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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> pam :now at 11. gunfire interupts on a busy east bay highway. during the evening rush hour. it all happened on interstate - 80 this afternoon. completely shutting down the westbound lanes for several hours. good evening everyone i'm pam moore. the shooting happened on westbound i-80 near the san pablo dam road exit kron four's jeff bush has the details on this shooting which is the fourth such incident to take place along that highway. since the beginning of last month. jeff : chp says the shooting took place around 3:30. the driver of this dark ford suv was
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shot once while driving westbound on interstate 80he is a 30 year old richmond resident and was hit in the arm by at least one bullet. police say he left the suv and went to this denny's in san pablo to get help and was eventually transported to a local hospital with non life threatening injurieshis passenger ran away from the scene after the shooting. i 80 westbound was completely shut down for several hours while officers combed the arealooking for shell casings and other clues. traffic was at a stand still for the duration of the investigation. police say they cannot rule out gang activity but they do say the suspect was shooting at the people in the ford suv >> daniel hill : what we can tell you right now is that we are relativly certain this incident was not a random shooting. we don't have enough information other than that this was not a random shooting. >> jeff :this is the fourth shooting along this stretch of highway in recent memory the
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other three shootings were attributed to a feud between a richmond gang and a vallejo gang. it is unclear if the most recent shooting is related to the other three. traffic and east--traffic as you can see is back to normal the suspects' vehicle was described as a dark sedan >> pam : new at 11. u-c-s-f medical center. is suspending its living- donor program for kidney transplants. after a donor died. a statement released by u-c-s-f. says, it voluntarily suspended the program when a donor died in november. other transplant programs are not impacted. the hospital says, the recipient has a functioning transplant. the donor's cause of death is unknown. and remains under investigation. more threats made against several school districts across the nation including. the san francisco unified school district.
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these are similar threats to those made earlier this week. against the los angeles and new york school districts. in l-a, those threats prompted a district- wide closure.. school officials later determined the threats were a hoax. san francisco school officials say, parents should not worry. as the local threats have *also been deemed not credible. based on all the circumstances we did not believe it was a credible threat as it was not specific and was so generic that it did not even mention any monuments in sentences go--san francisco >> pam :it is not known when the san francisco schools received the threat. but other districts in florida and texas also reported receiving similar threats. san francisco schools will be open tomorrow. a fremont man has been indicted. on charges he provided support to a foreign terrorist organization.
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22- year old adam shafi of fremont. was arrested in july, after being stopped at s-f-o. he was about to leave for turkey. a country which the u.s. government says, is an entry point to syria. the indictment says, shafi was in communication with supporters of the al-nusrah front. a group that the u,s. considers a terrorist organization. he remains in federal custody. in national news. the man who bought the assault rifles used by his friend. in the san bernardino massacre. has been charged. federal prosecutors say, 24- year-old enrique marquez. was charged with. providing material support to terrorists, unlawful purchase of assault rifles. and defrauding immigration authorities. investigators say, marquez, who was a close friend of san bernardino shooter - syed farook, purchased the two rifles used in the december 2nd attack, that left 14 -people dead. new at 11. the mission bay alliance makes its latest challenge. to the
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proposed golden state warriors arena. in san francisco. the alliance says, it is suing over an agreement that u-c-s-f medical center reached with the warriors back in october. the group has repeatedly objected to the site for the proposed arena at 16th and third streets. which is directly across the street from the u-c- s-f campus. it says, the stadium will create major traffic congestion around the hospital. the alliance fears the traffic will potentially prevent ambulances from quickly reaching u-c-s-f's emergency room. another round of storms is headed our way. brian van akien is here to tells us when we could see some showers. the wait is over. >> brian :all of the wet weather as we look at the storm tracker 4 pacific northwest has been really wany--rainy the past
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several weeks storm number t--2 and another system for monday night and tuesday and this one is coming up for tomorrow which should be the wettest of the three this is going to make more snow in the sierra through sunday evening and perhaps another foot over the higher elevations >> pam :the wait is over tonight, the long anticipated seventh installment of the star wars franchised hit theaters tonight. "the force awakens" may end up being the biggest film of the year. and, it's certainly been a hit here in the bay area. kron four's philippe djegal is live at the metreon theater in san francisco.
