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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 16, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>>charles clifford: which, on the stars do to the job but to protect the credit cards and will now use in the stores to buy stakes with our credit cards safeway will on the record there appeared on camera for us to say that some of the information in the online store was correct and they do not believe that any data was compromised if you are concerned
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that you may have shocked the one of the stores back in september or october suggested check the bank's statement said anything unusual happen again during september or october. >>pam moore: credit-card scams or not a new problem just earlier this week we told you about how these are still the credit card information at the gasoline pump the police and brought what save these cases you cannot see the scanning device is in sight of the palm but you should do is look for the security sticker and if it is broken but not used to pump. >>pam moore: security experts say that is why it is always important to review your credit card statements and report any
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irregularities immediately the union representing san francisco police officer says that it is working with the mayor and the chief of police to allow its officers to carry taser stun the call for another non the type of weapon followed the december 2nd that of mario what he was the stabbing suspect was shot and killed by san francisco police. >>reporter: the association renewed its call to arm the as ftd with phasors
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>>reporter: this is the market with children and the differently and officers had phasors the city's policy of the escalation he also added that those new shield and been delivered to district police station to counter a person with a sharp object like a knife is not meant for that and assembly of that and unsafe idea
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>>pam moore: the demonstration on the streets of baltimore after a jury cannot agree on the decision involving a police officer's manslaughter trial. >>grant lodes: is a young men were about to see a 25 year-old who died back in april he was in the police transport van where he was injured later died as
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officer william porter he is charged with manslaughter or assault and two other counts prosecutors say he did not buckle him to police and he did not call medical when he said he needed one the jury deliberated for three days but could not come to a decision on any of the four charges that porter faced an attorney for his family is asking protesters tore out tonight to remain peaceful which so far have done. >>: family is not angry and no one else should be angry protesters will lawfully assembled have a friend in the baltimore police department we are here to serve as peacekeepers.
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>>grant lodes: he remained suspended without pay he did acknowledge after the mistrial in the " it is not over get a decision on whether to retry him could come to grow five other officers still face trial. >>pam moore: vehicles become easy targets for all burglars that is the most parking lot and there been a rash of perkins in the parking lot at the pleasant hill bart station we found up the criminals are striking early morning. >>haaziq madyun: the birth of a bank in trip through smashed windows in briefcases and to the top of the fourth began she is concerned have to learn about what happened the she said she always takes precautions when parking her car putting a label
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the the site is highly recommended since the board director gil murray the police investigators are checking surveillance cameras for any evidence of the committed these crimes of the break-ins are not the usual at birch stations but four incidents at one station upcoming in the same day is enough to warn increase the visibility of the police patrol on foot and in their vehicles brought the station. >>pam moore: for the first time today we learned that the fatal shooting at the navy reserve facility in tennessee this summer were inspired by tear as
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propaganda until now the fbi has tended to called a terror attack to the have the fbi the record is talking about terrorism and why it is getting more difficult for law enforcement to stop and >>catherine heenan: >>pam moore: >>catherine heenan: investigators are beginning to figure out what to the messages from the husband and wife behind the san bernardino attack went unnoticed after they killed 14 people and san bernardino their questions about why u.s. intelligence did not have them on the trend are overall he says
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that terrorists are good at recording people on social media then hiding the next helps by encrypting other messages. >>catherine heenan: he says is a very big problem president obama is going to visit san bernardino on friday the white house says he will meet privately with families of the victims >>pam moore: this from the 53
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percent of americans disapprove of the way the president is handling the threat of terrorism and for the first time a majority of people disagree with his push for more control in a washington post-abc surveys taken over the weekend 53 percent oppose a ban on assault weapons that is a jump of 11% in just two years and the highest ever since polls to start asking the question 20 years ago the gun dealer said the guns have been flying off their store shelves to the san bernardino massacre earlier this month will recall that story right now to concede that on our ahoy news tonight at the clock. >>pam moore: + ahead of yahoo on the fire for her excessive spending the price it items the she brought in for another solid a part of this next and last of
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515 the fed raises a key interest rate for the first time in years of what it means to your wallet next.
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>>pam moore: that enclose a big
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christmas party held on a san francisco pier last week we're back now to tell us all about >>catherine heenan: is the most recent example critics say is big-time overspending by emerson mayor were looking at the false here taken at the san francisco warehouse with a stage this party it was filled with chandeliers of the rolls-royce and a lot of food and champagne employees pose the pictures of themselves posing with the mayor this is the founder of spring as a management claimed she spent $7 million for the theme-and he is during the man who was not on maternity leave after having twins be replaced this amid a presentation to the board be telling the million she has been spending that said the company continues to struggle losing more and more ground to rivals like going.
