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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> pam :now at 11. a well -known san francisco artist. killed while on his way to an art exhibit. tonight. friends and family are mourning his death it stems from a daylight attack while he was waiting for a bus. good evening everyone i'm pam moore. kron four's jeff bush is live tonight in san francisco. he talked to friends of the victim. who say they can't imagine why anyone would want to hurt him. jeff? >> jeff :it was december 5th74 year old stuart jackson was waiting for the bus at the corner of van ness and market street. for some reason, someone attacked himeventually, stuart died from his injuries.
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where he would draw pictures to make a living. his long time friend, marc dierkes says they used to hang out together and talk in café's of north beach. for some reason somebody attacked him and after some weeks and hospital he died from his injuries his longtime friend marc said they used to hang out together >> marc dierkes : it's bothersomejust the way it really disturbing. >> jeff :stuartwas a regular at vesuvio and was often seen there, quietly drinking coffee and drawing pictures of the people who would come inbar manager and long time friend, joanna lioce says he was a gental man who loved the arts and she says she can't understand why anyone would want to hurt him. --gentle man
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>> joanna lioce : everyone is and it's a really horrible situationit should not happen to anyone but it's particularly sad because he was such a nice and gentle and kinda shy man who really minded his own business and would have never done anything like that to anyone elseso, we are all pretty upset about it. >> jeff :sad storyif you know anything about this case, the police would like you to give them a call. i'm jeff bush, live in san francisco, kron four news. >> pam : tonight. we are learning about a gruesome discovery. made by a san francisco homeower. human remains found. while that person was gardening in their yard. grant lodes tells us where they were found. >> grant :right near alamo square in san princess go a person was burning in their long--gardenling --gardening the medical examiner determined
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the were human remains and it was indicated that there were more human remains in the area police say they do not know how long the bones were buried or how old the person was one the dead >>:there is a meaning to that cadaver and that cadaver means something to someone so we are opening up a new investigation is possible to find a >> grant :once they find out a possible age they will cross check that with miscible-- missing children or adults >> pam : shooting death of mario woods. the san francisco police association. is now asking the city to issue stun guns to officers. it is this video that has sparked public outcry. about police use of force policies. police union president, martin
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halloran believes, tazers could have saved woods' life. woods was shot dead by five officers earlier this month. after he allegedly stabbed another man. the p-o-a. joins the mayor, the police chief and members of the police commisson. to get the tasers in officers hands. but not everyone is on board. >>:over 700 studies have shown that the device is not effective >>:teasers have caused injuries and death in cases and have shown that use of force cases have risen after they have been implemented- --tasers >> pam :the chief's office and the police commission are looking at the entire use of force policy. and plan to discuss those polices next week with the police union.
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new at 11. gilroy police identify a domestic violence suspect. who was fatally shot by officers. police say, 19- year- old hector alvarez. was shot and killed by police when he charged at them. police were called to a home in gilroy on monday. for a report of a domestic violence disturbance. the person who called police. reported, that a woman, believed to be his girlfriend, was hiding from alvarez as he was threatening her. gilroy officers wear body cameras. the video is currently under review. el cerrito police are looking for this woman. 50- year- old alicia osibin. she is accused of killing her adopted mother. earlier this month, police found the remains of 90 -year- old mary osibin, inside the garage of alicia's former home. located along leneve place. police say, she was shot to death. investigators believe the crime happened several months ago. alicia osibin has not been seen since august. a woman who uploaded photographs of herself on a stolen cell phone. has turned herself in. el cerrito police had been looking for 18- year old tasja dowell. seen in this selfie. police say, dowell violently
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robbed a high school girl of her phone last month. then used it to take selfies. those photos were then uploaded to the victim's i-cloud. dowell was quickly identified. she was in jail tonight. booked for the robbery. and on a probation violation warrant. more rain is headed towards the bay area. brian van aken tells us when we can expect to see a few showers. >> brian :mainly the brunt of the storm is holding off until friday afternoon. some sunshine in the mix tomorrow and there is the storm system on the satellite view the storms a direct impact are in washington and oregon and we just get the tail end of the rain and not too heavy and that will be the case for the next several systems in which there
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are three coming our way another one on sunday night with a generally light rain and a nother round of white rain and showers expected late monday and tuesday perhaps early wednesday from the first system to look for about a quarter of an inch and an inch or more with cloud cover coming in ahead of the system mid to upper 30's inland and you will have your man-- seven day forecast coming up >> pam :coming up. a local gun shop owner says, weapons have been flying off store shelves since the recent terrorist attacks. an identity theft scare at a couple of local safeway stores. what the company has to say. and a local toys for tots program in desperate need of more toys. and putting out the call for help.
