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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 15, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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assault rifles. >>".investigating it as a hoax." >> catherine:but l-a police say given the recent attack in san bernardino, and the frequency of school >> reaffirm that we do have an investigation on the way. >> catherine:shootings - no one should criticize. >>"southern california has been through a lot in the recent weeks. should we risk putting our children through the same?" >> catherine:so students got alerts on their cell phones. signs went up and calls were made. >> catherine:and many working parents had to hustle to make arrangement for their children. >> catherine:part of the
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reason new york dismissed the threat -- the police commissioner says it was childishly written with lots of spelling mistakes. >> catherine:and the language even resembled recent episodes of the t-v show "homeland." >> pam:what happened in los angeles. caught the attention of school districts in the bay area. we checked with san francisco unified. and a spokesperson told us. that no threat has been made to the schools here. but if the district did think students were in danger, it would take every necessary precaution. >> we receive threats all the time. we received bomb threats, threats are not uncommon. it's when you become complacent with the stars you have to take them seriously. it's when you start to become complacent about them is that there's the problem.
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>> pam: at the size and the need to say if you see something say something. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> pam:and we are following breaking news out of nashville tennessee. >> pam:a southwest airplane went off the runway at the nashville international airport after landing. the federal aviation administration says the boeing 737 rolled off the taxiway into the grass and got stuck while taxiing to its gate. >> pam:passengers were let off the plane through stairs and bused to the terminal. according to the faa, the flight was coming from houston. >> pam:so far there has been no reports of injuries. >> pam: a health alert for many people in the east bay today. >> pam: grant lodes is here with the problem at the tesoro refinery in martinez. >> pam: grant? the tesoro
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refinery in martinez had a steam generator fail causing flaring and a large plume of smoke. the generator was back on line within hours. officials at the refinery said there were no injuries and the event did not pose a threat to residents. >> grant:2 out of 3 on community warning system. black smoke. >> grant:warning level now at zero. public health advisory lifted. >> grant:tesoro refinery in martinez basically lost power. flaring done to release pressure. being investigated. >> grant:could be a fine. no injuries. >> pam: a woman is sexually assaulted in a san leandro laundromat. >> pam: police released this still photograph of a man they are trying to identify, in connection to the case. the incident happened back on novemebr 13th. at the laundromat on the corner of marina blvd and washington avenue. >> pam: the man in the picture was last seen driving away from that location in a white honda civic. san leandro police are
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asking that anyone with information on the suspect contact them. >> pam: a narrow escape for a 12- year- old girl. who was followed home and then kissed by a strange man in palo alto. >> pam: kron four's rob fladeboe has the details on what police are treating as a sex crime. >> reporter:about 5:30 monday evening, not far from the corner of tanland drive and amarillo avenue the 12- year-old was headed for her nearby home, walking her bicycle along the sidewalk when she first spotted the man who as it turns out was watching her as well. >>officer marianna villaescusa/palo alto police -- thinking nothing of the jogger, the teen continues on to her apartment and as she >> reporter:is searching her backpack for her house keys the same man appears out of nowhere, passes by saying 'excuse me,' does so again and disappears around the corner. >> officer villaescusa -- she turned her back. the mill suspect sister on her cheek. --male
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>> reporter:police revealed that the 12 year-old had been on the phone talking with her parents on her way home and that they were still on the line as their daughter was struggle with the man, heard her screams and called 911 >>officer villaescusa -- any parent caring their child screen on the phone because of the situation at it will send chills down their spine and is we are considering this as a sex crime. >> reporter:police said there is no indication of other, similar activity in the area but stepping up patrols here while encouraging residents to be on their guard and to report >> reporter:anthing suspicious. police are working with the 12 year old to work up a sketch of the suspect, in palo alto rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>a 17-year-old girl was shot, after chasing a suspect who stole her car in san jose monday evening. according to police. >> pam:the shooting happened in the area of winfield
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boulevard and coleman road. >> pam:police say, the teen met with friends nearby, and left her car with the keys in it. the girl then saw someone drive away in the car. she joined her friends to try to follow it in a separate car. >> pam:when they caught up with the vehicle. the teen approached the driver's side of the car, and opened the door. at that point. the suspect took out a handgun and shot at her. striking her once. >> pam:the suspect drove off in the car. but it was later found unoccupied nearby. the suspect remains at large. >> pam:police shot and killed a man thought to be involved in a domestic violence incidient in gilroy last night. >> pam:police arrived outside the apartment, after reports of a violent confrontation between a man and woman. >> pam:officials say, the male suspect confronted and charged at one of the officers. the officer believed he was facing a lethal encounter and fired his weapon. >> pam:the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. no officers were injured during the shooting. the case is still under investigation. >> pam: the five san francisco police officers involved in the shooting and killing of stabbing suspect mario woods. remain on administrative leave
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tonight, pending the outcome of several investigations. >> pam:accusations of excessive force have been leveled against the force. since video of the shooting hit social media. >> pam:now it turns out, this is not the first time some of these officers have been accused of excessive force. kron 4's dan kerman joins us live in the newsroom with more on that. dan? >> reporter:charles august and nicholas cuevas are two of the five officers now on administrative leave. both have previously been accused of excessive force in these lawsuits. >> reporter:in 2009 kevin lamar hopkins accused officer august of grabbing him by the throat and choking him and banging his head against a wall at the central district police station all while hopkins was handcuffed. so severe was the choke hold that hopkins alleged he coughed up blood. the san francisco city attorney's office says the case was settled for $500 >> reporter:then in 2013 officer august was accused of being the first of several officers to beat david lloyd outside a liquor store in the bayview. a federal civil rights lawsuit was filed against the officer. the case has been settled for an unknown amount of money and is now awaiting the ok of the san
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francisco board of supervisors >> reporter:as for officer nicholas cuevas in 2009 while working for the antioch police department he was accused in a federal civil rights lawsuit of attempting to murder three african american while they were seated in a vehicle with their hands in the air. two of the three were shot in the car, and the lawsuit says one of them was shot again while fleeing and left bleeding for 90 minutes. >> reporter:that man, barry white junior was later accused of shooting and killing two women at a san francisco jewelry store in 2013 that civil rights lawsuit has not proceeded since that shooting. >> reporter: now, we can tell you that is what is happening of these losses involving these officers. we can also tell you that the seventh fiscal police officer association, says there are looking for a way for at the public to move forward in this case. they are holding a conference to
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discuss these issues. they apparently, have something to say and that will be tomorrow. live in the news room dan kerman, kron4news. >> pam: a mexican national. accused of fatally shooting a woman on san francisco's pier- 14 over the summer, is seeking to have the murder charges filed against him dismissed. on the grounds that the shooting was accidental. >> pam: 32-year- old kate steinle was shot while walking with her family members in broad daylight. police arrested juan francisco lopez- sanchez. an undocumented immigrant. >> pam: lopez- sanchez had been deported five- times. and has seven prior felony convictions. the judge put off hearing the motion today. and is scheduled to hear it on >> pam: we have heard a lot about hoverboards catching fire. >> pam: and now, it just happened at a bay area home. >> pam: we'll show you the damage. and what the family is hoping for, coming up at five. >> pam: plus, a warning from police in the east bay.