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>>reporter: right now temperature's 9 in the fifties but of the level already dropping into the mid to upper '40's there is the storm system began to produce a line along your rica and on up to washington and oregon will see some of the initial part of the system began to flow into and perform some high clouds the could be a few scattered showers to the north they like to mark after noon--like to mark one of the wise is a few clouds and a detective hi caused by midnight and for tom coughlin cliff for friday we have a chance for rain friday night will talk about that coming up.
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>>pam moore: the store reserve raised key interest rates for the first time since 2006 the increase will affect new home loans credit-card and of course the stock market >>reporter: in a major move that was in the recall affects brought the united states and world economy the federal reserve raised its key interest rate wednesday by a quarter point and had been as zero since december 2008 this is the first the rate increase since june 2006 nearly 10 years of the wall street started the strong and anticipation of the increase in experts said today's move is a vote of confidence for
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the u.s. economy recovering slowly since the recession they also indicated it may raise interest rates again in 2016 and from reserve chairman janet yellen says it will go slowly higher interest rates me it will be more expensive to get a car loan or mortgage but also means the savings will slow start on some interest and will make the u.s. dollar stronger a boon for american travelers overseas >>pam moore: after fighting this for so long the wall street did not want this to happen for a long time now that it is here they had to accept it
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>>rob black: the getting low- cost mobile but they're doing their past and then on and from doing more transactions more credit-card swipes more jobs equals more loans and mortgages that is the financial sector of the will help the most vicious
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still up consumers and should of business grow but not so much on the sabres get with the trend will go their way in theory of next three years the survey from the business wise and very friendly for buying will the state this move today's corn to
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hurt american workers is give them some ammo in their future to lower rates to stimulate u.s. economy u.s. economy is the best. >>rob black: this gives much has gone abroad to stimulate the economy when you lower rates your estimate economy when you
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raise it inferior to be having a celebration to all the attention on the morning newscast and his information on what's happening on the market and money and will stay in touch as this unfolds of the coming months. >>pam moore: college addition to help those in need thousand ton a book like memorial church in san francisco today for hot food goes to banks.
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>>pam moore: there was a lot of san the conversation pit for watching classic and fees and other officials of so much more now for children who are deaf and new technology are making it easier to enjoy a holiday sounds if that's most of a take for granted
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>>gabe slate: they have the for hard of hearing children to learn to listen and speak tapa she's using the speak to their concession to the tech for five hours to drive to the one considered connected speech therapist to families with deaf children who cannot make it in
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person sessions some of these people cannot recall for them into four we give them who won and we provide that therapy at no cost to them it can be really beneficial to do this teletherapy work are comfortable home
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>>pam moore: why the cold spell forced one bay area school to shut down also had a buy munis had to pull hundreds of buses off of the street [chris]still smoking up a storm?
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>>pam moore: we report now that the decision was prompted by broken gas lines. >>rob fladaboe: for some kids it was warm outside their classroom and it was inside his them without a formal heat supplied to the gas line broke the back on the some the third the school closed for one day but has been open and the sense as repairs of the complicated by several large water mains in the
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area and the possibility of there are multiple leaks and the gas line which was shut down by pg&e the kids and the d their teachers have been bubbling up that can do with space heaters and sunlight which on sunny days benefits about half the school's classrooms this said the kids of the complaining about the cold is critical how the situation was handled the decision was made to begin a holiday vacation today's early no school and tomorrow and fired school officials hope to have that
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gaslit fixed to when school reopens early next year. >>reporter: some of the coldest location of the next several nice upon to stop giving one because the storm track is returning will bring in some calls on the clouds and some it at 9 keepings warmer and to the morning hours, have a series of storms on the way none of them relate to strong but that will bring some line and for the end of the week the weekend and into next week the comes on friday night with some steady rain for early saturday morning and another system on sunday night and then a third one coming up monday night and tuesday
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>>pam moore: after two trawlers caught fire last week here is the park that night and all this is the connector that helps to trout attached to the 600 will collect aligns with power the buses 65 of them taken out of service for found to have connectors in need of replacement of the 10 have been repaired and are back in service it was able to replace most of them with these two buses and service has only been minimally affected across the system their passengers on board both those buses when fire broke out of there are no injuries and to some quick thinking bus drivers. >>: the operators and both instances acted with which to men for their actions and he was to the council's call for help
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to carry the passengers so intent to damage or injuries were prevented by their professional and quick action the trout different the 15 years of both buses have been locked nearly half a million miles they're stuck the phase-out the old buses that would have been completed for two to three years will give you a glimpse of the replacement vehicle coming up on the news tonight at 6:00. half >>pam moore: the church in san francisco volunteered handed out at a brush trees today to the thousands of people lined up for hours
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>>will tran: people from every walk of life came here and they see in this place all of you have to do is show that there was a need there understand a lot of people or some people take the items and they seldom
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on throwaway and they said that as of came and saw the majority of the people have a need and they will be here. >>pam moore: 3 families and destiny of transportation can l christmas for the last 15 years like all body and antioch and its automotive industry partners have been giving cards to family structure without transportation. >>pam moore: their return to the
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rain tonight, the team talks about giving the first lost behind them that night at 545 the next one reporter price reaction the bottom of the proper on live tv.
