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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 23, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>james: we will explain all local airforce officer and americans killed in the attack and afghanistan howe family and friends are remembering those victims this morning northern california pilot killed after a goal down in the east bank what they say may have gone wrong. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>j.r. stone: >>james: we're counting down to the big day. >>anny hong: dry conditions if
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you are heading into work this morning you will not be encountering what roadways but when this was again a concern but not as strong as the work yesterday when you can definitely see oakland 15 hey with a team lost our redwood city good morning to u.n.'s are above 50 mi. per hour. >>anny hong: you concede this morning the future cash showing as will have some partly cloudy conditions started off the wednesday morning if you have an early christmas shopping to do today last-minute shopping where going to be encountering the
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afternoon hours it will be a dry day but breezing great conditions will be out to do some errands and hollered and errands by 6:00 tonight professionally in you concede there spotty in nature not quite widespread but that changes come early tomorrow morning by 6:00 to see a little more widespread generally light to moderate rain and the clock continues to affect part of san francisco the east of and also our friends in san jose area. >>anny hong: we are looking at just inspire the scattered showers it will continue through much of the day for christmas
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eve and factual see a dusting of snow in the higher elevations around the bay area it might be a white christmas afternoon high a lot of men to upper fifties 59 in oakland 57 for our friends in san jose. >>george: indeed there is one when the advisory in is for the san mateo bridge it is on the flat section write about a minute span so perhaps there is a channel down the middle of the bay where the winds are especially strong no delays
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carli for the westbound east bound traffic. >>james: the debris move in the
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northeast to southwest direction ride around 6:00 last night no word on when the of where the debris have landed that is the official word on what we saw in the east of a a plane crashed in roe alameda county kills a man from sacramento the single engine plane crashed and is the brother to land the tragedy began with the report of the missing aircraft. >>j.r. stone: hours after the plane crashed in a row to oakland this is give our helicopter partnership with abc seven the man who died in the crash was john stockwell according to family members and the sacramento area they tell us that the retransmission it is described having engine trouble
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as to the weather conditions extremely poor. >>james: investigators in san bernardino release of this application that allows san bernardino killers to bring his fiancee and to the u.s. they
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carry out terror attack that left 14 people dead early this month the law makers have said that the couple provided insufficient evidence to prove the had met in person which is required to get a fiancee be some south is a picture of air force maj she had a big wall and the repeal the controversial at have she married her wide right after the policy was repealed choose a career air force officer and a plot to afghanistan early this year are from the session was a hero and a loving mother
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>>reporter: he says his son did that would have to worry they died in a suicide bombing outside of the air base in afghanistan on monday among them should is behind a wife and son he was on his fourth tour of duty such as the brother called on his zero the other victims of
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the former high school athlete from a small town in georgia. sir >>james: after a gas pipeline exploded in the southern mexican state of tabasco several of the world
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will hospitalize was second and third degree burns the blast at the last and a resident of park town that on gas company is denied that it was a pipeline that exploded in says it happened after an accident with the soul of tilting the pipe should the company did not elaborate. >>james: says he was arrested for felony drunk driving yet run and have two outstanding warrants and he drove through the red light and through a red light and hit a car is a was turning left he had been identified as 36 year-old of san jose the war of words continuing how much blame to
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>>james: especially for year-old jacob that was a jet plane in
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snow obviously. >>anny hong: here is a look a what is happening right now in the sierra fairly quiet snow levels still pretty high
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whatever the storm headed this way it will bring you're ride to the bay area but more snow is a one to storm one now and the fact start we have the snow in the wind that will lead to wide out conditions for 15 mi. an hour and have some vague and open 14 in hayward 16 in san jose and the cost of forcing a couple of gusty spots including concord and reduce the city to two to 3 mi. from our here is a look of the next system headed this way to the more organized
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start to come and by early tomorrow morning at 6:00 on thursday you can see a more widespread like to moderate rain the rain continues to move southport impact in the south they like it o'clock tomorrow morning. >>anny hong: it will continue for much of the day and bringing in much cold air you feel a chill in the air with the storm this temperature is a fairly mild here saw the next three days are shaping up shows.
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>>george: to look of the ride through the east bay right now it is quiet were hopeful ill bill quite commit dry pavement make a big difference here the westbound ride on interstate 580 and it is clear out of the more and the dublin and out of dublin heading south toward milpitas no delays there this family and the ride down to milpitas on highway 882 to five minutes your trip time there no delays through the south bay freeway
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the toll plaza camera showing no traffic currently on the span. >>james: chp has released its report on the tour bus company and the son of the horrific accidents.