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>> pam: what you should look out for. when using your credit cards to fill up your gas tank. >> reporter: new at 515, businesses have come up with a way to get homeless off the street and the shopping district and into services. >> dave: we will start things off chilly in the thirty spirit we will have more on the forecast ahead.
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>> pam: businesses in san francisco's busiest shopping destination. are getting together to try and do something about the chronic homeless problem in their area. >> pam: the project is called union square cares. which launches today. >> pam: the goal is to help get transients off the streets improvement district, which you can see on this map, and into services where they can get help. >> pam: kron 4's maureen kelly reports, the plan also involves educating tourists and shoppers about how they can help. >> reporter:as an ambassador for the union square business improvement district.ahmad shabazz often interacts with the homeless.usually informing them that they can't sleep on the street during the day.some he he considers his regulars >>they are like my family. >> reporter:now as part of the union square cares program.he will also be telling the transients he sees on the streets.about the services they can
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access. >>there's food at glide right now >> reporter:the other part of ahmad's job involves answering questions or giving direction to those visiting the area to sightsee or shop >> reporter:. starting tuesday the ambassadors will be handing out these cards.which try to answer one of the most frequent question asked by tourist.about the number homeless who live on the city's streets >> reporter:the card has a number to a dispatch center.for people to call if they see someone living on the streets in union square who is in need of help. >> the only way to make a difference is to work together. >> reporter: the person who will respond to that call is someone recently hired by teh local businesses here specifically for that reason.
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>>six months ago.we hire a member of the homeless connect with homeless all day long and help direct them to services. >> reporter:union square cares also encourages tourists not to give money to panhandlers.but to donate to the non profits who help them instead.kara zordel with project homeless connect says she understands the desire to want to give a need.but her organization and others like it.can do more. >>that dollar is great but it's not going to buy more than a coffee and with us they get the coffee and a toothbrush and medical care.make real change. >> reporter:the union square cares cards will also be given out to the employees of teh local hotels and they can also understand what the city as a whole is doing to solve a complex problem. maureen kelly kron4 news. >> pam: oakland firefighters are receiving accolades from the group "people for the ethical treatment of animals". or peta. after saving a dog from a burning home last week. >> pam: crews from engines- 26 and- 29 of the fire department are being granted peta's ' compassionate fire department award'. based on their actions during a residential fire last wednesday. >> pam: after firefighters found the unconscious dog inside. they did chest compressions while administering oxygen through a specially designed snout mask. >> pam: the dog was resuscitated after six - minutes. peta said in a statement - quote - "thanks to these firefighters' courage, this little dog was spared a
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painful, terrifying death." >> pam: tonight, an important security warning for people using gas stations. >> pam: grant is back with the new information from police. >> grant:there's a new type of credit card skimmers that identity theives are using at gas pumps. previously, the skimmers were attached to the pump's credit card reader. >> grant:you see a skimmer on the left.pretty easy to recognize if you know what you're looking for. >> grant:but here's what you now need to be looking for. a piece of tape.that gas stations are putting on this panel here. >> grant:if it's broken.that's a red thieves have compromised that pump. >> grant:because criminals have figured out a way to get your credit card info without a visible skimmer. they plant a skimmer inside that panel.then access the fo remotely with a computer. >> grant:again.if the sticker is broken.don't use that pump.