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>>grant lodes: she came running not reporting a bank robber this and in, the key to assuring at one they did not state to this is a rochester mn a still small market but the reporter was doing a lot about a bank robbery at that point the day before and then all of a sudden and it happened again police think it is the same guy the
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suspect was taken into custody according say no one was hurt.
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>>pam moore: support for a taste for some of the disciplines officers as gaining momentum as a report here on the news of 5:00 and why has been so difficult to get the plan approved come up to nine the other side of the store for
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those who say it raises are not the answer >>reporter: man in the stock does not will be seen an undefeated 25 an old team but we know what happened this past weekend putting an end to the historic strick and ugly the players jackson believed
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>>reporter: we get a shot of draymond green and the rest of the other warriors and in some time in a warm-up the warrior should know that there is some of the strike that it's the play here we won 28 straight home games going back to last year.
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>>reporter: socially of the will of claims the magazine total shock the image of the leisure wear a black lace leotard and patent pumps-assist local thrown one person said had the full shot another angry red they made her look nonexistent and it
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has a majority of the fencing to love the cover after posting it to her account and receive nearly 33,000 life and just on our she faced the cameras again last night and in sheer numbers show off the controversial likes
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>>reporter: as we go into small was the was in clouds and they will increase through the day amid a few showers and to some county officials have shown the
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highest amount to the north they possibly into the rock valley and in the of the rover and to have tested for the to the south the amount will be lighter about three-quarters of an inch by the very core of an inch by the east of it as well as the south that for tomorrow were going to start with the much of sunshine and i clouds now time for the
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snow ski report for last week almost 4 ft. of snow over the higher elevations they're able to open more terrain and more lyft and possibly. >>stanley roberts: people behaving badly, next.
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>>pam moore: it was going on in this city the crime is a misdemeanor to come to define a for $100 to nine we bring as part to where we see is not always individuals who are
5:55 pm
behaving badly. >>stanley roberts: was about to happen in this sense molest me scratching my head attention because about the ticket on a roller-coaster ride on saturable coast he's talking to the 19 your the cooling who tried to see if he would buy her alcoholic illegally he returns to the towpath, as an antidote for to the immediately this police department oxen to stick to the man behind the counter all the other officers questioned the buyer on a to discover apparently the on the
5:56 pm
two workers inside the store and remember solid a man with no idea beer that walked into your back tidied this other except apparently no one knows how the 12 pack of beer and of being sold to on a to your reply di the store has one of the does security cameras will be, in fresno has access to the on also
5:57 pm
claims he did not have the to the camera on what you did the video to the police as soon as possible this is not the first time being in trouble selling alcohol to minors
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>>pam moore: we have more news to share with you next at 6:00.