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>>reporter: it did a random inspection of six of city sightseeing tour buses and from the four of them had to put out of service overall the company got the unsatisfactory rating said the rapid inspection happened right after the tour bus crashed in union square and the results and the support test showed city sizing for been a magnet program is not adequate to insure the buses are safe and proper operating conditions he inspected the six buses and found several violations including a steering issue break right now working properly an emergency exit now working and a fuel leak the report also showed the company failed to respect its own every 45 days some drivers were not enrolled in the dmv call notice system
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which allows an employee is to monitor the employees driving records hist. >>reporter: the bus company has 120 days to fix all of these issues that would do another random inspection to see all the violations are corrected right after this fish inspection southwest awaiting for the chp report on the tour bus the was involved that horrific crash >>james: whole war of words between to president your front runners is heating of
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>>reporter: democratic presidential candidate henry clinton is standing by her claim that the yusupov confront rather doubt trout as a recruitment tool the metacomet% and the democratic presidential debate and reiterated tuesday during a town hall i will then offered no examples of back of our research and donald trump sees on his plane than the campaign stop michigan the cab fans responded
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with two words no thousands of south the children get toys in time for christmas here is a lot
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>>james: attend their attention to entertainment is getting his star on the wall of flame and jerry seinfeld grout in coffee with the president >>reporter: just in time for the release of the new film director quentin tarantino received a star on the hollywood walk of fame it was just one of the many famous faces attending the ceremony season 7 comedian
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and cars getting coffee premiere's and one week at his first guest will be none other than the commander in chief of bomb appeared to mark the first nine comedian guest on the show >>james: bit of a 41977 was so damaged that they were just some will take a quick break coming up how much an officer involved sure it is costing one saw the will have that story
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service members killed by a bomb and afghanistan, and has been identified as the bay area of concern she played a big role in the repeal of a controversial policy issue was a career air force officer and was deployed afghanistan early this year she's behind her wife and young son who lives in san rafael >>james: you reported having engine trouble and shut tight labour he one of radar
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>>anny hong: where does hold on to someone the conditions now is the finish college yes today a live look at the bay bridge we are looking at parley to clear conditions things breezy for some spots including hey were san jose 13 and have raised 12 an oakland or san dust around just over 20 m.p.h. in concord. >>anny hong: none of that is happening right now here's a look at the future cast for this morning it will be a dry commute if you're one of the ones to have to go into work this morning by 6:00 tonight we do
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have some showers try to move in from the north but scattered nature by 9:00 will see some showers in the north with the notion our spread southward along the night into the rest of the the area of total loss to scattered showers but this system is not nearly as what does this last one we had but still it will bring in much cold arctic air which means getting ready for some really cold war is the suggested by christmas day
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>>anny hong: looking for land and when tomorrow for your christmas eve and christmas day should be drive for pretty much the entire bay area checkout blows from the men near freezing by christmas morning will be edge of the christmas morning as the cancer opening presents and it looks like there were also potentially bring down the snow level to 2,000 ft. with the system on christmas eve >>george: we don't have the rain and yesterday was not a bad ride and all but today it looks
4:34 am
even better even at the start of light traffic here at the san mateo bridge to go along with those wind advisories tracking some drive for your around the same look at the highway for ride typically we would see heavy traffic already through antioch even in the fourth of our this out to 42 in 680 ride into walnut creek as find highway 24 down to interstate 580 on 680 southbound just a 16 minute trip through the san ramon valley >>james: on to headline a man shot in the backed by san jose police confined to wilshire has been awarded millions of dollars
4:35 am
>>dan kerman: he did out of his face shown on camera talk about how his life has changed since he was shot in the backed by a san jose police officer and is now confined to a wheelchair they awarded him $11.5 million after finding police violated civil rights and were negligent when they shot him outside of his home in january of 2014 he was an emotional mentally impaired statement officers confronted him as he held a knife but he says witnesses confirmed he was only a threat
4:36 am
to himself and for is wrongfully chose to use excessive force against them instead of trying to the escalate the situation using crisis intervention training the city of san jose says it is reviewing the jury's decision at the same time deciding what legal action that might take also deciding whether of not there should be some lessons learned for the police department.
4:37 am
>>james: the sequencer rv declined to comment on the incident and said the fed did not appear to be a threat to the agency and as a little secret service bridges and the last few months in november a matter of seconds the slippage of the white house fence was for family was inside celebrating thanksgiving 6 service officer assigned to the white house was arrested after he was caught and testing sending the pitch of himself to someone he thought was a 14 year-old girl.
