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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 9, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:now at eight. fill up those sandbags!
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>> pam:as the bay area hunkers down. we are tracking the biggest storm of the season moving in tonight. >>whoosh emotions running high at tonight's police commission meeting on alternatives to lethal force, >>whoosh anti=muslim sentiment boils over in the bay area. we talk to the man who was verbally abused. then assauled, >>whoosh >>"the least racist person you have ever met." >> pam:donald trump talking about. who else >> grant:this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. >> pam:happening now. >> pam:outrage at the police commission meeting in san francisco. >> pam:scores of people gather to hear police talk about the deadly officer shooting. which was captured in a shocking video.
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>> pam:good evening i'm pam moore. >> pam:at tonight's meeting, the commission also planned to talk about options to lethal force. for officers. >> pam:kron-4's alecia reid joins us live from outside the meeting. >> pam:alecia - we are hearing extra police had to be called in. because the meeting was getting so intense. >> reporter:heavy rain moving toward the >> reporter: protesters say the 25 shots fire was overly obsessed off. >> overleap obsessive. overly. >> reporter: this knife was in his position. >> reporter: protesters are demanding that the city
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great-test case for more hills below. his grandmother was year and had a hard time getting inside the meeting. it was at full capacity. she did eventually come again but the meeting has been closed. people had been making stops at city hall to continue with their protest. >> pam: heavy rain moving towards the bay area. we are expecting showers within the next few hours. >> pam:here's a look at the radar showing where the storm is right now. >> pam: arewe are tracking the wet weather. >> pam:the system heading our way. is being called the biggest storm of the season. >> pam:kron-4's dave spahr joins us now.
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>> gary: dave - tonight is just the beginning. we are expecting rain tonight. heavier rain tomorrow and beyond? >> dave: we are looking at six to 12 in. at 5000 elevation. >> dave: we should also note that the alarm is the starting off like its predecessor. although, it will fall during the yvette. we are talking about light drizzle, of course for tonight. note, how much the temperatures will be mild and the '50s. however, the heavier rain will come in just a little bit with the 74 cast --7 day forecast.
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>> pam: a heated confrontation at a local park. after a woman confronts a muslim man. and allegedly throws coffee in his face >> pam: after the victim says, she saw the group praying at lake chabot. tonight, we are hearing from >> pam: the man behind the video you just saw. >> pam: kron-4's scott rates joins us live. from near where the alleged attack happened. scott - this incident could be charged as a hate crime? >> reporter:well the incident happened the volleyball courts and video could be facing charges >> reporter:it's smartphone video that's quickly gone viral. the it video capturing an intense physical in a matter of seconds. >> do not touch me
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explanation. -- do not touch me! >> reporter:rasheed albeshari shot this video, he posted it to facebook just after this incident he and his friends were praying at the park just before this >>happened >> reporter:the woman in this video has been identified as denise slader according to parks district spokeswoman carolyn jones, slader is an employee corrections today i went by her home >> reporter:where i was not welcome, now rasheed has this plea to anyone out there who might feel like they need to attack someone based on their religion. >> stop watching a lot of
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donald trump spirit and educate yourself. >> reporter:park police officer did take statements from everyone, and wrote a report recommending a misdemeanor charge of battery; the report will also be forwarded to the alameda county da's office where prosecutors could pursue hate crime charges >> pam:thank you, scott for that report. >> pam:new tonight at 8. >> pam:weather experts say, el nino is on track to be one of the strongest events on record. and now, federal and state responders. are releasing their disaster plans for the potentially dangerous conditions ahead.