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male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 evening news starts now. >>pam moore: good evening i am a ham more--pam moore. >>pam moore: the placentia's is on board the plans office is working on a pilot program to
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bring tasters to the force would like a pleasing and headquarters with more on all of this. >>dan kerman: the shooting to the gonna different way have police officers had taser is but not everyone thinks tastes of all they are being promoted in the wake of the more what should and the san francisco police officers association has once again call on the police commission to allows officers to carry taser officers have another announcement the options in the field that could cause serious injury and death in addition the commission is now
6:01 pm
on the corner of for review of the police department use of force policy and include the possible addition of taster's >>pam moore: we are here now on
6:02 pm
how the jury cannot reach a decision as well as how the protesters are reacting >>catherine heenan: after the child to clear this afternoon the protesters began gathering outside of court house and began marching through the streets the judge overseeing the child is put to make the prosecution and defense attorneys tomorrow the jury simply cannot agree about any of the four charges that officer william porter fixed according manslaughter and second-degree assault prosecutors say he did not buckle him into a police van and the not call emetic when he said he needed one he was critically injured in the van and died about a week later an attorney representing the family is calling for calm he remained
6:03 pm
suspended without pay he spoke briefly to a newspaper report on the phone acknowledging his mistrial does not mean the end of his problems simply is not over yet >>pam moore: they visit the one suspected of the murder four times in the past year on obligations of neglect also service spokesperson said investigators could not find enough evidence of abuse to remove the children from her home last by the authorities
6:04 pm
found a different nine year-old girl she was so badly bruised have hospitalized on sunday officers acted on a tip from another police department and found two children bed in a storage unit new at 6:00 tonight also replace are looking for this woman 50 you're really see also and she's accused of killing her adoptive mother ... what police found the remains of mind your of inside of the caracas of all the stuff on home is located along the place they said she had been shot to death investigators believe the crime happened several months ago she has not been seen since august the woman who took her all picture on a selfless team reportedly stalled has turned herself and >>pam moore: she died of the
6:05 pm
rock i schoolgirl last not offer cell phone and then she took pictures that got a blow to the cloud she was quickly identified she is in jail tonight but for the robbery of and on at a probation violation warrant >>pam moore: 20 to your to wanted mathis of concord is being held of $1 million bail police and to jackson hewitt the drive across the topol killing his passenger to happen to them one on east 18th street and said they tried to stop him from running the stop sign but he sped off he eventually crashed in antioch track and his passenger inside of the car which burst into flames he was arrested nearby police said they also recovered a stolen gun from the scene. >>pam moore: 4 for all of break-
6:06 pm
ins occurred sometime around 545 in the one. >>pam moore: the passengers to park their cars across all very concerned they are checking to see if surveillance cameras water the all burma but police also increased patrols inside the garage first broken gas line and then no heat and now no school will report from east paulo also where it is just too cold in a classroom to carry on.
6:07 pm
>>rob fladaboe: fell--since the gas line broke on december 3rd after closing for one that the school reopened making do with space heaters until now the kids tend to forget the cold of the london the decision had indeed been made to shut down when burke thursday and friday two days ahead of schedule fixing a broken gas lines will not be easy some parents to the
6:08 pm
destruction of at the summit in london the scrambling for child care. >>rob fladaboe: to call to the gas lambrequins on clear of the district says there may be multiple leaks of hope to have a fixed one with a brick is over early next year
6:09 pm
>>reporter: this is a sign of things to come as we go to small or on to get some high clouds on the leading as other system for a few spotty showers and to the north bank by five at the back and that the main part of the storm fifth come to find an address given first and a series of storms coming up none of them particularly strong a force on the tunnel with a straw for friday night >>pam moore: it and down load
6:10 pm
the mobile application the number one source for news and weather and the bay area tonight safeway is trying to ease customers' fears after skimmers were found to stores and the big area of we have reaction from safeway with this makes everyone nervous who shops at these chain stores >>grant lodes: this afternoon on the simple rep 12 offer some information about what happened where it happen if and when it happened according to a safe way back in september for crooks come to skimmer's cut to safeway stores the bank awful start with a creek and the dublin boulevard store in dublin safeway since
6:11 pm
reports about similar incidents and of the safeway stores are long and that no one information was ever compromise this event is to be of people place until skimmer's at the stores and subsequent people using the credit card machines police have seen the video and the st. no one of our information was compromised.
6:12 pm
>>grant lodes: which told you about this if you have not down all that might want to do not appear to connect to the matter where you are >>pam moore: 2 buses catch fire just days apart passengers and side was being done to make sure this does not happen again pose a big blow to of the sock driving a car with tough regulations the state handed down the warriors a back at the reno for some much-needed home cook brought by as they get ready to face the sun.