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>>james: she was killed in december of 2000 shortly before investigators plan to speak with her about the 1982 disappearance of the first wife he's maintained he had nothing to do with her death or his wife's disappearance is expected to appear in court in california some time next august 60 hours buried alive will share one man's incredible story of survival a teenager in desperate need of a liver transplant how his mother turned to social media to save her son's life. >>stanley roberts: people behaving badly coming up next.
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>>james: and 19 your found a lot
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of the nearly 60 hours of being trapped under the rubble of a massive landslide in china is images of the dramatic rescue he was for from the debris and taken to the hospital to avoid in five hours to pull my bet to get oxygen of their abegging to remove the rubble around him he is in stable condition this morning were the seven people are still missing following a landslide efforts continue to try and find more survivors to men arrested by australia police have been tried to plotting the attack included the navy base both men apprehended today during early morning police raids and the home the report of an ongoing anti-terrorist campaign known as operation apple the there was no specific threat to the community but was among the locations the suspects had discussed topic for charge of the four interrelated defenses and related to operation since september of
4:42 am
2014 a teenager in chicago this really need a liver transplant and cannot find a matching donor until his mom turned to facebook he was born with a rare disease and in and out of the hospital his whole life three years ago became apparent he would need a transplant and he was put on a witness when nothing happened his mother took the facebook try to find a donor for her son more rain in the forecast would have made the leader all just look at the weather the impact for us on
4:43 am
this christmas holiday as and approaches here is a live look at embarcadero camera san francisco looking pretty good nice and dry it will be an easy ride for you this morning 50 degrees in the city should woman, the five degrees this afternoon.
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>>james: stuff and this year there's also flooding to georgia plus a burglary suspect was arrested after he was called standard of roman law there were sleeping in on the part prisoners arrived early for the animal and one zone and pennsylvania.
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>>anny hong: here is a lithe and some retail dry pavement and get ready for some more land and
4:47 am
much colder temperatures headed this way with the storm system today and enjoy the drive a breezy conditions temperatures are fairly my love for is a '50s and san francisco and oakland for today temperatures topping and the mid to upper 50s here's a look at the storm track the 7 day around the bay forecast instancing the rain and wind up returner and republican to see a plastic lawn for much of the day and to the evening hours travel plan thursday that may slow down is one to be more snow for the sierra friday on christmas day a cold start around freezing for our valley los will see dry conditions and drive into your weekend as well. >>anny hong:.
4:48 am
>>george: from the dublin and to change south on 680 over to the slow grade and ease to 20 minute trek south a free with the great real math tracking any delays here the mid peninsula traffic was good at 10184 and 92 to change as you come off in the the dunbarton or san mateo bridge here is the bay bridge ride very light in the westbound direction so there is still in
4:49 am
effect and the ride to the rich and bridge and to stay five is still very light traffic. >>james: he tells us the dos and don'ts for last-minute holiday shopping. >>stanley roberts: what is the quickest way to ruin your heart and shopping fun december sale
4:50 am
police department this is a box of tennis balls probably not the best christmas gift and there was still tennis balls the children by the backed the car and plane view would not be a problem metal she left to return the shah before the laughter for personal francie to
4:51 am
give them the opportunity they would not pass to the test is not to tar the president is anything but did that hands-on. >>stanley roberts: be a smart shopper and not leave things visible >>james: the jainism tell them prisoner to a man free during
4:52 am
the presence of swaps arranged by president obama to another twist yesterday he was in court facing charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy with a catheter to deny your help and to the president's security is released last it is part of the guantanamo bay detainee spoke publicly with the filmmaker was are the basis for the cereal product caster season he walked away from combat outpulls and afghanistan to try and bring attention to what he called for leadership his next hearing is set to generate of his talent on the
4:53 am
ministry of atomic doody and san antonio all this playing out nasa has put his next mission on hold indefinitely the move is the result of a leaky instrument displays is a plan to log in sight in margin from the rhetoric ever force base their respective to arrive in september and take measurements of the planet interior and the atmosphere and to color images is being sent back to is making the next opportunity will be two years later there is a live look outside the toll plaza camera and oakland will take a quick break we were back with more headlines than just a minute.