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>> pam: it was a nice to fall a day to day but it is supposed to get really chilly. >> dave: she is talking about the temperature is changing dramatically. why dry air. los tomorrow, this is what you plan on with the far east bay back down to sub freezing or from 30 degrees. even, at the bay. about 3914 down tam said francisco and north that. with 33 in santa rosa. >> dave: we had clear skies last night and will have that again. so clear skies, not much and the weight of heavy demand--of heavy winds
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>> dave: otherwise, we make it thirty is there in marin county. and at 5:00 tomorrow we are back in the business of forties' everywhere. by this time we get high clouds mixing and and it will slow down the temperature is bouncing all round so it will be more uniform. >> dave: we may have a possibility of sprinkles and the north bay. union city making 60. >> dave: into the weekend, all you need to know is unsettled and showers. going into next week. pam? >> pam: the oakland police department conducted its
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annual 'motor santa operation' this morning. >> pam: this is the ninth annual traffic section tradition. >> pam: a traffic officer dresses up as santa claus. and rides his mortorcycle throughout the city. passing out toys to children he encounters along the way. >> pam: it began at 6:45 -in the morning. starting at 73rd avenue, and ending in west oakland. >> pam: more than 200 - toys were purchased with money donated from charitable contributors. >>.a nice surprise. shot >> pam:oakland police chief sean whent says, this event is something his officers look forward to each year.. >> pam: the fifth and final republican debate of the top tier candidates this year, is about to take place. >> pam:next. which candidates really need to coming out swinging. >> pam:and later.
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>> pam:why more than two- hundred women are suing the popular hair care line called wen.
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find out if you could get help paying for health insurance with just your age, income, zip code, and the number of people in your household. information you probably know off the top of your head.
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enroll by january 31st to avoid the irs tax penalty. ♪ if you haven't checked out covered california in a while, we've got some new options that might interest you. like adult dental coverage. great news for you... and your sweet tooth. to find free, local, in-person help, visit >> pam: the top republican presidential hopefuls, getting ready to take the stage in the final debate of the year. >> pam: and much to the disappointment of the rivals, who predicted he would lose momentum. donald trump is only picking up steam. >> pam: a new national survey puts his support at an all - time high.
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38- percent of republicans nationwide say, he is their choice for president. compared to 15 -percent for ted cruz and 12- percent for marco rubio. >> pam: ben carson dropped into a tie for third. jeb bush is the only other person getting more than five -percent in the poll by a-b-c news and the washington post. >> pam: the race is much closer in iowa. >> pam: public policy polling. gives trump a three - point edge over cruz, followed by marco rubio, ben carson and jeb bush. >> pam: many trump supporters join him in his extreme opinions on muslims. and not just his proposal to ban their entry into the u=s. most say, they believe his discredited claim. that thousands of muslims in new jersey. cheered after 9/11. they also back his idea of creating a national muslim data base. and his belief that interning japanese- americans during world war - two. was a good idea. >> pam: a lot of controversy.
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>> pam: joining me now to talk about tonight's g-o-p debate. is university of san francisco professor james taylor. >> pam: who has the most to man and the most to lose tonight >> of the most to gain is christie. marco will bill along with their cars and who is on the decline. >> then car sent reporters-- supporters are going to rebuild. --rubio >> i do not think that anyone is taking donald trump seriously. i think the people are using truck and getting him and to play
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until they can find someone else that could actually win. everyone know that donald trump cannot win. what it comes to the general election everything donald trump is same will backfire on him. the more popular he becomes with his group the last popular he becomes with the general. >> pam: the caucus does not actually boat. sold--vote >> pam: so could mr. trump went iowa? >> he could. but certainly you have to get at one point down to the ground. you cannot just have name recognition and half have a game plan. >> donald trump can i go all
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the way. >> pam: light of what was happening with california today with a school being canceled because of the bomb threats. >> economy was important. but because of the recent attacks people are concerned about the security of their family. >> people are concerned based on the information they are receiving. >> pam: general, when national security is the main focus on the agenda at is that for hillary clinton gaining herself? >>
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>> pam: un so far real quick are you expecting any surprises tonight? >> no surprises. >> pam: coming up. >> pam: scary moments for an east bay family. an early christmas present. a hoverboard. explodes! >> pam: see the damage. next at 5:30. >> pam: and more containers that spilled into the ocean, are found along the coast. >> pam: the latest on the clean up. is next. >> pam: the latest on the clean up. is next. and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪ this is my fight song& ♪ take back my life song&
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: what promised to be a holiday gift hit. is this year's holiday hazard. >> pam: hoverboards. those self- balancing scooters. that seemed to be all the rage. can also be dangerous >> pam: the f.d.a. is investigating the problem with some brands. which catch fire. >> pam: in fact, that's what happened last night in brentwood. kron 4's will tran went there this morning. to find out more. >> right when she sat on it is started to make noises. >> reporter: hot on it and within moments it burst into
5:31 pm
flames. --hopped >> she was screaming. my uncle for water on it. --p oured >> right away it was really scary. >> reporter: they have another one print but that one did not explode. they do not plan on using it anymore. >> i thought i was safe. it could have killed my entire family, truth be speaking in was on fire in the house. >> mom noticed stories about a happening. but you do not think that it will happen to you. >> reporter: the 15 year-old
5:32 pm
girl is fine print they are willing to not buy a whole for board. it's just not worth it. --hoverboard >> pam: amazon has halted sales of some hoverboards. and has asked manufacturers to provide more documentation that their products meet safety standards. >> pam: there have now been at least 12 reports of hoverboards catching fire. in at least 10 states. >> dave: we have the clear skies again tonight. we have a few high clouds. basically, it is high pressured that is part in our back yard. right >> dave: now, we are at lower 50s or round the perimeter and the north bay.