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>>pam moore: who blossoms catching on fire to happen last of the agency and the 300 buses for inspection and replacement parts on 65 of them we explain would likely spark those fires. >>maureen kelly: the buses that
6:16 pm
run on electrical lines across the city has installed an estimated half-million miles apiece the director of transit says they believe the two fires last week because by this one right here with overheated and burst into flames because of too much wear and tear is the connector that links to talk to old to the overhead wires empower them off the bus with a to have the consent is replaced and from now on they will be on the checklist to be looked at during the 6,000 mi. inspection when it does is ever to work so while the aging trolleys are on track to be phased out it is going to be two or three years before all the replace the bus ride for some passage of the idea of riding buses ready for retirement is worrisome some of the buses have already arrived here is one in the regard that
6:17 pm
as the 10th streets some in have been some improvements of the old college of the steps to the on the one of the house want to make access easier inside the are similar but glossier with the new-car smell for the first time the new coaches have air conditioning and a number feature for the buses they do not have the problem part as bleach was calls to fires last week that the phase-out and more new hybrid buses was to be on order to support a supervisor approved spending $244 million to both of asians which they say is good news get on board with i did that will be awhile to all the new buses are here and is expected by 2018. >>pam moore: the california dmv
6:18 pm
is proposing some rules from the will for suffolk driving cars we're back with this could mean for the development of this new technology is " gravely disappointed by this proposal the company spokesperson said the rules would limit the ability to the toy cars as quickly as a block the proposed rules are subject to public, they will not be final four months if there are five final some fear the proposed rules for jobless car business out of california. >>pam moore: will to talk about the clintons in the forecast the school around. >>reporter: his and filled come
6:19 pm
most called by 6:00 the could also solve traffickers to with the exception of the north they will be pretty cloudy help this a beautiful sight of san francisco the light is back on the bay bridge and looking not for this evening with most of france 5 but by tomorrow morning 7 am increase in high-cost mixed in with the sunshine a mixture of sunshine and and these then call of some managers to get through there could be a few isolated showers and to the north of that conflict and begin
6:20 pm
to shop in and around santa rosa into covert they'll as well but the shipment in the for the south and by parliament for novato at an. >>reporter: this is when the main difference star tours ride with the not storm system is north of santa rosa and the noon on friday and against the workers went out bomb by 4:00 p.m. edition will the perot san francisco on vallejo and the storm front come through for the evening hours meant a lot ran with the could be some periods of moderate to perhaps have been briefly is to be pretty much out of here by midnight friday night with scattered showers lingering into saturday morning
6:21 pm
if have. >>pam moore: tonight the phoenix suns come to town and gown live in oakland and i went off the just over our when i that and i have >>reporter: it seems like it has been absolutely a very long time all of the historic streak came to one and against the box this plan is said that there are relieved and so peter this
6:22 pm
happened about five minutes ago you to see the effect that has on the clock there but not their phones and taking pictures of him seven games 14 days as 7,400 mi. along the swim of the year earlier we spoke to some fans with said they're just happy to see them back in action tough. >>reporter: you can see him
6:23 pm
taken in insurance on free throws he was shooting from halfcourt a lot to men to go, then ron transport will give you an update on steve kerr and same with the plans are saying he is looking very the showing signs of improvement from this recovery and hopeful that it could be back in the near future.
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>>pam moore: and let the shining bright once again the carters lived there gal is testing the allies on the bridge this week to live look from our camera and san francisco the project was initially scheduled for two years however a nonprofit group called the make the art was able to raise $4 million to make the life of a permanent fixture pack and. >>pam moore: when he will meet with the families of the victims + baltimore on at night after a
6:27 pm
mistrial is declared in the first police case attack start today at the san francisco consumption's association live from the park is new gun policy.
6:28 pm
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and you can choose from brand-name insurance companies you know. we help you compare apples... to apples. to find free, local, in-person help visit ♪ >>reporter: they had renewed its call to on the as ftd with a taser is they say is leading
6:30 pm
with the mayor's office as well as the police chief and the police commission and is not a good idea and san francisco. >>catherine heenan: cannot reach a decision in the baltimore please of the charge with manslaughter after a mistrial declared protests became marching to the streets and told the have been arrested for disorderly conduct there's a meeting tomorrow to discuss the possible reason for also for william quarter he remain suspended without pay tonight an attorney for freddie gray and his family is asking for calm five more officers are waiting
6:31 pm
trial. >>charles clifford: the lack of heat forces the school to close in the can holiday vacation until the recent cold snap which led to the announcement today that they will be closed thursday and friday >>terisa estacio: they went inside to get more information about whether they should be concerned and they said they received a very of the reformation
6:32 pm