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>>anny hong: here is a look at the golden gate bridge and we have clear to partly cloudy conditions and dry conditions of an office wednesday morning. >>anny hong: 16 in the south before san jose hospital up a wind gust we're still seeing some bees and winds of 20 m.p.h. for concord eight in nevada city had 17 fourth half when they. >>anny hong: 07 conditions for the afternoon to partly cloudy skies and then we're watching
5:01 am
for some bring to arrive later tonight and affecting christmas eve will talk more about that had to know how cold it is for to get a specially for the christmas holiday. >>george: to specific course for high profile vehicles parked trucks and vans and big rigs write down of the late i. the westbound or eastbound has track in the drive through the east lake for a quick update from the east shore freeway just a 15 minute time from the west 80 hercules to berkeley where not tracking any hot spots where the to have a good drive time of san leandro from the nimitz freeway if not bound to oakland 1514 minutes. >>james: we're expecting the
5:02 am
highest tides of the year especially in parts of the no. they were the grounds fairly saturated as it is. >>reporter: they're expecting this parking lot of flooding will be have brought the wanted to talk to people as they travel through here because this is not one to the driver after letter on this morning when high tide
5:03 am
roll in here were expecting a high tide to come up loss 6.70 higher than normal because of the high tide there are a limited preparations to keep people out of the floor or this morning. >>james: high winds pushed over bigger rigs that is how strong winds were nothing of the and when tamil and shove the big rigs and side of the road and toppled over industry and were to android and i for devices
5:04 am
recovery efforts are underway for the body of a pilot who crashed his plane and an accounting. >>darya: of a twin iraqi agency investigators said and a report having engine trouble and a short time later he was off the radar into cruise with off-road vehicle several hours to find the wreckage he on the environmental consulting firm
5:05 am
karp earthshine consulting it was like a puppy in 32 it's a call from lincoln yesterday morning was about 30 mi. northeast of sacramento the faa and the ntsb will become the scene investigating. >>james: two years ago look she was declared brain dead across the street into cardiac arrest at a remote part tonsils and her at noise during surgery the law also requires the federal court restored her constitutional rights and declared she is not brain dead laura should ephemera also seeking to have the court deemed the state brinded statute unconstitutional. >>darya: the release of these applicants not allowed one of the san bernardino killers to bring his fiancee and to the u.s. they carry out a terror attack earlier this month
5:06 am
killing 14 people some republican lawmakers said that a husband and wife couple did not have enough evidence to prove that they had met in person which is required to get a visa for a fiance, security officials said they met the legal requirements to get a visa same the two met through web site and they got engaged during the pilgrimage to saudi. >>darya: the woman accused the centocor first quarter parent before judge letitia holloway is charged with murder child abuse and hit-and-run this issue intentionally drove onto the sidewalk on sunday killing pedestrians one person was killed 35 under trip injured as she kept driving several times on the sidewalk for people are still critical condition and the whole time the three your daughter was in the car
5:07 am
>>james: he is facing charges of drunken driving in had run a series of accidents started about 1045 in the evening on monday of a judge was on to report the two car collision near sentencing to a road near the capitol expressway he went through a red light and hit a car that was turning left the driver of the car was killed police say he kept driving after the crash and hit another car and was later arrested and booked into santa clara county main jail to the glove and arrested in connection to an east berlin nightclub shooting on monday and broke the story of the morning news and happened just before 2 in the morning and the parking lot of club kelly into in san leandro four people shot of their all expected to survive more from the saw the suspect will be released later on today.
5:08 am
>>darya: a bay area air force officer has been identified as one of the six u.s. service members killed by a suicide bomber in afghanistan and happened on monday in the air force maj played a major role in the repeal of a controversial don't the backed off to a politician mirror to arrive at the policy was repealed she was a career air force officer in the plot to afghanistan early this year she's behind a wife and young son the lead in san rafael and she was a hero and a loving mother >>darya: he was the father of a three year-old girl and his wife is pregnant his father said he was from a thoughtful and famine he was on his fourth tour of duty as the brother called him a hero the other
5:09 am
victims include staff sergeant to estimate brighter former high school athlete from a small town in georgia and should bacchuses was compassionate one to help others >>james: still ahead new details on the tour bus crash in san francisco the 20 people serious injuries the second violation the investigators found a survivor pulled from the rubble nearly 60 hours after a massive landslide in china will take how you doing this morning still in
5:10 am
the sierra to intense flooding in georgia will tell you how the weather could in fact are the plans this week.
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>>james: to as much as an into snows falling every hour across a good number of resorts on the top right to control that is completely under water and become to texas disappearing down and could mature but does not say for most of the driver is one woman in fact garber
5:14 am
should never been realized a loss control we suffered minor injuries. . >>anny hong: it is to cast his getting snow once again also in denver but a very what proportion of all minneapolis approach to chicago settles on the gulf coast dates more ran
5:15 am
high of 24 degrees messages on the part of a cloudless sky is nothing really severe six-pack the today great news for a lot of travelers >>anny hong: you can see we're going to have pretty nice morning and afternoon will drive a little breezy by lunchtime
5:16 am
conceal sunshine for today. >>anny hong: is a coal system but that means no level will come down about 2,000 ft. tympan are fairly mild '40's and '50's including san jose at 54 is in santa rosa the next three days from things are looking dry conditions the showers arrive later on tonight tomorrow the
5:17 am
rain in the when the is the core system more detailed look at the cold morning ahead of us will take a look at that is to look at the forecast as well coming up later. >>george: mine accident was reported here and we do see a little slowing as is really the only the lead for the five a ride west palm, their son sann that spilled in the roadway debris this was likely sand from the big yellow continue with a barrel that you find off ramps or at theofframp.