5:33 pm
55 degrees for san francisco and half moon that rick just 24 hours ago, our values were higher this this. >> dave: dry air we see temperatures moved all around pretty quickly creek and the coldness rapidly creek and then we warm up rather rapidly. >> dave: upper '40's and the bay and the coast. by midnight, we are still in the '40's and then by 7:00 a.m. a chilly 32 or cold relatively morning up rapidly. for the date and for the coast. -for the bay >> pam: for a second day. crews are scouring the beach in pacifica. cleaning up the debris washed up by the ocean's waves. these are pictures from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7
5:34 pm
news. >> pam: as w e have been reporting. about 10- containers on a cargo ship, broke loose as it headed toward the golden gate this weekend. >> pam: only a few of the containers have been discovered. battered and broken. >> pam: kron 4's terisa estacio headed to pacifica. to see what's being washing ashore now. >> reporter: this was not an easy task out here in pacifica. >> reporter: kind of a big giant mess. >> your kids. there is a lot to be done out here. >> reporter: when a ship was hit by a big way to see the debris. another container and of content washed ashore. cleanup continued on tuesday as well. in both cases uc beach is littered
5:35 pm
with debris or cared for properly >> it is good for everyone >> reporter: they are monitoring this situation closely to make sure that there's no mulling being-- rolling life damage by the debris. at the >> reporter: said the kron 4 news. -- in pacifica >> pam: a modesto pastor is
5:36 pm
recovering. after being shot during a gun safety class. >> pam: tom smith was shot by his own gun safety instructor. police say the two were acting out a scenario when a loaded gun the instructor was holding accidentally went off.
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>> grant: driving his full- size pickup truck and, blasting through a hotel because of his billing. >> dave: >> grant: before all of this he was irate because a they charge on his bill creek uc the two women behind the front desk died out of the way creek there he is after being arrested. he and the women called the cops. >> grant: this see that they barely escaped. they were not hurt.
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>> pam: the anticipation is building for the new star wars movie critic of forced wakens. the big push the franchise is making to plan more women. >> dave: will lead to know how the free fall fear out with the temperatures and
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>> pam:hundreds of women are coming forward to claim that a popular celebrity-endorsed
5:44 pm
hair product is causing their hair to fall out. catherine heenan is here with that story. >> catherine:not only do many of the women say their hair is falling out in clumps.they say that the 'wen' hair care line is damaging their scalps and causing rashes. >> catherine:a class action lawsuit has been filed. many of the women tell similar stories - that they saw the commercials - where 'wen' is promoted as a sulfate-free alternative to shampoo. >> catherine:but then began noticing serious damage to their hair. >> catherine:some of the photos included with the lawsuit show women with thinning hair or bald patches - which they claim didn't happen until they used the product. >> catherine:the wen company's marketing agency is pushing back.arguing that there's no scientific evidence to support the claims. return >> pam: we are just 3 days away from the opening of 'star wars: the force awakens." >> pam: the film is expected
5:45 pm
to shatter box-office records and take down "avatar" as the top grossing film of all time. >> pam: the insider's louis aguirre was at last night's world premiere and has more from loss angeles >> reporter:oh my goodness it was epic! in every sense of the word. the franchise making a big push to draw more women into into the movie going galaxy. >> reporter:let's go inside: >>"the female force awakens" la: hello and welcome to your dream. >>dr: am i in heaven? >>heavenly music >>visuals of storm troopers, r2d2 on the carpet. >>john boyega: hashtag epic. >>prem_iy star_wars the_forc e_awakens 20151214_001 conca te
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>>sarah: the impact it had on me as a young female was how strong independent princess laei was i loved her. >>jf: but i gotta tell you princess leia hasn't left her house yet so just buckle in buckle in have a drink >>la: your sister joely was here about half hour ago she said princess leia hasnt left the house yet. >> giving me a fashionably late mouthful! no doubt there's something about carrie who >> coming. and she is wearing the bikini. >>la: i would love to see princess leia in the bikini. lets make that happen! >>cf: no you wouldnt, not anymore, but you would be polite about it. >> i was in the center of the celestial storm for the ultimate mixer of old school new school "star wars" characters!! the theme of this next generation? diversity and female empowerment! harrison: its a big wide galaxy and theres all kind of people in it and they should be represented and trust me we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider, for kron 4 news, i'm louis aguirre back to
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you return >> dave: fairfield, 37 degrees. and 35 degrees for downtown san francisco. it is plenty of the 30's to be filled out. so? before we get out the purple paint with to see how much territory is covering it again. about 6:00 a.m., and the see the coverage there and going into tomorrow are ross '60s but very tough. >> dave: much of the area are still in the 40's territory. and the purples, again across the entire region covering, and the entire east bay. the models and to bear this out on cloud coverage. with the climate control change.
5:48 pm
>> dave: there will be high clouds tonight that all of that temperatures. basically, mostly sunny tomorrow and at 11 cloud will roll and overnight, and will not be as cold from wednesday in to thursday but thursday at 11. and then there is a chance of showers in the north to bay. --north bay >> dave: there is the all 7 day forecast. things are changing and the rain will come and go on a weekend and early into next week. it will have more on that later in the broadcast.
5:49 pm
>> pam: wall street scored across-the-board gains today, even as investors anticipated a decision by the federal reserve tomorrow to increase interest rates. >> pam: bank stocks rose as traders awaited the fed's next move. the dow rose 156 points. >> pam: the nasdaq gained 43 points and the the standard & poor's 500 climbed 21 points. return to >> housing, would jump to 5.4 million for it would be about 5.7 million with low interest making money cheap trick and goes down, that
5:50 pm
means we go out and grab it. >> reporter: one area that is a big winner right now is banking. your kron >> cards will go up. because of interest rates. likely. >> reporter: 0 boyer and lift drivers can unionize sprint what does this mean? >> that are not public. seattle became the first city--u.s. city to unionize. >> are san look you in state at home all week long and dan turner and her application when you want to make money.