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>> pam:the heavy rain in the weeks ahead. is expected to trigger flooding, evacuations, power outages and landslides. >> pam:kron-4's charles clifford joins us live tonight. with a warning from today's fema report about the heavy rainfall. >> reporter:earlier today in sacramento, fema hosted a tabletop excercise involving emergency managers from across califronia and the west. the goal was to prepare for the possible negative side effects of el nino. >> reporter:in a new 56 page report, fema warns that all of california could see above average rainfall in the months ahead. >> reporter:"we are looking at one of the strongest events and one of the things we've seen we're looking at all of the past events is that the very strong ones are the ones that get california wet all over, not just southern california." >> reporter:among the top concerns are flooding and mudslides. >> reporter:the report notes that many hillsides across california are prone to problems. a usgs study cited in the report says that significant landslides can occur if rainfall of ½ inch or more per hour lasts longer than 8 hours. of particular concern are areas that have been burned by wildfires. with little
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vegetation on the ground to hold the soil together, these burnzones can be prone to heavy debris flows during storms. some fire damaged areas can produce 16 times more debris than normal during the first year after a fire. >> reporter:the other big danger is flooding. the good news is that after four consecutive years of drought, the state's reservoirs are holding less water than normal. in the months ahead to capture larger than usual amounts of rainfall, thus preventing flooding along downstream. the bad news is that low lying and flat areas such as valleys and urban locations could see flooding. the ongoing drought has left the soil dry and hard, and when it rains the moisture won't be absorbed into the ground. it will collect and pool, increasing run off and the potential for flooding. >> reporter:finally, the usgs also has a test project running this winter where they are monitering hilsides here in marin county, pacifica and the east bay.they're hoping to eventually be able to actually predict when a mudslide is about to happen. in marin county, charles clifford kron 4 news.
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>> pam:thank you charles. >> pam:we are helping you prepare for heavy rain in the coming months. visit kron-4 dot com. where you can find a special section on el nino. >> pam:there you can find tips on preventing flooding. and keeping your family prepared. >> pam:a gruesome discovery in west oakland. police found the bodies of a man and a woman. inside a parked van, just before 6- 30- this morning. >> pam:it was parked along chestnut street, near 34th street. the victims were pronounced dead at the scene a short time later. >> pam:police have not released the names of the victims. but they say, they are both oakland residents. >> pam:investigators are still trying to determine their exact cause of death. >> pam:the san leandro unified school district is launching an anti -gang program. for fifth graders. today. the board of edcuation voted unanimously. to approve a pilot program
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at two schools. that will teach students the dangers of gangs, violence, and delinquency. >> pam:officials say, the goal of the program is for school police officers. to develop positive and life- long relationships with students, so they are not attracted to gangs. >> pam:the program will start at mckinley and garfield elementary schools in january. >> pam:in national news. protests in the windy city. as many in chicago and across the country are calling for the mayor to step down. after a racially charged police shooting. >> pam:grant is here with what rahm emanuel is saying. grant >> grant:he's apologizing.saying he's sorry. >> grant:there are hundreds of people who took to the streets once again. they say sorry is not enough. >> grant:this is part of the fallout from a white chicago police officer fatally shooting a black teenager.and it taking a year for video to surface.only then was the
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officer charged with murder. >> grant:since then, the police commissioner was forced to resign. protests haven't stopped though.they disrupted black friday shopping along chicago's magnificent mile. >> grant:the mayor says his city is facing a defining monent.on crime and policing. >> grant:the mayor.who used to be a top aid to president obam. also said that no citizen is a second class citizen in the city of chicago. >> grant:multiple investigatyions are underway, including one by the u.s. justice department. >> pam: we'll continue to follow the protests there.which so far appear to be mostly peaceful. >> pam: ahead at eight. >> pam: new details revealed in the southern california terror investigation. how the san bernardino killers got assault rifles. >> pam: plus. >> pam: donald trump not backing down. amid controversy over his plan for muslims.
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>> pam: and next. >> pam: things getting worse for mexican food giant - chipotle. >> pam: after two. highly contagious viruses. spread to more than one- hundred people.