5:18 am
>>george: will likely see the misery arise activated not sure to recall on the next 13 minutes as usual like track of the high wind advisory for your commit what the east about or westbound for the richmond bridge ride a zero delay right now if on the golden gate bridge no delays. >>james: >>jam that mitterand of
5:19 am
inspection and found for the sixth tour buses and selected have to pull out of service they got unsatisfactory safety rating the results show the company and for and a drainage programs is not adequate to insure the buses the fact of the opera in order. >>james: would do another brennan inspection to assure all the violations of an ethics. >>darya: the changes statement lessons from seven angles are other religious beliefs of and
5:20 am
one lives in kentucky, to clear kim davis made headlines back in september when she refused to issue a marriage licenses to same-sex couples putting her name on the documents would violate her question believes. >>james: it was senses to the time your our research the law on the gun to him before the bombing and his brother use the gun to kill police officer two days after the attack he didn't know anything about the bomber's plans to testify during trial for him prosecutors say his testimony was critical in convicting him who will sentence to death. >>darya: 30 recovering after they were hurt during a gas pipeline explosion and southern
5:21 am
mexico several people hospitalized was second and third degree burns the blast happened last night and cardenas. >>james: 90 euros found alive after nearly 60 hours of being trapped under the rubble from the massive landslide in shenzhen china official the dramatic rescue he was pulled from the debris and taken to hospital during that time that given oxygen chinese officials say he is in stable condition this morning they're still looking for more than 70 people that are considered missing in that landslide. a pack >>darya: 6 our community
5:22 am
service hosting its first toy giveaway yesterday the toys are going to 6000 kids who might not otherwise get deaths as asserted organization was still short about the 600 deaths. >>james: the star the national treasure movie has returned to national treasures that was stolen from one goal will somehow nicolas cage and of the stolen goods and and in was about 80 traffic still my side but we're keeping an eye on in that in the wind begins to rebuild the.
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
>>james: it has awakened a larger-than-life tribute made from the goals that built the lead will exhibited in is called a billion bucks 3 cannot travel
5:26 am
he confirm the cage and knowingly bought an injured dinosaur skull and that had been stolen prosecutors were taking custody of the skull so could be turned over but they did not say. >>darya: he was given a certificate of authenticity when he boarded up its borders contest to him last year and said they thought it was stolen.
5:27 am
>>anny hong: will see more wayne wind and cold temperatures--rain >>will tran: allied strikes across the sky coming up will tell you what it was an ally report.
5:28 am
5:29 am
5:30 am
>>george: will see less and less of volume on >>anny hong: this morning is not what dry conditions here in the golden gate bridge pure out about early this morning take advantage of the dry conditions checkup today part forecast for this morning it is of the call of their temperatures will be in the '40's by in o'clock this morning
5:31 am
>>george: there's some debris sand and the line is this is right at the 980 interchange 980 of course the continuation of high with 24 after a cross of the macarthur maze had a stroke over toward the nimitz freeway the current direction your direction which is just about not been acted upon that is the good news the ride to the bay bridge and deter the metering lights on at least it appears so that is the westbound ride and a sluggish year from the end
5:32 am
of the east parking lot. >>george: it and the last act of that is not much of a backup is nowhere near the macarthur maze is at the end of the east bloc it may stay like this for a while. >>james: ville de slept at all we're live in san francisco city college's to explain. >>will tran: it was a russian rocket debris every entered the atmosphere at around 6:00 our time last night the scare right to the video no announcement by the russians it was coming down so many people thousand had no idea this is the second time
5:33 am
back on november 7th to do to u.s. navy submarine the fired a missile the debris fell dawn yesterday the u.s. military there track and this would of course they did not tell anyone they streaked across the sky for about 15 to 20 seconds hundreds of miles or our it raced through several states on the west coast it was another hon what is that moment.