5:51 pm
>> for the employees in the people that are driving, i like the idea of getting them benefits and rights. from my perspective, i like the drive cheaply. so i masher there's a long all win or lose above may be both their. >>, one at stanley!-- come on stanley! do not do me like that. >> reporter: people beating badly up next
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>> pam: teenage drinking results in nearly five thousand deaths a year. >> pam: according to mothers against drunk driving. that's more than all other illegal drugs combined. >> pam: and as kron-4's stanley roberts shows us. >> pam: if adults willingly
5:55 pm
contribute to underage drinking.there are harsh consequences. >>buying liquor for a minor could end up being the most expensive drink you'll ever by. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley:this man is about to receive on of the biggest tickets one can imaging but let me show you why here he is going into seven eleven in daly city he pick ups two quarts of beer and leaves the store. >>nats: i'm going to jail? no no no you're just being detained real quick ok is that stanley roberts >> stanley:california alcohol beverave control and daly city police with grant money from thh california office of traffic safety are trying to prevent underage drinking >> stanley: >>is that the person that furnished alchol to you yes
5:56 pm
>> stanley:a 19 year old decoy is sent out to asked people if they would help her get booze because she is too young. while most people behaving nicely and said no some did not >> stanley:like this person who spoke perfect english to the decoy but then somehow forgot that small detail witn confronted by officers >>were going to issues a citation ok for firnishing alcohol to a minor who is under age i do not know sir to speak tagalog yea >> stanley:this man also bought booze for the 19 year old and he had a lapes of memory when officers asked for his address >>you forgot the numbers yea it happens sometimes it happens >> stanley:this guy also bought booze for the 19 year old decoy, it turns out he is parole after spending 35 years in prison for killing a man in a gun battle do you understand whey were out there doing what were kids >> stanley:this guy thought that the legal drinking age in california was much lower which is why you see him here bring booze back to a 19 year old
5:57 pm
>>do you understand how old you have to be to buy alcohol, i thought it was 18 >> stanley roberts, i got caught behaving badly. >> stanley: after all the fines added up and jumps to $4,100. >> stanley: now this guy, is his very own segment. and then sitting, still and roberts-kron4 new spirit >> pam: republican candidates are back on the stage to debate. it will bring you the very latest. and take a close look at this surveillance camera-- follow. we will be back at 6
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this surveillance camera-- follow. we will be back at 6 t time was six days. the worst was ...uh...23.4 seconds. [chris] so can i ask you... [chris & tom] why are you still smoking? [tom] [sarcastic] "it's so much fun." [chris]why not call the smokers' helpline? the program's free,and... [tom]and they'll tell me..."you oughta quit." [chris] not so. just tell them you're ready to quit. then,they'll tell you how. [tom] really? you wouldn't have that number on you,would you?
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: now at six. >> pam: we are learning more about the san francisco officers involved in a deadly police shooting. >> pam: allegations of excessive force in the shooting of mario woods. ignited as soon as this video hit social it turns out, two of the officers involved in the shooting have been accused of excessive force in the past. >> pam: good evening everyone, three investigations are now under
6:00 pm
way into the police departents shooting and killing of stabbing suspect mario woods. while police say it was self defense, others say they crossed the line. >> pam: kron 4's dan kerman has been looking into this latest development and has obtained lawsuits showing how some of the officers have been accused of crossing the line before. >> pam: dan kerman has the story from the kron 4 newsroom. >> reporter: these three losses to deal with civil lawsuits accurate billing was-- billing with force. >> reporter: so severe was the chokehold that hopkins alleged that he coughed up blood. that case was settled for $500. in 2013, officer of this was accused of the first of several officers to be deployed outside a liquor store and the debut.
6:01 pm
a lawsuit was filed and it was settled for an undisclosed amount of money. >> reporter: and 2009 while working for the antioch police department he was involved and and civil lawsuit for the attempt to murder three african- american men. two of the three were shot and the car and one was shot again while fleeing and left bleeding for 90 minutes. that lawsuit has not had its day in court because one of its defendants are arrested and 30--2013 for a murder in a jewelry store. >> reporter: we should also mention that the sampras's go police officers association has called a news conference, they want to move for. this is the second time that they have
6:02 pm
spoken to the media. let's wait and see what they have to say tomorrow. live in the news room. >> reporter:dan kerman, kron4news >> pam: an e-mailed bomb threat resulted in 'all' los angeles public schools being shut down this morning. >> pam: a decision that school authorities are still defending tonight. catherine heenan is here with the latest on the story. >> catherine:it's a decision that caused some chaos. on almost no notice - roughly a thousand schools were closed and 640-thousand students >> catherine:sent home - or told not to show up. it's widely believed now that the threat was a hoax.but someone sent an e-mail early this morning about a possible attack involving bombs and assault rifles. >> catherine:the man who made the call to shut everything down is the l-a school superintendent. he says the threat involved many schools.and he couldn't take a chance.
6:03 pm
>> it was not one school, or to schools, it was in many schools and that is what i took the action that i did. >> catherine:among the many people who believe the threat was a hoax -- the ranking democrat on the house select committee on intelligence. >> catherine:rep. adam schiff says the threat was specifically designed to disrupt a big city school system. >> catherine:and while los angeles school buses remained parked. new york city was getting a very similar threat this morning. >> catherine:it was another e-mail - schools. but this time -- there was a very different reaction. >> catherine:new york officials quickly dismissed their version of "outlandish."
6:04 pm
l-a school officials didn't like the that fact new york is calling the california response an "over-reaction." >> catherine:they're defending their decision tonight as one that made sense at the time. in the wake of these threats. >> pam: san francisco and oakland school districts say there has *not been any threats made here locally. >> pam: oakland school police say they did increase their presence on campuses as a precaution. >> pam: the police chief says people need to report any suspicious activity. and that they are working with the oakland police department to keep students >> get threats all of the time. we get bomb threats. so is not uncommon. we deal with this here in the school district all the time. the problem is, and you cannot be complacent creek you have to take these serious as if every threat is serious.