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>> reporter:new at 8 tonight: health scares at chipotle restaurants across the country, are having a major impact on the restaurant chain. >> reporter:the companies stock has dropped, and even patrons here in the bay area are seeing a difference. >> pam:kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story. he joins us live at a chipotle location in walnut creek. j.r. >> reporter:pam, i went to three different chipotle restaurants today.i still have yet to find a long line. >> reporter:chipotle in downtown san francisco, no long line. chipotle in lafayette, no long line. chipotle in walnut creek, no long line. this comes after the restaurant was linked to e-coli outbreaks in 9 states, including california, and a norovirus case in boston, massachusetts that left at least 120 sick. here in the bay area some are changing their eating habits. >>i've definitely noticed some of my friends are boycotting it. not going there anymore. a little
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nervous and scared to eat the food. >> reporter:it is possible that when i traveled to the three different bay area chipotle restaurants on wednesday that i happened to miss the crowd at each location. but even those who still choose to eat at chipotle say some people have stopped going. >>i actually just talked to a person who works at another store and she said from 11-7 yesterday she only had like one customer every thirty minutes and that's like over lunch and dinner. >> reporter:this is a graph showing chipotle's stock. it reached 750 dollars a share two months ago.but since that time it's dropped 200 dollars to about 550 a share. empty stores or not.diehard fans i talked with believe chipotle will be back going strong soon. >>i still like chipotle. it's still really good to me. >>i've been eating it so long >>when something like this happens it makes them be more cautious >>if people think they're getting quality. my experience is they'll give them another chance. >> reporter:it is important to note that chipotle has uped it's food standards since these cases started to appear. they are expecting a loss this quarter between 8 and 11 percent. experts believe that loss could continue for sometime. live
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in walnut creek, j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> pam:we'll start with ecoli. >> pam: >> grant:you can become infected with norovirus by accidentally getting stool or vomit from infected people in your mouth. this usually happens by eating food or drinking liquids that are contaminated with norovirus, >> grant:touching surfaces or objects contaminated with norovirus then putting your fingers in your mouth, or having contact with someone who is infected with norovirus. >> grant:norovirus can spread quickly in closed places like daycare centers, nursing homes, schools, and cruise ships. most norovirus outbreaks happen from november to april in the united states.
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>> grant:we're tracking the approaching storm. and unlike some of the recent systems to pass through the bay area. this one is supposed to pack quite a punch. >> pam:dave has details. >> dave: thatis right, pam! >> dave: about 7:00 a.m.-- 5:00 a.m. it is the storm is spread out all of the cities over the bay area. >> dave: thundershowers
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will redevelop, that will allow the cold air of stairs and the thunder showers will pop up. -- cold air upstai rs >> dave: the other part of the system is wind, and the no. date overnight and then spreading all over the bay area. pretty much, out where before it is. which can get to the 45 mi. per hour range. and the north bay hills it will be and when the budget until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> dave: the 7 day forecast
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is unsettled. it lingers friday morning. and it does return into the weekend in to the following early of next week in the middle of that is we always some will come up and probably some cooler temperatures to rick --cooler temperatures. >> pam: new ahead at 8. >> pam: we are helping you prepare for holiday shopping. the hi-tech tool. to help you find your signature scent. >> pam: and next. >> pam: what we know. about the man who police say, supplied the weapons used in the san bernardino terror attack. >> gary: although we are in love with basketball football season is still going. we will be
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>> pam: tonight. we are learning new information. about the man who police say, bought the guns used in the san bernardino terror attack. >>enrique marquez was a friend of shooter syed farook. >> pam: u-s officials say,
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marquez told investigators about a previous attack he and farook had planned -- but backed out of-- back in 2012. >> pam: that same year. officials say, marquez bought the first of two assault rifles for farook--- which farook used to carry out the san bernardino attacks. >> pam: marquez told investigators. he did not know about any plans for the most recent shooting. >> pam: in the wake of the attack. marquez checked himself into a mental health facility. >> pam: so far. he has not been charged in the attack. >> pam: coming up in two minutes. >> pam: one airline is hoping to get your attention with two words. "free snacks!" >> pam: plus, a data breach alert. affecting bay area customers. the restaurant warning you tonight. >> stanley: coming up! people behaving badly tonight at 8
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>> pam: an alert tonight for restaurant go-ers. if you've visited elephant bar your data may be at risk. >> pam: the owner of the chain says a potential data breach could affect people in seven states. >> pam: there are eight elephant bar restaurants here in the bay area. >> pam: the company says credit or debit cards could possibly be impacted. and urged customers to check their statements. >> pam: we have posted the full list of affected locations and dates visit kron-4 dot com. >> pam: united airlines says free snacks are back! >> pam: the change applies to united flights within north america and latin america starting in february 2016. >> pam: passengers on flights before 9:45am will be served stroopwafel, which is a dutch, carmel-filled waffle. >> pam: flights later in the day will feature snack mixes. >> pam: passengers can choose between a mix with rice crackers, sesame sticks and wasabi peas or one with mini pretzel sticks, cajun corn sticks, and ranch soy nuts.