5:34 am
>>james: we did it hundreds of pictures and videos from viewers if you have a story idea you like us to look into. >>darya: 70 your who shot and killed near the was oakland bart station at happened in the nine of the block a mandela parkway about one for a sunday afternoon the victim was korean huge from oakland here briefly gone to the high school in west oakland and he was an independent study program he died his family says he had a good heart still we get no information but we are continuing to follow the story. >>james: southeastern portion of
5:35 am
the park ride near lincoln away at third avenue police arrived and found a bit of head and shot he died at this and unfortunately in the sea is identified mustard 3 year-old ronald has enormous have been made in the have not met information on and a possible suspects. >>darya: cnn sources the agent works and the president to protect the division which guards the president and his family of order to please support the service weapon patched and other items were stolen from his car on monday this as to the list of secret service problems over the past
5:36 am
few months in november he was taken into custody after he was able to jump over the white house fence for the first family was inside celebrating thanksgiving and the sickness service officers assigned to the by house was arrested on suspicion of sending back pictures of himself to some of it all was a 14 year-old girl to cash. >>james: authorities say there is no specific threat to the community but was among the location the suspect had discussed loss of those police arrested two men ran involved in home burglary last month the burglar happen sometime between 9 and even on the driver 26 and 5:00 a.m. on the 27 at home on the accord drive that is there are for him drive 18 your david
5:37 am
eastwood and 19 your western police said they went inside the home to cell phones laptops and other rivals while the people were asleep there were booked into the crux of facility in milpitas >>james: this mass car rentals and install laptops but the have not determined if the apple these burglars related to the others of their reminding you to lock your car and not leave the labels in plain sight it was not a burglary at all will tell you what he blames for the
5:38 am
incident called off camera hawkeye will be running around at an airport what they read this happened and how you might have gone inside.
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
>>james: up and over the conveyor belt the spokesperson said they don't know how the data and the probably offer automatic doors and the sad news is yet to read the to catch a ball for five minutes but had to put it down pat old is cannot be reduced back to the wild because they will keep coming back >>anny hong: great morning headed to the airport they're going on that drive live look at
5:42 am
the bay bridge when we come back will talk more about the forecast and the not storm that is headed this way.
5:43 am
5:44 am
(she can rage,) and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪ this is my fight song& ♪ take back my life song& >>darya: she calls 911 because
5:45 am
what happened to her elf why she was worried that the magic of christmas will go when >>anny hong: we have a dry pavement out there this morning the wind speed a little breezy for oakland 40 mi. from our but nothing too strong
5:46 am
>>anny hong: and then back around 9:00 cute to 11 will start to see just a scattershot starting on the north bank you can see more widespread brand expected for christmas eve will continue to look at o'clock tomorrow morning when you have snow and wind have to watch out
5:47 am
for work out conditions a lot of people are heading of town hall for a holiday here is a look of the forecast that partly sunny only a slight chance for some small on thursday and look for a snow conditions on friday and will hold a little more makes no temperatures right now is fairly mild tomorrow will say some rent and when i arrived back in the bay area early in the morning on friday only a slight chance for showers there
5:48 am
is a critic a chance then >>george: has to come out of livermore this morning for the westbound trip a 17 minute drive adding six minutes to the west about the trip looking at the macarthur maze the problems here with sand in the roadway and for
5:49 am
the and not affecting the commit any longer it was not commit direction on the east down side a 580 the metering lights have been active but has not produced a backlog for the west about ride it is only slow from the end of the east parking lot even with a meeting last activated for the san mateo bridge there is a when the advisory up to traffic is not a problem the golden gate bridge problem free for the ride to and from our accounting
5:50 am
>>james: 01 will come up to see the man standing over them and moved her bed sheets she screamed and that is when he ran from the apartment he tried to get into multiple apartments in the building this serve the search warrant for his home in the islamic found a bag of armed were belongings who lived in the conflict although the his cause and >>darya: she was arrested for financial elder abuse and forgery she took multiple personal checks from the victim to shoot herself
5:51 am
>>james: they said the drones are safety and security risk for people on the average >>darya: water man who was so into the new star wars movie he'd threatened to shoot someone for spoiling and 18 your partner
5:52 am
was in court monday facing assault charges >>darya: a teenager need a liver transplant but cannot find a matching donor his mom turned to facebook anthony was born with our disease and the in and out of hospitals his entire life that give a third of her liver and this issue regenerate within three months
5:53 am
>>james: we will be right back. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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>>darya: you can watch the parade right here and you don't even have to kick out of the city could turn the tv arm >>james: and is not only fun for the animal but as good exercise for the bay used instead of the views of a while like searching for trick's
5:57 am
>>darya: will explain
5:58 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
6:01 am
>>anny hong: temperatures will been afforded by endicott as a little bit breezy up there by lunchtime regina cool air will be a little cool for a lot of locations compared to the last couple of days. >>george: this should be on there without any trouble and before had a chance to do too much to the commute in fact the chp is issuing an advisory stand of the flanders going to block
6:02 am
of the dublin and to change
6:03 am
>>darya: we're and san francisco observatory. >>will tran: the observatory is right behind me we are sure there track near although many people were not the u.s. they
6:04 am
found out a little bit later as well in the got the word out to the media and is writing to us this morning katie did see if the military claimed that they still don't know where it landed it appears no one was hurt but once again so many people just mystified and questioning we did not see it until this morning because many people were sleeping.