6:05 pm
>> pam: it oakland police chief says if you see some think he should say something. -- see something >> pam: the man accused in the pier-14 murder of kate steinle. murder charges filed against him. dismissed. >> pam: in july. steinle was fatally shot while walking with family members on pier 14 in broad daylight. >> pam: police arrested. juan francisco lopez- sanchez, an has admitted to the shooting, but maintains it was an accident. >> pam: today his lawyer filed the scheduled to hear it in january. >> pam: a status update on lopez-sanchez's case has been scheduled for february. >> pam: police say a man allegedly hurt a woman believed to be his girlfriend before he was fatally shot and killed by police monday evening in gilroy. >> pam: the first officer on scene heard a disturbance and was confronted by the suspect.who charged at him.
6:06 pm
>> pam: the officer then fired at the suspect in response. >> pam: he believed he was facing a lethal encounter. the suspect died at the scene. the officer was not injured. >> pam: the santa clara county district attorney's office is monitoring the investigation. >> grant: it is unnerving to see a lot of black smoke. the refinery that we are talking about is in martinez. people could see that black smoke creek from miles away. health officials say people breathing issue or with breathing issues could have been impacted and they are or were told to stay inside. we did get to the scene after the black smoke, and little after noon today. >> grant: and generator
6:07 pm
start flaring and blew the smoke all around. the generator is now back working and that of 53 has been lifted. --and the advisory has been lifted. >> pam: it was a clear. cool day. but it looks like things are about to get even chillier. >> pam: davd spahr is here with the latest on the forecast. >> dave:dry weather and seasonably cool conditions will persist across the region through wednesday. light returns to northern california and as far south as the north bay on thursday. widespread rainfall is then expected to spread across >> dave:the entire region late friday into saturday as a frontal boundary pushes through. >> dave: livermore at 47 degrees, the upper '40's in
6:08 pm
the north bay already permit 54 in san francisco. the dry air in place and this is the other factor that helps to cool down because of the lord do point. here is the breakdown. --lower dew point >> dave:pam? >> pam:sexually assaulted while doing her laundry.that is what investigators say happened to a woman in an east bay city. tonight police show kron4's haaziq madyun a photo of the man taken when the incident occurred. >> pam:he came into the laundromat but he wasn't there to wash clothes >>"it looks like he may have just entered the laundromat with no other intent but to sexually assault this lady" >> reporter: >> reporter:and now san leandro police are trying to track him down. the incident occurred back on november
6:09 pm
13th here inside of this laundromat at the corner of marina blvd and washington. san leandro police lt. robert mcmanus says the woman was alone doing her laundry when he approached her >>"she told him to stop, threaten to call the police and when he heard the word police he exited the laundromat got in his car parked in the lot and took off" >> reporter:investigators say he drove away in a white honda civic. surveillance cameras captured this image >>"he appears to be an hispanic male, clean cut hair, early to mid 20's, the sweat shirt that he is wearing came from one of the gap stores, that's their brand, no logo on the back, dark colored pants at the bottom. it is very uncommon that we get these types of crimes but what we do know from training and experience is that when people do sexual type crimes like this, it may have been the first time but it won't be the last" >> reporter:that is why he is asking for the public's
6:10 pm
help in identifying him. investigators say they are checking to see if the man in this photo is connected to similar crimes in the leandro haaziq madyun kron4news >> pam: palo alto police say a case involving a 12-year old girl who was followed home and kissed by the man is now a sex crime investigation. >> pam: it happened about 5:30 monday evening near the corner of tanland drive and amarillo avenue. police say the 12-year-old was walking her bicycle along the sidewalk when she spotted a jogger just across the street who was apparently watching her as well. >> pam: when she arrived at her nearby home and was searching her backpack for her house keys, the same man appeared again. police describe what happened next. >> as she did that, she noticed that the jogger she saw earlier walk past-this past her and said excuse me too hard. --to her. >> touch her back to open
6:11 pm
the door to home and the suspect kissed her on the cheek. she ely, screamed and ran. >> pam: the young girl's parents, who had been on the phone with their daughter as she walked home, remained on the line during the incident, heard her screams and called 9-1-1. >> pam: police are now working on a sketch of the suspect. >> pam: happening right now. >> pam: nine republican presidential candidates have taken center stage. in las vegas. for the final primary debate of 2015. >> pam: the debate will be the first for republicans. since the attacks in paris and san bernardino that increased concerns about terrorism in the united states. >> pam: the first topic discussed tonight was about national security. here's what some of the candidates had to say. >> i think we defeat terrorism by showing them we do not fear them. if we
6:12 pm
censor the internet a think that that plant the terrorist would have won. -- i think at that point the terrorist would have won. >> about the children going back to school the next day with anxiety, will they really be safe? >> pam: coming up at 6:30. we'll talk more about the debate and have a live guest on our set to discuss the debate. >> pam: more cleanup is under way. after several ship containers fell off a barge. >> pam: more containers are popping up. while many are still missing. >> pam: plus. a scary moment for one bay area family after their hoverboard explodes. we'll show you the aftermath. >> pam: and. two norhthern california people have been arrested after two children were found dead in a storage locker.