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>> pam :gun sales across the country are soaring. after the recent terrror attacks in paris and san bernardino. at mil-spec armory in san jose. handguns are out of stock and a lot of ammunition is sold out as well. some of the shelves are empty. the owner says, he has noticed more "panicked customers" coming into his store. saying, they need a gun to protect themselves. one customer says, he understands the anxiety. >>:i am sure that if this happens a few more times you
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will see a huge influx of people wanting to get weapons and training to protect themselves and the people they care about >> pam :the christmas shopping season has added to sales. as well as fears of the potential for tighter gun laws. president obama is set to meet with families of the victims from this month's mass shooting in san bernardino. the white house says, the meeting is planned for friday. this comes after a husband and wife, who had become self radicalized... opened fire at a work holiday party. fourteen people were killed and 21 others injured. president obama is adding the stop in southern california. to a previously planned trip to hawaii for his family's christmas vacation. coming up. a call for help. a toys for tots program is well short of the gifts it wants to give to brighten christmas for children in need. meantime. a few local families without transportation. get a special early christmas.
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>> gary :and later in this broadcast we have warrior news and a little good news for raiders fans and not to mention clay thompson is a brother has a new home in california--klay >> brian :and not only rain is coming to california but snow in the mountains and i will talk about the timing of the storm's coming up in a few minutes
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>> pam :christmas is less than 10 days away! yet donations for the u-s marine's 'toys for tots' program in contra costa county. are down significantly this year. and, as kron four's philippe djegal reports -- time is running out for people to help out. >> : a lot of people need help. >> phillipe :and, in this case young children on hard times. >> : we're really short this year. last year, we were short 40-thousand toys. this year we need another 40 to 50-thousand toys. >> phillipe :for more than 20 years, stephanie surls and her family have been volunteering for the contra costa county u-s marine corps. toys for tots program. her east bay garage packed with boxes of toys recently picked up from drop off locations. before she hands them off to the marine's at the main warehouse in concord. >> : its getting down to the call of duty. um, we need help.
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and, we need people to donate. um, every child should have a toy. a new toy. we ask for new toys. >> phillipe :the warehouse may look full, but the marine's say it really isn't. the hope is that they serve at least 40-thousand kids, who would each receive two toys. but at this pace, that might not happen. a shame says surls, who says the kids who benefit from this program deserve better. >> : oh, its so wonderful when you see a kid get a new toy that hasn't had a toy for like five years. its like, oh my god, the lights in their eyes. it just, you know, keeps me going. >> phillipe :if you have a spare 10-bucks to spend, and can go pick up a new toy. go do so. you have up until sunday afternoon to drop the toys station in contra costa county. the marine's will pick them up, package them up and deliver them to the kids before christmas. in contra costa county, philippe djegal, kron four news.