6:05 am
>>james: this was just an afternoon video from helicopter partnership to concede the wreckage is burning on the ground
6:06 am
>>darya: they want her to be beamed live in half for civil rights restored two years ago she was declared brain dead and hospital oakland and she went to chronic arrest after they removed her tonsils and surgery a loss to request a federal court restore her constitutional right to declare the she is not brain dead there also pick him that it is unconstitutional.
6:07 am
>>james: he's been the custom since the arrest in july with federal agents stopped importing a one-way flight from sfo to and simple they say that he was planning to travel to syria to john about qaddafi did a terrible >>darya: home a security official said the couple met the
6:08 am
legal requirements to get a visa to investment group website and i got engaged during the pilgrimage to saudi. leticia hauler is charged with murder child abuse and had run they say she deliberately drove her car to the sidewalk and pedestrians on sunday when a person was killed and 35 people were injured three people are critical condition still this morning.
6:09 am
>>darya: the man was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving he got into several crashes monday night here he is 19 your carlos he was facing charges of drug driving in had run the gatt report of the two car collision near the capra trust and he kept driving and had another vehicle he was later arrested and booked into santa clara county main
6:10 am
jail >>darya: to people under arrest in connection with the east to the nightclub shooting a happen on monday which total about the that happened about 2:00 a.m. in the parking lot of the club come into in san leandro four people were shot but they're expected to be ok and ephors officer has been identified as one of six u.s. service members killed by a suicide bomber in afghanistan on monday that played a big role in the repeal the controversial politician america what the policy was repealed she was a career air force officer is to deploy to afghanistan early this year she's behind a wife and young son who lived in san rafael she was a hero and a loving mother. >>darya: he was the father of a
6:11 am
three year-old girl and his wife is pregnant he was funny and awful in the famine and a family of sgt we saw says he was on his fourth tour of duty as the recall of his hero hundreds of demonstrators are planning to take over the mall of america when officials try to stop the
6:12 am
from getting in the wake of last-minute shoppers solid tradition for many bay area families but don't expect to see much crap on the table what this season delayed once again.
6:13 am
6:14 am
6:15 am
>>james: that as a country road that washed got a completely gone this season taxer the hassam large trucks or a will to mecca for and what else had to stand by and watch >>anny hong:
6:16 am
stretching from this to clear the gulf coast of land to the into the washington d.c. area also has valuable parts of the midwest no snow at this and so mild >>anny hong: drive in southern
6:17 am
california and the area here is a look at your san mateo bridge have things of the thing great tonight things start to change and run 90 11:00 to showers are possible by lunchtime is not as
6:18 am
well organized but we're still looking a some scattered showers for the rest of the dead >>anny hong: called belinda a slight chance for some shower and christmas day and it will be a cold start today temperatures are going to be above freezing.
6:19 am
>>george: this was bound to for crash still on the line is the only saving grace is that it occurs in the 5:00 hour and a the completely clear from the lines of 580 westbound or rescind the drive times start to drop it did piquant 17 minutes
6:20 am
and that is why it is a delay in the not commit direction here is the radical civic and of the right here and is only 14 or 15 minute trip time instead a 30 minute 92 in the senate's their president of the busier we're watching to see it happens on highway one off one on one of
6:21 am
the king tie-ins his letter this morning >>darya: 20 people were seriously hurt when the city sightseeing tour bus lost control in union square sits a did the right of inspection right after the crash and found that all of the six tours bus is inspected four of them had to be put out of service the company got an unsatisfactory rating the result shall accomplish prevent to make this program does not adequate to ensure that they're safe and good for operation
6:22 am
>>james: it will not be opened in time for christmas the crap from crescent city's so the levels of the mall asset has not dropped paulo federal sticky limit >>darya: several people were hospitalized with burns and happened last night and carbonless
6:23 am
>>james: rescuer said to the ball five hours to finally pull him free and happy if more often >>darya: up for his father restraining order and its leaders of black lives matter after the group of minneapolis
6:24 am
they say the stores will suffer because shoppers will be deterred will go on to the mall and that we all lost in sales today's protest what happened at plant them. >>james: 6 are committed service to the first-degree its other they're going to more than 6000 children who might like a theme of the wives that is too short or 3600 kids >>darya: that going to be giving back to the make a wish foundation he will be fulfillment and children's wishes
6:25 am
6:26 am
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>>darya: not homeless the starving for success to post a picture so he's out there and from the had been out of job for this season saw of the plan
6:29 am
would do that with an agent. (she can rage,)
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and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪ this is my fight song& ♪ take back my life song&
6:31 am
>>james: the have the next city manager stump and you've kind of meat futures trading has been positive fiche the par 98.
