoo. "the force has awakened". fans lining up to be the first to see this latest installment of the wars" franchise. we kick off with hans solo himself, harrison ford. he is just the coolest guy ever. >> he really s what's not cool is everything that's going on with charlie sheen. there is new fallout after his hiv revelation last month and he is back now against a seven figure from his ex. as you can imagine, there is a lot of buzz around him right now. >> charlie is polarizing. now burt reynolds is sounding off. and dr. oz who supported charlie behind the scenes is now speaking out only to the "insider." let's go inside charlie sheen and the cross hairs. >> i wonder what you thought about charlie sheen recent


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