6:13 pm
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6:18 pm
>> dave: turcotte the county is struggling and the '40's what everyone else should be in the '50s territory. by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, we do still have the cool temperatures. >> dave: the cloud coverage will move in by that point keeping things more in control. for the south bay, you can expect and the 50 degree temperatures and you probably will not see too many 60 degree temperatures. by friday, a few scattered showers plus your weekend. not just this weekend by early next week creek more details on timing as a little closer. pam? >> pam: it is a new program
6:19 pm
called union square care spirit kron4, maureen kelly has more on what the city is doing about the problem and the best way for them to help out to. >> reporter: part of his job, is to give questions to a dense-answers to questions that are provided by tourist. now he would be better able to answer those questions with handouts. tries >> reporter: to improve the lives for the homeless. and also submitting calls for those who are in stock distressed thrift--for those two are in distress. >> reporter: now part of the union square project he is trying to put the homeless
6:20 pm
up with many services. -- trying tto hool >> i do know what they are going through. i do know their pain and struggle. >> reporter: he was homeless for about one year. >> it is the same kind of concept you have for someone that can look into and say i get it. life is really tough. >> reporter: in addition to be an ambassador. they have hired a our reach homeless social worker. specifically for the bay area. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> pam: the safety of
6:21 pm
hubbard boards. kapernick is back to explain. --with hoverboards class >> catherine: night when a teenage daughter decided to try one out it exploded. the flames charring the waltz. >> reporter: tried to take it out but it was a ball of flames and they dropped it near the front door. they had to go to it with a bucket of water current 15 year old girl was not injured and no one else was. they plan to--they plan to contact amazon and get their money back. >> catherine: family says that they had heard about the problems with these items. but ordered a dozen creek have at least
6:22 pm
exploded in many states. amazon has decided to stop selling them until they can prove that they are safe. >> pam: to children found it in a storage locker. coming up at 630 but the latest gop debate. >> stanley: coming up! >> i have memory loss. >> stanley: you are about to come across one of the strangest things you have seen in a long time.
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
>> pam: salinas police are helping investigate after two kids, found dead in a storage locker in redding. >> pam: a third child -- a young girl found severely abused -- is fighting for her life after undergoing surgery. >> pam: plumas county authorities have arrested 39-year-old tami joy huntsman and a 17-year-old male monday on charges of
6:26 pm
felony child abuse, torture and mayhem. >> pam: the investigation has led to salinas. prosecutors said the apartment belongs to an extended relative of the victims who may have had temporary custody of the children. >> pam: the identities of the children, who were siblings, were not released. autopsies are pending. >> pam: storage unit-bodies 2 children found dead in northern california storage unit >> pam: a baltimore jury ends its second day of deliberations today without a verdict... in the trial of a police officer charged in the death of freddie gray. >> pam: the jury deliberated for eight hours and at one point... told circuit judge barry williams they were deadlocked. >> pam: but he told them to keep deliberating. and so far... it hasn't been that easy... baltimore police death >> pam: jury reports that it's deadlocked >> pam: plus, not
6:27 pm
republicans presidential candidates take center stage for the final candidate of the year. >> dave: downright cold at 7:00 a.m. but mostly sunny tomorrow. state ahead we happen anymore at kron 4 news at 6. it's also a story about canals and the artificial heart,oers. electric guitars and rockets to the moon. in other words, this is the story of america- land of the doers. doin' it. did it. done. hard-working doers and smart-working doers.
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6:30 pm
threat that led to the shutdown of the loss angeles school system, believed to be one big hoax. school system is defending the decision to have parents searched for plans to pick up their children forget they could not take the chance. >> catherine: because--new york called pele decision an overreaction. --new york called l.a. decision to close schools an overreaction. >> reporter: as a young girl was in to her home a man surprised her and sit excuse her, then grab your placing his hand over her mouth and then kissed her on the
6:31 pm
cheek. police are now working on a sketch of the suspect. >> reporter:a hoverboard goes up in flames. a 15 year old girl charges it all day creek and then and first in flames and exposed brick they take they tried to take it outside but it was a ball of flames near the front door and had to put water on its threat to 15 year old girl was not injured and neither was anyone else. they plan to contact them a son to receive their money back. --contact amazon >> dave: lower 30's, we are talking about with high cloud coverage. up and the
6:32 pm
north bay, still quite cold. 45 degrees in san francisco and 39 in vallejo. >> dave: it looks like a 30 degree temperatures make it to the baseline shore. we will be shy, and the '60s. 50 degree temperature seems more likely. by this time, we are starting to get more cloud coverage and to the forecast for it by 12 noon on thursday he will see the temperatures on the map, last inspected temperatures for tomorrow with the mid '50s patrick upper 50s in redwood city and 58 in 59 for palo alto. >> dave: him? >> pam: joining me now to
6:33 pm
talk about tonight to help the exchange, >> trump personalized it but bush was talking about the prospect of donald trump and the white house. and i believe that americans have to process that. donald trump's personality is too big for the presidency to rid he will be miserable in the office creek on the themselves' handcuffed. he
6:34 pm
is a misfit of the present the best-of the presidency of the united states. >> pam: tim crews has been going after him. what is he shine away? and pick up steam print >> believe he realizes he needs that he i believe that he realizes that he will need donald trump trick you cannot alienate tam you have to keep come in your circle creek but at the same time he knows that trump is now have a chance. >> pam: traditional republicans do not like trump. do they like crows?-- cruze >> they do like him. however, i think he may need four more years.
6:35 pm
>> pam: west listen to donald trump talk about his immigration plan. i'm >> will build a great wall. people cannot comment unless they come in legally and drugs will not pore through that wall. tens and thousands of people having cell phones with ice is blacks on them. i do not think so accurate that are not coming through this country. and if i am president, and if obama has brought some to this country they are leaving. they are gone for it--are gone. >> pam: did anyone else say anything about terrorism? >> yes, no one has brought up russia. no one is talking
6:36 pm
about guns as it relates to stand bernadine know because that goes against the republican policy. on how they feel and how they relate to their party and guns. most >> people in the republican party are ok with that right now. >> pam: are you hearing any specifics? >> as not specific as you can until you need to be more specific 9 to 12 must down the line pricked--down the line. >> pam: thank you professor taylor.
