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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> catherine : now at 11. more rain headed towards the bay area. we continue to track the storms. that could impact tomorrow mornings commute. good evening i'm catherine heenan. torrential rain has soaked the bay area. it's a sign of relief for drougth-stricken california but a problem for commuters. a live look over the bay bridge right now. at the top of your screen. you can see it's still coming down out there. and in the north bay. water cascading down streets in guernville. people there say the water isn't draining properly. raising concerns for flooding. dave, what can people expect for their commute?
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>> dave : we may actually seen the sun poked out--see the that will be the case going into tonight and we may have some pockets of locally heavy rain but not the country had late this afternoon and that will go right into our evening commute and here is another bridge this slot to give you some fog development over the san mateo bridge and we are getting radiation fog the atmosphere is not getting he did it is naturally trying to cool--getting heated as it cools down it starts to fog up a bit and therefore of visibility is down san jose we are covered to about 10
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rainfall totals oakland at 1.94 here's the breakdown for you by midnight we're expecting that rain to by 7:00 a.m. your morning commute we return to rain showers and windy in to the noon hour also an idea of the timing of the winds and rain later on >> catherine : we will continue to follow the story on our web site. and the storm system we have talking about has not downed trees and caused major traffic delays throughout the bay area and on
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forest j. r. stone--kron 4's jr stone has more >> j.r. :for those who opted to drive through it visibility was low end c this heineken big rig went straight into for those who bite on the golden gate bridge it was anything but smart with these ponchos on >>:are you completely dry with those on >>:no >> jeff :you are so clear what-- soaking wet there was so much water that some neighborhood streets could not even be seen and in hell valley this tree came down and in the process took several
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power lines with it and while no one was hard it to the pg&e several hours to get it put back on --no one was hurt this tree came down on the bohemian highway >>:at least we have our umbrellas >> jeff :for an area that has not seen much water it is not a surprise that some things did not work with the rain take these storm drains for example where water can be seen shooting into the air and in another spot that extra water was thrown in the air >>: i hated but we need it just >> jeff :and it keeps dropping more water as the time goes by most of the accidents they're responding to involve cars that had slid off the road or trees that have fallen down onto the
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road >> catherine : various counties around the bay area are offering sandbags to help protect against storm damage. in san spot is the public works' yard on marin street and kansas street. in alameda can go to 14-hundred block of chapman road in san leandro. and in santa clara's in palo alto at the 19-hundred block of embarcadero road. bring your own shovels.and for a full list of locations.check out our website at kron-4-dot- com. for up-to-the minute weather alerts and forecasts in your the kron 4 mobile app. your number one source for news and weather in the bay area. this storm is bringing lots of fresh power to the sierra. --powder kron four's grant lodes shows us the fun on the slopes. and the rough ride getting there. >> grant :it has been a great day out there on the slopes and
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the snow is making it a very popular place to be with people boarding and skiing this is what north star looked like today as the powder keeps falling could be at 2 ft. when all is said and done if you are going to sierra make sure you bring tire chains >>:it might take us about two hours >> grant :the winter storm warning is still in effect until >> catherine : new tonight at 11. a frightening experience for a couple in rohnert park. police say they woke up to see a stranger standing over their bed. it happened early sunday - at an apartment complex on beverly drive. surveillance video shows a man trying to break into several apartments before forcing his way into one where the couple lived.
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police say the woman screamed and the man ran away. getting into a white car. anyone with information is ask to call police. 39-year-old tami huntsman.and 17-year-old gonzalo curiel, have been charged with first- degree murder. the couple is accused of killing a 3-year-old girl and six-year-old boy. and then stuffing their bodies in a plastic bin at a redding storage unit. authorities say the children died from severe abuse, torture and neglect. investigators believe they died in salinas back in november. while in the care of huntsman. police are hoping for help from the public in identifying a man seen in surveillance images. they say he's one of the people suspected of planting a credit card skimming device at local safeway stores. the skimmers were planted at two safeway stores in september. the safeway on bancroft road in walnut creek, and the one on
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dublin boulevard in dublin. by watching surveillance video.investigators figured out when the skimmers were installed.and how many times the keypads were used. police are looking for two suspects, including the man seen in the surveillance photos. still ahead - a man is accused of making threats against a mosque in richmond. the east bay man who's been arrested. also - investigators say they're trying to figure out why a woman intentionally drove her car into a crowd of people in las vegas. and beware of upcoming 'king' tides. combined with this rainy weather -- they could bring significant flooding.
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>> catherine : a richmond resident is accused of making threats against muslims and being in possesion of a destructive device. police found a possible homemade explosive device at the home of 55-year-old william celli yesterday. celli was recently arrested after members of the islamic society of west contra costa county called police about his behavior outside their mosque. he'd also been posting threatening messages targeting muslims on facebook. >>:the way he was interacting with them he was making them afraid and that is why they reported to us
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>> catherine : celli was arrested for making criminal thereats and being in possseion of a destructive device. his bail has been set at 500- thousand-dollars. still ahead - details on the 'other' plots supposedly being considered by the san bernardino a judge denies bail for their friend. and why did a woman in a car mow down a crowd of pedestrians in las vegas? the latest on the troubling case. >>:and he says this year will be his last and we will hear from the sports news coming up >> dave : and a new batch of rain coming up on the storm tracker and it winds will be coming as well, we will look into that with the forecast coming at --coming
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>> catherine : new details in the san bernardino shooting investigation.. with a one-time friend of the attackers talking about other terror plots. syed farook also planned to attack drivers on a los angeles freeway. that's according to enrique marquez. who told investigators that farook was going to begin by throwing pipe bombs onto the 91 freeway. he then planned to move among the stopped cars and fire at the people inside.