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>> pam: the airline claims they want to focus on things that matter to customers. >> pam: ahead at eight. >> pam: donald trump made it clear today. unless he starts getting some respect from his fellow republicans, he will leave the party. >> pam: standing by his plan to band muslims from traveling to the united states. what he is telling little help. through covered california, health insurance could cost less than you think. and most uninsured californians could get help paying for it. to find free, local, in-person help visit four out of five people may not agree on carne asada or carnitas... but four out of five who got their health insurance
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through covered california got help paying for it. find out if you could be one of them at enroll by december 15th to be covered by january 1st.
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>> pam: grant lodes is here with more on what is turning into a nightmare for the g=o=p. >> pam: grant? >> grant: emotions are running high. >> grant:his rivals have been blasting him for his push to
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ban muslimes from entering the country. >> grant:today he warned them. don't mess with the guy who's on top, "i'm leading in every single poll" >> grant:he says it every chance he gets >>"i'm leading by a lot." >>"my whole life has been about winning." >> grant:but donald trump wants something else. >>if they don't treat me with a certain amount of decorum and respect, if they don't treat me as the front runner. by far the front runner. if the playing field is not level than certainly all options are open. >> grant:in other words, if republicans turn their backs on him, then he''ll do the same. and most of his supporters say they will vote for him as a third party candidate.
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>>"they can't put trump in a box. and that's what we love about him. we-- all the trump supporters, we love that he's unvarnished. and he's-- he's just for the people." >>"it's like-- goliath and david. it's like-- it's like the prince and the dragon. you know, here's-- here's trump, you know, wielding his sword. and you've got this huge flippin' machine of a dragon coming after him." >> grant:trump supporters see him as their champion in the fight against terrorism, >>"it's about time that we stop being politically correct in this country and we start talkin' about the real issues. and the real issues is they're coming to get us. it is terrorists that are coming to get us in america. they're not gonna be happy until they see-- they take over this country and we have to be under sharia law. and i'm not gonna bow down to them." >> grant:in fact, trump's anti=muslim position is not that different from mainstream america, >> grant: (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. >> grant:56 percent of americans say the values of islam are at odds with american values and way of life. >> grant:not everyone agrees. >> grant:trump has sparked
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protests. including this rally in his home town of new york city. >>"he is a disgusting, racist demagogue." >> grant:but it's a charge the candidate rejects. >>i am the least racist person you have ever met. the least racist person, >>bigoted in any way? >>i don't think so, no >> pam: a man is behind bars on suspicion of strangling his wife to death in newark. police arrested 39-year-old hee jin kim earlier today. >> pam: his wife. 38-year- old eunkyong han was found dead in her home along mclaughlin avenue monday night. officers arrived at the house after family members in south korea asked them to check in on the couple. >> pam: paramedics pronounced han dead at the scene. >> pam: two children were found inside the home. along with han's husband. >> pam: he is being held in custody without bail. and will appear in court tomorrow. >> pam: you hear about it all the time, reports of
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train versus car all around the bay area. >> pam: in the words of stanley roberts "trains don't chase you dow.n you have to be on or near the tracks to get hit" >> pam: which is why he paid a visit to one peninsula city to see what driver are doing around tracks in this edition of people behaving badly (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley:there seems to be a disconnect as it relates to red lights and drivers in mountain view and it has a lot to do with this simple sign which reads, stop here on red, >> stanley:during the morning commute hours cal train passes by in regularly which at times backs up traffic, now drivers stopped at the red light often try to beat the arms coming down >> stanley:not realizing or not caring that they are running the red light. many times the drivers will stop at the right spot then move up which again is running the red light >> stanley:some don't even stop for the limit line they simply roll through. now