6:37 pm pg&e is committed to clean energy and part of that commitment
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it's been a great partnership. together, we're building a better california.
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>> reporter: star wars the fourth awakens, will be the biggest in history. every >> reporter: 1 in the galaxy knows that it opens live this thursday. >> reporter: howard stern, will continue another five years. >> reporter: if you are not living the howard stern show bin you are living have
6:41 pm
a life. you tell him--you tell them howard! >> reporter: that is the hdl daily wrap. >> pam: coming up in sports! pete rose sounds off. he would not be reinstated. >> pam: gary has the sports the more next!
6:42 pm
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6:45 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> gary: this evening everyone! >> gary: growing at watson on how things look different after losing saturday night in milwaukee. it was >> have been nice to win that last game. but, i am kind of happy is over creek now we can focus on playoffs. >> now that the streak is over, we can get back to
6:46 pm
keeping the focus on the healthy for the championship. >> it was fun while it lasted. >> gary: you cannot get enough warriors. every station is talking about the warrior spirit before i do the next story. normally i can go with any of thing. tail >> gary:, this was not my idea the next story. >> pam:ok? >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: grant, this was not my idea. >> pam: but you are the sports director?
6:47 pm
>> gary: well, you know how your respect the producers. >> gary: i have three young children and daddy has to pay the bills. >> gary: deliberately passed gas in a lower car after experiencing poor service. he reported that i had no shame letting this gas and go into his leather. >> gary: showing that he was met for bad treatment from a overdrive for. --uber driver >> pam: summed things just do not need to be set. -- some things just do not need
6:48 pm
to be said. >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: the real question >> grant: the real question? will we see this at 8? >> gary:heck no! it was too late for this news cast-- newscast. >> grant:thanks! >> pam: (laughter) >> pam: thanks! >> gary:raiders quarterback
6:49 pm
derek carr gave all the offensive lineman 55-inch flatscreen televisions for christmas. >> gary:. but long snapper john condo. whio injured his shoulder wile making this fumble recovery of the muffed punt that led to their winning touchdown sunday in denver. was placed on injured reseve and is out for the season. to replace him the team signed thomas gifford. who has spent time with the bears and chiefs. the raiders were forced to attempt a two-point conversion. and failed. after condo went out . >> gary: >> gary: leach of columbus ohio says he has been offered one about the dollars for the bill from johnnie mansfield. he is the one assigned memorabilia when he shouldn't have and that in troubled thrift but, if he can play well there is a little bit of magic and this guy. people talk about him un to this day. >> gary: to take a story, molded increate. he will not see that it is a clock. i tell you. just awful! >> pam: (laughter)
6:50 pm
>> gary: pete rose had a request to be reinstated to baseball and get into the hall of fame turned down by the commissioner. he gambled and baseball and they will not ignore that fact. gamble supposedly and then late 1980's when he was managing the ritz. now have new handlers and >> i can do is try to be a better person. every day. we're in this way, they would want me to be that brick they would want me to be entered eye to tap to keep this thing going. for all know how many more years? >> if i kick the bucket my son can make the speech. >> gary: gosh, at 30 years
6:51 pm
ostracized 30 + years derrick give him a break before he dies. you cannot say that he did not love the sport in he did not kill anyone put him in the hall of fame and let him die as a hall of famer. >> gary: maybe they have betting slips on him when he was playing. maybe he that against his own team. you do not know where is coming from? it is kind of sad. >> gary: naturally, he can stay afloat. he was great in his time. that is still that when a guy gets older and have to take orders from a young producer bridge for the thing that that story will be funny to the younger generation. >> pam: and, you did.
6:52 pm
>> gary: nastiest at eight!
6:53 pm
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♪ >> pam: to pull it would not increase food. -this food rates. but, neither customers nor the suppliers will pay the cost of the new
6:55 pm
safety rules. that was something to play will cover the itself accurate the company's approach to food safety is still focused on food quality. >> pam: davis here to check on the weather. >> pam: bring out my mid 10's-- mittens? >> dave: is want to be another wet one. yes, bring dr-- out your mittens ♪ life. just when you think you know where it's going, it takes you someplace else. covered california is here to help californians who need health insurance get it.
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the insider from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> i need a mo take all this in. >> nope. >> this is overwhelming. >> yep. >> "star wars" takes over hollywood as women power over the franchise. >> #theforceisheretostay. >> are the days of princess leia over? >> then the force that is adele continues breaking records. >> i've never b happier. >> what is next after her emotional tv triumtriumph? >> and kim's solution for post part em depression. >> so how does one pick up k kardashian's placenta? >> and big willy talks about his
7:00 pm
figurest f flop. >> fail early and office. >> inside about the dangers of football and how his own s gave up the game. >> there's a part of me that, thank god. >> holliwood frinside out. it's the "insider" together with yahoo. ade in here's last night on her nbc special. it a huge ratings succe with over 11 million viewers. the woman is a force to being reckoned with. that is straight ahead. of course, we didn't get a chance to see it. we were dealing with a whole different ki of force. we were at the world premier of "star wars" thawakens. it was awesome. force is definitely awake. it was unbelievable. a once in a lifetime experience, right? >> so true. meanwhile, the film is expected to shatter box office records and take down "avatar." >> daisy ridley owns this franchi franchise. she is the new luke sky


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