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marquez says he backed out of that plot-- and also another plan to attack student gathering places at riverside city college. marquez remains in custody. and a judge has denied bail. he's been charged with illegally buying rifles used in the san bernardino shooting. more charges could come for the 24-year-old woman who drove her car into a into a crowd of people along the las vegas strip last night., killing one person and injuring nearly 40 others. lakeisha holloway is facing a murder charge and other charges could include leaving the scene of a crime and child neglect. police say her 3-year-old daughter was in the car the whole time. holloway is from oregon and had been in las vegas for about a week -- living out of her car. this storm system is bringing some higher than normal tides to the north bay. which could
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lead to more flooding. kron 4's dan kerman has the story. >> dan :it could cause problems again >>:the tide is actually coming in and what that does is it actually blocks the path for water to come out of the creeks and so you have a back up and it causes flooding especially near the outlet to the bay >> dan :these predictions could be half a foot below what actually happens due to el nino conditions
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either way the flooding is probable it is expected that as climate change continues the tides will get higher and that could lead to a lot more flooding and we are used to --tahn we are--than we are used would do if >> dave : this will be the continuing story tonight it will be coupled with some fatah has already started to settle and the wins will build as well and your is your future cast 5:00 a.m. in the concentration appears to be on the east bay shoreline
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and we saw the sun come out a little bit this afternoon but then there was more rain and so some scattered showers even will probably do us for the afternoon and then some variable clouds as we go into the evening hours it will be about eight to 14 in. expected at 4,000 ft. above the nationally--additional-- initially the screen you see over here is a flash flood partially due to that malting happening with heavy rains--melting and the 7:00 a.m. to concede the winds as the winds tapers off--as the
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rain tapers off the wind stays with us and here is wednesday open mostly cloudy and then by friday some showers return on christmas day here are your morning lows >> catherine : a san francisco police recruit put what he learned in the classroom to the test. and saved a baby's life. as kron four's justine waldman tells us. the soon-to-be-officer rescued a baby who had stopped breathing. >>:i was not sure if it was going to work and even though they tell you will where it doesn't mean you are sure--tell you it will work >> justine :his quick thinking in this parking lot shows he's ready for this job
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the 25 year-old was going to buy supplies for class and was off duty when his girlfriend noticed a hysterical woman they walked over to help and the woman handed him her lifeless two month old baby boy below the child was blue and not breathing at all >> justine :the officer knew exactly what to do and started cpr >>:in a high price situation i could not fall back on anything but my training >> justine :after several rounds and ancient--anxious moments the baby started to breathe again >>:i am so glad that he came back and started reading >> justine :he does not want any thinks it but wants parents to take a page from the police training >>:you never know when this can
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come in handy and you could help and save a child's life >> justine :he says other than becoming a police officer he is also about to be a father for the first time >> catherine : get a load of this resume-- 65 interceptions, 8-pro bowls, one super bowl, and a heisman trophy. we have the sports highlights coming up next
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>> mark : get a load of this resume-- 65 interceptions, 8-pro bowls, one super bowl, and a heisman trophy. over 18-years-- charles woodson has seen it all.starting his career by picking off jason garrett to most recently-- geno smith. today-- the shoe-in hall of famer announced this season will be his last. the 39-year-old safety is saying goodbye after putting up canton worthy numbers for the last two decades. his 65-picks is tied for 5th- most in league history.and he ranks 2nd in the nfl this year with 8-takeaways. he spent his first eight seasons in oakland, then the next six in green bay where he won a super bowl. despite another pro bowl-worthy campaign this year, he has battled constant shoulder injuries.and he says he realized late last month that he didn't have another season in him. >>:i knew the morning of the
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detroit game and walk up that morning and for whatever reason i knew it and it was weird actually but i knew that that plane time that this is going to be it--at that point in time >> mark : shifting to the nba-- the warriors are now four days away from the biggest game of the regular season.when lebron james and the cavs come to oracle. the defending champs have had some time off, but got back to work this morning. steph curry is gearing up to add on to the league's best record at 26-1. before that finals rematch against cleveland, the dubs play again wednesday against the utah jazz. .here's coach luke walton.on what the warriors have focused on during the time off. >>:our main focus today was practice time and trying to make sure that we can be the team
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that deserves to have 26-1 >> mark : turning now to the college ranks-- three bay area teams aiming to make a statement in december. let's start down on the farm-- sac state making the trip to palo alto. hornets stayed within striking distance thanks to this guy.eric stuteville, the highman with 19- points, including this angry dunk, to get within two in the 2nd half.:12 then, stanford got serious and buckled down. ended on a 7-nothing run, behind michael humphrey's 21 points and 9-boards. cardinal escape 70-60. finally, the honors of game of the nght go to number 21-cal and 19th-ranked ucla. let's head to berkeley-- the bears aiming for a 3rd straight win. -- st mary's evan spitzner 4 3 pointers they improved to 9-1 also want to mention the cal
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golden bears beating ucla >> catherine : congratulations and good night everybody
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♪[ music ] colombia! >> you're the new miss universe. not. >> i will take responsibility for this, it was my mistake. >> the live tv crown swap the whole country is talking about. what this former contestant is saying today. >> people were mad. people were throwing cups of ice. people were yelling. >> then. >> it's me. >> amy poehler returns as hillary clinton on "saturday night live." and the real hillary's war of words with donald trump. >> he is becoming isis's best recruiter. >> just another hillary lie. >> and the box office awakens. >> the


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