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>> pam :safeway shoppers are not happy. after learning that skimmers have been detected at certain locations. back in september... crooks planted skimmers at two safeway stores... the bancroft road store in walnut creek... and the dublin boulevard store in dublin. today, a safeway representative... wanted to ease customer fears about what exactly happened. >>:in northern california absolutely no information was compromised so when you wake up and restore it blows it out of proportion and yes you are a little bit upset but again no information left our store will we are counting on our stores to do their job to protect cards for the customers who are at the store buying things >> pam :there is surveillance video of people placing the skimmers at those stores. police have seen that video and are investigating. >> brian :we are on the leading edge of the storm system that is coming in that will affect whether just a little bit
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tomorrow with some high clouds working its way into the morning some sunshine coming in so it should be filtered mostly cloudy for the north bay with a few showers in sonoma county here is the future cast not a completely cloudy day but by mid to late morning some of those showers will show appeared just offshore and will move into sonoma county lake will morning --like in the morning to afternoon this is 12:00 on friday noon time by 4:00 p.m. light rain just making its way and to send francisco--into san francisco
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for tomorrow sunshine and clouds and a couple of sprinkles north word showers saturday morning and then storm number two arrives before sunday and this is not a huge system but just some light rain for sunday night and tuesday with more what rather--wet weather >> pam :it is the season of giving. and that is exactly what one antioch body shop did today. each christmas. the shop helps struggling families. with a new set of wheels. kron four's jeff pierce has the heatwarming story. >>:1, 2, 3, let it rip >> jeff :three families who have been struggling were selected to
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receive a completely restored vehicle >>:amazing >> jeff :this family had no car at all >>:we ride bicycles to work every day or skateboards or what ever we need to do to get to work >> jeff :they have been giving cars away for a decade and a half and when they began 15 years ago they told their suppliers to pitch in and that has now become a community by even >>:we'll not even have to ask anymore they call out to the families and ask what they need to reset and air bags to replacing tires they're willing to help out and is really nice
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>> jeff :the put particular love into a car for this military veteran >>:makes his life easier when he has done so much for us >> pam :in sports. after a 14- day road trip and their first loss. the warriors return to the court tonight. . they started slow. but then the 'splash brothers' started splashing. and the suns were done. gary has the highlights. and all the sports. coming up
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>> gary :the loss to the milwaukee really upset the warriors the warriors back in action tonight against the suns. e-4o in attendance to see the warriors back at oracle steph's brother. seth curry..too 2nd quarter steph curry gets the steal and finishes the reverse layup on the other end. he had 25. only 2 threes of five attemps warriors lead 59-46 at halftime 3rd quarter klay thompson nails this corner three-pointer to give the warriors a 22-point lead splash brothers working together curry finds thompson for the easy layup and then thompson returning the favor setting curry up for the easy bucket
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after three quarters splash brotheres outscore phoenix suns 66-65 andrew bogut hauls in the long pass from curry and sets up draymond green for the slam dunk. the ball doesn;t touch the ground green: 16 pts, 11 reb, 10 ast but the star of the night thompson spins away from the defender and drills the three- pointer to give the warriors a 101-65 lead thompson: 27 points in 3rd quarter, season-high 43 in the game the warriors bench couldn't even believe what they were seeing tonight final: warriors win 128-103 advance to 25-1 next game is friday against the bucks at oracle it's like brian deferring to me when he sees that i'm on fire >> brian :when you are doing good, that's true
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>> pam :i have to agree with you >> gary :you don't love him like i do >> pam :how about that >> gary :sorry but that's how we do it steve kerr. who attwending practice monday and tuesday. and the shooaround today. says he is felling better and hopes to return to the bench to coach again in 2-to-3 weeks. yesterday kerr said he was going to increase his involvement with the team. he has been out since the beginning of the season. dealing with complications from back surgery trayce thompson klay thompson's brother. is now a dodger it was a three-team trade that sent thompson to the dodgers
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along with two other players thompson played 44 games in the mlb last season and batted.295 with five homeruns and 16 rbis he will b returning home as he prepped. as did klay. in the l.a. area the stanford women's basketball team hosted tennessee at maples pavilion. stanford head coach tara vanderveer looking for a win tonight. 1st quarter.tennessee's diamond deshields.daughter of former major leaguer delino deshields.hits a jumper in the lane. 3rd quarter.erica mccall with the putback for the caridnals. 40-22 stanford late in the 4th.stanford's lili thompson knocks down the three pointer off the screen. cardinals win 69-55. and 5 seconds of khalil mack, he is the player of the week for his performance
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the reviews are in. >> it was great. >> you laughed, you cried. >> standing ovation for george lucas. and the star wars sing-along. then, terror hoax mystery. >> what we learned about the people behind the terror hoax that caused so much chaos. >> what do you know about who it came from? so you're a tough guy, jeb. >> what you didn't see at the big debate. >> we should -- >> twitter, all the rest of it. >> the mystery cougher revealed. then, kylie jenner drama. the guy hounding her at the airport for her autograph.


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