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where he just caught up with some of the first fans to watch the film. philippe. to >> phillipe :pam. believe me, i looked long and hard to for negative review, and i'm sure there are some out there. but tonight, we spoke with a bunch of people as they were leaving the theater. and, generations of star wars fans tell me nevermind the long wait in lines. this is a must see. >>:i think it was awesome great fell and a great ending but no spoilers--great film >> phillipe :did it live up to expectations? >>:it's definitely one of the better ones, better than new hope but behind empire strikes back and return of the jedi
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i wasn't a star wars fan but i am now >> phillipe :now you're taking a look at the first group of theater-goers as they make their way outside. they were the first to watch the film. the first screening was at seven o'clock. what a big day for the metreon and theaters across the united states. as you heard, most people were hesitant to say that "the force awakens" was the best of all the films. but clearly director j-j abrams and the returning cast members from the first three films lived up to the hype. now, it'll be interesting to see just how much money this film makes. some films experts say by the end of the weekend, it could set records, and take in more than 200-million dollars here in the united states. and, the night is not over here at the metreon. by the time the shows have started, all of the screenings have been sold out. but from 12-30 until two o'clock this morning there are four more screenings. and, as of now, tickets are still available.
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live in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> pam :still ahead. investigators release new details. about the death of two children found dead in a northern california storage unit. plus. a scary moment for one bay area family. after their daughter's shoe gets caught in a bart escalator. their warning. to other parents so you can protect your child. and. a new report shows the worst commutes in the bay area.
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>> pam :two young children found dead in a northern california storage unit. died from ongoing physical abuse. according to investigators. 39-year- old tami huntsman, and her 17-year-old companion. are now in custody and will be charged with first-degree murder. police say, the 3-year-old girl and 6-year-old boy were likely killed in salinas. police found the bodies of the two children. on sunday, stuffed into a barral at a storage unit in redding. >>:it is our intention to file to charges of first-degree murder lead to a punishment of maybe a life with no chance of parole or a possible death penalty
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>> pam :the pair were arrested. after police responded to reports of a 9-year-old girl being abused. that child is recovering from serious injuries and remains in the hospital. a kron four exclusive. a child nearly loses her toe while riding on a bart escalator. the newest report on the bay area commute only shows travel times getting worse on the roads. we'll explain. we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy.
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so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. it's also a story about canals and the artificial heart,oers. electric guitars and rockets to the moon. in other words, this is the story of america-
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land of the doers. doin' it. did it. done. hard-working doers and smart-working doers. olds changed the way we put things together. and keepin'em together? that was walter's doin'. doers built this country. they built the dams and the railroads. ♪john henry was a steel drivin' man♪ hmm, catchy. they built the golden gates and the empire states. doers turn nothing into something. and something into something else. doin' got this nation done... along with the hula hoop, blue jeans and that little thing we call the interstate highway system. and all this doin'? it takes energy, no matter who's doin'. there's all kinds of doin' up in here. or what they're doin'. what the heck's he doin'? energy got us here. and it's our job to make sure there's enough energy to keep doers doin' the stuff doers do. to keep us all doin' what we do. >> pam :only on four. a little girl's big toe. nearly
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severed on a bart escalator. now she. and bart. want to get the word out. about a how to prevent other children from suffering from the same problem. kron four's grant lodes brings us the exclusive report. >> grant :she is pain free now but her footwear from that fateful day tell a different story her boot is blackened and blistered--busted she almost lot--lost her big toe >>:i felt something and then she was screaming and i don't know what to describe but there was
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a smash to meet chunk that used to be her toe--smashed meat chunk >> grant :four years after, tomomi was traumatized >>:i was so afraid and thought that i would not go on as glitter afterward-an escalator >> grant :they went to trial, and settled for $295,000with bart >>:bart makes a cost benefit
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analysis on one hand they compare how much it would cost to fix the problem, to how much it would to fight the trial and they choose to fight rather than fix >>:during that time period between 2004 and 2009 we had 300 million people using the bart system and only six or seven similar incidents >> grant :doctors tell her she should probably be arthritic in that tow by age 20 or 30 bart says there are pamphlets like these and a website as well they have signage as well
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on thursday wer were at the 16th station and there was no sign, and an escalator out of service bart says if you want to be safe, stay in the cneter -- center of an excalator = =escalator, or take the stairs >> brian :here is the feature cast at 8:00 a.m. we have some scattered light showers at noon the heavy rain north of santa rosa at 4:00 p.m. we have like rain --light rain
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the steady rain should and around midnight with scattered showers continue overnight and saturday morning and by seven or eight everything should be wrapping up and we should be sitting sunshine increasing tomorrows sunlight decreasing as the club's second and sunny and mild for temperatures in the mid-50s and then the increase once again when storm number to arrived on sunday that will produce light rain for the evening hours and then another round on tuesday but then sunny for wednesday and possibly stronger storms coming for christmas eve on thursday >> pam :the latest list is out.