6:32 am
>>anny hong: here is a lot of the forecast for clinton umbrella to home for now we're looking at par to most sunny conditions
6:33 am
>>george: there was an accident earlier this morning at oakland road and as a currency is so the ride just a little bit here on one on one of the problem with the rest of these freeways even for the guadalupe parkway for the allman balance ahead even with an incident and still live to to to minute trip time from the copper exports to the montagu expressed >>james: will live to the
6:34 am
manzanita park in the mill valley which in times past have seen some pretty deep water >>reporter: expecting flooding at the manzanita park and ride and you concede hear that part of the parking lots articles that only a speck in is to get worse there was lots of flooding here and it is only expected to get worse we are here reclusive are reports signs warning people on that this area is subject to flooding they're
6:35 am
taking pictures of expected flooding and instructed them to the is expected to occur the high tide does not rule until after 9:00 the expecting the sea levels to rise almost 7 ft. the chp had close parts of two highways and southern california >>james: 15 trout four overturned yesterday at mohave winds gusted up to 80 mi. per hour near hurricane force and then you haven't if you come
6:36 am
across stores like the big rigs knocked over or flooding because of the high tide in the chair pitcher >>darya: this is on the deer
6:37 am
tried not arboretum in los altos and these other two people they arrested 18 you david eastwood and acting you're the wilson out hundred they stole things from home cell phone laptops and of the vials >>james: a guest to president and his family according to plans to pour the service weapon is that now apply of for so long.
6:38 am
>>darya: australian and to tear place and charged to men for plotting attacks on targets there's no specific there but the naval base was more of the location of the suspects had discussed coming up howe stores on to the pact today the procrastinators are realizing
6:39 am
this isn't your best chance if you're one of these types of shoppers will have some tips specifically for you after the break ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta and other select models.
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>>james: to the next most popular item cash
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6:46 am
>>darya: looking a beautiful shots of a long shot from squalor past week have not cynicism like this in a very long time
6:47 am
>>anny hong: will have some windy conditions and you will sickest of the fifth to moscow our vision of the driver of what college market will be snowing and when the tomorrow snow and wind and on friday the potential
6:48 am
for small makes no otherwise most crowded conditions and is once recalled a specified and saturday and sunday morning into the team and san the digits 14 and half from the the time of the rain this morning is one to be a dry commit for those of you are going to work to an. >>anny hong: is once in my stick
6:49 am
to the rain not one to the impact the new but the rain does come in later tonight in the form of more scattered showers between nine and 11:00 p.m.. >>anny hong: less system was live farther south and pack the rest of the east bank by 8:00 tomorrow morning to the south refines still holding on to scattered showers and showers continue to christmas eve to mark 5:00
6:50 am
>>george: we are looking at the for a slow track of the morning and the of the bridges on the san mateo bridge not because of the wind advisor this been in effect will because there was installed talk about a mile out from the toll plaza is blocking wonderlands and no heavy traffic here highway for mayor almost
6:51 am
landed in usual just a little slow for one want to the northbound direction you're ride to the richmond bridge delay for here for your commute both to iran and usual that we did not have the backed up a lot as we approach 7:00 here at the golden gate bridge a like an easy ride in both directions. >>darya: teresa serve nearly a year for bankruptcy fraud she is on to the house of rest now until february 5th she has been
6:52 am
imprisoned since january after she and her husband committed to hiding assets from bankruptcy crackers >>james: like the gas you're living in your car. >>stanley roberts: what is the quickest way to ruin your holiday shopping from, find the window your car has and smashed and everything you what has been gone this and simply to armed were let shoppers to not be distracted and be alert and this
6:53 am
are looking for free christmas goods and it fails to get a hands-on the police agree to pitcher things offsite like in the trunk release cover like this levee's going. >>stanley roberts: by the way she left to return the shopping cart the left her purse and the front seat living persons and cars into the unarmed and sam sale most people say there's
6:54 am
nothing and the to the commerce crooks don't know that i honestly it is that these four behaving badly however if given the opportunity they will not pass up
6:55 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now soft >>anny hong: track conditions a nice change all those people want headed to work this morning when the skies are clear


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