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when i first arrived i was trying to figure out what drivers were doing wrong so i called in an expert from the san mateo county sheriffs office transit division >> stanley:this is what drivers are supposed to do, wait at the limit line and do not cross until they get a green light, so it's clear that some people know exactly what to do. >> stanley:but not stopping at the correct spot appeared to be the top of the iceburg here >> stanley:this guy just ignored the flashing red light and rolled across the tracks while deputy richardson was explaining to me the letter of the law vs the spirit of the law >> stanley:so now the discussion moves over to the driver instead if you can see there are lights activated facing where you were ok so what happens is one you see ther light s ans one you see the first red light you gotta treat it like you would this intersection you wouldn't driver thru an intersection on a red light three to fise seconds after it activated right >> stanley:i also spoke to the driver listen in >>i'm very careful of the train but i didn't see the light until i was already there .
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>> stanley:let's just say he received a written reminder on paying attention to flashing rail road crossings >>sign right here for me you're not admitting guilt >> stanley:this is being very careful, in fact maybe too careful. this woman took a long time crossing the tracks maybe too long for some people remember no stopping on the tracks and please don't run the light to beat the crossing arms 20 ton trains are very unforgiving >> stanley:now i know whey they invented self driving cars, it was mountain view in mountain view stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> pam: the hover-board craze may be catching on like wild-fire. >> pam: .but in washington state yesterday , one of them actually burst into flames. >> pam: witnesses said they heard an explosion and saw the board catch fire, followed by a strong odor and the sound of alarms. >> pam: mall employees grabbed fire extinguishers to put out the blaze. >> pam: .but one witness said once the board was
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covered with fire retardant, it exploded again. >> pam: a fire official said crews think the battery- powered device overheated. no one was injured. >> pam: tonight. we're learning more about the sheriff's deputy who is being called a "hero" in last week's san bernardino shootings. >> pam: we will into 22 light soups, all with 100 calories or less per serving. so if you want to eat light and not give up rich flavor, do what we do...make it progresso.
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>> pam: deputy george lozano said he was just doing his job when he told terrified office workers that he would "take a bullet" for them. >> pam: at a press conference. he shrugged off talk that he was a hero. >> there was a female deer with a small child. that was just terrified. shivering.
8:39 pm
shaking like a leaf. and i said what i said. --and, >> pam: another san bernardino police officer was shot in the leg as he chased after syed farook and tasheen malik. >> pam: he is now out of the hospital and still recovering. >> dave: the heavy wind will be to the north at that point. looking at the modest brain commie and then the heavy rains with the when
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and coming with that. --wind we may >> dave: see the skies opened up temporarily but it may cause thunderstorms and scattered showers we go for, will rising home tomorrow with more showers. this to the moderate to heavy rain. under evening ride home terrorists--- following your evening ride home. >> dave: as 6:00 a.m., all the to the peninsula as you can see. the w i and the still remains with thundershowers. --wind >> dave: saturday and that it into sunday with another
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note to make note of four things dried out and to next week. and the monarch to this all on radar 247. new tonight at 8. >> pam: the flag ship sephora beauty >> pam: >> gary has all of those boards coming up next! gate slate here store in san francisco is trying out some new hi-tech customer experiences to make shopping for make=up and fragrances easier. >> gabe:next!