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the top congested commutes in the bay area. a new report from the metropolitan transportation commission shows. drive times are getting longer , and surprisingly, people who take public transit. spend the most time commuting. kron 4's charles clifford brings us the story. >> charles :the average commute time was 30 minutes and that is up by 29 minutes and the main reason is a longer commute time and increased congestion for people getting in and out of san francisco and silicon valley coming in at no. 5 is the evening northbound slog from san ramon to pleasant hill #4 is that preach--the approach to the sentence to bridge number two is the morning drive on southbound 880 from san diego-san-leandro
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>> gary :the warriors host the milwaukee bucks tomorrow night at oracle.
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the bucks were the first team to take down the defending champs this season. but now golden state will get a chance for a little revenge. they team says they have not forgotten the joyous bucks celebration following the win. or the stare down milwaukee guard michael carter-williams gave the golden state bench in the closing minutes of the game. when asked about it.steph curry said sarcastically that it was "a nice celebration." here's what draymond green and luke walton had to say about it today. >>:it was more motivation to go out and win >>:clearly we just want to let them know--lately we will see what happens >> gary : while chasing the loose ball late in the 4th quarter of the cavaliers game aginst the thunder lebron james absolutely crushed the 2nd-ranked golfer in the
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world jason day's wife ellie day. after a few minutes of delay. ellie day was removed from the arena on a stretcher with her head on a brace she will spend the night in the hospital for obsevartion but reports were she was up and talking. lebron said he told him she was ok as he squeezed her hand. final: 104-100 cavs the video is pretty scary but the aftermath everybody is taking a deep breath because at the end of the day she seems like she will be ok cleveland cavaliers guard iman shumpert helped deliver his infant daughter , iman tayla shumpert , in his bathroom yesterday! shumpert's fiancee. musician teyana taylor did not realize she was in labor until she could feel the baby's head. shumpert used the cord from a pair of headphones to tie off the umbilical cord as the couple waited for the ambulance
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to arrive minutes later. shumpert missed tonight's game against the thunder. with a strained right groin. while chasing the loose ball late in the 4th quarter of the cavalier's win against the thunder lebron james absolutely crushed pro golfer jason day's the san jose sharks took on the maple leafs in toronto tonight. sharks looking to keep their eastern win streak going. we go to the 3rd period.toronto up by one.san jose's matt nieto ties the game 4-4. now in overtime.brent burns banks the winning goal off peter holland's leg. the maple leafs blow a lead.sharks win in overtime 4-5. the san francisco giants introduced right hander johnny cueto this morning at at&t park. cueto donned a numer #47 giants jersey for the first time after signing a 6 year , $130 million deal which includes a club option for 2022 cueto can opt out of the agreement after 2 years. he will be paid $46 million through the initial 2 years of his contract with san francisco raiders safety charles woodson leads all safeties in pro bowl votes. the 39 year old garnered 218,000 votes to put him ahead of seattle's cam chancellor with 163,000 votes.
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>> pam :good night everybody
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manhunt, for the notorious spoiled little rich kid. now his mom is also missing. >> why authorities are saying she was addicted to her son and could never say no. then, the trump in the hat. >> a loser like them or a winner -- >> lucky me -- like me. and extra security at theme park, and secret burial. what we have learned about the terror couple's funeral. then winter coat crisis. thousands of beautiful coats going unsold this holiday season. >> they are going to have to discount that merchandise. and a victoria's secret model's family drama. it girl gigi hadid's billionaire father. why neighbors are so


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