>>reporter: nearly 300 trout the buses for pulled from service after to coaches caught fire last week hear the part that ignited the connected helps to try to attach to the dutch online which power the buses 65 inspected province to fall to have connectors and the replacement of the 10 have been repaired and are back in service they believe to be where and tear of the entire trial if it is 15 years old each bus haven't toppled the estimate of five and a thousand miles apiece. >>pam moore: the fbi calls it a big problem the agency is talking but the fact the terrorists are getting better and-a master's to one another. >>catherine heenan: they're calling this a huge problem the fbi since terror groups are using on-line messages that are
6:33 pm
a lot harder to spot and that can better encrypting their communications that helps is a white u.s. intelligence does not have the san bernardino killers on its radar of the fbi director says the couple behind the shooting at a communique on line about contract commitment to jehad the martyrdom but they use direct personal messages if they want to talk to a terrorist isn't the math and to inspire a magazine and hope that that would in no back to change the
6:34 pm
model and there was no longer place with the media was posted in one out to the chaotic spiderweb and it arrived in your pockets. >>catherine heenan: until now the fbi had hesitated to call this a terror attack. >>reporter: it could be wiped in
6:35 pm
the sierra and for tomorrow morning will look into the to not quite as cold this morning readings into the upper 20s and the coolest place before tomorrow morning mists of the 30th of step but freezing because some high clouds of beginning to come in the leading edge in the storm system will mark a change to water weather, and for the weekend and into next week including christmas and have a match of sun and clouds in the morning possibly a few spots of light showers store one arrives on friday increasing clout rented late afternoon and into the evening hours morning schuller's after brokering for saturday storm to come on sunday the wet weather arriving for the evening and looks like it will be monday and tuesday
6:36 pm
>>reporter: 3 family slept and struggling for selected to receive a copy of the restored vehicle the family had no car off and will all body shop is in giving cars away for a decade in half his now become a community
6:37 pm
wide event the put particular rental car for military veterans >>pam moore: how much of the raychem this weekend along that is next in the day iraq--wrap.
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>>: advance ticket sales will now cost $100 million marked live a lot to do build a 180 million to $220 million range and of america and that puts it on a previous record holders dress world.
6:42 pm
>>pam moore: he takes on the best shooter in the world and a three-point contest who would prevail?
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>>gary: the war is not played
6:46 pm
since saturday hear some fun from the interim head coach played an elite 10 years but none the less sick and still shoot and according to the people on the scene he beat steph curry and a three-point contest 2124 m1 come into play to nine national tv and the delay of the bed out live on an hour from now and side courtesy
6:47 pm
of dangle from the real reductions as a continues to recover from off-season back surgery what he has not been at the game he is often those practices the players sat in the last couple days is in a change of him his start in to look more like a self this a shot of most
6:48 pm
things as they participate in the pre-game warmup 28 straight
6:49 pm
wins at home that goes back to last season hopefully they get another one tonight against phoenix >>gary: draymond green received a key to he talked about moving out in revell and it for today.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
>>gary: it had been some phantom said it would be nice if klay thompson brother who was a baseball player could come to the giants are the '80s not going to happen is a three rate trade today and will give you the bottom line and has the trace is now a doctor he is now a doctor friend
6:52 pm
>>pam moore: a series of storms have our way will be back with a forecast.
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>>pam moore: we are back with news at 8:00 tonight we hope to dryness we're back at 8:00 we hope to see you then stay in touch. ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing,
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the "insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. are you single or dating? >> i'm single right now. >> do you enjoy that? >> i do enjoy it, yeah. >> bieber sure gets around. the new reports he's hooking up with kourtney. or is it kendall? >> i wanted to set him up with my sister, then he responded, no, he liked me. >> we're breaking down justin's long running kardashian obsession. >> then "dancing's" bad boy puts a ring on it. max and peta taking us into their i dos. is baby next? >> a little boy would be amazing. >> and serena williams' foetsoshop controversy. >> i had a lot of fear and hesitation. >> her response to the h who say s.i. slimmed her thighs. >> plus lupita nyong'o feels the force. just don't expect to see her face. >> you don't have hair and makeup.
7:00 pm
you have lots and lots of dots. could 8-year-old fangirl lupita have predicted her "star wars" future? >> the older version of me is like, what? >> hollywood from the inside out. it's the "insider" together with >> serena williams s.i. cover controversy attracts the online haters. were her thighs photoshopped to look slimmer? serena firing back today. >>on. you know what's not photoshopped, her 21 singles grand slam championships. take that. there's a lot we're in front today starting with the kardashians' happy holiday. make that interesting holiday, especially if "us weekly's" cover story is true. >> that's pretty outrageous. kourtney kardashian's revenge romance with justin bieber. they've been spotted all over hollywood this week, but if you really look back, the biebs has been infatuated with this family for a long time now. let's go inside bieber's kardashian obsession. ♪ your lips on my lips


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