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>> pam: our tech reporter gabe slate got an inperson demo of the new technology sephora hopes to bring to all their stores nation wide in the near future. >> gabe: that allows you to discover its thousands of cent. followed by a pure fired to remove any lingering said. it will allow you to discover various perfumes and a clean fresh way. >> is coming out right now out of this naso. the first ever went to spring
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fragrance so that it does not winker. -linger >> is fresh and citrus see. but when it's done cleaning the air. i do not smell anything. and all i can smell an entirely different set without wearing and combining obamas. --scents >> gabe: there is a new mobile application that will help you tried numerous lipsticks without having to actually purchase lipstick. they will help you find the correct shade. gabe slate, kron4 news
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>> dave: >> gary: good evening everyone! >> gary:the warriors have arrived in boston as they await their friday afternoon matchup with the celtics. >> gary:the team practiced at emerson college earlier today and are fresh off a win over the pacers last night >> gary: they are detoxed of the sports world. --they are the talk >> gary:the warriors are now 23-0 and have won their last 27 regular season games which is tied for the second longest winning streak in nba history their 13-0 start on the road is also the best in nba history >> gary:here's draymond green talking about what has kept this team rolling so far
8:47 pm
>> i have to go out there and lay and remember that if i do i have to remember that i may let someone down. >> gary:as for klay thompson he rolled his right ankle late in last night's win after then starters had to be re-inserted when the bench let a 32-point lead almost evaporate >> gary:x-rays were negative and thompson took some shots at practice today he said after the game it was just sore and thinks he'll be ready to play saturday against the celtics after a couple days rest >> gary:right now he is day- to-day ------------------------ >> gary:the 49ers will take on the cleveland browns this sunday the browns 2-10 record is the worst in the nfl but sunday will mark the return of one of the league's most scrutinized players. johnny manziel >> gary:manziel was demoted from starter to third-string after a video surfaced of him partying over cleveland's bye weekend the team has lost their last two games without him >> gary:blaine gabbert
8:48 pm
talked about manziel's maturity and ahmad brooks compared him to russell will sen. --wilson. >> gary: remember michael crabtree? signed with the raiders. with a four year extension so it paid off. >> gary: jack del rio is happy to have crabtree. the denver broncos are on the road. >> he has done a great job filling in. >> they are one of the best is not the best at what they do. for me is like. i love playing them. i love the situation.
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>> gary: this is a social media world. when you have to go with a younger demographic. i am a hundred shy of $900 per if you follow me here you would get out of the town with my wife and follow me with the driver and my wife of a town. you will get to see any picked out a christmas surely with my son grit this is what the younger demographic want. i can interview or grill. but i am trying to do a clean twitter with water to per day. --one to two >> gary: if you want to join a revolution where you say no, you do not have to argue. you now have to
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defeat the tweets per day. >> gary: use sign up now! i will give you a bonus! as a senior member of kron, if someone goes off i like to bring them back. >> gary:--if you sign up now >> gary: the great jacqueline debt. welcome back jacqueline-- jacque line bennett >> i missed the bay area. but i love san diego.
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>> gary: weather is the same all the time. >> it is going to rain for several days off and on. (laughter) one >> gary: or to tweet per day. we are going to learn- to is we are going to run a clean campaign. and 12 tweet per day. 1-2 >> gary: dave, i say this with all due to respect. (laughter) >> grant: 13 more, a sense i
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said 60. >> gary: show jacqueline. do it closeups >> (laughter) >> gary: with antonio brown $12,000. he returned for a touchdown merritt he received an unsportsmanlike penalty. >> gary: radnich used to get met ed jackie because she used to talk hockey. (laughter) >> gary: they want to get to a new stadium. it's not official.
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>> is pretty obvious. but they are not going to allow all three teams to go to l.a.. >> gary: i am saying, is that i have brought people on for years. is that nice to see people happy. yeah >> pam: s! is nice to see jackie. --yes! it's nice to see jackie! >> pam: grant, we have to have jackie push our twitters. (laughter) >> gary: nice, to see you young lady! >> nice to see you too.
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we >> pam: will be right back! my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman
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for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to
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go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. >> grant: it is going to rain tomorrow morning and evening dave said. we got out of the way now watch my favorite video. >> pam: good night everyone. we are back at 11!
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